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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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breaking news. >> breaking news at 6:00. it's official, an hour ago, chris christie's campaign office told nbc news christie is dropping out of the race for the white house. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. straight to nbc 10's lauren mayk tracking developments in the christie campaign all day long. >> chris christie had his campaign mapped out into south carolina but it will end with a disappointing night in new hampshire and decision from new jers jersey. minute ago, i leave the race without an ounce of regret. i'm so proud of the campaign we ran, the people that ran it with me and all those who gave us
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support and confidence along the way. nbc news is the first to learn of the governor suspending his campaign directly from governor christie and staff. signs pointed to the conclusion last night. he canceled his trip to south carolina and instead returned home to new jersey. christie wanted to address his campaign team. he and his wife had both spent the day reaching out to friends and supporters. christie's aides say his team is proud of the race they ran and believe they helped to shape the issues in the gop nomination fight. a fight that continues without him in south carolina. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. here's infini infinished, donald trump, john kasich, ted cruz, jeb bush, marco rubio. chris christie spent most of his time in new hampshire and he finished in sixth. the candidate behind christie, also dropped out. carly fiorina finished seventh
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and suspended her campaign with an announcement on social media. now to the fallout from new hampshire and what's next in south carolina. nbc 10's george spencer reports from new hampshire. >> reporter: here in the granite state, voters rewarded outsider candidates, donald trump and bernie sanders, different as the two men are, they are both outsiders to the political establishment. and on this day after, it's clear that the decisions of new hampshire voters are already having an impact on the remainder of this race. >> reporter: in new york city this morning, a post-victory breakfast for bernie sanders with reverend al sharpton a sign his campaign is focused on the south carolina primary and its heavily african-american constituencies. and on the "today" show, republican victor, donald trump, claimed even stronger momentum than before. >> i said i was going to do well
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and we did better than anticipated. >> double digits, win-win. >> reporter: lee says the 20 point spreads for trump and sanders signal deep support. they are two very different winners but each appeals to his own party's voters as a forceful outsider who will shake up status quo. >> what we have is democrats, republicans, independents in new hampshire although voting for two very, very different people in sanders and trump saying similar things. >> reporter: this man of manchester told us, his vote was one reason clinton lost here, swayed by sanders' consistency and growing electability. >> i decided, at the last moment, this was a last-minute decision, that i will support his revolution to vote for sanders. >> reporter: the site of clinton's defeat united states a stinging embarrassment but asite from cementing donald trump as a front-runner the results didn't
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narrow the field, leaving many focused on south carolina and thanking new hampshire volunteers. >> i'm a guy out there talking and preaching but they were the ones knocking on doors and making phone calls. >> reporter: each of the campaign is too aware that south carolina is a very different electorate than here in new hampshire. voters with different perspectives and priorities. reporting in manchester, george spencer, nbc 10 news. there is no rest for the presidential candidates romaining romaine i remaining in the race. saturday, february 20th the republican proim mary in south carolina. democrats have their chance later in south carolina. bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off first in the nevada caucus on the 20th. as the candidates go back to campaigning, nbc "nightly news" will have complete coverage 6:30 after the newscast.
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health scare on a local college campus. 100 students sick at ursinus college. doctors are looking into whether food poisoning or a virus. live in cleollegeville, montgomy county with the sickness. >> reporter: the medical director tells us the college never experienced a stomach virus this widespread. >> i was in one class earlier had half of the kids absent and the teacher postponed the quiz because no one was in class. >> reporter: class went on as scheduled at ursinus despite 100 sickened by a stomach virus that spread overnight. >> a few friends personally got sick, throwing up all night. >> reporter: symptoms for some cause dehydration, students sought treatment at the wellness center, urgent care facilities and hospital. >> close quarters, ursinus, it's easy to spread either person to person or person to food to person or food to person.
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but it goes away within 12, 24 hours. >> reporter: unnone how the virus started the college closed the cafeteria for deep cleaning and allowing the health department to investigate the cause. >> cleaning and sanny advertising residential areas, fitness center, common rooms, lounges. things like that. >> reporter: officials here hope that this virus has run its course. if that's the case, the affected students should be feeling better by tonight. or the latest tomorrow morning. reporting live in collegeville, andrea clie andrea klein thomas. >> breaking news. lehigh student contracted the zika virus. skyforce 10 over the campus. the student contracted the mosquito born virus traveling abroad over winter break. the student is fine now, no threat to other students.
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the virus has been linked to severe birth defects and spreading rapidly through latin america. >> to the weather. most snow melted away and the concern is about refreezing. >> nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joining us with his first alert forecast. >> that flag is blowing, bringing in colder air, and temperature already close to the freezing mark. it will be going down as we go through the night. snow flurries in parts of the area, part office burkes county, northern chester county, montgomery county, very, very light, not going to amount to anything. snow that did fall, some melted today. what melted will refreeze tonight and be icy in the morning. watch out for that. colder weather over the next couple of days but nothing compared to the cold that's coming this weekend. into the dangerous territory
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with windchills of 10, 15, 20 below zee robe low zero. 30 in redding and pottstown, places have had significant snow. going into the 20s, even in philadelphia. look i said, it's going to be cold in the morning but nothing compared to the way it's going to be in the weekend. more on temperatures and when it's going to warm up. big win for pennsylvania's embattled attorney general, kathleen kane today. the senate did not come up with two-thirds majority needed to remove her from office. kane's law license is suspended indefinitely while she fights criminal charges of leaking secret grand jury information and lying about it. she's in the process of collecting signatures to get on the april ballot. new information how apartments caught fire in deptford. an arson arrest everybody the fire spread at chestnut lane.
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apartments, 26 people lost their home. officers arrested artice bryant jr. and charged him with setting the fire. two water main breaks created a problem. skyforce 10 over montgomery county, crews worked to repair the damage in pottstown. that left a massive crater in the road. nearby elementary school was closed. nbc on the ground as el and. self-customers without water as crews make repairs. it's unclear how long that work will take. skyforce 10 also over 69th and marshall streets in upper darby. a busted main left the mess behind. 80 homes without water. delaware county officials say use of deadly force seems justified in a shooting involving police in chester. early monday morning six officers fired their guns at the 33-year-old longer. they say the suspect was armed
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and pointing his gun at police. officers tried to pull him over having a broken taillight. a chase began, ending at keystone road. the suspect's cousin tells police, longer was afraid of being arrested. tonight, jersey shore father is dead, and police say his adult son is to blame. michael nelson died from his injuries from a weekend assault. nelson's tomorrow thomas attacked him. prosecutors could upgrade the charges from assault now that nelson has died. next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," police officer's side of the story in the lesean mccoy bar fight investigation. their lawyer talks about what happened. get ready for that arctic air to come in. today's temperatures, that's the warmest it's going to get for days. forecast is next.
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there's still no charges in the night including brawl investigation with lesean mccoy. video from inside the lounge that tmz sports obtained. investigators with the d.a.'s
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office charging unit reviewing all evidence to include cell phone fight video from the lounge sunday morning. you can see mccoy, who friends say friends appear to be holding back. a verbal argument escalated to a brawl where two officers were unabout. ed. those officers have hired an attorney. >> they were attacked viciously while trying to enjoy themselves that night. it's very unfortunate, they suffered serious, maybe permanent injury involving facial fractures. >> one law enforcement source says the d.a. will be thorough with this case, considering no one dialed 911 and police did not respond to the club. back to the zika virus. we told you ten minutes a ago a student at lehigh tested positiven local universities are talking to students who plan to travel during spring break. doug shimell reports from west
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chester university. >> reporter: the point of college isn't to let risk or mosquitoes dictate where you go to learn. >> places are dangerous here, too. it's not just overseas. >> reporter: a veteran of study abroad at west clefter, matt feels travel warnings of the zika virus are that, warnings. >> being held back by anything that could happen, impossibles of things that can happen can prevent you from reaching your potential in a lot of ways i think. >> you'll have a fantastic time. >> reporter: this geology senior is supposed to go to costa rica with 16 other students for spring break in march. >> most of us committed to the trip. regardless of what's going on we've already invested so we're going to go anyway. it would have to be a travel ban to stop us from going. >> we don't want them to be lulled into a false sense of security that everything's going to be safe and good. >> reporter: study abroaddri bb directors say it's a threat to
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pregnant women, the trip is on. >> tipping point will come if there's a direct travel ban or warning to that particular region issued by the state department. that's the gold standard for us. >> reporter: devon is more excited about experiencing a volcanic resumption and earthquake that last year's class witnessed than worried about a mosquito. >> take the precautions, put on bug repellent, good to go. i'm not scared, nervous. there's no need to be. >> reporter: doug shimell, nbc 10 news. jack markell apologizing for the state's role in slavery. lawmakers passed a resolution last month that recognizes wrongs committed against blacks in the jim crow era. he signed it today in dover. he also presented a proclamation recognizing black history month. many recognizing beginning of lent and receiving ashes. chapel the cathedral basilica of
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saints peter and paul. reminding individuals to turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have bitter cole coming in and if you're planning on heading to the poconos, going to be good skiing conditions. able to make snow 24 hours a day. but bring your warmest clothes. it going to be brutal. we've got refreezing coming tonight. what melted today, refreezes tonight. icy in the morning. dangerous cold this weekend. windchills, as low as 15 below on average by sunday morning. we areñd dry at the moment. 33 degrees, chilly. 36 is the high. 14 mile an hour wind. we've got close to 30 miles an hour today. there's that 36. that's the warmest we're going to be for a while. temperatures struggling to get
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to 30 over the next two days, struggling to get to 20 over the weekend. tonight, philadelphia, temperatures going down through the 20s. so everything's going to get frozen solid out there. we've got temperatures in the 20s. look how much colder it is. back to the west. middle of the afternoon. 12 degrees in minneapolis. you see minus numbers up there in canada? there's mighty cold air. i saw windchill of 62 below zero in central canada looking at maps this afternoon. wow. we've got a few little snow flurries in burkes county, northern chester county, trivial. this is not trivial. cold is coming down. it's going from cold to the arctic air to beyond arctic as we'll see. temperatures 19 for the high with wind on saturday.
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could see gusts 40 miles an hour. sunday morning, near record lows, 4 in philadelphia. and where is this air coming from? not just arctic, coming from across the north pole, siberia. sunday morning, 13 in ocean city. 30 mile an hour wind, making it feel like it's 9 below in philly. 5 degrees feeling like 15. wilmington, feeling like 13. plymouth, 17. doylestown, 18. minus 18. the way it's going to feel, exposed skin. allentown, 20 below, close to record low temperature, by the way. in the poconos, 6 below. temperature 25 below zero windchill. at least it's not going to last that long. 23 degrees in philadelphia. 18 tonight. little bit on the breezy side. windy tomorrow. gusts of 40 miles an hour. temperatures going into upper
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20s. seven day, colder and colder. chance of snow showers friday and dry over the weekend. but brutally cold. near record lows sunday. look how quickly it warms up so we have a chance of snow come in by late monday. could be snow or rain by tuesday. hime john clark. flyers fading in the playoff race. what do they need to do to turn it around? eagles re-sign another player next.
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flyers are six points behind with five teams ahead of them. they may have tired legs. playing a lot of games in february. but they host the sabres tomorrow who lost 6 and 8. flyers need to be consistent. >> win four games in a row, lose three. we have to make sure if it's four if a row it's going to happen. but you games but get back on a winning streak there we're all on the same side here. we know what we have to do. we can't worry about other teams. >> flyers missed the playoffs last season and on the outside looking in. the flyers' president tells me ron hextall is staying true to his plan. >> excited about what we have right now. we're even more excited about what we have on the horizon. we'd like to speed it up,
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obviously, but i think ron's a very patient man. he's got a plan in place, we're going to stick with ron's plan. he's cleared some cap space, acquired more assets moving forward. i think we're on the right track. eagles re-sign good to a one-year deal. he's going to back up dim meek co-ryan if d'amicos here. sixers will have eight days off until their next game. >> things that we said we were going to do, we're starting to do. they take great pride. it's a challenge for the guys what do you do in between breaks now? ? this is a turn for me. >> allen iverson back in the house with philly mayor jim kennedy honoring kids in the mentoring art conseft.
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a.i. an artist on the court. now an amateur artist off of it. good to see a.i. again. good to see a.i. again. i'm john clark. thousar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
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one, two, three. whoo! >> philadelphia today broke ground on a project to redesign love park. work slated to begin in the spring. more space, a fountain and dining. the city announced today it's temporarily lifting the skateboard ban at love park until monday. >> there you go, glenn. >> glenn and jim can get out. >> oh, yeah. i can do that with the windchills of 15 below on sunday morning. >> way too cold. >> energizing, right? the coldest air of the season comes in time for the weekend. so it's going to get colder the next two days. and then brutally cold over the weekend. sunday morning, 4 in
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philadelphia windchills 15 below. >> see you back here tonight at 11:00. tonight, shock waves. after trump and sanders score landslide victories in new hampshire, but a gauntlet lies ahead in south carolina. clinton and cruz plotting comebacks, plus two big names bow out of the race. flight risk. a new risk about batteries and the officials to planes are growing. now they are moving to take action. 99 cent gas. tonight it's here, and experts saw we're headed for something just about no one thought would ever happen again. we'll tell you where. and fighting comment yeah, a surprising drop in one of the most common forms. doctors say the reason has as much to do with a heart as it does with the brain. "nightly news" begins


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