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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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>> someone stabbed a cab driver overnight and talked about a violent encounter with an armed customer. health officials figure out what made more than 100 students sick. and windy and cold. a live look at the city of philadelphia. temperatures in the 20s across the area, and this is just the beginning of a frigid stretch. good morning. it's nbc news today and i'm
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tracy davidson. let's head to the weather with meteorologist bill henley. good morning, bill. >> the wind is already gusting to 20 miles an hour. the temperature is 16 with a chile of 16 right now. that steady wind will be with us all day long. so the windchill readings throughout philadelphia feels like 9 in willington, 10 degrees in pottstown achlt cold blustery sta start, and it's going to stay cold. by 9:00, one degree warmer. that's despite warm sunshine. the winds get stronger as we go into the noon hour. 21-mile-an-hour wind gusts close to 30. it's going to be cold today, and i'm tracking even colder air to come. i've got your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast coming up. jessica boyington has your school day forecast. >> i'm watching schuylkill.
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roads are finally dry eastbound from the blue ridge. everyone's moving along nicely. you can see we're in the green. 18 minutes or 16 minutes from the southbound side of schuylkill. transit delays, no problem this morning. you can take amtrak or new jersey and you'll have no problems. thanks. we're following breaking news. a passenger stabbed a taxi cab drive overnight. matt delucia has more. matt, you talked to the cab driver. how is he doing right now? >> reporter: he's out of the hospital. he suffered stab wounds. you see the cab parked in front of that police car outside the hospital. he escaped with only minor injuries. as i mentioned, just a couple of stab wounds to the hachbltd this
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could have ended much worse. here's what happened. the cab driver picked up a passenger. they go a couple passengers when he says he has a gun and demands the cabbie's money. he pulled out a knife and managed to get it through the partition between the front and back seats. he held a knife to the driver's neck and there was a struggle and the driver got stabbed in the hand. the customer got so of the cab driver's money. the driver drove himself to the hospital. police are looking for a man in his mid-20s, clean-shaven wearing a blue headed sweatshirt. we'll hear from the driver. he's out having suffered minor injuries at this point. >> thanks for the update, matt. now more breaking news. a driver crash as car into a well known venue.
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the mazda sedan hit the north side of the philmore. there's no word on what caused that crash. and more breaking news this side of oregon now. fbi ajechblts arrested clive bundy after he flew into the international airport. he's the father of ammon bundy, the lead over the wildlife refuge. he faces charges after a standoff at his ranch in 2014. also okay pyres say they will turn themselves in this morning. this comes after agents surrounded the complex last night when one of the customers rode outside of the barricades on an atv. the standoff has been going on for more than a month. 4:04.
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insina college will close its doors because of an outbreak. they spent yesterday sanitizing the busiest areas on campus. we talked to some students who were among those who actually got sick. >> i thought it would help if we could take a couple of days off. >> at this point i'm not sure if it's spread by food or people. >> because the dining hall is closed they'll provide grab and go breakfasts outside the student athletic center and school will be held today. an aging school, boilers and aging infrastructures. they're a problem. that's where maintenance worker was severely injured when a boiler exploded last month. no children were hurt. one lawmaker says they'll examine that accident and the failure of the heaters of other
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schools forcing classes to be kabsled in some cases. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is still on the job this morning after lawmakers failed in their bid to remove her from office. the state senate fell four short shy of the two-thirds majority needed to call in the governor to remove kane from her post. they want to recommend whether kane should be impeached. kane's law license is suspended while she filed criminal charges. after a state appeals court yesterday refused to review a ruling that threw out his child endangerment condition. lynn has been in and out of prison. lynn, who is currently in
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prison, has serve mder than two years of a three- to six-year sentence. delaware county district attorney says a deadly police-involved sheeting seemed justified. police tried to pull over longer for having a broken tail light. he sped away. they pointed a gut opening fire kill him. along with his cousin, he said to him he'll never go back to prison. >> he had a fear he was going back to jail. he had no fear. he wu not going back to jail under any circumstances apparently. authorities are still investigating that shooting. >> now from our south jersey bureau, a church would rather talk to the thieves than file charges. leaders say someone stole their black lives matter sign on tuesday night. the church replaced the sign and
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filed a police report but a church official tells us he's willing to talk to a suspect. >> when someone comes in the middle of the night and steal as sign, that's way they don't want to talk about it. we want to have a conversation. >> the church will have a forum later this month to talk about the black mat lick lives matter. later they will announce legislation for a four-year pilot program for recovery high schools. and new this morning nb doctor 10 takes you inside the only school of its kind in pennsylvania. the bridgeway school combines college prep classes with drug and alcohol counseling. the head of the school says it's a safe haven for high school kids who have gotten associate but many families can't afford the tuition. >> with the legislation that representative jonte lore and senator pat brown are
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introduced, we're hoping to remove the financial obstacles for kids to attend the high school. >> they would provide recovery funds from the state and the county. pico wants to take the heat into their hands. they'll provide customers information on lou to save money on their winter energy bills. well, hand warmers will probably help this morning. this weekend you'll need the full body warmers. we're in for very cold weather. the first cold blast happens today. we're looking at windchills this afternoon that are in the teens. this morning they drop down into the single digits. and this weekend the temperatures plummet. bitter cold. much colder later saturday and sunday. right now, 20 degrees in
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doylestown. we will see sunshine and some passing clouds blowing through the area. 24 right now in northeast philadelphia. millville is 23 degrees. there's the wind that's going to be steady not only this morning but right on through this afternoon. so the temperatures will never feel as warm as they are. look at the wind gust this morning gusting 25 miles an hour in philadelphia. bait stronger in wildwood. it's blowing clouds through the area. but behind these clouds there is snow in pennsylvania. we won't see the snow showers, but every so often the clouds will blow off of those snow showers and come into our area during the day today. late snow out of the picture today, but we will have plenty of cold coming in. so the temperatures, neighborhood by neighborhood, just 17 this afternoon in the pocono mountains. mid 20s for allentown and reading. it will warm into the mid 208s for doyle town and 27. but with the wind blowing, it's never going to feel that warm.
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even with the shore you'll feel the windchill, near 30 degrees. dover, 29 degrees this afternoon and gusty winds this morning and this afternoon for wilmington, and doylestown. early this thursday morning, this is the time you get out the door. let's check the roads for your first commute. jessica boyington has that. good morning, jessica. >> we're looking at an accident at schuylkill. its on the eastbound side. checking out the drive times to see if it affected any of the drive times. a 13-minute trip. no problems on 95. the blue route's still in the green and doing oklahoma. 295 is looking oklahoma. this is right around round 130. no problems in either direction. southbound to the delaware
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memorial bridge. no problems in the rest of the area. speeds are back down. tracy. >> atlantic city's biggest money-making casino is showing its hand in an ongoing tax dispuchlt next, hear why they another paying the troubled shore town $700 million. next. that's scary. >> the boys were holding onto their beds like this and it's amazing. >> back on dry land and not holding back. passengers revealing an uncomfortable vacation at sea.
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it's 4:14, and the windchill in philadelphia, 11.
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happening on capitol hill, the cdc will testify on the threat of the zika virus. the topic will include a worry over travelers bringing zika into the u.s. and president obama's request for bringing nearly $2 billion to recover from the virus. it's livged to severe birth defects. a lehigh university student has tested positive for the zika virus. lehigh tells us the student is okay now and there is no threat to other students. on tuesday health officials said the hospital diagnosed two women in pennsylvania with the zika. it's unclear if the student is one of those two. there's also a case reported in delaware. a cruise ship that took a peting during a winter storm has finally docked in new jersey and its passengers are safe on solid ground. the "anthem of the seas" arrived home last night. it headed out for a seven-day cruise but on sunday the cruise
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sailed into a storm. video shows chairs flying. it carried more than 5,000 people. passengers say they were scared. >> everything was blowing open, everything. closets were flying open, glasses were breaking. it was unbelievable. it was the cruise from hell. >> four passengers suffered minor injuries. the ntsb is investigating as to why the captain sailed into the storm. mean tooil royal caribbean is offering a refund to passengers on the and half price on their next cruise. a disturbance call brought policepanera's bread in abingd abingdon, maryland. one was shot and then he shot
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another. they shot and killed him late jeer yesterday the justice department filed a formal civil suit. the legal action came after council members in ferguson revised an agreement on how police treat low income residents and minorities. the mayor says much of the battle is over money. >> this is an agreement we can reach financially. ferguson has been under scrutiny since a police officer shot and killed michael brown in 2014. a north carolina homeowner now has a sieve war artifact tree trimmers dug up on her proper. experts say this cannon ball is a rare find. first they called in the marines to remove it to make sure it wasn't dangerous. then they returned it and the
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100 pellets inside for the homeowner. >> i think it's really cool, first the reality that it was on my property and i wasn't the one to find it and that history comes alive. >> it waiking more than 30 pounds. experts say it likely came from a union cannon. she said she'll look into having a museum or historical society showcase the artifact. more fresh produce with reduced travel time and hundreds of jobs. the packer avenue marine terminal will be part of a new weekly trade line. two ships will run from new port to mexico to philadelphia. officials say the access to mexican grown goods is the biggest benefit. >> california's in the market certain times of the year, florida. so a lot of the importers and retailers, they source from overseas more and more these
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day. mexico being right next door, it's a good opportunity to have good products year round. >> officials say it also adds 300 to 400 trucking and warehouse jobs. getting ready to head out the door, time to bundle up. much colder air starts moving into the area today. in fact, it's already happening right now. it is dry. not expecting to see any precipitation today. but you'll notice clouds blowing through and the gusting winds which are now gusting to 25 miles an hour in philadelphia. 24 degrees. the windchills have drop dound into the teens and single dikts. this morning a very cold start and this gusty wind is going to stay with us today, but that's not the last of the winds as we head through the weekend. it gets even colder than this. look at this. three degrees below zero is what it feels like right now in the pocono mountains. the temperature is 9 degrees
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16781 in trenton and northeast philadelphia and philadelphia international. even the shore, you can feel the cold air blowing. 11 degrees right now is what it feels like in atlantic city. radar is completely clear. won't see any activity today. that stays to the west. but a few clouds will be blowing through as the day goes on. at 7:00 this morning the winds come down a little bit in philadelphia, but look at the shore. 24-mile-an-hour winds and the gusts will be higher. and then as we go into the noontime hour, here goes the wind again picking up at 15 miles an hour. near 30 miles an hour in atlantic city. that's the wind speeds. the gusts will be even higher than that. so through the day it's going to feel cold. and we will see some sunshine. so the temperatures will climb a bit. it will be in the 20s through the day. winds out of the northwest, 10 to 22 miles an hour with gusts to 30 miles an hour. and the weekend forecast, well, it gets very windy on saturday. we could see wind gusts of 45 miles an hour. what that means is that we'll
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actually see warmer temperatures in the morning than in the afternoon. 20 degrees during the afternoon will be as warm as it gets and riding in on those gutsy mornings on saturday. in the morning the windchills could hit 20 degrees below zero while the temperature gets below a record of 2 degrees sunday morning. >> so bundle up for valentine's day is what you're saying. >> i keep adding layers through the end of the week and the weekend, yes. >> thanks, bill. now, it's time to talk about your weather. jessica boyington has that. jessica? >> there's not any big delays yet because there's not a lot of people out the door but you can see lane restrictions put in place right around belmont avenue. you can see road flares out and flashing lights ahead with still one lane getting by. you can see not many cars are
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moving through the area rye now and i did check in with the drive times right now. we'll definitely keep you updated for the rest of the morning and see when that will clear up. there are hazardous road conditions that can be slippery and wet. definitely something to pay attention to. o tention to. problems there. the intersection is dry. tracy. >> all right, jessica. thanks. 4:22. the r they promised. atlantic city owes borgata more than $170 million in tax appeals. the mayor says, though, he doesn't have it and is in danger of declaring bankruptcy. it has been the biggest money maker, the largest employer of all the casinos, and it has paid nearly half a billion dollars in
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taxes over the years. skateboarding is against the law at love park except for right now. mayor kenney is encouraging skateboarders across the country to bring their boards to town. also ahead, shady sighting. ahead in our next half hour, hear what the former eagles star seems to say about a nightclub fight now in the hands of a district attorney.
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two five minutes past 4:00.
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they argue uber x has been operating in the city illegally for the last two years with know oversight. they have been holding protests for more than a year. well, love parks one of philadelphia's most iconic spots is getting a facelift. >> one, two, three. whoo! >> the city broke ground yesterday on a project to renovate the park. work will start in the spring. love park will close at that point. when it reopens in the spring of next year, here's what it's expected to look like. there will be more green space, a new and dining responsible and a welcome center. the project is expected to cost more than $20 million.
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they teemed up to create the contest to illustrate the power of mentoring in children's lives. >> mentoring is so important in all of our lives. somebody's been there, done that. it's important to show them the way. it's always important to have one, and i'll continue to be one, and that's it. >> the contest winners also received a special on court recognition during last night's game. 500 drivers were stranded in the snow during next month's
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blizzard. next, hear why turnpike officials say they made the right call keeping them there.
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stab behind the wheel. a cab driver is stabbed behind the wheel after a violent encounter with a customer in his taxi. today, no more brownouts. they'll end the controversy of closing firehouses and moving firemen to save money. it's colder than this time yesterday, and we will stay below freezing for days. it's 4:30. good


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