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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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they've got the snow-making equipment going. it's blowing past some of the slopes this morning. in philadelphia, 2450i9s degrees with winds gusting to 24 miles an hour in the mountains. it's a 24-mile-an-hour wind matching that at the airport. just a bit stronger in wilmington. the wind, the temperatures, five below is what it feels like. nine for pottstown and reading. feels like 7 degrees. the wind will be here through the day. steady this morning at 7:00. 23 degrees. the wind at 16 miles an hour. that's at 10:00. the temperature will inch up but the temperature goes up and so does the wind speed, so that's going might feel just as cold this afternoon as it does in many spot this morning. i'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. jessica boyington is watching first alert traffic. jessie. >> good morning. no backups there and no delays so far headed eastbound toward
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the schuylkill expressway. typically we see eastbound delays. you can see the drive time. average speeds in 60s. we do have construction on valley forge road between forest and hunter hill drive. that's going to be out there until 6:00 this morning. moving over to 95 right through delaware, we do have a ramp closure there as well. ongoing structure that. will be out until february 24th. 95 southbound to 7 b, route 52, you can see no problems from 295 to 495. averages in the 60s there as well and only a ten-minute trip. >> jessica, thanks. we're following this breaking new this morning. philadelphia police are looking for a person who stabbed a cab driver while he was working. nbc 10's matt delucia outside
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the hochlt the hospital. we're hearing from the cab driver. what is he saying? >> he's happy to be alive. we saw the cab being towed away from the hospital. this is where the cab driver ended up, about a mile from where all this unfolded. take a look at this. joshua mann. the cab drive picked up a driver before midnight. they went a couple of block. that's when the passenger says he has a gun and he robbed the cab driver, demanded his money. and then a knife came out. that's when there was a struggle. >> he attacked on me, i have a gun, give me money, guv me money. thereafter he put the knife on my neck, and we struggled with each other and then he cut my hand. >> reporter: that cab driver was released from the hospital early
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this morning. the robber was able to get away with $70 of the cab driver's money. he's still on the run. this is the second incident involved a cab driver in philadelphia in the past week. on saturday a cab driver was shot during an attempted robbery. we talked with police about this. nay basically say they would advise any cab driver really if year faced with a situation like this, just give up the money. it's not worth your life. at this point, the investigation still continues. as i mentioned the cab was towed away about 30 minutes ago. they'll be looking for surveillance video as well. live outside the hospital, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thank you. this morning ursina college will be cleaning. >> they're going to keep
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checking to see in f anybody else gets sick and figure out what the source of that sickness is today. the college is open and they plan on opening college. a administrators kept the campus inform informed. numbers of the sick from a few to 100. students began called 911 for ambulance transport. listen to one of the students who's now recovering. >> i'm miserable. i already had a bad cough on top of me eating here and then i ended up vomiting. i kept throwing up and going in the bathroom. >> reporter: it may take the
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health department a few days to figure out what caused this. last night sporting events were canceled and the dining hall as well as other facilities were closed to sanitize that. we understand that will continue today. live at your sinus college . >> police hope it will help them catch the person responsible. watch your side of the screen. suddenly a cherry red honda ignores the red light and plows into them. the victims went flying around were dragged. >> police are still looking for the car and that driver. the mother is out of the hospital and doctors were caring for her children at last check. just hours after man in his
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70s was killed crossing fork road in wilmington, state troopers were trying to educate people about pedestrian safety. they encourage pedestrians to use cross walks and pedestrian bridges. some say drives need to use kaugsz as well. >> if you're going to put yourself in harm's way and you get hit, that's on you, but if you're not in control of your vehicle, then you're also guilty. >> most of it hasp in the overnight hours. this morning we have a potential admission from lesean mccoy caught on video. now, it's hard to hear, so listen closely. he apparently says, i made a mistake. a man who shot this video said he saw mccoy and his crew last night. it's first sight of the former eagles' running back since an
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alleged assault on two off-duty police officers. he says he asked lesean mccoy about the incident over the weekend. he said, i made a mistake, and he's looking forward to his day. >> prosecutors work to build a case. the off-duty officers are still in the hospital with broken bones and wasset that require stitches. >> it's 5:27. now to decision 2016. senator bernie sanders and former secretary of state hillary clinton are prepared to face off tonight. this will be their sixth time dpoimg head to head. it comes days after a new hampshire victory. sanders is making a public effort to court african-american voters. he met with civil rights leaders in harlem yesterday. you see sanders walking with the resch reynolds al sharpton here after they discussed issues important to african-americans.
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meantime today clinton will get support from the congressional black caucus. nbc news confirms they'll formally endorse clinton. then they'd head to other states with black votes are vital. on the republican side two candidates are out of the race. new jersey governor chris christie ended his bid after a disappointing finish. christie finished sixth out of the republican candidate. he told supporters he plans to take deep breath and determine his next steps. we asked those in new jersey their thoughts on his campaign. >> was amazed he even attempted to go in. i didn't think he had a snow ball's chance in hell. >> e think he's a good guy and is doing right by the country and by the state. >> carly fiorina dropped out of the race after getting just 4% of the vote in new hampshire.
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coming up on 5:39, it's cold outside, and as you can see, a bit windy toic ma it feel even colder. the temperatures have dropped down into the 20s. some of the suburbs in the teens and with winds gusting to 20 miles an hour, it feels like it's in the sickle digits for much of the area. 24 miles an hour at the airport. stronger in wildwood and it will be stronger through day at the shore. watch the radar screen. there are showers in central pennsylvania. you might see a brief flurry moving through. that's not going be the big problem. climbing only the 17 degree. a windy 25 for allentown and for reading. gusty winds in doylestown, mount ho holly. cape may and atlantic city with temperatures in tupper 20s. it will feel like it's in the teens. dove ler feel like the teen this
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afternoon. the gusty winds will be e increasing some. drexel hill and wilmington, high temperatures in the upper 20s. this weekend it gets colder, especially when you factor in the wind. 20 degrees saturday. will drop during the day with winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. and sunday morning we could see windchills 206 degrees below zero and just 23 on valentine's. i'll go through the full seven-day forecast and what it means for the weekend when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. this would be a good day to have the seat warmers. >> seat warmers? that would be really nice. >> let's look at the garden state parkway. jessica boyington has that. >> that's right. part of the shore would be hit with a little bit of snoechlt we're not seeing any right now.
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that's definitely a good thing. we don't v any slippery curbing at this point. we do have some construction on the garden state highway that's tying people up, a ramp closure that. will be in place up till 6:00 this morning right to 3:22. that's exit 36. still closed for another 20 minutes or so. this is right around woodhaven road. still if you're trying to might to center city, we haven't seen that increase in drive tiles yet. speed still in the 60s. you can see at that point, no problem. if you do have to head out the door, there's a flyer's game. you might see extra volume around the area. flyers versus buffalo sabres. >> 5:31. is it a cost-saving move or an invasion of privacy? ahead, we'll tell you about a new technology that could save them. but critics are already saying
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it's too much. plus, caught on camera, a ups driver mishandling and tossing a package during his delivery. we'll tell you what was inside this box that made that a dangerous move.
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happening today they will officially stop cloepg firehouses. the department suspended the practice on new year's jooef accomplishes across pennsylvania have a new tool to more easily finds out if your car registration is fired. law enforcement officials joined penndot snow off the latest license reader technology. they think i will save officers time since nay can quickly and accurately check the status of thousands of license plates in a specific shift. >> this equipment is constantly checking every vehicle that's going past your car. >> with the license plate reader, pennsylvania won't have to issue vehicle registration stickers starting next year. the elimination of the stickers could save taxpayers $3 million in just the first year. now they looked into use of them last july and we found they are
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recording and saving tens of millions of unsuspecting drivers' plates. other a year and a havgs philadelphia police read more than 29 million tags that led to more than 25 million cars. they issued a statement in july saying this is an extraordinary amount of government surveillance for what appears to be a very small amount of criminal activity. there are things in your life that are simply not public knowledge. love park, one of philadelphia's most iconic spots, is getting a facelift. >> one, two, three. >> whoo! >> the city broke ground. love park will close at that point and when it reopens in the spring of next year, here's what it's expected to look like. there'll be more green space a new and a dining spot and a renovated welcome center. the spot is expected to cost $20 million.
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for the next few days, skateboarding will league at love park. they will temporarily lift the skateboarding ban until monday. >> for this particular period of time before we actually get into the ground, we want people to come from around the country, hopefully around the world to come back for one more spin on your board here in love park. >> as for the love sculpture, the city will move it to delaware park through the summer. the homeowner is showing the surveillance of a ups drive tossing packages. they drop packages over the gate. the homeowner says the gate was actually unlocked and there was a good reason to take better care of the packages. one was handgun ammunition he ordered for target practice. the impact caused problems. >> the boxes were clearly
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marked. >> ups says it's investigating. 12 minutes before 6:00. the temperatures have really come down overnight and the wind speed has come up. 24 degrees in philadelphia. the wind is at 14 miles an hour so it feels like 12 degrees this morning and it's going to be cold feeling all day long. the temperatures will climb into the middle 20s to upper 20s this afternoon. but look at the feels like temperatures or the windchill. into the single digits. that's at 8:00 this morning. by 10:00. by 11:00 degrees 16782 degrees somewhat feels like to 2ing this afternoon. it feels like it ee below zero. that's what we're going to encounter over the weekend. through today you'll see a few clouds. maybe a flurry.
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the gusty winds will keep the clouds moving and the temperatures coming down. by the weekend, another round of cold and the hour by hour windchill. if you're out getting ready for valentines the day before, saturday evening at 11:00. look at can windchill readings. 14 degrees below zero in the pocono mountains. even cape may will feel below zero and then it gets colder going into sunday morning. we can see record temperatures on sunday. today you'll feel the cold and the wind. cold gusty winds. temperatures not a lot warmer thain are right now. 26 to 29 degrees this afternoon. the winds will be steady. anywhere from 10 to 22 miles an hour with gusts as high as 30 miles an hour. tomorrow will be less windy but with mostly clear skies, colder. 17 in the morning. 31 the high temperature on friday. the next round of cold comes in for saturday. cold gusting winds will starm warmer in the morning than it will be in the afternoon.
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the winds will be so warm it will start at 22 degrees and drop to 13 by afternoon and then saturday night it gets even colder, down to 2 degrees in philadelphia which ties the record for valentine's day. 29 degrees for sunday afternoon. those are cold windchills sunday morning. the temperatures will be climbing on monday from 12 to 33. there's a chance we'll see snow developing later in the day on monday and chance for rain as temperatures continue to climb for tuesday and wednesday. >> that's pipe freezing weather. >> there was a time i played football in green bay, wisconsin, where we were encouraged to wear t-shirts in this kind of weather. but we're advising to lair up and cover yourself. >> did you take their voons? >> no. smart man. that's why was only there for one year. layer up.
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reporting live, jessica boyington. jessica? >> we're checking the schuylkill expressway right now. we still have no problems or delays. that's definitely a good thing if you have to get out the door and head on the schuylkill. no problems in either direction moving along nicely. if you're moving along, you can still see a 12-minute trip and average speeds are up into the 60s. we do have a vehicle feek on the road. when i come back in the 6:00 hour aisle check more on the drive time speed and they're starting to climb up. >> next on nbc 10, all for a good cause. sixers' legend al iverson showing off his skills off the court and helping out young kids in philadelphia. we'll explain up next.
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hey, good morning, everyone. we're checking out jersey roads right now. 23 minutes from vineland, 30 minutes from millville, hamilton and no other problems on the
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roadways at least to thanlt pochlt we're going to head to the philadelphia area. you can see the speeds are still up there. heading to the bridges, we have no speed restrictions there, yet we've had them all week because of icy conditions. three minutes to the walt, six minlds to the bend. your drive on 95 will be fine as well. i'll have more updates coming up in the 6:00 hour. speaking of driving, the house committee is demanding to know why hundreds of drivers were left helpless. more than 500 vehicling were stuck on a seven-mile stretch. yesterday the turnpike chief executive told the lawmakers it was safest to have the cars stay put because alternate routes were dangerous too. >> my sincere apologies to all the travelers who were stranded for that time period on the pennsylvania turnpike. no motorist should have to endure that on any pennsylvania road, especially a road that you pay for. >> the turnpike commission and
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state police say they're still reviewing what went wrong and taking steps to make sure it never happens again. al iverson was back in town to honor kids and their artwork. they recognized son finalists. it's all part of the national mentoring movement the sixers in the city of philadelphia teemed up to create the contest to illustrate the power of mentoring in children's lives. >> in all of our lives. you know, somebody has been there, done that. just to help show you the way. it's always important to have one. aisle continue to be one. >> the con test winners also received a special on court recognition during last night's game. four minutes before 6:00. the national constitution center will unveil a new exhibit to help you.
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it's called headed to the white house. it takes through the process a candidate would make. along the way you can create your own campaign ad, practice public speaking, nbc 10 is a proud media sponsor of headed to the white house. we'll be working with the national constitution center to bring you unique perspectives and to clear any complicated issues that pop up on the campaign trail. >> tracy went to see the exhibit on tuesday yochl u came back just beaming about it. >> it's incredible. it really is. it's really interactive. it gives you a glimpse, just a sense what it would be like if you decided you wanted to run for president. it's a hard road. >> including making your own ads. >> yeah. and you read from the teleprompter. it's really good. >> can't wait to see it. well, we continue to follow breaking news in philadelphia. >> a cap driver is stabbed overnight, and this morning he's out of the hospital and he's talking to nbc 10 about the
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scary encounter. plus this -- >> i wanted to bend down and kiss the ground. >> the nightmare is finally over for cruise ship passengers. we'll hear about their horrifying vacation.
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this blaking news. a cab driver was stabbed in philadelphia. how he fought off his attacker and saved his own life. a school giving struggling teenagers a second chance and this morning lawmakers are pushing for more. >> bundle up. we're dealing with cold temperatures today as we take a look at the river ring. get ready. even colder air is on the way. good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. and it's "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy


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