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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  February 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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on a bitter cold morning like this it helps to think spring. temperatures are in the teens ahead of potentially record breaking cold this weekend. and missing money, the search is on for the thief who stole an atm pack with $18,000 and a winter chill can compete with love in the air. today couples will tie the knot ahead of valentine's day weekend. let's talk more about the bitter temperatures with meteorologist with his first alert forecast. >> temperatures are much colder this morning. we're running up to 10 degrees colder than yesterday. 16 in trenton. look at mount holly at 17
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degrees. at the shore 17 degrees for atlantic city. a cold morning and day. we will see sunshine at least to start the day. it's not going to be here all day. 17 degrees at 6:00. we'll be up to 21 at 9:00. that will feel warmer than yesterday because the winds will be lighter. clouds will be taking over this afternoon and that could lead to some snowshowers as early as this evening. go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. right now first alert traffic. >> we're starting off a 422 right now picking up there. you can see no problems so far in the surrounding areas. everything still. >> the green. we have a drive time from 29 to the expressway so no increase this and average speeds in the 60s at least on 422. the expressway doing okay. a little bit more cars out there. it you're heading into center
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city it's a 62 average speed trip and 12 minutes. those are our cameras are the expressway. if you are heading into center city, we had an underground transformer fire that happened last night on walnut street and now that's still closed this morning between 19th street and 22th. mass transit was effected yesterday because of that today we're okay. >> on a bitter cold morning like this you want to limit your time outside unless you have to work outside and that's what some crews are doing in center city right now as they work to repair damage caused by that fire that jessica mentioned. we're live at the scene. what's it like out there. >> since we last saw you 30 minutes ago it feels even colder out. it hasn't stopped these guys who is been working out here on aen open manhole here. we're here on 22th and walnut street. people who live on this block
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captured video of the smoke and frames. they said this started from damaged underground lines lead together a transformer. people had to evacuate on this block. some tried to wait around hoping they would get back in, about ut it was too cold. people said they would find other places to spend the night. >> there was a black smoke and then you could hear small explosions from the electrical components so i was about 25 feet away. >> reporter: from this cold weather could have led to this issue. a smokes man did not rule it out, but said a lot of the buildings in this area of center city used gas heat and you're going to want to have that heat cranked this morning. it is cold. we're live in center city. >> thanks. it's 4:33 and we have this breaking news. the world health organization released an update on the zika
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virus and a possible vaccine. we are at least 18 months away from any large scale trials of vacci vaccine. it is spreading rapidly and is linked to birth defects. cases have been reported in all three states in our area. the cdc urging pregnant woman and those trying to become pregnant not to travel to infected areas. in two weeks bill cosby's wife will be deposed, but she may refuse to answer questions. there's a rule protecting spouses from testifying about private conversations in their marriage. the civil suit accuses him of deformation. last week a judge refused to throw out the criminal sexual assault case. he's accused of violating a former employee in his home back in 2004. he could get up to 10 years in prison if convicted. 4:34, $18,000 in cash,
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that's what philadelphia police say someone stole. the police tell us that the technician was working on a machine inside the family deli. the worker left the box with the cash inside his unlocked truck. someone took the box with have along with a cell phone. residents learn about a new trail watch task force last night that's been put in place to keep people safe as they run and bike along the river trail. we were at the hall last night as the city councilman explained how the trail watch will work. the group was formed in response to recent attacks and armed robberies along the trail. police arrested two teens and are looking for more. happening today in philadelphia, dozens of couples will tie the knot. part of the valentine's day wedding is what they call it.
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judges will perform marriages for about 50 couples during a ceremony. this is the 15th year for the event. 4:36 right now. video captured the tragedy of drug addiction and the hope of survival just minutes apart. >> she was trying to breathe. >> this video shows an overdose victim being revived. ahead see how police are using the drug narcan to save lives. also the presidential candidates and the contest hear what donald trump is saying about pope francis. colder this morning, but it turns much colder this weekend. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead. did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym® twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym®.
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now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. get ready to bundle up this morning. the temperatures have come down
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overnight as a much colder morning, 18 degrees. it's not as windy, but even a little bit of wind at 18 degrees feels much colder. the wind chill 7 degrees. i do expect the winds will stay below ten miles an hour during the day, but that change this weekend. 15 in millville and 17 in north east philadelphia. 15 here. a little further north and west, 10 degrees here. quaker town is at 12 degrees. a cold morning. we will see some sunshine to start with. it will be dry this morning, but this evening we will be tracking more snowshowers through the area and we could see reduced visibility and a quick dusting. during the day will clouds will be increasing, allentown, 27.
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a little bit of a breeze for mount holly and temperatures in the 20s this afternoon right along the coast line. cape may 29, 30 degrees for dover. clouds will be increasing this morning philadelphia all into the low 30s, but below freezing during the day today. there's a chance of snow before the much colder air arrives tonight and tomorrow. i'll have that for you with the seven day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. 20 minutes before 5:00 right now. traffic report. >> we're starting on 95 right now. no real problems again a quiet friday so far. you can see we have a 12 minute drive time to the vine street expressway. this is ashd cotton avenue. we have average well into the 60s. so everything moving on the expressway and pa turnpike looks
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okay. there is some construction out there, some concrete work out in wayne so this will be out there until about 5 do:00 this mornin. the area bridge has just checked in. we do have a 445 scheduled opening on the burlington so there will be delays there. no scheduled openings so far, but we will keep you updated. i'll check in the next couple of minutes, otherwise okay into the city. happening tonight they return to the city of brotherly love. mayor the mayor gave up tickets for his box for this sold out show. we'll tell you why and up date on the last minute details. tracking more than your steps and heart rate. find out how a fitbit give a couple unexpected news.
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4:34 a sixth debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton is now in the books. last night's one on one in milwaukee covered health care, foreign policy, immigration and race relations. but the two candidates saved some of the best exchanges for the issue of how wall street influences campaign founding. clinton referred to president obama. >> he was the resip ent of the largest number of wall street donations of anybody running on the democratic side ever. now, when it mattered, he stood up and took on wall street. >> wall street and major banks have paid $200 billion in fines since the great crash. no wall street executive has been prosecuted. >> sanders is trying to broaden
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his national appeal after beating clinton in the new jersey primary. in the republican race donald trump took aim at pope france is. he says he doesn't understand u.s. immigration problems and mexico set up the trip because it wants to keep the boarder the way it is. the police saved the life of a woman who was overdosing on heroin. officers used narcan to bring the woman back from the brink of death. we are live in our digital operations center now with the dramatic video. >> this is pretty amazing stuff to see. you may have heard about narcan, but probably haven't seen how it works until now. the video is a real eye opener and one police hope may detefr those struggling with this addicti addiction. >> she needs narcan. >> we blurred the woman's face in the video to protect her
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identity. she's unconscious but on the side of the road. she's in the grips of a heroin overdose. when officers arrive they give her a dose of narcan. it's used in emergencies to countier act the effects of an overdose. >> a problem in every neighborhood everywhere. >> even after you're clinically dead, brought back to life by narc narcan, folks still aren't convinced that they should go get hope. >> we spoke to the woman who was seen in this video. it was posted on youtube and has been viewed thousands of of times. she declined our request. she said she was fine. her biggest concern was for her young daughter and has seen the comments. do you feel narcan has helped fight the heroin ep dimmic wm bill rights no, i'm a paramedic. all this does is enhance the
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problem. now heroin addicts will think help is on the way and that es no danger. anyone who knows, loves someone who does abuse it should have training and have narcan on them at all times. this is could save someone's life. addiction is a disease. if you want to join the conversation, go to our facebook page. nbc 10. >> it's 4:47. asian markets dropped overnight amid fears of the health of the goebl economy. the japanese stock market plunged more than 5%. experts blame falling oil prices and slow downs in other markets. futures were up on wall street despite the market taking a punch yesterday and what's happening right now in the global markets. the doe dropped 245 points closing at 15,650.
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at one point during the afternoon tratding the doe had fallen more than 350 points. again oil prices along with word much a cut in opec oil production fueled the losses. we will have up to the minutes news on stocks come be up in the 5:00 hour. the department of transportation releases its latest monthly rofrt on air travel. it will contain data for the month of december featuring dpliet delays, mishandled bag information and details on passengers who were denied boardings. the agency will be releasing data for 2015. and fisists are calling a new discovery a cosmic break through. scientists have detected gravitational wavers and it comes 100 years after it was predicted their existence. one person said it is unlike
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anything we have detected before. he thought there was invisible waves which are ripples in the fabric of time. they're the result of violent events in space. it turns out he was right. >> the first time the universe has spoken to us through gravitational waves. up until now we have been deaf to them, but today we're able to hear them. >> experts say the discovery of the gravitational waves will help scientists investigate the most extreme corners. a new york couple made a discovery of their own. they now know they're having a baby thanks to a fit bitd. they say the device showed the wave's heart rate. the husband thought the i fitbit was broke within p wife said it was broken. he went to fix it and he looked for answer online and someone says your wife might be pregnant so the couple tried several
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pregnantsy tests and they came back positive. ten minutes before 5:00 right now. we have a look at road conditions. >> things are quiet over on millville around route 49 either direction we are open for business, no problems, no accidents and no ongoing construction projects at least at that point. here we are right around ridge pike. not a lot of cars out there this morning. southbound to the pa turnpike still a five minute trip in the greens. average speeds are up there in the 50s. the actual pa turnpike looks great. we're in the green there as well. westbound,est bound, the average speeds in the 60s. we will have some delays due to to a scheduled opening on the bris ol bridge. that will be out there for ten or 15 minutes so far.
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we'll keep you update, the walt and betsy and ben are all doing okay. now your nbc ten first alert weather. nine minutes before 5:00 a very cold morning, colder than yesterday and clear at least for now. that changes during of the day. holding at 18 degrees in philadelphia. a little bit of a breeze, just enough to make it feel like it's 7 degrees in philadelphia. it's colder at the shore temperatures in the low 20s. we're in the clear to start. with includes will be moving in this afternoon with a chance of some snow. this morning we won't see a repeat of yesterday's snowshowers, but this evening a different story. at 4:00 this afternoon here come the clouds. we're 28 degrees, but we're watching scattered snowshowers that will be swinging through the valley and by 11:00 tonight
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into delaware aware, they fell apart as they blow into philadelphia and into south jersey, but there's a chance of more of them on saturday and then they clear out and look at the cold temperatures, 15 degrees with the wind blowing to make it feel colder. so bundle up. cold to start with. clouds increase during the day, but it stays below freezing. winds out of the southwest. frigid winds blowing with a first alert. the temperatures will be warmer in the morning than late in the day as we drop down into the very teens an then it continue to fall on sunday morning near record low temperatures sunday with frigid winds blowing to make it feel like it is 15 to 20 degrees below zero on sunday morning. sunshine 22 sunday afternoon. clouds on the increase for monday after a cold morning we'll be 35 degrees monday
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afternoon with snow developing monday late monday and changing over to rain tuesday. in fact along with the rain, look at the temperature difference from 35 monday to 53 degrees on tuesday by wednesday it's windy and clearing out and drying out and getting colder with sunshine for thursday. so it's going to be a wild ride over the next seven. >> i'm looking at the holiday weekend and a lot of families plan to go skiing. >> i'm sure people will be on the slopes. people ski when it's colder in canada, but we're just not used to cold like we're going to see this kpeekd weekend. >> layers, layers. speaking of the bitter cold imagine having to work outside in it. next in a live report at 5:00 crews are working after this underground fire and explosion. also next best friends want to bes could be part of your family this weekend. hear how you can help clear the shelters.
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good morning. we're going do a quick check on the morning drive. watch for concrete work out in wayne on king road between north wagoner road. that's scheduled until about 5:00 this morning. checking in with the area bridges, still some small delays due to an early opening on the burlington bristol. the rest of the bridges are okay and we'll have more updates when i come back around 5:00. people in delaware will learn more about the detours and construction because of a new toll road. at issue is the construction of the u.s. 301. it will run between delaware and the c and d canal and the maryland boarder. the new toll way is smemeant to help traffic flow more smoothly. they plan to holdings every two
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months until it is finished. imagine if your water wasn't safe to drink at your home, that is the reality for thousands of people in flint, michigan so some young athletes are refusing to sit unand do nothing. the football program has launched a water drive. they're on a mission to bring safe water to the people of flint. >> we feel a small connection because we've in the same situation with their water, not as bad as flint and people can't brush their teeth or drink or bathe. so it's a human nature thing. >> they started collected donations on february 1. >> an event honored people making an impact on black
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history award luncheon wt filled tribute organizes the event. the vice president both attended the lumpon. >> a local cancer survivor hopes a new bone marrow transplant outpatient clinic will give the patients a treatment that saved her life. it's now at jean's hospital through the fox chase cancer center. doctors have performed more than 1,500 translants to treat patients with disorders through this bone marrow program. >> at the the end of the day i'm still alive now because of what they did for me here at this hospital. i chose life and they gave it back to me. >> the mayor says the new clinic will help in vice president bidden issued cancer and put philadelphia ahead of the curve in the health care industry. ♪
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>> tonight is the nice bruce springsteen sings to a sold out crowd. the mayor do natd his 18 tickets to help fund the city. he sold the tickets for more than $500 and they're all sold out. that money is going to philadelphia schools. just before 5:00 right now and we continue our commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for pets in need of rescue. >> just in time for valentine's day they're hosting a kitten kuldss and puppy kisses in newtown square today. it runs from 10:00 a.m. noon. if you make a $2 donation i'll be entered to win dinner and a morvie for two and one of those
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cute little fellows. you're watching nbc news at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 news starts now. right now left in the dark, crews are still on the scene of a fire and explosion in center city philadelphia as they work to restore power. bitter cold, the crews aren't getting help in mother nature as we're offer to a below freezing start in all three states this morning. headed to a the white house, a new partnership will help guide you through decision 2016 with the help of a new exhibit in philadelphia. good morning and welcome. let's start with the frigid temperatures outside and what's to come for the weekend with meteorologist bill henley. it was cold yesterday, it is colder this morning. the difference though thein


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