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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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this is nbc ten news. >> right now bitter cold. look at this. a live look this morning from camle back as our entire area deals with below freezing temperatures. >> she needs narcan. >> caught on camera, watch as local police use narcan to help revive a woman. >> a disaster declaration, new jersey governor chris christie is now asking for help from the federal government in the wake of blizzard of 2016. just after 5:30. good morning. let's start with meteorologist. folks in say they're happy. >> for the snow making opportunity. they'll be able to do that all weekend long. guess what we get to do, layer up. cold conditions. this morning it's much colder
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than yesterday, but this weekend the temperatures really come down and the wind will be stronger. the wind is staying below 10 miles an hour. that lighter wind allows the temperatures to fall. 10 degrees in potstown. millville, it's a little warmer in cape may by 22 degrees. the good news is the wind will be lighter today so with sunshine this morning that will start the warming process, have us go from 17 to 23 degrees. the winds will stay below ten miles an hour at 1:00 this afternoon. 28 degrees. clouds start moving in and they'll take over later today. there's a chance we'll see some snowshowers heading into this evening. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. now with first look traffic. >> we are in montgomeryville pa. the sper sections are better
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than the beginning parts of the week. we don't have any slippery or wet spots. all traffic allowed to move through nicely. no slippery spots there. if you are in new jersey we have some ongoing construction on the garden state parkway the ramp to 322 is closed until about 6:00, so about another half an hour before that starts to clean up. most people won't have to deal with that. for the bridge, scheduled open ari. the alternate is the betsy ross. crews are dealing with the bitter cold temperatures this morning to get power back on and open up a busy street in center city philadelphia. an underground fire forced evacuations last night. we are live on scene this morning. this is not good timing as the workers continue their work. >> reporter: it is not and if you live in this area of center
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city, if you haven't been awoken by the bitter cold, you're awake because there's a jackhammer on this section of walnut street. workers have been out here overnight wearing full body suites. they're trying to limit the exposed skin. the power is slowlily coming back from 400 people to 90 when we checked this morning. that is the bang people heard around here. an underground fire forcing evacuations for people living on this block. some stood out for hours before finding a new place to stay. they watched the flames erupt from the sidewalk. we checked and right now damaged underground cables appear to have falds and those lines led to a transformer fire. this is a busy street on have shut down, especially in the morning, but they want to make sure it's safe before they open it back up. they've been checking some of
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the other man holes besides just the one that had the fire and we're not exactly sure what they're using that jackhammer for. we're going to try to check in with them, but it looks like they're trying to wind down a little but they did bring in more trucks. we'll let you know when they open it up, but right now walnut is still closed. >> thanks for the up dated. it's 535. a cell phone captures police using narcan to save a woman. >> you may have heard about it, but probably haven't seen how it works until now. >> she needs narcan. >> we blurred the woman's face to protect her identity. she's unconscious at this point and on the side of crown point road and she had a heroin overdose. when officers arrive they give her a dose of narcan it's used
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to counteract the effects of an overdose. >> it's a problem in every neighborhood. even after your clinically dead, brought back to life by narcan, folks still aren't convinced that they should go get help. >> we spoke to the woman who was seen in the video it was posted on youtube and viewed thousands of times. she declined our interview request. she said she was fine and her biggest concern was for her young daughter who has seen this video and has read the comments. do you feel narcan is helping fight the heroin epidemic. mary says i think it's great for narcan to be available in emergency cases, but it's not the answer to the epidemic. ann says it will make people believe it's safer to do heroin. danielle writes it's a stepping stone to helping people with this deisease to have another chance. >> police are looking into a
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series of attempted child lurgings. the police department has received three reports in the past few weeks the first case happened as a child waited for a bus and then a shopping center arp then anywhere the old middle schooling. two victims described the vehicle as a white van wt p third victim was approached by someone in a tan van and her mom said she saw it all as she watched her daughter through a window. >> i thought they were asking for directions but when my daughter came in the daoor and told me they asked her to meet her down the road adults shouldn't be asking children for directions. >> no children were hurt in any of these cases. no first alert weather. >> it's a cold one this morning. our skies are clear, the temperatures have really dropped. that's a live view looking across the delaware. the wind has died down. the water is very calm this
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morning. take my word for it. the temperatures have dropped into the teens, 18 degrees right now in philadelphia, the wind at 8 miles an hour. that's lighter than yesterday and it's going to stay lighter during the day, but when it's this cold outside it's enough to make it feel colder. 10 is what it feels like in potstown. a cold, but dry starts. this afternoon clouds will be arriving and this evening and this will give us a chance for scattered snowshowers sweeping into the area. 1:00 this afternoon. there goes the sun fading. clouds take over completely and at 4:00 look at the snowshowers. they'll be swinging through the valley by 8:00 this evening. we could see scattered snowshowers in the philadelphia area. that's where the dangerous cold comes into play.
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for today a pretty good rebound into the upper 20s. light winds in new hope. upper 20s with sunshine fading as the afternoon goes on. you'll see sunshine in the morning for cape may and millville. very low 30s for woodstown and philadelphia. clouds today wicked cold this weekend. very the seven day when i'm back in 10. >> thanks. it's 5:39. it's friday. let's find out what you're going to face on the roads. >> we have you covered and looking at the vine street expressway. >> the expressway is good through center city right now. right now we're looking around 8 it is street. there's no problems in each direction. we did have some construction a little early this morning. taking a lane out on the westbound side, but right now we're good to go and there's no back up there. even if that construction
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project was still in place. keeping in center city, the transformer fire, walnut is closed between 21 st and 22nd right now. am track and also running with no delays. this morning. i'll be back in ten minutes with a check on your morning commute. >> thank you. just ahead doing their part, we'll show you how a local football team is stepping up and helping those effected by the flint water crisis and how you can help too. vmt it's
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5:43. someone stole 18,000 colors in cash while a technician was restocking an atm. he was working on the machine yesterday. the worker left a box with the cash inside his unlocked truck. someone swiped the box along with the technician's cell phone. so far no word on any arrests. >> decision 2016, a debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton is now in the books. last nights debate covered health care, foreign policy and race relations.
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the two candidates saved some of the best exchanges on the issue of how wall street issues campaign funding. clinton referred to president obama. >> he was the resip ent of the largest number of wall street donations of anybody running on the democratic side ever. now, when it mattered, he stood up and took on wall street. >> wall street and major banks have paid $200 billion in fines since the great crash. no wall street executive has been prosecuted. >> sanders is trying to broaden his national appeal after rallying in the new hampshire primary. in a republican race donald trump took issue with pope fran is. trump said he doesn't understand u.s. immigration problems and said mexico set up the trip because it wants to keep the
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boarder the way it is. >> now that he's dropped out of the presidential race governor chris christie is asking the federal government to for help paying for last month's storm. he said it cost $82 million to clean up. he asked for a disaster declaration for 17 counties. he made this controversial comment when asked why he wasn't home in jersey helping with clean up efforts just a day after the storm. >> what do you expect me to do. do you want me to go down with a mop. >> he made that remark last month. it's a quarter to 6:00. businesses are calling a new discovery in space a break through is this they have detected gravitational waves. it comes 100 years after it was predicted they existed.
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one science tis said this is unlike anything we have detected before. it was thought there were invisible waves which are ripples in the fabric of space time. this he are the result of violent events. it turns out it is. >> the first time the universe has spoken to us through gravitational waves. up until now we have been deaf but now we're able to hear them. >> this discovery will help scientists investigate the corners of the kos months. >> the president of mount saint mary is at the center of the controversy. the president fired two professors and a senior add straighter in less than a week. some claim the actions are in response to a student newspaper report over his plan to dismiss struggling first year students. the article says newman compared
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the students to bunnies that needed to be drowned. the advisor to the newspaper is among the firings. >> i'm shocked and saddened. this is a place that i've loved almost my life. my father went here. i was a student here. >> the report claimed the administration was planning to get rid of struggling freshman as part of an effort to improve retention numbers. officials declined to comment. >> now the first alert weather. 5:47 and it is cold outside. the good news is we're getting a break from the strong winds so wind chill isn't as big a factor but you still need to layer up this morning. we have clear skies and sunshine today. 18 now and holding in philadelphia with an 8 mile an hour wind that's enough to make it feel like it's 8 degrees in the city. some spots are feeling a bit
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colder. the wind is blowing, but it's not as strong as yesterday. you can see the difference in the banners. the sunshine will be bright to begin with so the temperatures will be warming up. with the sun still down it got a bit colder. same story for tom's river also 9 degrees this morning. look at pottstown cold to start. with now 8 in west chester. so a very cold morning, but at least for now it's dry. we'll see sunshine this morning. clouds are due in this afternoon with a chance that we'll see scattered snowshowers light stuff coming through this evening. they'll be riding through on winds that will be really increasing this weekend making for a very cold conditions. for today you'll see very cold morning temperatures, but then clouds increase along with the temperatures into the upper 20s to right around 30 degrees this afternoon. temperatures will be cold
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tomorrow and the winds will be blowing frigid winds. 19 in the morning dropping to 13. dangerous cold. 2 degrees would tie the record for sunday morning. that 2 degrees with the wind blowing will feel like 20 degrees below zero within another cold morning on monday. snow develops late in the day. that changes to rain on tuesday. look at the massive warm up. talk about a turn around, 3 a monday, 54 degrees tuesday afternoon and then the wind picks up and clears things out. >> i'm interested whether you took that gravitational waives class in college. >> i don't remember that one. >> i played football so i took waves in the summer. >> gravity. >> sure. >> it komds bacomes back to you
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>> let's move on. what do you see on the roads. >> we actually are really quiet still on a lot of majors. it friday and it tends to be one of the lighter days. right here a few cars out there. this is around lee high street on 78. no problems or lane restriction for right now. heading out the door on the blue we're okay we're still in the green. southbound where we see more the delay in the morning times no delay yet on the expressway. 295 speeds in the 60s in either direction and we're a 17 minute trip for both directions. i been checking with the area bridges. we are in the process of a scheduled opening for 5:50. the alternate is betsy ross. for that opening this is the toll plaza right here.
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no delays right now. thank you. it is 17 degrees throughout most of the delaware valley. bridging the gap, pope francis will take part in a historic meeting. we'll tell you about his trip to central america and what he aims to do. plus dispiets the bitter cold baseball season is around the corner. we'll show you what they're bringing along.
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good morning. check on the first alert traffic. this morning we are watching for construction, but this construction is starting to clean up on the garden state parkway where the ramp to route 322 from north and southbound parkway was supposed to be closed until 6:00 this morning. we'll have more updates on construction projects around the area when i come back. >> six minutes before 6:00. imagine if the water in your home wasn't safe to drink.
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that's the reality for the people in flint, michigan so some young athletes are refusing to do nothing. they have launched a water drive. they're on a mission to bring safe water to the people of flint and they started collecting donations. they have 32,000 bottles of waetd. they want to collect 100,000 bottles by march. >> today the phillies will pack up their gear and move down to clear water for spring training. you're looking at video of the annual road trip. the truck will leave at noon and it's expected to arrive on sunday and we're just six days away from the start of spring training for the phillies. one key player we'll be keeping an eye on is ryan hourds. he's one of the best sluggers, but he had 13 hits against left handers last season and he struck out 14 times. his manager says his position
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with the team that's still in question. >> it's going to be a difficult situation if we have to do in my opinion i have to do what i think is the best for the organization and the team and that's where we're at. >> ryan howard is entering his 12th season. we will warm you up with a special series next week. we'll lead off monday with a feature on the pitcher. done forget this is your home for the phillies home opener. we have you covered on monday april 11th with the welcome home philly special. game time is at 3:00 that afternoon rights here. happening today is the first day of the 2016 philly home show. >> the an val event may give you the motivation to get home improvement projects off the ground. you can check out products and service at the pennsylvania convention center everything from gardening and landscaping to interior design. experts will answer your
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questions if you have any do it yourself projects in mind. >> i know everybody's looking forward to the summer and making plans to improve their homes and outside areas so there's so many ideas here and such great shopping so it's definitely a perfect place to be when it's so cold outside. >> inside is good. the home show runs today through sunday and again next friday through next sunday. experts will be there. you can check out the services it offers when it comes to your devices and home security. it is powered by comecast which is the parent company of nbc 10. it's been a long time coming. >> pope francis is meeting today in a first ever encounter a meeting that haents happened in a long time. >> holiday fitbit fochup, a new
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york couple got some shocking news.
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right now today you are waking up to the bitter cold and it's only going to get colder. we've already issued a first alert for the weekend. >> the cold morning for workers, these guys are trying to get power back on on a busy street after an underground explosion and how they're trying to get out of the way ahead of the morning rush. >> pop francis has begun a trip that will take him to cuba and mexico. we will have more on the historic meeting. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning. >> let's bring in meteorologist bill henley. it's the wind that makes it warmer today. >> we're going to see more of a warm up today. the wind is already lighter this morning.


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