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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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right now today you are waking up to the bitter cold and it's only going to get colder. we've already issued a first alert for the weekend. >> the cold morning for workers, these guys are trying to get power back on on a busy street after an underground explosion and how they're trying to get out of the way ahead of the morning rush. >> pop francis has begun a trip that will take him to cuba and mexico. we will have more on the historic meeting. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning. >> let's bring in meteorologist bill henley. it's the wind that makes it warmer today. >> we're going to see more of a warm up today. the wind is already lighter this morning. you can see the banners blowing.
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but not a very strong wind. it's below ten miles an hour. it dropped to six miles an hour. the temperature has been holding at 18 degrees in philadelphia. it feels like 10 dregrees with that little wind. look at pots town. south philadelphia has dropped down to the single digits. we will see sunshine to start with. this view will brighten up during the die d.ay. the temperatures will climb. a nice improvement over what we have right now. back with the hour by hour forecast. we have first alert traffic. >> good morning out there if you're waking up and heading out the door, pay attention. we don't have a lot of volume really to speak of this morning.
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we're having a quiet this morning so far, but 95 through delaware is doing okay. there's a ramp close ur on route 52. that is closed until february 24th here is the expressway. we are starting to see some volume heading eastbound right now. we can see we are a the a 13 minute trip so no problem there. the area bridges are okay for the most part. we did have a schedule opening for 550 time this morning so betsy ross is your alternate. >> it's 6:02 and crews are working through the bitter cold to get the power on after an underground explosion. >> we're live in morning in center city. the clean up has been going throughout the night. >> that clean up is actually
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going more heavy duty right now. you can hear the jackhammer off in the distance there. right now they're checking some of the area man holes around the effected one where they had the explosion and flames coming out of this em. they're checking to make sure there aren't additional cables. they are blaming line failers yurz. neighborhood captured it on video. firefights cleared out the buildings trying to get people out, but ended up leaving them in the cold for hours. we talked to people who heard a bang and saw the smoke and they knew it was electrical because of what they smelled. >> the power went out and i didn't think much much it because of the storm or the wind and then i started smelling like the tar kind of electric burn smell. >> when we last checked they said their goal was to get this road walnut street open again before a lotd of the heavy
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morning rush, but there's still a lot of work going on so we've sent another request to try to see when they may open that. another up date on the power outage situation we've seen more lights come on, but there's still about 90 people without power. thank you. ursinaus college has cancelled classes today. a stomach virus spread across the campus. many students say they're going home for the weekend to get away from the germs. it could be a virus that's being spread person to person. >> when something occurs with a particular pat rn that this one has it's probably a virus. a lot of people are getting sick and both of my roommates are sick currently. i think they're going home this weekend. >> the college reopened the
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dining hall for last night's dinner after the health department completed its inspection and gave its approval. according to the college's web page regular classes will resume on monday. now to decision 2016. >> the two democrats who are running for the white house made him the focus of the debate last night. it covered sanders strong points such as campaign finance and wall street reforms and clinton's comfort zone, foreign policy issues, but the two clashed when it came to the degree for president obama's accomplishments. >> senator sanders said that president obama failed the presidential leadership test. he's called him weak and a dispointsment. >> that is a low blow. last i heard a united states senator has the right to disagree with the president including thes president who has done such an extraordinary job. >> clinton is trying to regain
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momentum in the race after her land slide loss to sanders in the new hampshire primary. the republicans are in south carolina gearing up for a debate tomorrow night. right now polling shows donald trump with a sizeable lead in south carolina. >> a federal judge has now ruled bill cosby's wife can be deposed. she'll be questioned, but she can still refuse to answer some of the questions. there's a rule protecting spouses from testifying about private conversations in their marriage. the civil suit filed by seven women accuses him of deformation. last week a judge refused to throw out the criminal case. he's accused of drugging and assaulting an employee in his home in 2004. he could get up to ten years in prison if convicted. >> firefights are still at the scene of this warehouse fire in central new jersey.
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the smoke could be seen from space. here's a live look this morning from the scene. fire crews and water tankers were putting out the flames. thick smoke kept neighbors inside their homes and shut down parts of the highway. cold weather and wind were challenging firefights. old style fire systems made things tough. tankers had to bring in water to put out the flames. here is how one witness described the fire last night. >> we heard a couple of loud langua bangs and we looked outside and you could see the black smoke. >> the warehouses are federally owned. they store plastics and clothing. >> 6:07 and 17 degrees in philadelphia. the world health organization says it's going to be a year and a half before tlaes a possible vaccine for the zika virus. it is linked to severe birth
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defects. the cdc is urging women not to travel to zika effected areas. asian markets dropped overnight. the japan knees market felg. european shares rose this morning and u.s. forfeituuture . tonight is the night bruce springsteen rocks it a sold out crowd. the mayor donated his 18 tickets to help fund the city's school drirts. he sold the tickets for more than $500. that money goes to philadelphia schools. now your first alert
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weather. there's a colder start this morning and bitter cold in some spots with just a little bit of a breeze. the weekend though turns much colder. a dangerously cold weekend with temperatures plummeting record levels are possible sunday morning to make it feel colder. there are some chances of snow. the first will come through this evening. this morning it's dry and cold. 9 degrees now in reading. 18 in philadelphia and cape may has dropped to the teens. look how clear it is. live view from the studios. a great view of the sky shows there's not a single cloud out there. the winds have died down just a little bit after breeze blowing in some spots. it's a three mile an hour breeze. with that little bit of wind it's enough to make it feel a bit colder. it feels like 14 in wilmington
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and 15 degrees in trenton. a dry start. no radar activity here yet. we'll be watching to the west later today. the clouds will come in later today. the clouds will arrive in the afternoon, 2:00 mostly cloudy skies. still cold enough for snow and we'll see some scattered snowshowers developing at 5:00 in the afternoon then the winds will kick in and look at that line of snowshowers. that's at 9:00 this eving. not kpkt expecting much in accumulation. less than half an inch. so it will keep on going. scattered snowshowers possible by late this evening in philadelphia, 11:00. so your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast today calling for a cold one, clouds move in this afternoon, allen town and reading and even in the 20s at the shore for atlantic city and cape may while it warms to 31 degrees in dover. low 30s for philadelphia.
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then get ready for much colder air this weekend. got the seven day forecast when i come back in ten. >> thank you. 6:11. maybe because it's friday, it's relatively light out there in traffic. >> we are watching the roads, including 73. >> that's true. it is because it is friday and fridays are typically our lightest days of travel. we don't have any delays on 73 even with that bridge opening that was in place, the toll plaza here. no delays. you can still take the betsy ross bridge if you're nervous. for the under grounds fire that happened last night walnut is closed between 21th and 22th street. they are making all stops due to the cold.
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thank you. 17 degrees throughout most of the valley. in a campaign he has filled with promises donald trump made a new one last night. >> the one thing that foois republican says he's swaerg off. >> we're heading to the white house without ever leaving philadelphia. coming p i'll show you it takes more than shaking hands and kissing babies to be president.
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it's 6:10 you can head to the white house without leaving philadelphia thanks to a new exhibit at the national constitution center. we are proud sponsors are headed to the wous. we're there ahead of the crowds
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this morning. this is all designed to guide visit have visitors through the presidential election process, right. in that's the important thing is to guide people through and you can learn all about how elections work, how debating works so you can practice a debate here. a lot of this is interactive and is headed to the white house exhibit. you learn about exhibit of the presidency along the way and you can make your own campaign ads so this is fun for the kids, fun for the adults. as we walk over here you can also vote for your favorite president, it looks like george washington needs a little love there. another cool thing is you can see a moment in time really from the past election seasons and you have a lot of buttons and objects here that were used for the campaigns. i have the exhibit's developer. tell me about how people can experience this? in we have so many great objects from elections past that you can
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remember a lot of crazy things that people used to produce. two of my favorites are these soft drinks produced for the 1964 election. >> you can experience all of this and hopefully by the end of the show i might be in the oval office so stay tuned for that. live at the national constitution center. >> can't wait to see you sitting behind that desk. let's check your ride to work. >> for that let's go to jessica and the first look traffic center. >> hi. i think we did speak too soon. just a few moments ago we were saying it's quiet this morning and now we have an accident on the expressway. this is on the eastbound side so you can see we have crew out there trying to help the situation out, three for vehicles there on the scene on the eastbound side. a slow go behind that scene and they are doing okay for the most part. looking like a zabd vehicle on the westbound side. i'm not sure if that is related
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to that. we do have another accident out in montgomery county on philadelphia avenue and burk street and mass transit we are doing okay they are running with no a or b service and making all stops this morning because of the weather. >> now your first alert weather. it's a colder start this morning. we have clear skies, the temperatures are dropped overnight and are still falling at this hour. once the sun comes up that will start the warming process. we will see a nice rebound during the day. you can see nothing is falling from the sky. our skies are clear. 18 degrees though in philadelphia. with clear skies and lighter wind that's when you have the colder temperatures and that's what we're seeing this morning. nice and clear, not a cloud out there. the light wind will stay light today, but it changes for tomorrow. look at the temperatures, single
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digits for pottstown. 7 in west chester. so very cold day, but we will see plenty of sunshine to start with. the clouds start moving in this afternoon and there's a chance of some scattered light snowshowers this evening, but the big news here is the wind that will ramping up into saturday. look at those winds. that will bring in some much colder air, especially on sunday morning when it will be dangerously cold. it will feel like 19 degrees below zero sunday morning. for philadelphia 2 degrees would tie the record. it will feel like 21 degrees below zero. in doylestown, 2 below zero, with the wind 25 degrees below zero. nine below sundays morning, 37 degrees below zero is what it
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will feel like with the wind. for today you will see sunshine, a very cold morning and then clouds increase. the temperatures will be climbing into the upper 20s to around 30 degrees. tomorrow morning the temperatures will be in the teens to start with. the frigid winds will drop the temperature during the day by late in the afternoon early evening hours, lower teens and then they plummet. there's that two degrees sundays morning. 22 in the afternoon. the wind will make it colder sunday morning. another cold start monday morning, but a warm up 35 degrees with snow developing, light snow developing late monday an then 54 degrees on tuesday. that storm will bring in heavy rain and much warmer air then clearing out wednesday and thursday. >> thanks. it's 20 minutes past 6:00. the pope left rome this morning. he'll stop in cuba and hold a
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meeting with the russian orthodox church. preparations are under way in mexico city for the pope's visit. security ask being kept tight around the city's main square where he will meet millions of pilgrims tomorrow. he is scheduled to celebrate mass at the countries's holly aes site. donald trump is blasting the pope's trip to mexico. >> an immigration issue is the reason why. yesterday he said he doesn't understand u.s. immigration problems. pop francis is planning to visit areas of the boarder. trump said mexico set up the trip because it wants to keep the boarder the way it is. and then in perhaps in the spirit of lent donald trump said he's giving up foul language. >> he came under fire for object
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senty tee. it is 6:21. a husband thought his wife's fit bits was malfunctioning. he was trying to fix it, but the new york couple goot a surprise. plus this. strong enough to reverse all the systems and bring you right back from death. it is a drug that can bring someone having a drug overdose back to life and we have video that shows it.
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new at six at&t plans to start introducing 5g this year. it translates into speeds at 10 to 100 times faster.
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there's an intense battle to be the first to offer it. last fall verizon announced it would begin testing this year. ford said it will launch suvs over the neex four years. suvs are becoming popular because they have more space than a car while offering better fuel economy over the suvs made in the past. good morning. doing a quick check on your first alert traffic this morning. watch out around pass avenue we're starting to see delays due to an accident. as you can see on the eastbound side. delays there and we'll head over to west philadelphia i'm going to tell you where a water main break has popped up. >> 6:26, the skies are clear and
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it's cold outside. 17 degrees in philadelphia. it feels like 8 with the wind. >> i'm live on walnut street in center city, philadelphia. you can see the clean up that is continuing from an underground fire last night. we're going to show you how crews have been dealing with tough weather conditions this morning within
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. breaking news. we dpin with breaking news. a water main break in west philadelphia wnd crews are on the scene trying to get it under control. we'll let you know what it means for traffic in the area. >> check out these temperatures. another bitter cold morning. it's headed our way this weekend. >> you need to get that. she needs narcan.
6:31 am
>> a woman is brought back from the dead thanks to an overdose antd doet. we'll tell you how this woman is doing this morning and what police want you to take away. >> what do you expect me to do, do you want me to go down with a mop. >> governor chris christie krapz his plan and is asking for millions of dollars in federal aid. good morning and welcome. it's just after 6:30. let's get to meteorologist and talk about the frigid temperatures out there. it is a colder day today. the temperatures came down overnight. one of the reasons, clear skies. it is completely. this is a live view. when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning, cape may was in the low 20s. now it's at 19 degrees and falling and the rest of the area seeing cold temperatures. everybody is running colder than
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yesterday. look at south philadelphia at fifth and warden. it is 6 degrees. still holding in the middle teens. sunshine will be bright to start with. that's really going to help us out. we'll go from 18 to 25 degrees. near 30 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. the winds will be lighter. more of a breeze at 2:00. that nine mile an hour wind, but the clouds will be blowing in and we could see some snowshowers this evening. we'll go through the future cast to show you when those will develop. right now we have first alert traffic. >> right now we do have a pretty serious situation right now a water main break with sky force ten live over the top on 63rd street. you can see the water pouring out on the streets.
6:33 am
these roadways actually blocked off this morning. we do have a crew on the way there to check out the situation, but for right now we hear that it is an icy mess out there. 63rd street. your best bet if you need an alternate you can take vine street. that is further away from the scene. right now can see we're in the green, no real problems. here is the expressway. this is around the avenue. you can see we have an accident. several more vehicles just arrived on the scene. this is the eastbound side where we do have a little bit of delay behind that. no delay westbound rks but we have this disabled vehicle. not sure if this is related to this scene, but several cars involved right here. some delays there. >> you can tell from the traffic cameras and this is one of those
6:34 am
days you don't want to be outside. >> but then there's some workers who are repairing emergency pouring outages, they have no choice. an electrical fire led to evacuations in center city last night. we're live on the scene where the clean up is still going on. >> reporter: i want to show you how cold it is. that's ice that has formed so people are having to be careful walking out here. the workers have been up against these colds conditions all morning and last night. they're working on that manhole over there. they have it roped off and they have made some progress this morning. this all began around 5:00 last night. viewers captured cell phone video of the moment when the smoke and flames started coming up from the ground. it is believed to be there was underground cable that failed. that led to evash washs on this
6:35 am
blood cou block. we've checked with people who had to come out for a few minutes an they couldn't wait to get back inside. that shows you how cold this is. listen. >> it's not that bad but because of the wind but it's still cold and tomorrow worse. >> i hope you guys can gets inside soon. >> they've been working on it all night. >> that man had a coat for his dog that he was walking around so everybody has been buttle bundle up. the workers had a jackhammer they were using to check on the cables and they were checking on man holes. they're going to continue to do that. it looks like walnut will be closed a little longer. we're heading to more breaking news, the water main break that you were speaking of earlier. >> thank you drew. a cell phone camera captured
6:36 am
police using narcan to save a woman overdose heroin. you probably haven't seen how it works until now. >> she needs narcan. >> we've blurred the woman's face to protect her idty. she's on unconscious and she's in the depths of heroin overdose. they gave her a dose of narcan. they use it to counteract the effects of the drug. >> it's a problem in every neighborhood. >> even arch your clinically dead and brought back to life, folks still aren't convinced they should get help. >> we spoke to the woman seen in this video. it was posted on youtube. she declined our interview request. she said she's fine. she's concerned for her daughter who has seen the video and read the comments. >> the lawyer for former eagle's
6:37 am
player said his client was misquoted in a video released wednesday. there was recorded video of him and he said he made a mistake and now his lawyer says his clients actually said i will make a statement. he blamed loud traffic and a poor cell phone video for the misquote. they released a brawl inside a nightclub. sources say they subpoenaed any raw video they have of a fight. he's one of four people suspected of throwing punches who sent two officers to the hospital in a fight over a bottle of champagne. no charges have brn filed. >> governor chris christie is asking the federal government to help new jersey pay for last month's winter storm. he sent a letter to president obama telling him it cost the
6:38 am
state $82 million to clean up. he asked for a disaster declaration. the call for help comes after he made this comment when asked why he wasn't home in jersey helping with clean up efforts. >> what do you kmeexpect me do. do you want me go down with a mop. >> he made that comment after campaigning for president last month. >> now meteorologist bill henley. >> 6:38 it's bitter cold this weekend with strong gusty winds and there's a chance we'll see snow flakes. right now it is clear and 9 degrees in reading, cape may at 19 degrees. we're start together see a little bit of light getting ready for sun rise and we'll see sunshine to start with.
6:39 am
fortunately weapon don don't ha strong winds. just a three million an hour wind in millville, but that's cold enough and strong enough to make it feel like it's 10 degrees right now in the city. the wind chill will be a big foktor. what we won't see is the snowshowers we had yesterday. this evening different story. another round of snowshowers is likely to develop. the clouds will start moving in this afternoon. 2:00 this afternoon mostly cloudy skies. the clouds thicken as we go into the evening hours. look at that snow developing. at 5:00 some scattered snowshowers and a line of snow. that's at 9:00 this evening. these snowshowers will be on the move by 11:00 this evening. during the day temperatures climbing into the 20s. so a good rebounding from the
6:40 am
cold. clouds increase this afternoon and at the shore you'll see plenty of sunshine. 33 for mill ford. cold morning but a warm up to 30 degrees in philadelphia and new jersey, wilmington 29 degrees today. much colder air this weekend. a look at the seven day forecast. 20 minutes before 7:00 right now. let's talk about that water main break at 63rd street. >> help our viewers get around that mess. >> it is out in west philadelphia creating a messy situation. we are live over the top of the scene there now. we are hearing very icy with these cold temperatures you can see the water pouring out on the roadway.
6:41 am
help you as best as possible to get asround. regard avenue or if you want to be safer you can take vine closures. here's the expressway. still watching this accident scene. several vehicles involved and on scene. the westbound side not doing too bad, but we still have that disabled vehicle. not sure if the two are related, but you can see no big delays if you're headed westbound. 6:41 here's a thought. spring training in florida. >> baseball always warms me up. we'll show you what the phillies are doing to get ready for the
6:42 am
trip. >> no selfies. >> no self fizz the president warns the crowds they wasn't be snapping pictures with him.
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it's a 6:45. we're hovering over this water main break. all this water you can see because the water turning into ice. you can see jarrod street to get around this. drew smith is on his way as we take a look at the scene from the ground.
6:46 am
decision 2016, a sixth debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton is now in the books. last night's debate in milwaukee covered health care, foreign policy, immigration and race relations, but the two candidates saved some of their best exchanges with how wall street influences campaign funding. clinton referred to president obama. he was the resip ent of the largest number of wall street donations of anybody running on the democratic side ever. now, when it mattered he stood up and took on wall street. >> wall street and major banks have paid $200 billion in fines since the great crash. no wall street executive has been prosecuted. >> sanders is trying to broaden his national appeal after a rally clinton in the new hampshire primary.
6:47 am
there's a push to resume testing of giant radar --. there's a -- there's a testing of -- there's a testing of giant radar balloons that's prosecute presumed after this blimp broke free from a maryland. it ripped downpour lines. they want to start retesting the ban loonz. defense secretary ash carter has signed off a plan to resume that testing. happening this weekend, the 2016 philly home show kickoff. >> today the first day of the event that may give you the motivation to get the home improvement projects that you've been waiting on. you can check out the products on display.
6:48 am
it features gardening to landscaping to interior design. experts will answer your questions if you're not a do it yourself project in mind. >> i know everybody's kind of looking forward to the spring and the summer and making plans to improve their hopes and improve their outside areas too so there's so many ideas here and such great shopping so it's definitely a perfect place to be when it's so cold outside the. >> the home show runs from today through sunday and next friday to next sunday. experts will be at the event. you can check out xfinty home when it comes to your devices. it's responsord by comecast. >> nbc 10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters. pet insurance is hosting a kitten kuttle have cuddles and
6:49 am
puppies kisses. you're looking at some of the animals available. they'll be at the indoor dog park from 10:00 to 12:00. >> the phillies will pack up their gear and move it to florida. is this is video from last year. the truck will leave at noon and it's expected to arrive in florida on sunday. we will get you warmed up for philly spring training with a special sireries next week. we'll lead off monday with pitcher. don't forget we've got you covered on monday april 11th with welcome home special. game time is 11:00. >> now first alert weather. >> getting closer to sun rise
6:50 am
this morning, but temperatures are falling. nice and clear. we will see sunshine to start with and it's clear we need it. 18 degrees in philadelphia. that's five degrees colder than yesterday. it's not as whippindy. clear skies to start with, but that changes this afternoon. by then the temperatures will be warmer. nine in pottstown. 16 degrees in northeast philadelphia. now we're down to six degrees. it dropped a degree in the last couple of minutes, but it gets much colder over the weekend. during the day today we'll start off clear and see some sunshine. we'll see a pretty good warm up today near 30 degrees this afternoon for much of the area and dry durk the day. snowshowers come through this evening. they'll be riding on winds that will be picking up overnight and into saturday morning. the wind will bring in much
6:51 am
colder air. the winds will be strong into saturday afternoon. a steady wind at 21 miles an hour, but gusts could top 40 miles an hour on saturday. the hourly forecast saturday afternoon into sunday, this is the temperature line, 13 degrees at 5:00 saturday afternoon dropping to 9 degrees saturday evening at 11. the wind chill 3 below and the temperatures keep dropping into sunday morning. sunday morning we could see record temperatures, record low temperatures. for today i'll see sunshine, but a cold start. that sunshine will warm things up this afternoon clouds will be increasing. high temperatures in the 20s to around 30 degrees this afternoon. the wind kicks in overnight. it's so windy it will drop the temperatures during the day. those frigid winds continue into
6:52 am
sunday. we've issued a first alert for dangerous cold into sunday morning. 2 degrees the low temperature on sunday with the wind chill it could feel like 20 degrees below zero. sunshine sunday clouds arrive monday. it will be warmer and snow developing late monday and changes over to rain. 54 degrees on tuesday. the heavy rain ends late tuesday. we clear out wednesday and thursday. we have breaking news at that water main break. it's amazing how quickly that waters turned to ice. >> let's get you around that. we have that. so pay attention if you're heading out the door in west philadelphia in the next couple of minutes or later on. a water main break is creating an icy and messy situation on 63th avenue. so you can see they do have these roadways closed off right now really slippery spots with
6:53 am
water pouring on the street. ja rc thought, your best bet take calo hill. we're checking out the expressway. still watching this accident scene on the eastbound side. sefrl vehicles involved there and that disabled has moved from the westbound side. it's the eastbound side where we're seeing those delays. i'm going to tell i ahead of time, this is one thing that changed by the way, if -- >> president obama tech salve very told a crowd this week that he's tired of taking selfies p.
6:54 am
you might recall this selfie. the president let the crowd in on a secret when it came to selfies. listen. >> we had the smart phones when i ran for president i'm not sure i would have run because -- folks just have their phones. they woebt shake my hand. >> the president will be the guest on the ellen degenerous show this afternoon. >> coming up a check on the headlines and the stories you new ed to know as you head out the door. >> drew smith is on the scene of that water main break at 63rd and you'll get a live report coming up.
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we're just a few minutes
6:58 am
before 7:00. we're continuing to follow breaking news. sky force ten is on the scene of a water main break. this is on 63rd street. you can see the crews already on the scene there on the ground. that part of the street has been shut down. >> we have this, right now crews continue to work in the bitter cold to restore power to residents effected by this underground fire yesterday. they tell us three dozen customers got their electricity back on overnight. 64 customers are without service. jessica is keeping an eye on both problems. >> we are going to start right now out in westfield. we do have a closure again at your best bet is stay a few streets away. we are heading into center city
6:59 am
and watching that underground transformer fire. walnut is closed. take chestnut for an alternate. >> now your first alert weather. getting a cold start this morning, the temperatures colder than yesterday and are still falling. we're waiting for sun rise. look how clear it is this morning. 17 degrees. just dropped in philadelphia, 14 in trenton and it's 7 degrees in pottstown. there are the numbers. those very cold temperatures, see the 2. that's what i'm expecting sunday morning in philadelphia. here is your hourly forecast. you'll be at 19 degrees at 9:00 and 23 by 11 a:00 and at 3:00 that's when we're peeking. >> we just arrived at the scene at the water main break.
7:00 am
>> you can stay up dated on news and weather with the nbc 10 app. thanks for watching. good morning. cuddle up. valentine's day weekend off to a bone-chilling start. 19 in d.c. 16 in new york. 8 in boston. if you think that's cold, al says, just wait. standing by herrma man. hillary clinton comes to the president's defense during the debate. >> the kind of criticism we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans, i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> madame secretary, that is a low blow. >> will that strategy help or hurt her? machete attack. a man storms into an ohio restaurant and randomly slaes


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