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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  February 13, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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right now on "nbc 10 news today" we have issued a first alert for dangerous cold weather with the wind kicking up, it feels down right frigid this morning. we saw some snow squalls last night and into the overnight hours. we'll let you know if more showers are on the way. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:00 on this saturday. we're tracking this dangerous cold. the mercury was already starting to plummet early this morning. this sign said 28 degrees shortly after midnight in glenside. it's now around 20 degrees now. karen thomas is tracking the
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bitter temperatures which karen will be with us throughout the weekend. >> you're exactly right. a little scary when you say we're bitterly cold right now but getting colder as we move through the next 24 to 48 hours. we're looking live at the blue cross river rink. very cold outside. we have a wind advisory in effect. we have a wind chill advisory in effect later on. that's tonight into tomorrow. skies are clear right now but we're talking first alert cold near record cold over the next 24 hours and that means dangerous wind chills are factored into that. we say dangerous we can't take that lightly. wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour across the region will help our temperatures feel really, really cold. current temperatures right now outside the airport, 22 degrees. 22 in the northeast. 13 in the poconos. 20 in atlantic city. this is what it feels like if you're heading out early this morning, feels ike single digits and below zero in mount pocono.
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what we can expect today, we're cold right now. getting even colder as we move on through our saturday. patchy snow showers. we do have some streamers of snow showers trying to drop through the area even as we speak, but the dry air and the dry atmosphere sort of keeping those showers at bay. we have chance of scattered isolated snow showers as we move through the day. i'll be back with more details. firefighters battled flames in the dangerous cold in west philadelphia overnight. nbc 10 went to dearborn street where firefighters snuffed out this fire at this home. everybody got outside safely. being outside for any lean of time can be dangerous. these folks tell us they are psychiatric and tired of the frigid temperatures, looking forward to spring. the bitter cold has triggered a code blue for philadelphia. that's the signal for volunteers to help the homeless get off the
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streets. nbc 10 was at chosen 300 ministries where organizers made sure they had hot meals and then took them to shelters for a place to spend a warm evening. camden has issued warnings. two warming centers will be open. new life community development keeping is on haddon avenue and joseph house on atlantic avenue. despite the dangerously cold temperatures hundreds of boy scouts are spending the night outside in montgomery county. nbc 10's drew smith is live in lower providence township to tell us why scouts are doing this and what are leaders doing to keep them safe. >> reporter: you're commit when you're out here in these conditions. some scout leaders are up now. they are checking on the scouts. we're cold out here. scout troops from across the
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country are here for the annual valley forge encampment. boys are wearing layer, extra padding under their sleeping bags. this practice is a badge of honor that dates back to our founding fathers. >> we're paying tribute to general washington from back in 1777 when he had encampment at valley forge park. >> reporter: and more than 700 boy scouts are participating in this encampment. that's down from 1,000 that actually signed up. a few hundred didn't make it. for those who did said they are ready for it. they expect to be cold later today. we'll see if they made it through. we're live in lower province. now is the time to download the nbc 10 app to keep track of this weekend's brutal weather. you'll find the first alert
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forecast and get severe weather alerts straight your smartphone. now to decision 2016. a slimmer republican field will debate in south carolina tonight. there are now five candidates left in the race for the gop presidential nomination after chris christie, carly fiorina, and jim gilmore quit this week. front-runner donald trump is making more headlines. yesterday trump threatened to sue ted cruz for not being a natural born american. trump accused pope francis of playing immigration politics because of pope's planned visit to connectiono near the u.s. border. demonstrates bernie sanders and hillary clinton pitched their campaigns at a political dinner in minnesota last night. they gave speeches to a crowd of party members. sanders and clinton are looking to win minority support. a quick reminder white house hopefuls marco rubio, donald trump and john kasich will talk
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with chuck todd on "meet the press" tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. if you want to learn what it takes to go from the campaign trail to the value office check out the new headed to the white house exhibit at the national constitution center. nbc 10 and telemundo 52 are proud sponsors of this interactive process. you can create your own campaign ads, deliver presidential speeches and much more. if you go on president's day this monday, admission is free. it's a warm welcome for pope francis as he arrives in mexico to visit the people there for the first time ever. and if you have home improvements on your mind the philadelphia home show is under way with plenty of ideas for do it yourselfers. we'll have a preview next.
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forecast. good saturday morning i'm meteorologist karen thomas. we're in a first alert weather day today because we have bone chilling conditions outside today and believe it or not things are expected to intensify as we move through our saturday. we're looking live at camelback mountain up in the poconos. there you see snow showers up there in the mountains because the higher elevations, seeing lake-effect snow streamers coming through. that will pretty much be the call for north and west of philadelphia today where we see isolated snow showers pushing through at a rapid pace. all is clear in the cloud department for now but we're looking for mostly cloudy skies today. near record cold today as we move through our overnight saturday night dangerous wind chills will prevail and then looking for wind gusts later today of up to 60 miles per hour. let's check our current temperatures. we do have a wind chill advisory. that will go into effect tonight until tomorrow morning.
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simply because the coldest arctic air has yet to settle in. winds are anticipating to be picking up. that wind chill factored in will make it feel uncomfortable and stay dangerous because when it feels like below zero out there you want to bundle up. i'll be back with more frigid details and the forecast in a just a bit. >> atlantic city casinos are counting their lost revenue after january's blizzard. the city's eight casinos topped $190 million last month, down about 4%. gambling revenue was up. online action kept a bad month from being worse. if you are looking to get out of the house today but want to be indoor, head to the 2016 philly home show. the annual event gives the motivation to get those home improvement projects off the ground. check out the projects, services and displays at the convention
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center. it features everything from gardening to landscaping and design. experts will be there to answer your questions if you have a do it yourself project in mind. >> i know everybody is kind of looking forward to the spring and the summer and making plans to improve their homes and improve their outside areas. there's so many ideas here and great shopping. definitely a perfect place to be when it's so cold outside. >> the philly home show runs through tomorrow and next friday through next sunday. >> xfinity experts are on hand at the event. check out xfinity home and services offered. it is powered by comcast which is the parent company of nbc 10. listen to this, more pet owners are reporting people posing as animal cruelty officers are trying to steal their dogs. what the pennsylvania spca wants you to know to avoid becoming a target. ♪
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5:13 on this saturday morning. just about 20 degrees right around philadelphia much let's take a live look further out from city at the pocono mountains. this is cornerback mountain resort. you can see some flurries flying around. karen thomas says as the wind picks up today we'll see snow showers, scattered snow showers get a little bit stronger so keep that in mind when you head out. we have issued a first alert for the dangerous cold this weekend. we are keeping an eye on what's happening just outside of the city. karen thomas will be back in just a few moments. lawyers for bill cosby are taking the next step to get his sex assault case tossed out of a montgomery court. they filed an appeal with the state superior court. the lawyers say cosby had an agreement with the former district attorney in montgomery county that he would never be charged for assault allegations made by a temple university employee. a montgomery county judge
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rejected that claim last week. a pennsylvania cyber school are blaming new layoffs on the state budget. they are not saying how many people are losing their jobs or what positions they hold but school officials say until there's action in harrisburg, schools will suffer. agora serves 500 students from nearly every school district in pennsylvania. from our delaware bureau, a student was sprayed in the face and punched. state police are investigating. the incident happened on the ride home thursday afternoon. three students have been charged with assault. state police tell us they may make more arrests as the investigation is ongoing. if you have a pet, here's a warning. at least half-dozen owners say people try to tale their dogs by impersonating officers from the
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spca. two weeks ago we first told you the story of a philadelphia woman who said it happened to her. the real pennsylvania spca helped get her dog back. but she's not the only victim. >> reporter: this kind of thing often starts on social media, somebody posts a picture of a dog claiming it's been abused and then others decide to take justice into their own hands. max the pit bull had a confusing week. he starred in this viral facebook photo to show him sleeping in the cold with no food. some people went to his owner's house pretend took animal welfare agents and tried to take him away. >> somebody taking matters into their own hands. >> reporter: but max is very healthy. >> the dog is in good health. seems to be happy. >> reporter: max's story is one example of dog lovers resorting
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to vigilante justice. in the past few weeks there were six cases of people posing as spca officers with fake badges and threatening arrests. in one case the impersonator got away with two dogs. >> they feel they are doing the right thing saving the animal. >> reporter: they are breaking the law so this is what a humane law enforcement officer will look like with a state i.d. card, a real badge. >> we have to do our investigation based on factual information and not just one photo that may go viral on the internet. >> reporter: dog owners think the authorities should handle these kind of allegations. >> having some oversight process might be important for various reasons. i don't know what these peoples motives are. philadelphia could soon ban pet stores from selling commercially bred dogs and cats. according to a
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councilman introduced the measure that aims to fight so-called puppy mills. he's hoping it will spur more adoptions of rescue animals. the humane society says they don't know of any pet stores in philadelphia selling animals from breeders. pope francis kicks off his first trip to mexico today with speeches to the country's top political and religious leaders. mexican leaders, live performers and cheering crowds greeted the pontiff last night as he arrived in mexico city. mexico has the most catholic lick in the spanish speaking world. pope francis is expected to touch on some of the worst problems facing mexico stemming from drug violence, migration and poverty. in south philadelphia people gathered to watch the pope's arrival in mexico. this group is from saint thomas
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aquinas church. >> flights to cuba is one step closer. only chartered flights are available. the agreement will allow u.s. airlines to bid on routes for dozens of flights every day. good saturday morning. we are in a first alert weather day and first alert meaning that we have potentially dangerous conditions outside and we need our view towers be safe and know all about it. we're looking for near record cold starting today overnight tonight into tomorrow with dangerous wind chills. we could see wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. go ahead and check our area. temperatures, we're in the teens north and west of philadelphia. right now 22 in bensalem, 22 in the city. as we go to the south really not much of a temperature change
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there. we're mainly in the lower 20s, 20 degrees in glassboro, 20 in atlantic city, 21 degrees in millville. so we're looking at scattered snow showers up in the poconos, camelback mountain where it is 13 degrees. winds will be picking up as we move through the day. so we have a wind chill warning up here in the northern part of our viewing area, and that's going to remain tonight into tomorrow. every where else philadelphia north and west and south and east we have a wind chill advisory. so that's advising you that with the wind chill factored in it's going to feel like below zero as we move through saturday night into sunday morning. so the wind chill right now, factored in, we got negative 3 up there. minus 3. below zero is what it feels like. feels like just about single digits or close over tory where else and as i said those winds will be increasing as we move on through our day. i love this graphic here.
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hourly forecast taking us all the way through. we're about 20 degrees now. temperatures will drop-off as we move on through the rest of our afternoon into the evening hours and that's going to take that wind chill what it feels like with it. what does this mean when we talk about the wind chill impacts? the possibility of frozen and bursting pipes, hypothermia, frostbite. don't forget about the pets. if you're used to letting the puppy go out for a while and enjoy the environment. not today. go ahead and check radar. we see some scattered, isolated scattered showers making to it the ground. atmosphere is so dry we have lake-effect streamers coming through but many not touching the ground. some scattered isolated snow showers are expected to touch  the ground mainly north and west of philadelphia later today. we're seeing some isolated snow showers happening in the poconos right now. so that will continue on and off throughout the day as the winds pick up.
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we're expecting temperatures to drop and that wind chill will be factored in as we move on through. so, very, very cold. tonight into tomorrow and then as we get to monday we are looking at yet another snowstorm to start. okay. so a large storm moving our way and the arctic high is going to block it. but then we're looking for snow monday night into tuesday turning to rain. so it's going to be a really interesting system. here we go. look at the seven day forecast. so much going on the next three days. it's incredible. take you all the way out. what we can say for our first alert weekend dangerously cold temperatures with wind chills factored in. as i said we got a wind advisory, we got a wind chill advisory, wind chill warning, north. lehigh valley, poconos. even for the skiers, you know, rosemary it only takes a few minutes for frostbite to set in and that exposed skin it takes
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less than five minutes to be exposed. even skiers on the mountain really not going to be able to stay out for any length of time. >> be carefuls of course. >> absolutely. >> it seems to me that i know we're still in winter, still the winter season but looking for a little bit warmer this time of year as we get closer to valentine's day. >> sure. average temperature is 22 or 23 degrees. this is a bubble of arctic air. we don't normally have arctic air move this far south. he'll get cold and snaps of cold air. but this is arctic plunge. that stream is way south and this is sort of from the polar region moving down. we're not used to -- record breaking. we'll get very close to the record. >> the reason being, of course, stay inside and do everything you can to avoid this kind of weather. >> that's right. that's first alert. make sure you take it easy. this is not weather you want to
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test. >> good way to put it. thanks so much. are you ready to be entertained? >> the boss is back. we'll show you how fans braved the cold to get warmed up by seeing bruce springsteen live in philly.
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>> the boss was back in philadelphia last night. ♪ generations of music fans packed the wells fargo center to celebrate bruce springsteen and the e street band return to south philly. the show was sold out. here's proof of the devotion. tailgaters braved the cold. fans hit the wells fargo center parking lot hours before the show started. they were prepared with plenty of layers on, hot food to kick off all the fun.
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if you are looking to offer love to a homeless pet this valentine's day weekend there are two adoption events happening today. in south jersey the gloucester animal shelter will have an adopt-a-thon today and tomorrow between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. perfect time to adopt a homeless feline. forgotten cats will hold an event in montgomery county. from 10:00 to 6:00 today at the petsmart at the noble town center. we're dealing with some dangerous cold but on this frigid morning boy scouts are preparing to be out in these elements. nbc 10 drew smith is live in montgomery county with that story. drew? >> reporter: the scouts weren't going to threat cold weather ruin one of their important traditions but they are taking this seriously. extra supplies, extra people out watching them. we'll tell you all about it
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coming up. >> i'm so glad drew is keeping an eye on the boy scouts. that situation makes me nervous. we're on a weather alert day. we have advisories and wind chill warnings to the north and west of philadelphia. dangerously bitter cold temperatures with the wind chill factored in. we could see scattered isolated snow showers today as well. but, boy, that wind will be picking up. i'll be back with a look at your full forecast and what you can expect on valentine's day after the break. mornings.
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we have issued a first alert day for the dangerous cold that's moved into our region and the temperatures will continue to drop over the weekend. we got you covered with forecast hour by hour. this dangerous weather gets shelters into action to get the homeless off the street. a cold blue is in effect in philadelphia and camden. good morning welcome back to "nbc 10 news today" i'm con. it's 5:30 on this saturday. let's get right to that bitter weekend weather. first alert meteorologist karen thomas is crack being the wind chills which will be picking up through the day. >> we expect strong winds this afternoon and factor in the wind chill and what it will feel like outside in some areas as we get closer to the evening hours. it will feel like it's below zero. those temperatures will be


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