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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> right now on nbc 10 news today, we're tracking a winter storm. take a live look at cape may, new jersey. snow is falling in parts of delaware and here in south jersey. we're tracking snow and icy conditions later today. >> back to school, ursinus college will re-open days after hundreds of students got sick with a stomach virus there. >> police in a lehigh valley are investigating a woman's death. find out why they're calling her death suspicious after finding her body. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. we have issued a first alert until tomorrow because of icy conditions later today and a flooding threat that could impact parts of our area. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. 17 degrees which is a little bit warmer than yesterday. >> not by much. >> still, it's cold. >> still plenty cold. accumulating snow, light snow during the day, an inch or two
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in philadelphia. then the atmosphere warms up. we'll change it over to rain which could make for an icy evening. rain sounds fine but it's hitting frozen ground. that could create a layer of ice, north and west of the city. tomorrow, heavy rainfall. there's a flood threat, low-lying areas. right now seeing a light snowfall in cape may into the sea isle city area. a few snowflakes pushing into philadelphia. very light snow. it's light snow to the south of delaware and marylaéd. steadier snow as we go into the afternoon. snow is not the big threat. it will be sticking this morning. we'll see light snow and 14 degrees at 7:00. by 10:00 we'll be in middle 20s. that's warmer than it was all day yesterday. 30 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon, that's when we'll see the steadier snow. look at the temperature climbing, 30 degrees at 1:00. we'll be above freezing later this afternoon. we'll take a look at the ice threat, those areas most likely
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to be affected when i come back with the futurecast in ten minutes. jessica boyington watching first alert traffic. jesse? >> we're watching 422 around trooper road. you can see no problems here yet. we always see that delay in the morning time, headed eastbound towards the schuylkill expressway. we're okay. trooper road is not backed up. we have an eight-minute drive time. average speeds just dropping down into the 50s, but it's 59. all traffic still moving along nicely with no problems even through some of the work zones. if you head up north towards princeton in new jersey for your commute to work, watch out for 202 still closed in both directions from mountain avenue to princeton avenue due to an earlier accident there. they do have detours in place. follow those, you'll be fine. not a lot of traffic and volume around the area. the blue route is okay, 16 minutes at the most, southbound or northbound to the schuylkill expressway. average speeds into the high 60s. i'll have an update on mass
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transit when i come back in ten. parts of south jersey already seeing snow. a live picture in cape may. light snow expected throughout the day. it will turn to freezing rain tonight around 6:00. icy roads are a concern during the evening commute. 5:03 right now. the this morning, road crews is cross our area will be preparing the roads for snow and icy conditions. matt delucia is live in lansdowne, delaware county. tell us more about the preparation. >> reporter: you can see it's fairly empty right now. of course it's a holiday. presidents' day. not too many people will be on the roads today. you see a giant pile of salt. certainly a lot of salt will be used today to prevent slipping and sliding we could see when that water and snow turns into ice. it could be a troubling situation out there. over the weekend we saw that chain reaction cash involving 64 cars and trucks. this morning, penndot is asking
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drivers really to be careful. they're saying they're going to track the radar throughout the day and night so they can react once the snow begins changing over. >> now could be driving along, everything is fine. then a gust of wind comes along, you have a whiteout condition. you may not be able to see a few feet in front you. keep that in mean. leave extra room between your car and the car you're following. >> reporter: the good news for now, it seems as though the morning commute will not be that bad, as i mention, because of the holiday. of course, as bill has been talking about, this day could get worse when you have all that changeover going on. really it is frigid and cold out here. you see some of the leftover snow from the previous snowfall really has changed over to ice here. any moisture that hits that roadway is going to be tough to manage. you could get black ice certainly into the night. be careful throughout the da i. fortunately not too many people
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will be out on the roads anyway because of the holiday. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a code blue emergency remains in effect in camden county until 7:00 a.m. folks came out in the library to voorhees to thaw out at the warming center. >> this is fantastic. i mean, if you had one of the only places to go to get out of the cold, that would be the place. you can see people take advantage of it. >> camden county free holder carmen rodriguez pushed to improve the city's cold response after a relative died due to the old. a relative died due to the track the winter storm on the nbc 10 app. meanwhile, school's back in session today at ursinus college. last week, more than 200 students came down with a mysterious stomach virus.
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they closed the cafeteria and suspend classes. wawa, wegmans and others handed out food on campus while the cafeteria was closed. >> i just didn't go anywhere. stayed in my dorm. didn't go to the dining hall, didn't go to the library. >> the montgomery county health department hopes to have an answer as to why the virus spread so quickly within a week. a woman's body found stuffed in a recycling bin in lehigh county. in was found in allentown in the parking lot of an apartment complex on east tilghman street. she describe as an asian woman with short black hair, wearing pink nail polish and blue stockings. investigators are calling her death suspicious. in philadelphia's point breeze neighborhood, two men posing as utility workers burst that a home and attacked a woman.
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the woman suffered cuts to her head and is expected to be okay. this morning, u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia's body is back home in virginia. >> justice scalia's body arrived at dulles airport late last night. he died said at a west texas ranch. texas officials say scalia died of natural causes. he was 79 years old. the late justice is being remembered as a legend of the legal community. yesterday we spoke to retired new jersey judge mike donio who met with justice scalia after writing him a letter. >> it was like sitting down at a table with your father, your grandfather, especially with his italian heritage and my italian heritage. it was just a tremendous day. held on to the letter from justice scalia and also has a framed photo of their meeting. in pennsylvania, governor tom wolf has ordered u.s. and state flags to fly at half-staff
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in honor of the late supreme court justice. flags will remain at half-staff until justice scalia's interment. now the battle over who will replace him is on in washington. >> president obama says he will nominate a new justice and expect the senate to consider his choice fairly. but some republican presidential hopefuls are questioning president obama's authority to nominate a replacement during this election season. >> there is no way the senate should confirm anyone that barack obama tries to appoint in his last year in office to a lifetime appointment. >> these are responsibilities i take seriously as should everyone. they're bigger than any one party. they are about our democracy. >> if the president gets the seat, his third justice, that change would make the court more liberal. only three u.s. supreme court justices have died in office in more than 60 years. the only one has been confirmed during an election year since 1940. today is presidents' day,
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the day the u.s. pays tribute to george washington and abraham linco lincoln. there will be fun activities for kids and adults in the delaware valley. valley forge national park, for instance, will hold a party for george washington's 284th birthday. a lot of candles. children will be able to make birthday cards, play 18th century games and meet the general and mrs. washington starting at 10:00 this morning. nine minutes past 5:00. a leaking fire hydrant sent water gushing into the streets of north philadelphia. nbc 10 at 23rd and burks a little more than an hour ago. the water department was on scene. they tell us the hydrant has been shut off. with freezing temperatures, all this water could quickly turn to ice. meteorologist bill henley has more on the cold and snow. >> that will be iceç this morning. we are seeing light snow in parts of the airy. not everybody is getting it. i'm tracking light snow right now in delaware and south
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jersey, just starting to move into pennsylvania. snow during the day. an icy evening, a big threat from freezing rain as the ground will still be cold enough as rain falls, it freezes up. that could cause all sorts of problems during the evening hours. by tomorrow, it's just rain. much warmer but heavy rain could bring another threat. localized flooding, 2 degrees in mt. pocono. that's up 2 degrees in the last hour. trenton is 15 and 19 degrees with some very light snow in dover. waiting for the snowflakes in philadelphia. the clouds are overhead. they're already here and some very light spotty snow, it's just disappeared from new castle county and much of new jersey. steadier in kent county and delaware. a very few, light snowfall. this is most likely not even reaching the ground just yet. it will take much of the day for the snow to develop. 11:30 this morning, dry but cold. temperatures in the low 20s for
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doylestown and limerick. that is warmer than it is right now. it's a warming trned that continues with snow moving in, that's 1:00 this afternoon. a steadzy snow during the day. we're looking at 1 to 2 inches of snowfall. not a lot of snow. and temperatures that will be continuing to climb into the evening hours. but that's going to bring another problem. sleet is a possibility for limerick and doylestown. that's at :00 this evening and then freezing rain. the radar shows it's just rain coming down. the ground is so frozen, that's when you get icing and that will be a problem into this evening. even into the later evening hours. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, low 20s for camel back. same below freezing for bethlehem and fleetwood. light snow developing for bordentown, abington and moorestown. the snow, we've seen some of it in cape may. look at the warmup during the day. clouds change over to rain at the shore, wilmington, woodstowc and philadelphia will wind up
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above freezing, just a light snowfall during the day. i'm tracking rain for our area for tonight. we'll take a closer look at that icing threat and the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> 12 minutes past 5:00 right now. the search is still not over. we'll tell you about the search for a missing airman in delaware and what search party organizers are asking for this morning. plus, out in the cold. find out how the freezing temperatures forced hundreds of temple university students out of their dorms for hours. and stay informed about this winter storm all day long. follow the nbc 10 morning team on twitter. we'll keep you updated. our addresses are right there on the screen. every wonder what nature valley is made of? ♪
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take a look at the nbc 10 first alert weather radar. we are tracking a winter storm headed our way later today. we have issued a first alert until tomorrow because of icy conditions that will develop later tonight and the threat of flooding tomorrow. at 5:15, most schools are closed today for presidents' day. make sure you sign up for nbc 10's school closing alert. we'll send you a text or e-mail as soon as your child's school is closed or delayed. 470 students are back in their dorm rooms at temp university after a pipe burst. the students in residence hall 1940 were forced to evacuate yesterday morning. school officials tell us frigid temperatures froze a steam pipe causing it to burst which led to a water leak. >> i walked out and saw there
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was water pouring from the ceiling down the hallway. i figured it might be time to get out. i just put all my valuables on top of my bed and grabbed what i could and got out. >> industrial fans are being used in the dorm to get rid of the musty smell. four people are hurt in this fire in brooklyn. flames tore through three buildings just before 4:30 last night. the fire department three hours later they finally had it under control. one of the victims is in serious condition. michigan's governor wants to offer more health coverage to some people impacted by the flynn the water crisis. governor rick snider is asking the federal government to expand medicaid coverage to people under 21 and pregnant women in flint. he says the state would line up doctors and specialists to help them. lead leaked from old pipes into the water supply from flint river for more than a year.
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someone dropped a rental car with a bomb attached. davis rental car employees spotted the device while checking in cars at the albuquerque, new mexico airport. the car was droed off there but rented somewhere else. travelers trying to pick up cars were delayed for hours as the bomb squad disabled the device. no flights were delayed. heavy snow is being blamed for this massive pileup on an inen highway. the 40-car crash left 30 people hurt yesterday. interstate 65 was closed for about five hours for cleanup. this all happened in the town of lebanon. it's eerily similar to our pileup saturday in lebanon county, pennsylvania. three people killed, more than 07 others hurt in this chain reaction crash that happened on i-78. >> they were facing squalls at that time. right now, the snow is just starting to move in. nothing on the ground in philadelphia yet but lids check
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the roads. >> let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> it is presidents' day. there will be a lighter volume, at least we expect a lighter morning commute volume at least for aç lot of kids off school d a lot of people taking the day off. hopefully not going to see a huge rush like we normally do. 95 around cottman avenue, light traffic. heading into center city, no problems there. a 13-minute trip. these are the southbound lanes. no problems headed northbound as well. either direction we're doing okay so far. if you're heading out the door, falls bridge is still closed for rehabilitation work. that's an ongoing work project. it will be there until about april. for right now, take the city avenue bridge to get by. the rest the bridges are okay. i checked in with the burlington bristol and the tacony palmyra, no scheduled openings this morning. no problems on the ben heading into philadelphia. more updates when i come back in
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the next ten. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 18 minutes after 5:00. another frigid morning. at least for now, dry in philadelphia. here at nbc 10, barely any wind. that's the good news. it's cold even without wind blowing. 18 degrees. the temperature has started to climb a little bit. still cold enough for snow and cape may has already seen a dusting of snow from the system that's going to take hours to really get going. it is light snow in virginia, into maryland and delaware. it's been trying to push to the north but it's pushing in the drier air. we're just seeing isolated, very light snow showers. minimal accumulation in delaware. looking at an inch or two of snow possible during the day today. most of the morning it's just going to be cloudy. by lunch time, here comes the light snow. 32 degrees in philadelphia. that's a big warmup. and then look to the south. even warmer air to come. by 4:00 this afternoon, closer
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to 40 degrees in cape may. above freezing for dover. there could be a brief period of sleet as the warm air surges into the area. but there is yet another threat as we go into the evening hours. at 6:00, that's rain in philadelphia and wilmington. to the freezing mark or right at freezing north and west. we could see a period of freezing rain. isolation, especially likely north and west as that warm air pushes in with the rain. it will take some time for the temperatures to climb at 11:00 tonight, 33 degrees in allentown. at that hour, it will be near 40 degrees in philadelphia and 50 degrees in millville. that warming will continue overnight tonight. during the day, you'll see very light snow on and off this morning at 7:00. a light snow shower, 14 degrees. look at the warmup, 23 degrees by 10:00 and then 1:00 this afternoon, 30 degrees with a
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steadier snow. still only expecting one or two inches in philadelphia. come tomorrow, the seven-day forecast, rain, heavy rain, that will pose another threat, a potential for flooding especially in low-lying areas, some streams that are running already high are going to be causing some problems during the afternoon and evening hours on tuesday. by wednesday, the snow, the rain, well, the wind, it's all out of here. so is the very cold air. 46 degrees wednesday afternoon. by thursday, a little bit cooler and a bit breezy, high of 40 degrees. look at the warmer air that's coming our way for friday and into the weekend. 44 degrees friday afternoon and then it's into the 50s for saturday and sunday. >> you're giving us a tutorial during the break about what the freezing rain means that might be instructional for our viewers. >> freezing rain is just plain old rain that's coming out of
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the sky but when the surface, the grounded is still frozen, what you'll see is the rain coming down and freezing. it doesn't happen very often but when it does, it can have major consequences. power lines can see that accumulation and lead to power outages. slipping and sliding on roadways. the good news is here for the roadways and sidewalks, driveways, we're going to get some snow before that icyn take place. that's better than having the ice form on solid pavement. >> there you go, freezing rain. some politicians still defend planned parenthood. >> planned parenthood serves a good function. >> on the attack days after the la latest republican presidential debate, a new political ad is going after trump. which candidate is taking aim at trump. reality relief. how new technology is helping patients escape the four walls of their hospital rooms.
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this nbc 10 first alert winter weather update is brought to you by buckmans, your cold weather experts.
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it may not feel like it but spring training is right around the corner. the phillies equipment truck arrived in clearwater yesterday. the first workout is thursday. nbc 10 will get you ready for
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spring training this week. today, a feature on aaron nola. we have you covered on monday, april 11th for the home opener. it's our welcome home phillies special. game time right here on nbc 10 at 3:00 p.m. a virtual reality technology could one day be used as a medical tool to provide relief to patients. doctors at cedar sinai are can give relief to patients. the system has been tested on 70 people so far. many say it's helping relieve anxiety. >> this was like the greatest diversion i could have ever had. >> younger patients had been willing to test but the older who appear to be the most amazed by it and could be the biggest
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benefit. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's a cold one. 17 degrees. the time 5:27. cold enough for snow. i'm tracking snow, light snow is already falling in cape may. hour by hour forecast just ahead. jessica boyington is watching for snow on the roadways this morning. no snow out there in cherry hill, new jersey right now. this is on route 07 around cornell avenue. we keep checking the intersections and off ramps to see if there are slippier spots. not yet. it's only 5:30. more updates when i come back. matt delucia live in lansdowne, delaware county, getting ready for the snow and isolator on. some of the folks throwing salt down in the parking lot, getting ready. we'll give you a live look and tell you more about the preparations people are doing throughout the area. >> plus, closing up shop, a
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neighborhood staple in philadelphia for nearly 40 years is shutting down. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. right now on "nbc 10 news today," winter storm. here's a live look from cape may where the snow already started falling.


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