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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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live traffic camera. let's get an update from the team of meteorologists. >> they are tracking the storm county by county, and you, get an update from chief meteorologist glenn schwartz. what is the latest? >> well, jim, we have seen dramatic changes over the past hour, and more changes to come in the hour to come, and we showed you in the hour ago, it was wet, and now it is more representative of the side streets and slushy on the myamet road. and now, we can see the traffic coming up slow are from delaware. it is not snowing anymore in philadelphia. the snow is changing to the icy mix, and then changing to rain. this is all taking place over the next few hours. some icy and slippery roads and especially the side roads,
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untreat untreated surfaces, bridges, overpasses, and your driveway, your sidewalk, and some heavy rain is coming on tuesday. that is going to wash it all away. and you can see it on the radar, and snow no north, and an icy mix in the middle, and rain to the south. let's show you where those lines are. and now on central and northern delaware, it is the icy mix, and very, very light, and so it is not accumulating very much, and the rain is right at the jersey shore, and little bit inland and farther inland as we are going to the cumberland county, and salem county, and gloucester, and camden county, and all getting freezing rain and the temperatures are borderline, bun like the regular night when it is colder, tonight, the night is going to be warmer, and the condition s a conditions are going to improve as the night goes on, and the rain/snow line coming up through philadelphia right now. chester county, and getting a little bit heavier snow in, near
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the turnpike in the eastern portion of the county, and there is montgomery county getting some, and bucks county getting some fairly heavy snow near richland and that is toing up in the lehigh val e lee, and across the river, new jersey, and seeing it light in trenton, but northern burlingtop county is getting moderate snow. nobody is getting heavy snow. we would see the visibilities of the quarter mile, and that is what we are getting at mount pocono, and it is fairly heavy in allentown, but the rest of the area, the visibilities are tolerable either meaning light snow or it is not snowing at all anymore. and let's break it down even more with sheena parveen county by county. >> yes, glenn, it is changing over a already especially in the southern counties like in southern delaware.
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we are seeing the snow turn over to rain and ice. and now, in pink, you can see it scattered and by 6:15, some of it may fill in again, and so freezing drizzle, and temperatures below freezing in delaware, but by 9:30, we will will warm up above freezing and in northern delaware and new castle near 495 and wilmington, you could be right at the freezing line where we could have travel problems. south jersey, and atlantic and cape may and cumberland count s counties, the temperatures are freezing for the most part and especially closer to the shore. we have seen it from snow to rain, a on in these areas, we are expecting to see that as there is no icing expected near the shore. and so farther inland from gloucester to salem to camden ko counties, and that is where we will be near the i-95 corridor, and the temperatures are freezing in up thor 20s, and the pink is showing you the freezing drizzle and rain and by 6:15, we still do expect that along the
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major interstates, and as we are going into the later evening hours, but now looking at 9:45, and a lot of it may be tapering off, but the temperatures are warming to around the mid-30s and we will see the conditions improving as the temperatures are warming, and the precip comes to the end, and we will see the rain around the areas, and the really improved road condition, and we will have areas coming up farther north around south, and look at to a areas, and closer to the timing coming up. >> and let's get out there and see the conditions, because we sent the reporters across the regions to show you how they are changing. >> yes, let's go the doug in lehigh county. doug. >> well, it is going to continue to be all snow here in lower mccungee township, and this is a long and slow con ga line, because of the holiday, and the
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slower traffic, and the roads are in check by penndot where they had been salt iing along hamilton boulevard, but my photographer just noticed a blade out, and put out a laughably small plow wash here, and the drivers are wanting to stay at or below the speed limit today, a because they are not feeling like filing insurance claims over such a small claim. and i checked with the first responders in lehigh county, and they say the status quo, and not out on many accident scenes at all, and that is good news. live at lehigh county, i'm doug shimell. >> and our vehicles are also out on the roads tonight on 476 heading north towards qua quakertown, bucks county. we will go to nbc's deanna durante. >> she is joining us live from montgomeryville with the conditions where where you are, deanna? >> yes, i checked in with the montgomery officials, and the
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township police are responding to 12 accident scenes throughout the county. route 309 southbound here, and salt truck came by in the last five minutes, and you can see the roads and where they are wet and salting, and you can look in the turn lanes and see how much snow and flush there is, and you can see on the sidewalk, you can see how much snow has come down since 4:00. not a lot of accumulation, and less than an inch, but penndot is warning people to take to the social media it is snow and ice cover and prepare for black ice, because you can't get rid of all of this stuff while the precipitation is coming from the grou ground. also, we talked about the accident scenes, the closest one is on route 309 not far from where we are, two miles southbound, so if you are heading out in that direction, prepare for the delays. officials are i sag to take it easy out there on the roads, and county officials are responding
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to a number of minor accidents in the area. reporting live in montgomery, deanna durante, news 10 news. and this is a live look at i-95 going through south philadelphia. it is moving slowly, but pretty well. the speeds are reduced by penndot to 45 miles per hour because of the wet and slippery condition conditions out there this evening. lauren mayk is out there live in center city. >> what are you seeing, lauren? >> well, it is rain. looking at my jacket basically soaked. maybe i should have changed into the rain jacket, but after the live shot, i was brushing off snow, but not in time. wow, guys, standing here as the rain is coming down on this snow, it is basically feels like i am standing on a sheet of ice. so if you can see the snow on the roads or walking in your neighborhoods, be very, very careful, because it is really causing some slick conditions. and let me show you something else that we saw when we were out' here. take a look at the median there
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o, that is a tow truck driver there, and he is waiting as they know that lincoln and kelly drive can be dangerous, and slick in conditions like this, so they are ready if something happens. that is a warning to any of you if you are heading out on the roads, be careful. live on the ben franklin parkway, i'm lauren mayk for nbc 10 news. and nbc 10 is monitoring the condition on the roads for you at this rush hour. here is a live look at i-76 at the conshohocken curve, and you can see a lot of red taillights. penndot has reduced the speed to 45 miles per hour on a number of roadways and including the pennsylvania turnpike, and 95, and 506.
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and also in atlantic city where neighbors were putting down salt to prevent slipping. parts of new jersey and delaware saw the snow this morning, and they are going to be first to see it change over to rain. we will get a live update from those areas coming up on nbc 10 at 5:00. as the storm starts to change in your area, count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest condiss, and you can get the conditions right to your smartphone by downloading the nbc 10 app. and now, other news, a mysterious, and a death involving a body found in a recycling bin. doug shimell has more. >> and the apartment owner wondered why the recycling bin had been moved away. >> our officers got there and noticed the foul order and dug through the contents and noticed a shoe and leg of a human body.
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>> reporter: police believe it is a woman of asian decent with silver necklace and pink nail polish. >> she was well-dressed, but she was not dressed for the wet. there was no jacket or coat or someso forth. >> reporter: the detectives believe she was put there, but was it murder? >> well, at this point, it is a suspicious death and we don't know how or why, and personally, we don't know who the victim is. >> i was really on edge. >> reporter: marie deed's apartment overlooks the recycling bin. >> why did they kill her? why in our area, and didn't they just dump her secluded? did they want somebody to find her? >> reporter: and investigators say no obvious cause of death and they are hope nag the autopsy scheduled for tuesday may yield clues for who she is and how she died and the officials are saying that anybody with information is asked to call allentown police department, and i'm doug shimell
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for nbc 10 nus. astudent is under arrest fo several lsd overdoses. they say that he had several lsd tablets and $9,000 cash in iz villanova dorm room. police arrested a man for attacking a woman and several villanova security guards. >> there is a total of three incidents including that one where the officers responded with public safety and found people to be in a some type of drug-induced state, and also alcohol mixed on board with some of the people. all of the parties were transport transported to the hospital. >> reporter: the police say that all of those taken to the hospital where been since released. >> we have new information of what made more than 200 students sick at ursinus college. they say it is a norovirus, and
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the campus dining hall was closed after the students started to go to the emergency room. and the classes resumed as scheduled this morning. norovirus is the most common cause of stomach inflammation, and often called by other names such as the stomach flu. so nor rovirus is highly contagious, and the best way to contain it is proper hygiene and cleaning. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, former president george w. bush hitting the campaign trail. >> and plus donald trump taking his attack are from the debate stage to the courtroom, and why he is threatening to sue ted cruz. and this roller coaster weather could be doing a a number on your pipes. our experts are going the show you how to protect your home next on nbc 5.
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proep francis is continuing the trip to mexico today, and we want to take a live look at southern mexico where the pontiff has arrived at the stadium. he is going to be meeting with the families to make some remarks as well. you see him seated there, and these are the families speaking directly to the holy father, and similar to what we saw on the ben franklin parkway back in september. those families are speaking to him now. francis arrived in mexico friday and this morning, he celebrated mass with the mexican indigenous community, and he talked about the exploitation of mexico's
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indigenous community and said that the world should learn from their appreciation of culture and nature. and now no, the decision 2016 and a battle between republican rivals. donald trump is threatening to file a lawsuit against ted cruz. trump says that he is going to challenge his eligibility to r serve in the white house unless the texas senator stops to air those false ads. >> this guy, ted cruz is the most dishonest guy i have ever met in politics. >> trump had said that previously, a federal court needs to see if cruz meets the constitutional requirement of a natural-born student h. he was born in canada, and legal experts have said that he meets the test. fo former president george w. bush is campaigning for his brother jeb in south carolina today. the room erupted into applause when president bush and the former first lady laura bush
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walked into the american legion post in columbia, and they met with the supporters and the veterans, and the bush family has performed well in south carolina. presidents george h.w. bush, and george w. bush both won primary elections there. a presidents' day gift of $18.5 million is going be used to fix up the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c., and the money is courtesy of philanthropist david rubenstein who has donated tens of millions of dollars to refurbish other national treasures like the with washington monument. this is going to be fixing the memorial's roof, and clean the marble and improve ak a cessability by adding a second elevator. back now to the first alert weather coverage. nbc 10 at the will minton ice rink along the christina river. and the nighthawks were practicing outtoors, but they were out on the ice this morning, and not long after, the snow began to fall.
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and now, nbc 10 is on the road to wilmington where where the snow is sticking to the side streets. and now, the snow is changing to ra rain. >> and our meteorologist sheena parveen is joining us to talk about it more. >> and yes, it is freezing rain, and so we are seeing the icy conditions in some parts and especial especiallily the video there with the snow sticking to the side roads for sure. the rain is along the shore, and delaware beaches and mostly sussex county, but the pink area growing in size which is freezing rain or drizzle, and that is going to freeze on contact, and on top of the snow, and have the thin ice layer to form, and still areas north and west will start with delaware and sussex county and along the beaches, and rain in the areas where the temperatures warming. we have scattered light icy spots in parts of delaware and new castle and kent counties, and that is going to extend into wilmington and philadelphia, and starting to see the changeover from snow to icy conditions with the freezing rain reported in
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many of the areas. and now that is is going to extend along the expressway except when you get into atlantic city, and you will see the rain, and that is going to be continuing through the rest of the area, and through later in the night. and that is pink, and icy and careful driving here, and philadelphia up to bensalem, and approaching mercer county, where we will see the changeover very soon and with the traffic at the hour, we will have some backups around the philadelphia area, and be care fful if you are driving and take your time, and go slower because the freezing rain is extremely dangerous on the roads. and now you see trenton is still showing snow, pu the rain/snow line where it is transitions over from freezing rain, that is close to trenton and we will see the move from trenton the lehigh value, and now, from bucks to 476, it is snowing through these areas through the lehigh valley, but the freezing rain around the turnpike, that is going to be
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raining up to the north. in is a system that we have across the area right now, and it depends where you live, and heavier north of baltimore and that is is going to be moving in again, and people see the heavy rain, and that is going to be here tomorrow. we have a lot of things here as we go through the next 24 hours. >> and snow to ice to rain for the rest of tonight. rising temperatures as we go overnight, and then we will see the areas well above tomorrow morning and then heavy rain by tomorrow afternoon, and even a chance to have thunderstorms with that, too. and now, temperatures mostly below freezing, and the the low 20s in the lehigh valley, and 28 in philadelphia, and wildwood and atlantic city coming in at the mid- to upper 30s which is a trend to happen going overnight, and the areas are really starting to see above freezing temperatures. and the visibility is the lowest areas north and west with where we see the snow half a mile from allentown, and reading and the rest of the area, and not too bad, and as we go through the next couple of hours, the icing
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is spreading north and west, and the temperatures are rising, and the rain is spreading for the rest are of the night. we are warming tomorrow, and 60 degrees and by to a afternoon and this is noon tomorrow, and rain moving in, and that is going to be moving through the middle of the day mainly and clearing out for the evening commute, and keep in mind that we have are heavy rain clearing through, and later on tonight, and what about the whole weather system yet. and that snow that is going to be changing to rain and freezing rain. and so everybody is going to be above freezing by tomorrow morning, and you won't have to worry about the icy conditions through the commute tomorrow. and we are lr are looking at th tomorrow. and them we go into thursday and clear out 38 as we go into the thursd thursday, but look at the weekend and we will creep back up to nearly 60 degrees, and we
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are seeing a change in the weather pattern right now, and for the rest of tonight, we will keep track of tracking the snow and changing over to ice, and keep everybody safe on the ro roadways out there. >> and it is really a slick conditions that are causing the problems and almost like the second level of the weather front. >> and the reason why is because the temperatures are warming, and higher up in the atmosphere, and the temperatures are warming and changing the snow to rain, and at the surface we are at freezing and once the rain falls, we are hitting the surface and it is going to rain and that is where it changes. >> and lauren in the live shot, her boots were sliding. >> yes, be careful to walk around and driving around, but you don't want to step on some of the ice and slip. that is going to be bad. >> all right. sheena. >> and next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, did you get a bib? thousands of runners got the good and bad news. there is still a way to get your spot in the blue cross blue shield broad street run.
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and so many make the new year's resolution and then give up, and now researchers are finding a new way to workout, and it is getting results. that is next on news 10 at 5:00.
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paying employees to exercise may not work.
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>> but the reverse just might. researchers compared the result s of employee programs to offer financial incentives for those who walk 7,000 steps a day. the programs of the paid workers after achieving the daily goal were not effective as offering no inscentive at all. but those who gave it cash up front as opposed to employees who missed the goal were 50% more successful. >> yes, don't take away my money sglmt and tens off thousands won the lottery today. >> yes, and it is a coveted spot in the blue cross broad street run. this is the largest race of its kind in the kcountry, and 40,00 people are will take part and because there is so much interest, organizers have to use a lottery system. if you want to run and didn't get a winning e-mail, there is a list of charities that you can find on the nbc 10 app or the, and we are proud sponsor of the blue cross broad street run, and you can watch it
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live on nbc 10, and telemundo 662 co66 662 coming up may # 1st. and the winter storm started out as snow, but it is now starting to change. we will track the latest in your neighborhood.
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we call it utopia out here. it's so peaceful! so peaceful! have a question about how much you can save? ask a citizen at 1-866-999-0218 or visit this is nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> nbc is tracking a winter storm that started out as snow, but it is changing to rain and
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ice as well which is causing problems as the drivers are hitting the road. nbc 10 is tracking the latest conditions for you. >> let's get an update with the team alert meteorologists starting with glenn "hurrican" " schwartz. >> every time talk to you, it has changed a little bit and in specific places. we see the wet roads there at city avenue outside of the studio, and the air temperature is below freezing, it is daytime. the sun's rays will get through the clouds and help to melt whatever is on the surface. it is going to be getting dark pretty soon, and then we might have some more significant issues. this is i-95 in south philly and once again, the traffic moving with the wet roads out there, but the snow changing to ice which is already done, and eventually changing to rain. now, that is going to cause
5:31 pm
slippery roads and icy spots, and slippery surfaces like bridges and overpasses and your driveways. and now, we are seeing a break in this e precipitation which is in a way a good thing across central and southern delaware, because that is going to limit the amount of ice accumulation, and the pink area is going to be freezing rain, and it is cutoff in delaware, and we are getting it in salem, and gloucester counties in new jersey, and we are getting a steady and freezing rain across philadelphia and a little bit of snow in mount airy, and montgomery county and bucks and delaware county, and in bucks, we are getting e steady snow, and buckingham, and the lower portion of bucks county is getting the moderate to heavy
5:32 pm
snow at this point, and some of the rain is sneaking in from the ocean even into jackson township, new jersey, while some areas are changing over into ice. and the poconos, and allentown, and everybody else is seeing the improved visibility is, and indication that the snow machine is cutting off. or has already cutoff and now it is an issue with the temperatures. that is the critical thing now that is is up to 28 in philadelphia and wilmington and northeast philly at or above the freezing mark to the south, and we need those temperatures to come up some more, and they have a long way to go north and west. and we watch this freezing line to 32 degree line in red. everything on the north side of that is going to be below freezing, and there is potential for the icing. so even at 8:00, we have some parts of the area that could have some issues, and again, to get into the more specifics into that, we will go to sheena
5:33 pm
parveen. >> yes, glenn, we will start with the counties that are north and west of philadelphia and about to see the changeover from freezing drizzle to freezing rain. we will see in new castle county to chester kocounty, and temperatures in the 20s as we are going through the next hour or, so and still expecting to be below freezing and still expecting to see freezing drizzle and rain and temperatures trying to get to about 9:45, and some are going to be changing over the rain, and throughout the night, we will see the warmer temperatures warming up, and through the philadelphia area, we will see from delaware county n the j general section, the temperatures are below freezing, and we will see the icing by 6:45 and dealing with freezing rain or drizzle here. and then the temperatures will start to warm up a little bit with mid-30s, and that is when we will see the areas changing over to rain. now, we will be looking at the bucks and montgomery and mercer county by 7:30 tonight, and we could see the freezing drizzle and rain farther north and west and over to bucks and montgomery
5:34 pm
county by 9:ha and see freezing and still some icing in the other areas to bensalem, and that is when we would see the rain. this is lehigh valley, and northampton and berks county. and by 7:45, the temperatures below freezing and you will see the snow going on in these areas with which is certainly possible with the moisture around that and by 9:45 with these areas further north and west could be colder at this time, and you could be seeing freezing rain and drizzle around, so be cautious. especially if you are traveling through lehigh valley, this is the last place to changeover, and especially as we go up to the poconos, and as we take a look at the timing through the overnight hours, and we go through the hours tomorrow, it is straight ahead. >> and sheena, if anybody appreciates the arctic air it is the local plumbers and hardware stores as well. >> yes, business booms for them
5:35 pm
when temperatures tumble. so how do you protect your home in this weather? >> what type of are repairs are they seeing, lauren? >> well, the expensive repairs come with pipes that can burst or break. and after being out in the weather like this, the last thing that you want to see is that you can't use your water or your toilet. >> all right. all sounds familiar. >> reporter: plumber mike daily is busy. >> we will will fry to get out there today. >> and the frozen pipes are a problem out there. and he tackled one in center city. >> the house was built in 1785, and the pluming is a problem. >> reporter: it means that the toilet is not working in the second-floor bathroom. >> we will try to connect a device for thawing pipes. >> reporter: it looks like a battery charger and not something that you is on hand yourself. we went to stanley's hardware in
5:36 pm
roxborough to see what you can do to prevent those pipes from freezing on your own. >> you can wrap the pipes. >> reporter: he showed us these option options. >> 3/8 thick, and designed to slide it right over the pipe. >> reporter: and the device flying off of the shelves last year. >> it is a device to strap right on the outlet to protect the pipes from freezing. >> and there you go, ladies and gentlemen, water. >> reporter: and now this fix is successful. and good news for the family, the things are working again tonight, but both mike daily and the hardware store both told me that one of the best home remedies for preventing pipes is running water, and not a trickle, but a small stream to keep the pipes from freezing. live from center city, i'm lauren mayk for nbc 10 news. well, the presidents' day is
5:37 pm
a popular time to go shop,er and people did not let the weather spoil their plans. we will have that story coming up on nbc 10 at 5:00.
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5:39 pm
a live look at 76 at the conchie curve, and drivers are dealing with the reduced speeds and icy roads because of the weather. new video the night of the cars and trucks involved in the deadly pileup on i-78 in lebanon county saturday. this is one of several tow yards where some of the cars ended up. 50 cars and trucks crashed saturday morning in the eastbound lanes of i-78 in bethel township. survivors say a snow squall came through the area causing white-out conditions, and three people died in the crash, and 40 others taken to local hospitas.s
5:40 pm
a pizza delivery man is glad to be back home after he was at a tacked and robbed over knight. christopher roberson told the man he wanted his pizzas, and chased him to rockwood and olney and robbed him. he then took his car and crashed it at 6th and fisher, and police arrested him there. the victim was not hurt. we are seeinging the snow changing over to ice in some areas, and then to rain. temperatures will be warming up, and heavy rain is moving in tomorrow, and i will show you the timing on this and more of what to expect coming up.
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
look at all of the people in camel back resort. it is chilly.
5:43 pm
36 degrees, but big improvement over yesterday where it was 11 below in poconos. >> and great place to be on presidents' day, snowboarding and skiing. >> yes, bundle up. >> and ted greenberg is live in galloway township in atlantic county. >> and ted, you have been out there since the snow was falling this morning, and what is it doing out there now? >> well, that is right, jim and denise. we have been in atlantic, cape may and ocean counties today and up and down the garden state parkway and right now it is raining. the conditions are tresh floach in spots because of the icy spots, but for the most part the rain that is falling is washing away a lot of the snow that we saw earlier with the temperatures now on the rise. >> reporter: presidents' day gave 11-year-old boy a day off of school, but he ended up with a homework assignment, clearing the snow away from his dad's jitney at the galloway township.
5:44 pm
>> i said, help daddy so i can work a little bit, and he said, okay, pa pa let's do it. >> it is kind of easy. when the snow is hard, it gets harder, but it is soft out now, so it is not hard to shovel. >> reporter: as the snow changed to the icy mix, some streets were extremely slick. this accident had for estavenue and 14th street? lakewood was one of a half dozen crashes reported today in that community. one person was hurt. >> i worry about the roads. >> reporter: pam decided to shovel her driveway in little egg harbour township before it turned into a sloppy mess. >> it is getting wet, yes. if you are going to be coming out to shovel, yes, you are b better off to push it as opposed to shoveling it. >> cape may saw some of the earliest snow fall with an inch or so on the ground by morning, but jewel engle was loving it. >> we came over for valentine's day and i love the shop and this weather. i love cape may.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: and while brian o'neill's wife shopped inside of the peanut butter company, he volunteered to clear up the sidewalk out sooside. >> i am not a shopper, so i decided to sweep the sidewalk. >> reporter: nice guy to pitch in. authorities are concerned can about the chance of flooding from heavy rain tomorrow, and they say that it could be more runoff than usual, because the ground is still frozen. live in galloway township, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> what an interesting mix of conditions out there. and sheena, different parts of the area are changing from the snow no rain. >> yes, and the in between snow to rain, it is freezing rain, because higher in the atmosphere the temperatures are warm up to melt the snow to rain, and the on the surface, still at freezing so it is the freeze on the contact. that is what we are watching right now, and close to the shore, and the beaches and this is more rain are, and then farther up to dover, still
5:46 pm
spotty rain or freezing drizzle which extends into areas of new castle in wilmington, and the pink is showing you where we could be seeing the icy conditions, and freezing rain and freezing drizzle and along the shore, too warm for that at the surface, and that is just rain, and now the concern is going to be the areas with freezing temperatures on the ground with rain falling, and that is freezing on contact, or on top of the snow that we have, and freezing on top creating the thin layer of ice, and along the expressway, the radar is indicating that as well. we have reports around the area, and seeing rain or drizzle, and philadelphia is seeing that in the moment at spot, and in terms of the lower bucks county, and in areas of trenton, it is snowing, but the transition, that changeover, it is on the way there, and now, still looking at the hazardous travel through parts of the lehigh valley, and bucks and montgomery county, roads are still snow covered, because it is snowing here, and up across the 476 and
5:47 pm
this is up to the lehigh valley and up to the poconos, and areas north and west, you are the last ones to changeover, because your terms are not the coldest. and we have everything across the area with the snow, and the ice and the rain and it is moving in, and still expect it to go across the evening as we will see the temperatures warming up. we will will see more changeovers happening. and what i circled here is a lot of heavy rain. that is going to be moving in tomorrow. tonight, the temperatures are warming up after the snow changes over the ice, which then changes over to rain, and the temperatures are rising overnight tonight, and this is is only going to give us rain tonight. and don't expect a icy commute tomorrow, because by the middle of the day, we will see rain moving through the area. most of us below freezing in the 20s, and upper 20s in wilmington, philadelphia and northwest philadelphia. and the temperatures close to 40 near wildwood. and now, in the poconos, it is
5:48 pm
only 16, and that is why the areas there will be changing over the last. and those areas with the low visibility, a allentown with 3/4, and lancaster and reading as well. we will will start to see a changeover later tonight. it is not a good evening commute this evening and not a good drive on the roadways and especially the areas to see the mix and the freezing rain. this future weather right here, and now sh, as we go through, t pink is spreading north and west and the temperatures through southeastern delaware and now, most of what we see is going to be ice changing over the rain, and by midnight, a lot of the rain changes over to the lehigh valley, and now, 93, mount pocono, and the temperatures stay above freezing and thab is why we are not looking for the icy commute tomorrow. but looking at a what happens at noon, we will see the heavy rain moving in, and temperatures at 60 degrees, believe it or not, and the rain moves through and
5:49 pm
clears out just in time for the evening commute. that is the good news. the temperatures will be dropping back down for the 40s, and now, the temperatures will be rising into the 40s, and that the transition as the temperatures are starting to rise, and snow through the area of north and west of philadelphia changing over the ice which is then changing over the rain. the temperatures will be rising overnight well above freezing for the entire area as we go into tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon, windy and warmer. high temperatures right around 60 degrees, and that rain is going to be around in the mid of the day. some of it will be heavy, but the good news is that it is going to be clearing out for the evening commute, but either way, we will be watching it all as we go through the evening and tonight. looking at the forecast for wednesday, thursday, and friday a little bit colder though over the weekend. and 57 is looking good. >> it does, sheena. lest e holt with a with what is come up on "nbc nightly news." >> lester, good evening. >> jim and denise, i looked
5:50 pm
outside and it is snowing and i did not bring my boots. but we will tell you about a volatile day of president, and a battle offwho is going to choose the next supreme court justice is front and center. george w. bush enters the campaign fray, and fired up donald trump was waiting to poun pounce, and with le will hear what he has to stay. and also, there is troubling new consideration for heartburn medication, and can they raise your risk for dementia. we will see what a new study say sa says. we will see you at 6:30. back the, you jim and denise. >> all right. we will see you at 6:30. >> presidents' day means lots of sales. >> and what better place to shop than the hotel known as the summer white house. everything was up for grabs at the congress hall from the dr s dressers and the desks, and everything, because the hotel was el is selling off the furniture for 100 guest rooms because it is preparing for a massive buy centennial remodeling.
5:51 pm
it feel like another season is just around the kocorner despeet spite the bate wear. >> yes, and by opening day, one young philly's player could make history. we will have that coming up next on nbc 10 at 5:00.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
we are still a month away
5:54 pm
from the start of spring, but for the phillie's fans, spring training in two days. >> yes, the pitchers and catchers will start wednesday, a and no pitcher is going to have more attention than aaron know l.a. and john, he could become the youngest opening day starter in phillies' h history. >> yes, he is going to be 22 years old on opening day, and if he is chosen to be the starter, he is the young nest 133 years of phillies' baseball. he is the pitcher that fans are most excited to see. >> a swing and a miss and he got him. >> reporter: the phillies's first pick of the 2015 draft, it did not take him long the reach the bay. and he looked the part after he was called up in july. >> a swing and a foul-tip hung on to. >> and know l.a. won 6 of 8 decisions last season, and he believes that this year's young squad really has the potential.
5:55 pm
>> we have a lot of young talent. i think that we are going to be good, and i feel like the chemistry is there, and i feel like it is is going to continue to get better. >> one way for the team to get better is to allow the righty to pitch deeper into the game, and you can expect that to happen this year. >> his last game, i think that he wanted to go another inning, and he could have, but i babied him a little bit to make sure that he had a good showing that we wanted to make sure this year, that he would be going through the next inning. >> reporter: know-- no lshla says he is working on what is upstairs. >> what makes him so special is that the maturity mentally and >> i had aaron in the aa for the first couple of months, and the presence on the mound is as good as anybody's i have seen. >> going into the spring training, i have to compete for the spot, and nothing is given to you, and i have to go out to do everything i can to be up
5:56 pm
here again and stay up here and continue getting bet ter. >> it is going to be cool to see his growth this year. and "usa today" rekrecently released the list of 100 players in baseball that you might not know and should, and nola is the top philly and sixth in all of baseball. they are looking for the next cole hamels, and maybe, just maybe nola is the that guy. i'm john clark, and of course, nbc 10 is your place for the home opener. >> yes, and thank you and make sure you welcome us for the pregame special "welcome phillies" at 2:00 which is followed by the first pitch at 3:00. >> it can't come soon enough. here is jacqueline.
5:57 pm
>> yes, we have changing weather across the valley. >> yes, and snow and rain is changing hour by hour. my first alert forecast is next. from couches to cars, and the holiday deals in the snow which is next on nbc 10 news at #:00.
5:58 pm
right now at 6:00, it is snow still coming down fast in some parts of the area. these are live pictures in lehigh county.
5:59 pm
get ready for a wet mess on the roads as temperatures decline. take a look at the schuylkill expressway this evening in gladwin. and the traffic is looking light on this holiday, and you can see though that the pavement is wet. it is a rainey rush hour with slow-moving traffic in some parts of the area. and weather is causing delays at the airport of about an hour and a half. >> and we are keeping a close eye on the radar and conditions across the delaware valley are quickly changing. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jack. and the change from snow to rain is creating a messy icy mess in most places. >> nbc 10 has you covered with the snow, and the ice and the rain, and we are have reporters spread out across the region. we start with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, jacqueline, we have seen number of changes in the
6:00 pm
last couple of hours with more changes to come. we have snow to the north, and icy mix in the middle, and rain to the south. so very cary conditions, and it depends where you are. and in southern delaware, you got the most snow in sussex county 4 to 5 inches, and cape may got 5 inches. that is all over with. up and down the jersey shore, no more snow or ice. but in the philadelphia earea, and down towards wilmington all of the way up to trenton, the temperatures below freezing, and the snow is over, and we are getting a little bit of freezing rain, and now it is dark, and so the side roads and untreated surfaces are going to be icy until those temperatures go up. still getting snow in much of chester county, especially around the pennsylvania turnpike and some relatively heavy snow in portions of bucks county wh


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