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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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changes to come. we have snow to the north, and icy mix in the middle, and rain to the south. so very cary conditions, and it depends where you are. and in southern delaware, you got the most snow in sussex county 4 to 5 inches, and cape may got 5 inches. that is all over with. up and down the jersey shore, no more snow or ice. but in the philadelphia earea, and down towards wilmington all of the way up to trenton, the temperatures below freezing, and the snow is over, and we are getting a little bit of freezing rain, and now it is dark, and so the side roads and untreated surfaces are going to be icy until those temperatures go up. still getting snow in much of chester county, especially around the pennsylvania turnpike and some relatively heavy snow in portions of bucks county where it is not icing, and in the mercer county area, it is
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pretty much freezing rain, and the same thing with the northern half of burlington county. and the visibility is going to show us where the heaviest snow is and that is in reading and mount pocono and elsewhere, it is not snowing or not snowing enough to accumulate. and it won't accumulate it. and that is the end of the snow in most of the area here. the farther north you are, the more you have, and it is mostly and i issue of some icing now. temperature up a degree in philadelphia and wilmington, and northwest philly and mount molly getting well above freezing toward the shore as some of the warmer air is going to try to come up. it is going to take its good sweet time as it does north and west of philly. so we will seeing the increasingly condition on the side surfaces, because once the snow is over, it is just rain that sticks when it hits the ground. there's the freezing line. 32 degree line at 7:00, and it
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is just barely through philly. anything north and west has the potential to get icy, and we have to follow it county by county, and do it right now with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> yes, and glenn, as you mentioned, already rain near the coast, and those areas will continue to be rain with those temperatures continuing to rise. it is the other sections farther inland like glenn showed you. new jersey, this is the superior sections with salem, and gloucester and camden counties, but as we go through time to closer to 7:00 p.m., expecting the freezing temperatures closer to the major interstates and closer to 95, so we could be seeing the rain freezing on contact, but then close to 10:00 tonight, and the temperatures are well above freezing, and at this point, we would only see rain, and now looking across the philadelphia area, and delaware and the temperatures above freezing, and the freezing rain is possibly occurring among 7:00 p.m., and now, temperatures are
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above freezing and that is when we would see the better conditions on the roadways and chester and new castle county, and temperatures above freezing with with the icing taking place, and that thin layer of ice forming on top of the ice form i forming today, and 7:00 p.m. below freezing, and we are going to be closer to the 10:00 hour, and any areas that are starting to slowly rise above 10:00 p.m. is going to start to experience some rain. we would see the icing that would be an issue, but as the temperatures are rising like in new town, 34 degrees by 10:00 p.m., we would see doylestown and limerick, we could see the freezing temperatures. lehigh valley is going to be the last one to changeover, and the temperatures are in the coldest here in this area at least in the moment, and at least the 20s here, and below freezing and looking at the icing as a concern, and then by 10:00 tonight, finally starting to get to the freezing level and rising as we go overnight tonight, and icing is not a concern, and tomorrow morning, everyone is above freezing and it is tonight
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that we are concerned about, and see everyone changingover from the of night to rain. and coming up, glenn will take a look at the overnight hours and tomorrow, heavy rain is on the way, an straight ahead. >> and snow on presidents' day is a gift on the ski resorts h. this is camelback mountain and lot of fresh powder and skiing out there in the lehigh valley where it is snowing. and the fresh powder is going to make it softer. >> and with doug shimell joining us from lower macungie to tell us where he is. >> and almost five hours in the snow continues along hamilton boulevard along lower macungie township. it is a light flakey snow and ice pellets and the temperatures are hovering in the low to mid-20s, and penndot had come through to do salting, but they had another truck through with the plow blade, because we had
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an inch and a half of accumulation since 1:30 or 1:45 this afternoon. and some of the drivers out, and kwheked the p p&l's utility site for outages, but they have 6f 5-plus people with outages, but they are expecting to get those 65 people back up soon. and there is a slight uptick in the one to two-car minor accident, but all things considered with the holiday and the lighter rush hour, things are pretty good. live in the lehigh valley, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> and now, the traffic lighter than normal because of the federal holiday, but a lot of headlights, and the traffic is moving along pretty well in i-95 from the south philly wells fargo camera. they have been reducing the speeds to 45 miles per hour, and so you want to take it easy out there, because the conditions are dicey. >> and lauren mayk continues the
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coverage from center city. >> well, you can see behind us, we have lost the top of city hall there from fog. it is one of the things that we have been watching. about 5:00, i told you that it felt like i was standing on a sheet of ice, and well, take a look at this. some of the footprints have turned to ice. that is the problem with this rain that we are seeing. i want to show you what we have been noticing. the impact of the rain and what it could be causing for you out on the roads and the neighborhood, and look at this, this is the rain that we have been seeing out on our vehicle here. it is basically turned to ice. and this is snow, and you might see it out in your neighborhood or the backyard and say, it is snow and fluffy. this stuff is ice. this is crunchy, and this is slippery and this is, if you walk on it, you could fall. so this is the kind of thing that you want to be careful for especially because it is dark out here, and the roads are dark. they are wet, and you might
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think that is just slush. and wet rain. but it could be ice. live on the ben franklin parkway, i'm lauren mayk, live for nbc 10 news. thank you, lauren. it snowed in the shore area, and ted greenberg is going to join us now from the atlantic county. >> what changes are you seeing there, ted? >> well, the officials here in atlantic county are saying that they expect the conditions to keep improving as the evening wears on, and the temperatures are going to rise. you can feel it is not nearly as cold as it wasle earlier today, and now 36 degrees where we are standing and you can see it on the street, and this is basically a slushy mess. still some slippery spots, but major roads like the garden state parkway east of where we are standing are generally clear. the new jersey department of
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transportation deployed more than 700 trucks to spread salt statewide ahead of the evening commu commute. snow changed over to rain about three hours ago in galloway township, and that is washing away the snow that is falling from the jersey shore early. and cape may saw the earliest and the heavy snow with an inch or so on the ground by late morning. officials say that the next concern is coming tomorrow, and the possibility of flooding from heavy rain. live in galloway township, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, ted. we checked out pennsylvania and new jersey as well, and let's check in with delaware. this is i-95 in wilmington, and you can see the traffic moving along, and no major problems, and deldott has reduced the driving there as well. >> and the side streets were all clear. >> penndot has been working hard
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to keep the roads clear committing 35,000 tons of salt, and 325 trucks. they have less than the 76,000 tons that was used last year though. >> we sent our storm force 10 out on the road to give you a look at the conditions behind the wheel. looking at where this is -- do we know where storm force 10 is? we will try to get the information for you so we can let you know, but it is dark, and they are going at a decent speed. if you don't have the nbc 10 app, winter is not over as you know, and download the free a app and you will get the most up to date road conditions, and cancellations at your fi fingertips. >> and now, we have breaking news of an apartment on fire in new castle county. >> our bureau reporter there is
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joining us, tim furlong. >> obviously, you can see the firefighters there work it, and it to say that it is an apa apartment building. tim furlong, ku yo hear us? >> sorry, i was talking to the firefighter about why they went to the third alarm with this fire here. they have not officially declared the fire knocked down, but we are told that it started in the upstairs exhaust fan, and the firefighter said that they pulled the third alarm because of the weather. it is hard to get in and out of here, and a big concern about this, fire jumping from building to building here. this building was evacuated and you can see that it into the surface, and again, the conditions here are going to be making it tough today, and we are getting a freezing rain here, and swing you around to show you what kind of a situation we are talking about here as we look at the video that was sent to us by a viewer
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here, and sent to us from what he showed us a while ago and you can see the flames around the building and they had to take extra precautions. and we are told by firefighters that it would be jumping across and as for the injuries, there are injuries and some ambulances here. and it is tough to get in and out of here, and as lauren said h this is a sheet of ice. and a lot of extra manpower here sh here, and it appears that the apartment complex is not quite knocked down here. and coming up next, presidents' day and the winter storm, and the combination that shoppers are hoping to cash in on. i am tracking on when the snow will turn to rain in your neighborhood. my forecast is next. and plus, stacks of $20 and students overdosing to a drug operation at a local university on the main line.
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a villanova university student is behind bars tonight in connection to several lsd of dose doses. police arrested justin yim and said that he had drugs and nearly $9,000 in the dorm room. the bust comes after three people were taken to the hospital suspected of overdosing on lsd. police arrested one of the people for attacking a woman and
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several villanova security guard s. tonight, villanova released a a statement saying that they take these matters extremely seriously, and fully cooperating with radnor police in con nnectn with this, and they have instituted an internal review, and moving forward quick ly and thoroughly. >> meantime, the tests are back and expert sas they a nor roeov is to blame for making more than 200 students sick at the ursina college. the college called off classes late last week, and a total of 214 students became sick starting last wednesday. and the long presidents' day weekend is typically known for the sales and extra day off of work, and despite the weather. >> and deanna durante is live in montgomery, and people really
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got out despite the cold. >> yes, and despite the weather, presidents' day is overtaking black friday as the time to go shopping. checking out the bells and whistles of a brand-new car, there is one thing that liam fost is concerned with. for him it has to be red, and if no not. >> keep looking. >> reporter: and so they are doing their best to get his mom to buy a car that will be workable for them. for her it is not because of the holida holiday. >> no, it is the extra day off. >> and all-wheel drive, sure. >> the weather can be tricky to keep them away or bring them? >> and on the downside, there are problems with vehicles, and so people have to come to buy
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cars. >> reporter: and also at the mastrioni brothers, it is a big day for furniture shopping. >> reporter: nancy says that the holiday could be a great day, and she knows that shoppers are price comparison. >> we start in quaker town, and then back to the beginning, because it is the best buys. >> reporter: if you do say so yourself? >> yes, if i do say so myself. >> reporter: and we the strong retail sales this early in 2016, stores say it is a good sign for things to come for the rest are of the year. we are live in montgomeryville. deanna durante. >> but you had to dodge a little in the way of weather to get out there to shop. >> yes, and the weather is changing in the next 24 hours. glenn? >> yes, in the poconos yesterday it was 11 below zero, and
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tomorrow, 60 and heavy rain. we have wet, i-95 and south philly and the traffic is moving along just fine on those roads. the side roads is a different story, and the poconos, and the blue mountains with the snow come down, but it is no good because it is turning to rain and heavy rain tomorrow which is going to mess everything up. snow to ice to rain as we have the first alert that goes through tomorrow, and icy and slippery roads and especially secondary roads. your driveways, sidewalks, watch out until these temperatures get up. tomorrow morning, no problems. it is going to be warm enough. heavy rain is also coming tomorrow. and look at the current temperatures across the area. it is fine down south, and 411 in wellesley, and 29 in philadelphia, and look at the 20s in the north and the west, and that is where we will see the icing tonight. let's go in a little bit closer to see in philadelphia the
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temperatures. south philly 27, but northwest, 29, and roxborough is 28. 28 degrees in delaware river canal as we are going farther into chester county, a lot of the 27s here. 24 in coatesville though, and 28 in westchester, and a little bit clo closer to the freezing mark, but not yet there, and chester springs 22 and so those places are going to be seeing some of the icing. now the good thing here is that we are not seeing heavy precipitation in the pink. that would be heavier freezing rain accumulating on the trees and powerlines, and that is not doing to be looking like et would happen, because it is light, and that is a good thing. you can see the rain to the south, and no more snow or rain in sussex county delaware. they had four to five inch of snow, and we have a light freezing rain in and around the philadelphia area, and down toward wilmington and i-95 as we go to traffic, and the delaware
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memorial bridge in the red. that is bad. traveling across the river to new jersey, and the problem not going the other way, but we have an issue there, and look at how the snow changedover to the freezing rain and northwest philly and camden and gloucester county and burlington counties, and still some light snow farther to the north, and now, looking at montgomery and bucks and lehigh valley, and now we will watch it change, but it is going the take a while. there is going to be some icy conditions up here. so i would not necessarily recommend going out, especially in some of the side roads in the night tonight or at least in the evening, and by tomorrow morning, everything is okay. above freezing, everywhere. and now, tomorrow afternoon, we get socked with the heavy rain, and 42 for going up to 42 tonight, and 38 is what we are go ing up north and left, and it
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is going to be taking all night to do that, and rain in the day tomorrow, and some of it heavy, and midday toward the early afternoon, and then we are up to 60 degrees, and cooling down on wednesday, and it is chilly on thursday, an then as we go to the weekend, look at that. temperatures way back into the 50s, and we will be right back.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity, and x1 will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet and it is a bad time
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for the philly pro teams with no playoffs since the flyers two seasons ago, but we have the number one college basketball team in the country right in our area. villanova is voted for a top team for the second straight night and it is a huge showdown tuesday night against temple. the last time they played each other when one of them were number one, is 28 years ago when the owls were number one. the sold out center will be hyped. >> at loft people are talking about it, and the big five with a great tradition. and temple and nova is a big battle. >> we know they will bring it. they are tough, and we are tough, and it is going to be an ugly fight. >> and the owls are playing the best basketball of the season. they beat south florida yesterday and won 8 of 9, and they always pull off a big upset, and tonight at 11:00 we will hear how confident they are. i'm john clark, and getting
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ready for this matchup. >> are are you a big snl fan? >> i love it fwlchlt you will love this tonight at news 10 at 11:00, one-on-one with keenan thompson. keith jones has the exclusive interview with one of "saturday night live's" biggest stars and how he is inspiring philadelphia tonight on nbc 10 news at 11.
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freezing rain coming down in center city, and by 8:00 tonight, glenn, up to 32 and then the temps rising as we go through tomorrow. >> yes, and very often we will see the temperatures drop at night and everything is icy and bad morning rush, and they cancel the schools and the two-hour delay, but not going to happen. it is temperatures going up tonight. you can see the pink which is the freezing rain area, and the snow no the north still, but we will be seeing the rising temperatures all night to 42 degrees by morning. >> what a temperature
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difference. >> yes. >> i'm jack rosenfield. >> i'm jackie london. and we will see you back here tonight. tice scalia prompting a high-stakes showdown. the president vows to nominate a successor. republicans refuse to even consider it. major issues left hanging in the balance. facing trump's fury. the front-runner again threatening to sue ted cruz and taking aim at george w. bush over 9/11. trump's risky attack as the former president hits the trail. hospital bombing. a new horror in syria. medical facilities and schools are hit. children are killed. a massive storm from louisiana to maine. snow and ice in the north. a tornado outbreak hit the south. and heartburn alert. new concerns about prescription meds millions take to treat it linked to kidney disease, now linked to an increase


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