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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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dangerous refreeze. ice scrapers out in allentown tonight. we also found drivers taking it slowly on roads with traces of today's snow. watch your step in old city. nbc 10 found people taking their time on the icy sidewalks. good evening. >> we declared a nbc 10 first alert because of this winter storm and if you take a look at nbc 10 first alert radar right now, you will see we have rain and freezing rain still around. >> tonight we have live team coverage on the conditions in your neighborhood. we begin with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. is there trouble for the morning rush? >> i don't expect any icing for the morning rush. temperatures above freezing by that time but the concern is still right now. we still have a lot of ice around the areas sidewalks, driveways, roads, especially untreated roads and that's what you see with the pink. this is freezing rain. icy roads still occurring right now.
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so we are looking at lower bucks county, parts of philadelphia, even though temperatures are barely above freezing. remember, the untreated roads are still seeing very slippery conditions, the poconos, all the pink, freezing rain and we have already gotten reports of many areas still seeing it giving that layer of ice on those cemented surfaces. for parts of chester county, lancaster county, more freezing rain moving in and mostly north and west of philadelphia and we are seeing mostly light rain in new jersey and delaware. we have pink from washington and baltimore still. that is freezing rain. we are pretty much done with the snow and the temperatures are very important here. philadelphia 33 degrees. even northeast philly, trenton and wilmington, one degree above freezing and areas of ice on the sidewalks and road waes from earlier. in the 20s and for south jersey the 40s here and only expect rain but those temperatures will
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be warming overnight tonight. which means for the commute we don't expect ice. we expect some rain showers around. temperatures by then will be in the 40s, near 50 degrees by 10:00 a.m. and then heavy rain move in later in the day tomorrow and a closer look at the timing of that coming up. check out i-95 in south philadelphia. a stretch like many with snow, freezing rain and soaked with rain tomorrow as temperatures rise. penn-dot says more than 300 trucks deployed to salt and plow the highways for the storm. >> randy gyllenhaal is live in montgomery county. how are things where you are? >> reporter: we pulled this off of our truck. it is ice building through the night. we have got a thin layer of ice on the sidewalk. used to be snow across the ground. it is arguably worse over here in the parking lot of this bank. and that's because of those warmer temperatures. it's allowing the rain to come down and basically freezing on contact with the ground.
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it began as a typical snowfall in delaware county but steve cane and his son knew this storm was rapidly turning to ice. >> turning over now. >> reporter: so they got their salt truck ready, geared up and hit the parking lots of gas stations making a quick buck. >> you can tell it's slick but with this one i think we can keep on salting. >> reporter: by nightfall, many untreated parking lots looked more like this. a steady freezing raincoating the pavement, a slip and slide of ice and slush just as drivers were heading home from work. >> i am very much looking forward to springtime. >> reporter: the roads manageable but tricky. lots of crashes and breakdowns. at the aaa garage in wayne, a steady stream of repairs. while jack's towing in norristown kept busy all night. >> we have been back and forth. sliding around off to the side
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of the road. broken down. >> reporter: it might have been much worse but today was a federal holiday. fewer drivers on the highways, kids home from school. lucky timing but we'll see how this looks come the morning. and if you're going out tonight, expect that ice to be on the streets an the sidewalks and look at when's been building here for the past hour or so. we have been parked. a lot of ice on the trucks and warming up and waiting to see if come tomorrow and people going to work and school if the ice is out here or not. live innardmore, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. skiers in the poconos glad for a fresh coating of powder on this presidents day. we saw a handful of people on the slopes well into the night. air travel plans with a wrench. officials at philadelphia international say 20% of flights canceled and additional delays due to the weather. good news, tomorrow's rise in
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temps should help them get back on schedule. stay ahead of any storm with the nbc 10 app with access to the forecast and sign up for personalized school closings sent straight to your phone. now to breaking news out of east falls tonight. crews on the scene of an apartment complex fire here. officials say about 40 units had to be evacuated. at least three people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. no word on what caused that fire. students hospitalized from a threat many people don't expect now on a college campus. >> we are talking about lsd. the drug sent three students to the hospital at villanueva university and now two students are facing criminal charges. >> denise nakano live at villanueva villanova. what are police telling you? >> reporter: the officials say it was not an issue on the campus for at least the past eight years but it was over the weekend when one student went on the attack and others were sent
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to the hospital. lsd made a brief and dramatic appearance on the campus of villanova university. >> can't believe it. >> reporter: the drug sent several students to the hospital over the weekend. 18-year-old justin naem is charged with 37 tabs and $9,000 cash in the dorm room and investigation led authorities to him after the roommate high on lsd attacked a woman on campus and tussled with officers. >> it is a powering mood altering drug. >> reporter: this special agent knows the drug well. having investigated an lsd drug ring on the campus of drexel in 2012. >> we just don't see it that often here in philadelphia. >> reporter: he says lsd at the bottom of the list coming to drugs of choice on college campuses. but the student arrest and hospitalizations serve as a
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wake-up call for parents. >> we want parents to be aware just because your child attends villanova, this isn't just inner city issue. >> reporter: this freshman sam says two college-aged friends hospitalized within year of each other after taking lsd. >> people still doing it. but it has consequences just like anything else. >> reporter: and those consequences include possible expulsion and jail time. for the two students charged. reporting live, i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. we now know what's making students sick. health officials say noro virus is to blame. another ten students showed symptoms over the weekend. at least 214 got sick and they closed the dining halls last week. classes resumed this morning. tonight, police tell us an elderly man died in this house
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fire in delaware county. sky force 10 this morning, upg see the thick smoke from the home. the fire damaged the house so badly crews had to tear it down. investigators still looking for the cause. in delaware, a dozen families out of their homes after a fire ripped through their apartment complex. a viewer captured flames from the roof of the building. fortunately, no one was injured. the fire of the remains unknown. now, to the latest on the death of supreme court justice on the anyone scalia. a texas judge who said an autopsy should be conducted on the late justice changed her mind. this after she spoke with his doctor who confirmed he had a history of heart trouble and other illnesses. he was found dead in the room at a west texas resort ranch saturday morning. he was 79 years old. and now a political battle is brewing over scalia's
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successor. president obama is starting talks to name a name. one possibility is srinivasan. mitch mcconnell said he won't consider a nomination until the next president takes office. in decision 2016, republican presidential candidate donald trump is ramping up the attacks on rival ted cruz once again. he threatened to file a lawsuit against him over his eligibility to run for the presidency. that's unless the texas senator stops airing what trump calls false ads. >> i will tell you. i have never, ever met a person this lies more than ted cruz. i have never, ever seen anything like it. >> trump had previously said a federal court should determine whether cruz meets the constitutional requirement of being a natural-born citizen. cruz was born in canada to an american mother and legal experts said that he meets the
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requirements. former president george w. bush made a rare public appearance today. he joined his brother jeb at a rally in charleston, south carolina. the former president said he was proud of his brother and urged voters to support a candidate measured and thoughtful on the world stage. >> i'm proud of his candidacy. and i'm really proud to have been invited. i came here for two reasons. one, because i care deeply about jeb. and two, because i care deeply about our country. >> both george h.w. bush and george w. bush carried south carolina in the presidential primaries. democratic side, bernie sanders addressed the flint water crisis campaigning in michigan today. >> i have just met with seven or eight residents of flint, michigan. >> sanders mentioned, he met privately with the residents impacted by the crisis. the senator said the federal government should intervene if state and local government
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cannot protect its citizens and competitor hillary clinton hit the trail in nevada five days ahe of the caucuses there. she attended a get out the caucus event in reno. and spoke about issues like the economy, health care and social security. new jersey governor chris christie will be back in the spotlight tomorrow. just days after ending his presidential run. he's set to deliver the second to last budget address tomorrow in trenton. christie expected to reveal his plans to fund the public pension. the governor suspended the presidential campaign last week after finishing sixth in the new hampshire primary. well, should you need your wife's permission for a prescription for viagra? why a lawmaker says the answer should be yes. really like stepping up and becoming a big colorful character. >> i come on! i messed up. >> one on one with keenan thompson.
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an exclusive interview with the funny man during his trip to philly. the man in the area that paid $300,000 for a license plate and called it a bargain. sheena? well, we have areas of freezing rain, still have areas of ice right now. how much warmer for the morning commute and a heavy round of rain straight ahead.
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thunderous cheers tonight for pope francis, tens of thousands welcomed the pontiff to a soccer stadium in southern mexico. he spoke with families with children suffering from disabilities. the pope denounced the exploitation of the native people of mexico. in kentucky, a new bill would require men to get their wife's permission before getting pills to treat erectile dysfunction dubbed the viagra bill. he needs two doctor visits, permission of a wife and swear
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on a bible he's married but the lawmaker behind the bill says it is only meant to counter a new state law requiring women to get medical counseling 24 hours before an abortion. she admits it has no chance of actually passing. here at home, the franklin institute played host to a panel discussion of vaccines tonight, it's part of the institute's monday night speaker series. former new york governor eliot spitzer under investigation for allegedly assaulting a woman, a source familiar with the investigation telling nbc news spitzer allegedly choked the woman in a room at the plaza hotel and the source said the woman slit her wrists but the injuries were not serious. no charges have been filed. spitzer's camp says the allegations are false. it's been more than a month since three tickets matched aumt
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numbers in that record $1.5 billion powerball jackpot. we could learn the identity of another winner this week. nbc news learned whoever purchased the ticket in florida will come forward wednesday. that ticket is worth $528 million. a tennessee family already came forward to claim their share, a third ticket sold in california and that winner remains a mystery. $325,000, that's how much a delaware man spent for a new license plate. >> you said license plate, right? yes, you did. he says he got a bargain, too. low plate numbers are a hot commodity and the man didn't want to be interviewed an said he'll probably put it on his wife's bmw. it may be a steal considering that delaware plait number 9 went for $700,000 9 years ago. a lot of money for a plate. from comedian to professor, well, sort of.
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>> college got funner ier with "saturday night live" star. the school won the contest. thompson is known for impressions of steve harvey, al sharpton and of course bill cosby. keith jones caught up with him before taking the stage and asked thompson what advice he had for students. >> try to, like, have faith what n what you feel like you're talented in. if you believe in yourself, you can probably make people believe it too, eventually. >> he posed for pictures. of course, you can catch keenan every night here on nbc 10. so funny. >> such a huge talln't. all right. sheena parveen, getting the rain and ice out of here soon i hope. >> we still have a lot of freezing rain believe it or not. it is mostly north and west of
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philadelphia. south jersey temperatures well above freezing. here we look at parts of bucks county. we are still seeing freezing rain and right around buckingham, upper bucks county, spotty in montgomery county. welcome at the freezing rain. allentown, across 476 and 78, untreated roads are not looking good right now. here's burkes county, chester county, the pink is freezing rain. temperatures here are below freezing so when that rain falls and it is rain falling from the sky, it is no longer snow. we could see one area right around parksburg but that's on one of snow and rain falls and hit it is surface and it freezes on contact. creating that layer of ice and what we have seen pretty much all evening long in most of the area. seeing light rain in delaware and could be freezing rain and all this pink moving in is ice still and we still expect it going through the rest of tonight until about after
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midnight and then some changes. looking down to the southeast, all that heavy rain is moving here tomorrow. so by the midding of the day, heavy rain in the fork for the area. show you the timing in a second. temperatures critical. lehigh valley, 27. so any rain falling is freezing on contact. philadelphia a little bit above freezing now. we have some treacherous roads untreated. but in south jersey, 44 in millville. 47 in atlantic city. so from now until tomorrow, the ice will keep changing to rain overnight. by tomorrow morning, for the commute, above 32 degrees. we don't expect icing or refreezing and tomorrow afternoon there will be some heavy rain moving through. here's a look at future weather. north and west where we have the ice, temperatures below freezing. watch going overnight. the temperatures start to warm up. freezing rain turns to just rain. and then by 2:00 in the morning, we'll see everyone pretty much
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above freezing and 6:00 a.m. we don't expect anyone at the freezing mark. and then by the morning commute, close to 60 degrees. by 9:00. light rain around for the morning commute, heavier by lunchti lunchtime. the's heavy rain. by 2:00 p.m., the rain continues to move through and the good news is it is going to clear up for the evening commute. it is windy and a lot of us still nasty weather through the day tomorrow. tonight, though, the ice is changing over to rain. seeing areas of fog. temperatures to the low 40s in philadelphia. and then becoming windy and warmer tomorrow. around 60 degrees. heavy rain, don't forget the umbrella and at least the evening commute nice and dry and temperatures will be above freezing by then. and then we go into the rest of the week. little bit chilly and windy, too. by the weekend, nice and dry around 57 degrees. yon? all right. big week for college basketball
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in philly. coming up, hearing from the tell l owls and villanova set for a rare matchup in the five. that's next.
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hey, i'm john clark. it is a really bad time for philly pro sports teams. no playoffs since the flyers two seasons ago. we have the number one college basketball team in the country in the area. villanova voted today the top team for a second straight week and wednesday night it is a big showdown at temple. the last time these teams played
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each other when one was number 1, 28 years ago. the owls were the top team then so this is very rare and it will be a sold out center on wednesday. >> going to be insane. a lot of people talking about it. it's big five. great tradition. temple andville nora is a very good battle and excited to go up there. >> we know they're going to bring it. they're tough. we're tough. it is an ugly food fight. >> ugly street fight? i love it. the owls playing the best basketball of the season. they have won 8 of 9. you know the owls, think seem to pull off big upsets every year. they've beaten three top 25 teams already this season. >> i think we can beat them. i think it is possible. we took down two ranked teams this season so far so i think we have a great shot going into wednesday. >> i feel like our focus is better coming into the games like that. better opponents and we play
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better. we have to try to win this game to get in the tournament. >> can't wait for wednesday. flyers, fading in february. they're 6 points out of a playoff spot now, lost 5 of the last 6 games, scoring 8 goals in the 5 losses. lost to the rangers yesterday an they need a win. against the devils tomorrow night. >> really liked to have played better ideally honestly. the loss sucks. two big points we needed. you know? but short memories. move on to new jersey. >> unless they turn it around quick, villanova may be the only hope to go far in the postseason. i'm john clark.
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an active day. >> yes. a lot of precip i would say across the area with snow and
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then we had freezing rain which is what we have now and areas with light rain and what you see right now on radar, the peak, that's freezing rain and in fact the freezing rain advisory that had been up and we knew we had freezing rain around is now extended 05:00 a.m. for the lehigh valley. after that, temperatures warm enough to support just any rain falling and not freezing on contact but if you're in the lehigh valley tomorrow morning, be careful driving. tonight, though, temperatures will keep rising. seeing ice change over to rain and fog around, too. look at the temperatures, near 60 degrees and expect it above mo freezing for the morning commute. you may run into bad roads untreated still. going into the rest of the week, we are dry and cool and going into the weekend, 57 degrees saturday and sunday. nice and dry. but i would suggest no traveling for the rest of tonight at least
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if you are north and west of philadelphia because the freezing rain is way too dangerous. >> wild temperature swings. >> yes. >> single digits to 60 tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. have a great night.
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