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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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apartment connected the house. >> reporter: ray's son kevin was not home and no one else was inside. >> didn't hurt anybody and didn't hurt the dog. and didn't cause any other damage other than the house itself. i guess we were lucky. >> reporter: in fiesterville, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. to sky force 10. mitch blacher surveying the damage from the air. >> he is live in philadelphia's holmesburg section. what can you see from your vantage point? >> as the weather starts to clear, i want to take you down into holmesburg. we're hovering above the holmesburg boys and girls club where part of the roof has been completely ripped off. if we zoom out a little bit, you can see the damage that landed in the backyard. we're told that as many as 350 kids in this neighborhood will be affected. their programs canceled. at least until they can repair this damage. lni is on the scene investigating. at this point, we're told there are no injuries.
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we'll be continuing to survey the damage across the area in sky force 10 throughout the 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. live in sky force 10, mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> okay, mitch. and floodwaters left a driver stranded in chester county. take a look at the pictures from route 30 in berwyn. that red car, it isn't moving. the road had to be closed. >> now to nbc 10's ted greenberg live in south jersey. >> how it is where you are, ted? >> reporter: jim and jackie, we're at woodbury height, gloucester county. amazing how it was a couple of hours ago. torrential rain and very strong wind. just take a look at what those winds did to a couple of utility poles. they -- the wind just knocked them right down, blew them over. this is route 45. right where woodbury heights, woodbury, and west deptford all come together. they brought down the utility lines, and the utility lines are lying across route 45, which
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police have closed down here. you can see them right there at the intersection of south evergreen avenue and route 45. directing traffic away from this area. i talked with one of the guys who works here at the napa auto parts. and he says when the storm came through, he thought the wind was going to blow the roof right off. we talked with a convenience store owner nearby in woodbury. and he had a similar account. >> it's crazy. it was a lot of wind. i thought somebody was going to -- the stuff was flying and everything was flying. it's crazy. >> reporter: and when we spoke with him around 2:30, he had been without electricity for already an hour at that point. i just checked with atlantic city electric, npsg and e. about 14,000 customers between those two electric companies still without power in camden and gloucester counties. live in woodbury heights, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. and right now thousands of people in our area are without power because of this quick
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moving storm. at last check, more than 3,000 peco customers are in the dark and more than a thousand ppl customers. and more than 12,000 pse & g customers have no service. and 76 delmarva customers without power this afternoon. first alert, chief meteorologist glen hurricane schwarz is here now with the nbc 10 first alert forecast. >> what a difference a few hours makes, glenn. >> absolutely. we had all the storms, and then they moved very quickly through the area. we're left with a pretty quiet afternoon rush. you can see the roads generally on the dry side. certainly no rain falling any more. we've got breaks of sunshine, especially in the western sky. the visibility is excellent. the live radar showing the last of the light rain showers. way to the east. near the shore. and thing did come through pretty heavy. this is starting at 10:00 this morning. and there is that line that you
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can see moving through. and with that line, that's where we saw the severe weather breaking out. as we go through those couple of hours and each one of those dots are reports of severe weather, all related to the wind pretty much. and a lot of them around the philadelphia area. we still have some flood advisories in effect from the rain that has already fallen in some of the northern counties, advisories until 5:15. farther to the southeast counties in the brighter green until 7:15. there are a few creeks that we're watching in particular. brandywine creek at downingtown just barely at flood stage. a little bit above flood stage at 6:00. the christina river coochs bridge. we're watching other creeks that are fairly close. brandywine, yeoman and crump creek. the temperatures not nearly as warm as they were earlier today when they got up near 60.
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but that's still pretty warm for this time of the year. and we're going to be dropping into the 30s tonight as we clear out. no more rain or snow or ice for a while. we'll tell you when we're going to be seeing a warm-up once again, to near 60 degrees with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. and the nbc 10 news app is the place to go to send us your video or pictures of any damage. tap the app. go to see it, share it, and send us what you have, and we may use it on tv. pennsylvania's embattled attorney general will not run for reelection this year. kathleen kane made the announcement this afternoon just hours before the deadline to submit signatures to make the primary ballot. she said she must be a mother first to her two teenaged sons. kane is facing criminal perjury charges. the state supreme court suspended her law license last fall. from our trenton bureau, governor chris christie is met by mop carrying protests, a
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comment made while on the campaign trail last month. >> i don't know what you expect me to do. you want me to go down there with a mop? >> christie made that comment to a woman who asked why he was campaigning in new hampshire rather than helping with flooding in new jersey. christie suspended his presidential campaign last week. nbc 10's cyndey long is live in trenton where the governor brought his budget proposal to state lawmakers. >> what did he have to say? >> governor christie says the garden state needs to be ready to weather both economic storms and real storms. and in proposing a budget today that is a billion dollars higher than fiscal 2016, he says it will not come with any new taxes. >> i will never stop coming into this chamber and telling the hard truths, the numbers do not lie. >> reporter: governor christie delivered this promise to new jersey taxpayers on youtube late monday night. he hinted at no new taxes and reaching across the aisle, ahead of laying out how new jersey will budget and spend its money,
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beginning july 1. jim is hoping for a trade-off. he would like to see a decrease in new jersey's outrageous property taxes in exchange for paying a few pennies more at the pump. >> i would approve a gas tax myself. the roads are terrible. they're horrendous in places. and a couple cents extra for gas, who cares? as long as the roads are right. >> you listen to some of you in this chamber and some of the folks in the media. you would think that all spending on infrastructure has stopped and that the state is collapsing. it's ridiculous. we have a ttf to reauthorize. my administration continues to examine ways to control tax blow floe and make the most of every tax dollar the ttf spends. >> reporter: for tony, he wants christie to right what is wrong with new jersey's broken benefits and pension system once and for all. >> i feel for these people. after you work 20 or 30 years, you know, you want your money that was promised, you know.
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>> on pensions, we're proposing to make a $1.9 billion contribution to the state's pension funds. this is $550 million more than last year, and in fact it's the largest contribution in new jersey history. >> reporter: and those protesters that were angry about the governor's comments after flooding at the shore during the january blizzard, they stayed dry from today's rain, mopping the seal on the front of the state house steps. we did speak to them, why they say they will not put up with dirty politics. you'll hear what they have to say coming up at 6:00. live in trenton, cyndey long, nbc 10 news. police in bucks county have a mystery on their hands after a woman was found dead on the side of a road. the woman's body was found off mill road in bensalem. not clear how the woman ended up there. but investigators tell us they do not believe she was hit by a car. they say there are no obvious signs of trauma. we'll stay on top and bring you any updates as we get them. meantime, new information this afternoon on the death of a woman whose body was found in a
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recycling bin in allentown. autopsy results this afternoon confirm she was shot several times. her body was found in the container behind an apartment complex on east tilman street. police are investigating this as a homicide, and they're working to identify the victim. police are investigating after a man pulls a gun on a group of men in center city, sending one of the victims to the hospital. that incident happened near the corner of 15th and locust streets just before 1:00 this morning. police say the victim was shot in the forearm and taken into surgery. at last check, was listed in critical condition. the suspectr>íq fled the scene foot. anyone with information is asked to call police. community activists say oil trains are a threat to minority and low income neighborhoods in philadelphia. their report released today shows that these groups are more likely to live dangerously close to tracks if an oil train derails. the study says that puts their health and safety at risk. activists say the problem could get worse if plans to expand the
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pef refinery in south philadelphia goes through. a tanker of crude oil nearly toppled over the bridge in january 2014. seven cars from the csx freight train derailed. csx says faultily work on the tracks caused the accident. from our south jersey bureau, several people are recovering after inhaling fumes at a verizon building in camden this morning. firefighters responded around 8:30 and smelled an odor that made them dizzy. three of them and a maintenance man went to a nearby hospital. the building was evacuated while it aired out. but crews are still trying to figure out the source of those fumes. teenager in chester county stayed calm enough to record a road rage incident as it was happening. and now police have arrested a man for harassing the teenager and his father. scott sanford is charged with assault and terroristic threats. police say he was tailgating another car, almost hit it. and then when everyone pulled over, police say he jumped from his car with a baton. police made the arrest after watching the video.
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new surveillance video shows a man knocking a woman to the ground while holding a gun to her chest. this happened inside angel spirit deli on rising sun avenue february 7th. the suspect grabs her purse and her car keys before he takes off in her honda accord. she is okay. but now police hope this clear shot of the suspect will help identify him. sky force 10 above a row house fire in the 3000 block of north water street hooked to the intersection of indiana. here is how it looks from the street. it took about 10 minutes for firefighters to bring that under control. some elected officials in redding fear the iconic pagoda atop mt. penn could be in jeopardy. city officials are checking out reports that a retaining wall at the base of the pagoda is degrading. the wall of the redding landmark was repaired several years ago. but some say stones have since fallen out. city engineers say the building built back in 1908 is secure,
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anchored to the bedrock below with 10 tons of bolts. some criminals in pennsylvania will now have a clean slate thanks to a new law. governor tom wolf signed a bill today allowing people to have their criminal records wiped away if they serve their time and avoid trouble for several years. the legislation only applies to nonviolent third and second degree misdemeanors. supporters say the law will help people who have had trouble finding work because of their troubled history. the house of a mob boss could soon be given the same honors of the water works in belmont mansion. angelo bruno was shot to death in a car parked outside his house in 1980. he allegedly ran the philly mob in the '60s and '70s. now the snyder avenue house has been nominated to become an official landmark with the city's historical commission. a local historian who nominated the row house say it's worthy because of the illegal activity that happened inside helped pass
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laws to help fight organized crime. bruno's daughter still lives there and has it on the market. pope francis is visiting the heart of mexico's drug trafficking country today. the pontiff celebrated mass with thousands this morning at a stadium in morelia in central mexico. he urged priests not to surrender themselves to a country dominated by drug-fueled violence and corruption. and here is a live look right now from morelia, where the pope is visiting that city's cathedral and receiving that city's key from the mayor. people getting as many pictures as they can. at 5:30, he will speak with catholic youth before returning to mexico city later tonight. boutros boutros-ghali, the former united nations secretary general has died. boutros-ghali was an egyptian diplomat who served as the head of the u.n. during the mid-'90s. he was 93 years old. world health officials say the zika virus is so serious,
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they will consider almost anything to stop it from spreading. that means they will consider controversial options like using genetically modified mosquitos. but environmentalists worry the genetically modified approach could harm the ecosystem. the virus is linked to birth defects that cause babies to be born with abnormally small heads. back here at home now. to our delaware bureau, where two firefighters made a daring rescue. first responders jumped into this partially frozen creek without wet suits to save a woman who was trapped inside this car. the car flipped in the water from creek road during last night's snow and ice. tim furlong spoke to parents of the woman, the parents of the woman, as well as the firefighters who rescued her. and he'll have his story coming up later at 4:55. to sky force 10 and nbc 10's mitch blacher, surveying damage from the air from this weather we're having. >> he joins us now with more. mitch? >> guys, you're looking at five new row homes that were under
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construction in port richmond near belgrade and cambria streets. they have some pretty significant damage, and in fact some of them completely have collapsed. you see those crews trying to clean up the damage, the mess. a lot of work left to do. we're told that lni is on the scene, investigating. no injuries reported at this time. and traffic is continuing to pass by as the area has been cordoned off. we'll continue to look at the damage throughout the entire area in the rest of this newscast as well as the 5:00 and 6:00ment for now we're live in sky force 10, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> appreciate it, mitch. one of the busiest roads in our area is back open after a penndot truck created a traffic mess this morning. sky force 10 over the backup along route 202 in chester county. the penndot truck hit a power line, knocking it on to the road. here is another look at those backups from the ground. yeah, nobody moving. the accident closed 202 in both
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directions between route 401 and route 252. fortunately no one was hurt there. and icy roads to blame for a pileup in lackawanna county early this morning. eight tractor-trailers and three vehicles were involved. a five-mile stretch was closed north of scranton. no one was seriously hurt, though. and thankfully that icy freezing weather has moved out. >> it was so scary. we've had a rough couple of days. glenn joining us with more. >> we had snow. we had ice. we had rain. thnd we had heavy rain and thunderstorms and severe weather. and now it's all moved out. we still have some leftover damage, as you just saw. and a few places getting some flooding. generally on the minor side. we do have cooler days ahead. for the next couple. but a warm weekend. it is going to be so different than what we saw this past weekend. we have brightening conditions,
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even though it's mostly cloudy. some sun in the distance. 52 degrees. the wind is west-southwest at 16. and it has been gusting up well over 50 miles an hour and close to 60 miles per hour in some spots earlier today as that line moved through. we're in the upper 40s north and west. even 41 in mount poconos. so it's not very chilly. even behind this cold front that came through dur stg day today. we were up near 60 before. so we have dropped. but we have dropped the temperatures that are still kind of mild for this time of the year. and this is camelback. and they've had a rough going. they had some ice and then some rain last night. and then some real heavy rain this afternoon. and the warm temperatures too. not a pretty sight. and look at these temperature differences. 20 to 30 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. that is quite a change. and the wind has changed too.
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when we were seeing the strong wind gusts today, it was out of the southeast. now the wind has turned into the west. we're gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. but no longer 40 to 50 miles an hour like we were earlier. there is the rain at 10:00 this morning. and it moved in fast. and it moved out fast. that line of storms at one point was moving at 60 to 70 miles an hour. that's how you get wind gusts that strong. and the last of the rain is just moving offshore right now. it's just moved off of atlantic city. and that is it. for a while. now the temperatures are going to go down a bit tonight. and just barely below freezing north and west there could be some icy spots tomorrow morning. but there is not going to be i don't think widespread icing. you've got to watch out. the driveways and the sidewalks and that kind of thing. and then tomorrow afternoon, we jump up into the mid-40s, which
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is about average for this time of the year. then it starts getting a little bit colder tomorrow night. and into thursday. and then it starts warming up again. partly cloudy skies tonight. it's going to turn cooler, 33 by morning in philadelphia. 29 north and west again. a few icy spots. and then during the day tomorrow, breezy, not nearly as windy as today, and cooler with a mix of sun and clouds. high temperatures averaging in the mid-40s. and the seven-day forecast, there is the coldest day on thursday. by friday, the clouds increase. then we have a chance of some showers late in the day, or at night. but it's not a cold front. that's a warm front. look how warm it gets on saturday. 59 degrees, and most likely dry. and another winner on sunday. and remember this past weekend, we have windchills below zero there is two days way gallup the 50s. and even on monday, we have near
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50-degree temperature. and then by tuesday and wednesday of next week, then we have a chance of a coastal storm with some rain and/or snow. >> and we are not the only ones dealing with wild weather. because we're following a developing weather story in the south. >> tornadoes have touched down in florida. and it's produced a must-see piece of video. the discovery amid the debris and the human chain that resulted next. plus -- >> looking into his eyes, it's like looking into the eyes of the devil. >> major mistake. a homeowner comes face-to-face with a robber. but the item that the thief left behind that could make this case is a simple one to solve.
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. this is nbc 10 news. >> hallelujah! [ applause ] >> volunteers here jumped into action in florida this morning to help rescue workers pull a
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woman from her tornado damaged house. the group formed a human chain there to pull the unconscious woman free. the workers first had to dig around the woman using tools, even their hands. the tornado tore through about ten houses near century, florida. elsewhere, a homeowner came face-to-face with the barrel of a gun when a suspect ransacked his home. >> now a surprising clue could leave police in california to that robber. the victim ran into his bedroom, locked the door and called 911 during the home invasion. when it was safe to come out, he went to the kitchen and found the suspect's cell phone charging on the counter. the victim says he is just lucky to be alive. >> just looking into his eyes, it's like looking into the eyes of the devil. i got away and got into this room. but for those few seconds, my life flashed before my eyes. >> the suspect also left behind wet clothes and a soda bottle. and he used hot dogs from the fridge to keep the homeowner's pet pit bull away.
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>> left behind a few pieces of evidence. >> yes, he did. we're following a developing weather story. >> parts of the area have been slammed by storms rolling through the area. now we're getting our first look at some of the damage left behind. plus, nbc 10 first alert glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a look at what is headed our way, next. >> from snow and ice to rain and wind. now we're feeling a lot warmer. but how long is it going to stay this way? break it all down for you in my first alert forecast.
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nbc 10 fist alert weather breaking news. >> and take a look at the damage left behind by this afternoon's thunderstorms. this tree toppled right on to a house in feasterville, bucks county. fortunately, we're told no one here was hurt. but a big cleanup obviously ahead for these homeowners. a bad day to forget the
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umbrella. this guy forced to do without as he went about his day in trenton. even with protection from the rain, the strong winds out there didn't make it easy at all. the worst has passed. here is a live look at i-95 in wilmington. skies brightening a bit and roads looking dry. traffic moving along okay. what a difference a day can make. >> absolutely. the mercury is rising after a 24-hour stretch that brought snow, wind and whipping winds. >> what can you see from the advantage point, mitch? >> hey, guys, we are just outside of westville in gloucester county. just along route 45. i want to take you out to what we were seeing as we were flying over. this is just a little bit of some of this damage. tree down into two cars in someone's backyard. just a really good example of the sheer power of the wind. as we continue to survey everywhere from port richmond to
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holmesburg to out here in westville. we're seeing pretty intermittent damage. and we're going to continue to investigate and look along state road 45 where there were some reports of poles and trees down. so far this is the first sign of that damage that we have seen. we'll continue to take a look and bring you the latest from sky force 10. for now life in sky force 10, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> okay, mitch, we'll chaac check back you. >> first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back now. >> what are we in for tonight, glenn? >> things are calming down. you certainly wouldn't have been able to fly a few hours ago. that's an indication that the winds in the atmosphere are getting lighter and lighter by the hour. we're also seeing a little bit of brightness in the sky. the visibility certainly is excellent right now. and the rain has pretty much moved offshore. and that's it. but boy, do we have a good bit of it coming through. it came through fast.
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and it came through hard. you can see that line of red. that's the line that produced that wind damage that you were just seeing. and you saw earlier. it all happened right at the same time. all of those dots there are reports of strong winds or wind damage. and it all occurred within a half hour. and so now we have some flood advisories for parts of pennsylvania, new jersey. some of the western suburbs as well. we have some issues with some creek flooding. brandywine creek is at flood stage. it's going a little bit above flood stage. the christina river was above flood stage but the water is receding. and some other creeks that we'll be watching. they're going to be close to flood level. but fortunately, this moved through fast enough that it limited the total amount of rain that was going to fall. it also caused the temperatures to get knocked down. and they're going to be going
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down some more as we head through the night down into the 30s. but things calming down. we'll see when it's going to be uncalm again. more storminess in the seven-day forecast. that's coming with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> no rest just yet. glenn, thank you. pennsylvania's embattled attorney general will not run for reelection this year. kathleen kane made the announcement today as she continues to fight charges. nbc 10 was in scranton to hear kane make that announcement. she also spoke to the attorney general afterwards. did she give a reason for this decision, deanna? >> reporter: well, she is citing that it's because of her family. she says that her two boys are growing and they need her at home because now she is a single mother. after the announcement, we were given or told that we would be given 10 to 15 minutes with the attorney general. but as we started to begin asking about the criminal charges against her, our time was cut down to seven minutes. and we were asked to leave. >> my legacy is that we have done all of these great things
4:33 pm
in the office of the attorney general. >> reporter: as attorney general kathleen kane says she was focused on, quote, cleaning up harrisburg. but now her kids need her more. she will not run for reelection as attorney general. she is charged with crimes relating to a grand jury leak in montgomerie county and has been making public what she calls racist, pornographic and misogynistic e-mails found on state servers and has brought in a special prosecutor to comb through the charges. >> when is the last time you spoke with the special prosecutor? >> that's a good question. i'm not really sure. >> reporter: despite the suspension of her law license, the announcement is about family. >> today's decision is really more about the fact that you're facing criminal charges, your campaign cannot raise the money you need to run and defend the charges as well? >> today's decision is about family. today's decision is about the fact that i have been in this office for three years. my sons were 8 and 9 when i decided to run. and now they're growing older. >> reporter: we were promised 10 to 15 minutes with kane. but once we moved into the criminal probe, kane's adviser began limiting the questions.
4:34 pm
and as we tried to ask more? >> wait, wait, wait. i've got other people. everybody has things to do. do your cutaway and then we're done. >> reporter: and that was the end of the interview with the attorney general. now she says she is not resigning. she will not leave office early. but she will leave when her term is up, not seek reelection. she did not endorse any of the candidates running to fill her seat, simply saying she wishes them luck. reporting live in scranton, deanna durante they, nbc 10 news. happening now, a northeast philadelphia charter school is holding its annual admissions lottery. this is a live look at mass community charter school where more than 8,000 students have applied to fill just 99 open spots. mass community charter is a stem school which means it focuses on teaching students about science, technology, engineering and math. one national company recently named it the top charter school in pennsylvania. so what exactly are charter schools? well, they are independently operated public schools that get their funding from tax dollars, but they seek to provide more
4:35 pm
educational alternatives for children. families must choose to enroll their kids in a charter school. more than 90 thousand students are currently enrolled in public charter schools all across pennsylvania. up next, fighting cancer with cola. >> it's a common medical challenge for people battling lung cancer. now research shows patients may be able to look to soda to solve it. the story straight ahead.
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help for people being treated for lung cancer could come from a can of coke. doctors say many people taking the drug for it must also take antacids. but they can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. so researchers asked people to try tossing back eight ounces of classic coke along with her meds. and it seems to work, allow mortgage of that drug to get absorbed into the body. turning back time can kill your iphone. manually chaining an iphone,
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ipod, ipod touch to may 1970 or earlier can prevent the device from turning on after a restart. apple hasn't explained a reason for the bug, but an upcoming software update will prevent that. still to come, he is the greatest slugger in phillies history. >> recently he put on a hitting clinic. and only our cameras were there. >> we were taught as hitters to hit the fastball and hit it out front of home plate. >> mike schmidt sharing his secrets of hitting. you'll get more of them, plus his thoughts on the 2016 phils as our spring training preview continues, coming up. it has been a wild 24 hours. we've seen snow and ice and that rain and wind. it's all being replaced by milder temperatures. so how long is that going to stick around? i'll have your answer in the first alert forecast.
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there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. >> that's berks county native taylor swift giving a shout out to young girls and possibly a slam to kanye west during her acceptance speech at the grammys last night. in kanye's new song he talks making her famous after interrupting her at the 2009 mtv video awards which prompted a social media firestorm. swift, who spent part of her childhood has two grammys winning the top prize for 1989. she also won for best pop vocal album. and music video. bruno mars for record of the year with uptown funk. song of the year went to ed sheeran for thinking outloud.
4:44 pm
and meghan train nor won for best new artist. phillies and catchers report to spring training tomorrow. >> one of the guest instructors will be the greatest philly of them all, john schmidt. >> john clark is joining was more on that in this nbc 10 exclusive. >> he is in our comcast sportsnet newsroom. >> you would think we would all get better at baseball if we were being taught by schmidty. we have seen ryan howard, jimmy howard and chase utley light up at spring training when mike schmidt would share hitting tips with them. so imagine the thrill when phillies fans got to learn from schmidty. our nbc 10 cameras were there for this exclusive. >> i came up in an era, at a time when we were taught as hitters to hit the fastball and hit it out front of home plate. >> reporter: mike schmidt hit more home runs than any player in phillies history. but when the hall of famer talked hitting with fans at phillies fantasy camp in florida, he explained that hitting today is more challenging than when he played.
4:45 pm
>> back then, most pitchers had two pitches. very few pitchers threw 90-plus miles an hour. so it's a whole different ball game for the young men playing baseball right now. >> reporter: it is also a different era with players salaries. last year the average major leaguer made over $4 million. >> the incentive to be a great hitter is not what it used to be. when i played, i challenged myself to be the best hitter, the best player in the game every year. >> reporter: on this day, schmidty encouraged campers. >> good job. nice. >> reporter: and he offered his take on what would make the phillies' 2016 season a success. >> i guess if the phillies finished 500th this coming year, to some degree, some would consider that a success. >> i think we all would actually. tomorrow we'll hear more from
4:46 pm
schmidty on maiquel franco. he sets a high bar and fellow third baseman. that's tomorrow on nbc 10. i'm john clark, and we'll see you at 5:00 for another story as well. >> all right, john, thanks a lot. nbc 10 of course your home for the phillies home opener on april 11th. join us for a pregame special, welcome home phillies starting at 2:00. it's followed by the first pitch at 3:00, only on nbc 10. go back up to sky force 10 and nbc 10's mitch blacher is surveying some damage from the weather from the air. >> he is live in gloucester county. you see a lot of damage before. what are you looking at now, mitch? >> guys, this is some of the most impressive damage we've seen. i want to take you down to gloucester city high school. you see the sheer power of the storm that passed through. those are -- that's part of a scoreboard from the high school. and if you -- if we can pan over a little bit to the left, to the north, you can also see that a large billboard, very large billboard next to the highway is
4:47 pm
also down. a police officer is blocking off the area. you can see just the sheer force of this storm and how it affected a lot of the broadside large items that are out and throughout the area here in gloucester county. we're live in sky force 10, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, all of that rain and wind is long gone. we still have some of that damage. we still have a little bit of flooding. we'll talk more about that. and we have some cooler days ahead. especially on thursday. but then a warm weekend. so different from the weekend we just had. the skies are bright. the visibility is excellent. it's going to be a nice sunset, because clearing to the west. 52 degrees right now. the wind west-southwest at 16 miles an hour. it's 26 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. at blue mountain, it's a pretty
4:48 pm
picture here. but they got roughed up with a lot of rain. and a lot of warm weather over the last 24 hours. 38 in mount pocono now. dropping down, to be able to make snow again pretty soon. it's 44 in redding and coatesville. 45 at quakertown and blue bell. 44 in kenneth square. 47 washington township. 50 degrees in mount holly and wrights town. 51 in trenton. everybody's got that west wind now. it's swifted completely. it was coming out of the southeast earlier today. and it was gusting up over 50 miles an hour. in some places, that line of heavy rain came through. we're 20 to 30 degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. we were getting some icing on the roads. and that -- with a dryer west wind coming in, 20 to 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts as it compared to what we saw earlier today. and this is what we saw earlier
4:49 pm
today. just a huge area of solid area of rain. some of it on the heavy side. this is that line that eventually is going to race through the area. that was moving as fast as anything moves around here. 60, 70 miles an hour. so that's just proof that winds higher up in the atmosphere are really strong, and all it took was a little bit to bring some of the winds to the surface. and now it's all offshore, and that's the end of that, for the rain for a while. and we could use that we still have a little bit of flooding. let's show you some of the areas. watching brandywine creek. it is at flood stage. and it's going to be just a touch above flood stage. the christina river in delaware, the water receding. a little bit above flood stage. and a few other places that we're watching, including perkiomen creek, grenade wine creek, some of the usual spots. they're very close to flood levels. but the rain moved out fast enough to prevent anything
4:50 pm
really serious. now we have temperatures going down into the 30s tonight. in some places below freezing. so there could be a few icy spots. but we're not talking about really hard freeze or anything like what we saw over the weekend. and tomorrow temperatures getting into the mid-40s. close to average for this time of the year. 33 for the low in philadelphia tonight. 29 north and west. then during the day tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds. a breezy day. but not as windy today. and then it's even colder on thursday, before we start warming up. a chance of showers on friday. nothing too heavy. and then what a weekend. temperatures way up in the 50s. and then the chance of a coastal system next tuesday to bring snow and/or rain. >> all right. in that cold weather we were having, some local firefighters being hailed as heroes this afternoon. >> at first glance, the situation did not look good. a car ends up plunging into an icy creek. we hear from one man who helped pull that driver to safety. @o
4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
look at what rescuers found this morning in new castle county. a car half submerged in this icy creek, an 18-year-old woman trapped inside. what happened next has her parents thanking firefighters this afternoon. those firefighters jumped right into the freezing waters to save that trapped teenager. that's after she crashed into the waters off creek road near snuff mill road in yorklyn. tim furlong tracked down one of the rescuers today. he is live. >> tim, so many questions come to mind. first of all, how it happened, how long she might have been there. what have you been able to learn about the rescue? >> it's funny you say that about 7:30 this morning, i really got the first reports of a car
4:55 pm
flipped into the creek. and i had this gut feeling that i was going to be covering a tragedy today. i'm happy to tell you tonight i was completely wrong. creek road is curvy and dangerous in nice weather. early this morning it was slushy and slippery. 18-year-old emily ernest remembers the ride to school and the very moment her honda accord slid off the road and slipped into the red clay creek. a passerby called 911. emily was probably in the icy water for almost 15 minutes. >> she was frantic. hypothermia was setting in. so she was scared. >> reporter: the firefighters didn't hesitate. they went right into the creek. fortunately the car lodged itself against a rock in the water. it probably saved emily's life because it kept her face above the water line. we found the car at the towing lot. it is beat up and waterlogged. so is emily, but she is already back at home. she has a concussion. but her dad tells me she will be okay. even firefighters say she is a very lucky young woman. >> somebody was definitely watching over her today.
4:56 pm
>> and emily's mom agrees with that. she just sent me an e-mail. she told me she thanks everyone who helped save her daughter, the police, the paramedics, the passersby, the paramedics, everyone that called for help and certainly waited there for her with her until help arrived. it was certainly a trying day for them. emily is back home. that's the amazing part. she is already back home from the hospital, getting some rest. we're live, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> kind of ending we like to hear. >> yes. very good. coming up next, an all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," thousands of students want to get in, but there are only 99 spots. >> we'll show you why families are so desperate to get their children into a local charter school. plus, we're live in the air and on the ground with weather damage from across the region. "nbc 10 news at 5" is next.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
trees down and thousands of power outages, heavy rain and strong winds have caused damage like this across the region tonight. live team coverage starts right now on "nbc 10 news at 5." this is what you saw if you were out on the schuylkill expressway earlier today. barely any visibility with all of that heavy rain falling. >> listen to that wind. this is in deptford township, gloucester county. you can see the wind whipping the tree branches around this afternoon. in philadelphia, the winds toppled this set of scaffolding right on top of a car snapped by
5:00 pm
a viewer in fairmount. >> let's go to ted greenberg for a look at more damage. >> he is joining us at woodbury heights, gloucester county. what have you found? >> jim and jackie, when we last talked with you, we had bright sunshine that has changed. clouds have moved in. an overcast sky. but this situation on the ground has not changed. quite a mess left over from this afternoon's vicious storm that rolled through south jersey, really tore through south jersey. you can see the utility polls. they look like they were snapped like toothpicks, lying on the ground. and they brought down the utility lines which are now lying across route 45 here in woodbury heights. and right across the street on theeer side is woodbury west deptford down the street. and the folks who are working here in napa auto part across the street were really taken by surprise wheth


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