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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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a viewer in fairmount. >> let's go to ted greenberg for a look at more damage. >> he is joining us at woodbury heights, gloucester county. what have you found? >> jim and jackie, when we last talked with you, we had bright sunshine that has changed. clouds have moved in. an overcast sky. but this situation on the ground has not changed. quite a mess left over from this afternoon's vicious storm that rolled through south jersey, really tore through south jersey. you can see the utility polls. they look like they were snapped like toothpicks, lying on the ground. and they brought down the utility lines which are now lying across route 45 here in woodbury heights. and right across the street on theeer side is woodbury west deptford down the street. and the folks who are working here in napa auto part across the street were really taken by surprise when that storm rolled
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through. >> just got like really, really black. and honestly, it sounded like the roof was going to come off. and my guy behind me said those phone calls look like they're going to fall over. and they've got the solar panels. it acted like a sail and lifted them out of the ground and they fell over. i called them. these cars are trying to drive around and over the top of it. it was really bad. >> and a san diegans situation that rod baker was just describing. he said that he called 911 to get police here. and they are still here. they have the road closed off here at route 45 in south evergreen avenue right on the border of woodbury and woodbury heights. waiting for utility crews to get here to clean up this mess so they can get the road back open again. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> let's get a few from above. mitch blacher joining us above camden county. mitch, what do you see now? >> hey, guys. we're seeing a lot of blocks
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that are just blocked off as power lines have come down. you've within updating people on the power outages throughout our newscast. here is a good look down at brooklawn park and browning road, that intersection where power lines have come down in this neighborhood. police are blocking off both ends of this street. we've seen this a couple of times throughout camden and gloucester county as we've been flying over new jersey. and if you pan out just a little bit more, you can see a little bit of damage on a roof. he we also noticed this about a minute ago that a tarp over a roof. this is the kind of damage that we're seeing over new jersey. some power lines down. some roof damage, and certainly some trees down. that's the latest from sky force 10. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> and take a look at this mess. the storm brought a giant tree down on the to a house in bucks county. nbc 10 on the scene in feasterville. ray angle tells us he is lucky he wasn't hurt. >> i was standing back there.
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dummy. i should have moved out of the way. i was under the eve, and it hit the corner and smashed everything down and went across the whole roof. >> along with people spared by the falling tree, four vintage cars, and assorted tents in the driveway were also unscathed. this was the scene two hours in conshohocken river road. almost completely under water. you see drivers crossing the center yellow line just to get around that huge puddle. let's get right to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. that wild weather finally has moved out of the area. >> yeah, in a way. it's a good thing it was moving so fast because we didn't get as much flooding. the fact that it was moving so fast helped cause some of that wind damage. you see the camera is shaking a little bit here as we see the rush hour, i-95 in south philly. traffic moving along just fine. the visibility a whole lot better than it was at this time yesterday. same story with the philadelphia skyline. we see brightness in the background. looks like we're going to have a pretty nice looking sunset out
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there. we have nothing left on the radar. it's about time. we had heavy rain moving in late this morning. in the philadelphia area, even earlier in some other places. and you see that line of the red? that's a heavy rain. it's also a signifier of the strong, gusty winds that came across. and as soon as it did, reports of the damage starts coming in. each one of those dots of representation of either a very strong wind gust or wind damage. a lot of them in the philadelphia area. and as you saw, just across parts of south jersey. we still have a few flood advisories. the water slow to come down. but it didn't quite get into areas where it was really serious flooding. we are at flood stage in brandywine creek. but the crest about a foot above flood stage. and at the christina river, water receding. and watching some of these other
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creeks fairly close. but didn't quite go over the banks for the most part. temperatures near 50 degrees or in the 40s right now. we've got a lot colder air on the way, but nothing like this past weekend. that's with the seven-day in a few minutes. right now 5:00, a school lottery that can change lives. that lottery determines which students can attend the successful charter school in philadelphia. >> only 99 openings. more than 8,000 applied. lauren is live. >> you sat through the stressful process with all of the families as they got the good news or the bad news for some, right? >> reporter: yeah, jim and jacqueline, they're cleaning up here right now. but just a few minutes ago, this room was filled with parents and with students and with a lot of tension as they waited to find out whether they would sort of beat those odds you just mentioned and get their children in to this school. today we went to find out just
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what makes this school so special. at mass immunity charter school, learning about technology and robotics starts early. >> they're call dancing birds. >> reporter: so what are they going to learn from this? >> they're learning how all the different pieces work. >> reporter: susan mosher teaches technology to kids as young as kindergarten. >> robotics in kindergarten looks like basic startup. gear, cans, motors, axles. >> reporter: so for second grader payton, it was a piece of cake to program these birds to sing for us. thousands of parents are clamoring to get their kids in here. the school where high schoolers use 3-d technology to even make a model of a reporter. but it wasn't always that way. >> one of the biggest elements is why are we losing students from eighth grid to high school? and so by rebranding our technology electives, we have gaming design. we have design in tech. >> reporter: i talked to ceo john sawyer in the school's media center. >> we opened our media center four years ago.
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and that was our first big movement towards branding something that was different. >> reporter: high school spots are now in demand, as well as seats for elementary students who are already learning programing. did you learn this stuff when you that age? >> i did not learn this stuff when i was that age. >> reporter: i did not learn that stuff when i was that age either. i think i would still like to learn. but remember that 3-d printer? well, check this out. this is me. they made this today for me in that classroom. high schoolers. pretty amazing stuff. coming up at 6:00, we're going to show you some of the reactions, the emotional reactions to what happened here today. live in northeast philadelphia, i'm lauren make, nbc 10 news. >> you can make some money selling those trinkets. happening right now, leaders are trying to decide if they should approve more charter schools in philadelphia. the school reform commission will hear from 12 groups tonight. members will then vote to approve or deny their applications. if you're wondering what a
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charter school, it's a free school open to kids in any neighborhood. but you have to win a lottery to get. in it is not run by the philadelphia school district. however, they do receive funding from the city. so critics argue they're taking resources from public schools. now we reached out to mayor jim kenny's office, and the office told us the mayor does not support additional charters until the city gets reimbursement from the state. right now at 5:00, denied. that's what a montgomery county judge said today about a motion filed by bill cosby's lawyers. the comedian's attorneys asked that a point of law be decided before the case moves forward. the judge ruled that was unnecessary. that means cosby's preliminary hearing in his sexual assault case will go forward. he is due in court march 8th. protesters with mops in tow cleaned up the steps of the new jersey state house while governor chris christie gave his budget address. the mops are a reference to a comment he made on the campaign trail in new hampshire last month. a woman asked him why he was
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speaking at a town hall rather than helping with flood victims at the shore? christie suspended his presidential campaign last week. the governor proposed a $34.8 billion budget with no new taxes, and he invited the democrat-led legislature to work with him on the state's biggest issues. one south jersey man says he wants christie to right what is wrong with the state's broken benefits and pension system. >> i feel for these people. after you work 20 or 30 years, you know? you want your money that was promised, you know? >> another south jersey man wanted to see a decrease in what he called the state's outrageous property taxes in exchange for paying a few more pennies at the pump. democrats said they wanted to set the record straight. assembly speaker vincent prieta said when you talk about accomplishments, sometimes you talk about talking about some of the other things. i did hear a lot of things about poverty and helping people, but he neglected also to say that under his watch we have the most
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children in poverty, over 800,000. after months of questions, we finally have an answer. kathleen kane will not run for reelection as attorney general. she made that announcement today just hours before the state's filing deadline. she faces criminal charges, but made no mention of that today. coming up, nbc 10 speaks to kane one-on-one. what she says was behind her decision, and the question that prompted her to stop our interview. that's coming up at 5:30. also tonight, they were on stage when shots rang out in paris and now they're ready to perform again. >> i don't know why god picked us to be the band. but i'm grateful for it. i really am. >> the eagles of death metal return to paris tonight. how the attacks changed their lives and their position on guns. plus, does donald trump, he is asked about the conspiracy theory surrounding justice scalia's death. and he didn't exactly deny it. we're going to show you what he said.
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plus, more weather damage from around the region. the local boys and girls club that might need a new roof. that's next on "nbc 10 news at 5."
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the band eagles of death metal performed in paris today since the first time since that terrorist attack unfolded at one of their concerts. the california rockers took the
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stage at the olympia concert hall with their front man telling the crowd bon soir, paris. last fall the show turned into a bloodbath. it was one of several places targeted that day. survivors of the attack were given free tickets to the show. the band's frontman, jesse hughes says he is still struggling to come to terms with what happened. in an interview with french television, the long-time gun rights activist said the country's gun restrictions made it easier for the terrorists. >> i think the only way my mind has been changed is maybe until nobody has guns, everybody has to have them. because i don't ever want to see anything like this happen again. and i want everyone to have the best chance to live. and i saw people die that maybe could have lived. i don't know. >> hughes also thanked the band's fans for their outpouring of support. today we're getting a look at the supreme court tribute to justice antonin scalia.
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these photos show black roll draped over his chair. the court bench and it's part of a court tradition that dates back to the 19th century. scalia sat to the right of john roberts in a seat given to the senior justice. he died over the weekend. and republican presidential candidate donald trump is weighing in on a new conspiracy theory surrounding the late justice, specifically, that he may have been murdered. trump appeared on radio show the savage nation today where host michael savage called for an investigation into scalia's death. he wants to know whether he had been murdered. it's a theory that trump didn't exactly refute when savage asked him about it. trump said in part they say they found a pillow on his face, which is a pretty unusual place to find a pillow. i can't tell you what. i can't give you an answer. you know, usually i like to give you answers. but i literally just heard it a little while ago. end quote. a texas judge had called for an
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autopsy to be conducted on scalia, but changed her mind after talking to his doctor. he confirmed the 79-year-old justice had a history of heart trouble and other illnesses. in south carolina, it was just four days to go until the republican primary. it is a two-tiered contest. trump versus cruz at the top with the others fighting to stay alive. nbc national correspondent steve handelsman has the latest on the race for the white house. >> we love south carolina. let's go. >> reporter: donald trump in greenville today at a rally in augusta, trump called up a supporter. >> donald trump, you're the best we got by far. >> reporter: he is leading by 1 in south carolina polls. >> so let's go get them. >> reporter: to survive past saturday's primary, jeb bush needs trump scene as a joke. >> i'll be a commander in chief. not a agitator in chief, not a blowhard in chief. >> reporter: in the state with so many active duty and retired military, ted cruz promised a bigger u.s. fighting force. >> with greater capacity to take on our adversaries.
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let me be clear. we will not go picking fights around the globe. >> reporter: marco rubio picked a fight, charging cruz voted against military expansion. >> he has been very weak on national security. he knows that's a liability in south carolina. >> reporter: more than half of south carolina democrats are black. >> we just like to be treated fair. >> reporter: hillary clinton courted african american leaders in new york. >> my campaign is really about breaking every barrier. >> reporter: bernie sanders with black clergy in south carolina. >> when we talk about inequality, it goes without saying that the african american community is suffering even more. >> reporter: sanders trails clinton by 21 in a new poll. i'm steve handelsman, nbc, washington. a new marco rubio ad is making headlines, but not for the reasons his campaign would have hoped for. take a look. ♪ >> it's morning again in america. >> reporter: while the narrater
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refers to america, you're actually looking at stock footage of a boat not in the u.s., but vancouver, canada. the rubio campaign says it didn't learn about the mistake until it read a report about it online. happening now, pope francis is with thousands of mexico's catholic youth at a stadium in morelia. the city is known to be the heart of mexico's drug trafficking country. as you look at a live picture here. earlier with pontiff celebrated mass with a large crowd at the stadium. he urged priests not to surrender themselves to a country dominated by drug-fueled violence and corruption. he'll return to mexico city later tonight. people who depend on food stamps may soon see some changes at the supermarket. proposed new rules will force store owners who accept food stamps to stock a variety of healthier foods. but officials stress people who use the stampx they won't be forced to buy it. but the choice is still theirs.
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from our south jersey bureau in celebration of progress in camden, nbc 10 at the construction site of a new nursing and science building at fifth and federal streets. today members of the university and camden community signed a steel beam that was later raised and place on top of the building. when complete, the 10,000-square-foot building will serve as a research and teaching ma silt in the areas of biology, chemistry, nursing, and miphysi. rowan university has considered the possibility of building a nursing facility in atlantic city. atlantic city about an hour away. tomorrow trustees of the school will vote on which consulting firm will conduct the study and see if it's possible. if it's feasible, rowan school of osteopathic medicine would partner with atlantic care. both groups are footing the bill for the study. wild weather today left behind a lot of damage. from sky force 10, you can see how strong winds ripped the roof
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off the boys and girls club in philadelphia's holmesburg neighborhood. our camera on the ground also gives a better look at the damaged parts of the roof in the backyard now. the vice president of the club tells us there was damage inside the building as well. >> the whole roof has to be replaced. the gym floor is probably ruined. we're going need a new floor. the kids play hockey here every weekend. we have tournaments all set up. you know, obviously we're going to need a lot of help getting back up and rung. >> and they got some help today. a local roofing crew passing by helped patch some of the roof for free. but obviously there is a lot more to fix here. let's get a check on weather with nbc 10 first alert chief glenn "hurricane" schwartz. the high winds out? >> they are gone and they're not going to be returning. they came through and all it took was a few minutes of that kind of a gust. let's see, 60 miles an hour. and you can create some of that damage. we had some damage today. we had some flooding today.
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but everything moved through so fast, the flooding area was limited. we have cooler days ahead. and we've got a warm weekend ahead too. way, way, way warmer than last weekend. and you can see a nice sunset getting ready to take place out there with clearing skies, dryer air moving in from the west. 22-miles-an-hour gusting to 30. the temperature 49. that's a lot cooler than it was earlier today. but we already are way above average. even at that number. down to 37 in mount pocono, which was up in to the 50s today as well. 51 in atlantic city is the warm spot right now. and there the temperatures will be going down into the 30s tonight. and the 24-hour temperature change, 20 plus degrees warmer than at in time yesterday when we were still dealing with some of that freezing rain, even some
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snow farther up to the north. the wind not nearly as strong as it was earlier when it was gusting out of the southeast. now it's a west wind, still gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. so it's a breezy evening. and this is the line that created the winds that were beyond breezy. 50 or 60-miles-per-hour gusts as the line moved -- didn't move. it raced eastward. 60 to 70 miles per hour at times. and so that's an indication of some real powerful winds higher up in the atmosphere. only a few thousand feet up. winds like that. and you could end up with some pretty strong gusts that make to it the surface. now we watch the temperatures tonight going below freezing in some areas, especially north and west. might be some icy spots. by morning, and then we quickly warm up back into the 40s. right around average for this time of the year. the average high temperatures are going up every week or so. and so we're getting closer and
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closer to spring. 33 degrees for low in philadelphia. 29 north and west with partly cloudy skies tonight. tomorrow looks dry, breezy, but not as wendy as today. temperatures in to the mid-40s for the high. and the seven-day forecast, it's colder on thursday. that's below average. then chance of a couple of showers late friday. and what a weekend. temperatures way up into the 50s to near 60 degrees saturday and sunday. >> huge difference, 180. all right, thanks, glenn. ladies, listen up. you imagine what a 400 carat diamond looks like? we're going to show it to you. and we'll tell you where it was found. plus, a lot of eyes will be watching this eagle's nest. what this bird has done for first time in nearly 70 years.
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a rare sight in washington, d.c. take a look. you're looking at video from a 24-hour live camera of a bald eagle nesting in the national arboretum. you see only one right now, but there are actually two eagles looking over this nest. they're known as mr. president and the first lady. they built their nest last year and raised one eaglet, and now they're watching over two eggs that are expected to hatch next month. what a great view. all right. well, this is something to look at too. if you're thinking about
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upgrading your wedding ring, maybe we have found exactly what you're looking for. >> a giant diamond was found in a mine in angola. giant to say the least. look at this. it is more than 400 carats, and almost 3 inches long. it's virtually flawless. no word on how much it's worth. but flawless for 400 carats. when it comes to diamonds and value, angola is the world's fourth largest producer. russia, botswana and canada are the top three. >> it's in a box for you. it's on its way. >> okay. we know the rain is gone, right? but the damage, it's not over yet. >> this is a live look from sky force 10. you can see crews in camden working on the power lines. thousands are still in dark right now. an update on the damage and the cleanup next, on nbc 5. plus, nbc 10 goes one-on-one with kathleen kane. we talked to the attorney general moments after she announced she will not run for reelection. but then our interview was cut
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off. what we asked right before kane walked away.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> skies really opened up over atlantic county today. our nbc 10 cameras captured this video driving along route 40 and mays landing and the downpour forcing the windshield wipers
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into overdrive today. and a traffic mess earlier this afternoon on the walt whitman bridge. the rain and winds helped bring down a tractor-trailer. an nbc 10 viewer sent us this video. you can see only one lane getting by at that point. but it's back to normal now. and the wind also responsible for this mess in northeast philadelphia. tree near taking out this house. the homeowner says the patio took the brunt of the damage. let's check in again with mitch blacher live in sky force 10. mitch, where are you now? >> hey, guys, we're high above camden right now. and i want to take you down into the city where this is a great example of the kind of things that we're seeing throughout the region as sky force 10 flies throughout the delaware valley. a power pole just leaning up into the adjoining trees as we've seen power crews trying to fix some of the damage. the street of course cordoned off. if you pan just about a block away, you can see some more
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damage. this time a tree that has been chopped up and is almost on its way out of here as crews just left this scene. but i assume they will be back to finish this job. this is the kind of damage that we've seen throughout the area. sporadic, trees down, power lines down as the crews scramble to clean this up. that's the latest from sky force 10. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> let's check in with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz for the latest. >> the wildest stuff is out of here, right? >> it is long gone. it moved through so fast that it got out of here fast. and then prevented more widespread flooding. we're also seeing some sunshine to end the day. really nice sunset. the visibility is excellent. unlike yesterday. we've seen quite a bit over the last 24 hours of snow, ice, to rain. back to rain. and now things have really dried out. this is the line of heavy, heavy
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showers. not many reports of thunder. but the wind just a few thousand feet above the ground is so strong that some of it was able to make it down to the ground as this storm was moving at 60 to 70 miles an hour through the area. and then knock down some of those trees. moved out. and as it moved through, these are the reports of damage that were coming in right at that time. so it all happened within a matter of minutes. and you can see a lot of the reports of damage around the philadelphia area and into south jersey. and of course, that is long gone. we still have some areas with a little bit of a flood threat, an area flood warning until 7:15. we have a couple of the creeks that are close to flood stage, but will be going down. and temperatures are going down as well. they're in the 40s right now. going down into the 30s as we go through the nighttime hours. but it's going to jump back up. i'll tell you when it's going to
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get warm again with the seven-day in a few minutes. first responders jumped into a partially frozen creek here without wet suits to save a woman who was trapped inside this car. 18-year-old emily ernest's car slid off the road and flipped into the red clay creek. the car lodged itself against a rock in the water. that probably saved her life because it kept her face above the water line. >> hypothermia was setting in. so she was scared. >> i would say somebody was definitely watching over her today. >> emily is already back home. she has a concussion. but her father tells us she is going to be okay. icy roads are blamed for an 11-car pileup that closed this stretch of interstate 81 north of scranton. eight tractor-trailer trucks and three small cars were involved. the emergency crews treated three people for minor injuries. more testimony today about that massive accident on the pennsylvania turnpike during january's snowstorm. today the head of the turnpike
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commission testified about the 500 car pileup near pittsburgh. during the storm, hundreds of trucks, buses and cars were stranded for hours before help arrived. new information on the death of a woman whose body was found in a recycling bin in allentown. autopsy results this afternoon confirm she was shot several times. her body was found in the container behind an apartment complex on east tillman street. police investigating this as a homicide now, and they're working to try to identify the victim. take a look at these sketches. police say the two men in these pictures sexually assaulted a woman in easton, northampton county. the victim told police the men were in a newer white chevy malibu or impala with an out of state license plate. the woman told police she was walking on spruce street when the men in the car hit her with something, knocking her unconscious. she woke up and fought the two men as they attacked her. well, she has been arrested, her law license suspended and
5:36 pm
nearly voted out off office, which all that hanging over her head, kathleen kane announced today she will not run for reelection. but the attorney general says her legal troubles are not the reason. nbc 10's deanna durante they with more. >> you are facing criminal charges. your campaign cannot raise the money that they need to run and defend these charges as well? >> today's decision is about family. today's decision is about the fact that i have been in this office for three years. my sons were 8 and 9 when i decided to run. and now they're growing older. >> reporter: kathleen kane says she is now a single mom and her boys need her. i asked her about her criminal charges, how her days have changed since her law license was suspend. >> my days were the exact as they have been for the past three years. >> reporter: kane has appointed a special prosecutor to comb through what she has described as pornographic and misogynistic e-mail. >> when is the last time you talked to the special prosecutor? >> good question. i'm not sure. >> reporter: and turned over to an ethics panel.
5:37 pm
>> we have turned over everything. >> reporter: sitting in her scranton office with a political adviser off camera, we had been promised 10 to 15 minutes. but five minutes in, our time was being cut. >> when we tried to ask more. >> come on. i got other people. everybody's got things to do. okay. do your cutaways. >> reporter: kane says she hopes the investigation into the e-mails is finished by the timer term expires, but didn't say what would happen with that investigation once she leaves office. she didn't endorse any of the candidates running to fill her seat. she simply said she wishes them luck. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> so kane sought of the race. we just checked with the state of pennsylvania, and five candidates filed before today's deadline in the race for attorney general. we've seen a lot of weather damage today. but check this out. where this wild weather scene was captured on video. that's coming up next.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> surveillance cameras in miramar, florida captured trees and debris flying everywhere this morning in the midst of a possible tornado. fierce winds uprooted palm trees, left a path of destruction. officials are trying to figure out if it was indeed a tornado that caused all this damage. also in florida, a man accused of stealing a backhoe digs himself into a whole lot of trouble. [ siren ] >> dash cam video from the monroe county sheriff's department shows the man trying to get away from police. the suspect dumped boulders at the north end of a bridge, but it didn't help. he had nowhere to go. police blocked the other end. so he just kept driving back and forth. police put down spike strips to finally flatten his tires and they eventually arrested him. in new york city, two people are recovering this evening after they were hit by falling glass this morning. the two were walking near
5:41 pm
seventh avenue and west 39th street in manhattan's garment district. there are conflicting reports about whether the glass came from a broken window or a glass table that fell from a balcony. both victims are going to be okay. wind gusts at the time were near 40 miles per hour. and we have just found more damage from today's storm. let's check in with nbc 10's mitch blacher live. you're seeing a lot of damage with the bird's-eye view. >> we're still over camden. we're just to be get out of here to check out more damage when we caught a glimpse of this tree that has fallen flat on its car. you can see the back window completely shattered and blown out as the tree tries to chop up the tree and get it out of the road. this is the kind of damage we've seen as we've flown throughout gloucester county as well as camden county. you're getting a good look at the kinds of things that crews are dealing with, including power poles as well as trees and some downed power lines. that's the latest from sky force
5:42 pm
10. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. a crowning moment for miss america. coming up, a decision on whether the beauty pageant stays in atlantic city, and also who is going to foot the bill.
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he is a super bowl winner, but brandon mcmanus habit forgotten about hiss alma mater. >> he is back in philadelphia and reaching out to local children who have been through some tough times. john clark joining us now from comcast sportsnet with the story. john? >> reporter: what a year it has been for the owls. nationally ranked for the first time in 36 years and they have a super bowl champion. brandon mcmanus was a star kicker. he holds records at temple. now he comes back to campus a champion.
5:45 pm
>> we're proud of you. >> reporter: brandon mcmanus has a signed jersey for the man who recruited him from temple. >> super bowl 50 champs, brandon mcmanus, number 8. thanks for everything, go owls. >> he is almost like a second father to me throughout my time at temple. >> he is someone we really care about. not just because he can kick the ball through the uprights, but we've been a part of his life for a long time. he has made temple better in every way. when he was out there kicking, a part of us was out there as well. we were grateful that he would come back and honor us as well. >> the kick is good. >> when you look back, kicking field goals here for temple, and now you come home here a super bowl champion, could you have ever imagined it? >> no, i don't think i could. it's pretty surreal. a dream of mine to play in the nfl, let alone and kick and win the super bowl. >> reporter: brandon grew up an eagles fan, and he was thinking of his hometown when he witnessed close to a million people at the parade in denver. >> hopefully philadelphia gets the opportunity. but i know there will be more
5:46 pm
than a million people here in the city celebrating that once i'm done playing, i'll still be an eagles fan. just growing up here and embodying everything about the fan base and the city that i love. >> $2,000. >> he walks back into temple a proud man. he was undrafted and bounced around. >> i don't know how many people have been cut three times in two years. so it is pretty exciting. and it makes it a lot sweeter, the journey that i've gone through. >> brandon is also giving back. helping kids who have been bullied. >> be sure to step in and speak out. we have your back. >> he started a website called anti-bully he takes his responsibility as a pro athlete very seriously. >> a lot of times once you're done playing, people don't want to listen to you as much. they want to listen to the current players. i wanted to do as much as i could, when i could. >> nice. brandon really is a class guy. and most of the coaches say he is mature beyond his years.
5:47 pm
he wants to take his anti-a bullying campaign national and help as many kids as he can. i'm john clark. back to you. >> that's a great message he has and spreading it around nationally would be fantastic. thanks, john. >> very appreciative. all right. who is going to be the top dog? >> that's the question on everyone's mind at the westminster kennel club show. the famed dog show is under way at madison square garden in new york. and you can see all of the pooch primping behind the scenes. there are 199 breeds and varieties of dogs. that includes seven newcomers. best in show will be crowned tonight. well, most of us try to avoid the cold weather over the past few days, this little seal found a cool spot. the young seal was found hanging out on a piece of ice floating on the hudson river in north jersey. more seals will come ashore this time of year. they need to rest after long swims from northern waters.
5:48 pm
floodwaters -- take a look at this. floodwater left a driver stranded in chester county. this is route 30 in berwyn that red car, it's not moving. the road had to be closed because of the high water there. to delaware now. the afternoon downpour made for a wet commute. this video shot late this afternoon in new castle county. glenn, fortunately all that rough weather has moved out of here. >> it is now long gone. way out into the atlantic already. it moved in fast. and it moved out fast. created some damage and some flooding. but not as much flooding because it moved through so quickly. we've got cooler days ahead, followed by a warm weekend. 60 degrees today. and we may be close to that over the weekend too. nice looking sky at the end of the day. 48 degrees. the wind is 15, gusting to 25 miles an hour. 20 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. when we were struggling to see that temperature rise to turn the freezing rain into regular
5:49 pm
rain, which finally did. and temperatures dropped into the low 40s north and west. 42 in pottstown. and in lancaster right now, 47 in wilmington and mount holly. and also in dover we're seeing the temperatures in the 50s go away. but temporarily you can see the west wind followed by the southerly wind. we saw the southeast wind during the morning just ahead of that line of heavy rain. 20 to 30 miles per hour wind gusts pretty consistent across the area. and this is the line that caused all of the problems here. it was moving at least 60 miles an hour at one point. so there is definitely pretty strong winds. a few thousand feet up, pushing that line eastward. just brace right through here in the matter of minutes. that's when we got that wind damage. and everything that mitch has been showing you this afternoon probably occurred within minutes
5:50 pm
of each other. the radar showing absolutely nothing out there. but we still have a little bit of flooding to contend with. some on the brandywine creek. a little bit above flood stage. fortunately, the heavy rain moved out. christina river, a little bit above flood stage. water receding, and some other places in berks county and chester, perkiomen creek, places that we normally watch out for, close to flood stage. but not quite there. temperatures going down below freezing some areas north and west tonight. and that will lead to some icy spots. still some ponding in some places. and that will freeze up a little bit. temperatures going way up into the 40s tomorrow. so it will be pretty close to average for this time of the year. then we drop down even colder tomorrow night. and then thursday is the coldest day of the week. then we start warming up. 33 for the low in philadelphia.
5:51 pm
29 north and west. we've got partly cloudy skies tonight. and partly sunny day tomorrow too. temperature pretty close to average. the wind a little bit above average. but a lot less than what we saw today. that's for sure. and then a colder day on thursday with the wind. so you got windchill issues then. and it gets a little less cold by friday afternoon, a chance of a couple of showers. and then the temperature jumps up. way up into the 50s. maybe near 60. on saturday, close to that on sunday too, with more sunshine sunday possibly. and then maybe a coastal storm that develops early next week. it provides some rain and/or snow tuesday. >> glen, thank you. lester holt joining us now for a look at what is coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> good to see you, lester. >> hey, jim and jacqueline. good to see both of you. coming up for us tonight, president obama speaking out about republicans in his determination to choose the next
5:52 pm
supreme court justice. also had some choice words for donald trump we'll share with you. as trial begins in a notorious serial murder case, we look at the cutting edge and controversial science that helped police get their man. and we'll tell you about the startup that is helping change the way consumers pay for generic drugs. that's all coming up when we see you at 6:30 for nightly news. back to you. >> see you then. and we'll be right back.
5:53 pm
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this is nbc 10 news. >> delaware has pledged to end homelessness for military veterans. today the governor thanked a group of students who are helping in that cause. >> nbc 10's delaware bureau reporter tim furlong showed how the high schoolers literally put a roof over veterans' heads. >> now, if you'll ask -- >> reporter: henry smith getting a standing o from the students. he gave them something too, an invitation. >> i would say each and every one of y'all to come out and hang out with me. >> reporter: the all male student body teamed up with their sister schools padwa and ursuline for this. southbound raises money for great causes each year. they recently raised $150,000 to buy this, a home in wilmington that now houses eight formerly homeless vets including henry smith. >> it shows what can happen when
5:56 pm
young people are passionate about a cause and work together. >> reporter: today governor markell honored the boys to help him end veteran homelessness. >> good morning. >> reporter: they also heard from head the of delaware's national guard. he told the students their work isn't done. he says those who defend the country cannot be forgotten and left on the streets. >> it's inexcusable, but you know that. that's why you're doing something about it. >> reporter: the students also held events to gather supplies and toiletries for the veterans. it's an ongoing commitment for them. about a year ago governor markell pledged to end veteran homelessness in his state. so far 280 vet clearance in delaware have found homes. i'm tim furlong, nbc 10 news. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," nbc 10 toured the storm damage from the air and on the ground. glenn? >> well, that storm threat is certainly over. but tomorrow there could be some spots. our first alert forecast is next.
5:57 pm
plus, helmets for hoverboard riders? the new safety plan on the move in philadelphia.
5:58 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. >> right now at 6:00, straight-line winds leave a path of destruction. trees and homes, a roof torn off. even a big rig almost blew off the bridge.
5:59 pm
the nbc 10 first alert weather team has you covered before and after the storm. >> good evening. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. we begin with wind damage here at the boys club in the holmesberg section of philadelphia. the roof ripped right off the building. it's now in the backyard. the damage not just on the outside either. we're told they will probably need to replace the gym floor inside. several hundred children use this facility. now to the damage in bucks county. one homeowner witnessed a large tree crash right into his home. >> nbc 10's doug shimell joining us live from feasterville with more on that story. doug? >> reporter: when you look at the size and the tree, that the tree company just finished carving up, it is very easy to believe that this storm pushed through here and shredded the roof on ray angle's house was being pushed along at 60 miles an hour. the only way to get a giant tree off ray angle's house was with
6:00 pm
an equally giant crane. it is the aftermath of a storm that essentially cut the feasterville house in half, all pro telled by wind. >> it was getting harder and harder and hearder. and then boom, the tree went down. >> reporter: ray angle says he watched, but there was little he could do. >> i was standing back there. dummy. i should have moved out of the way. i was under the eve and it hit the corner and smashed everything down and went across the whole roof. >> reporter: two bedrooms and his son's apartment all crushed. the house uninhabitable. and the first of likely many nights in a hotel. >> it didn't hurt anybody. and it didn't hurt the dog. and it didn't cause any damage other than the house itself. i guess we were lucky. >> well, a restoration company still has to put a tarp over that roof with some rain expected this weekend. and ray angle says in talking to his insurance company, he expects


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