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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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and then he kicked my leg and for no reason he assaulted me. a philadelphia police officer once hailed as a hero for surviving a shoot-out faces assault charges. plus. in my opinion user privacy is the most important thing you can possibly have. >> what should apple do? we take the question to you. should apple hack into the phones of the san bernardino shooters or should it fight the fbi to protect your privacy? >> happening now, police are in west philadelphia, live with an update. it's 6:01. i'm tracy davidson.
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>> bill, let me tell you how i used your forecast. i looked at the next seven days and went and got my car washed every day. >> smart man. we're tramming clouds through the area. winds are blowing. it's dry for the most part. pottstown, just below freezing and here, below freezing and right now in roxborough. with the wind, 17. feels like 16 in allentown and reading and 25 is what it feels like right now in philadelphia. we will see sunshine. a few clouds blowing through. might see a flurry. most areas will stay dry. by 11:00. bright sunny skies. look at the warmup. barely any and the winds will stay steady as we go into the 2:00 hour so add another three
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degrees by then. i'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood to show you. right now jessica boyington is tracking trouble this morning on the roadways. >> we have had a busy morning on the schuylkill expressway watching where they just left the scene. we did have a police officer right over here into the right-hand lane. we had a tow truck up there. now you can see all lanes moving by. they're still moving along, we will see a bit of a slowdown but nothing affecting the major part yet. there is an accident there and police are allowing all traffic to use the right hand shoulder. earlier all lanes are closed. out in vineland we have a fatal accident scene. now an accident scene. route 47 which is dellty drive northbound around garden road all lanes are closed and detour.
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we'll have more when we come back, tracy. >> thanks. 6:03. happening now police are in west philadelphia on a homicide. >> right. a man was shot and killed execution style after getting out of his car. tell us what you know. >> reporter: i'm told a 31-year-old man had just pulled up here, walked out on the sidewalk. when he got down there, we're told witnesses saw another man walk up and fire his gun a foot away at point blank range. he got hit in the back and the leg but doctors were not able to save him. crime scene investigators began roping off the scene, collecting evidence. they found six shell casings on the ground showing he was shot about six times. the shooter then ran off down
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lancy street. police were not able to catch up with him just yet. there are cameras, city crime cameras as well as private security. police hope they can view some of this. they hope it leads to the killer. i'm drew smith with nbc news. we're hearing from a man who says a philadelphia police officer broke his leg during an assault. ted life says police brought him in to svu and was assaulted on his way out. adam o'donnell kicked his leg and put him in the back of a police car and dropped him off. he says it's affected his limp and job and personal life. >> i'm still wondering why it happened in from get-go, from the first place. i never did anything wrong.
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>> the didn't plans to suspend o'donnell for 30 days with the intent to dismiss him. the fraternal order of police say they don't believe he's guilty of the charges. family and friends pay tribute to an officer who died while in the line of duty. he accidentally shot himself six years ago. it will happen in an area renamed kevin wilkins way. it's 6:05 and we now have some updates in the shooting of an allentown police officer. police tell us a suspect opened fire on detech tifbs who were serving a warrant on tuesday night and shot the officer in the arm. detectives fired back and shot the suspect. he's wanted in connection with a body of a woman who was found in a resick ling bin two blocks away. nabors tell police they often
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saw the suspect and victim walking together. >> when she used to walk she always had black slacks on and black and white sneakers, know it issed. here when they said dumpster, black and white nikes, that hit me in the head. i said, you know what, that couldn't be that girl, you know. here it was. >> this morning police continue to hold him in custody at an allentown hospital. >> apple shields iphone users' datta with encryption so strong even apple can't get at it. fbi wants them to create back door access. consumers we spoke to had split opinions. >> my opinion, user privacy is the most important thing you can possibly have so a customer shouldn't be able to have irthat 411s tapped into.
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>> i think it's a good idea if it's going to be ben official to our country. >> a federal magistrate ordered apple to produce software that would allow prosecutors to hack into syed farook's phone. coming up on the "today" show starting at 7:00 a.m. correspondent miguel almaguer will have much more on the story. we'll hear from both apple and the fbi. tracy? >> it's 6:07. in decision 2016 florida senator marco rubio picked up the endorsement of south carolina's governor as he fights to win that state's primary. governor nikki haley threw her support behind him in a rally. several sought it though she made it clear donald trump would not get her support. she told the crowd she wanted somebody humble enough to work
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for americans. >> i'm very disappointed. if i win the nomination, there'll be a role for her in the campaign. trust me. she's a good person. >> two in the bush family spoke to haley to help win her endorsement. on the democratic side hillary clinton campaigned in chicago as she highlighted gun safety. more than 460 have been shot this year. she also criticized bernie sanders for calling president obama weak and disappointing and she promised to build on the president's accomplishments. eight minutes after 6:00. the temperatures have dropped overnight. we're getting a cold start and steady breeze brees to might even colder. with the wind through today, it will be a chilly day. the tells will be running 10
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degrees below normal. a big warmup for saturday and sunday. right now, 17 in mt. pocono. atlantic city is 29 degrees. they have been making know this morning. they just shut them down. this is shawnee. the wind is blowing and it feets like the single digits in the pocono mountains. that's why it feels like 17 there. 17 for mt. holly and teams is what it feels like for allentown and reading and lancaster. these clouds are coming through mainly dry but there are a few flurries picksed up. you can see northeast philadelphia into burlington county spotting some of that activity. during the day clouds will break for sunshine. there's the warmup.
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not much. 26 t high in the pocono mountains. steady wind for doylestown, trenton and no, sirtown. 30s at the shore. middle 30s for atlantic city and cape may. dover city t high temperature there and will keep temperatures. i'll show you when that's going to change with the seven-day forecast back in ten. >> all right, bill. we have a crash in franklinville on route 55 in south jersey. >> nbc's first alert traffic jessica boyington has an update. jessica? >> yes wchl head it closed in fraerng links n'@ville on the northbound side. the gude goofd news is we see skyforce 10 oefrp the top of the scene. not a huge traffic disruption. there will be a delay as you can see.
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your best bet to get around if you need an alternate is dellty drive. that's going to mess with your commute. 55 northbound around route 40 around exit 39. traffic still moving through. if you want to give yourself time, you might be fine taking 55. we'll get you updated as soon as the accident scene clears out of the way. we're having some 16-minute delays for the septa train. the rest are doing fine. we're still watching for a disand vehicle and flashing lights on the schuylkill on gladwy gladwyne. >> thanks so much 1. 1 minutes past 6:00. do you have your phone out? hop on. we're talking. >]qon twitter, so get on there
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given us a follow if you're already following it. you'll be fine, but if you haven't followed us, you need to follow us. a great stories, breaking news, weather and traffic, of course, and we'll tweet you back. >> we're about to go up ott paris skoin. >> there you go. he's accused of opening a fake medical practice. >> we told you about this yesterday but hear what he has to say. spring training starts today. cameron rupp is joining us from dem ya to talk about the season.
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it's 6:15. we have an update to the story we told you about yesterday. the teenager practicing without a license. authorities say he posed as a doctor at an illegal medical office. >> i'm deeply saddened and a little disrespected by things that have come forth. ly say my attorneys are working hard, working around the clock to make sure the issues get resolved in the best way possible. >> he also faces grand theft charges. an 86-year-old woman claims he stole thousands during visits to her home. police are still looking for a teenager who shot a student on the school bus. it happened near highland avenue. both the victim and alleged shooter are students at the high school. the student shot is recovering.
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yesterday dozens of community members helped pick up after a storm ripped pieces of a roof clear off on tuesday. tops were secured to help cover the gaps an keep the inside of the billing dry. some parents left work early to come drag away all of the debris. >> this is what the boys club is. this is why it's so important. it brings out the best in everybody. >> a go fund me page has already raised $7,000 to help with repairs. not one, not two, but ten new hotels are going to be potching up in philadelphia. mayor jim kenny said it's going to happen in the next two years. not only that, dredging that will happen in the delaware river will increase trading. skyforce 10 is hovering even
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crash. we want to get another update. >> jessica boyington has been watching that for us. jessica? >> that's right. we're seeing backups, but we do have a right-hand shoulder allowed to get through the area. this is around route 40, which is exit 39. so earlier we did have all lanes blocked but foul the traffic is allowed to move through the area. now, if you typically head in this direction on 55. you can take dellcy drive. but remember that dellcy drive is dealing with a problem. we'll update you on all of these scenes coming up. it's an alternate for that. all lanes are closed and detoured. as long as you get on after vineland you can pass it there.
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all lanes are closed. we'll have more updates when i come back in the next ten. >> it's a cold drive this morning. clouds are blowing through the area. you will see sunshine but don't expect a big warmup. the clouds blowing through the area. look at that. 32 degrees in philadelphia and it could still come down a bit more before we see a minimal warmup. 20s and low 30s to start with and the wind is blowing. sunshine will come through the area.
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tomorrow the clouds will be back. futurecast showing sunshine today through this afternoon and clear skies into the evening which means a colder start to tomorrow morning. mostly sunny skies but the cold breeze you feel this morning stays with us. that will limit our temperatures to the 30s. clouds arrive in the afternoon but they clear out for safrmtd 57 degrees. another nice mild day on sunday. there will be some clouds moving through later on sunday. mainly rain. parts of the area could see some snow.
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yeah. the rivalry between temple and villanova. villanova was too much to handle. nova whips. they beat every local university so far this year. well, happening today, spring training kicks into high gear. the phillies will hold the first workout for pitchers and catchers in clearwater. the field has been beefing up the farm system. one guy who has seen action for the past three action for the phils is catcher cameron rupp. he joins us live. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> so many new faces, also in the front office. have you been going around introducing yourself to new people? >> we need some new name tags,
6:22 am
even the older guys that have been here. a lot of new faces. it's a different year and a lot of new opportunities for us. >> cam, you filled in for choo last year getting about 300 plate appearances, but you've about got two solid prospects behind you. does that make you nervous? >> no. it pushes me. it makes for a lot more competition. you know, you've got two young kids that are good ballplayers that are going to play in the big leagues at some point. it pushes me to be a better ball player and i enjoy it. >> kevicameron, you're a big gu like a linebacker. you grew up in dallas. i've got to to ask. did you play high school football and are you a cowboys fan? >> that's an easy answer. yes and yes. yeah, i grew up in dallas, grew
6:23 am
up a cowboys fan, still a cowboys fan. i still live in dallas. i know i'm going to probably catch a lot of grab for it. it just comes with the gig. >> cameron, let me give you some advice. don't tell anyone else after this interview. don't share it with anyone else. thank you very much, cameron. >> why? >> good luck this year. live from training camp in clearwater, florida. it's going be a good year. today fans can get in on the action as well. phillies tickets go on sale. sing single tickets can be purchased. don't forget we've got to you covered on monday april 11th with the welcome home phillies special that starts at 2:00 and first pitch at 3:00 right here on nbc 10. it's the the number one story. >> ult's not the typical letter
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sent home to parents. we'll show you the letter a teacher posted to students. we'll tell you how much heroin was found and tell you where police say it was hidden.
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good morning, everyone. it's gist ka boyington with your first alert traffic. we're watching the top of a scene in franklinville around route 40 traffic getting by using the right shoulder. i'll have alternates for you when i come back at 6:30. we'll be right back.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," shot and killed execution style. philadelphia police are investigating a homicide in west philly. it's a story you're most interested in reading on nbc it's something you have to see to believe. theevs are trying to empty your wallet while you fill your tank. i'll tell you what you should look out for. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's get a check on the weather with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> a slight breeze moving through. most of this not reaching the grounl. this is how it looks from a loews hotel camera in center city. it's giving us windchills in the teens and 20s. it's a colder morning and the
6:32 am
wind will be with us on through the day. it feels like 25 in philadelphia. you'll see scattered clouds to start with. by 11:00, pretty sunshine. 30 degrees. not much warmer. 36 trees. i'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. let's check back with jessica boyington. >> we're still watching around route 406789 good news for you. you can see how cars moving by. all of that has moved out of the way. you can take delsea drive but not until you're past vineland because on delsea drive there's an investigation. all lanes are still closed and detoured there. still a bit of a delay.
6:33 am
here's schuylkill around gladwy gladwyne. it keeps cheechg. earlier it was one car that was disabled. we had a tow truck earlier covered with road flares, a lot of police activity. now we have two more disabled vehicles. eastbound around gladwyne. tracy. >> police are investigating an execution-style shooting. a man parked his car and was with targeted as soon as he stepped onto the sidewalk. nbc 10's drew smith is live there. drew, what are investigators doing to track down the shooter? >> reporter: good morning, tracy. they say they have several good witnesses and surveillance cameras right on the block. they were able to capture the incident. let's show you the incident on 62nd and spruce streets. please called there just after 11:00 last night. police say they saw a man exit his car, come around on the
6:34 am
sidewalk, and another man approached him, ambushed him. shot him six times. that man died at the hospital. as for now they do not know why this man was approached like this but they say that do not believe this was a random attack. they believe he was targeted. at this hour homicide detectives are interviewing witnesses. they investigate a good look at it. we checked with police and so far no one has been arrested. >> drew, thank you. happening today, new members of the newscast le county will decide. they along with their mother lenore were the first defendants in the country to be convicted for cyber stalking after harassing david's ex-wife christine belford. lenore who's in a philadelphia
6:35 am
hospital was sentenced to life in prison last week. her husband shot and killed belford and a friend when they walked into a court room. this morning more than $1 million worth off the streets. authorities recorded this video of david pacheco hiding drugs inside his car's batteries. pacheco owns a shop. the arrest is the result of a nine-month investigation that included dea, state police, and four local police departments. >> something like that should never happen here, but i guess it does happen, you know. something like el chapo. kraesy. just crazy. >> we need help out there. we need to fight for our kids.
6:36 am
bill cosby is firing back at his accuser with a breach of contract with his lawsuit. it names andrea con stand. her mother, her lawyer, and the "national enquirer.." they were all under confidentiali confidentiality. con stand accuses him of drugging and molesting her in his home in 2004. republican presidential candidates are getting one last chance to pitch to their voters. cnn hosted the first of two last night. ben carson, ted cruz, and marco rubio were on the stage.
6:37 am
next will be trump, bush, kasich, and. look at these numbers. trump has fallen behind. republican primary voters. trump gets 26%. rooub owe get 17% and kasich gets 11%. local biotech firm inovio says the zika vaccine it's developing is showing some promise. the plymouth meeting-paced company says testing could begin within the year. inovio also announced they have been given the go ahead to give teflts next year on the ebola
6:38 am
vaccine. the white house will formally announce president obama will visit cuba next month. the countries announced in 2014 they would normalize relations following 50 years without that. the last president to go to cuba was president coolidge in 1928. president obama will not go to the funeral of scalia. he'll instead visit on friday at the supreme court. vice president biden will attend the funeral at the basilica on sadr. saturday. a cold dayrd sunshine will be bright. we'll see the clouds blowing through this morning clear out and see the weekend warm up significantly. right now. watching for a few flurries, even a brief snow shower is
6:39 am
possible. 33 and 31 in millville. there you see the clouds moves past blue mountain where they're making snow. it's cold in the mountains. feels like a sinkle digits. they're falling into dry air. you might see a few snowflakes first thing this morning. during the day, you might see a big warmup. sunshine and the wind out of the northwest. a minimal warmup for soudertown. avalon and smyrna, you'll see a high of 35. 34 in wilmington and burlington. just 35. colder day but we're on track for a bigger warmup for this season. they've got it all with the seven-day when i'm back in ten
6:40 am
minutes. >> thank you, bill. at last check, route 55 and south jersey was opening up. tyke to get a check on the other road conditions. >> jessica boyington has that. jessica, what are you seeing? >> that's clear. some residual delaying. we have an accident with multivehicles involved. these are the cameras. trooper road completely backed up onto there. you can see the eastbound dlachlt almost a 26-minute drive eastbound. average speeds. we're reallied a a crawl there. we'll have more updates for you on that scene and more problems when i come back in the next ten. you could soon be paying more to fill up in delaware. we'll tell you how much more could be coming out of your
6:41 am
padgett and why. plus -- while you're trying to fill up your vehicle, thieves are em thing your wallet. i'll have more on nbc news 10 alert.
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about a quarter to 7:00 a.m. thieves are turning to new tactics to steal from you. >> drew smimatt delucia with mo what to look out for. tell us more, matt. it's not just on the outside but now on the inside. how is it happening and what should you look for? how do you stop something suspicious? watch this. filling up your car is designed to be easy.
6:45 am
in and out in a few minutes, on the go with a full tank. you would not intentionally leave your credit card behind, but that's what's happening to some customers. >> i don't want anybody stealing my hard earned money. >> we've seen a real explosion in the past 10, 12 months of skimming devices is. >> reporter: it's something he hates to think about. skimmer devices look like this. thieves attack them to atms, gas pumps, anything with a card reader. once swiped, your info is instantly copied and used in illegal ways. bucks county weights and measure s checks. they conducted random checks aet three station on busy street roads in bensalem. >> the first thing we look at is a credit card reader.
6:46 am
they unhook it, attach their device. >> how long would it take to get in here and attach something like that. >> if they had the keys, it took two minutes, three minutes. >> this supplying know co-station for one uses security tape that would show the owners and customers if it's been tampered with. >> how often do you check the pump? >> reporter: at all three stations we found no skimmers but at one of them. something else. at this bp station the pumps were on and accepting cards but there was no attendant to be found. >> scammers would love to come into the station and put one of the skimming devices in there. >> today with bluetooth and everything else, they could sit across the street never that parking lot, get the information they need, and they move onto the next one. >> reporter: and this is the alert that was issued to gat station owners in bucks county last month. so far they have not found any
6:47 am
of these skimming devices on the insides of the pumps aet this point but it's a growing problem across the country. the best advice, look for security tape. another solution, just pay with cash inside. live in bensalem. i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." a cabinet judge will hold a speed hearing on sixers' okofor. he drove his mercedes 106 miles an hour across the ben franklin bridge in october. the buffalo news is reporting the philadelphia d.a. will likely hold a conference today about lesean mccoy. this morning the d.a.'s office confirms it's still investigating. philadelphia police say mccoy was involved in a fight after
6:48 am
the sboil inside a nightclub. two officer-duty plevs were allegedly beat up in a fight over what stuarted a ee ee eed starteded a champagne. they will join with u.s. congressmen bob brady and the mummers. they provide details about the mardi gras parade. it's described as a family-friendly celebration. mayor jim kenny called for changes to future parades. 12 minute before 7:00. it's cold outside. what a view from skies force 10 up and flying. you see clouds blowing through the area. radar is picking up scattered
6:49 am
light snow showers. not seeing it. you'll need to bundle up this morning. it is a cold one. the wind making for temperatures feeling like it's in the teens and 20s. really without the wind it's not much warmer. 32 degrees right now with wind at eight miles an hour. here are the clouds blowing through the area. those are not producing any snow showers. most of the area will stay completely dry, but keep an eye out for a few flurries into burlington county where it feels like it's 27 degrees right now. windchill of 17 in wilmington. the clouds are blowing through, but look how they're already breaking farther north and west. they'll clear out and we'll see lots of sunshine today. it's producing a few. sunshine takes over. no big warmup today. the warmer weather will come tomorrow. we'll get a cold start tomorrow
6:50 am
morning but tomorrow afternoon here come the clouds with mostly cloudy skies. we'll see temperatures in the 40s and they clear out and that's when we'll really get the warm weather coming this weekend. for today, though, mostly sunny and a cold breeze. 30s this afternoon with winds out of the northwest at 18 miles an hour. colder to start with tomorrow morning. the warmup happens saturday, 57 degrees. again, sunday, 57. there's a slight chance of late day shower on sunday. probably will be dry for monday. 52 degrees. the high temperature on monday. watching a coastal storm coming together. looks mainly to be rain. some areas could see it. looks like a lot of brake
6:51 am
lights. we have a huge backup because there is an accident scene on 422 eastbound right around approaching the skew schuylkill expressway. average speed there is clocked at 14 miles per hour. so we're below the 20s right now. you can see trooper road backed up in this direction. that's what headed toward delay. that's typically about an eight-minute trip. westbound doing better. eastbound we have two. new jersey and vineland there's still an accident under way for a fatal accident on delsea drive. northbound all lanes closed and
6:52 am
detoured for now. tracy skra coming up, a check of the day's headlines and the stories you need know as you head tout door. >> including a recall from toyota. and you can't stop clinging about it. the most read story on nbc 10 is not an 'em. a delaware letter sent home to parents. why the school is calling it an embarrassing mistake.
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starts with nature's path pumpkin flax granola. crunchy clusters of delicious organic oats, flax and pumpkin seeds, with all the goodness to nourish you and your family. nature's path granola. enjoy your path. five minutes before 7:00 right now and time to get a check of the stories you need to know about as you get a start on your day. >> right now we go to drew smith where police are investigating an execution-style killing. drew? >> reporter: we've been in touch with the police all morning but so far we don't know if motivation that caused someone to go up and ambush somebody.
6:56 am
police ended up at 52nd and spruce streets. several witnesses watched this happen. a man approached someone, a 31-year-old man who was just arriving near his home. he was out on the sidewalk shot six times. officers tell me he didn't have much of a chance. he was taken to the hospital. that's where he was pronounced dead. police are reviewing surveillance video this morning. they have a description but they haven't tracked down the man who did the shooting last night. we're live in west philadelphia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, drew. a judge will pun usual david matusiewicz and his wife. the white house will formally announce that president obama will visit cuba next month. the two countries are normalizing relations following 50 years without diplomatic ties. the last time a sitting president visited cuba was 1928. toyota is recalling close to
6:57 am
3 million vehicles because of a seatbelt problem. toyota says in a crash, a part in the metal seatbelt frame could damage the seatbelt. lawmakers are looking to raise the state gas tax to 33 cent as gallon. they could raise $50 million for bridge and road repairs. pennsylvania leads the nation in the gas tax of more than 50 cents a gallon. a school district in delaware is apologizing for what it calls an embarrassing mistake. >> yes. staefr accidentally sent an e-mail to parents making fun of whiners. imindicate from lombardi school in wilmington. it contained an attachment called "hurt feelings report." it asks questions like is there
6:58 am
permanent feeling damage and did it require tissues. >> it was gotten from an outside source and accidentally attached to parents. good morning, evan. jessica boyington. we're watching the schuylkill right now in gladwyne on the eastbound side. two disabled vehicles now. we've had quite a situation on the shoulder. headed eastbound into the city. here's 422 around trooper road, really backed up here. even on trooper road. a lot of the exit ramps are starting to be backed up because we do have an accident scene eastbound on 422 approaching the ramp to the schuylkill expressway. now eastbound from 2, to average speeds 14 miles per hour. if you're out in vineland, new jersey, there is an accident investigation with a fatsal accident scene that happens on delsea drive which is near route 47. all lanes are closed and detoured this morning.
6:59 am
the sun is up, the temperature is down. 31 here and a cold wind blowing at the shore. look at that beautiful sunshine. inland there's still clouds blowing through. you can see them here at the nbc 10 studios and those clouds producing a snow shower in central burlington county. i'm concerned because that's looking more impressive this could lead to slippery conditions not just in people derton but the tabernacle area. you can see it moved toward shah among. it is going to be moving out today. we'll get sunshine to warm temperatures up a little bit. not a lot. 28 degrees in pottstown, 20s for trenton and wilmington and 31 at philadelphia international. a cold start this morning. we'll get sunshine and the wind will be with us today. >> we're on track for that. also for weather and traffic
7:00 am
ale alerts. >> the "today" show is next. have a great day. good morning. breaking overnight the white house expected to announce today that president obama will head to cuba next month, the first american president to go there in nearly 90 years. a historic trip being met with praise and criticism. game change? ted cruz just ahead of donald trump in our new national poll. >> the sounds you're hearing is the sound of screams coming from washington, d.c. >> this morning why trump says he is not buying those results. slippery slope? the tech world lining up behind apple as a government tries to get the company to hack into the iphone of this san bernardino shooter. the epic battle over principle, privacy and


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