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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> trump lashed out after the pope made his comments when asked about the presidential candidate. take a listen. >> translator: a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian. this is not in the gospel. >> the pope said he would not get involved in telling catholics whether or not to vote for trump. at a campaign event trump fired back. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian and as president i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened unlike what is happening now with our current president. >> trump also suggested that the pope is being used as a pawn by the mexican government. >> nbc 10's cydney long has been talking to people about this war of words between trump and the pope. what have you heard? >> reporter: i can tell you we
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got mixed reactions outside the basilica and along the parkway. many not shocked by trump's words echoing they say he has no filter and nothing or no one not even the pope is off limits. >> philadelphians and catholics alike responding to the war of words between pope francis and donald trump, we showed them this video. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which is everyone knows is isis' ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. because -- >> presidential candidate donald trump's response to pope francis insisting anyone who wants to build a wall along the u.s. mexican border is unchristian like. >> i think he went overboard. it's excessive. >> folks we spoke to followed the pope's message and paying close attention to the
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presidential campaign. >> isis would have been eradicated unlike what is happening now with our all talk no action politicians. >> i do respond to that do nothing because it seems like we are doing nothing. so, i mean, i'm certainly not for donald trump and i'm certainly not for donald trump's methods but i am concerned about our foreign policy. >> i'm not surprised at all by his comments because that's the way all of his comments are simplistic and narcissistic like you know, kind of like the bully in the playground, that's kind of the way i view donald trump. >> reporter: guys, we did also reach out to the philadelphia archdiocese today for comment or reaction, but it had no response. cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> thanks for that, nbc 10 wants you to chime in. look for this on our facebook page and feel free to post your thoughts. also right now at 5:00 a chaotic crash in center city today, sky force 10 live over
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the scene. just minutes after a school bus and several cars collided. and take a look at the view from the ground. the bus and the cars jumping the curb going right into a building. nbc 10's lauren mayk has been following the investigation, also the cleanup. what's the latest there? >> reporter: jim, the key thing for drivers right now at this busy area during rush hour is that traffic is slowing gechblt let's take another look at sky force for what it looks like now. you can see these lanes are open, in fact, just in the past minutes as we've been standing here they unblocked the last lane that was block forward work trucks and things are flowing again here at jfk and 15th across from city hall from the municipal service s building. it's business as usual but that was not the case earlier. let me show you what it looked like around lunch time. no pedestrians were hit here but
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it is pretty amazing that at this busy time when you look at it, that no one was hit by this bus or this taxi or this other vehicle that came right up on the curb here and really took up the whole corner. there were no kids on the school bus but there were people in that bank and in the nail salon on the ground floor when this happened. i talked to one won. the building shook. >> what did it feel like, sound sflik. >> it felt like an earthquake or a train was coming through and that's when we looked up, saw the guy jump off of his bike and the two took off running. the bus came through. >> it was pretty scary for folks out here or who were in those buildings. let me show you what is happening right now, though. because the work here certainly not done with something like that. these workers are trying to get that bank back in working order. it shut down when all of this happened. the glass you see all over the ground there, that was the window that shattered and that
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septa station is blocked off. in the last minutes i made contact with septa, asked them how long that is going to remain closed if you were going to be taking that. they said likely through the rush hour tonight, they are not sure at this point about tomorrow. live in center city, i'm lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> new information in the murder of a woman found stuffed in a recycling bin in allentown. officials identified the victim as 59-year-old rose sanowsky found behind an apartment complex on east tillman street. autopsy results show she was shot several times. tuesday night police were serving a warrant when a shootout began. the suspect is in police custody awaiting charges. >> a real estate venture become as family affair landing a mother and son in jail. the two are accused of selling homes in foreclosure throughout
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south jersey. problem is they had no right one victim moved into a home with no plum, another pate $28,000 and never got a home or a refund. there are 20 victims now and police fear there could be more. >> get ready for a bumpy ride. we've been able to steer clear of them for a few months now, but experts tell us our recent weather is a perfect recipe for pot holes. doug shimell is live in chestnut hill to fill us in. pun intended, doug. >> reporter: i noticed that one. you know, you remember a year ago seems like you couldn't drive more than 10 or 15 feet without cracking a vertebrae. penndot says whether it's cobblestone or asphalt they are on the way. >> this is a prescription we may see more. >> the ground is way behind schedule opening up under penndot's feet. >> potholes are everywhere.
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they are on 611 filling them finally. >> reporter: the lack of winter has delayed pot hole season way past where we were this time last year. >> i hope they -- it doesn't get so bad as before. >> reporter: penndot says this week's massive rain is accelerating the process. >> you have cracks in areas that water can penetrate, it's going to freeze and thawing, that creates gaps under the pavement. >> for the consumer this is is obvious you are going to need to replace a rim. >> the casualties are starting to roll into rick's car care center. he says just because winter is late, a february pot hole does just as much damage as a december one. >> something as easy as about $80 repair if it's just a simple alignment issue or can go up in the thousands. if it's a very, very rare but very severe suspension issue.
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>> reporter: rick says if your car is jolted by a pot hole don't keep driving and assume it's okay. get it checked out before it fails in the middle of nowhere. doug shimell, "nbc 10 news." >> up and down weather is not helping with that situation at all. let's go to sheena parveen and we are not finished with this up and down weather. >> no, we are not. so, tonight it's going to be cold again, colder than last night. and aside from that a warm-up for the weekend and then a nor'easter next week. so we have a lot to get through before winter is over yet. wind speeds now, because it's windy and cold, right around 50 miles an hour sustained, and what it's doing to the temperature, making it feel like the 20s. so it feels very cold out. right now in philadelphia feels like 26, wilmington, northeast philly, allentown 24, mount pocono feels the like 12. everyone pretty much feels under 30 degrees right now. and tonight once those winds start to lighten up it's going
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to get even colder so we expect areas in the teens tonight. for the rest of your evening though, by 6:00 p.m., 33, breezy and cold. again actual temperature but the feels like will be in the 20s. by 8:00 p.m., 31. by 10:00 the wind starting to lighten up. temperatures down in the 20s. and as we go into the weekend we have a nice warm-up in the forecast for you but like i mentioned we're also tracking a nor'easter for next week, we'll show you details coming up. >> new information about the lawsuit that bill cosby filed against the woman who accused him of sexual assault in montgomery county. according to court documents cosby is demanding that andrea constand repay the settlement they reached in a civil kbraemt. prosecutors reopened the criminal case last year. his lawsuit alleges that constand had no legal duty to cooperate with police and the prosecutors because she lives in canada. the amount of the settlement has not been disclosed. cosby is due in court next month accused of drugging and sexually
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assaulting constand a decade ago. cosby is free on $1 million bail. >> jahlil okafor pleaded guilty and agreed to pay a $437 fine. police say he drove his mercedes 108 miles per hour across the ben franklin bridge in october. that's almost 2.5 times the posted limit of 45 miles per hour. okafor was the sixers' top pick in last year's draft. >> montgomery county is the latest stop for a retail theft ring that targeted stores from north carolina to new jersey. three men robbed cell phone stores in lansdale, and plymouth township. police stay in all of the robberies the men distracted customers and clerks to take what they wanted, this is what was stolen. six iphones, three ipads, the entire lot is worth close to $6,000. arrest warrant has been issued for delante davis from maryland, investigators aren't sure moo the other two men are in this case, if you know anything about
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it call police. >> president obama is about to take an historic plane ride but not everyone is on board with his trip to cuba. why opponents say he is bowing down to a terrorist. >> and the pope didn't just make waves for his comments about donald trump. what he said about the zika virus has people talking. could trump's comments about the pope hurt his campaign and which candidate could benefit most? that's coming up.
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>> next month president obama is expected to travel to cuba a history-making trip that is also a diplomatic gamble. the u.s. government has begun restoring diplomatic relations with cuba but the obama administration is hoping to force the regime to change. for good. brian mooar has this story from washington. >> reporter: in old havana president obama is looking to make history becoming the first sitting president to visit the streets in 88 years. he is hoping to open a diplomatic door that cannot be closed. >> our objective is to do as much of the time as we can with the time remaining to make this irreversible policy. i think the indications to date are that the american people support that. >> on the streets of miami reaction was mixed. >> he needs to push on human rights. this is a great opportunity to do that.
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>> i don't know him actually going to cuba is going to fix anything. >> the president will travel with lawmakers from both parties these members of the cuban-american delegation are fiercely opposed. >> surprised that he's going to cuba. it's not a surprise he is going to bow down to an anti-american terrorist. >> cuban-americans marco rubio and ted cruz criticized the call. >> asks nothing of the cuban government. they are as oppressive as they have been. >> in addition to sitting down with raul castro he will meet with dissidents. just this week the united states and cuba agreed to restore regular air service for the first time in nearly half a century. while there are several loopholes, from visiting family and humanitarian projects to religious activities and journalism general tourism is still banned under u.s. law. the trade embargo remains until congress decides to lift it. and that is unlikely in this highly charged election year.
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brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> for many in the local cuban community the president's visit appears to be appropriate next step, wilmington city council man sammy prado believes it's time for a change. >> cuba is not a threat to the united states. and i think that a lot of people are starting to realize that the idea of not talking to people, it doesn't really accomplish anything. >> prado's mother fled cuba as a teen in hopes of having a better life. he says the people of cuba who are still there deserve the same. senator pat toomey of pennsylvania says he and the senate majority will likely not support president obama's nominee to fill the supreme court vacancy in the wake of antonin scalia's death. he told the pressnmytk holding supreme court confirmation hearings might mislead people into thinking senators are strictly weighing a nominee's qualifications. the republican says they will also be considering how a
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nominee from president obama would swing the balance of the high court in the democrats' favor. former admiral and congressman joe sestak says he could not be more wrong. it is time for pat toomey to fulfill his duty to the people of pennsylvania and vow to quickly consider a new supreme court justice rather than marching lock step with partisan obstructionists. end quote. a boost for the mummers' upcoming mardi gras parade. the congressman announced a nonprofit donation to help the parade move forward. preparations are under way in manayunk where the parade will step off on saturday. the mummers have been reportedly hard pressed for donations. you may remember there was controversy around some of the skits on new year's day that appeared racist and homophobic including this act in which a man dressed up like caitlyn jenner. mayor jim kenney called for changes to future parades.
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from fill tile to florida this is a big day for the phillies. take a live look at citizens bank park. the philles play the home opener on april 11 here, and today is the first chance for fans to get their hands on single game tickets. they can be purchased at the park, over the phone or on line. >> if you can't wait until april 11 you could try to score a few tickets to spring training. today was the first day for pitchers and catchers in clearwater, florida. >> you're wearing a fleece. is it really chilly? tell us it is. >> reporter: it's a little -- like a gentle breeze we have going on. but you know, it's one of those things, i know, you're in the shade it's chilly, when you're in the sun it's beautiful. i'll just stop now because i realize i'm complaining too much about that. it was a gorgeous day here, about 70 degrees getting a little cooler now. but still a lot of people were out here to see the first full workout for pitchers and catchers here in clearwater. look at some of the video
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earlier today. carlos, the most veteran player here, he got in work earlier today as did a lot of the guys. we spoke to aaron nola. he hopes to be the starter but the decision is up to pete. the manager knows the team is predicted to finish last this season but he says don't count them out just yet. >> i'm the manager of the team. i want them to stay positive. i think we're going to do a lot better than people think we are. if we can get our starters into the fifth and sixth inning, on a consistent basis, we're going to be an improved team. >> reporter: so, how about this, he had all of his players wear jersey tops with numbers and their names on them instead of their jackets because there are so many new faces here that he said it's hard for all of the guys let alone the coaches to
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really get to know everybody and put the faces to the names and stuff so it's a learning process for everybody right now. again, the first day official workout for pitchers and catchers, a huge success out there. so many guys are here, about 50 came here to training camp early, so they are excited. it's a fresh new outlook the beginning of a new era of phillies baseball. back to you guys. >> that's wild wearing name tags. hey, erin, how you doing. >> exactly. >> speaking of that weather down there, i know it's a little cooler than maybe jillian was anticipating. >> it's going to get nice here, warmer, but we still have one really cold morning before we get there. so yes, we do have a warm-up for the weekend. first, it's going to be colder tonight than it was last night. so in the 20s for most of the area, teens north and west. the weekend, though, we're looking at near 60 degrees as we go into our saturday. it's going to be nice and dry. and then we go into next week, a
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bit of a weather pattern change for us, we have a nor'easter that we're tracking so i'll show you that in a second. beautiful look out center city. clear but the wind and the cold air really made it a lot different when you stepped outside. feels like 26 degrees now in philadelphia. actual temperature is 36. and this is really the case across the entire area. feeling 10 degrees colder than the actual temperature with the wind, so most of the area does in fact feel like the mid to low 2020s. look at our temperature trend through the overnight hours and into 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the temperature will keep dropping but the wind chill, that feels like temperature, that will stay below it so it's going to keep feeling colder, about 5 to 10 degrees as we go overnight and through tomorrow morning. feeling about 4 degrees colder. we'll start in the 20s, so you'll want the heavier coat tomorrow morning. we are nice and dry on the radar. we're going to stay that way as we go all the way through the weekend. there's a chance late tomorrow night we could have a little light precip.
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not a big deal, though, a nice area of high pressure hanging around, that will keep us mostly dry. here is future weather. we do stay mostly dry, cold air stays in place early tomorrow morning. this area of high pressure, it moves over us so it's going to keep most of the area like i mentioned on the drier side by noon tomorrow, but then you notice all of the clouds moving in. we'll have a system moving to the north pretty small but we'll keep an eye on it. we could see light areas of precip out of that, then we go into saturday morning, nice conditions, a little warmer, then through saturday afternoon, we'll be around 60 degrees, sunday looks good too. now this is a look at our next snow chance that nor'easter i was mentioning. agency we go into tuesday we'll be watching it track up the coast. by wednesday that's when we should get the most impact out of this. coastal flooding, that's going to be a concern at this point, the track still uncertain. we're still many days away. this is next wednesday but the area of low pressure could be bringing part of the area snow, part of the area rain. and of course we'll have a lot more updates as we get closer
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but something to keep in mind. tonight clear and cold, 23 the low, 15 areas north and west, then tomorrow pretty nice day, clouds increase through the day, but still going to be cold around 40 degrees. and then we go into the weekend and that's the nice warm-up. saturday around 60 degrees and sunny. sunday we'll see temperatures right around 57. chance of a late shower that could linger into early monday. and then you see the snow chances start increasing tuesday, that would be more of a mix, but then by wednesday we'll be tracking that nor'easter. >> well, it wasn't snow or ice that canceled class at this elementary school in the suburbs. take a look. a burst pipe is to blame for flooded classrooms. an update on the damage and what's next. >> imagine walking through this every day to get to your front door. we'll explain what it is and why
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one town in australia can't do much about it.
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breaking news from delaware. police investigating a deadly stabbing in wilmington. >> right to reporter tim furlong who is live on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: we rolled up to the 2300 block where police are investigating what is now become
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a murder in that house up on the hill there. police telling me the victim is a woman in her 50s, she was stabbed to death. they have a person of interest they are looking for but at this point no suspect in custody. >> thanks for that, tim. turns out nobody is safe from donald trump's war of words, not even the pope. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> why the gop candidate is attacking francis after his trip to mexico. how it could affect trump's run for president.
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donald trump versus pope francis in a war of words over trump's plan to build a wall at the mexican border. trump is firing back after the pope called anyone who wants to build such a wall unchristian. trump says she outraged that the holy father would question his faith. >> the pontiff was speaking on board the papal plane on the way back to rome after he finished his trip to mexico, during that trip pope francis prayed for mexicans who died trying to reach the u.s. he will give trum taxpayer benefit of the doubt because he has not independently heard his plans to build a wall. the pontiff says quote a person who thinks about building walls wherever they may be and not
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building bridges is not christian. this is not the gospel. >> trump responded at a campaign event in south carolina. he accuses the mexican government of using francis as a pawn and says the roman catholic church is only hearing one side of the story. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. the pope is being told that donald trump is not a nice person. okay. donald trump is a very nice person. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone know is isis' ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. because this would not have happened. isis would have been eradicated unlike what is happening now with our all talk, no action politicians. >> angry donald trump this afternoon. for insight how the pope's
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comments could affect trump's campaign we reached out to an assistant political science professor. >> shawna joins us live in the operations center. professor, let's start talking about the pope's comments on donald trump. what kind of influence and impact does the pope's words have on catholic voters? >> it's a great question, so the pope's words i think will have a big impact. this is not just any priest here, this is the pontiff. and this has been a really activist pope and one not afraid to speak up. what he's saying here is that trump has been acting like a bully. he made a career out of acting like a bully. i think trump's response and angry response is not going to help much. >> so let's talk about the latest polling, the latest national poll from nbc and "the wall street journal" shows ted cruz is now the republican front-runner just ahead of donald trump. it's been close but the poll shows cruz leading donald trump
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by 2 percentage points after months of polling showing trump of course with a lead. so, what does this all mean for the cruz campaign do you think? >> overall it's good news for ted krutz, but catholiced and christians take the comments seriously, i think it might mean that the republicans are going to have trouble with hardline immigration policies that they have been talking about. the pope is asking us to treat immigrants as human beings and not just as scapegoats like the republican policies often have been doing. >> let's talk about the democratic candidates now they take the stage in las vegas for a town hall on msnbc. what should we be watching for? >> i think what we're going to see is a lot more of clinton trying to show her credentials. she has an edge in the polls in terms of foreign policy, in terms of immigration and particularly race relations. nevada is an interesting state, our first more diverse state so we get a sense of how voters
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beyond the white voters might feel about a presidential candidate. it's harder in nevada. it's a caucus, not a primary. it's less representative. i'm looking and especially ahead to south carolina to see how hispanic and how black voters are going to respond to both bernie and hillary. >> we'll see if this pope dust-up is mentioned as well. thanks so much for your time. >> you're very welcome. >> to our weather now an update on your first alert forecast. >> a cold night. a little colder than last night, too, so we'll have areas in the teens overnight. take a look at the cold air mass on top of us. philadelphia at 36 degrees right now. and it's going to stay in place as we go into tomorrow, tomorrow morn, so it's going to stay cold to end out the week. a few degrees warmer than today. tomorrow afternoon. tonight we are talking about the cold along with the wind. actual temperatures are right around the mid to low 30s
5:35 pm
through the area. but when you factor in that wind, this is what it feels like when you step out. so feel likes 24 degrees in allentown, 25 reading, feels like 26 in philadelphia, 29 in millville, so the feels like temperature is about 10 degrees colder than the actual temperature. and that's the way it's going to stay as we go through the early evening. this is future weather here. future temperatures as we go into early tomorrow morning, take a look at these. low 20s around the philadelphia area possibly. teens north and west, mid-20s so pretty much everybody here will be above or below freezing, to start off your friday. then we're looking ahead to a warm-up for the weekend aside from that we have a nor'easter heading our way next week. we'll look how warm your weekend will be and the timing of that potential nor'easter. >> she was tied up and locked in a trunk. a trooper managed to track down a mother allegedly kidnapped by her ex, how a popular app made the difference. and how long have you been in a
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relationship? with your credit card. coming up when the experts say it's time to call it quits and look for another plastic partner.
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>> you can file this next one under the important benefits of modern technology. pennsylvania state police are crediting an iphone for tracking down a young woman kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend. the woman was meeting her ex to talk about custody of a young child. police say there he tied up the woman and forced her into the trunk of his car using the phone that belongs to the victim's mother and the find my iphone app police were able to track down the woman at a mcdonald's in miles berg about 150 miles away. 18-year-old joseph buller is facing kidnapping charges. now to consumer news. how long have you been using the same credit card? according to a new survey 25
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million people have had the same card for at least 10 years. that's according to credit other consumer credit card habits include not looking at the benefits of other cards, experts recommend reviewing other offers. check for lower interest rate or few you are fees, also change credit cards every four to five years and try and pay off balances in full every month. you will need plenty of plastic to play this new monopoly came called monopoly ultimate banking game but there is no banker, also no paper money. players swipe bank cards on a hand held device. coming up the pope weighs in on the zika virus and his comments may not be what you would expect to hear from a holy father. we'll explain. plus, why did a cargo ship go right into the middle of a hurricane. its a question investigators had for months. now a text message is giving them new clues. >> get ready for a colder night
5:40 pm
tonight, then a weekend warm-up plus i'm tracking a nor'easter for next week. i'll show you the timing coming up.
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>> governor christie wants to make it easier for victims of the blizzard to get the money for repairs asking the small business administration to make a disaster declaration for people who live in ocean, atlantic and cumberland counties. homeowners could borrow $40,000 and businesses $2 million. last week the governor requested a major disaster declaration for 17 counties impacted by the storm.
5:43 pm
>> here is the first look at the damage inside forks elementary school in easton, northampton county. a pipe burst on sunday sending water everywhere. the supervisor says he's never anything so devastating. repairs are estimated to cost thousands of dollars. >> when it comes to the zika virus seems that pope francis may be willing to relax the catholic church's opposition to artificial contraception. reporters asked the pontiff if abortion or birth control could be considered a, quote, lesser evil when dealing with the zika crisis in brazil. some babies have been born with abnormal lly small heads. the pope responded that abortion isn't a lesser evil, it's a crime but that avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil. end quote. new information about a freighter that sank during a
5:44 pm
hurricane last year, before it went down the captain was warned in a text message that a storm looms offshore was forecast to become a hurricane. that message came from his vacationing second mate who testified the captain replied he planned to go near but under or south of the hurricane, hurricane joaquin, all 33 people on board that freighter died. >> a woman with a history of sneaking onto airplanes has been arrested again. bond was set at $150,000 for marilyn hartman. she was arrested at o'hare international airport. a judge released her on probation last year and ordered her to avoid airports. she tried to board without a ticket numerous times in recent years and succeeded at least once. >> if you hate doing yard work this next one will put things into perspective. residents in one australian town are exhausted from cleaning up after what they call a real menace. >> it's a fast growing tumble
5:45 pm
weed. it's taken over their neighborhood. look, it's piling up, clogging homes and leaving residents frustrated and tired. disappearing into it. the weed blows in, covers everything. it's so high it blocks them from coming out of their front doors. residents suspect this tumble weed is coming from a nearby field that a farmer failed to maintain. >> cleaning up the tumble weed. and this is what i've got today. >> the town council captain help because it says the weed is not consider add fire risk and that leaves homeowners to put up with it or clean it up. indefinitely. >> the countdown to the summer olympics is on. >> yes, and today we've got an aerialñr view in rio de janeiro. a drone captured the various venues that are going to be used. the local organizing committee said the park reached the 97%
5:46 pm
completion mark at the end of january. three venues are completed, and ready for the games. >> we are now just 169 days away from the start of the 2016 olympics in rio. of course you can catch all of the action this summer here on nbc 10. well, a cold and windy day today and it's still very cold and windy outside right now. tonight, though, the winds will lighten up and temperatures will be dropping into the teens for parts of the area. then we go into the weekend, a warm-up in the forecast near 60 degrees, at least one day this weekend. and then after that so make sure you enjoy it. we're tracking a nor'easter as we go into next week. and looks like part of the area could see snow. i'll show you in one second. right now actual temperatures right above freezing for the lehigh valley. 36 degrees in philadelphia, but when you factor in the wind it actually feels 10 degrees colder
5:47 pm
than this. so right now we feel like the mid to low 20s, 33 in glassboro and in dover. like i mentioned the winds will die down, nice ski conditions in the poconos but temperatures will continue to drop as we go through tonight. so dropping into the mid-20s, then by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning around 24 degrees for the philadelphia area. but teens north and west. so very cold start to friday. we start to warm up going into the weekend. right now we are nice and dry and we're going to stay in this drier quieter pattern through the weekend. nice area of high pressure will keep us dry most of the day tomorrow. but then we'll see clouds move in. so here's future weather, we stay cold, we stay cold even through the day tomorrow. mostly dry because of this high. you see the clouds moving in, disturbed area of weather up to the north, that will bring us cloud cover, too. can't rule out the chance for some very light precip later friday, but we'll be watching that closely. the model doesn't want to show much here. then saturday, and a warm front
5:48 pm
moves through and that means we get warm. so by the afternoon saturday, near 60 degrees, sunny and dry saturday is going to be really nice. make sure you get out this weekend because we'll see changes next week. sunday looks good, just as good as saturday except we'll see more clouds moving in. a few late showers, then we go into the middle of next week, our snow chance, there you see a nor'easter right off the carolina coast by wednesday afternoon. now again, we're still very far out from this system, the timing of it we expect to change a little bit. we expect the track to change a little bit. but not too much of a movement in the track would then be changing what type of precip we see. there is a chance we could see snow across part of the area. here are the two different tracks that we typically will be watching with this storm. one a little further offshore, one inland so one could give us a little bit higher chance of snow that would be the one farther offshore. inland a better chance of rain through most of the area. so we'll be watching this as we go through the weekend and into next week. we still have many days to get
5:49 pm
more details on it for you. keep that in mind by the middle of next week we could see snow moving in. tonight, clear and cold, 23 for the low in philadelphia, 15 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow afternoon cold around 40. not as windy as today so that will be nice. we'll see the clouds increasing, through the afternoon and we'll be watching for light precip calling later tomorrow night. but so far most of it looks to be driveway. going into the weekend saturday, fantastic sunny, 60 degrees, very nice, sunday, 57. late shower which could linger into early monday morning. but then tuesday going into wednesday we'll be tracking that nor'easter with a chance of rain and snow. >> now let's check in with lester holt, he joins us with a look at what's coming up on nightly news. >> what's on tap? >> hey, jim and rosemary. coming up trump versus the pope, why they are now at odds. if a hospital can have its computer data taken for ransom how easy is it.
5:50 pm
and how to lower your cholesterol by lowering the stress in your life. it's when we see you back here for nightly news. back to you now. >> stress, what stress? we don't have any, right? >> none. none. >> we're great. see you at 6:30. coming up on nbc 10, he was an olympic hero, now the story of jesse owens is coming to the big screen. >> coming up next, talking with owens' granddaughter and how it celebrates the runner's legacy.
5:51 pm
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5:53 pm
the true spirit of sportsmanship we're seeing here between these two athletes today. >> the incredible true story of jesse owens is coming to life on the big screen now in the film "race." >> he was the african-american athlete who won four gold medals at the 1936 berlin olympics but his story is about much more than medals. >> owens had to overcome discrimination as a black athlete in the u.s. and abroad. vai sikahema is at a screening at the prince theater and has a special guest. vai. >> reporter: yes, good evening. let me bring in here into the
5:54 pm
shot jeanna, the granddaughter of jesse owens, we're at the prince theater which is appropriate, it was here in the 1930s when your grandfather was breaking world records all over the place. this woman by the way, accomplished in her own rite. 12 emmy awards so in our business, i'm going to ask you, you have seen the movie three times you told me. what did you think? >> outstanding. absolutely outstanding. very inspirational. really a true authentic story of my grandfather's life from ohio state on through the 1936 olympics. >> sometimes in hollywood they take some litter airy license as they say. was it true to life what your grandfather did? >> as far as i know. it was pretty true to life. my family had a lot of input in the script, very, very involved in the development. over the last two, three years, met several times with the
5:55 pm
producers, just were very involved because there was a true story that we wanted to tell, and that now is the time to tell it. they did a fantastic job. >> 80 years that your grandfather went to berlin and had that monumental olympic experience. why did it take so long to make this move sne >> that's a good question. i don't really know. but you know what, it doesn't matter. it's here now, it's amazing. the young man that some people may not have heard of before stephan james, is -- >> supposed to be here but got the flu so not going to make it. >> yes. i saw him last night. he didn't look good. but he did a phenomenal job. and you know what, it's here now. 80 years since the 1936 olympics. it is an olympic here with the summer games coming up in rio. on nbc. and you know, it's his time and his time is now. >> jeanna, we appreciate your
5:56 pm
stopping by and talking with us. we'll have you a little later. i'll be here to moderate a panel discussion about the movie and race and all of those issues, fantastic evening. leaders in business, civil leader, all kinds of folks are here. the red carpet behind me so we'll have more on this later on tonight at the 11:00. back to you guys. >> vai, sometimes it take as while for hollywood to get around to telling great stories. glad it's out there now. thanks, vai. inspirational. can't wait. >> and "nbc 10 news" at 6 is next. here is jacqueline london. >> better late than never as his granddaughter alluded to. up next on "nbc 10 news" at 6, a dozen people are hurt after buses collide on the center city street. witnesses describe what they saw. >> how low is it going to go tonight? and could you be able to wear shorts this weekend? my first alert forecast is next. >> plus, a shake-up in the
5:57 pm
prosecutor's office following their investigation into a high profile death of this couple. that's next on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00.
5:58 pm
>> a religious leader to question a person'stuj faith i disgraceful. >> donald trump takes on the
5:59 pm
pope, today pope francis questioned donald trump's christianity and trump did not hold back. >> the pope is being told that donald trump is not a nice person. okay. donald trump is a very nice person. and i'm a very -- i am a very nice person. and i'm a very good christian. >> philadelphia catholics weigh in on the debate tonight. good evening. >> this all started when the pope said any one who would propose to build a wall on the mexican border is not christian. >> translator: a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian. >> so there you have it. a lot of people talking about this. nbc 10's cydney long speaking with people in center city. >> she joins us from outside the basilica with more. >> reporter: a majority of people we spoke to said
6:00 pm
candidate for president donald trump is far too fast to sound off, calling his words simplistic and narrow minded. >> politics and religion should be separate. like it's been church and state separate and i don't think that donald trump should be -- he should be concerned about america. >> seniors from a catholic high school got permission from parents to weigh in on this. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which is everyone knows is isis' ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> donald trump's reaction to the pope's words that any one who wishes to build a wall on the u.s. mexican border is not christian. >> that's ridiculouridiculous. this is the united states where we are free. i don't like that at all. >> we showed the video to half a dozen high school srs and others, some were disgusted from th


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