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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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can save? ask a citizen at 1-866-999-0218 or visit nbc 10 news starts now. home invasion atag. a kensington man was beaten and robbed inside his home overnight. police say one of the suspects was there with him just before the violence. video of this arrest is a key piece of evidence in a lawsuitç filed against burlingn city police. the man on the ground here says police hurt him as they took him into custody. it is a cold start to the end of the workweek. temperatures are in the teens and 20s across the area. wait until you see the weekend. it's 4:00 a.m. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's talk about today and the weekend with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill? >> tracy, we're looking at clear skies and much less wind this morning.
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and that combination with very dry air has allowed the temperatures to plummet overnight. teens and 20s, it is indeed cold outside. millville 17, low 20s for wilmington and philadelphia. 23 degrees right now. moon getting ready to set. the temperatures will be climbing. we'll see sunshine to start with. a few thin clouds at 6:00. 24 degrees. by 9:00, partly sunny, 29. here come the clouds as we go into the afternoon. the temperatures are into the 40s this afternoon. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. we are checking out the vine street expressway right now. all clear through center city. as you can see around 24th street, no backups or delays or construction happening westbound if you're headed to the schuylkill, eastbound 95 right now. drive times are up with no problems. if you're heading into center city from the schuylkill or 95, you're still good to go.
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average speeds on 95 headed southbound are 70 miles per hour. actually, let's go slower than that. that will be a good idea for this morning. 295 over new jersey around 38, no problems either direction, heading this direction, southbound towards the black horse pike. you'll have no problems if you're getting to philadelphia or the 42 freeway at that point. more updates when i come back in the next ten. now it a developing story. police are investigating a violent home invasion that happened just about two hours ago. drew smith is live outside northeast detectives. what are you learning about the victim and the three people that police are looking for? >> reporter: right now we know the three ran away from the home in separate directions. the man who lives there, though, went to the hospital. right now police are interviewing him. he was surprised because one of those people that police are looking for was friendly to start but then turned against him. we have video of the scene from the 1800 block of cambria street.
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it was earlier around 1:30, he was inside with a woman when two others, two guys walked into the front door. they said she were robbing the place. investigators tell us they began beating the man with a baseball bat andç pointed a gun in his face. then the woman started scratching him, too. at that point, he realized he had been set up and the three had gotten away with a lot of cash as well as some electronics. that 41-year-old again at still at the hospital says he knows the woman. police are hoping to get an inch d. -- i.d. on her and hope that will lead them to the others. crews in chester county put out a fire in a travel camper parked at a restaurant. the flames broke out at 11:15 at a cracker barrel on east lancaster avenue. no one was hurt.
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this morning, we have video that appears to show burlington city police arresting a 60-year-old man and breaking his arm in the process. now that man is suing is the department. >> get on the ground. >> steven conn says he suffered a broken elbow during this arrest in a wawa parking lot in 2014. he says officers used excessive force and did he not resist arrest. you can see an officer detaining conn's passenger. this happened after this woman had an argument with a wawa worker and conn was waiting in the car. his attorney believes the officer saw him try to hide the end of a marijuana joint. >> it's an old man with an officer kneeling on his back who takes i had arm back in an unnatural angle purposefully and there's only one thing that arm can do and that's break. >> the prosecutor's office is investigating the allegations. we reached out to the police department. we're now waiting for a
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response. a mother and son face charges in what prosecutors call a real estate scam carried out in several south jersey counties. camden county authorities have accused christian edmonds and his mother, lisa smith, of leasing or selling properties in foreclosure. one victim paid almost $28,000 for a home but never got it or a refund. investigators say there are 20 victims so far in camden, gloucester and burlington counties. they believe there are more. sixers rookie okafor has settled his speeding case. he drove 108 miles an hour across the ben franklin bridge. okafor pleaded guilty to a chance of unsafe operation of a vehicle andç agreed to pay a $7
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fine. he's on track to make around $4 million this year. a small earthquake prompted a rash of calls to 911 last night. the u.s. geological survey confirms an earthquake hit the town of butler in new jersey. new jersey governor chris christie is calling on a federal agency to make it easier for victims of last month's winter storm to borrow money they need for repairs. the governor is asking the small business administration to make a disaster declaration for people who live in ocean, atlantic, cape may and cumberland counties. that declaration would free up low-interest homes. home owners could borrow up to $40,000. businesses could get 2 million. an annual job fair from 10:00 to 3:00 at the thunderbolt raceway. department managers will be
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conducting interviews at the job fair. for a list of available positions, go to happening today, your chance to when a great prize if you're a fan of nbc's hit talent show the "the voice." we are giving away a v.i.p. meet and greet with former "voice" contestants. like our nbc 10 facebook page, be sure you're watching at 6:00 a.m. we'll give you a question about the "the voice" and then you have to go to our facebook page. the first one to answer it correctly wins the meet and greet. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> this will be the coldest morning of the week. during the day temperatures climb. clouds increase as temperatures go up as well. should be dry and count on a warm weekend. a big warmup for saturday and sunday. heading out the door, you'll
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need to bundle up, 19 in doylestown, 17 in millville and 22 right now northeast philadelphia. why not? back to making snow in the pocono mountains. that's the view from camel back. certainly had the weather for it. otherwise it's in the clear. no sign of any clouds for cape may, philadelphia and into the mountains. you can see the clouds to the west. those will be moving in as we go through the day. we'll start off dry and clear. the temperatures wind up warmer than yesterday. mostly cloudy skies for bethlehem, camel back and fleetwood. king of prussia,ç high of 40 ts afternoon. smyrna and milford in the low 40s. 39 today in cape may. and not much wind today but more clouds than yesterday. 42 in philadelphia. right up to 40 degrees for wilmington and woodstown. the weekend warmup, a peek of that when i come back with the weekend forecast in ten minutes. >> all right, bill, see you
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then. thanks. 4:08 right now. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. >> we made it to friday. if you're heading out the door for one last day before the weekend starts. right around fox street you can see no problems in either direction. everybody is moving along nicely. no jam ups. the drive times are still in the green. the pa turnpike, no problems the there, clearly in the green as well. 24 minutes eastbound, westbound, route 1 to valley forge. a road obstruction reported around 3:00 this morning. there's a slippier condition out there. that's in cheltenham, ashborn road and asher road. mass transit doing great. no problems so far for this morning, no delays. tracy? ball strikes and insults.
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there's more trouble for a new jersey high school basketball coach. >> there's a question about why i do what i do. [ bleep ]. >> more players say their baseball coach bullied them. hear what they're doing and what's happening to the coach. also, next -- >> good morning, i'm matt delucia, live in manayunk where the mummers are getting ready to strut their stuff again tomorrow in manayunk. i'll explain why this is so critical for them.
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♪ not just for new years day
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or broad street anymore, the mummers are getting ready for a weekend strut along main street in manayunk. it's the second year in what mummers officials hope is a new tradition to coincide with mardi gras. matt delucia live with more information. is there concern that there will be an issue with mummers this time around? >> well, tracy, this does come a month and a half after the new years mummers parade which as we all know did have a couple of controversial moments. the folks here in manayunk say that is not going to be involved this time around because it's just the string bands involved in this parade. ♪ manayunk started this parade last year and brought it back because it brought a lot of business last time. this is video from that event. it's a mile long parade tomorrow morning at 11:00 grows from sherrs lane to green lane. it's also a way to help the mummers who have been struggling
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cf1 o the big difference between this and new years day, manayunk wanted this to be more family friendly and more interaction. some business owners tell me they're going all in. >> i sponsored a band. we'll have one out front afterwards. i feet strongly about the mummers because they are -- they're history. they are philadelphia history. >> reporter: right here you can see some of the store fronts decked out in mummers gear and the mardi gras theme for this parade. and right next door, this is the mummers mardi gras headquarters, a way to keep people here after the parade. last year i'm told about 3,000 people showed up and that was enough, the folks here tell me, to generate quite a bit of money for these shops. live in manayunk, matt delucia, nope news. 4:15. now to decision 2016. the democratic presidential candidate square off in the
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nevada caucuses tomorrow. last night they spoke to voters in a town hall meeting on msnbc. hillary clinton and bernie sanders appeared separately in las vegas. they each spent about an hour taking questions. most criticized donald trump while pushing their own immigration platforms. both tried to appeal to latino voters who make up about 17% of nevada's voting population. >> should unite families, not divide families. we should not be sending people back to a country they can barely remember and a language they may not even be able to speak. >> i was the first person to call out donald trump. i said, enough of this prejudice and paranoia. >> both candidates hope to use a win in tomorrow's nevada caucuses as a springboard to the south carolina democratic primary february 27th and the super tuesday race is on march 1st. ahead in our next half hour, the pope versus the politician. hear from donald trump after pope francis questioned the
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presidential candidate's faith. ted cruz and marco rubio are taking aim at each other ahead of tomorrow's presidential primary in south carolina. the rubio alleged the cruz campaign doctored this photo with cruz claiming rubio supported amnesty. meantime, rubio won the endorsement of south carolina governor nikki haley earlier this week despite calls from the bush family for her to support bush. >> this is about fight, passion. jeb is a dear friend. >> he spent the day convincing voters that his vote isn't overç he's pulling fourth place in south carolina and sixth in the latest national poll. the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia will lie in repose at the supreme court. this morning, there will be a private ceremony and the public is invited to pay respects.
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president obama and the first lady will be among those filing past the casket today. a funeral is planned for tomorrow. a black drape is hanging over scalia's chair on the bench. today affluenza teen ethan couch faces a judge. two weeks ago, authorities moved couch from a juvenile pass facility to an adult jail. he was 16 within he caused a crash that killed four people in dallas. he pled guilty. the judge sentenced him to probation after his lawyers argued his upbringing impaired his ability to know right from wrong. people at the scene jumped into the water to help the tourists on board this helicopter at pearl harbor. five people were in the helicopter when it went down near the uss arizona memorial. a teenager remains in critical
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condition. a witness describes the scene. >> i saw it splash down, the blades stopped. two people popped out. i jumped in. >> the ntsb is investigating. the federal government is investigating a deadly construction accident in north jersey. two workers were killed after a five-ton generator fell from a crane the a construction site in hanover, morris county. officials say the crane was lowering the generator when a strap snapped. the work site is the future home of a fire department. a former student athlete at a high school in essex county, new jersey, is suing his previous coach and his school after claiming the coach bullied him. baseball coach joe proccetti. administrators at the school say they founded it at least six incidents to back up the claim of bullying. the player's father says it's part of the culture at this
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school. >> they don't care about respect or character. they care about winning. they do whatever they can to destroy wins. >> the coach and his staff declined to comment on the lawsuit. the school says the decision on discipline is a personnel matter. in wyoming, wind gusts so powerful they knocked out a semi truck and knocked it on its side. yesterday, this tractor-trailer was blown over by 63 mile-an-hour winds. the semiç was empty which madet more susceptible to severe weather. the semi can't be flipped back over until the winds die down which may not happen until later today. no one was hurt. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 19 minutes after 4:00. it's a cold start. we have virtually no wind here. look at the flaps at the nbc 10 studios. that's one of the reasons it's colder this morning. the humidity at 50%, 10 degrees
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colder than yesterday with the wind barely moving at philadelphia international, 3 miles an hour, 23 degrees. still falling. clear skies, the temperatures come down faster. it's a view that will see sunshine to start with. these temperatures will be climbing. 22 in wilmington, colder temperatures north and west. blue bell, lafayette, both at 18 degrees right now, 15 in collegeville and 16 degrees in gilbertsville. it's a cold start this morning. we will see temperatures climb once the clouds are moving in, then the temperatures will hold into the low 40s this afternoon. these are the clouds moving in later today. we will stay dry, though, don't expect to see any showers today. it's a low bit of snow in northwestern pennsylvania. not destined for our area. a cold start, clouds increase. we warm into the upper 40s and low 30s. if that is not warm enough for
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you, tracy davidson, take a look at this. 60 degrees. doesn't that look -- >> whoa! >> is it still february? >> whoa! >> 60 degrees on saturday and a warm one on sunday. there will be some clouds around. a chance of a late-day shower on sunday. we'll take a look at that in the next half hour. >> 4:21. let's take a look at your ride to work if you're getting ready to head out. jessica boyington has you covered watching all the roads. >> we are starting in voorhees, new jersey on route 73 around cooper road. no problems in either direction right now through the intersection, we're nice and dry which is a change from what we saw earlier. 422 around the pa turnpike, looking the same in both directions. no problems if you're headed towards the schuylkill expressway or if you have to get down to the center city area at some point, you'll be find. route 202, still in the green.
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quiet friday so far. different from yesterday morning, northbound or southbound from 30 to the schuylkill expressway and 11-minute trip. we are going to check in with areaç bridges. just checked in with the tacony palmyra and the burlington bristol. no scheduled openings, the ben, the walt, the commodore barry, everything good. a delayed winter means pothole season has been pushed back. now the annual problems on the roads are starting to pop up. experts say the recent weather is a perfect recipe for potholes and expect more in the weeks ahe ahead. >> especially on older pavements where you have cracks where water can penetrate. it's the freezing and thawing that creates the gaps underneath the pavement. >> if a pothole jolts your car, get it checked out before it causes any major problems. moment of terror for a mother and father from atlantic county. >> an infant that isn't
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breathing, turned blue. >> their 2-month-old was lifeless. next, hear who came to the rescue just in time. pick pockets caught in the act inside a montgomery county grocery store. hear why they took more than a wallet from one victim. don't just watch, be part of the conversation. we're always talking with our viewers via twitter. our dwitwitter addresses are ri there on your screen. we'll get right back to you, right here from the news desk. ♪
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4:25. from our delaware bureau, a brand new dental clinic on wheels will bring care to people who don't have access usually.
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the connections community nonprofit will unveil a new mobile dental clinic today during a ribbon cutting in wilmington. it will feature two fully equipped treatment rooms, a full-time dentist and hygienist. this morning we're hearing from a galloway township police officer who helped revive an infant who stopped breathing. >> an infant isn't breathing, turned blue. >> that was the call that was received. police officer kevin jorgensen was the first to arrive on the scene. emts and paramedics showed up. that's when the baby started breathing. >> opened his eyes suddenly, shut them again. it was an amazing experience. i'm a father of three girls. it was touching and holes a special place in my heart. >> the infant is now recovering in the hospital.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's a cold one this morning. the temperatures have dropped in the teens in the suburbs. right now 22 degrees in the city at 4:27. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. jesse? >> we are watching a bench of our cameras for you this morning to see how your morning commute is taking a toll on you. here's upper state road right around county line road. no problems in either direction. snow melting over into the grassy areas. it's not on the roadways. more good news there. ;h$elping the homeless. hear what one man is playing that will help feed more than 100 philadelphia men and women in need.
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nbc 10 news starts now. a 41-year-old man is recovering after a home invasion attack. right now, police are searching for three people who robbed and roughed him up. abington pick pocket suspects are caught on tape grabbing a woman's wallet and she lost something much more personal than credit cards and cash. below freezing but don't get used to it although temperatures are only in the teens and 20s right now. things are changing, big time, just in time for the weekend. it's 4:30, good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. let's get to meteorologist bill henley to find out about the first. >> it's well below freezing. that's a view of cold, hard steel. the temperatures in the teens and 20s. it will be a slow warmup. we'll see sunshine to begin with. 19 in doylestown. wrightstown also a


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