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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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nbc 10 starts now. >> right now on "nbc 10 news today," a violent home invasion in kensington. police say it was an inside job. ♪ >> and this weekend, the mummers are taking over manayunk. will this parade be different after the controversial new years day mummers parade. and the final push, one more day before the south carolina primary and the nevada caucus. we'll tell you what the candidates are doing today. it's 6:00 a.m. 24 degrees in philadelphia. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill, we'll put up with cold today because it's friday, to get to tomorrow. >> you have no choice but to put up with the cold this morning. it will hit you in the face.
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it's plain old cold outside. clear skies, look at this nice view from the comcast center in center city. not a cloud to be found just yet. that is going to be changing along with the temperatures. they'll be warming up. right now it is 9 degrees in mt. pocono, pottstown 15 degrees, 18 for mt. holly and millville, northeast philadelphia at 22 degrees. a cold morning but we will see sunshine before clouds move in during the day. that will lead to a warmup. 25 degrees at 8:00. by 11:00, mostly cloudy skies and 34. the clouds still hang there at 2:00 this afternoon. 39 degrees. we'll show you what happens when the clouds move out. jessica boyington is watching a friday morning commute. >> we have an accident scene on 295 out in new jersey in mt. laurel around hartford road. we have a truck with flashing lights. there's another vehicle behind it and we have police activity over here.
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only a few cars heading by this area. not a huge backup right now. definitely something to watch out for. this is next to one of the on ramps. these vehicles have to go slow when approaching the highway. that could potentially be a dangerous spot if you're heading out the door or starts to become a little bit more packed with cars. here's the schuylkill expressway around spring garden street. no problem either direction. eastbound from center city from the blue route to the vine, 12-minute trip. average speeds in the 60s. police say a woman set up a guy by going home with him and helping two other guys beat him and rob him. it happen on east cambria street in kensington. two men showed up at the house, startedç attacking the guy at n point. then the woman jumped in to help. medics took the victim to the hospital. crews put out a fire in a
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travel camper parked at a restaurant in the chester county. the scenes broke out around 11:30 last night outside a cracker barrel on east lancaster avenue no one was hurt. meanwhile, manayunk is getting ready for the mummers. >> the mardi gras parade is tomorrow. it wi it will be the first time since we're seeing the mummers after the new years day parade that made headlines. a mummer dressed like caitlyn jenner among other outfits. matt delucia went to businesses in manayunk to ask how this parade will be different. is there a concern there will be any issues this time? >> not among most business owners. a lot of them say they're looking forward to this. one way manayunk will make this better than that is by making this more family friendly and having a zero tolerance for any
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drinking in public. manayunk started this mardi gras mummers parade last year. this will be year number two. they brought it back because it brought in a lot of business. this is a mile long parade, starting tomorrow morning at 11:00. this will go from sherrs lane to green lane. this is a way to help the mummers as a whole. they've been struggling financially lately. the big difference between this and new years day, manayunk wanted to make this more family friendly, have more interaction with the mummers, especially for the kids. some owners on main street tell me after the bad behavior of some mummers on new years day, they're looking to this event to be a redemption and renewal of faith of the mummers. >> i think it's a great opportunity. it's going to be just the string band. we're not having the other bands
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that caused a little havoc. >> the store sfrofronts are dec out in mummers gear for mardi gras. last year i'm told about 3,000 people showed up. that was enough, some tell me, to generate quite a bit of money for these shops. some of the business owners tell me they hope this becomes an annual thing even beyond this. live in manayunk, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> the weather will be nice. fromç our south jersey bureau, video showing burlington city police arresting a 60-year-old man that's now the center of a lawsuit. steven conn claims that officers used excessive force and that he did not resist arrest. police contained conn's
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passenger. that happened after the woman had an argument with a wawa worker. his attorney believes his officer saw him try to hide the end of a marijuana joint. >> it's an old man with an officer kneeling on his back who takes his arm back in an unnatural angle purposefully and there's only one thing that arm can do and that's break. >> the prosecutor's office is investigating the allegations. we did reach out to the police department. we're waiting for a response. the democratic candidates for president are heading into the home stretch after t. hillary clinton and bernie sanders each spent an hour taking questions in las vegas. both criticized trump. both tried to appeal to latino voters who make up about 17% of nevada's voting population. >> should unite families, not
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divide families. we should not be sending people back to a country they can barely remember or a language they cannot only be able to speak. >> i was the first person to call out trump. i said enough of this prejudice and paranoia. >> both candidates hope to use a win in tomorrow's nevada caucuses as a springboard to the south carolina democratic primary february 27th and the super tuesday races on march 1st. rivals ted cruz and marco rubio are taking aim at each other ahead of tomorrow's gop primary in south carolina. they sparred over this photo that rubio accused the cruz campaign of doctoring while distorting his stance on immigration. meantime, rubio won the endorsement of south carolina governor nikki haley, despite calls from the bush family for her to support jeb. >> happening today, the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia will lie in repose at the supreme court. this morning, there will be a private ceremony and then the
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public is invited to pay respects. president obama and the first lady will be among those filing past the casket today. a funeral is planned for tomorrow. flags at all state buildings in new jersey will fly at half-staff today and tomorrow in recognition of justice scalia. c weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 6:08. it's a cold morning. we have the coldest morning of the week today. we will see clouds move in but in spite of that, the clouds will be heading out just in time for the weekend with a big warmup for saturday and sunday. but there are changes ahead for the weekend as well. right now, 18 degrees in reading. philadelphia at the airport is 24 and cape may is cold, too. 25 degrees. look how clear it is at the shore. just a few, thin clouds over the ocean this morning. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. it isn't going to be sunny all day. clouds move in as the temperatures climb. most of the warmup happens this
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morning. 24 in philadelphia, look at the teens for pottstown and doylestown. millville is at 18 degrees. satellite shows we are completely clear to start with but this is what we'll see moving in later this morning and into this afternoon. skies turn cloudy but it stays dry today. the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood, 33 degrees, upper 30s in allentown, reading and quakertown. you'll see sunshine in trenton, mt. holly and norristown. into the low 40s this afternoon and right up to 40 for cape may and rehoboth. vineland tops out at 41 degrees. you'll see mostly cloudy skies this afternoon for philadelphia, drexel hill and wilmington all in the low 40s today. but that changes this weekend in a big way. the seven-day forecast with the timing of the warmup and a look at the coastal storm coming our way next week. that's when i'm back in ten minutes. >> see you then, bill. 6:09.
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looks like police activity on 295. >> jessica boyington has details. where on 295, jessica? >> we are in mount laurel on the southbound side, around hartford road. you can see we have the police activity over here into the right shoulder. the problem and the incident is where we have a truck with flashing lights and another vehicle behind it. that's where the accident occurred. it's coming from the on ramp. that could be a potentially dangerous situation as you can see more vehicles seem like they're appearing on the scene right now. when cars actually try to get on to the highway, you can see them start to slow down behind this scene. it would be nice to have a police officer with flashing lights behind this point. that might be safer. but it looks like we have more crews arriving on the scene right now with that police officer here and flashing lights no huge volume or traffic backing up behind this point right now. everything is moving along. as the morning progresses it could potentially start to tie things up there's still an accident we're watching out for on girard avenue and 57th street
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inç west philadelphia. we're doing okay. you can start to see yellow right here approaching that scene in this intersection. take haverford avenue if you want to scoot on by. vai? while your yard may not look as nice as you want it to right now, at least it doesn't look like this. >> well, yes. we'll tell you who ashelling out big bucks to clean up its grounds after vandals tore it up. plus this story. hard landing. a helicopter drops into the water in hawaii. an update on the people who were inside when it went down.
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6:14. a small earthquake shook a north jersey community last night triggering a rash of calls to 911. the u.s. geological survey confirms the magnitude 1.6
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earthquake hit the town of butler, morris county. the tremor rattled nerves but no one reported any damage. from our trenton bureau, new jersey governor chris christie is calling on a federal agency to make it easier for victims of last month's winter storm to borrow money they need for repairs. the governor is asking the small business administration to make a disaster declaration for people who live in ocean, atlantic, cape may and cumberland counties. that declaration would free up low-interest loans. home owners could borrow up to $40,000. businesses cowl get 2 million. in hawaii, witnesses of this helicopter crash in pearl harbor jumped into action to help the people inside when it hit the water. five tourists were on board that chopper. witnesses described the scene and moment of impact. >> as soon as it hit the water, i saw it splash down. two people popped out. i jumped in.
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>> a teenager remains in critical condition. the ntsb is investigating. it took a bit longer this year but it looks like we're getting into pothole season because of the delayed winter. pothole season has been pushed back a little bit. now the early problems on the road are starting to pop up again. experts say the recent weather is a perfect recipe for potholes and expect more in the weeks ahead. >> especially on older pavements where you have cracks whereç water can penetrate. the water will freeze. it's the freezing and thawing that creates gaines underneath the pavement. >> mechanics say if a pothole jolts your car, don't keep driving around and assume it's okay. get it checked out before it causes a big problem. new this morning, national transportation construction trade group report says that pennsylvania is one of five states with the most structurally deficient bridges in the country. the report found pennsylvania has more than 4,700 deficient bridges, among them several i-95
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interchanges in philadelphia, including the bridge over the cottman avenue ramp in northeast philadelphia. >> deficient bridges, potholes, we have a lot to deal with when we drive around. >> jessica boyington has you cover, though. >> that's right. we have a small accident scene on 295, right on hartford road. it is on the southbound side, one truck disabled with flashing lights. earlier police activity, he's moved out of the way with two vehicles involved is on the off ramp. something to watch out for. not huge delays right now because of that. in montgomery county, we have reports of a disabled vehicle in lower pottsgrove on heather lane and north pleasant grove road. if you're on the blue route, you'll be all right so far. this is right around the schuylkill expressway, southbound from the schuylkill to 95, a 15-minute trip. backups now, at 57th street because of this accident on girard avenue. so you can see girard crossing
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in there. that's where the accident scene has occurred. your best bet is to take haverford avenue to get by, vai and tracy. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. it's a cold start this morning. clear skies overnight. has allowed the temperatures to come way down. that's a live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. 24 degrees in philadelphia. and the temperatures, because skies are clear, are still falling at this hour, about half an hour away from sunrise. 24 degrees in philadelphia. the wind is not an issue, for most of the area, the wind has calmed down. just a 5 mile-an-hour breeze in philadelphia. the won taind taking a break in pocono area. these are high clouds coming in advance of clouds coming in today. before the clouds arrive, we'll
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see a good warmup, especially cold, westtown, 16 degrees, fair meadow farm is at 17 and teens for phoenixville, chester springs and tredyffrin township. a cold start. a sunny start, too. the clouds you see to theç wes that will change. the sunshine will be fading as we go through the morning hours. those clouds come through dry, however, only a little bit of wet weather to the north. we'll see the clouds stay over during the day today. they will not last into the weekend. futurecast showing cloudy skies, snow to the north. we stay dry with this one. the clouds keep on going. overnight tonight, look how they broke up. tomorrow, sunshine will be bright. 2:00 in the afternoon, might see showers way to the north. we'll be enjoying 60 degrees on saturday. then come sunday, we're watching another area of clouds to the west. the ohio valley, look at the rain moving through southern ohio. those showers could be here by
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later on sunday. clouds move in at 4:00 in the afternoon. the wet weather to the west. by evening, we could see light rain showers and only rain because it will shall too warm for anything else. the forecast calling for a cold start today, clouds increase after morning sunshine and the temperatures wind up in the upper 30s and low 40s this afternoon. the winds stay light today. seven-day forecast not as cold. a look at tomorrow afternoon, 60 degrees. bright sunshine on saturday. we'll start with sunshine on sun, then the clouds come in with a chance of a late-day rain shower into the evening hours. a little cooler on monday, partly sunny and 48. we're watching a coastal storm which could bring a mix of rain and snow to our area late tuesday and wednesday. starting off as rain, it gets colder tuesday night, those colder areas, especially north and west will see a wintry mix then back to rain. 44 wednesday afternoon. we stay in the 40s thursday as we dry out. thursday a high of 44 degrees. >> sunny and 60. crazy. 6:20 right now. grab your phone or your tablet
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and go to facebook. nbc 10 facebook page. we're giving away a great prize this morning. >> get this. win two tickets to a v.i.p. meet and greet with former contestants on nbc's "the voice." all you need to do is answer this question. here it is. javier colon won the first season of "the voice" who was his coach? we'll announce the winner around 6:55 this morning. stay tuned. while you're there, give us a like on our page. temple women's basketball last last night but the game is still a big story. >> we'll tell you what the team did last night that no other team has ever done in history.
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happening today, new jersey
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motorsports park is hosting its annual job fair to 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the thunderbolt raceway in cumberland county. they are filling positions for the 2016 season. department managers will be conducting interviews at the job fair. for a list of available positions go to our website at and today's the second day of two daytona duels. there were scary moments on the track last night. on the final lap, jamie mcmurray attempted to block jimmy johnson for second place. that sent johnson into the path of kurt busch and other racers. the nascar season kicks off sunday with the daytona 500. the temple girls basketball team lost a five overtime heart breaker. temple fought hard but they came
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up on losing end, 100-97. the owls are now 17-9 overall. good morning, everyone. it's jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. right now we're watching 95, live around girard avenue. we did have a decision able edi on the northbound side. we usually look at the southbound side. that's going into center city. still going okay but climbing up there. more updates on the roadways when i come back in a couple minutes. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're doing okay weatherwise, too, a few high clouds visible. this live view from the comcast center. we have the coldest morning of the entire week, 24 degrees in philadelphia. that's one of the warmer spots. i'm drew smith, live in philadelphia, following a police investigation into a violent
6:27 am
beating and robbery overnight. we'll tell you about the three suspects police are looking for, including one, the victim didn't see coming. pope versus presidential candidate. why the pope is telling donald trump he's not christian. so, what moves me? it's the journey. the feeling of doing. it's making choices for a healthier me, a healthier us. i'm on my path and i love it.
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this is nbc 10 news. beat within a baseball bat at gun point. philadelphia police are investigating a home invasion with a twist. how police say two guys had help from inside the home. >> faith called into question. we'll tell you why the pope is telling donald trump he needs to build bridges instead of walls. it's finally friday. first alert meteorologist bill henley is talking about a weekend warmup. i can hard lay wait.
6:31 am
6:30, i'm tracy davidson. 24 degrees. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast, talk about all of it. bill? >> it is this morning we need the warmup. coldest morning of the week. we have clear skies, less than 20 minutes away from sunrise. this is a live view from the nbc 10 studios. a few thin clouds. the clouds will be on the increase during the day. it wouldn't be all-day sunshine like we saw yesterday. cold start, teens for pottstown and doylestown. millville at 18 degrees. parts of south philadelphia at 5th and wharton, 17 degrees right now. roxborough is 20. northeast philadelphia just went up a degree. not much wind. sunshine will be right. we'll see the temperatures climb slowly. 25 degrees at 8:00. at 11:00 we'll be above freezing, 34 degrees. look at this, cloudy. here come the clouds, staying with us through the afternoon. 39 degrees at 2:00. we'll go a little bit warmer than that today. the real warmup, ahead this
6:32 am
weekend. a look at that when i come back in ten minutes with your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. let's take a look at the roads. jessica boyington with traffic. >> big delays on 95. we are hearing reports of an accident just in to our nbc news desk here, not even registered in our traffic systems yet. you can see underneath this overpass, these are cameras around front street. around packer avenue, reports of an accident with a jackknifed tractor-trailer involved. you can see these cars in here really at a crawl. once you get up to that point, cars aren't moving anywhere at paul. updates for you for sure. for now, 95 with big delays. 42 freeway seeing big delays. right here is headed northbound. there's an accident scene approaching 295, it's actually on 295. any of the vehicles, a lot of the traffic has to get in that direction. if you're heading towards philadelphia or ç295 you pill pass an accident scene on to 295 northbound. that's what's causing the delays
6:33 am
headed northbound. we'll have updates on the scenes when i come back. >> we continue to follow developments from a violent home invasion in kensington. >> two men had some help targeting the victim from someone who was already inside the home. nbc 10's drew smith is live in juniata this morning at the police station there. drew? >> tracy, right now police are looking for three people, two men each had a baseball bat and gun they used in this as well as a woman who police say used her fingernails in this attack. they got away with cash and electronics. let's show you video from the crime scene overnight, police collecting evidence on the 1800 block of east cambria street. we captured video of the man who lives there walking out to get in an ambulance. now, investigators say he took a beating from a baseball bat. the man was inside with a woman he thought was friendly but two men entered through an unlocked door and began robbing him and she later joined in.
6:34 am
>> there was definitely a violent struggle. furniture is overturned. there are other items of turn tire that's broken. there's blood inside the property. >> that man had some scrapes to his face as well as swelling all over and bruises from that beating he took. he was speaking with police from the hospital. he said he knows who that woman was he invited over. they are hoping to track her down and hopefully that will lead to the two others involved in this. drew smith, nbc 10 news. now to decision 201. one day away from the crucial south carolina primary. and republican presidential hopeful donald trump is softening his rhetoric on pope francis. >> trump blasted the leader of the catholic church for suggesting his stance on immigration was not christian. the controversy broke out earlier yesterday when the pontiff told reporters aboard the papal aircraft that a person who only thinks about building
6:35 am
walls and not bridges is not christian. trump reiterated it wasn't a good thing for the pope to say but trump says he doesn't like to fight with the pope, even though he believes the media made the pontiff's initial comment sound stronger than they were. >> i don't like fighting with the pope, actually. i think he said something much softer than originally reported by the media. he heard one side of the story. he didn't see the tremendous strain that the border is causing us with respect to illegal immigration, with the drugs pouring across the boreder. >> while trump appeared to play ing at the pontiff's expense. he says if having walls is not christian, the pope has an awfully big wall at the vatican. marco rubio reacted to the pope's statement yesterday. he would not fully comment on the statement but did say the u.s. has the right to control who comes into the country, pointing out that vatican city does the same thing. >> as a roman catholic he's the
6:36 am
head of the church, the successor of peter what i believe. i have tremendous respect and admiration for him. i haven't seen a statement. i'm an elected official in the united states of america in the federal government. our number one obligation is to keep people safe and our immigration system apart of that. >> rubio repeatedly said no progress can be made on immigration until washington can prove to americans that illegal immigration is under control. trump isn't alone in his call to build a border wall. ted cruz supports the idea as well. new at 6:00, a judge in chicago will hear arguments from an illinois voter who alleges ted cruz is not a natural-borne citizen. if the judge declares cruz ineligible to run, cruz's campaign will likely file an appeal. though he was born in canada, cruz maintains he is natural-born because his mother is american. comedian bill cosby is suing
6:37 am
to get back money from the woman who accused him of sexual assault in montgomery county. according to court documents, the lawsuit cosby recently filed demands andrea constand repay the settlement they reached in the civil agreement. prosecutors re-opened the criminal case last year. the amount of the settlement has not been disclosed. cosby is due in court next month to face a sex assault charge in the case. the comedian is accused of drug and sexually assaulting constand a decade ago. cosby remains free on $1 million bond. a former student athlete at a high school in essex county, new jersey is suing his previous coach and school. baseball coach joe fischetti is at the center of the lawsuit. a former player claims fischett. the players father says it is part of the culture at the
6:38 am
school. >> they done the care about respect. they don't care about character what they care about is winning. >> the coach and his staff declined to comment on the lawsuit. the school says the decision on discipline is a personnel matter. it's 6:38. new this morning, students atç lankenau high school hope to rebuild their garden after it was destroyed by vandals again. over the past two nights, somebody drove through the property with a truck. the damage destroyed more than 500 hours of student volunteer work this year. the students are trying to raise awareness and help to rebuild and put preventative measures in place so it doesn't happen again. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 6:38. it is cold outside. in fact, the coldest morning of the entire week. we're nice and clear this morning. clouds will be moving in during the day just as the temperatures
6:39 am
come into the low 40s. that's going to put a lid on our temperatures today. tomorrow, a big warmup with temperatures way above normal. right now, 16 degrees in doylestown. 18 in millville and northeast philadelphia, 22 degrees. each of the cities is nice and clear. philadelphia starting to see the glow of presunrise sunlight and twilight right now. battleship new jersey temperatures in the teens and low 20s in the city. the wind died down overnight, clear skies and very little wind is when you get your coldest temperatures this time of year. that's what we're seeing this morning. we will stay clear enough this morning that we'll see a warmup before these clouds move in. the clouds are producing light snow, mainly in northwestern and -- northwestern pennsylvania and scattered light snow showers holding together as they move into central pennsylvania. we will not see the snow but we will get the clouds. the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is calling for skies to
6:40 am
become cloudy for camel back, fleetwood. topping out at 40 degrees for avalon and cape may. millville at 40 this afternoon. not much more for philadelphia. 42 degrees and right at the 40 degree mark for wilmington and woodstown. for the weekend, indeed, that ill with be warmer. look at this, 60 degrees on saturday and another mild one on sunday. there is a chance for wet weather later in the weekend and next week, a coastal storm with a mix of rain and snow. i have the seven day when i come back in ten minutes. >> 20 minutes before 7:00. looks like we have a serious situation, breaking news on 95. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is just getting new information. jessica? >> that's right. we have a major accident scene shutting down 95 around packer avenue. just a moment ago they let about ten cars go by. we have a massive backup around
6:41 am
packer avenue on the northbound side. a jackknifed tractor-trailer. you can see right in here. that tractor-trailer alone is taking out two lanes. we have police activity on the right-hand side and overrule other vehicles involved as well. they are on the shoulder and part of the next lane over. the only option is one lane getting by. at the same time, we are still seeing huge delays behind there. you can see we even have police activity over on the southbound side. a little bit slow starting to pass by that scene, even on the opposite direction. major delays on 95. updates when i come back in the next ten. we're counting down to rio. >> this morning, we're getting a bran new view of the stadium. more of the bishd's u view, up next. in ten minutes we're announcing the winner of our facebook giveaway. one of our lucky view serz getting two tickets to a meet and greet with former contestants on nbc's "the voice."
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6:45. breaking news overseas. "the new york times" is reporting that dozens of people are dead in libya following a u.s. air strike an an islamic state camp. this happened overnight near the libya/tunisia border. the report says at least 40 people were killed in the air strike. we'll continue to keep an eye on this situation. february is black history month. and in philadelphia, a new project is taking shape. >> it's called black history untold, being featured in and the "philadelphia inquirer." they talk about what they didn't learn in school through essays as well as talking about history
6:46 am
and education. >> as an educatoeducator, i'm interested in the interface between what we're doing in the classroom, what the media is doing and what we're seeing in terms of film and musing. for students in the 21st century classroom you have to be able to speak to them from differentages. >> share your own stories on twitter, using #black stories untold. a new piece will be whiled every day and your response could be featured. now a new look at one historic figure. the city of rochester, new york, unveiled eç photo of famed abolitionist douglas henry. they found it during a routine search of the city's ar drives. frederick douglass. it is the true spirit of sportsmanship we're seeing here
6:47 am
between these two athletes today. >> he's the african-american athlete that won four gold medals at the 1936 berlin olympics. his success shattered adolf hitler's idea of nazi superiority. >> my family had a lot of input in the script, very, very involved in the development over the last two, three years, met several times with the producers. very involved because there was a true story we wanted to tell an now was the time to tell it. >> "race" opens in theaters nationwide today. speaking of the olympics, a countdown to summer games is on. >> this morning we're getting an aerial look at the 2016 olympic park in rio de janeiro. a drone flew over the park. the local organizing committee says the park reached the 97%
6:48 am
completion mark at the end of january. we're 169 days away from the start of the olympics. catch the action this summer on nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we've been counting down to sunrise and the sun is just starting to come up, illuminating the high clouds that are in the area to start with this morning. this is the view from the comcast center where it is cold. in fact, the entire region is cold this morning. philadelphia, that's the warm spot at 24 degrees. 8 degrees colder than yesterday morning. here comes the sun. we've got sunrise at cape may, a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. enjoy the sunshine this morning. it's not going to last all day. these will also not last, teens right now for pottstown, millville, 22 degrees in northeast philadelphia. blue bell, lafayette hill are in the teens along with collegeville at 14 degrees. and a cold start for upper providence, also at 14 degrees
6:49 am
this morning. a very cold morning. sunshine will warm things up before these clouds move in. it won't be all day sunshine like we saw yesterday. right now, in the clear but the clouds will come in. what we don't see is any of that. those snow showers miss us. look at the futurecast, 5:00 this afternoon, we'll still be looking at sloudy skies. the good news is they'll be moving out just in time for the weekend. clouds break saturday morning, saturday afternoon, sunny skies at 3:00, we'll be near 60 degrees. then on sunday, it's going to be another warm one. look at the clouds to the west. that's sunday morning into the noontime hour. those clouds will ab riffing late in the day on send with a chance of some manly evening showers, rain showers. it will be too warm for anything else later on sunday. there is colder weather ahead. you'll see on the seven-day. a cold start today. coldest morning of the week. clouds increase along with the temperatures only into the upper 30s and low 40s this afternoon. tomorrow wouldn't be as cold tomorrow. look at tomorrow afternoon, 60
6:50 am
degrees, sunny skies. clouds move in and a chance of a late-day shower. later on tuesday rain develops. as it gets colder tuesday night, a mix of rain and snow before rain takes over again. drying out thursday. >> bill, thanks. ten minutes before 7:00. we continue to follow this breaking traffic news, that problem on 95 that has lanes shut down. >> looks like they're letting at least one lane through. >> we know that doesn't help that much because around packer avenue on the northbound side of 95 we have a jackknifed tractor-trailer. there's tow trucks on the scene, emergency personnel, police activity as well. we have a vehicle involved in front of the tractor-trailer and more vehicles into the shoulder. right now, yes, one lane is getting by. it look like they might have stopped it with police activity walking across the street. they've stopped it several times
6:51 am
already. traffic completely at a crawl on the northbound side. we have several police cars on the southbound side. we do have traffic starting to slow by that scene as well. now as you're looking at this live right now, all traffic at a standstill again. i would say your best bet would be to get off at broad street before you get to this point. i think it will start backing up even past that. right now we'll see the big backups, especially with it being so close to the morning rush hour and they keep stopping traffic. an ambulance leaving the scene right now. we will keep you updated on the scene. for now, avoid 95. major delays even southbound with the police activity on that side. tracy? >> thanks. coming up, a check of the day's headlines and the stories you need to know as you head out the door. and we'll tell you which is the top story trending on this morning. this morning of nbc 10 sponsored by cherry hill nissan.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we have breaking news right now. over top of 95 is where our cameras are looking live right now. this is around packer avenue where we have a major backup because of a jackknifed tractor-trailer. you can actually see in front of that tractor-trailer we do have another vehicle involved that was struck in this accident. so now they are over into the shoulder on the left-hand side, actually, actually taking out the two left lanes allowing only room for one lane to get by and they keep closing off this roadway as it is. this is on the northbound side of 95, big backups there. police activity and cars into the right-hand shoulder for rescue. we have police activity on the southbound side as well. we have delays as well. best bet is to get off 95.
6:56 am
you can get off at the broad street exit. major backups. no matter what you do if you're heading on 95 northbound you'll sit for a while. i'm drew smith, live at east detectives where they're working on tracking down three people involved in a baseball bat beating and robbery overnight in kensington. we were at the home on cambria street where a 41-year-old man lives. we saw him getting into an distance this morning. it was earlier around 1:30 within he was inside with a woman he thought was friendly when police say two other guys walked in the front door and began robbing the place, pointing the gun and hitting the man with the bat. then the woman started scratching him. at that point he realized he had been set up. the three people involved in this got away with a lot of cash as well as electronics. so far this morning, police have not tracked them down. live in east detectives, drew smith, nbc 10 news. today a judge in chicago will hear arguments from an illinois voter who alleges ted cruz is not a natural-born
6:57 am
citizen. the voter wants the republican presidential hopeful disqualified from running for the pear's nomination. a democratic presidential candidate spoke to voters in a town hall meeting on msnbc last night. tomorrow, hillary clinton and bernie sanders square off in the nevada caucuses. it's down to the fire as they head into the south carolina primary. marco rubio and ted cruz are locked in a heated battle. rubio got a boost with the endorsement from the south carolina governorç nikki haley glenn and today the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia will lie in repose at the united states supreme court. this there will be a private ceremony and then the public is invited to pay their respects. pennsylvania is one of five states with the most structurally deficient bridges in the country. among them, several i-95 interchanges in philadelphia. good morning, matt delucia, live in manayunk where folks are
6:58 am
getting ready for the mummers. they'll be starting down main street tomorrow morning. this comes about a month and a half after the new years mummers parade which ended with i abit of controversy due to the depiction and reaction to social issues. the parade here in manayunk started as a way to keep the mummers tradition going while helping the businesses and shops in this neighborhood. the string bands will perform for the crowds tomorrow. here it is. they're getting ready, last year i'm told some 3,000 people showed up from around the country. owners of the shops around here i spoke with say they are looking forward to it. live in manayunk this morning, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. here's a story you can't stop clicking on this morning. >> former eagles running back lesean mccoy is still not facing charges. mccoy was allegedly involved in a bar brawl with off-duty officers in old city on february 7th. the law enforcement officials told pat district attorney's office is hesitant to
6:59 am
issue an arrest warrant of mccoy because it has questions about the conduct of the officers that night. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> sunshine with blue skies. that's a nice view from cape may. nice and cold that is. 28 degrees at the shore. even colder in the pocono mountains where they've been making snow u%ytovernight. blue mountain, 11 degrees in the mountains, 20s, low 20s for philadelphia. 23 degrees will be climbing, sunshine to start with but it's not going to last all day. look at 11:00 this morning, cloudy skies, 34, near 40 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. we're on our way to a nice warm weekend. >> yes, very nice. >> a quick update? >> we have one woman being sent to the hospital right now from that accident on 95. chopper live over top of the scene. big backup, 95 northbound around packer avenue. around the walt whitman bridge as well. one lane getting by. even delays on the southbound side because of this. >> download the nbc 10 app to
7:00 am
get more information on that and also weather. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. good morning. holy war of words. donald trump responds after the pope questions his faith for wanting to build a wall along the mexican border. >> he has an awfully big wall at the vat caicavatican. >> we'll talk to donald trump live. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is booed for a dig at bernie sanders. >> doesn't know what the last democratic president did. it's true. it's true. >> as our new poll shows that race tightening. paying respects. the body of justice antonin scalia set to lie in repose at the supreme court today. president obama scheduled to be there, but facing growing criticism over his decision not to attend


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