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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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i.d.'s and credit cards in a toilet. the parking lot of this gym was hit in west town and this preschool in west goshen where a parent was picking up her child. >> she left the car running, the doors unlocked. >> jennifer is one of the owners here. >> she has been here for four years, we've been here for 14 years. kno nothing like this transpired so it's a shock. >> now the school is urging parents to lock doors, not leave anything visible. we found three bags in sight. >> did you leave a bag in the car? >> your wallet is in there? >> yeah. cash, everything. >> credit cards. driver's license. >> checks? >> no checks. >> enough to do damage. >> definitely. >> reporter: i asked about those checks because they really want those too. police tell me that thieves tried to use some of the checks they got at that preschool we
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showed you, at a bank in wayne, and actually this gang, this felony lane gang, one of the ways they got their name is from using that outside lane in the bank drive through using the stolen checks, those stolen driver's licenses to impersonate their victims. live in west town, lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> i know a lot of people don't lock their door, i wonder if people do if that makes a difference for these thieves. >> reporter: yes, you should of course lock your doors but you know what, i just a few minutes ago got a phone call from a victim who tells me her window was smashed and her doors were locked. >> even when you try to take precautions, sometimes it doesn't matter. lauren mayk, thank you. following two breaking news stories at 4:00, a man riding his bike in the woods makes a surprising discovery in northeast philadelphia. he found the body of a man in a wooded area off state road.
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sky force 10 was over the scene. investigators are still working to determine how the 64-year-old man died. and breaking in delaware county where a long time high school teacher and coach is accused of sexually assaulting a student. gregory assistanceuk is a teacher and coach. investigators say he sexually assaulted a student two years ago, she was 18 at the time. she came forward with the allegations last m. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas is heading to the school to get reaction and will bring that to us. >> look at this. someone's thinking spring. we found these guys braving the cold. these golfers working on their swing at rock manor golf club. despite the cold, here is a live look outside of philadelphia's boathouse row, a chilly day as we finally end the week. >> some are determined. my dad used to play in the snow with orange golf balls.
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if you love the game, you love the game. we're looking ahead to a weekend warn-up. >> here is sheena parveen. how about a first look at your friday night forecast, what about the taste of spring? >> yeah, so friday night looks pretty good. then we go into the weekend and keep on warming up. i think a lot of people are going to love the weekend. right now we're mostly dry. we have been watching a disturbance to the north. you saw the clouds increasing and there is a chance we could still see some very light precip later tonight. so we'll be watching that, there you see that disturbance up to the north with snow, it's going to stay to our northment we could have a little bit of maybe some mix try to move in. it would be light or maybe light rain try to move in. that's really about. temperaturewise we're at 34 in pottstown, 38 philadelphia, 36 degrees right now millville and ov dover. you wake up tomorrow it's going to be a chilly start. we go through the afternoon, nice warm-up. nm in the meantime if you are heading out, 36 degrees, cloudy skies. still cold, 35 by 8:00 p.m.,
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even 10:00 fairly steady with all of the cloud cover around. again, we'll be watching for light precip. the weekend looks great. we're also watching another weather system late sunday night and also a nor'easter next, we we'll talk about those and the timing coming up. >> new information about a 15-year-old girl murdered along the jersey shore, cape may county authorities announce the arrest of derek powers and charles molsly. they say the two sexually assaulted and killed the 15-year-old. they found the body in the basement of a home last december. she had vanished two weeks earlier. >> sky force 10 over a warehouse fire in new castle that sent a firefighter to the hospital. heavy smoke poured from the building on bay west boulevard. the company is a well known contractor in the area, investigators are still trying to figure out how the fire started. sky force 10 was over this crash
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in atco. you can see the debris scattered across the intersection of white horse pike and cooper road. >> feeling of relief across delaware today after dupont announced it's going to stay in new castle county after its merger with dow. good news for a community already losing hundreds of jobs. tim furlong live now in wilmington with the big impact of today's announcement. >> reporter: you said it right there. you got to keep this in perspective for the 1700 or so dupont employees already being told they are getting laid off, including many here, this news might not get them excited. but it does show that after 213 years here dupont will do not have a significant presence in delaware after the merger. >> it's fantastic i think for everybody. >> it is news for mike, he works for a contractor that services dupont computers, less would mean less work for him. dwun 700 are already losing jobs in advance of a planned merger
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with dow, delaware and guys like mike have been pretty nervous. >> i think we all had those anxieties for a while. >> no more. >> no more. >> under the new plan two of the spin-off companies will be headquartered in delaware. delaware beat out iowa and indiana for the big one, the agricultural products company that il westbound based at dupont's current headquarters west of down town wilmington. dupont isn't giving specific employment but the new company will have a heavy presence at the research facility and the station will also remain in the family while also housing research labs for companies that work with dupont. >> this was really an all hands on deck effort. and we're really pleased. >> delaware governor tells me he is focused on the 1700 employees losing their jobs, he'd like for them to stay in the state. but he says winning the agriculture division gives everyone in the state some degree of stability moving forward.
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>> this is a big deal as well because what it means is that more of their neighbors are going to stay employed. they could be devastating on a community when a lot of people are let go all at once. >> reporter: so how did it happen? in a bipartisan fast moving tefrt governor and the legislature change add law that would provide a tax benefit for companies like dow dupont and financial breaks if they meet certain hiring and investment so it's a win but to be very clear i did ask these companies, i want to know, how many people are exactly going to be employed after the merger. i can't get that answer. they won't give that projection yet. but i do know with the agriculture division a lot of the jobs are not going to be here, they are going to be in iowa and indiana. so that is still up in the air. live in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> the prize winning novel tool kill a mockingbird has died. this is video of harper lee receiving the presidential medal of freedom. "to kill a mockingbird" give as child's eye view of racial
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injustice based on lee's hometown. it was published in 1960 and became a film and play. lee was 89 years old. >> in march 2005 harper lee visited a law office in center city, the pictures from that day still hang on the walls of the foundation. the foundation honored lee with its inaugural addie award. it is present forward positive depictions of attorneys, and this case it was lee's attorney the central character in "to kill a mockingbird." >> came here unassuming and sat with us for a good part of the day. agreed to go to lunch with us and it was just a thrilling experience. >> harper lee also signed several copies of "to kill a mockingbird" that day in philadelphia which made for some incredible keepsakes. new video up two thieves swiping about $400,000 in jewelry from a store in center city.
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you see them there walking with masks right on sampson street saturday morning. then they break into barsky's diamonds. they swipe all of that jewelry. nbc 10's deanna durante is working to find out how they got in. we'll have her live report tonight at 5:00. >> a philadelphia man's generosity made him a target for a violent attack and robbery. police say a woman set up the kensington man asking him if she could use his phone at his house after the man let her in, two other men pushed through the door, pistol whipped him and beat him with a bat before they stole cash and electronics. he is expected to be okay but the three suspects are still on the run. this weekend will mark two weeks since the nightclub brawl allegedly involving lasean mccoy that injured two off-duty police officers. the department turned the evidence over to the district attorney a week ago and still no charges this afternoon. so nbc 10 cydney long has been working to get answers about
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when there will be a decision. you spoke both to the police union as well as williams. what did they have to say? >> reporter: i did. they aren't necessarily going head to head over this but both of them did weigh in on the timing of it all. on one side, don't let this case simmer any longer, on the other, there will not be a rush to judgment. >> whether they were comped, whether they were not, whether he was a celebrity, football player, not, this is the an outright aggravated assault. >> john says the cell phone video in the case swinging at off duty police in the nightclub should be open and shut by now. >> these guys had serious bodily injuries which if there's not an aggravated assault in that video i don't know what is. these guys left with broken eye sockets, skulls fractured. >> before sitting down with us, mcnessby compared the volume of evidence in the mccoy investigation to that of the
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o.j. simpson case on the radio. >> something's funny going on. i know that they have more discovery on this case than they had in the o.j. simpson case. i mean it's taking up roomings. >> if i was a member of the union i would like him to be the president of my union. >> the philadelphia district attorney seth williams did not comment on the evidence saying he advocates for justice, not for one victim or defendant. >> i don't succumb to pressure. there are people that did not want tuesday prosecute for shooting pedophiles, from abusing children. my job is to get it right, not fast. we have no time table than reviewing all of the evidence. >> to me the more you let it simmer, put it out. don't overthink the case. don't be the judge and the jury. you're the d.a., arrest them. >> williams in a sense backed what he said about the volume of evidence and discovery, that police handled in this case saying in addition to the tmz
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video and other video from the nightclub they have other evidence to consider which would be witness testimony along with medical reportings. cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> now to a case of animal cruelty with images so disturbing we cannot even show most of them to you on television. the delaware county spca believes someone stuffed a dog in a suit case and then left to the die. the decomposed dog was found with its legs sticking out of this suit case. it was torn from scratch marks indicating the dog was alive when it was inside. the dog's teeth were also clenched to the inside of that suit case. >> a jogger in atlantic county had a tough time exercising in peace. police say she's had two run-ins with a man acting inappropriately. the jogger saw the man depicted in this composite sketch performing a lewd sexual act in his car last month. at the time he was parked on the side of route 54 in buena vista
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township. then last friday investigators say the same man parked outside of a diner where the jogger was also parked. he asked her for directions, then asked if she would watch him perform an inappropriate act. she said no and left. help them track down that man. >> i think it's a disgrace. i think somebody should you know, he ought to be locked up. >> detectives say the man was driving a blue compact four-door car, possibly a ford with a partly tinted front windshield. to decision 2016, one of the candidates for pennsylvania attorney general is making stops in our area this week. democrat steven sep pa la is the district attorney, touting his record as the candidate holding office the long eggs. critics take aim for a viral video. here it is. you can see a group of men surrounding kevin at a pittsburgh subway station. one man throws him on the
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tracks, when lockett tries to get back the man beats him. ryan kyle is facing jail time for the attack but the victim has been decrying a plea deal that the d.a. made for the other four men but did not intervene. nbc 10 asked about that case. >> the fact we have a video is a good thing. if you disagree with charging the person who hurt this guy and charging other people that were somehow there but they weren't part of the assault, okay that's fine. that's our system of justice. we should talk about it. because you own it. it's an inclusive process. i don't tell you what justice is. the people do. >> the victim says the plea deals were, quote, slaps on the wrist. zappala is one of three vying for the democratic nomination. kathleen kane announced earlier this week she will not seek re-election. >> state senator john raferty
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who represents berks, chester and montgomery couldn'ts is the only republican in the race. >> now to the presidential race. this afternoon there is a new nbc news poll showing where things stand in south carolina, it was hours to go until the primary. take a look. donald trump has a 5-point lead, ted cruz is in second with 23% of the vote, followed by marco rubio and jeb bush. john kasich and ben carson are in a tie for fifth with 9%. and the poll is conducted before pope francis said trump isn't a christian. if he wants to build a border wall. today, the pontiff spokesperson gave his view on the comments, stating the pope said what we already know, if we follow his teaching and positions we shouldn't build walls but bridgings. it's his generic view coherent with the nature of solidarity from the gospel. this wasn't in any way a personal attack or an indication on who to vote for. as for the democrats a new poll
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shows hillary clinton with a commanding lead in south carolina, however, the democratic primary there is one week from tomorrow. >> tomorrow they will compete in the nevada caucus which is much closer bernie sanders spent the afternoon campaigning. a major amount of the senator's record fundraising from an unlikely source, people without jobs. according to bloomberg, he raised more than $16 million last year from people who say they were unemployed or retired. the only presidential candidate who has raised more money is hillary clinton. >> happening now people are lining up to pay their final respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia, a live look at the public viewing. his body is lying in repose in the great hall of the supreme court. the justice's former law clerks will take turns standing vigil by their former boss. new jersey governor chris christie ordered flags at half-staff in honor of justice scalia and nbc 10 at the state
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police station in buena vista township. scalia was born in trenton in 1936. a texas judge today sent the case of the so called afluenza teen to adult court. he and his mother fled to mexico after he allegedly violated probation. couch killed four people while driving drunk when he was 16. the ruling means that couch could face 120 days in jail, then finish his decade of probation. if the case stayed in juvenile court he may have faced a stiffer penalty. >> the justice department is firing back at apple for refusing to help unlock a phone used by one of the gun men. prosecutors say the company has chosen to reject a judge's order instead of following it. the judge gave apple until next tuesday to help unlock the iphone used by farook. the company was kbranted an extension to respond. the fbi wants to access the
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phone but it doesn't know his pass code. farook and his wife killed 14 people last december at a holiday party in san bernardino. the couple later died in a shoot-out with police. >> federal investigators believe information on farook's phone could lead to other terrorist contacts or plans but apple saysing forced to unlock this one phone would set a dangerous precedent that would threaten the security of its customers. well, you noticed the clouds increasing, now we don't have the rain around but we are watching a little disturbed area to the north so we'll keep our eye on that for tonight. could see light precip out of it. otherwise a nice warm weekend on tap. i'm sure you heard by now we do expect temperatures to be around 60 degrees tomorrow and dry so that's nice. but we have another shower chance as the weekend comes to an end. also we're talking about the nor'easter next week. we do expect at least rain out
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of this system, but it depends on the track as well. we're so many days out so i'll show you that as well. temperatures now through the lehigh valley mid 30s. 34 pottstown, so it's cold nort. 37 in trenton under mostly cloudy skies, basically overcast for most of the area. 36 in millville, also dover, 38 in glassboro, 36 in atlantic city. there you see the overcast skies. here's what our temperatures are going to do, remain steady until about 11:00 p.m. we could rise but by the time you wake up early tomorrow we're back in about the mid 30s, but don't worry because numbers keep going up, right now we're look at overcast skies, a few snow flurries that move through with the disturbed area to the north. that's really about it. but you still see this system spinning around the great lakes, you see the snow north of us so we can't rule out light precip maybe late tonight. that's really all we expect from
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it. here is future weather tonight. we stay cloudy, 1:00 a.m. in the morning, there you still see some maybe precip to the north so a chance, some of that could drop. then we go into tomorrow. 2:00 p.m. saturday, temperatures right around 60 degrees. and we're dry and sunny so that's really nice for your weekend. feeling more like spring. sunday we're still in about the mid to upper 50s so a comfortable day. then you notice more clouds for your sunday. and that's with the approach of a weather system. this one is fairly small. it's going to be a quick mover sunday into monday. we're talking about before a majority of the commute starts, 6:00 a.m. there is a chance we could see a mix or snow around. mostly rain through the rest of the area but then gone by about 8, 9:00 in the morning. of course we'll be keeping a close eye on that. then here is our next snow chance. a nor'easter moves up the eastern saerks that's by wednesday. at this point it looks warmer so we could see mostly rain but still a rain/snow mix. another area could be bringing us rain this week into thursday.
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the two storm tracks, the one farther offshore, that could certainly happen. some models hinted to that or farther inland. if the it were to be off shore we would have a higher snow chance if it were to be inland we would have more rain coverage across the area. so, of course we'll be watching this. we are many days from next wednesday. tonight mostly cloudy, chance of a light rain mix. this is a small chance, 34 for the low in philadelphia, 30 areas north and west. then tomorrow around 60 degrees, sunny, really nice to start off the weekend. then for sunday, we see clouds increase through the day, still a nice day, a chance of late showers around. overnight into very early monday, watching by the middle of next week that nor'easter. this weekend marks the end of an era in education. >> next the history students will make tomorrow and the changes ahead in test taking. plus, it's time to think spring. when you need book your spring break travel plans. before the prices jump up to 30%. >> also, the hazards of hover
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boards, the government's crackdown on last christmas's hottest gixt first a look at today's closing numbers from wall street.
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now's the time to book your flights for spring break. a company called fare compare helps families to seiche on airfare. travelers who book this week saved up to 30% on average compared to last minute bookers. i'm always last minute. before you get to spring break it's s.a.t. season. >> it is. boy, the students are getting ready. you remember the questions from the college admissions test. the days of obscure terms and the tricky logic questions, well, they will soon be a thing of the past. starting next month the board will roll out a new version of
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the s.a.t. that's going to focus on what students need to know for college, work and life. but critics don't like it because it corresponds to the controversial common core standards. many schools across the country including those in pennsylvania are just beginning to implement those standards. >> like to forget the s.a.t. >> i know. traumatic time. >> that's the word. >> a.c.t.'s too. >> the mummers are working to o overcome last year's parade. >> tomorrow the first opportunity, the mardi gras parade. next the promise of what you'll find there. >> and do we have a nice warm weekend in store for the area so get out and enjoy it because then we're tracking rain and snow. i'll show you details coming up. >> plus, a basketball coach delivers a powerful and emotional eulogy at his wife's funeral. the message of love, faith and strength that is spreading across the country.
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>> a live look down the shore, this is cape may where the weekend is off to a cold start. but changes are coming. it's not bad as the slopes, this is a live look at camelback mountain. it looks and feels like winter. it's only for a day or two. sheena parveen is here now with that nbc 10 first alert forecast. >> tell us how warm it's going to get. >> nice and warm like around 60 degrees, warm, and tomorrow we have the mummers mardi gras parade in manayunk so if you are going to that it's going to be nice. we're talking about temperatures starting off in the mid-40s by 9:00, 11:00 low 50s and 1:00 we
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could be around 60 degrees. and we're looking at the warm air coming along with the sunshine which we typically have not been saying but this time gitsing to come with nice sun and dry airment in the philadelphia area we're going to be around 60, poconos around 50 for saturday, mid-40s sunday and the shore around the mid to low 50s. then sunday night we'll be watching a weather system move in. so far part of the area we'll cornerback seeing rain sunday night and if you are farther north and west like the poconos, snow or a wintry mix possibly. i think a majority of this will be here through the overnight hours sunday and gone before most of the morning commute on monday. but coming up i'll show you a detailed look at that system and we're also talking about a nor'easter for next week, we'll show you the timing of that too. >> and as sheena showed us the weather is going to cooperate for the mummers tomorrow for their mardi gras celebration. >> you may remember their new year's parade was filled with controversy but as rosemary connors shows us, the mummers
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promise tomorrow will be a family friendly affair. ♪ >> for the second year in a row, 17 string bands will strut down main street in manayunk, to help keep the tradition alike on new year's day. january 1 this year came with controversy when the comics performed a skit mocking caitlyn jenner a move viewed as insensitive. but tomorrow's parade aims to showcase the talents of the string band. >> they walk down broad street new year's day, they don't have drinks, they have instruments. >> joe an organizer spent his friday repping the headquarters on main street. he says each string band is guaranteed $1,000 in donations from the manayunk development corporation one of the promoters. the focus is to attract families tomorrow. >> at the headquarters we're going to have activities for the kids, face painting and arts and
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crafts and a sing along area. >> while police get main street ready businesses have been posting flyers in their windows to show support. >> it's going to be a little lighter. >> reporter: the folks at philadelphia runner are looking forward to the parade drawing a big crowd. >> all set tomorrow celebrating our one year anniversary at this location so curveballing it with the mummers' parade which should be fun. >> it will be good for shopping and restaurants. >> donna who owns blue denim hopes that tomorrow's event will be enjoyable for everyone. >> you do have to move on from controversy. >> reporter: rosemary connors, "nbc 10 news." for a check of some of the stories making headlines. police in chester county say several burglaries are linked to a traveling team of crooks. the thieves are known as the felony lane gang, they target people outside schools and gyms, all across the country. and they steal valuables out of people's cars. >> a long time high school
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teacher and track coach is accused of sexually assaulting a student. gregory stanzuk is a teacher at ridley high school. they think he sexually assault add student two years ago. >> delaware gets a boost, this morning dupont and the dow chemical company announce the corporate headquarters for its new independent agriculture company will be in wilmington, the merger was scheduled to cut up to 1700 jobs but more workers could now stay employed. >> frightening calls are going out to people in south jersey, people told family members will be harmed if they fail to fork over cash. police say they received over a dozen complaints about the hoax calls, all of them since nan 24. the numbers use an 856 area code. call police if you think you received one of those calls. >> eric frein is awaiting trial for a deadly ambush in the poconos, now a man taken into custody after the crime is suing.
4:35 pm
jeffrey hudak says he was questioned about 12 hours following the shooting in september of 2014, he claims he was denied an attorney, kept from using the restroom and trauma titzed by overzealous troopers. corporal dixon was killed in the shooting, trooper douglas was wounded. he claims he was suspected because his ex-wife had a relationship with the trooper. >> the suspected gunman eric frein was captured after a man hunt. police say the agency does not comment on litigation. >> now to the story of an nba coach who did something incredibly hard and sharing something beautiful at the same time. >> he eulogized his wife. dozens of nba coaches and players were in oklahoma city yesterday, to honor the life of ingrid williams, her husband monty is an assistant coach for the oklahoma city thunder. she died last week after her car was hit head on by an suv that
4:36 pm
crossed the center line. the other driver was also killed. today williams urged forgiveness and perseverance. >> this is hard for my family, but this will work out. and my wife would punch me if i were to sit up here and whine about what's going on. that doesn't take away the pain. but it wilt work out because god causes all things to work out. you just can't quit, you can't give in. >> williams also asked everyone to pray for the other family who lost a loved one in the crash. he told the mourners his wife is where we all need to be, and that he has -- a laugh from hundreds hoof gathered. a popular event in delaware could make a comeback. >> up next t ousted fall spectacle that could see a revival.
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is your family fighting the flu? we're going to show you how much the virus has spread in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware.
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punken chunken could make a comeback after a two-year absence. organizers of the contest hope to hold it in sussex county this year, also considering locations in maryland. the contest hasn't been held since 2013 because of insurance and liability issues but organizers have secured insurance for this year. >> flu cases continue to rise across the country. the centers for disease control now reports the flu is widespread in 12 states including pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. they have not reached widespread status, doctors say it appears the vaccine this year ask a good match for the viral strain that is circulating.
4:41 pm
they add it's not too late to get vaccinated. >> world health organization officials believe zika will be down in time for the olympics this summer. the head of the organization response team said that the mosquito population is expected to drop off around the beginning of august, when rio hosts the games. he said the olympic venues are in a relatively confined area that makes it easier to drol mosquito population. the government is cracking down on hover boards. >> next, the new step federal leaders could take to protect consumers. >> and this weekend will be a lot warmer than today and this week aside from that we're also tracking a nor'easter for next week. how warm your weekend will be and the timing of that nor'easter coming up.
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comcast customers get credit if they were affected which a national outage monday people were without able or internet about 90 minutes. credits vary depending but you have to call to get that credit. comcast of course the parent company of nbc 10. hover boards were hot this past holiday season, you probably saw them all over. until some people started reporting that these self-balancing scooters were bursting into flames. now the federal government is getting involved saying all hover boards are unsafe, nbc 10's erica edwards with the story. >> reporter: fire destroyed a home in january, two teens at home barely escaped. the cause was the hover board. >> the fact that a toy caused this kind of destruction to our lives, it's just wrong. >> reporter: hover boards have been implicated in at least 50
4:46 pm
other fires in 24 states. the consumer product safety commission thinks the problem is how the device's battery packs interact with circuit boards. they sent a letter to companies that either make or sell the toys saying any that don't meet federal safety standards will face a recall or be seized. >> i do not know of any that would comply. >> at new york's jfk airport last december custom agents seized nearly 1400 counterfeit with potentially dangerous batteries, they had been shipped from china. the cpsc has this advice. >> i would stop using them and contact the retailer or the manufacturer who made it and demand proof that it complies with the standard and if the it doesn't i would demand a refund. >> last month amazon announced it would give full refunds on all hover boards purchased through its website. nbc news atented to contact organizations that represent
4:47 pm
hover board manufacturers, so far no response. erica edwards, "nbc 10 news." consider yourself warned, drone owners, toss today is the deadline to get your flying machine registered with the faa. registration can be fun on the faa website. it cost $5, valid for three years. any one who doesn't register face as fine up to $250 thousand and prison time. well, more clouds moved in this afternoon and we're going to stay cloudy through tonight. there is a chance we could see light precip but we're just looking ahead to the weekend so a warm weekend on tap with temperatures around 60 degrees tomorrow. then we have the next shower chance as early as late sunday night, into very early monday. i'll show you that in a second. so we could even see some wintry mix with that. and we're also talking about a nor'easter next week so we are still on this up and down weather pattern. there you see center city,
4:48 pm
overcast skies, 38 degrees in philadelphia, feels more like 30 degrees outside with the wind. but as we go through tonight that wind will start to lighten up a little bit. temperatures through the lehigh valley in the mid 30s. 34 degrees in pottstown, 40 bensalem. 34 wilmington. if friday night plans, you'll probably want the jacket. 36 in millville and in dover for now. tomorrow we'll see a nice warm-up but in the meantime we're still going to deal with clouds, they will clear out for tomorrow so what you see now is not going to carry over into your saturday. weather system up to our north with snow, but that's going to stay up to the north. now again, there is a chance we could have light precip move in later tonight but that's really the only chance, kind of small but in the meantime we'll be watching the clouds move through too. here's future weather, so tonight we keep the overcast skies. 1:00 in the morning you see the moisture to our north. there is a chance some of that could drop down. so we'd be watching for rain or
4:49 pm
a light mix through the area by tomorrow afternoon though clouds clear out, sunny, temperatures around 60 degrees. then we go into sunday. more clouds move in. this is ahead of our next weather system. it wouldn't be moving in until late sunday night and overnight. so i think you're fine with your plans on sunday. still a nice day but as we go overnight into monday morning there you see rain and snow through the area, by 6:00 a.m. monday, quickly moving through. then moving out in time for the morning commute. it's a small weather system, a quick-moving weather system and looks to mainly be here through the overnight hours, but of course we'll be watching that closely over the weekend for you. our next snow chance after that comes by the middle of next week, so here is a look at the nor'easter we've been telling you about, area of low pressure moving up the coastline. this is by wednesday. that's when we would expect a strong onshore wind. we're looking at flooding especially along the shore with rain and potential for a rain snow through parts of the area too. after that smaller weather system moves through but we are mostly looking at that being
4:50 pm
wednesday the main time frame. many things can change from now until then and the track will dictate what we see. at this point we are expecting pretty wet mid next week. some could be a rain/snow mix. mostly cloudy, a light mix, 34 for the low in philadelphia, 30 areas north and west. then tomorrow sunny, warm day, temperatures right around 60 degrees. sunday we're looking at 57, we'll see late showers move in. but again, this is after your day sunday. so we're looking closer to midnight. 1:00 a.m. then late sunday night and overnight into monday we'll have a rain and a little bit of a mix through the area. so we'll be watching that. lingering into your monday morning, but we're looking at it early monday morning before the morning commute even gets here. so, again, we'll be watching the timing of that very closely over the weekend. otherwise you see the nor'easter by the middle of next week. >> and i love that tomorrow not only will be 60 degrees but also sunny.
4:51 pm
sometimes the sun isn't out. tomorrow should be good. >> many days so far this winter we've been saying it's going to be warm but it's going to rain. this time it's not going to rain. nice and sunny so it will feel like spring, it will be fantastic. >> spring fever going on. >> oh, yes. still ahead, the are method local trail blazers brought in honor of black history month.
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it's that time again. hundreds of dancers testing
4:55 pm
stamina at thon weekend. the 46-hours of dancing marathon runs from late today to sunday afternoon, during that time the dancers cannot sleep, they can't even sit. it raises money for cancer patients at the penn state milton s. hershey medical center. a great cause. it's black history month. >> some students at north philadelphia are celebrating with a visit from local trail blazers. ♪ several of the freedom fighters spoke today. the freedom fighters joined with him to end racial segregation at girard college in 1965. >> that everybody can serve, that if you want to participate in saving our community, there's a role for you. >> the students also watched the
4:56 pm
third and final installment of a document called cecil's people t freedom fighters. >> "nbc 10 news" at 5:00 is next. >> here is rosemary. >> next all new tonight on "nbc 10 news" at 5, how the tragic death of a boy is changing the way law enforcement looks for missing children with special needs. >> and get ready for a nice warm weekend, i'll show you how warm it will be for your saturday and sunday, and also our next round of rain and snow in the forecast. >> new controversy surrounding beyonce and her super bowl performance one police department is now refusing to work at her concert. we ask if philadelphia plans to follow their lead.
4:57 pm
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>> right now, smash and grab on jeweler's row. thieves made off with nearly a half million in merchandise. we know how they got past the store security. first, joggers beware. police say a man is approaching women with a lewd request. nbc 10 news at 5 starts right now. >> jogger told police she spotted the man twice in the same day. >> that's right. she was running along route 54 in buena vista township. ted greenberg shows us who and what to look for. >> reporter: route 54 in buena
5:00 pm
vista township is a regular jogging route. now a woman says she's having a tough time exercising in peace because of run-ins with this guy. >> i think it's a disgrace. >> reporter: we showed other people in the area a composite sketch of the man, the victim told state police she spotted him performing a sexual act in his car last month, while she ran by. he was parked on the side of the road. >> should be safe if the you want to jog you should be safe. >> reporter: then last friday investigators say the same man parked outside this route 54 diner where the jogger was also parked. he asked for directions, then asked if she'd watch him perform an inappropriate act. she said no, and went to her car. frank martin owns the diner. >> it's disturbing. >> reporter: in the second incident the man unusually drove away toward route 54 but returned and parked here behind the diner. i


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