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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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vista township is a regular jogging route. now a woman says she's having a tough time exercising in peace because of run-ins with this guy. >> i think it's a disgrace. >> reporter: we showed other people in the area a composite sketch of the man, the victim told state police she spotted him performing a sexual act in his car last month, while she ran by. he was parked on the side of the road. >> should be safe if the you want to jog you should be safe. >> reporter: then last friday investigators say the same man parked outside this route 54 diner where the jogger was also parked. he asked for directions, then asked if she'd watch him perform an inappropriate act. she said no, and went to her car. frank martin owns the diner. >> it's disturbing. >> reporter: in the second incident the man unusually drove away toward route 54 but returned and parked here behind the diner. >> it would be horrible.
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>> reporter: detectives say the man was driving a blue compact 4-door car possibly a ford with a partly tinted front windshield. >> now that i seen that i'm going to you know look, keep my eyes out. >> reporter: if you recognize the guy in this sketch, new jersey state police want to hear from you right away. in buena vista township, ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." in delaware county a long time high school teacher and coach is accused of sexually assaulting a student. gregory stanczuk is a teacher and coach. investigators say he sexually assault add student two years ago, she was 18 at the time. she came forward with the allegations last month. nbc 10 is heading to the school now to get reaction and we'll bring that to us on news at 6. new information about a man who allegedly shot a police detective.
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62-year-old walter brothel is charged with attempted homicide. he began shooting at officers tuesday night. police were at his apartment trying to serve a warrant. a detective was shot in the arm. that warrant was in connection to a woman whose body was found sunday in a recycling bin two blocks from his apartment. the report says she had been shot to death. neighbors say the victim was staying with brothel. >> now to our nbc 10 first alert weather. it's a little chilly right now but tomorrow will be a perfect day for a walk or run right here along the schuylkill river trail. >> temperatures are going to be a lot different from now. let's get more from meteorologist sheena parveen. it's an early taste of spring. >> it is. and tomorrow along with the warm temperatures we're actually going to have sunshine. now today we have the overcast skies around most of the area so here you see the cloud cover, we may be had some flurries in the poconos, but it's about it. tomorrow, though, all of these
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clouds are going to clear out and the clouds are from this weather system up to our north as where you see snow. still cannot rule out the chance for very light precip across the area. but that's really about it tomorrow will be very different from today. if you are heading out because it's friday night, temperatures right now are in the mid 30s for most of the area. 35 pottstown and reading, 36 in millville, 37 philadelphia, also wildwood and as we go through tonight they remain fairly steady for a while, that's because of a lot of that cloud cover around usually holds temperatures pretty steady. by 6:00 p.m., 36 degrees and by 8:00 p.m., mid 30s by 10:00 we should be in the mid 30s. cold but the clouds hang around. then you notice a change as we go into tomorrow. feeling more like spring. warmer temperatures, sunshine, and then we'll be tracking a chance for rain and snow, also a nor'easter as we go into next week. right now at 5:00 new video to show you captures a heist on
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jeweler's row. two thieves making off with nearly $500,000 in merchandise. the owner says enough is enough. jeff's family business has been in philadelphia for 100 years, he wants to find those thieves. more than that, he actually wants the mayor to take action. deanna durante explains. >> reporter: diamonds, silver and gold the barssky family business for a century. >> somebody took their time, walked up and down the street, noticed there was no police protection. did what they do as far as breaking into our store and robbing us. >> reporter: those people spent time inside saturday morning, police released this video. the men walking toward the store with faces covered. and once they hot wired the gate and got inside the locked door the thieves smashed cases, stealing diamonds. >> this is our second break-in the middle of the night. in the year and a half. >> reporter: while he wants you to look at these men and turn
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them in the you know them, he also says -- >> it's a bigger picture that we're talking about. and my hope is with the new mayor that he will appropriate the funds for the police. >> reporter: he says years ago he had 24/7 protection, now he doesn't blame the police but those who make the financial decisions. >> collect tax money, appropriate it to the wrong place. >> reporter: police are back outside and many jewelers looking for more video and more witnesses, people who may have an idea who these thieves are. in center city, deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." >> now to new information about a 15-year-old girl murdered along the jersey shore. today cape may county authorities announced the arrest of derek powers and charles mosley. investigators say the two sexually assaulteds and killed 15-year-old nicole angstat. they found her body in the vacant of a home last december. she vanished two weeks earlier.
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>> new information this evening on a deadly stabbing in wilmington. a guy here, robert smith, now in custody. charged with killing his girlfriend. police say smith stabbed 45-year-old inge young to death in a home yesterday, before police got to the scene he took off in the victim's car but was arrested after a brief chase with police. over a warehouse fire here sent a firefighter to the hospital this morning. the heavy smoke here poured from the building on bay west boulevard. the building was used as a vehicle repair garage. investigators are still trying to figure out how this fire started. you may remember right after christmas dupont announced it was laying off 1700 delaware-based employees. but today the company shared some positive news. dupont and dow now say that after their proposed merger and split into three companies, they will keep the large agricultural
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products division head quarted at the home base west of down town wilmington. this means that work will tonight at dupont facilities in newark and north wilmington. it took changes in the law and tax incentives but the governor calls it a major win for delaware. >> it can be devastating on a community when a lot of people are let go all at once. >> dupont and dow have not said how many workers will ultimately be needed in delaware. we'll keep you posted. indicted congressman chaka fattah has new lawyers. his former attorneys complained that the congressman wasn't paying them. now mark lee and samuel silver will defend him at his trial scheduled for may. silver president represents bill cosby against the woman who sued him. today fattah told us he is not letting the charges distract him from his job. >> i'm as innocent as any one
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else. on the american system, because until some other decision is made all of us are innocent. right. so. >> fattah is accused of misusing his congressional influence, also accused of accepting a secret campaign loan and taking a bribe from a lobbyist who wanted to be an ambassador. the congressman denies charges, he is married to renee chenault-fattah, she is referenced in the criminal complaint against her husband, she is labeled as person e and an affiliate of the fattah enterprise, the feds allege that she took part in a scheme to fraudulently sell a car in order to pay closing costs on a vacation home. she is not charged and denies any wrong doing. renee is on leave right now from nbc 10. >> they are known as the felony lane gan gang, a group of thieves started their crime spree in south florida now arrived here. how the gang is targeting victims at gyms, schools, daycares and it's a story only
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on nbc 10. >> plus, new controversy around beyonce and her super bowl performance. one police department union now refusing to work at her concerts, we ask if philadelphia plans to follow their lead. and losing his lead, see who is gaining on trump hours before the south carolina primary. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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decision 2016 coverage, we are less than 14 hours away from the next test for the republican presidential hopefuls. they will face off in tomorrow's primary in south carolina. for marco rubio polling a strong third in the new nbc poll is a chance to break away from the pack and take on donald trump. nbc's steesh handles man has the story. >> reporter: if the polling is accurate marco rubio will not win south carolina's primary. >> confident about tomorrow. >> reporter: because rubio's goal is second or third but to beat jeb bush who campaigned again with his mother. to beat john kasich and maybe ted cruz, to take over as the only surviving main stream republican candidate. >> we need to nominate someone that can bring us together. i know i can better than any one in this race. >> reporter: rubio supporters are urging bush and kasich to quit. >> we need that segment to just
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bow out gracefully. >> reporter: ted cruz, the iowa winner polling second wants to drive rubio from the race. >> here in south carolina these next 21 hours are going to decide a great deal. >> reporter: he is linking rubio to president obama on immigration, even though krutz today had to pull this fake photo of the two. >> this guy ted cruz is really a liar, i'll tell you what. >> reporter: donald trump's once big lead over cruz is down to 5 in today's nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. >> running for president it takes guts. especially, i have never done this before. takes guts. takes guts. >> reporter: and showmanship. the candidate who would ban muslims from entering the u.s. looks set to win another primary. tomorrow the democrats will also face off, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will compete in nevada's democratic caucus. >> it's looking like a tight
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race, clinton leading by only two points right now. for more insight on the democratic primary battle we're joined by jjbalaban at the campaign group which creates television and radio ads for political campaigns, he has also served as a congressional press secretary. thanks for being with us. we want to talk to you about a poll. >> the associated press found the more democrats actually learn about bernie sanders, the more they seem to like him. so tell us how much does likability matter in the primary? >> likability matters a great deal. especially in a primary because the reality is there isn't a huge issue difference between senator sanders and secretary clinton. so who you like more often determines how you vote. beyond that, the nevada race isn't a primary like we have in pennsylvania and delaware and new jersey, it's a caucus. which means you don't just have to go and vote you have to spend several hours in a calf tear yarks in a gym, which means that highly motivated voters, willing to spend several hours for a
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candidate, they are the ones that make the decision. which means being likable helps you a lot. >> j.j., on nevada we know that this is a tight race, is this a must win for hillary clinton if she loses where does her campaign go from there? >> i certainly don't think it's a must win. according to "the new york times" she is ahead in the delegate count four 71 to i believe about 55 for senator sanders. so i'm sure she'd like to win, and her campaign will be better off if she dutz. but the reality is after nevada, the next race will be south carolina for the daks a week from saturday. and then super tuesday, which will be some states with a much higher percentage of african-american voters, and those voters have so far tended to break for secretary clinton. so that's why you see the candidates talk a lot more about racial issues than they were a couple weeks and months ago. >> j.j., thanks for joining us with your insight. appreciate it. >> and for the latest on the presidential primary battles in nevada and south carolina, tune
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in to "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, that's at 6:30 here on nbc 10. a brouhaha around donald trump's comments about pope francis spurs reaction from the vatican today, a spokesman saying the pope's comment that building walls is not christian was not actually aimed at the republican candidate. the pope made the remark when asked about trump's plan to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. trump called the pope's words disgraceful. the vatican says pope francis was not trying to change how america votes. >> today people have been lining up to pay their final respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia. here is a live look at the public viewing, his body is lying in repose in the great hall of the supreme court. his former law clerks are taking turns standing vigil by their former boss. about an hour ago president obama and first lady michelle obama paid their respects at the casket. vice president joe biden and his wife jill are expected to i a tend scalia's funeral mass
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tomorrow in washington. new jersey governor chris christie has ordered flags at half-staff in honor offiousties scalia. this is the state police barracks. scalia was a new jersey native born in trenton in 1936. he died saturday at a texas ranch. he was 79 years old. >> today many are also mourning the loss of the woman behind the winning novel "to kill a mockingbird." this is video of author harper lee receiving the presidential medal of freedom in 2007. "to kill a mockingbird" gives a child's view of racial injustice based on lee's hometown of monroeville, alabama. it was published in 1960 and became a film and play. lee was 89 years old. >> a texas judge today set the case of the so-called afluenza teen to adult couch. ethan and his mother fled to mexico.
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couch killed four people while driving drunk when he was 16. the ruling means that couch could face 120 days in jail, then finish his decade of probation. the he violates he could get up to 10 years in prison for each of the four people who were killed. >> the head of the philadelphia police union is calling for charges to be filed in the nightclub brawl allegedly involving lasean mccoy. >> whether he was a celebrity, a football player or not a football player, this is an outright aggravated assault. >> that's the f.o.p. president on the radio. he says the brawl video is cut and dry, mccoy and three others accused of throwing punches that landed two off-duty cops in the hospital. it happened a at lounge. the morning of the super bowl. the d.a. will not give in to pressure in this case or any other. >> my job to get it right and not get it fast. i know there are some people who are clamoring that i have it resolved one minute from now. and that wouldn't be the prudent
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thing zbrxt the head of the police union said that detectives din case have hinted that there is more evidence and discovery than in the o.j. simpson case. well, more clouds around today so i'm sure you definitely noticed that, but as we go into the weekend, clouds are going to clear, it's going to be sunny and warmer this weekend around 60 degrees. then we go into the end of the week into early monday, we have our next shower chance and there is a chance with that system we could see some rain and snow across the area. then as we go into next week we have a nor'easter. we've been telling you about that, so i'll show you the updates in a second. right now if you are about to head out for your friday night plans, mid 30s right now in allentown, reading also pottstown, philadelphia coming in at 37 degrees at the moment. 34 in wilmington. so some areas are pretty cold, chilly with the cloud cover especially. 35 right now in dover. 36 degrees in millville.
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35 atlantic city. overcast skies. as we go overnight temperatures will mostly stay in the 30s. by the time you wake up tomorrow 7:00 a.m. temperatures will be in the mid 30s, then we really warm up as we go into the afternoon. big picture shows the weather system up to our north where it's going to stay. there is a chance it could bring us very light precip late tonight. most of the area i think will stay dry. we have the cloud cover, though, from it. that's why we're cloudy today. but it's all going to move out for your weekend for tomorrow. this is future weather here. we go into late tonight. this is 3:00 overnight. precip to our north. there is a chance some of that could drop down so with temperatures employee freezing north and west, there is a chance we could see frozen precip, maybe freezing rain for a short period. then we go through saturday afternoon, sunshine, temperatures right around 60 degrees. it's going to be really nice to start the week. going to feel like spring. sunday looks good, highs should be around the mid to upper 50s, but then you notice more clouds moving in, ahead of our next
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weather system. this one will be here overnight. so i think many of you will probably be sleeping by the time it gets here. this is 1:00 a.m. monday. you see some rain and farther north and west a chance of a little bit of snow maybe a wintry mix. there it goes, 6:00 a.m. monday, now moving out of the area, so it's a small system and it's fast moving. it will be out of here by monday i think for most of the morning commute. we'll be updating you on that over the weekend. here is a nor'easter i've been talking about, looking at next week. the middle of next week wednesday, there you see that low spinning could be bringing us a chance of maybe a rain/snow mix. it looks like we can expect rain and coastal flooding out of it and we'll be watching it for wintry precip. here are the two storm tracks that we could see out of this thing. we're still many days away so if we have the farther offshore track, as we know this could change as we get closer in time, higher snow chance would be the case. we have a track closer to the shore, more inland more rain coverage would be the case. so of course we'll be tracking
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it over the weekend. updates into next week. tonight mostly cloudy, chance of light mix north and west, 34 for the low in philadelphia, 30 north and west. tomorrow sunny, warm, beautiful day around 60 degrees. the average high is 45. wol be 15 degrees above normal, then sunday looks pretty good, watching that weather system late sunday night and the nor'easter next week. >> happy to see that 60 on the seven-day. coming up changes could be on the way for folks at the jersey shore. what some lawmakers want to ban from the beach so that everybody can enjoy the sand and surf. picasso like you have never seen him. a peek at a new exhibit opening this weekend in philadelphia.
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dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i'm living it. but i always tell people - saving's not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne. fellow dad and fellow citizen.
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gave us the opportunity of a lifetime and probably the best 10 years of our acting careers. >>-is the first time we've seen the cast of "friends" together since the show ended. they came together to celebrate james burrows, the director also had a hand in shows like taxi, cheers, frazier and will and grace. watch the tribute sunday at 9:00
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here on nbc 10. >> they look so serious there. i know they also have fun too. >> absolutely. hey, if you are looking for something to do this weekend an unusual picasso exhibit. >> this one focuses on a time when the artist was experimenting with change. the exhibit examines the spanish artist's style around the first world war. the curr rate esays it shows di images but includes works of art many of us may not be familiar with. >> also doing these very classical kind of traditional drawings and paintings. >> the exhibit opens sunday at the barnes foundation in center city and nbc 10 is a proud sponsor. for more information go to or check out the nbc 10 app. so, we drive across them every day and may not realize it. bridges with structure problems.
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>> one state ranks among the worst. why coming up next. only on 10, a gang known to police from florida all the way up the east coast, it's targeting unsuspecting victims in our area. what they are after and what you can do to protect yourself. >> also, the tragic death of a boy is changing the way law enforcement looks for missing children with special needs. we'll explain after the break.
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right now at 5 don't let your guard down. a team of crooks is targeting people while they are at the gym, at school, even while dropping their kids off at daycare. they are known as the felony lane gang. >> lauren mayk joining us at chester count we the details only on 10. >> you got new information where these crimes are happening. >> reporter: that's right. i am in chester county right now but i just found out that in montgomery county this morning in upper there were four more car burglaries, they happened at three different day cares, they happened just before 8:00 and all within nine minutes of each other. after that police were looking for a white nissan ultima with new jersey plates, they were not able to track them down though so they are warning to keep
5:31 pm
valuables out of sight. when you get out of the car, you know what to do. >> i always lock everything. >> it can be easy to get comfortable. >> do you always take your purse with you? >> no. >> multiple agencies tell nbc 10 a group of thieves is targeting cars with your stuff in them. police believe they may be part of a larger scheme rooted in florida known as felony lane. i covered it years ago in the nq>(a area. traveling thieves even stashed a cache of i.d. and credit cards in a toilet. the parking lot of this gym was hit and this preschool where a parent was picking up her child. >> she left the car running, the doors unlocked. >> jennifer is one of the owners. >> she has been here for four years. we're here 14 years. nothing like this happened. so it's a shock to all of us. >> reporter: now the school is your honoring parents to lock doors, not leave anything
5:32 pm
visible. in this parking lot we found three bags in plain sight. >> did you leave a bag in your car? >> one to selena. >> your wallet is in there. >> wallet, cash, everything. >> credit cards. >> i.d. >> checks? >> no checks. >> reporter: enough that could do damage. >> definitely. >> reporter: stealing your stuff is the first step. police believe these guys have all kinds of tricks, for example, if they get your i.d., they could write out a fake check, a fake check to you, then go to a bank, use your i.d., to then get cash. and if they find your debit card in the process, they might even go to your bank. live in west town, lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> two south jersey men accused of dumping a woman's body in the woods after she died in their home.i daniely minerva back in october.
5:33 pm
a couple of tree workers found her body in january. and these are the two men police say dumped her body. investigators say the men look minerva to the home where she later died. how she died is under investigation. >> police in allentown are spending money buying bracelets, special bracelets that could save the life of a child with special needs. the project began in response to the death of 5-year-old jaleel vega you see here. jaleel drowned in a canal after wandering away from a party. that tragedy spurred police to buy the bracelets, prompted police for a project life saver. children with conditions that make them frein wandering are encouraged to wear them. >> an update on the first alert weather.
5:34 pm
big changes. going to get warm this weekend. maybe not warm enough for the beach but for february we'll take it. >> absolutely. sheena parveen is here to tell us more about what we can enjoy this weekend. >> we wish it was warm enough for the beach but nice around 60 and sunny. so i don't think we can beat that this time of year. above normal about 15 degrees above normal. right now we're looking at cloudy skies, precip up to the north. very light snow here and we're going to watch this for later tonight. we could have some small areas of light precip overnight. but this weather system is going to stay to our north. the clouds hang around but by tomorrow all that's going to clear out and set us up for really nice weekend. right now temperatures are mostly in the 30s, 37 philadelphia, 36 allentown, 35 in reading and pottstown. so if you are going to head out soon, if you have friday night plans, friday evening plans, temperatures will remain mostly in the mid 30s for most of the overnight hours. and start dropping closer to sun rise. for the rest of your evening, clouds are going to hang around.
5:35 pm
35 degrees by 7:00 p.m., tonight by 11:00 p.m. temperatures around the mid 30s, still most live cloudy. could see light precip but tomorrow it clears out and by 7:00 a.m. you'll be waking up to nice sunny skies around 37 degrees, cold to start your morning but we're definitely going to warm up quickly by about 2:00 p.m. near 60 degrees tomorrow. then i'm tracking a chance for rain and snow by the end of the weekend. mostly overnight. and also a nor'easter next week. i'll show you the details and timing coming up. >> see you shortly. for the second month in a row an earthquake has hit north jersey. this one was loud enough to cause a scare. the epicenter was in butler last night. residents in bloomingdale, passaic county felt it too. take a look. this is surveillance video from a service station. you see it in a moment. here we go. watch the worker on the phone when he hears a loud explosion. eventually he goes out the door and no idea what happened. no clue. police say they received plenty
5:36 pm
of calls about it. >> i figured there was an accident somewhere. >> 911. where's your emergency. >> butler, new jersey my house shook. >> my house shook like crazy. >> so did everybody's. >> it was an earthquake between facebook and 911, police had close to 1,000 reports of the shaking. >> you might drive across one of them every day without realizing, bridges with structural problems. nearly 59,000 bridges across the nation are in need of repair. and pennsylvania is the second worst state in the country. 21% of its bridges are classified as structurally deficient that means that one or more of the key bridge elements is considered to be in poor or even worse condition. researchers say these bridges aren't in imminent danger of collapsing but require maintenance or upgrades. >> when you look nationwide the
5:37 pm
average age is 67 years old. in pennsylvania that is the closer to 78 years old. right away you have an older infrastructure that the state is dealing with. >> as we said, pennsylvania ranks second for the most structurally deficient bridges, new jersey ranks 24th with 9%, delaware comes in 40th. 5% of its bridges are structurally deficient. cavities, root canals, this dentist office does it all on wheels. coming up, who is behind this van and where it's headed to help people take care of their teeth. and beachgoer may be breathing cleaner air at the jersey shore. if some lawmakers get their way. we'll explain.
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>> look forge a new forever friend, why not check out delaware's newest animal
5:40 pm
shelter. the brandywine valley spca handles shelter duties for the state of delaware. tomorrow they will host the grand opening of the new facility in new castle. the team works hard to reunite lost pets with owners but there are also plenty of dogs and cats looking for new homes and loving families. >> a lot of people think that shelters only have pit bulls and that's not the case. all kinds of animals can run astray and at large. >> a party of animals. the new shelter is on south street in old new castle. for the opening weekend all adoption fees will be waived for dogs 40 pounds and over. the pet expo is this weekend. the center in montgomery county will feature puppy races, other activities and of course adoptions. there will be exotic animals to check out as well. tonight kids under 12 enter for free, it lasts through sunday at 5:00. >> hover boards are pretty popular now but the government says that won't stop them from
5:41 pm
pulling the product right off the shelf. what sparked this new crackdown next. >> and we're looking ahead to a nice weekend, much warmer but i'm also tracking a chance for rain and snow, plus a nor'easter as we go into next week. >> new at 6, contaminated well water. what's being done to fix the problem and how it will am pact your water bill.
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5:43 pm
>>. >> up isser olympics starts as the southern hemisphere moves into winter. that's good news for visitors to rio who may be worried about the zika virus. infections should be down by the time the olympics begins. that's according to the head of the world health organization
5:44 pm
basing that prediction on the fact that cooler temperatures in rio will be cooler in rio when the games start and that will mean fewer mosquitoes that spread the disease. thedisease is linked to severe birth defects. >> the seasonal flu hit pennsylvania this past week now spreading throughout the state. according to officials flu cases continue to rise across the country. the centers for disease control now reports the flu is widespread in 12 states, mostly in the southwest and northeast, appears the vaccine this year is a good batch for the viral strain that is circulating. it's also not too late to get vaccinated. besides being widespread in pennsylvania it's spreading in new jersey, meaning it's confirmed in at least two areas of the state. there are some local cases in delaware. a new mobile clinic in delaware is making it easy for folks to see the dentist. the 38-foot van will give some people in the first state who don't have dental insurance and
5:45 pm
qualify a place for treatment. the van can be used for cleanings, x-rays, and fillings, it will be staffed by a full time dentist who can also do more extensive procedures like root canals and extractions. >> sign me up. >> again new jersey lawmakers trying to restrict smoking at the beach and violators will have to pay up. on monday a committee will consider a bill banning smoking at public beaches and parks. the bill does include creating designated smoking spots but those who light up in restricted areas would face a fine of $250. violate the ban again and you could pay $1,000. >> governor christie vetoed a similar bill in 2014. did you get one of these, the government's cracking down on hover boards, the consumer product safety commission september a letter to companies that make or sell these toys, saying any hover boards that don't meet safety standards will face a recall or be seetzed. they have this adds vice for any
5:46 pm
one who owns one. >> i would stop using them and contact the retailer or the manufacturer and demand proof it complies with the standard. if it doesn't i would demand a refund. >> the tech toys have been implicated in more than 50 fires in 24 states. the cpsc thinks the problem is how the device's battery packs interact with circuit boards. some of the fires happened in our area. an ocean county family says a hover board ignited in their living room after christmas, the toy exploded and burst into flames while it was being charged in a home in lacey township. >> nasa is looking for a few good did men and women. >> they have a record number of responses. 18,000 applied to join the 2017 astronaut class. if chosen applicants could get a chance to walk on mars, and have plenty of training to do. if irs two years learning to fly a spacecraft, learn to space walk and learn to speak russian.
5:47 pm
astronauts on board the space station took out the trash. while flying over bolivia, the craft will burn up in the earth's atmosphere. it arrived in ders carrying 7700 pounds of supplies to the iss. >> these don't make it all the way into space but punken chunken could make a comeback after a two-year absence, organizers of the annual gourd flinging contest hope to hold the event in sussex county also considering locations in maryland. the contest hasn't been held since 2013, you may recall, because of insurance and liability issues that organizers had secured insurance for this year. well, at least we have a nice dry end to the week so that's always good for your friday night plans. and going into the weekend all the clouds you see around today,
5:48 pm
those will clear so we have a warm sunny weekend in store for the area. also tracking a little rain and snow that will be moving in as early as very late sunday night overnight leaving monday morning so i'll show you that in a second. we're still talking about the nor'easter next week, it looks like we'll have it. i'll show you the time line. overcast skies in philadelphia now. 37 degrees if you are about to head out. the wind is making it feel like 29 degrees. and it's not a very windy day but it's enough of a wind to make it feel colder. actual temperatures in the mid 30s through the lehigh valley. 35 in pottstown, 38 degrees right now in trenton so you want the jacket buffer head out because we're going to say in the 30s. 36 in millville. 35 dover and atlantic city. all of these numbers will be rising to near 60 for tomorrow. a lot more like spring as we go into the weekend. a little weather system up to the north, not a lot of heavy precip but stay to the north. this is responsible for bringing
5:49 pm
us all of the clouds. we have remained mostly dry but cloud cover is with us and we can't rule out a little bit of light precip, very late tonight. so we'll keep an eye on that for the area. future weather here showing the clouds hanging around. and this is 3:00 in the morning. notice that little area of pink around the poconos, that could be a little bit of light wintry mix, maybe freezing rain. but again we'll watch that cl e closely. now looking at saturday, 3:00 in the afternoon, sunny, temperatures near 60 degrees. 15 degrees above norm for this time of year. sunday we stay dry, more clouds around. a day where temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s, still nice. closer to midnight now we're going into early monday. there you see some snow trying to develop up in the poconos rain farther south. so this is a very small system we're watching by the end of the weekend. it's going to move through quickly too because now we look at monday. 6:00 in the morning a chance we can see snow across part of the area with this wouldn't amount
5:50 pm
to much i think. rain down to the south but it's really going to clear out quickly so it's a fast mover, it's a small system. we don't expect too much out of it. by monday most of the morning commute should be gone. most of the area should be seeing rain. now as we go into next week we're talking about that nor'easter. tuesday not bad then late tuesday night you see the rain creeping up and wednesday there's that area of low pressure spinning offshore and some of the models, but we would have a strong enough onshore wind to give us that coastal flooding concern again. rain and snow possible through areas north and west of philadelphia but we're still many days away we'll be tracking this very closely because we know the track can be a little bit different and cause bigger impacts. off shore this is a look at the storm tracks possibly and offshore track would give the area higher snow chances, farther inland track or closer to the coast line would give more rain coverage through the area. so of course we'll have more updates through the weekend and into next week. for tonight, mostly cloudy, chance of a light knicks north and west, 34 degrees
5:51 pm
philadelphia, 30 areas north and west, tomorrow beautiful start to the weekend, around 60 degrees, feeling like spring and it's going to come with sunshine for sunday, looks pretty good. we'll be watching very late showers, then the nor'easter by the middle of next week. >> all right, sheena. lester holt is joining us from colombia, south carolina with a look what's coming up. >> good evening. big weekend ahead. >> it sure is, jim and rosemary. we're here ahead of tomorrow's gop primary, the big headline here is a big slip in the polls for donald trump. a look at what could be behind it. in nevada clinton, sanders in a dead heat for tomorrow and making the final arguments and the government ratchets up the pressure on apple to unplok the san bernardino killer's eye phone. all coming up. back to you. >> we'll see you shortly. >> her super bowl performance sparked controversy. and now there are new calls to boycott beyonce. >> one police union is calling
5:52 pm
on officers around the country to boycott her concerts. we asked philadelphia's union if they plan to join in. >> on "nbc 10 news" at 6 a special surprise for a long time school employee.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
nearly two weeks after
5:55 pm
beyonce took the stage for a politically charged halftime show the back lash continues. >> now the head of the police union in miami is calling for his members to boycott beyonce's concert this spring. that's not the only thing he is calling for. >> jacqueline london live with the details. >> miami's president of the fraternal order of police is your honoring a law enforcement labor groups to not only boycott beyonce's miami performance but also all of her concerts. this all stems from her single called formation. her performance of the song during the super bowl featured backup dancers paying tribute to the anniversary of the black panthers movement. the miami president says her performance shows she does not support law enforcement. we spoke to the president of philadelphia's f.o.p. to get his thoughts on the controversy. he said he doesn't like that beyonce is aligning herself with the black panthers movement but
5:56 pm
that won't stop philadelphia police from doing their job. >> people to go to them concerts that are going to see a show. it's our job to protect them so you know, though we may not agree we're professional enough to make sure we carry out our mission. >> the president of the state troopers fraternal association of new jersey spoke out on the controversy earlier this month, he wrote a letter to the nfl commissioner expressing his members' shock and disgust. in that letter he reminded the league that a black panther member killed state trooper werner forster on the new jersey turnpike in 1973. his killer escaped prison and fled to cuba where she remains. she is at the top of new jersey's most wanted list. so far beyonce has not publicly responded to the controversy. >> next at 6, the lasean mccoy investigation, the head of the police union questions what is taking so long. tonight the district attorney
5:57 pm
fires back. >> and we have a nice warm weekend in store for the area, so i'll show you how warm it will get plus our next chance of rain and snow in the forecast and a nor'easter coming up. >> plus, usually teachers leave a lasting impression on students but it's a custodian that has helped shape kids' futures. tonight, honoring the local employee.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> calls for justice in the lasean mccoy investigation. tonight a war of words between the head of the philadelphia fraternal order of police and the district attorney over a fight with off-duty police officers. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. the head of the f.o.p. compared the investigation to the o.j. simpson case. >> i have never waited this long ever to see somebody arrested. so it doesn't pass the smell test. something is funny going on. i know that they have more discovery on this case than they had in the o.j. simpson case. i mean it's taken up rooms. >> we sent cydney long to talk to the f.o.p. and also the d.a. seth williams. >> this is turning into a war of words here. >> reporter: jim and jacqueline, there is a definite difference of opinion, the two sides do not agree at all on the time it has
6:00 pm
taken to investigate and the d.a. put it simply, real life justice is not as swift as prime time. the v. >> i don't sucome to pressure. >> the philadelphia district attorney says he cannot and will not give in to outside pressure that the lasean mccoy investigation is an open and shut case. >> my job is to get it right, not get it fast. >> f.o.p. president says in his career of 4500 felony arrests he's never seen charges in a case like this one take this long. >> these guys had serious bodily injuries which if there is not an aggravated assault in that video i don't know what is. >> he trusts that his team is reviewing the video from inside the lounge and all evidence. >> i try to tell my a.d.a.'s i'm not jack mccoy from law and order. i don't tell them who to subpoena. >> there is apparently a lot to consider. >> in your words comparable to o.j. simpson? >> they said there is a roomful


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