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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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taken to investigate and the d.a. put it simply, real life justice is not as swift as prime time. the v. >> i don't sucome to pressure. >> the philadelphia district attorney says he cannot and will not give in to outside pressure that the lasean mccoy investigation is an open and shut case. >> my job is to get it right, not get it fast. >> f.o.p. president says in his career of 4500 felony arrests he's never seen charges in a case like this one take this long. >> these guys had serious bodily injuries which if there is not an aggravated assault in that video i don't know what is. >> he trusts that his team is reviewing the video from inside the lounge and all evidence. >> i try to tell my a.d.a.'s i'm not jack mccoy from law and order. i don't tell them who to subpoena. >> there is apparently a lot to consider. >> in your words comparable to o.j. simpson? >> they said there is a roomful of evidence.
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i mean how much evidence do you need for -- we have a video. all you have to do is look at it. >> you talk about the receiverty of the ambulance. no phone call. >> the fact of the matter is you are in a pummeling like that you might not even realize the severity of the injuries that you have until an hour, an hour, two hours, could be down the line. >>-is a case that i like many americans have seen bits and pieces on television, but you know, my job is to make sure that we are able to marshall all of the evidence to make sure we only charge the right people with the right crimes if the at all. >> reporter: police sources confirm that mccoy has yet to be questioned in this case. the union says if it results in no charges, they will explore private complaints or having the a.g. look into it though he hopes it doesn't come to that. cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> a delaware county teacher and high school track coach is charged this evening with
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sexually assaulting a student. gregory stanczuk works at ridley high school. >> reporter: he was not only a teach are here he was also a track and field coach. but more than that he was a trusted adviser, someone students looked up to. investigators say he used that position to take advantage of a student. the 52-year-old is accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old female student who ran track. investigators say he earned the student's trustpy talking to her after she broke 1 her boyfriend. according to authorities rides home turned into text, and eventual phone call at 2:00 a.m. picking up the teen and taking her to a hotel. investigators are concerned that more students are involved. he has been charged with felony institutional sexual assault.
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to our weather now. what do we say we put the below freezing temperatures behind us a bit. time to talk sunshine. >> no problem. sheena parveen is here, what a big warm-up. >> yes, coming for the weekend but if you are heading out tonight it is still cold enough for the heavier coat. so temperatures are in the 30s, feels more like the upper 20s through much of the area with the breeze we still have. so if you go out soon allentown 36 degree, 36 in philadelphia. mid 30s south jersey and delaware. so tonight will be cold but then we go into the weekend and we get a nice warm air mass moving in for you. right now we have clouds around, overcast sky, the case tonight. and there is a small area of disturbed weather to the north which could bring us light precip, late tonight. so we'll be watching that closely. but in the meantime for the rest of your evening, we'll keep the clouds around and the temperatures in the 30s. so by 7:00 p.m. around 36 degrees, still cold by 9:00 p.m. mid 30s by 11:00 temperatures
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still around the mid 30s. so cold when you wake up tomorrow but quickly will be warming to near 60 degrees. we'll look at the weekend forecast plus a chance for rain and snow and a nor'easter next week coming up. in tonight's decision 2016 coverage, we are hours away from two presidential contests, the democrats face off in nevada tomorrow the gop in south carolina. and could be a close race. a new nbc news wall street marist poll finds donald trump ahead but his lead has declined from 16 points to 5. ted krutz is nipping at his heels while marco rubio is hoping he will do so well that he will be able to drive john kasich and jeb bush out of the rails to become the sole main stream republican candidate. right now it's look like a tight battle for the democrats in nevada tomorrow. hillary clinton is currently leading bernie sanders by two points. today sanders said he wants
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democracy to flourish and he hopes to win. while clinton got a major endorsement from south carolina's top democrat. so exactly what's at stake. chuck todd will break it all down for us on "nbc nightly news", that's with lester holt after this newscast. >> in washington people have been lining up to pay final respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia. president obama and first lady michelle bowed their heads in prayer at the great hall of the supreme court late this afternoon. vice president biden and his wife jill are expected to attend the funeral mass tomorrow. a live look at the viewing. scalia's former law clerks taking turn standing vigil. the justice died saturday in texas. he was 79. >> relief and excitement for thousands of workers in delaware. today dow and dupont said its headquarters after the merger will stay in the first state. delaware bureau reporter tim
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furlong joins us live. what do today's developments mean for the community? >> reporter: today really means to start at least that the bad situation is not going to get worse. we know 1700 are losing jobs but we know du popt and dow will make an investment in dwrext the two companies merge and spin off. two in delaware, the big agriculture base will be in this complex where we are standing. weeks ago i was at little vinnies when they heard 1700 were losing jobs. >> the ones who came to say good-bye, you do. you see that. very upsetting. >> reporter: tonight, du pochbt and dow say after the merger that are agriculture division will be in delaware, they have not said how many will work in the state but can say dupont's run in delaware won't end soon. >> dupont were to just up and pull out i think dupont would be
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as far as i'm concerned a traitor to the state. >> this was a stiff competition. there's no question indiana and iowa made a real goal. >> they wanted the headquarters delaware one the facilities in those states will play roles in the new company but at home delaware relieved to hear the the complex will go on. and its experimental station in wilmington. 1700 du popters lose their job but at least it's look like the dow dupont merger that seemed you ever unfavorable might be more palatable. >> i was concerned where this might end up and the idea that delaware could end up with nothing was frightening. >> reporter: it took a tax law change and incentives but they are staying which means we might have avoided a mass exodus. all of the suppliers and surrounding businesses now have a better shot. and the real estate market won't take a beating likely.
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so it appears at least on the surface it appears again not for the 1700 but appears for many people delaware scored a pretty big win. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." >> quz is shipping jobs to poland. 100 people in our area will start look forge new jobs by the end of this year. we're told the earliest they will be out of work is january of 2017. the tv company plans to open up a global business in poland. >> police say burglaries in several local counties are now linked to a traveling team of crooks. the thieves are known as the felony lane gang, investigators say they hit several businesses, the group targets people outside schools and gyms all across the country and they steal valuables right out of people's cars. >> rings, money and old coins all found in a suspect's car in a totally different case. new castle county police hoping you recognize the items if they are yours, detectives arrested
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david comacho accused of breaking into homes during the day taking stuff and selling it in the philadelphia area. >> the mummers will strut down main street tomorrow for the mardi gras celebration. they promise it will be family friendly. this is the second year for the event which serves as fund-raiser for the mummers new year's day parade. january 1 came with controversy when the comics performed skits. tomorrow's festivities only showcase the string bands and organizers tell us there will be plenty to do after the parade. >> at the headquarters we'll have activities for the kids, face painting and arts and crafts and a sing along area. >> the city of philadelphia released $8,000 to help cover costs to put on the event. well water people complained about the water and the township found problems in two
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contaminated wells. the mayor sent a letter saying they will shut down a water plant and also buy water from new jersey american for the next month or two. morristown will have to open streets and replace water mains t mayor made a promise, customers will pay less than half what if neighboring towns are charged by nj american. >> a jewelry heist on jeweler's row, it's not the first time. why owners say city hall is to blame. >> nothing goes on in the building without me knowing it. let me tell you. you got this. >> they got it over on him. how a local school pulled a fast one on a long time employee there. honoring a man whose impacted 20,000 students without ever teaching in the classroom. >> and we have a nice warm weekend in store. it's going to feel more like spring. i'm tracking a nor'easter next week.
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i'll show you the details and timing.
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>> it's called jeweler's row for a reason. lots of gems, jewels and gold. workers are fed up after the
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latest heist. 400,000 in jewels. deanna durante explains why the victim says the blame should go to city hall. >> center city fee, we're not getting what we're paying for. >> jeffrey says in the last century the time his family run store hat in the middle of jeweler's row the city collected a lot in taxes. >> 12, 15 years ago none of this would have happened. >> two men who broke in saturday, smashed cases and made off with $400,000 in jewelry. the second time in less than two years his store was ripped off. >> no fault of the police themselves but it's the appropriation of the money. where does it go? and why aren't they here protecting us? we have over $100 million in inventory here. >> he is calling for more protection, 24-7 and budget cuts have taken away what he once had. on the flip side police resources are needed everywhere, not just jeweler's row.
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investigators released images of the men. the faces were covered. investigators are back on the scene looking for mor1#hq witnes who may be able to identify the thieves. in center city, deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." >> how do you feel about people smoking next to you on the beach at the jersey shore? lawmakers are trying to ban smoking on public beaches and on monday a committee will consider the bill. it includes creating designated smoking spots but those who light up in restricted areas would face a fine. governor christie vetoed a similar bill two years ago. what makes someone a hero? >> some local students are learning the answer to that question. the community at fitswater elementary school thanks their head custodian fits the bill. today they surprised percy during an assembly.
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he is caring, hard working and eager to brighten the day by sharing a smile and a laugh. >> it all comes with a day with me just joy of being here. looking at all of you here. with my grandkids and i feel like all of these are too. are part of my life, of loving kids. >> herder worked at the school for 21 years and seays he'll remember this day forever. you know what the kids will remember him forever too. >> absolutely. >> those adults in your life who always influence you whether it's a teacher, a counselor, custodian. people who are important and you remember for a lifetime. >> thinking of mine now. from back in the day. >> yeah, back in the day for sure. we're looking forward to nice weather this weekend. we're forgetting about the freezing cold temperatures as we go into your saturday. now tonight's still going to be cold. if you are heading out grab a
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jacket. we're looking at spring like weather so warm for tomorrow around 60 degrees and sunny. and then as we go into the end of the weekend we're actually looking at weather system that will be bringing rain and i think even possibly snow to part of the area. it's a quick mover though, so that's not going to last long. i'll show you the timing in a second and also that nor'easter next week. i'll show you that one too. it could take a couple different tracks so we'll look at those. we're in the mid-30s through the lehigh valley if you head out soon but with the independent with outside and it's not a large wind that we're seeing it's not very strong but it's causing temperatures to feel more like the upper 20s, 36 in philadelphia. 35 millville and dover so cold tonight. it's going to stay that way overnight. here is a live look outside. we still do have overcast skies but the temperatures will remain kind of steady, then in about the upper 30s overnight. then about the mid 30s by the time you wake up tomorrow. then through the afternoon, those temperatures start jumping up and the clouds will be clearing. right now we're watching a system up to our north. it's going to stay to the north but this is responsible for all
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of the cloud cover we had. now we did stay on the drier side. but with the cloud cover in place and that precip to the north, there is a chance we could see very light precip late tonight so we can't rule that out. here is future weather, so the model here keeps the clouds in place. by 3:00 in the morning this is late, but notice that little area of pink around the poconos we cannot rule out a very light mix or freezing rain but tomorrow that's all gone. clouds are gone, we get a lot of sunshine. temperatures around 60. sunday a nice day around 57 degrees. we'll see more clouds around sunday, and that's ahead of that other weather system i told you about. so this is the weather system that would be here overnight sunday into very early monday. there is a chance we could see snow with it but mostly it looks like rain and a mix, there's 6:00 a.m. monday and it's already on its way out. so for the morning commute hopefully we'll mostly be dry. the timing could change over the weekend so you want to stay tuned to see updates on it. here is a look at next week. we're talking about that
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nor'easter as we go into wednesday, area of low pressure moves up the coast, we get a strong on shore wind so we expect coastal flooding but the question now is going to be what type of precip. right now looks like it could be rain and possibly a wintry mix up across parts of the area. a couple different tracks it could take. if it's farther offshore we have a higher chance of snow possibly because of the wind direction, but if it's farther inland we have a higher chance of more rain coverage than we would snow. so of course we're many days out. it's not until next wednesday so i'll have all of the details wees go through the weekend and into next week with more updates. tonight mostly cloudy, chance of a light mix, mostly north and west, 34 for the low in philadelphia. 30 areas north and west. tomorrow sunny and warm, around 60 degrees, feeling more like spring, the average high is 45 degrees, we're going to be 15 degrees above that. sunday looks good, we'll be watching that weather system late sunday into early monday so you want to pay attention sunday because we'll have the timing to see if it will impact your
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morning commute monday. the nor'easter by wednesday. >> punkin chunkin could make a comeba comeback. they hope to bring it back to sussex county. the contest took two years off because of insurance and liability issues but organizers have secured insurance for this year. so if it does come back, maybe john clark will include highlights. >> absolutely. we'll see if sam bradford can throw one of those. we'll hear from howie rosemon and a phillies pitcher is injured. and sam hinkie on the sixers future. all four pro teams coming up next.
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dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i'm living it. but i always tell people - saving's not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne. fellow dad and fellow citizen.
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i'm john clark. eagle fans want to know who is going to be thash quarterback. the birtds have a week and a half to franchise sam bradford if they want. here is eagles vice president howie roseman. >> is we've all been clear that we like sam and we'd like to have him back. it goes then between all of us and whether we can figure something out that makes sense on both sides. >> on to the philly, workout, pitchers and catchers in clearwater. you're looking at the fractured thumb of one of the better young starting pitchers he hurt it doing drills. they expect him to be ready for the season. >> it's basically treated like a bruise like anything. it's nothing serious but just when i can start trusting it again going full speed. >> how about the flyers. they play on back-to-back nights
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in hockey town montreal and toronto starting tonight. the flyers off a good road win, the flyers 6 points out of a playoff spot. this is the biggest weekend of the season. the canadiens and maple leafs are below them in the standings and jake voracek likes this spot on the road. >> my help that we're going to play on our road because they play, when we play them at home we try to show off something, we try to make extra play and make extra pass. we try to keep it simple and that's what might help us. >> and the sixers back tonight after the all-star break, in new orleans, and coach brown says he misses gentleman car sampson, waived yesterday. sam hinkie made a minor trade. he called ownership about the deal, and then jerry. sam's first two trade deadlines he made a lot of deals.
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no it this year it they are keeping the foundation for the future. >> one of the things we talk about the saying of like you don't get to the moon by climbing a tree and being able to report progress branch by branch. like that's not real. how do you really put the things in place that get you there. i often say this. i'd say if i'm not thinking about the future who is. >> and joel is in qatar doing a rehab. sam says the rehab is going well but joel will not play in the summer league. we'll have flyers, highlights at 11.
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well, a beautiful weekend forecast, 60 and sunny tomorrow. that's going to feel like spring. 15 degrees warmer than normal. sunday, going to be nice day and then late sunday we're talking about midnight into early monday we could see rain and snow across the area.
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developing news tonight. mad dash. hours before the vote in two critical states trump under fire for what he has said about the iraq war, and hillary clinton fighting to hold off bernie sanders. slamming apple. the feds fire back in a fiery battle over cracking the san bernardino killers' iphone, and n trump calling for a boycott. hoverboard crackdown after dozens of fires, some burning homes to the ground, the government says enough. a major new warning that could lead to an outright ban. walking free. after four decades locked in solitary confinement, a stunning twist in one of the most infamous cases in modern american history. and harper lee dies at 89. we remember the legendary elusive


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