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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  February 20, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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news today" fire crews put out this fire in gloucester county along the delaware river adjacent to a sunoco tank farm. fire crews rescued several people from flames at this apartment complex in burlington county. this morning we'll have an update onto injuries and investigation into what caused it. after a chilly start it should feel like down right spring later today. here's a live look at center city atop the lowe's hotel. we'll fill you in on the first
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alert forecast. good morning. i'm katy zachary. it's 5:00 a.m. let's get to first alert meteorologi meteorologist michelle grossman. >> we'll see it all weekend long, a weekend warm up today into the 60s in some spots. enjoy that. we're off to a chilly start. here's a live look outside. beautiful shot. mostly cloudy skies. mostly clear skies. mostly sunny skies throughout our saturday. right now 43 degrees in philadelphia. little chilly. but 45 is the normal high. 39 in allentown, 31 degrees in mount pocono. below freezing there. 40 in lancaster. 43 in dover. 43 in wildwood. we'll have a breeze that southwesterly breeze, a mild one. winds right now at 14 miles per hour. 15 miles per hour in over to and 13 miles per hour in wildwood.
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look at this planner. lots of sunshine. mostly sunny skies by 9:00. 54 by noon and 59 by 3:00. a warm up today. another warm up on sunday. tracking rain and snow. a flaming horizon. you're looking at sky force 10 view of a brush fire in westville gloucester county which is now out. not before it scorched more than two dozen acres of tall grass near the delaware river. the flames broke out around 9:00 last night. fire crews got a handle on it about two hours later. here's another view of the fire from sky force 10. you can see a wall of flames burning on undeveloped land along the delaware river across from the philadelphia navy yard. it was close to some water tanks near a sunoco facility.
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favorable winds kept neighbors safe. >> the way the within was blowing away, pushing it away but if that wind turns all these houses are in trouble. >> this is ground video. it shows you why. the bright orange glow of the fire was visible right next to his home. fire crews put out hot spots into early this morning. and we want to update you on another fire that we brought you with breaking news last night at 11:00. crews rescued several people from flames at an apartment complex in burlington county. this was in florence township. nbc 10 was at ground level at the scene. several crews responded to the two alarm fire and was fortunate enough to put it out. medics took three people to the hospital. one suffered smoke inhalation. investigators will look into the cause of that fire. new information about this fire we brought to you as breaking news last night. started in a home in the 600
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block of south 16th and half street and then spread to two neighboring houses. fire officials said there's so much damage that all three homes will need to be demolished. fortunately in that one also no one was hurt. moving to politics now. decision 2016. a republican primary in south carolina and a democratic caucus in nevada. that's the schedule today for voters choosing nominees for president. nbc's national correspondent steve handelsman has a preview. >> reporter: good morning from columbia as voters here in south carolina head to the polls for the first time in the south. what should we watch? who should we watch? donald trump, he had enjoyed a big lead in the polling in south carolina. but before trump tangled with the pope, before trump promised to clean up his language and did not, ted cruz closed the gap to five points in the nbc news "the
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washington post" maris poll marco rubio hopes to beat cruz but if he can't to do so well he drives jeb bush and john kasich from trees and emerges tonight as the only mainstream republican candidate. in nevada where hillary clinton lost her big lead in the polls to bernie sanders, even a win by just a few points in tonight's caucuses would look like a clinton loss. with the democrats headed here for their primary next saturday. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, columbia, south carolina. results, reaction and where the presidential race goes from here keep it right here as chucked to moderates "meet the press" tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. funeral services for supreme court justice antonin scalia will take place later this morning in washington. eight supreme court police
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officers carry scalia's body into the great hall of the supreme court yesterday. president obama and first lady paid their respects to the former justice. they met privately with scalia's family. the president faced criticism from some republicans over his decision not to go to today's funeral mass. vice president joe biden and his wife jill will attend. and flags are at half-staff in new jersey in honor of justice scalia. this is the police state barracks. scalia was a new jersey native. he was born in trenton in 1936. he died last saturday at the age of 79. and it is almost 5:07 an "nbc 10 news today." the mummers are back in action. drew smith is live for us in manayunk with a look at today's mardi gras parade. >> reporter: it's mummers mardi gras. you'll recognize some sights and
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sounds. one thing they are promising you won't see. we'll tell you about that after the break.
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. welcome back on this saturday morning. we are looking at a breezy day today but a very warm day. temperatures in the 60s in some spots. enjoy that with mostly sunny skies. still dark. looking at mostly cloudy skies. here's a live look outside. again still dark. sun does not rise until later on around 6:48. big time difference compared to 24 degrees. 19 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. 23 degrees warmer in mount pocono, 22 degrees in wilmington. you'll feel that change as we step out this morning. currently we're in the upper 30s to low 40s in some spots, 43 in philadelphia, 41 in trenton. to the north and west chillier 31 in mount pocono, 39 in
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allentown, 37 in quakertown. looking at low 40s, 41 at atlantic city airport. winds are gusting to 22 mile-per-hour. breezy day. warm day as well. right near 60 degrees in philadelphia. another warm one on sunday and tracking some rain and snow as early as late sunday night. happening today the mummers will strut down main street in manayunk for their second annual mardi gras celebration. drew smith is along main street. drew earlier you said today's event will be different from what the group's new year's day parade has been in the past. >> reporter: the organizers are promising a family friendly time here. of course you'll recognize this stuff the colorful costumes that the mummers will be wearing but this time there won't be some of the things you may associate with the broad street parade on new year's day. police plan to enforce a strict zero tolerance on public
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drinking. the mummers were all over the news because of some controversial acts that some people said was offensive. this time organizers are well aware of that. they want to avoid any repeat of that. this parade features 17 string bands. there will be some other options here for families. >> at the headquarters we'll have activities for the kids. we'll have face painting, and arts and crafts and even a sing-a-long area. >> reporter: this is a fundraiser to keep this unique philadelphia tradition alive. the parade will begin at 11:00 here in manayunk and goes until 1:00 and several string bands will split up into these restaurants and playing well into the evening. fun day ahead. we're live in manayunk. i'm drew smith. happening today it is your chance to become the next voice. that's right. auditions for the popular nbc show "the voice" are being held
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this weekend at the pennsylvania convention center. open calls begin in just a few hours from now. contestants did have to pre-register to get an audition spot. and pennsylvania families could soon be paying thousands more for tuition. we'll tell you why the president of temple and three other state colleges are sounding that alarm.
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and other items that were recovered from a suspected burglars car. new casting police arrested david camacho on burglary charges. he forced his way into homes during the day, would steal items and then sold some of them in the philadelphia area. now investigators are trying reunite victims with their stolen property. if you recognize these items give new castle police a call. police in delaware county are looking to see if there are any additional victims after an arrest of a long time physics teacher and track coach. gregory stanczuk of ridley high school is charged with sexual assault. police say he had a relationship with a former student that he coached on the girl's track team. he's accused of using his position to coerce a student into performing sexual acts two years ago. gregory stanczuk grew close to the teen by helping her through a breakup with her boyfriend.
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rides home led to text messages which led to an early morning trip to a hotel room. >> they all think very highly of him. he's an excellent teacher. >> the prosecutor's office is asking parents to contake it investigators if they believe their children could be additional victims. we're looking at a very mild day. temperatures in the 60s in some spots still mild on sunday before we cool it back down. on monday weather headlines on your saturday morning still dark outside but mostly cloudy skies. we'll see mostly sunny skies and warm today. we'll be warm on sunday. but then we're tracking changes early sunday night into monday. we could see rain coming in late even some wet snow to the north and west. tracking potential for a nor'easter next week with rain and snow as well. 43 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds out of the south-southwest at 10 miles per hour. 19 degrees warmer compared to
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yesterday. we're chilly this morning but pretty close to the normal high for this time of the year. 39 in allentown, 39 in pottstown, 40 degrees in lancaster, 43 in philadelphia. south and east low 40s, 41 in atlantic city, 43 in dover and 43 in glassboro, new jersey. we're waking up about 4 degrees warmer in pottstown compared to 24 hours ago, 22 degrees warmer in ooun, 22 degrees warmer in atlantic city. so big, big difference from this time yesterday. here's a look outside. still dark. we won't see that sun rising for a bit but we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. clouds clearing as we go throughout the morning northwestly sunny. there's that southwesterly flow. that's bringing up that mild air and bring us up into the 60s later on this afternoon but it will be breezy along with the mild air. 14 mile-per-hour in wilmington,
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15 mile-per-hour wind in dover. 17 mile-per-hour wind in wildwood. gusting 10 to 20, maybe higher. mostly sunny skies. warm day. partly cloudy skies. temperatures dropping back to upper 40s to low 40s upper 30s. then on sunday more cloud cover especially in the afternoon. we'll see partly cloudy skies to start out. mostly cloudy by the afternoon. look at this. this will affect our weather sunday into monday. rain by 8:00. wet snow mixing in sunday night into monday. don't be surprised by that. this is a snapshot at 3:00 in the morning and you see that snow to the neernt west and that could affect your monday morning commute. cloudy skies on monday and not as warm. today warm and breezy 58 to 61. wind out of the southwest at 1020 miles per hour. gusting higher than that in some spots. 60 today. sunday partly sunny, showers come in late, late snow.
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then by monday mostly cloudy. cooler. 48. 43 by tuesday. this is where we're watching the potential for our next nor'easter, rain and snow mix. chance for a mix on tuesday. rain and snow mixing on wednesday. thursday mostly cloudy. windy. 44. friday mostly sunny, back to winter, 42. it is 5:19. now to a developing story. families in pennsylvania could be affected by the ongoing budget battle in harrisburg. the state has gone without a budget for eight months. parents of kids attending state related colleges could face tuition hikes in the thousands of dollars. george spencer explains. >> reporter: for alex walking temple's campus is a family tradition. his brother went here and this year he's a freshman on a pre-med track. like every other in-state student on this campus, he now
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faces the possibility of a tuition hike thanks to pennsylvania's gridlocked budget process. >> if the bill increases it's going to do the opposite of what's possible. >> reporter: make it hard? >> very hard. >> reporter: the presidents of temple and three other state related universities warned of painful impacts, quote, it is not for us to assign blame for this unprecedented situation, but instead to focus on the consequences of the state budget impasse is not soon resolved. the schools typically receive individual funding propositions, about $140 million a year for temple. but so far this year, not a single dollar. >> more and more students and families are becoming more and more concerned. >> reporter: student body president is hearing the growing concern. university tells us the so-called in-state discount on student tuition is at risk. that's the discount that cuts about $10,000 off the undergrad
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tuition bill for families of pennsylvania taxpayers versus out of state families. >> it's a representation of a larger conflict in harrisburg where students and families need to get out to vote and to make their concerns heard. >> reporter: he says student government attempts to prompt action so far has had little impact. the university president -- there are only two openings here. choose to invest in our future or continue to punish our students and employees while elected officials battle over unrelated issues. reporting on temple's campus in north philadelphia, george spencer, nbc 10 news. happening now, penn state students are staying up all weekend long to raise money for a very good cause. it is thon weekend. it runs through sunday afternoon. this is a live look from the bryce jordan center.
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as you can see and hear, dancers can't sleep or sit down during the event. they have live music planned throughout the entire event. thon raises money for pediatric cancer patients. thieves are targeting new ways to steal your money. find out how their skimming devices work and how you can stop them.
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thieves are turning to new tactics to steal from you. here's information you need know to protect your money from skimmers at your local gas pump. >> reporter: filling up your car is designed to be easy. in and out in a few minutes. on the go with a full tank. you would not intentionally leave your credit card behind but that's what's happening to some customers. >> i don't want anybody stealing
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my hard earned money. >> in past 10, 12 months an explosion in skimmer devices. >> reporter: the kind of thing that bucks county director of consumer protection hate to think about. skimmer devices look like this. thieves attach them to anything with a card raerd. once you swipe you're info is instantly copied and used in illegal ways. >> attach right there. >> reporter: bucks county bureau of wastes and measures inspects 9,000 gas pumps every year. we followed one day last week as this team conducted random checks at three stations on busy street road in bensalem. >> first we look at the credit card reader. >> reporter: how are thieves getting inside the pump using a commonly found master key or they are picking the lock. how long would it take somebody
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to get in here and attach something like that? >> the keys -- it took me two minutes, maybe three minutes. >> die not know. >> reporter: this sunoco station uses security tape that would show the owner and customers if it's been tampered with. >> how often do you check the pump? >> every day. >> reporter: at all three station we found no skimmers but at one of them something else. >> i was surprised and a bit disappointed. >> reporter: at this bp station the pumps were on and accepting cards, but there was no attendant to be found. >> skimmers would love to come in to that station and put a device in because it's easy to get in and out. >> reporter: today with bluetooth and everything else they can sit across the street in that parking lot, get the information they need and move on to the next one. without you ever knowing. and this is the alert issued by
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bucks county to gas station owners last month. they have yet to find one of these skimming devices inside a gas pump but they say this is a growing problem in other states. they just want people to know about it now. today local patriots will honor president george washington just days from his 284th birthday. the philadelphia continental chapter of the sons of the american revolution will hold a wreath laying ceremony this morning at 10:30. it's a big day in the presidential race. with the democratic caucus in nevada and republican primary in south carolina. coming up we'll look at where candidates stand on both sides heading into today' voting.
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michelle, a warm one. >> on a saturday we love that. really beautiful today. lots of sunshine. we'll be breezy and very warm near 60 degrees and mild once again on sunday. here's a live look outside. we're looking at 30th street station. still dark but we'll see that sunshine. we'll talk about your weekend forecast coming up.
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. right now on "nbc 10 news
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today" high stakes in the presidential race. it's the nevada caucuses for the democrats and the south carolina primary for the republicans. we'll have a preview coming up. ♪ and we know that unmistakable sound the mummers are not just for new year's day any more. we'll preview their march along main street today in our next half hour. it's going to be a warm one this is a look at center city philadelphia. the weather will cooperate for the mummers. we should get that spring feeling later today and we'll tell you how long the mild temperatures will stick around. good morning and welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachary. it's just 5:30 on your saturday morning. we're talking about the warm weather. let's get a check of that warm weather with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. michelle you love talking about this kind of forecast. >> i'm


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