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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  February 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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♪ and today the mummers will once again hit the streets this time in manayunk. why organizers say this event will be different from the new year's day parade and controversy free. a live report is straight ahead. and brush fire battle. crews in gloucester county take anthony wall of flames. we'll explain how they took control after several hours. the race for the white house. today democrats face-off in nevada while republicans battle in south carolina. we'll break down the big day for decision 2016 for you. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachary. it's just 6:00 a.m. on saturday. it's going to be a warm one. i can say that with true confidence. meteorologist michelle grossman has been talking about how warm it's going to get. >> going to be really nice. in the 60s in some spots. 60 in philadelphia.
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beautiful day today along with the warm temperatures we'll have mostly sunny skies. enjoy that today. another repeat on sunday kind of. more clouds, milder and rain and snow coming in later sunday. we're looking at our live may camera. as the sun gets going see mostly sunny skies. starting out with more cloud cover. temperatures they are mild already. temperatures mainly in the 40s. typically we come in around 45 degrees time of the year. we're already at 44 in philadelphia. 44 in northeast philadelphia. 43 in wildwood. to the north and west a little bit chillier right at the freezing mark in mount pocono 39 in allentown, 39 in reading. another side of the story is we'll be breezy. southwesterly flow bringing up that warm air is pretty breezy. anywhere from ten up 20 miles per hour gusting closer to 25. winds right now at 15 miles per hour in dover, 13 miles per hour in northeast philadelphia and 14 miles per hour in wildwood.
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as we plan the rest of the saturday, a good one. warm temperatures by this afternoon. mostly sunny skies. 9:0043, lunch time 54, 3:0059. top out at 60. another mild one on sunday before rain and snow comes into the forecasts. looks good. thanks. happening today in manayunk the mummers will hit the streets for the first time since the controversial new year's day parade. some groups came one fire for insensitive skits in a story that grabbed national headlines. today is promising to be a family friendly affair. no one knows that like drew smith. he's live in man yunayunkmanayu. >> reporter: mummers mardi gras headquarters just opened up right now. they are getting ready for the day. they want to you feel comfortable bringing the whole family including the kids. the mile long parade putting the spotlight on colorful costumes and music of the mummers string
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bands. 17 bands will be out here beginning at 11:00. if you bring kids there will be activities. new year's day parade on brood street generated a lot of headlines for some acts people thought was racist and homophobic. organizers said that will not happen here. the focus is on the musicians. >> they don't have drinks in their hand they have instruments. >> you have to move on from controversy. >> reporter: supporters hope the parade will have that effect here today, repairing some of the mummers public image. if you do come out here to manayunk there are already parking restrictions that went into effect at 3:00 this morning. also the road will shut down. they are encouraging people if you want to come out to take public transportation. we're live on main street in manayunk, i'm drew smith nbc 10 news. >> it's 6:03. a flaming horizon.
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sky force 10 view of a brush fire in westville gloucester county. it's now out. it took fire crews about two hours to get a handle on it. fortunately no one was hurt or had to be evacuated. here's another view of the fire from sky force 10. you can see a wall of flames burning undeveloped land along the delaware river just across the philadelphia navy yard. the fire was close to some water tanks of a sunoco facility. neighbors said favorable winds kept their properties and them safe. >> that wind, wind is blowing away, so it's pushing it away but if that wind turns and then all these houses are in trouble. >> this ground video shows why joe said what he did. the bright orange glow of fire was visible. fire crews put out hot spots into early this morning. we want to update you on another fire that we brought you
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with breaking news last night at 11:00. crews rescued several people from flames at an apartment complex in burlington county. nbc 10 was also at ground level at the. several crews responded to the two alarm fire and it out. medics took three people to the hospital. one suffered smoke inhalation. investigators us they will spend the day looking into the cause of that fire. >> police in delaware county are looking to see if there are any additional victims after the arrest of a long time physics teacher and coach. gregory stanczuk of ridley high school is charged with sexual assault. police he had a relationship with a former student that he on the girl's track team. the 52-year-old accused of using his position to coerce a student into participating in sexual acts two years ago. according too investigators gregory stanczuk grew close to the girlfriend after a breakup
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with her boyfriend. >> they all think very highly of him. he's an splenexcellent teacher. >> the prosecutor's office is asking parents to contact investigators if they believe their child is a victim. turning to politics now, decision 2016. a republican primary in south carolina and a democratic caucus in nevada. that's the schedule today for voters choosing nominees for president. out west hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a virtual tie heading in to the nevada caucus. down south donald trump leads the gop but ted cruz is closing the gap. marco rubio had to pivot from candidate to comforter last night when a supporter at his rally suddenly collapsed. >> appears we have a medical situation. is there anybody here who is a
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dock for or medical profession. let's bow our heads for a moment prayer. father lord thank you for bringing us together. we ask you to pray for our brother. >> rubio ended the rally there early asking the crowd to clear a path for medics to reach the victim. we're working to find out his condition this morning. results, reaction and where the presidential race goes from here. keep it right here as chuck todd rates "meet the press" tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. it is 6:07. funeral services for supreme court justice antonin scalia will take place later this morning in washington. eight supreme court police officers carried scalia's body into the great hall of the supreme court yesterday. president obama and first lady michelle obama paid their respects to the former justice. they also met privately with scalia's family. the president has faced criticism from some over his decision not to go to today's
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funeral mass. vice president joe biden and his wife jill will attend that mass. a look right now, flags are at half-staff in new jersey in honor of justice scalia. this is the state police barracks in buena vista township, atlantic county. scalia was a new jersey native. he was born in trenton in 1936. he died last saturday at the age of 79. this morning the most powerful storm to ever hit fiji has made landfall. we'll have an update on the tropical cyclone winston. convenient store showdown. a clerk and robber trade bullets during a robbery. we have the video. gentleman a bar fire bombing. how police in bucks county are trying to narrow the search.
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happening now, people in fiji are hunkering down while a cyclone cross across the island nation. the eye of the storm is expected to move through a narrow waterway between the country's main island. that could save both islands from a direct hit. the storm has knocked out power to the entire country and there's a curfew in effect and evacuations are order but no reports of any injuries. lucky for us nothing like that happening at home. we're quiet today, nice day. waking up to dark skies. the sun will rise in the next 40 minutes. we're looking from our adventure aquarium overlooking center city. mostly sunny skies as we head throughout the day. currently chilly but close to our normal high. 44 in philadelphia. 44 in northeast philadelphia 43 in wrightstown.
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43 at the atlantic city airport. 42 in woodbine. winds 10 to miles per hour. going to be a warm day. breezy day we have lots of sunshine as we head throughout the day. 58 to 61. winds gusting to near 25 miles per hour at times. another mild day on sunday right in the upper 50s and then things change sunday into monday. potential for rain and wet snow mixing in. it is 6:12 now. right now hundreds of people at penn state are dancing the weekend away. ♪ yep, that's thon 2016. we'll explain how the annual event is battling pediatric cancer. plus letting your voice be heard. how some local singers are taking their first steps towards stardom this morning.
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it's 6:15 on your saturday. take a look at this new video from a convenience store in washington state where an armed robber and a store clerk traded gunfire this week. you can see the clerk started to give the man money but when he looked away the clerk pulled out a gun. the two fired at each other and the robber ran off. the bullet hit the clerk in the chest. she was treated at a local hospital and leased. police caught the robber a short time later. we have video of two thieves jewelry from a store in center city philadelphia. they broke into barsky's diamonds last saturday morning.
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the thieves smashed the cases and took the jewelry. many jewelers row stores are looking to see if they have video of the men. we have new information on the traveling team of crooks linked to a number of car thefts in our area. they are known as the quote felony lane gang. nbc 10 as confirmed crime investigations are taking place into the group in westtown, thornberry and west goshen and lower pottsgrove. the gang targets people outside of schools and gyms stealing valuable from their cars. investigators say thieves are part of a national crime network. police hope this new video of a fire bombing at a bucks county bar will lead to an arrest. you can see a man in the video throw something at the entrance of big heads bar in warminster. it explodes sending a fireball
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across the doors into a trash can. officers say bullets were also fired. a $1,000 reward is being offered for information in the case. we have new information about this fire we brought to you in breaking news last night at 11:00. it started in south 16th street and half in berks county. there's so much damage that all three homes will need to be demolished. fortunately no one was hurt. and new video of a sightseeing helicopter being pulled from the water in hawaii's pearl harbor. the helicopter crashed just off the arizona memorial visitor center thursday. three people including a 14-year-old boy were hurt in that. this is video of the chopper as it smashed into the water. the pilot noticed there was a problem moments before the crash and alerted air traffic control he was going down. witnesses jumped into the action
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to help the people when it hit the water. the ntsb will inspect the chopper as part of an investigation that is expected to take several months. and some septa riders had to climb down the ladder of a fire truck their train got stuck in west philadelphia last night. train lost power while rolling across a tressle. this is fun. happening today, if you're a singer, it's your chance to become the next voice. auditions for the popular nbc show "the voice" are being held this weekend at the pennsylvania convention center. open calls start in just a few hours from now. contestanthave to pre-register to get an audition spot so if you're a singer hopefully you did that. happening right now this is also a great story. penn state students are staying
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up all weekend to raise money for a great cause. it's thon weekend. it runs through sunday afternoon. this is a live look right now at our feed into the bryce jordan center. one dancer is talk. dancers can't sleep or sit down during the event. money raised is for pediatric cancer patients at hershey medical center. it is a great weekend for thon, great weekend to be outdoors. looking nice today and looking nice for most of sunday before some changes come in later on sunday. weather headlines on your saturday morning, looking at a warm weekend near 60 degrees today in philadelphia, upper 50s on sunday and those changes come in for sunday into monday. tracking the chance for some rain and wet snow mixing in in the northern suburbs in the poconos lehigh valley into
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monday morning and high pressure builds back in. we're tracking a nor'easter for next week wednesday into thursday. 44 degrees right now in philadelphia. out of the southwest is a 9 miles per hour. big difference in terms of temperatures compared to this time yesterday. to the north and west mainly in the upper 30s. 39 in allentown. 39 in reading. right at the freezing mark in mount pocono. 44 in philadelphia. that better than yesterday. temperatures mainly in the low 40s to the south and east. 43 degrees in atlantic city. so as you get up this morning and waking up to the upper 30s, low 40s by this afternoon get prepared for 60 degrees in some spots. this is a look at what it felt like or how much warmer it is. 20 degrees warmer in philadelphia compared to 24 hours ago. 21 degrees warmer in reading and 25 degrees warmer in atlantic city. no doubt you'll feel that difference as you step out. we're starting to skies bright jean bit. we have clouds in place. that will work out of here in the next couple of hours.
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looking at mostly sunny skies. that sunrise is at 6:48 in the morning. wind out of the southwest bringing up warm air and breezy. 15 miles per hour in philadelphia, 15 miles per hour in dover. 13 miles per hour in wildwood and could gust higher than that throughout the day. future weather high pressure in control bringing us sunshine, warm weather. 60s by this afternoon. right around 60 in philadelphia. looks to be in the upper 50s north and west. temperatures dropping back to the 40s. then by sunday we'll start out with partly cloudy skies. more clouds build in through the afternoon to cloudy skies by the evening. we're tracking the potential for some rain late sunday into monday and then again overnight we could see wet snow mixing in especially north and west by 3:00 in the morning see the poconos. light stuff. shouldn't impact our monday commute. mostly sunny. winds out of the southwest at
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1020 miles per hour. tonight for all those saturday night plans. pretty similar to what we saw last night. seven day forecast. 60 this afternoon. sunday a pretty nice day dry throughout most of it before late showers arrive around 5:00, 6:00 in the evening. by monday we're looking at a dry day as well. 43 on tuesday. mostly cloudy again. dry day during the day. chance for rain. wednesday and thursday this could be the time frame for our nex next nor'easter. a warning from feds about one of the most popular gifts this past christmas. >> how can a toy cause this kind of destruction to our lives. >> next, a "toy story" with a fiery ending. what the government has to say about all hover boards.
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>> plus weighing the facts. what the district attorney in philadelphia had to say about a decision on whether or not lesean mccoy will face charges for a nightclub brawl.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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the government is cracking down on hover boards. the consumer product safety commission sent a letter to companies that earth make or sell the tech toys saying any hover boards that don't meet federal safety standards will face a recall or be seized. officials have this advice for anyone who own one. >> i would stop using them and contact the retailer or the manufacturer who made it and demand proof that it complies with standard and if it doesn't i would demand refund. >> the tech toys have been tied to more than 50 fires in 24 states. the cpsc says the problem is how the device battery pack interacts with the knits. some of those fires happened right here in our area. an ocean county family says a fire ignited in their living room. coming up the mummers will be in the spotlight once again
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today after last month's controversial new year's day performance. nbc 10 drew smith is life in manayunk with a preview for us. >> reporter: the mummers are waking up, getting ready for a big day. we'll take you to their headquarters next where they are telling all families to come out today and enjoy the event. >> looking good for a parade today. maybe a little breezy with wind gusting to 25 miles per hour at times. we'll have sunshine and weather. there's that sun starting to rise. a beautiful shot from our cape may camera. ing at mostly sunny. a high near 60 degrees. mild again on sunday. your full day forecast is coming up. .
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avoiding a repeat performance, why organizers of today's mummers parade in manayunk says this will be a family friendly event following
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last month's controversy. and the path to the presidency runs through south carolina and nevada today. we'll break down the nomination races on both sides of the aisle ahead of today's primary and caucus. and if you can believe it, spring is in the air today. we're looking at a weekend warm up with highs near 60 degrees. it does not get old saying that. good morning and welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." it's 6:30 on your saturday morning. i'm katy zachary. let's get the right our weekend weather with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. really that warm? >> really that warm. 60 degrees in philadelphia. maybe warmer in some spots in the low 60s to the north and west. we'll look at the upper 50s. 45 is normal for this time of year. look at this beautiful shot from t the pocono mountains. beautiful shot there. temperatures mainly in the upper 30s to the north and west, in the 40s to the south and east.
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right at the freezing mark at mount pocono. 39 interesting. 39 in. 44 in philadelphia. 41 in dover. 43 in wildwood and you're waking up to 43 degrees in atlantic city. breezy too. we'll have that breeze in place southwesterly flow all day long. 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. 15 mile-per-hour winds in dover. miles per hour wind in wildwood. they could gust higher than that. look at these temperatures, look at the skies. mostly sunny skies. by lunch time 54 degrees. i can't wait. by 3:0059. top out around 60 in philadelphia. not quite as warm tomorrow but still mild on sunday and tracking some rain sunday into monday. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> happening today the mummers will once again hit the streets this time in manayunk. organizers say expect a family friendly event. nbc 10's drew smith is live in manayunk for us. the mummers are hoping to make
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the past controversy surrounding the new year's day parade a different story, right, drew? >> reporter: we'll focus on the family and this is one of the places they will do this. this is the headquarters for the mummers. they are already set up. they have merchandise you can get. you can get food and drink in here and take pictures, arts and krachts for the kids as well. if you're coming out with the family you should know a few things. police will plan on enforcing a zero tolerance policy on public drinking. the mummers were all over the news this year because of some controversy, some people considering some things offensive. organizers say this is a different event. well aware of the issues. the parade will feature 17 string bands forks cuss onto mus -- focus on the music. >> we'll have activities for the kids, face painting and arts and krachts and sing-a-long area.
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>> reporter: this is a fundraiser to keep this unique philadelphia tradition alive. congressman bob brady will be here as the grand marshall. the parade begins at 11:00 and goes until 1:00. then the mummers head out to the establishments here and playing music throughout the night. coming out, there are some parking restrictions. main street will be shut down. a fun day with nice weather. organizers excited about that as well. we're live in manayunk. three people are being treated for injuries this apartment fire in burlington county. sky force 10 was over the florence toll gate apartments in florence township. fire crews rescued several people. medics took three people to the hospital. one suffered smoke inhalation. take a look at this flaming horizon. sky force 10 was over a brush fire that scorched more than two dozen acres of tall grass in westville, gloucester county.
6:34 am
the flames started at 9:00 last night. crews put out the fire within two hours time. and here's another view of that fire from sky force 10. a wall of flames burning on undeveloped land along the delaware river across from the philadelphia navy yard. the fire was close to some water tanks binary by sunoco facility. neighbors said favorable winds kept them safe. philadelphia's top prosecutor will not rush his decision on whether or not to charge lesean mccoy over a nightclub brawl. the former eagle and three others are accused of throwing punches that landed two off duty police officers in the hospital. it happened on february 7th. the of the fraternal order of police says it's time to act. >> to me the more you let it simmer just put it out, don't try to over think the case. don't be the judge and jury. you're the d.a., arrest them. >> it's my job to get it right
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and not fast. there are some people clamoring i have it resolved one week from now. that wouldn't be the prudent thing. we have a lot of information to review a lot of medical records to review. videotape. witnesses. >> police tell nbc 10 mccoy has not been questioned yet. if no charges are filed, the union will file private complaints and go the state attorney general. a federal judge in massachusetts has denied a request by lawyers for bill cosby's wife to delay deposition. kamille cosby is scheduled to answer questions under oath in a defamation lawsuit this monday. it was filed again her husband by seven women who say he sexually assaulted them decades ago. they say cosby defamed them by branding them as liars. the comedian has denied their allegations and filed a countersuit. and locally in montgomery county the district attorney is
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opposing cosby's latest sexual assault case against him dismissed. he will uphold the charges until his hearing march 8th. they argue cosby had an agreement from the former d.a. he would never be charged but current district attorney kevin steele asked the court not to hear the appeal the trial. cosby is accused of drugging and sexual assaulting a temple university employee in 2004. turning to politics now. decision 2016. it's primary day for republicans in south carolina and caucus day for democrats in nevada. in nevada bernie sanders and hillary clinton are running neck and neck and they both stump for votes to the very last minute last night. hillary clinton hosted a get out the caucus vote rally in las vegas. her hugs band former president bill clinton and their daughter chelsea asked support towers caucus for clinton today. clinton's campaign is looking to minorities and unions to give
6:37 am
her the edge. earlier in the evening bernie sanders held a future to believe in. he greeted supporters posed for photos. he told his backers his campaign is gaining steam and confident that he'll win today's caucus. in south carolina five of the six republican candidates put in a final day of campaigning before today's primary. ben carson held no public events. jeb bush brought his mother out to the final push. and marco rubio stumped for votes with help from south carolina governor nikki haley. donald trump still leads the gop field in south carolina. but the latest nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows his lead over senator ted cruz has shrunk to just five percentage points. and this morning we're getting a look at the newest batch of hillary clinton's emails. yesterday the state department released more than 500 documents from the former secretary of state's e-mail account.
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officials say a few dozen of them were upgraded to confidential. none was considered top secret. the state department plans to finish releasing clinton's emails to the public by tend of the month. coming up next, trouble on the tracks. with a train bearing down this person makes a mad dash to get out of the way. we'll show you how it all played out. on the road to rio. we'll show you how the u.s. women's soccer team took their first step towards olympic glory.
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all right. welcome back on this saturday morning. we're looking at a mild day today. we're already mild.
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temperatures in the 40s across the area. by this afternoon near 60 degrees. still dealing with clouds early this morning, a live look from our ad convenient aquarium camera. this is a difference compared to 24 hours ago. 20 degrees warmer in philadelphia. 22 degrees warmer in allentown. 25 warmer in atlantic city than just 24 hours ago. so a mild start to the day. temperatures mainly in the 40s across the area. still into the 30s north and west right at the freezing mark. mount pocono 39. 39 in reading. 44 degrees in philadelphia. south and east will see 40s. 43 in wildwood. we're breezy winds anywhere 1020 miles per hour. could gust higher than that. today enjoy mostly sunny skies. warm and breezy, 58 to 61. a nice night tonight, partly cloudy and by tomorrow mild once again. temperatures in the upper 50s but arrives late sunday into
6:42 am
monday. wet snow in some spots. thank you, michelle. today local patriots will honor president george washington. just days from his 284th day. the philadelphia continental chapter of the sons of the american resolution will hold a wreath laying ceremony. you're invited to attend the event at washington square park at the tomb of the unknown revolutionary war soldier. that's at 10:30. coming up next in sports, the shoot out woes continue for the flyers. right in the middle of a wild card race. highlights of last night's games against the canadiens straight ahead.
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>> just about 6:45 on your saturday morning. here are some of the stories making headlines today. it's primary day in south carolina. the polls open in just a few minutes from now. donald trump's lead has dwindled in south carolina. polls show he's up by about five percentage points on ted cruz going into the primary today. and the democrats are also in on the action. it is the nevada caucus. right now hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a tight race in nevada. polls have put those candidates in a virtual dead heat. and funeral services for supreme court justice antonin scalia will take place later this morning in washington. the mass will be celebrated at the nation's largest roman catholic church. vice president joe biden and his wife jill will be among the dig any tears attending the mass. president obama is not attending. get ready for a warm spring
6:46 am
like day. temperatures near 60 degrees later on this afternoon. enjoy it. we'll see another repeat on sunday before we dip back down to the 40s on monday. we're looking at a warm weekend. lots of sunshine. bringing in more clouds on sunday. that's ahead of a system that will bring rain possibly some wet snow for north and west of the city late sunday into monday. out of early monday. potential for a nor'easter next week that would be wednesday into thursday. we'll continue to track that for you. 44 in philadelphia. wind out of the at 15 miles per hour. temperatures are chilly to the north and west but mild. 32 in mount pocono. that's the coldest spot right at the freezing mark, 39 in reading, 44 in philadelphia. 45 is normal high for today. we're pretty close to that already. topping these temperatures in the low 40s, 43 in atlantic city. this afternoon we'll see temperatures near 60 degrees and much warmer compared to this
6:47 am
time yesterday. 20 degrees warmer in philadelphia. 22 degrees warmer in allentown and 21 degrees warmer in dover. still a little bit of cloud cover. live look from our adventure aquarium camera. mainly sunny skies this afternoon. breezy this afternoon. we're breezy with wind from 10 up to 15 miles per hour. this southwesterly flow is helping to bring in that warmer air. it's a good thing. high pressure in control today. partly cloudy skies. temperatures back to the 40s and 30s then sunday we'll start out with sunshine. clouds build in through the day. rain comes in later sunday. looks on the light side. we could even see wet snow mixing in north and west of the city closer to the morning hours. closer to 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. on monday morning. then we clear it out. builds back in and mostly sunny skies on monday. warm and breezy 58 to 61.
6:48 am
tonight partly cloudy. temperatures around 40 in philadelphia, 35 north and west. pretty close to where we were last night. seven day forecast, 60 today with those sunny size, sunday partly cloudy. late showers overnight into monday morning. by moan we'll clear it out. cold once again. 43 on tuesday could see a late rain shower coming in maybe a mixto the north and west. wednesday and thursday we're watching the possibility for a nor'easter. wednesday and thursday looks to be the time frame. thanks, michelle. we just got this new video of a train nearly hitting a man in melbourne, the trail. you can see the man was trying to cross the tracks at a train station there. one train was leaving the station and he walked behind it. when he finally realized another train of coming at him he turned around and ran back. the trail's public transportation agency says what you just saw is one of more than
6:49 am
450 similar near misses they've had this past year. in just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. we get a look at what they are covering this morning. >> good to see you. >> coming up on a saturday morning -- it is a very busy day this saturday morning on the campaign trail. republicans, primaries, south carolina. democrats, caucusing in nevada. we'll take you on the campaign trail this morning and also talk live to republican presidential candidate marco rubio. >> new video showing thieves targeting massive tractor-trailers full of goods supposed to be headed to stores near your. why this theft is taking money out of your. >> well help you get through this final month of winter. we're helping you fight cabin
6:50 am
fever. >> those stories and another round of would you rather when we get started on a saturday morning. >> so good to see you >> giving you a hug through the tv. >> so nice. thanks, guys. we'll see you in a few. >> cheers. the flyers with a canadian back-to-back last night of course in montreal and tonight in toronto and last night this is a tough loss. let's take a look against the canadiens. third period. look at this pretty pass. ghost has a 14 game point streak. longest by an nhl defenseman in 19 years. ghost is scary good. we're tied at 2-2. claude drew, can't finish. gets a big elbow. no penalty. three on three overtime. it was crazy. canadiens put pressure on the flyers. somehow michael keeps the puck out of the net. the flyers are helping out too.
6:51 am
it goes the other way. stone. just exhausting three on three overtime. flyers in the shoot out. they would go on to lose 3-2. the sixers backed out of trading center okafor to the celtics according to the "boston herald." danny ames said the team backed out. he wouldn't say which team. nets first-round pick would have been in the deal. last night in new orleans drew holiday alley-oops all over the place. anthony davis with the return. drew with 12 assists. davis 34 points. then alonzo gee. gee with a dunk right there. ending the first half sixers with a buzzer beater. then a catch and shoot. that's some sauce right there. sixers down 16 at the half. third quarter. sixers coming back. kendall marshall. first three-pointer in a month for him. sixers cut the lead to one. but it is not enough. sixers lose to the pelicans 121-114.
6:52 am
yesterday was day two of work outs for philly pitchers and catchers in clearwater. take a look at this fractured thumb of one young pitcher. he hurt it eight days ago doing bunting drills. phillies expect him to be ready for the season opener. eagles vice president says the birds would like to get a deal done with quarterback sam bradford. >> we've all been clear we like sam and want him back. it goes between all of us and whether we can figure something out that makes sense on both sides. >> how about carly loyd. a goal last night to help the u.s. women beat trinidad. the u.s. women qualify for the rio summer olympics. you can see all of that right here on nbc 10. have yourselves a great weekend, everybody.
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he really gave us the opportunity of a lifetime, and probably the best ten years of our acting careers. >> it's the first time we've seen our favorite friends together since the show ended. the actors portrayed rachel, joey, monica, ross came together to celebrate burrows.
6:56 am
you can watch the all-star tribute tomorrow night at 9:00 right here on nbc 10. the grand opening for a new animal shelter in delaware is just a few hours away. the brandywine valley spca handles shelter duties for the this morning they will host their grand opening. plenty of dogs and cats looking for new homes and loving families. for the grand opening weekend all adoption fees will be waived for dogs 40 pounds or heavier. for animal lovers this morning. the pet expo is happening this weekend. today is the second day of the greater philly pet expo. it includes adoption services, petting zoo and demonstrations like that very cute dog relay race. this is a celebration for the race for the cure. nbc 10 with a party that kicked
6:57 am
off the 2016 susan g. komen race. breast cancer survivors and their loved ones gathered last night for a dinner and award ceremony. they are getting ready for this year's race on may 8th. >> lots of great stuff happening. >> we can't complain. we're pretty mild already. temperatures into the 40s right now. 44 degrees. ti typical we get 45 for a high. sunshine. warm weather. little breezy. kicking up near 25 miles per hour. temperatures right now around 44 in philadelphia. 33 now in allentown and 33 in lancaster, seven day forecast, we want to show it to you again. by overwhelm 57 and cool back down on monday. >> we are all going to enjoy this weekend. >> we will. thank you very much.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. super saturday. high stakes presidential contests in south carolina and nevada today. donald trump poised to win south carolina while making yet another con row version statement at a rally. >> he took 50 bullets and he dipped them in pig's blood. >> ted cruz slamming the frontrunner. >> easy to say let's make america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. >> marco rubio hoping to become the establishment candidate on the day he could knock his one-time mentor jeb bush out of the race. meanwhile, on the democratic side, hillary clinton's huge lead over bernie sanders in nevada, gone.


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