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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  February 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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forecast. can't for that. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachary. it's just before 9:00 a.m. on your saturday morning. we're talking about the warm weather that's in store for us. let's get a check of that with meteorologist michelle grossman. >> looking really nice. near 60 degrees later on this afternoon. very spring-like. we surpassed our normal high. we're at 56 degrees. we're looking at the battleship new jersey. if you're out and about today, today is the perfect day to be outdoors. temperatures already in the mid-to-upper 40s in some spots, 46 in philadelphia, 48 in northeast philadelphia. 43 in allentown, 42 this morning in lancaster and you are stepping out the door this morning to 45 degrees in wildwood, new jersey. winds are whipping in some spots out of the southwest but bringing in that warm air. 14 miles per hour in wildwood and 15 miles per hour in mount pocono.
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so as we go throughout the days out of the southwest anywhere from ten up 20 miles per hour but gusting higher than that from time to time. planning the rest of today we're planning on a really nice one if you can get out and enjoy it. by 11:00 sunny skies, 52. tonight in the 40s and 30s. pretty nice night for your saturday evening plans. another mild one on sunday before we're tracking rain even a little bit of wet snow for sunday into moan. we'll talk more about that coming up. decision 2016. today is the showdown in south carolina. gop voters will choose among six presidential candidates in this latest step in the nominating process. is in position to win his second straight primary. listen to one man who supports the candidate who would ban muslims from entering the u.s. >> i support what he says.
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>> and marco rubio's concern for a man's life led him to cut short to a campaign rally. the florida senator led the crowd in prayer for a supporter who collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. >> donald trump still tops the gop field in south carolina but the latest nbc/wall street journal poll shows his lead on ted cruz has shrunk to five percentage points. also a big day in the democratic race for president. nevada will hold its caucus for that party's choice of white house nominee either hillary clinton or bernie sanders. polls show the contest between the vermont senator and former secretary of state is a toss up. both candidates were still drumming up support late last night. in las vegas, former president bill clinton made a final pitch for his wife. >> show up and bring her home tomorrow. >> hillary clinton is pinning her hopes in nevada on minority and union voters.
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her opponent, bernie sanders wrapped up his nevada campaigning with a rural rally last night. >> what makes our campaign unique is we are doing our best to listen to the people, not to wealthy campaign contributors. >> sanders is hoping to upset clinton in nevada behind a wave of younger supporters. this burning landscape you're looking at sky force 10 of a brush for in gloucester county. it's now out. not before it scorched 2,000 cakers of tall grass near the delaware river. flames broke out last night around 9:00. no one was hurt or evacuated from their homes. here's another view of the fire from sky force 10. you can see a wall of flames burning on undeveloped land along the delaware river, across the philadelphia navy yard. the fire was close to some water
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tanks at a sunoco facility. neighbors said favorable winds kept them and their property safe. >> that wind, the wind is blowing away and pushing it away. that wind turns and then these houses are in trouble. >> this is ground video that shows why joe said what de. the bright orange glow of the fire was visible right next to his home. fire crews put out hot spots into early this morning. and we want to update you on another fire that we brought you as breaking news last night at 11:00. crews rescued several people from flames at an apartment complex in burlington county. sky force 10 was over the florence toll gate apartments in florence township. nbc 10 was also at level at that scene. several crews responded to the two alarm fire and able to put it you want. medics took three people to the hospital. one suffered smoke inhalation. investigators will look into the cause of that fire today. funeral services for supreme
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court advertise antonin scalia will start in just a few hours from now. a live look at the basilica of the national shrine. his son a catholic priest will conduct the mass. it caps two days of official mourning for antonin scalia. more than 4,000 people paid tribute to the justice as his body laid in repose at the supreme court yesterday. president and mrs. obama were among the mourners. they will not attend today's funeral service but vice president joe biden and his wife jill will be there. at yesterday's tribute where two judges from the washington appeals court who have been mentioned as possible successors to scalia. another name mention is judge jane kelly. the appeals court judge was confirmed in 2013 with the support of republican senator charles grassley. grassley is the senate judiciary committee chair and the person who will decide whether senate
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hearings for president obama's eventual nominee will be held. happening now, the mummers are gettingy to march again. many people felt that racist and homophobic acts did some damage at the new year's day parade. organizers say they are going to great lengths to prevent a repeat. >> that's right. good morning. i'm told if you're expecting a lot of public drunkenness and acts you won't see them. the gates are set up. according to organizers today's mummers will focus on music, costumes and family. police are enforcing a zero tolerance policy for drinking in public when that parade kicks off. 17 string bands will perform the mile long stretch here on main
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street in manayunk. the mummers have taken a hit when it comes to sponsorship and donations since last month coming after the mummers parade some people thought it was offensive. thought takes on transgender and gay people and a skit using brown face about cans just crossed the line. but organizers promised none of that will happen today and should be a fun time for families. they even have a new designated inside space planned here. >> our first year doing a headquarters. we have the first place band, south philadelphia string band performing here. we arts and crafts for the kids. we have face painting for the kids. >> we've seen people out and about already. they are excited because it's nice and warm out here. if you're coming out to the parade should be good for you. there's 5,000 people showed up last year. they are hoping they can redeem themselves for those people that thought last month's parade was offensive.
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a great day weather wise for us. still ahead a jewelry heist caught on camera. a smash and grab net these nearly half a million dollars. we'll have the details next. ♪ and plus beyonce boycott weeks after her controversial halftime show at the super bowl. some police are calling for a ban on her concerts. hear what the police department had to say about the singer.
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it's 9:09. the strongest storm ever recorded in the southern h hemisphere is slamming fiji.
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check out this. you can see just how large the cyclone is in this photo that was release this morning by nasa. the agency released a satellite image and taken from space there. very different weather here back at home. we're very quiet today. actually nice. it will feel spring-like as we head throughout the afternoon. temperatures near 60 degrees in some spots. here's a live look outside. you're looking at the pocono mountains. some skiers out already. the coldest spot is in the pocono mountains. big difference compared to 24 years ago. we were 17 trees warmer than this time yesterday walking out the door, 20 degrees warmer in mount holly. looks like we'll end up 20 degrees warmer this afternoon than yesterday. right now temperatures across the region mainly in the 40s, 46 degrees in philadelphia. keep in mind 45 is normal for this time of year.
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so we surpassed that. 46 in trenton. 48 degrees in wrightstown. to the north and west mid-40s. 45 in quakertown. 38 degrees in mount pocono and south and east we made it into the 40s as well. 46 at the atlantic city airport. 45 in dover. we're seeing winds gust to near 22 miles per hour and that's the weather story. warm but breezy and that southwesterly breeze will help to warm us up and we'll see winds gusting to 26 miles per hour from time to time. for today enjoy it. warm and breezy. to the north and west probably stay put in the upper 50s and philadelphia should top out at 60. mild on sunday. much colder on monday. we'll talk more about that coming up. thank you. happening now penn state students are staying up all weekend long to raise money for a good cause. it's thon weekend the 48 hour dance marathon began last night and runs through sunday. this is a live look right now
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from the bryce jordan center on penn state's campus. the dancers are very active. they cannot sit down or sleep. they have to remain dancing. thon raises money for pediatric cancer patients at hershey medical center. the new jersey bridge scandal is costing taxpayers. the investigation into governor chris christie's involvement in the jersey jam is coming to a big cost for taxpayers.
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ooh a
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. police hope this new video of a fire bombing at a bucks county bar will lead to an arrest. you can see in the video a man throws a device at the entrance to big heads bar in warminster on thursday. it exploded sending a fireball across the doors into a nearby trash can. they also found bullets that were fired at the door. $1,000 reward is being offered in the case. we have new information on a traveling team of crooks linked to a number of car thefts in our area. they are known as the quote felony lane gang. nbc 10 has confirmed criminal investigations of the gang in westtown, thornbury. the gang targets people outside of schools and gyms stealing valuables from their cars. investigators say the thieves are part of a national crime network. officers are also trying to track down these two thieves who
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swiped about $400,000 worth of jewelry from a store in center city philadelphia. they broke into barsky's diamonds last saturday morning. the thieves smashed the cases and took the jewelry. many jewelers are looking to see if they have more video of the men leaving the area. some septa riders had to climb down the ladder of a fire truck after their train got stuck in west philadelphia. it lost power while rolling across a trestle. nine passengers were on board. septa used shuttle buses to transport those stranded riders. new video now of a sightseeing helicopter being pulled from the water in hawaii's pearl harbor. the helicopter crashed just off the arizona memorial visitor center on thursday. three people including a 15-year-old boy were on board and hurt. this is video of the chopper as it smashed into the water. the pilot noticed there was a problem moments before the crash
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and alerted air traffic control he was going down. witnesses jumped into action to help the people on board when it hit the water. the ntsb will inspect the chopper as part of an investigation which is expected to take several months. new this morning, we have an update on the fight between the federal government and apple over hacking a suspected terrorist iphone. the obama administration told a judge it's willing to allow apple to keep possession of and then destroy software it's been ordered to design to help the fbi hack an encrypted iphone used by the san bernardino gunmen. apple's ceo refused to hack the phone the software is too dangerous to create. the government made it clear it's open to less intrusive options for getting into that iphone. no response from apple. new jersey taxpayers have paid more than $10 million for legal services connected to the bridgegate scandal.
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invoices show governor chris christie's administration spent $2.3 million on a digital forensics firm on top of the $8 million the administration paid a legal firm. two chris christie allies are accused of orchestrating of closing access lanes to the george washington bridge back in september of 2013. it was to punish a local mayor for not endorsing chris christie's re-election bid. news from overseas. greatberry will stay with the european union for now. british prime minister david cameron brokered a deal. it allows several nations to say as members though they do not use euro currency. the agreement also national parliament more of a say in making. cameron called the deal fair. british voters could decide this summer if nation will stay in the eu. when the eu meeting in brussels ran long, well german chancellor angela merkel ducked
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out for a fast food break. who can blame her. someone snapped these pictures of merkel at a food stand ordering french fries. get ready for a really nice day. temperatures into the 60s in some spots later on this afternoon, right around 60 in philadelphia. we'll keep it mild once again on sunday. nice day today. tomorrow things begin to change. there's your warm weekend and then we're tracking changes late sunday and then monday, mainly rain, mainly light rain but we could see wet snow mixing in as well and tracking our nor'easter for next week, mainly wednesday and thursday. 46 degrees, mostly cloudy skies in some spots other spots sunny. within out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour. we're breezy as well. temperatures to the and west mainly in the 40s. 43 in allentown. 46 in reading. 45 in pooun.
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46 degrees in philadelphia. 45 is normal today for a high. 45 in millville and 46 degrees in atlantic city. so a really nice start to the day. not that brisk cold that we've been waking up to, 24 hour temperature change. 17 degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. 18 degrees warmer in allentown and 18 degrees warmer in millville. we're looking at some clouds in some spots. other spots sunnier than others. regardless we're looking at a really nice day. there's that southwesterly flow bringing up that warm air. 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. a little breezy in some spots. 15 miles per hour in mount pocono. winds gusting higher than that. high pressure in today. that's keeping us clear. also keeping us warm with temperatures right near 60 degrees in philadelphia. nice tonight for your saturday night plans. partly cloudy. going to be dry. temperatures dropping back into the 30s and 40s. more clouds coming on sunday. rain coming, light rain.
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keeping it dry to the north and west. then latest model, keeping it dry, snow mixing into the north and west early into monday morning but that will change. we'll continue to watch that over the next day sore. today as we go throughout the day highs in the 50s. bucks county, montgomery county temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s. nice day today. mild on sunday. some changes coming on monday. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> this week's wednesday child is a joy to be around. she's looking for a loving and patient family to support and encourage her as she faces life challenges. nbc 10's vai sikahema introduces us to natasha. >> reporter: look. natasha is a fun, sweet loving lady. full of energy and determination. she wanted to try out bowling so we met up at laurel lanes in maple shade, new jersey. she suffered a traumatic brain
9:22 am
injury as a baby that caused some developmental delays but that doesn't stand in her way of making friends. >> she loves life. >> reporter: she's able to communicate despite her challenges. >> she knows some sign language or might point to what she wants or might take your hand. >> reporter: children with needs thrive in an environment. her forever family would be fully trained based on her needs. she has a great therapeutic team who would be there along the way as she moves into her new home. >> we can train family and they can meet her current staff so we can successfully transition her into her new home. >> reporter: her happiness and enthusiasm are sure to brighten the lives of any family.
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>> she cuddles up in your arms. she's a princess and that's how we treat her. >> reporter: natasha is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make natasha's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child go to and search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center, 1-86-21-86 1-866-21-866 1-866-to-adopt. >> do you have what it takes to be the next voice. hundreds of hopefuls are lining up for their chance to be part of nbc's hit show. we'll tell you where you can auditioning up next.
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welcome back. it's 9:25.
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happening today it's your chance to become the next voice. auditions for the popular nbc show "the voice" are being held this weekend at the pennsylvania convention center. lines of people are right now snaked around the building waiting for their chance to shine. now some are returning contestants while others are hoping for a taste of fame. >> it's my passion. i've been loving music ever since i can remember. it's all i can think about. >> i've never been into singing for fame. but i do love to sing. if i can make something out of singing why not. >> contestant-to pre-register to get an audition spot. season 10 of "the voice" premiers right here on monday february 29th. we'll be right back.
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a. right now on "nbc 10 news today" super saturday. race for the white house heats up from "coast to coast." frunts for both parties are losing ground. we're tracking the polls coming up. ♪ plus the mummers are about to hit the streets in manayunk.
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the parade is just over an hour away. why organizers say today's event is different from the new year's day celebration and controversy free. >> plus today we'll get a taste of spring. temperatures climb into the 50s maybe 60. this is a live look outside. the warm up will be with us all weekend but change is on the way. details are ahead. good morning. you're watching "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachary. just after 9:30 on your saturday morning. everybody is talking about the warm weather. it's already warming up outside and with a look what we can expect let's go meteorologist michelle grossman. >> ten things i want to do already on my list. so nice. if you can get out, get out and enjoy it. temperatures near 60 degrees later on this afternoon. mild today and tomorrow. we're looking along boat house row. out and about strolling this morning temperatures not bad at all. 46 degrees in philadelphia.
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we were frigid the past couple of mornings with temperatures in the teens and 20s. now at 46 degrees, 43 in allentown. 42 right now in lancaster. 46 in and 45 in dover, delaware. winds are coming out of the southwest that's giving us that warm flow and we'll see the warm air as we head throughout the afternoon. we'll be breezy. 15 miles per hour in philadelphia and mount pocono. 17 miles per hour in wildwood and gusts a little higher than that. don't be surprised by that. we'll see winds gusting to 20 miles per hour. planning the rest of your saturday we're looking at temperatures right around 60 degrees late own this afternoon. by 11:00, 62. a mild one today. mild on sunday. then we'll have a pretty big change sunday night into monday. we'll talk about that coming up. decision 2016. today is the showdown in south carolina. gop voters will choose among six presidential candidates in this
9:32 am
latest step in the nominating process. donald trump is in position to win his second straight primary. listen to one man who supports the candidate who would ban muslims from entering the u.s. >> i support this man. he's the best. >> and marco rubio's concern for a man's life led him to cut short a campaign rally last night. the florida senator led the crowd in prayer for a supporter who collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. donald trump still tops the gop field in south carolina but the latest nbc's news "wall street journal" poll shows his lead over ted cruz has shrunk to five percent point. it's a big day in the democratic race for president. nevada will hold its caucus for that party's choice of white house nominee either hillary clinton or bernie sanders. polls show the contest between the vermont senator and former secretary of state is a toss up. both candidates were still drumming up support late last
9:33 am
night. hillary clinton hosted a get out the caucus vote rally in las vegas. her husband former president bill clinton and their daughter chelsea asked support towers caucus for hillary today. clinton's campaign is looking to minorities and unions to give her the edge. earlier in the evening bernie sanders held a future to believe in rally and concert in henderson, nevada. the vermont senator greeted supporters for photos. sanders told his backers that his campaign is gaining steam and he's confident he'll win today's caucus. funeral services for supreme court justice antonin scalia will start in a few hours from now. a live look at the aboutbasilic the national shrine in washington. his son paul a catholic priest will conduct the mass. it caps two days of official mourning for scalia. more than 4,000 people paid tribute to the justice as his
9:34 am
body lay in repose at the supreme court yesterday. president and michelle obama were among the mourners. they will not attend today's funeral services but vice president joe biden and his wife jill will be there. and flags are at half-staff right now in new jersey in honor of justice scalia. scalia was a new jersey native. he was born in trenton in 1936 and died saturday while at a ranch in texas. he was 79. now to a developing story. thousands of families in pennsylvania could soon be affected by the ongoing budget battle here in this state. the state has gone without a budget for nearly eight months. parents of kids attending state related colleges could soon face tuition hikes in the thousands of dollars. alex is a freshman at temple. his brother went to temple. but now he and every other
9:35 am
student faces a tuition hike. the in-state discount on tuition is at risk. >> the bill increases, right. that's going to do the opposite of what's possible. >> it's representation of a larger conflict in harrisburg. where students and families need to get out the vote and make their concerns heard. >> the in-state university say elected officials can either invest in the future or punish students and employees while battling over unrelated issues. new this morning, a teenager in north hampton county cited for disorderly conduct after posting a athlete against his school. the student post ad picture of himself with other and students long with a caption that read school shooting inbound. the teen told authorities it was a joke and only about four or five other people were able to view it.
9:36 am
>> a long time ridley high school teacher and coach faces charges of sexual assault. gregory stanczuk had a relationship with a student that he coached on the girls track team. the 52-year-old is accued of using his position to coerce a students into participating in sexual acts two years ago. according to investigators he grew close to teen by helping her through a break up with her boyfriend. rides home then led to text messages which led to an early morning trip to a hotel room for the pair. >> they all think very highly of him. he's an excellent teacher. all the kids look up to him. >> the prosecutor's office is asking parents to contact investigators if they believe their child could also be a as well. and the fbi is once again asking for the public for their help in solving the cold case of a couple who disappeared more than a decade ago.
9:37 am
they were last seen leaving south street. their cell phones and credit cards have not been used and the truck has never been found. family members believe the pair was killed. officials have said the two may be victims of a murder for hire plot. but will not say why. happening now, the mummers return to philadelphia. this time in manayunk. mumme ermers mardi gras will be different. the mummers look to improve their reputation with the public. nbc 10 drew smith is live there for us along main street in manayunk. organizers say they are making some proabout today. tell us. >> reporter: they promise it will be a place you can feel comfortable bringing your whole family. this is main street man yufrpg just some police on the street. the parade will begin in an hour and a half.
9:38 am
musicians will be arriving in the next 25 minutes or so. the string band will step off for a mile or so. if you bring kids there's activities for them. it did generate headlines on acts considered racist and homophobic but organizers say it won't happen here. the focus is on musicians and no public drinking allowed. organizers are expecting a fun and more relaxed event. >> broad street is overwhelming to some. so we have a great historical district here in manayunk. you would be up close and personal with the mummers. all 17 bands are performing. >> police have been out here all morning towing cars off main street. it's wise to take public transit. the street will be closed off by the start of the parade which is 11:00 and run to 1:00. more performances throughout the
9:39 am
evening. lot of businesses are gearing up for a big day. already a lot of people out here enjoying that. we're live in manni imanayunk. >> a convenience store clerk takes matter into her own hands. the showdown and the shootout. plus weighing the facts. what the district attorney has to say about decisions on whether or not lesean mccoy will face charges for a nightclub brawl.
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welcome back. we're looking at spring-like days. temperatures near 60 degrees. breezy but lots of sunshine. a live look outside you're looking at the pocono mountains already crowded there. look at that bright sunshine there as well. temperatures big difference compared to this time yesterday. in case you haven't stepped out of your house we're looking at temperatures 20 degrees warmer in mounts holly than yesterday. 18 degrees warmer in millville. that's mainly putting us in the mid-to-upper 40s. 46 degrees, 48 in northeast philadelphia. 48 in wrightstown. north and west in the 40s. 45 in lancaster. temperatures in the 40s south and east. 45 in millville.
9:43 am
47 in mount holly and 45 degrees in dover, delaware. as we go throughout the day temperatures climbing pretty quickly. by 11:00 up to 51. lunch time around 53. 3:00, 59. we'll hit a high of 60 degrees and dip back down 52 degrees. even by 7:00 out and about for your saturday night plans still in the 50s and only dropping to the 40s as we go throughout the overnight hours. mild day today. then some changes in terms of the temperatures coming in on monday. tracking some rain maybe even a little bit of snow sunday night into monday. we'll do that in a few minutes. we have breaking news right now. law enforcement agency in mississippi says that one officer is dead and three others are hurt after a shooting. two of those injured officers are expected to recover. police had been called to a home for reports of a hostage situation. authorities say a man opened fire on the office. he's also dead. a woman and a girl inside the home we're told are safe.
9:44 am
still ahead, beyonce boycott. ♪ >> weeks after her controversial halftime show at the super bowl some police are calling for a ban on her concert. hear what philadelphia police department has to say about the singer.
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9:46 am
it's 9:46. developing story right now out
9:47 am
of libya. u.s. air strikes believed to have killed two serbian staffers held hostage. they were killed after their diplomatic envoy came under fire. they hit an isis training camp on friday. dozens were killed including a man described as a key isis operative. for years it exempted them but now israel's military is enlisting more people with autism. the program is called seeing into the distance. it provides training to the autistic to necessary their skills for special tachks. it's also designated to help -- designed to help teach self-sufficiency. the program puts those with autism on a more even footing. take a look at this video from a convenience store in washington state where an armed robber and a clerk traded gunfire this week. you can see the clerk tart to
9:48 am
give the man money but when he looks away the clerk pulls out a gun. the two fired at each other. then thor ran off. a bullet hit the clerk in the chest. she was treated at the hospital and released. police caught the rob ear short time later. a war of words between philadelphia's top prosecutor and the head of the city's police union. they are fighting over what happen to lesean mccoy. the former eagle and three others are accused of thing on punches that landed two police officers in the hospital. two weeks since the bar fight there are still charges. the president of the fraternal of police says the prosecutor needs to act. >> to me the more you let it simmer just put it out, don't over think the case, don't be the judge and jury. you're the d.a., arrest them >> it's my job to get the right and fast. some people are clamoring i have it resolved one week from now. that wouldn't be the prudent thing. we have a lot of information to
9:49 am
review, a lot of medical records to review. videotape. witnesses. >> police tell nbc 10 mccoy has not been questioned yesterday. if no charges are filed the union will file private complaints and go the state attorney general. ♪ the head of miami's police union is calling for a boycott of beyonce's concerts. officers upset over her politically charged super bowl halftime show. as you see there it featured back up dancers paying tribute to the oohth anniversary of the black panthers movement. the miami fop president said her performance shows she does not support law enforcement. he wants officers to refuse to work paid off duty security for beyonce's april concert. now we spoke to president of philadelphia's fop to get his take on the controversy. he said while he doesn't like that beyonce is lining herself
9:50 am
with the black panthers movement but that will not stop philly police from doing their job. >> these venues don't hire off duty cops to work security, we're not allowed to do that. we're there on duty and our guys are professional enough and girls are professional enough to go out and do the job and do what they need to do. keep their personal feelings aside. will they support her? probably not. >> her tour comes to lincoln field on july 5th. well we are warming up today to near 60 degrees in philadelphia. enjoy it. mild once again on sunday before that cold air rushes back in. a warm weekend on tap. also some sunshine today. more cloud cover on monday. that's ahead of a system that will bring rain and snow later on sunday. some snow maybe in the poconos and lehigh valley.
9:51 am
46 degrees in philadelphia. winds out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour we're mild already namely in the 40. 46 in philadelphia. 43 in allentown. 47 in mount holly. temperatures mainly in the mid-40s. 46 in atlantic city. 45 in dover, delaware. nice start. we're looking at a mixture of sun and clouds. we'll see sunny skies as we go throughout the day. there's that southwesterly flow bringing up the mild air. it will be breezy. winds at 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. don't be surprised if you step out the, 15 miles per hour in mount pocono and 12 miles per hour in atlantic city gusting a little higher than that in some spots. today enjoy it. spring-like. warm and breezy. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 250 miles per hour, gusting higher than that in some spots. ing tonight a nice night. temperatures not dropping all that far. even by 7:00 still in the 50s. partly cloudy and chilly tonight. dropping to a low of just 40 degrees. 35 north and west.
9:52 am
pretty similar night compared to last night. and mild once again on sunday. so 60 today. sunday we're looking at a mixture of sun and clouds. 57 degrees. then the showers come in late. they look to be namely south and evident of philadelphia including philadelphia and then maybe a little bit of wet snow mixing in north and west towards daybreak well north of philadelphia. monday, we're looking at a mixture of sun and clouds. 43 tuesday. showers come in late. then wednesday and thursday these are the days we're looking for potential for our next storm. friday we clear it out. winds gusting to near 30 miles per hour and high of 42. we'll be right back.
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nbc 10 continues our
9:55 am
commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for adoptable pets and you're looking at another success story right there on your screen. this is wimbley who was featured on our show last saturday morning and he was adropted on sunday. congratulations. they look like a very happy pair there. you're joining us now with michelle. >> this is cruz who is about 5 or 6 years old. he's a rottweiler mix. he's just a love as you can tell. he sort of attaches to people and just wants to attention. i was telling michelle he may very well get in her lap if possible. but he's a really great dog. you know, for some reason we're not sure why his owner had to surrender him to us.
9:56 am
he lived in a house. he lived with kids, adults, you know, and he has lots of training. knows lots of command. he's house broken. he's a wonderful dog. >> how old is he? >> we think he's about 6. he has some gray around his face. but lots to give. >> he needs a forever home. >> he's doing a good job of selling it. >> tell bus the event. >> we're at monster pets in audubon, new jersey from 12:00 to 3:00. if anybody is out there we welcome them to come out if you can't get to our headquarters on erie avenue. cruz will not be there because he has just come to us and has not been neutered yet. that will happen before he goes home. but there will be lots of other dogs there. >> hi, cruz.
9:57 am
>> he loves lots of attention. >> cruz, come here. >> more for me. >> call the pennsylvania spca. you can also check out their website at that's all for today from cruz.
9:58 am
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rah gore, and this is open house. sara gore: today we are taking you on a trip around the world to showcase amazing architecture and design. we visit the historic estate in scotland with ties to a literary legend. you may well know him for fantastic historical novels such as "ivanhoe," "rob roy," or possibly even the words to "hail to the chief." sara gore: and we meet up with the man behind the mega-mansions mansions of los angeles, richard landry. when it came time to do my house at the beach, i wanted the ocean to be the star. [music playing] welcome to open house nyc. right now i'm coming to you from a condo duplex with spectacular views of the hudson river. sara gore: this nearly 7,000 square foot palatial pad on the upper west side has it all.


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