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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  February 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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right now tracking trouble on the boulevard after a series of overnight crashes. what it looks like as you're headed out this morning. more breaking news from michigan. seven people are dead after police say one man drove to three different areas and opened fire. how police say they finally stopped him. and weekend warm. yeah, we're talking again.
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spring-like temperatures stuck around for sunday but we are also tracking rain for later today. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. it is just 6:00 a.m. on sunday morning. let's get right to the forecast with first alert meteorologist karen thomas. this is not a bad forecast. >> not bad. katy, frankly, i'm waiting on the warm weather, so i'm happy with punxsutawney phil's prediction for spring. i'm ready for that. i know a lot of folks would like to see snow falling. not today. we reached 67 yesterday and looking for temperatures to climb again today. our normal high temperatures as we look live at the skyline looking awfully pretty this morning, it's about 45 so temperatures will be bumping above that day. 36 in poconos. it is 40 officially at the airport in philadelphia, 50 in wildwood, 41 in atlantic city and 46 degrees in dover delaware. 55 to 58 degrees across the
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region. so not as warm as yesterday. you will need your umbrella later on today and into the evening hours. katy. >> thanks, karen. we're following breaking news this morning in philadelphia. several people are still waiting in an hour's long traffic mess on the roosevelt boulevard. accident investigators are still out at the scene after three separate car crashes. several people were injured. nbc 10 drew smith is live for us with the latest information in the nicetown section. drew, this is a mess for a lot of people trying to get out ear early. >> yeah, definitely a mess. we're on an overpass, the closest we can get to the scene safely. if you're on the boulevard you know people are driving pretty fast on the southbound lanes, which are open, but northbound lanes are shut down. right now police holding the scene. there's some debris on the street. we did watch them tow a car out of here. it was barely recognizable, so badly damaged. nbc 10 cameras here at 2:00 when
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police started converging on the first wreck. there were three wrecks in total here, one car overturned on its side right in the middle of the lane. that's why they had to shut down the highway. accident investigation is here right now. they are still working on piecing together how these wrecks happen. we can tell you one of the wrecks was closer to wick hicken avenue and two others closer to broad street. you're talking about a two-mile stretch shut down and remain shut down at this hour. we are working on checking the conditions of the people who were injured. investigators have had a busy morning here, so it's unclear how badly those folks were injured. we do know several people were taken to the hospital, including a 4-year-old girl. we're told her injuries were not life threatening but the investigation, as you can see here, is still continuing. if you're going to come out, hunting park avenue might be an alternate for you. you don't want to get on the boulevard right now.
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live in nicetown on the boulevard, drew smith, nbc 10 news. decision 2014, here are your presidential candidates from yesterday. donald trump ran away with south carolina's republican primary and hillary clinton hung on to win nevada's caucus. in south carolina donald trump won with 33% of the gop vote. marco rubio finished just ahead of ted cruz, both around 22%. in nevada, hillary clinton came out on top with 53% of the vote. bernie sanders got 47%. here is part of clinton's victory speech. >> some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other. the fight goes on. the future we want is within our grasp. >> clinton was expected to easily win in nevada but had to rally women and minorities and women voters to claim a victory. bernie sanders voiced optimism after his second place finish in nevada. the vermont senator told supporters democrats in
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philadelphia for their national convention this summer will see one of the great political upsets in u.s. history. now, in the republican race for president, primary voters in south carolina gave billionaire businessman donald trump an easy victory. trump's family joined him on stage during his victory speech in spartanburg, south carolina, last night. he congratulated his opponents and referred to gop nomination saying let's put this thing away. stay with us. you will hear from donald trump in the next half hour. senator marco rubio sounded confident after his second place finish in south carolina. rubio said he's ready to claim the mantel of leadership. cruz, who finished just behind rubio, said his campaign defined expectation of pundits. also last night republican candidate jeb bush bowed out of the race. listen to his comments. >> i am suspending my campaign. yeah, yes.
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>> bush finished a distant fourth in south carolina following low showing in nevada. donald trump, marco rubio and bernie sanders will talk to chuck todd on "meet the press." it comes your way right here at 10:30 on nbc 10. we continue to follow breaking news in kalamazoo, michigan. seven people are dead following what police are calling random shootings across the city. authorities have a 45-year-old man in custody, and they are questioning him right now. they believe he was the man who opened fire at a restaurant, car dealership and apartment complex last night. we will have an update on this breaking news in our next half hour. new from overnight, a 20-year-old man is dead after a double shooting in philadelphia's hunting park section. we're told the second victim is a 17-year-old woman who was shot multiple times.
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she was taken to temple university hospital in stable condition. police tell us the two victims found inside a car near pike street and north park avenue. no motive or suspect in the shooting. miss searching for three men wanted in connection with establishing of a student. investigators are looking for the three men running from the scene in this surveillance video you see. one is wearing red kutztown sweatshirt. police tell us the victim was stabbed after midnight on saturday just a few blocks away from campus. right now he's listed in serious condition at the hospital. hundreds rallied yesterday. demonstrators took to the streets to protest conviction of nypd officer peter laing. he was convicted of manslaughter in the 2014 shooting death of an unarmed man in brooklyn.
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protesters believe the conviction was unjust and the result of social pressure and political influence. >> what is unjustice by the victim can't be better by unjustice to the police officer. it's society that should do better. >> protesters tell us the police department did not gate laing proper training. this protest was one of dozens across the country in support of officer laing. coming up next, running for a reason, but without clothes? why these people are wearing just their underwear in order to show their love. can these students go the distance? the countdown to being able to sit down in a dance marathon.
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good sunday morning, i'm meteorologist karen thomas. just waking up this morning, maybe you have plans outdoors early this morning. i think you're going to like the forecast. we are on the mild side once again today. yesterday's high temperature reaching 60 in philadelphia. we will be warm again today, warmer than average high, but not as warm as yesterday. not as much sunshine but still all in all looking like a pretty nice day as we shape up starting out early sunday morning. 40 degrees right now in philadelphia, 36 in the poconos. wildwood checking in at 50, 41 in atlantic city, 46 in dover. a look at wakeup weather. by 8:00 a.m., in and around 8:00, 9:00 a.m. hour, 43 degrees. 48 by lunchtime. still mild with sunshine but then we get a quick move of thickening clouds late in the day. so you want your umbrellas later on this afternoon and early evening. and we're tracking another storm
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system. i'll be back with those details in just a bit. all right. thank you, karen. happening today, hundreds of penn state students will finally get to sit down after spending 48 hours on their feet raising money for children with cancer. this is a look at the distance marathon. those students will keep standing or dancing until the event ends this afternoon. last night they did get a moral boost from leia still. >> we are -- we are. thank you. >> >> daughter of defensive tackle, she took a picture next to the younger version of her father. leah battled neuroblastoma at
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philadelphia hospital and was declared cancer-free in december. mayday calls after police officers under fire. how one officer survived with the same piece of equipment that saved his father years ago.
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. it's 6:15. live look in philadelphia with the sun poking through. another beautiful day and karen thomas will join us with details on your sunday forecast. we know yesterday was a warm day for february but most people would not have thought to run in their underwear. yes, it did happen. hundreds of runners hit the streets in very little, as you can see, for the annual cupid's
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undie run. philadelphia flower show run. cannons will explode with real petals at each mile marker. part of the bloom festival next month. shops and restaurants across the city are showing support by putting flowers in their display windows and lobbies, some festive creations. the shops with the best displays will get free tickets to the flower show. from our delaware bureau now, a new animal shelter is waving adoption fees for most dogs again today. to celebrate its grand opening, brandy wine spca opened on south street in newcastle yesterday. in addition to adoptions, the new site hopes to eventually offer affordable veterinary and wellness care for animals.
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now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and your sunday forecast is looking pretty nice out there for today for whatever you may have planned. looking for another mild day on tap. 60 for a, a high of 57 in philadelphia. we do have clouds filtering in later this afternoon bringing with it showers on and off. rain is likely for most of the region as we move sunday night. we're watching another storm, this one coming tuesday night into wednesday looking like rain but a lot of it. 40 in philadelphia. we have winds out of the west southwest at 3. we do anticipate our temperatures to be bumping up somewhat quickly as we move through sunday morning. temperatures not doing too badly right now. 39 in wilmington, 43 glassboro, 41 atlantic city and 46 in dover, delaware. temperatures are quite comfortable out there. not much of a wind to speak of.
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wanted to go ahead and show you high temperatures yesterday. quite impressive this time of year. we really should be at 45 degrees for an average high. look at this, 64 is what we topped out in reading, 62 in trenton, 62 in wilmington. we'll call it warm, felt pretty good yesterday. let's try and do it again today. satellite showing clear skies but clouds sort of knocking on the back door. go wider and show you low pressure developing with moisture out of the ohio valley. this system will be bringing us showers later on today into the evening hours. weather take us through still mild today. by 8:00 tonight, this model showing just where the showers will be. not looking for heavy rain or heavy downpours, but light showers moving through the area tonight through the overnight and should be clearing out fairly quickly for our early commute tomorrow morning. this the way it's looking with this computer model and high pressure coming in. sunshine to start our workweek on monday and clouds coming back
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spot picture for tuesday morning. that will be the leading edge of that storm that will be moving up south to north. so mild and breezy today, not doing too badly for sunday. call it half and half. looking for clouds and showers. we'll take those temperatures in the upper 50s before we do get those showers. cooling off monday. clouds and sun for monday, 48, and then getting a bit cooler as that system comes in. looks like we will stay in the warm sector of the storm and we are looking for all rain out of that system. could be a lot of rain, heavy rain, but we'll keep an eye on that for you drying out to the end of the week. katy. >> we'll take heavy rain over heavy snow. prison guards say they are under attack. now their union calling for help. the change they say is needed before an officer islay hurt. is seriously hurt.
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the 6:22. new overnight, a suspect under arrest for the stabbing of a 13-year-old boy. police tell us the stabbing happened just after midnight. the boy is listed in stable condition. medics are treating him for a stab wound to his arm. philadelphia firefighters had to rescue a man who fell through a staircase after it crumbled under his feet. nbc at the condominiums last night. investigators injured when stairs gave way him. he was trapped until they freed him. city inspectors were called out to the building to investigate. happening today, a salute to philadelphia's first responders at the rothman rink in dilworth
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park. offering free admission to first responders and their family. the event runs 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon and designed as a thank you to the city's emergency workers. mayory, son of a firefighters, will also attend. a tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. ♪ >> yesterday, dozens of people paid tribute at st. john the evangelist church at a memorial mass. they remembered firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty. mayor lost -- if you've ever watched an episode of cheers, will & grace, probably have, you've seen director james burrows. cast members reunited for a celebration of his career. >> we would do anything for jim
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burrows, because he really gave us the opportunity of a lifetime. >> when jimmy laughed in rehearsal, you knew it was funny. a two-hour special alzheimer's tribute to james burrows airs tonight right here on nbc 10. well, nbc 10's drew smith is watching trouble on the roads. live on the to show us what happened overnight. drew. >> katy, more than four hours after three serious crashes, the northbound lanes of roosevelt boulevard are still shut down. coming up, we'll show you a closer look at some of the damage to one of those cars. >> we have a mild and fair forecast right now but a changing weather pattern on tap. showers later on, clouds moving in for the early part week. temperatures really doing all sorts of roller coaster stuff, then tracking a storm midweek.
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stay tuned, your full forecast of a the break. medvedev.
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clinton come out the big winsers in the race for the white house this morning. now the field of republicans is gettinger. why one candidate decided it was time to throw in the towel. in a show of support for a former police officer brings hundreds to town. why they say he's the scapegoat for an accidental crime. look at that, another day of spring-like temperatures. it will be mild, not as warm as yesterday. we are tracking storms later in the week. good morning and welcome back to nbc 10 news. i'm katy zachry, it's a few minutes before 6:30 sunday
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morning. let's get right to karen thomas with your forecast. hi, karen. >> if you have plans heading out this morning you'll need a jacket but temperatures will be bumping up. we are looking for sunshine this morning. all in all not a bad forecast until to the latter part of the day. but first we're looking live at center city. yes, the sun is coming up, official up and about in 17 minutes or so, looking really pretty nice. winds are not doing too badly out there. 40 in philadelphia, 36 in poconos, wildwood clocking in at 50, 46 in dover. we do expect temperatures be bumping up into the mid to upper 50s i should say across the region. it will be breezy later on thp afternoon, winds out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. so enjoy the first part of the sunday going into the lunch time hour, because by the time under the circumstances to the end of the day heading into the evening hours, we are expecting the cloudy skies and on and off showers to make their way through our area. then we rebound, so i'll tell
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you about that plus what we can expect midweek as well. katy. >> karen, thank you. breaking news now in philadelphia this morning where a series of car crashes is still affecting traffic on the rows felt boulevard. investigators are working to figure out what happened but we do know several people were hurt. drew smith live in nicetown for us. drew, have they opened up any of the northbound lanes yet? >> not yet, katy. this all started at 2:00 this morning. you can see now there's an officer here at the northernmost point of this crash scene investigation. there's still some debris on the northbound lanes. we did see them tow at least one car out of here but for now they are shut down. i want to show you different angles because hard to get close to the scene safely. can you see one of the cars flipped around on its side. that one the most badly damaged cars in this series of crashes.
6:30 am
there were three wrecks in total. we know several people were transported to the hospital. crash investigators do not have an exact number for us. it's been a chaotic morning out here because in a two-mile stretch they have those three serious wrecks. now, we're told northbound lanes are closed right now as they try to figure out how exactly these crashes happened. but we know one of the victims, 4-year-old girl, we're told nonlife threatening injuries but she's one of the deferral people in the hospital this morning. from our live picture here, can you see these are the southbound lanes where people are driving. if you're going to be heading northbound, you're not going to be able to drive on this part of roosevelt boulevard, you'll have to get off on wickahicken avenue and broad street. drew, thank you. turning to decision 2016
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you're looking at the winning candidates. donald trump and hillary clinton. in nevada hillary clinton came out on top with 53% of the vote, bernie sanders 47%. in south carolina donald rubio and marco rubio and ted cruz 22%. here is part of donald trump's speech. >> there's nothing easy running for president. it's nasty, mean, vicious, it's beautiful. when you win, it's beautiful. we are going to start winning for our country. >> some congratulated the republican runner up, now focused on winning the gop caucus tuesday. senator marco rubio sounded confident after his second place finish in south carolina. rubio said he's ready to claim the mantel of leadership. senator ted cruz who finished just behind rubio told
6:32 am
supporters last night his campaign is making history by defying expectations of pundits. republican jeb bush's quest for the white house is over. he finished fourth. >> hillary clinton took momentum back from her opponent by winning in nevada. clinton was all smiles during her victory speech in las vegas last night. she was expected to easily in win in nevada a few weeks ago but had to rally women, minorities and union voters for victory. stay with us, you'll hear from clinton in our next half hour. senator bernie sanders may have lost in nevada but he's still looking ahead to the democratic national convention right here in philadelphia this summer and he's predicting an upset. take a listen. >> i believe when democrats
6:33 am
assemble in philadelphia in july at that convention, we are going to see the result of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> next up for bernie sanders and hillary clinton is the south carolina democratic primary on saturday. later this morning presidential hopeful donald trump, marco rubio and bernie sanders will talk with chuck todd on nbc's "meet the press." it comes your way at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. it's 6:33. we continue to follow breaking news in kalamazoo, michigan. police have man in custody following a series of shootings from across the city last night. seven people are dead. a man drove around the city randomly shooting people at a car dealership and restaurant. two new york city police
6:34 am
officers are expected to recover after being wounded in a shoot-out with a suspect. >> police hearing that call raced to help 2011 their own in brooklyn yesterday. this is the alleged shooter. police recovered this gun from the vehicle. they say one of the wounded officers was saved by his protective gear just like his detective father was 27 years ago. >> father, son, number of years apart, both saved by the bulletproof vest we require all our personnel to now wear. >> you're looking at two wounded officers. the suspect was shot, in critical condition. police say he used an alias, had 19 arrests on his record and was wanted for crimes across the country.
6:35 am
hundreds rallied in philadelphia's chinatown yesterday. protesters took to the street to protest the conviction of peter laing. laing convicted of manslaughter in the accidental shooting death of an unarmed man. protesters believe the conviction was unjust and the result of political pressure and influence. >> what is unjust for the victim cannot are made better by more unjustice done to a police officer. it's society that should be better. >> protesters tell us new york police department did not give officer laing adequate training. this protest is one of dozens that happened in cities across the country yesterday in support of officer laing. new information now on a school bus shooting. the chester high school student accused of shooting another teen on the bus last week has turned himself into police.
6:36 am
investigators say the suspect surroundered on friday. he was on the run since wednesday after the shooting along highland avenue. we're told the victim is still recovering. the union representing police officers is calling for change. it comes in the wake of reports of attacks on officers. it happened to four corrections officers at new jersey prisons in recent weeks. they sent us these pictures of some of the injuries allegedly at the hands of inmates. the union wants state lawmakers to pass a bill that would establish compensation program for certain officers injured while performing their official duties. protesters will assemble in more than 30 cities including here in philadelphia to show support of apple in its battle with the fbi. the fbi obtained a court order that required apple to make it easier to unlock an encrypted iphone used by the gunman in the san bernardino terror attack. apple is fighting the court
6:37 am
order arguing the software could be used to break into millions of iphones. i think pretty slim but always worth a shot. >> it may be worth a shot at fame and fortune but you have to have the voice. that's right. how thousands are trying to make it in front of some very famous judges. cleaning up after a powerful storm. the extraordinary measures in place to try and save lives after this cyclone.
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good morning on this mild sunday. if you're just joining us, we are looking for a pretty decent forecast at least for the start of our sunday, indeed. sunshine, that's what we can expect and warmer temperatures today we had a beautiful day yesterday and looking at a sunrise in cape may. temperature reading in cape may 48, 50 in wildwood. we do have rain on the way, on and off light shower variety. see this at 4:00. rain moves in but moves out very quickly through the overnight and sunshine on monday. for today, as we take you through our future planner for new jersey and delaware, we're looking for temperatures reaching up later this afternoon before the showers come in in the mid-50s to upper 50s. metro area, noontime in the lower 50s with sun. good portion of the morning sunshine, north and west a little cooler topping out at 49 degrees, close to 50 in the
6:41 am
mountains north and west. then as i mentioned, the clouds will be thickening later on today. have the umbrellas handy for this evening. >> all right. thank you, karen. today is your last day to check out greater philadelphia pet expo. the event is wrapping up at the expo center at oaks and montgomery county. you can see kind of pets from dogs and cats to exotic pets like alpacas, also demonstrations like dog relay races and cat agility. two ships run aground at the jersey shore. coming up we'll explain how a problem with one led to double trouble. and it is one of the most powerful storms ever hit the hemisphere. coming up, damage left behind in fiji and what's being done now to save lives.
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it's 6:43. we're learning more about victims of a deadly apartment fire. we first brought this to you friday night. a woman watching recognized the building because her relative lived there. she became worried because no one had heard from the relative so she went to the scene and spoke with firefighters. they did another search of the building and found 72-year-old irene thorn avillion dead on the couch. the victimed family told us they didn't even know fire until they saw it on the air >> called the hospital, called the red cross. i kept calling everywhere and they said, no, we don't have her, we don't have her. >> eight people were displaced by the fire, six people, including three first responders treated for injuries. the cause of that blaze is still under investigation. today crews will try to
6:45 am
salvage a barge and tugboat that ran aground. the 76 foot tugboat lost power near the inlet. the giant barge drifted and hit a nearby jetty. fortunately no one was hurt. happening today, the ringling brothers and barnam and bailey circus elephants will perform their final act in philadelphia. fans can see them at three shows in the wells fargo center. after this show they will retire to the center for elephant conservation in florida. from homes to cars, there is a lot happening in the world of business this week. cnbc's michigan caruso-cabrera gives us a preview of what we can expect. >> home is where the heart is as well as key reports look to the week ahead. we'll tell you how much money consumers are pouring into their home when we get quarterly earnings from home depot and lows, the two biggest home improvement retailers in the united states and see just how
6:46 am
the u.s. housing market is doug with the case-shiller home index plus latest report on existing home sales. that comes out tuesday morning. electronics retailer best buy with quarterly profits coming thursday. flat screen tvs flying out the door at best buy but analysts say results may be hurt by sagging market for wireless products. which new car should you buy? some people don't make that decision without first reading the annual consumer reports vehicle ratings and those are out on tuesday. plus, he had the eagle debuts this weekend, the story of eddie edwards, the british person ever to be an olympic ski jumper. his 1988 performance in which he finished last in every event endeared him to fans around the world. i'm michelle caruso-cabrera. get all your business news on cnbc. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. good sunday morning, i'm meteorologist karen thomas.
6:47 am
taking a look at our weather headlines, another mild day on tap. we enjoyed mild temperatures across the region yet, not as warm today but good at least for the first half of our sunday because we are tracking a little bit of shower activity later on today and heavier cloud cover as we move closer to the evening but we are tracking a storm system midweek. i'll have more on that in the seven day. 40 degrees is our temperature reading officially in philadelphia. winds out of the west southwest at 3 miles per hour. all in all not too bad starting out sunday morning as we check temperatures across the region mainly in the 30s north and west of philadelphia, but 43 in glassboro, 40 in millville, 41 atlantic city and 46 in dover, delaware. the sun is coming up and we are looking for sunshine this morning. i want to show you high temperatures from yesterday. it's really sort of feeling like a spring-like weekend with temperatures as they are 15 to 18 degrees above where our
6:48 am
average high temperature is. so hourly forecast, what we can expect temperatures going down as we move through the overnight tonight into our monday morning. i guess, enjoy the warmth while we have it. checking the ohio valley you see some moisture here and put future weather in motion and show you we are expecting that system to bring us moisture later on today. shower activity on and off somewhat of the light variety. you'd want to hang onto umbrellas, high pressure for monday but by tuesday morning the clouds shall come back in, clouds thickening tuesday morning, then we start for more rain, get ready for more rain as the coastal storm moves up the coast. for today quick moving shower activity sunday night into early monday morning. really no big deal there but we are looking today temperatures to be on the mild side above average for sure all across the region. another nice day to get outside,
6:49 am
maybe you're headed to the home show, maybe you're headed to a soccer game. you know, it's going to be a nice day. it's still mild for sure as we get later in the day you're going to want to have umbrellas handy. it should stay all rain because temperatures will be mild until we get to early tomorrow morning when we will feel like we're back in february for sure. let's get and get you right to our seven-day forecast. for today as i said, mild and breezy, 55 to 58, then take you all the way out to the seven-day forecast. 57 for a high temperature today in philadelphia. cool off tomorrow, getting back to a more average high, watching the storm system which could be bringing us heavy rain come tuesday night into wednesday. we'll keep a close eye on that, could be a little bit of a mix north and west of philadelphia. katy. >> not too bad for late february. thank you, karen. at least three people are dead after tropical cyclone tore through fiji yesterday. a month long state of emergency is in effect.
6:50 am
schools are closed and there is a curfew for today. officials say police are able to make arrests without a warrant to keep order there. the storm packed sustained winds of 177 miles per hour and destroyed hundreds of homes. much of fiji power, water, or communication. hey, good morning, danny pommells with you once again. despite inconsistency flyers pushing to the playoffs. toronto team last night, orange and black doing so without services without cloud giroux. suffering an elbow injuries. flyers up two. kadri, not one, two, but three, finished and ties the game at three. later the flyers will be down 4-3. this is undermanned toronto team. finds matt in the slot, tied at four. this went into overtime, 3 on 3, exciting.
6:51 am
guess who? flyers with the rush. jay voracek, incredible, shayne gostisbhere, first by defenseman in 20 years. flyers win 5-4. >> living the dream. what can you say. cool to have my teammates with me and see how happy they get. it's awesome. >> it's special, really special. it's good to see, probably don't realize it until every game you look at the score sheet and there's another point. >> bill parcells said it best, winning. early senior day ochefu and arcidiacono, winningest in school history. second half tied at 43. take the lead, nova responds. all alone, far side, cash money from three.
6:52 am
he had 20 points and nova pulls away from there. arcidiacono and reynolds rocking -- roughing up the room with big thunderous dunk. the win at the pavilion had greater meaning. >> it was good and special, something i'll never forget, special to my family and the families of the other teammates, not just the players but managers. so this will be something, a day i don't forget and i'll cherric. i was glad we were able to come out with a win. >> st. joe's and defends going at it first half action, miles a monster underneath calling for the ball. get i and scores with three hanging on him. despite foul trouble for their star. second half was the jack gibbs show. the shot, setback jumpers and a bunch of threes. five of seven from outside. 35 points. st. joe takes it on the chin
6:53 am
99-93, although still in good shape at 22-5. to baseball ryan howard made an appearance at spring training yesterday reportedly to drop off teammates. slugger isn't required to report until monday. that's how veterans do it with first full squad working out on tuesday. pitchers and catchers meanwhile have been working out sin thursday. nola, live batting practice. he's in line to be the top of the rotation, not ready to or -- ordain an opening day pitcher. >> definitely more game like. feel like that's how i'm going to learn the best. >> he's got an uncanny ability to command the ball on both sides of the plate. his first time out i didn't expect a whole lot. i'm happy to see these guys healthy. he threw the ball pretty good. >> a lot of new faces in philly
6:54 am
spring training, let's see how they come together. this weekend at penn state raising money for pediatric cancer through a 36 hour dance marathon. leah still brought down the house. >> we are -- we are -- we are -- thank you. >> she is so cute. the 5-year-old daughter of texas defensive tackle and former devon still pumping up the crowd. she took a picture in the football office and picture next to a younger version of her dad. all right. beautiful stuff. that is a look at sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sports net.
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it is 6:57. happening today, another chance to become the next "the voice." auditions continue at pennsylvania convention center. open call continues in just a few minutes from now. contestants did have preregister to secure an you a spot. good luck. trouble on the boulevard because of three separate crashes. nbc 10 drew smith is following breaking news for us. >> katy, good morning. northbound lanes still shut down. we have new information on the conditions of the people involved in these accidents. we'll bring that to you next.
6:58 am
>> chilly and clear outside now, bright sunshine to start our sunday morning but clouds quickly move in today. yes, we are going to hang onto our umbrellas later on, checking rain for early afternoon and evening. i'll be back with your full forecast after the break.
6:59 am
7:00 am
nbc 10 breaking news. >> we are following breaking news on the roads this morning. a series of overnight crashes on the roosevelt boulevard is causing problems for drivers. we'll have an update for you from the scene. and breaking overnight in michigan, random acts of violence. police say a man shot and killed seven people at several different scenes. this morning, one person in custody as the city breaths a sigh of relief. >> when you win it's beautiful. we're going to start winning for our country. >> donald trump and hillary clinton come out as big winners this weekend. the moving and shaking in the race for white house. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. it is just 7:00 a.m. on sunday. we'll get to those breaking stories in a political wrap in just a minute. first another warm one. meteorologist karen thomas has the details. good morning, karen. >> good morning, ,


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