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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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in decision 2016, with south carolina behind them, the republican presidential hopefuls are looking ahead to the nevada
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caucuses. now just two days away. today senator marco rubio picked up an endorsement from nevada senator dean heller. rubio finished second in yesterday's south carolina primary. behind donald trump. ohio governor john kasich finished fifth, but said today he won't be dropping out of the race any time soon. meanwhile, the democrats will move from nevada to south carolina for the democratic primary saturday. hillary clinton defeated bernie sanders in the nevada caucus yesterday. polls show sanders trailing clinton by wide margins among african-americans who make up more than half of the voters in state primaries. giving it their all for a shot at stardom. nbc 10 was at the "voice" auditions in center city today and we talked with some of the hopefuls who made it to the next round. glenn? >> almost also tracking cooler temperatures and more rain for your work week. details on my nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast.
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new information about the stabbing of a kutztown university student. police are questioning the three men seen in this surveillance video we showed you last night. investigators say someone stabbed a 22-year-old victim after midnight yesterday. he was attacked just a few blocks from campus. the victim remains in serious condition. well a group of runners laced up this morning to remember fallen officers from pennsylvania. this was the scene on the art museum steps today. the group is led by james shushler. the former corrections office certificate running every day this month in remembrance of officers killed in the line of duty. he has raised more than $2,000 for charity. and all told, he'll run 155 miles this month. and a salute to philadelphia first responders at the rockman rink at dillworth park.
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free admission for first responders and family members today. the police commissioner richard roth was in attendance. it's designed as a thank you to the city's emergency workers. from our south jersey bureau, coast guard crews hope tonight's high tide will help them free a barge and tugboat that ran aground near briggen tooen. we're told the tugboat lost power early yesterday morning. the giant barge it was towing drifted and hit a nearby jetty. no one was hurt. in center city hopeful singers gave it their all for a chance at stardom today. ♪ ♪ contestants warmed up their voices as they waited to audition for "the voice" at the pennsylvania convention center. this was the second day of auditions in philadelphia. we spoke with one performer, moving on to the next round. >> it feels like the world. i've been told no so many times
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so far. that it just feels incredible that i finally got told yes. >> season 10 of "the voice" premieres february 29th here on nbc 10. a lot of people were singing praises to the weather this weekend. 60 degrees plus, both days. we've got some patchy rain moving in tonight. it's on the light side. we do have some heavier rain that's going to be coming in during the week. heavy rain, not heavy snow. but a possible wintry mix at the beginning of this basic rain storm. that is moving in to the area. we have pretty good visibility now. but it's cloudy, it's 55 degrees, the wind not very strong. east at 8 miles per hour. and it's right around the same temperature was this time yesterday. we're in the upper 40s, north and west. 45 degrees in mount pocono, so
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too warm for snow there. and 55 in philadelphia. 51 in trenton. 54 in mount holly and in wilmington, 49 degrees in atlantic city. 46 degrees in dover. i was able to walk on the boardwalk yesterday in atlantic city. you don't get to see that too often in february. look at these temperatures. up near 60 degrees the last two days. tomorrow, not very cool. it's cooler than today. but the average high is 45. we're well above that we drop down on tuesday and then back up on wednesday. we don't really get some significantly colder air until the end of the week. can you see there's a lot of green on the radar. there's the light rain. it's going to be kind of wet for the next several hours. you see a little bit more moderate rain headed right toward allentown right now and another patch of rain in central delaware. headed right toward extreme south jersey. the next storm with the more significant rain, that's back in texas now.
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pretty strong jet stream fuelled by el nino. that's going to be bringing some of this rain in. now as we go in through the day tomorrow, we get a lot of sunshine. it starts off on the chilly side. gets into the 50s. so it's a pretty nice day. i think a lot of people are going to like tomorrow. and then on tuesday. as the moisture moves in if it comes in soon enough. it could start off as a period of sleet or even snow in parts of the area. but if it waits, then it will be all rain as the wind is coming in off the ocean. and the storm track is way to our west. tonight patchy light rain and rather comfortable for this time of year. 39 degrees for the low in philadelphia. during the day tomorrow, sunny day, not as warm as today. but still kind of mild for this time of the year. and the seven-day forecast, the rain develops on tuesday. again, we watch it, if it comes in early it could be a brief mix. but rain on wednesday becoming
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heavy wednesday night. and then thursday is mild. before we really start getting cold next weekend. i'm ron burke from concast sportsnet. coming up an injury update on flyers captain claude engineer ou giroux.
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the flyers got a big 5-4 win last night in toronto, thanks to overtime from rockie shane gostisbehe gostisbehere. claude giroux could play tuesday against carolina. he had an elbow in montreal.
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the coach would not say if the captain has a concussion and steve macen is healthy after leaving last night's game because of cramps. and forward to yourier could be back missing the last nine games with a lower body injury. the flyers organization turned out to welcome a family to their new home part of the building homes for families partnership which supports a chronically ill child from family in need through major innovations, 9-year-old bassen was diagnosed with a cancer behind her left eye and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and seeing their new home was an incredible moment for the entire family. >> this is beautiful, thank you so much. it's amazing. it's more than we expected. more than we imagined. it's beautiful. i can't believe this is my home now. it's amazing. there's no words can explain how thankful we are. >> you have to consider it's an honor to be part of this.
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this is the fifth year that we've done it and every single year we keep getting better at it. it's nice to be a part of. >> great gesture making a house a home that's sports, we'll be right back. >> announcer: closed captioning on nbc 10 is brought to you by the ford escape. ready for wherever the road takes you.
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we're following breaking news out 6 delaware county. that's where a woman has died after a house fire in boothwyn.
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nbc 10's andrea clyde thomas is live at the scene what have you learned? >> well, denise we learned that the woman was found dead on the second floor of this home. i'm going to get out of the way so you can take a look. the woman was the only person home. her husband, we're told, is at crozier hospital with burns after he tried to run in the house to save his wife. now i've counted more than two dozen firefighters here on the scene. they responded to the call about a fire with a possible entrapment around 5:30 this evening. they arrived to thick flames and smoke which they said made it very difficult. made it a difficult fire to fight. and again they were unable to make a rescue. they remain on scene right now. they occasionally are putting out hot spots. but we're told that this is still too early. the investigation has not even begun. reporting live in boothwyn, i'm andrea thomas, nbc 10 news. thank you so much. i know last check of the
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forecast, pretty mild, glen? >> pretty nice day tomorrow, not quite as warm as it's been this weekend, but still kind of mild for february. then we get some rain tuesday through wednesday night. it looks like some of it is going to be on the heavy side especially wednesday night and if it comes in early enough on tuesday, it could start as a wintry mix, especially in the northern suburbs. but the track of the next storm is so far to the west that it's just going to pull up warm air. and this is just not going to be a snowstorm by any stretch of the imagination. in any part of the area. even the poconos. they're not going to be seeing any real significant snow out of this. >> just talking about how warm it is. so -- >> this weekend has been amazing. >> thanks, glenn. and that's nbc 10 news for now. for glenn and all of us here, i'm denise nakano, "nightly news" is next.
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow. good evening. on a night when donald trump is still riding high off a big victory in south carolina and jeb bush is out of the race, the question tonight, does trump have the republican nomination locked up, or can he, will he be stopped? and in the democratic race, a similar question. is hillary clinton slowly making her way to the nomination with a win in nevada yesterday? we begin tonight with katy tur in atlanta, where trump held a rally today. >> it's beautiful, thank you. >> reporter: donald trump's grip on the nomination is getting tighter, and he knows it. to a crowd of more than 5,000 in atlanta. >> we won with everything, tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people.
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just won. >> reporter: trump sweeping all of south carolina's congressional districts, banking all of the states' 50 del grats, despite marco rubio's high profile endorsement and ted cruz focus on evangelicals. 34% to cruz's 26%. trump may have won, but it was a rocky week starting with him calling the last republican president a liar. >> they lied. they said there were weapons of mass destruction. >> reporter: by thursday, smearing the pope as disgraceful. >> no leader, especially a religious leader should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. >> reporter: and on friday, in his last rally before the vote, recounting an internet myth praising mass killing by a u.s. general more than a century ago. >> and he took the 50 terrorists, and he took 50 men, and he dipped 50 bullets in pig's blood. >> reporter: exit polls showing that like in new hampshire, the majority of trump's voters decided on him months ago,
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meaning his myriad of controversies and outrageous statements just didn't matter. and nighter do his inconsistencies. on republican hot button issues like funding planned parenthood. >> planned parenthood does a lot of good -- a really good job in a lot of different areas but not on abortion. so i'm not going to fund it if it's doing the abortion. i am not going to fund it. >> reporter: and what he meant in a 2002 howard stern radio interview where he staid he supported the iraq invasion. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. >> reporter: today unable to clarify where he stood. >> i really don't even know what, because it was a long time ago and who knows what was inside my head. >> reporter: that same exit polling showed nearly half of south carolina voters did not decide until the last minute and they mostly did not decide for donald trump. that means going forward, since the field is winnowing, he's going to have to gain not just maintain support. and if this crowd here in georgia is any indication, the campaign is comfort they'll be able to do that. >> thanks so much. among the democrats, new momentum for hillary clinton
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today after caucus voters in nevada decided to place their bets on her. clinton's victory over bernie sanders puts her in a stronger position going into the democratic primary in south carolina next saturday. we get more on that tonight from kristen welker. >> reporter: hillary clinton riding a wave of fresh momentum. >> is this a great night or what? >> reporter: after a decisive victory in critical nevada. >> some may have doubted us, abobut we never doubted each other. >> reporter: to bernie sanders, the loss is a big blow, today courting african-american voters at a baptist church in south carolina. >> reporter: and it was black voters who largely delivered clpt's victory, choosing her by a chopping 76% to 22% after she aggressively engaged them. and rallying with congressman jim clyburn and morgan freeman, who released a new ad today. >> just like she's always stood with us.
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>> reporter: secretary clinton's embrace of president obama's policies as well as her increasingly up close and personal style may have also propelled her, evident during the nsnbc telemundo town hall, speaking to a woman who's husband had been deported. >> i want to tell you i will end the three and ten-year bar provision so that you do not have to face that ever again. >> reporter: but there were also obstacles she must overcome. latinos chose sanders by single digits, and younger voters picked the vermont voter by 72%. >> we will do well when young people, when working class people come out. >> reporter: today clinton celebrating her victory, but also questioning some polls, showing a sanders' lead among latinos. >> there's a lot of evidence we did very, very well with every group of voter. >> reporter: both candidates now looking forward to south carolina, where clinton has a big lead and super tuesday when 12 states will be in play. >> if she wins big in south carolina, as some people think she will do, then she's going to
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have tremendous momentum going into next weekend and the super tuesday states. so i think it's just a real problem for bernie sanders. >> reporter: clinton is now on a two-day fund-raising swing in california, and while sanders outraised clinton for the first time last month, clinton has more than twice what sanders has on hand. kate. >> kristen welker, out of las vegas. thank you. when we come back, one little girl's emotional plea for president obama. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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this is of course president obama's last year in office, a fact that has at least one of his supporters quite upset. watch what happens when this 4-year-old girl's grandmother, caprina harris, explains that mr. obama will no longer be the president. >> no! >> i know. he can only serve two terms, and his term is up. >> no! no! >> it's okay. we've got to vote for another president. >> i'm not ready. >> huh? >> i'm not ready for a new one. >> the video has had well over 2 million views on facebook. even the president himself responded, saying, the girl should dry her tears because i'm not going anywhere and that once i leave the white house, i'll be a citizen just like her, and when she grows up, she can get
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involved right alongside me. speaking of the president, a pair of bald eagles who happened to be known as mr. president and the first lady are nesting a pair of eggs at the national arboretum in washington, seen her on a 24-hour eagle cam. they're expected to hatch in the middle of next month. the eagles built their nest in 2014 and raised one eagle last year. these are the first bald eagles to nest in the national arboretum in almost 70 years. and that will do it for "nbc nightly news" on this sunday. lester holt will be here tomorrow. i'm kate snow reporting from new york, and i'll see you tomorrow on msnbc from nevada on the eve of the republican caucus. for all of us here at nbc news, have a great night.
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what is going on? why are they calling for crime scene tape? i felt helpless. i started crying and screaming because i knew it was my worst fear. >> a beloved couple found murdered. >> it definitely seemed to be personal. >> their bodies found in their home along with a lifetime of curiosities. >> i remember seeing bayonets and cannonballs and all kinds of stuff. >> was there any connection between the memorabilia and the murder? >> did you ever wonder about that stuff there?


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