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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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if you're headed southbound. if you're still in new jersey, further south, watch out for construction on the white horse pike. one lane open in east direction. between spring garden and fleming pike. that will be scheduled through may. we're in the red right here with one lane in each direction. it starts to jam things up in the morning. the pa turnpike, no problems. we are still in the green, westbound, eastbound. vai and tracy. >> jessica, thanks. happening today, camille cosby, the wife of comedian bill cosby will be deposed as part of the defamation lawsuit against her husband. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in the digital operations center. matt, several of cosby's alleged sexual assault victims are filing this lawsuit. walk us through. >> that's right, trace y. seven accusers are suing for defamati defamation. cosby's wife tried to stay out of spotlight.
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last nature a judge said no. we're talking about the defamation suit, not the criminal case against bill cosby. camille has worked for her husband as his business manager for several years. her last statement was issued over a year ago. on saturday, her lawyers filed an emergency motion to stop the deposition or at the very least move it to a venue that was more private than the springfield, massachusetts hotel room where this is supposed to take place. de could go forward. that is scheduled for 9:30 this morning. live in the digital operations center, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. in delaware county, police are investigating a house fire that killed one woman and injure her husband, nearly 100 firefighters battled flames and the smoke. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in boothwyn to explain why it took so many firefighters to get this fire under control. what have you learned? >> it took nearly 100 firefighters to put out this fire at this home behind me in
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boothwyn. we'll see the video in just a minute. you'll get perspective on how fierce this fire was. the chief tells us his crews could see the smoke several miles away. the woman who lost her life inside was a mortgage and grandmother and lived in this neighborhood for a long time and was known by so many. now, the woman's husband was outside the home, we're told, with the couple's grandchildren. he tried to rescue his wife but could not. firefighters say they had a hard time, too. >> there's a lot going through everybody's mind. with that much fire, just trying to get inside. >> the fire marshal tells us they could have an answer as early as today as to how the fire at this home behind me started, whether it was set or accidental. they say themselves they are not ruling anything out. we're live in boothwyn this morning, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. people in one northeast
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philadelphia neighborhood are voicing their concern after someone broke into more than a dozen cars and emptied out their consoles. the smash and grab spree happened overnight sunday on tyson avenue between summerdale and algon avenue. police say at least 17 cars and suvs were hit, block after block, passengers side windows were smashed out and random belongings were taken from each car from sun glasses to cigarettes. the thief or thieves took anything they could get their hands on. >> whatever they can reach for, they got. >> i guess they did it quick and just got out of here. you do it right in front of somebody's house? it don't make sense to me. >> police are hoping security cameras in the neighborhood may have captured a face or a clue. 5:33 and 38 degrees outside. happening today, the philadelphia community will say farewell to a respected journalist. acel moore died friday night at his montgomery county home. he was former associate editor
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of the philadelphia inquirer and co-founded the national association of black journalists. grace baptist church in germantown will host a viewing and funeral starting at 9:00. acel moore was 75 years old.ç new this morning from our delaware bureau, a suspected drunk driver faces a number of charges after crashing and trying to run away. police tell us robert addari veered across the lanes of bay road ain kent county yesterday. he hit a woman driving toward him. they say he then got out of the car and ran into a field. police arrived and addari resisted before being taken into custody. marco rubio and ted cruz are now slugging it out to become the alternative to front-runner donald trump. rubio finished second in saturday's gop primary in south carolina, cruz was a close third an critical of rubio's performance in the primary. >> if you vote for me, we will
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win this election. the democrats do not want to run against me. but i cannot wait to run against them. in tennessee yesterday, rubio drew the biggest crowd of his campaign so far. meantime, in atlanta, donald trump was crowing about his victory on saturday. >> we won with everything. we won with highly educated, pretty well educated and poorly educated. but we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just won! >> trump is looking for another win tomorrow in nevada's republican caucus. if you're thinking of leaving the country if donald trump becomes president, a canadian island is ready to welcome you. cape breton island, just off the coast of maine is offering free health care, open embrace of diversity, friendly neighbors and no handguns. the island's website is urging americans to move there before the november election. ohio governor john kasich remains in the republican race despite poor results in south
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carolina. yesterday, he signed a bill that strips government money from planned parenthood in clinics in his state. the money supported services like h. -- like hiv testing and breast cancer screenings. the wilmington fire marshal says an arsonist set a home on fire as a couple slept inside. firefighters rescued a couple from their burning home on north van buren street early sunday morning. the couple heard a noise and then saw flames. they made it to a second story balcony where firefighters lowered them to the ground. the fire marshal wants to hear from any possible witnesses. police are questioning three men in connection with the stabbing of a cutstown university student. this surveillance video shows three men leaving the scene of the crime saturday. the 22-year-old victim was attacked a few blocks from campus. he remains in serious condition. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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>> ç5:37. we are driving out this morning. a few rain showers overnight, now just clouds over center city. 40 degrees in philadelphia. there's a northerly wind blowing, that's dry air that's coming in. the last few clouds over philadelphia and delaware and south jersey, the rain clouds are already offshore. we will be dry for the rest of the day. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, camel back mountain, 4 degrees this afternoon. bright sunshine, fleetwood, morgantown, sunny skies from solduderto souderton, abington and morristown. right along the coast, rehoboth, cape may in the upper 40s this afternoon. you'll see partly sunny skies to start with in philadelphia. then more an more sunshine. a pretty good warmup for february. normal high temperatures in the middle 40s, will be in the 50s today, low 50s for wilmington and philadelphia. woodstown 51 degrees this afternoon. there are cooler temperatures and some rain on the way.
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i've got the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. all right, bill, we'll see you then. 5:37. let's check your ride to work on this monday. back to work monday. >> especially those who are using the schuylkill to get to work or school. jessica boyington has the details. jessica? >> the schuylkill expressway doing okay for the most part. spring garden street, we're starting to see folks out and about this monday morning, eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway, 12-minute trip. average speeds in the 60s. if you're heading to center city right now you won't have perrons getting there. 95 around delaware, watch out for a ramp closure, 95 southbound to exit 7b, route 52. that's there until february 24th. north and southbound, from 295 to 495, an 11-minute trip at the most. we do have the bridge closure on the falls bridge, that is close for rehabilitation work until
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april. take the city avenue bridge to get by. no problems on 73 around 295. you can see both directions looking okay. when i come back in the next ten minutes, mass transit and more drive times. a local school district is now putting off plans to vote on a policy that would let transgender students choose which bathrooms to use. next we'll tell you what prompted the district to table the vote for now. plus, an epidemic of invisibility. just ahead of the academy awards on sunday, we'll tell you about the new study that's slamming diversity in hollywood. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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a school district in ocean county will take more time to consider letting transgender students decide which rest room they want to use. the asbury park press reports that theç toms river regional district was planning to adopt the policy in the near future but said officials decided to table the issue for additional discussion and review after some parents and religious officials objected. one issue of concern is that female students may have to undress in front of biological males. prishers arishioners will s
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a place to worship. officials said funding this would have gone for repairs to cosmas and damian will go to pay for an upgad to another church nearby. the balance between security and privacy is at the heart of the dispute between apple and the federal government. the tech giant refused the tech giant's request in helping hack the phone of syed farook. apple executives and tech experts say the order could set a dangerous precedent. >> it's one phone now. if you build that pathway others
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will come looking for it and you cannot control who those people are and whether they're going to use it for good purposes. >> federal progression cuters call that an overstatement. they say apple could keep custody of its software without requiring the company to hack its own users. the supreme court hears cases today for the first time since the death of justice antonin scalia. the court is now evenly split ideologically among its eight members. president obama plans to nominate a replacement over the rejection of republicans who say that job should fall to his successor. isis carried out a series of deadly bomb innings syria on send as the world power seem a truce. the blast killed nearly 130 people in the cities of damascus and homs. the attacks came around the same time secretary of state john kerry said a provisional cease-fire had been reached. he acknowledged it's not finalized and all parties might not automatically comply.
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actor jude law visited a migrant camp. he want to call attention to the living conditions there. an estimated 4,000 migrants and refugees are living at the camp known as the jungle. >> it just seemed to me that the pressing issue was the kids who were unaccompanied and living in awful conditions. it seemed their plight needed to be highlighted. >> french authorities are planning to demolish much of the camp which law opposes. are you expecting a tax refund and plan to use it for a big splurge? >> if so, you might want to rethink your plans. as always, financial advisers recommend using your refund to pay off high interest debt like credit cards or putting money into an emergency fund which reduces the potential for more debt. chris hobart suggests depositing whatever is left into a retirement account. >> that means either making sure
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your 401(k) or ira is maxed out. more importantly, maybe starting a roth ira. >> financial advisers suggest people adjust their withholdings so they don't provide the government with an interest-free loan for next year. this year's deadline is later than usual, falling on april 18th. usc will release a new steady on diversity and the movie industry. >> it will show what researchers call an epidemic of invisibility. the stud shows that movies and tv shows produced by major media companies are, quote, whitewashed. it gives a failing grade to ten major media companies when it comes to including women, minorities and lgbt people. the study comes less than a week before the academy awards which faced heavy criticism for lack of african-american nominees. a new class-action lawsuit say amc theaters make it hard
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for blind people to enjoy movies. the lawsuit says that the audio description devices that amc provides don't work or play the wrong descriptions. amc staff sometimes hand blind customers devices intended for those who are deaf. amc did not responsible to an nbc request for comment. a ski lift in west virginia is close until further notice after several people were hurt in an accident that happened saturday morning. authorities say the lift fail with 200 people on or near it. medics are treating two victims for injuries not believed to be life-threatening. a ski resort official says the lift had been tested earlier in the day. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 5:47 and it's chilly outside. not the typical february cold. a few scattered clouds over center city. that's a live view from center city where it is 40 degrees. we'll see the temperature come down a little bit more before
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sunshine warms us up and we're back in the 50s again this afternoon. there you could see the scattered clouds as they move past here the nbc 10 studios.ç not much wind. what we have seen in the wind department is that dry air coming out of the north. that has cooled things down for doylestown. 33 degrees, 36 in pottstown. wilmington 37. 40s in much of new jersey. audubon is 40 while pennsauken is down to 39 degrees at this hour. radar? well, we heard rain overnight. the rain showers came through. they're now offshore. not much left of those. the next round of rain, we can see it in the south. that will come our way as a coastal system. it will bring in warm air. the center of the system stays way to the west, so warm air surges up. we'll see rain by tomorrow morning in delaware and south jersey. then early in the afternoon tomorrow, the rain will start falling in philadelphia. not look at a lot of rain by 2:00 in the afternoon.
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0.08 in philadelphia, below a quarter inch in south delaware and jersey. that's the first round of wet weather. for today, sunglasses, no umbrella. high temperatures in the 50s this 1/2 yoo-- afternoon. 44 degrees tomorrow afternoon. sunshine on hold for wednesday. umbrellas once again, windy and wet, 55 degrees with that rain wednesday. and a few showers still around on thursday while the temperatures stay in the 50s. the weekend looks mainly dry, too, with a cooler friday and saturday. we'll see warmer temperatures sunday near 50 degrees. all right, bill, just about ten minutes before 6:00 right now on this monday morning. let's get you to work. >> jessica, i have a peek over there. the cameras are fixed on 95. what does it look like, jessica? >> we typically start to see the backups around the 6:15, 6:20
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mark. we're a little early for that. we're at a 14-minute drive time from this point to woodhaven road headed to the vine street expressway in the center city area. average speeds still up there. mass transit, we currently have no problems or delays. a heads up for septa. they are starting and beginning a new spring schedule this morning. you definitely want to check before you head out the door today. 73 around the berlin circle in berlin, new jersey. no problem. not a lot of cars headed out there. that's where you'll go to get to the tacony palmyra bridge. no problems there. i'll be back in the 6:00 hour with another check on your morning drive, vai. >> ten minutes of 6:00. next on "nbc 10 news today," honoring paterno. two statues of legendary coach joe paterno are being sculpted. we'll tellç you why you won't e them at beaver stadium, though.
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hey, everyone, it's jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we are watching montgomery township right now, right around 309 and stump road. no problems there through the
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intersection, no backups. more updates in the 6:00 hour. seven minutes before 6:00 right now. hundreds of hopeful singer came together in center city this weekend for a shot at stardom. ♪ >> nbc's hit reality show "the voice" held two days of auditions at the pennsylvania convention center. contestants warmed up their voices to adele before they had to go on solo in front of the producers. we spoke with one singer who made the cut and is moving into the next round. >> feels like the world. i've been told no so many times so far that it just feels incredible that i finally got told yes. >> how about that? season ten of "the voice" premieres monday, february 29th, right here on nbc 10. philadelphia first responders and their families were given free access to the rossman rink in dilworth park
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yesterday. police commissioner richard ross stopped by, didn't lace up but enjoyed the action from the sideline. two lancaster county artists they are replicas of this statue that was removed from outside beaver stadium in 2012 after the sex abuse scandal involving jerry sandusky. they posted video of the work on facebook. the new statues will not be exact copies. one statue will go to the paterno family and the other will travel around for penn state fans. penn state's thon dance marathon raised more than $9.7 million for pediatric cancer. the annual 46-hour thon dance weekend wrapped up yesterday afternoon. the money benefits pediatric cancer patients and their families at the penn state hershey children's hospital. five minutes before 6:00 right now. you won't want to miss the ellen
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degeneres show today. she welcomes a local family who has been through tough times. lori plan of west chester hasn't missed a single episode of the ellen show in 13 seasons. ellen surprised lori and her family earlier this month with $10,000 from shutter ffly and tickets to the show. now, ellen surprises them with anotherç amazing gift. the flyers scored a big goal off the ice this weekend. >> the team did its part to help out a special child. the entire organization turned down feltonville to welcome the abu ali family to their new own. the 9-year-old was dged at six months old with a cancerous tumor behind her left eye. she's currently undergoing chemotherapy and seeing their new home was an incredible moment for the entire family. >> this is beautiful. thank you so much. it's amazing. more than we expected. more than we imagined.
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>> i consider it an honor to be part of this. this is the fifth year we've done it and every single year we keep getting better at it. >> indeed they are. the effort is part of the hope flyers' wives and michael's way foundation which supports a chronically ill child from a family in need through major renovations. >> so nice. >> good work. a city in mourning after a shooting ram pain. the victims apparently chosen at random. >> an uber driver is in custody. this morning, new information from the man he picked up. we'll have a live report from kalamazoo. and all new at 6:00, fewer young women are getting hpv. what doctors are saying is the reason for the declining trend of infection.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now on "nbc 10 news today," ordered to answer questions. camille cosby will be questioned
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by lawyers about the sexual assault allegations against her husband. friends and family are mourning a grandmother who died during a house fire last night as her husband desperately tried to save her life. and all new at 6:00, hpv cases are declining for young women and that could mean fewer cases of deadly cancer in the future. 6:00 a.m. and 38 degrees in philadelphia. good more than, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill, other than a little bit of rain yesterday, it was a glorious weather weekend. we're being granted one more day? >> we do have one, without the rain this time. the few showers we had overnight and yesterday have quickly moved offshore. we're drying out in philadelphia. we have a nice breeze coming out of the north. that's bringing temperatures down now. 40 in philadelphia at philadelphia international, 30s for roxborough, south philadelphia and northeast


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