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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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selfless person with as keith put it unending passion for chari charity. keith wrote in the enit's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years. ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." >> cara chose to be an organ donor, it was there on her driver's license zblchblt she is saving the lives of as many as eight people. that's how many one donor can change. >> we did research and found out right now there are 12,000 people in new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware waiting for an organ donation. if you want to register to donate your organs there are two ways, if first, you can sign up at your dmv on the driver's license or i.d. card or you can sign up on line. it does not cost anything and there is no age limit. if you are interested in organ donation we put a link to the organ donation website in your state on and the "nbc 10 news" app.
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>> other news to cover now, camille cosby under oath t wife of bill cosby answered questions in a defamation lawsuit tied to her husband's sex assault scandal. denise has more. >> cosby's lawyers spent the weekend trying to postpone the deposition but a judge denied the request. the deposition went on as scheduled. lawyers say camille does not have any relevant information in the case and her conversations with her husband should be confidential. the lawyer for the plaintiff said he would respect those private conversations but he would ask mrs. cosby what she may have heard about the sexual misconduct cases during the time she served as her husband's business manager. meantime, the preliminary hearing in bill cosby's sexual assault case is scheduled for march 8 in montgomery county. his lawyers put to have the charges dismissed but a judge refused to halt or delay the criminal case. cosby is accused of drugging and
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molesting temple university employee andrea can stand in 2004. cosby is now suing constand for breach of contract alleging she violated a civil settlement. about 50 women have accused bill cosby of sexual misconduct, the comedian has denied allegations of any wrong doing. live in the digital operations center, denise nakano, "nbc 10 news." to new video purportedly showing jahlil okafor speeding on the ben franklin bridge. police say they clocked okafor going 108 miles per hour in his mercedes on the bridge in october and that is almost 2 1/2 times the bridge's posted speed limit of 45 miles per hour. last week you recall okafor pleaded guilty and agreed to pay a $437 fine. if you wonder he is making around $4 million this year.
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a perfect day for a stroll in south philadelphia, sweatshirts and light jackets as people take advantage of the mild temperatures today. but it's about to turn into a very wet week and the rain could be here in a few hours. >> nbc 10's sheena parveen shows us when it's going to get here. >> tonight we're going to stay mostly dry. into tomorrow morning that's when we'll see rain moving in. so right now it's pretty nice out, clouds will be increasing overnight. you see them to the south. then you see the rain. it's mostly around the southeastern part of the country and this is where we see an area of low pressure right around tennessee there is going to be a second one following this the one, so we have a couple rounds of rain in the forecast. it's going to move up the eastern seaboard, impact us starting tomorrow and then the second one will be here later in the day on wednesday. so we're not really going to dry out once the rain starts, until about thursday. even though we'll have breaks in it. for tonight, 7:00 p.m., 45 degrees, we'll see more clouds moving in overnight tonight,
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overcast or mostly cloudy skies. 41 degrees by 11:00 p.m. but dry. again it's around the morning commute tomorrow when the rain will start to move in. 39 degrees through philadelphia, rain develops from the south, moving up to the north. so we'll be watching areas north and west of philadelphia. like the lehigh valley and the poconos for wintry mix, a lot of the models are hinting at that for tomorrow. and then more heavy rain and windy conditions as we go even from tomorrow into wednesday and a threat for coastal flooding. i'll show you the timing and also the threat for the coastal flooding straight ahead. we have new information in the investigation into what police say was a street racing crash that killed three people in northeast philadelphia today. police issued an arrest warrant for the suspected driver of the second car involved there, asking anyone with information on where ryan farrell is to call. investigators released this mug shot of christopher bloomfield, they charged him with vehicular homicide.
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police say bloomfield and ferrel were racing. sabrina broods and two others were passengers in the car, all three were killed. police say bloomfield left the scene. >> we have new video of a trio of suspects wanted for shooting a taxi driver, the two men and woman were caught on surveillance video leaving the broad street subway station just after 3:00 in the morning, back on february 6. police say the three then waved down a cab driven by alex destin. the two men pulled guns on him and both fired shots, one of them hit destin in the shoulder. he crashed into parked cars. the passengers ran from the scene. destin was treat forward the gunshot wound and later released from the hospital. >> police issued arrest warrant for a woman who stole from the macy's and left her child behind. store security says they caught ashley terry stealing $1400 of merchandise back on february 11
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but she got away and left her daughter behind. the little girl was later reunited with relatives. police have not found the mother. now to the proposed state takeover of atlantic city, today ac's mayor called the plan a fascist dictatorship. cydney long was at the news conference. leaders say the state's proposal strips the people of atlantic city of their civil rights? >> reporter: jim, that is correct. elected officials here are not giving up, atlantic city's right to self govern. they modified their initial legislation and made changes action sending it back to trenton. atlantic city leadership says what the city has given to the state in tourism, revenue, has been priceless and now in atlantic city's time of need what the state is offering feels like a slap in the face. >> as we stand here the partner
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missing at this table of recovery is the state of new jersey. >> reporter: more than 100 atlantic city employees clergy and residents stood along in prayer. >> that you would intervene on our behalf and give us back what belongs to us. >> reporter: and in protest saying a fash ishs -- >> it's irresponsible for them to say well, if you don't want our help good luck. the days of extorting atlantic city are over. >> reporter: on the brink of bankruptcy the mayor says they need a rescue plan but not at the cost of the state being able to cut contracts, sell assets like the water authority and absorb all of the city's self gove governance. >> senator sweeney can take the bill, allow us to be represented, talk about the bench marks and the plan of action, to move the city forward and accompany that with this
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pilot legislation from the casinos, if that happens, there is no problem. >> sorry to say i think our governor is a bully. >> helena, other residents say they will take this stand to trenton if and when necessary. >> i voted for casino gambling thinking that would help me and oather homeowners to live a little bit better life you know, have lower taxes. but it's not working. >> reporter: guardian says he does have a bill sponsor although he would not say who it is, he says he will only work with lawmakers who have atlantic city's best interests in mind to sit down at the table and come up with a comprehensive recovery, financial plan for the city. sid me long, "nbc 10 news." to new information on the uber driver suspected in a shooting rampage that left six people dead in michigan. authorities today charged jason dalton with six counts of murder and two counts of attempted
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murder. prosecutors say he has admitted to the shootings. dalton made his first appearance this afternoon. he said very little. >> jason brian dalton. >> yes. >> investigators say a facebook post indicates that dalton was driving for uber at the time of this weekend's rampage. police say dalton started shooting people at random saturday, they eventually arrested him, reports of a gunman on the loose prompted a man to take an uber ride saturday. he says the decision put him right in the passenger seat next to jason dalton. >> he kind of jokingly said to the driver, you're not the shooter, are you. shook his head or said no. my family got up into the room and saw the news, and i said that's the car that we were in. >> uber says it is horrified and heartbroken. the victims were a father and his 17-year-old son killed while looking at cars at a dealership. the four others were gunned down
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in the parking lot of a cracker barrel restaurant. two others were wounded. police say it appears dalton chose his victims at random and the motive is unclear. we're waiting for word on what caused a fire that killed a woman in delaware county, a neighbor shot video of the fire shortly after it started last night. look at these flames, the home in boothwyn. the victim was the only one inside at the time. neighbors say her husband was burned trying to rush back in to save her. in delaware a husband and wife recovering after firefighters rescued them from a burning home. investigators say this fire was intentionally set and they are looking for whoever is responsible. crews pulled the couple off of a porch after they crawled out of a window yesterday afternoon. they were treated at the hospital along with a firefighter who hurt his ankle. governor tom wolf is asking for federal disaster aid to help pennsylvania cover $55 million
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in costs from the blizzard. he wants president obama to declare a major disaster in the state in order to reimburse 31 counties including berks, bucks, chester, lehigh, montgomery, northampton and philadelphia. the governor says the storm wiped out an entire year's budget for snow response and removal in many places. >> in harrisburg wolf is defending his $33 billion budget proposal for next year. while there is still no agreement in place for this year. house and senate lawmakers discussed wolf's latest proposal at the state house. the governor calls the state's finances a ticking time bomb and wants a $3 billion tax increase to wipe out a long term deficit. some republican lawmakers say they are committed to dealing with the deficit without raising taxes. >> again new jersey lawmakers trying to rejikt smoking at the beach and violators could have to pay up. a committee discussed a bill banning smoking at beaches and parks, creating designated
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smoking spots. any one lighting up in restricted areas face a fine of $250, repeat offenders $1,000. governor christie vetoed a similar bill two years ago. it's not just where you can smoke that is up for debate. it's how old you must be. a assembly committee approve add plan to change the smoking age to 21. right now it's 19. under the bill retailers would be fined $1,000 if they sell to anybody 20 or under. underage smokers would not be punished. hawaii became the first state to raise the smoking age to 21. several other states have proposed similar measures and the smoking age was raised to 21 in new york city back in 2013. more tourists than ever before are making delaware a destination. that means big bucks for the first state. new figures released show 8 million tourists came to delaware in 2014, that's up from 7.5 million the year before and meant $3 billion for the state.
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delaware attributes the rise to an increased media campaign aimed at getting people to visit the first state. >> decision 2016 now. and a new endorsement for republican presidential candidate john kasich from a former pennsylvania governor. tom ridge who also soyshed as director of homeland security is backing the ohio governor in the race for president. that endorsement comes as kasich is feeling the heat over a comment he made as he reflected on the first time he ran for state legislature in 1978. >> just got an army of people who -- and many women left kitchens go to door to door and put yard signs up for me all the way back when you know, things were different. >> his campaign issued a statement saying his campaigns have always been home grown affairs with many early teams made up of stay at home moms that backed him. kasich is now one of five
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republicans remaining after jeb bush dropped out. they face off in the nevada caucus tomorrow and on the democratic side the next contest is the south carolina primaries on saturday where polls have shown hillary clinton beating bernie sanders by a wide margin. apple is standing by its decision to not help the government unlock the iphone used by the shooter in last year's deadly attack in san bernardino, california. apple's ceo sent an e-mail to employees that reads it does not feel right to be on the opposite sit side of the government in a case centering on the freedoms and liberties that government is meant to protect. he wants the fbi to drop its demand. a judge has ordered apple to help untlok iphone used by syed faro farook. apple has until friday to respond. fbi wants to access the phone but doesn't know his pass code. farook and his wife killed 1 forpeople at a holiday party in san bernardino, california. the couple later died in a
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shoot-out with police. >> federal investigators believe information on farook's phone could lead to other terrorist contacts or plans. apple has until friday to respond to the court order. it says being forced to unlock this one phone would set a dangerous precedent that would threaten the security of its customers. >> here at home today the community came together to honor a pulitzer prize winning journalist. >> many are remembering asa moore but also as a mentor. who went out of his way to help others. lauren mayk was at today's services. >> reporter: i talked to people who started their journalism careers in the 70s, in the 90s, along the way they all met asell moore and are grateful. but he changed things even for those he never met. it's not always the case that you hear cheers at a funeral. but you heard them today for
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asell moore, crowds of colleagues, friends and loved ones gathered to say not just good-bye but also thank you to a man who changed careers. >> asell helped me get a job in philadelphia. >> reporter: newsrooms. >> he was just an important presence in trying to improve journalism by improving the diversity of newsrooms. >> reporter: how african-americans are covered in the news. his impact was big as co-founder of the national association of black journalists, a pulitzer prize winner but it was filled with small gestures. >> i had not been in the business for two weeks before he reached out and gave me a call. the first question i had was how do you know about me? >> columnist elmer smith tells me acel moore wanted him to know there was a place for him. >> i don't know what it must have been like for them, for the ones who didn't have anybody in front of them but i thank god
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for acel and others who said come on board. >> smith tells me that legacy continues, his granddaughter is now in journalism. and that belief that acel moore had in him now lives on. in germantown, lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> an empty chair draped in a black garment is at the supreme court as a tribute to former justice antonin scalia. the remaining eight justices returned to quirk fwork. the 79-year-old died earlier this month in texas. president obama has vowed to nominate a candidate to take scalia's seat. well, the weekend was nice and today is nice but we're going to see changes into the next few days. we have two rounds of rain in the forecast, the first will be
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here tomorrow, the second one will be here wednesday and especially late wednesday night. we have heavy rain but also gusty winds. it's going to be windy for many days this week, almost the entire week you are going to notice that wind lasting, then we have the coastal flood threat. the wind is going to be more of an onshore wind especially gusting closer to 50 miles per hour. right now we have high clouds moving in so the clouds are already starting to increase across the area. 52 degrees right now in philadelphia, fairly mild. a little above normal. our normal high is in the mid-40s, so we're already still in the low 50s i should say through the lehigh valley. 52 allentown. 50 reading, westchester, 50 in mount holly, 53 bensalem. temperatures right now around 50 degrees. so pretty comfortable outside and then we'll see things start to change by tomorrow morning. so there you see more clouds to our south. those will be moving in overnight and tomorrow. all the rain you see to the south will start to move in. it's going to start with the
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morning commute. two areas of low pressure where you see all of this rain. they are going to come in one after the other as we go through the next couple days. this is future weather. look at the temperatures because by tomorrow morning we'll rebound watching temperatures north and west very closely once this precip moves in. overnight we stay dry. early tomorrow here is 7:00 a.m. rain starts moving in from the south. so delaware, south jersey, expect the rain for your morning commute. that moves into the philadelphia area, continues north between about 8 and 11:00, then notice through parts of the lehigh valley closer to the poconos we could see a wintry mix. now temperatures may not be at freezing at that time so it would be a better chance of that not sticking on the roadways but we're pretty borderline either way we do have the chance for a wintry mix farther north and west. 2:00 p.m. raining through most of the area, heavy pockets, then we start to see a bit of a break going into wednesday morning. this is wednesday 8:00 in the morning, a lot of models are consistent, showing this break and that's going to be what's happening in between these two
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weather systems moving through. so now the second one starts to move in as we go into wednesday afternoon and evening. so your evening commute wednesday does appear to be fair fair fairly. look at this 47 philadelphia, but then in the 60s through south jersey and delaware so that is warm rain moving in. then we 2 into midnight into thursday, temperatures could still be rising at this point. and that's when we would see heavy rain and very gusty onshore winds. finally clearing up as we go into thursday morning. so warm and windy over the next couple of days. the onshore winds will give us a coastal flood threat. gusting near 50 miles an hour. this is something we'll be watching as we go into especially wednesday night. then after that into thursday night and friday morning cold air starts to move in, so then we're going to see the threat of icing as we go into mainly friday morning. so a lot of things to watch over the next few days. tonight clouds increasing,
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patchy fog near sun rise for part of the area. also that rain move ing at the same time. for tomorrow afternoon, we'll get up in the 40s, rain with the chance of a mix north and west. the winds will be increasing through the day, and then we see the mix turn to all rain as we go into wednesday especially. the heaviest later in the day on wednesday, and overnight into early thursday we start to clear out thursday, but then the risk for the icing occurs early friday morning. >> coming up, local homeowners find out their dream homes aren't up to code after a contractor didn't pull permits for renovations. >> they are on the hook for the repairs. so they called the nbc 10 investigators for help. what the contractor had to say, and how you can prevent this from happening to you. >> plus, a show of support from taylor swift, how she's helping another pop star who is in a bitter battle for her career.
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>> and what would you do if you met the president and first lady, see the adorable moment inside the white house when this woman you won't believe her age, we'll tell you that, when she fulfills her dream. >> first, a look at the closing numbers on wall street.
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>> pop star taylor swift is giving financial support to kesha. she gave $250,000 as a show of support, kesha is in a legal battle with a producer who she claims sexually assaulted her for years. on friday a judge denied her request to get out of her contract with the producer. 106 years is a long time. >> sure is. after waiting that long for something you can't help but express your excitement when it
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arrives. that's virginia fulfilling her dream of meeting president obama and first lady michelle at the white house. virginia is 106 years young. she waited all her life to see an african-american in the white house. when it happened her wish was to meet him and as part of black history month she got her wish. why not celebrate with a little dancing. >> come on. dancing at 106. >> virginia was born in 1909 in south carolina. look at that. she still has the moves. i love to hear the answers to what her secret is. >> i know. to have that type of energy at 106. looking fantastic. apparently her nails were done, too. michelle obama said look at your
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nails. >> she looked beautiful. >> home buyers beware. >> the investigators found a local contractor shortcuts could cost owners thousands in required repairs. next, what our team found and what home buyers can do to prevent becoming a victim. >> we have a nice weekend but now rain on the way. it's not just for one day. we have a couple rounds of rain coming and a lot of wind. i'll show you the timing and what you can expect. >> plus, the coffee cure, what a new study says java can do for your body.
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a homeowner finds out her dream home has a dark secret and
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she's not the only one. >> what they didn't know about the contractor may cost them thousands of dollars in repairs. so, they turned to the nbc 10 investigators and investigative reporter harry hairston has the story of families who bought homes they perhaps should never have been allowed to move into in the first place. >> i pray to god that something turns around. if not, i don't know. >> they believe this new home was the perfect spot for them. >> using our moneys to purchase something that we can live for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: days after they moved in, they noticed the deck was wobbly. the home inspector reported the problem to the department of licenses and inspections. that triggered an inspection that found nine violations, the city says the work was not up to code and the builder never pulled permits. the home inspector called with the news.
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>> and told me not only were there nothing done for the deck, there was nothing done for anything that was done in the house. >> from the french doors to duct work for heating and cooling, all of it needs to be redone. >> said it was perfect. >> this home has the same builder and similar problems. >> last year we got a letter saying he didn't get any of the permits. >> her home has issues with duct work, a leaky skylight and a dishwasher. city records show the company worked on five homes without pulling permits. >> is it possible that there could be more than this? >> it is possible that there could be more than that. >> a spokesperson says the city ordered the owner to repair the homes. he didn't. the city took action. >> his license has been suspended and that means he can no longer legally do this type of work in the city of philadelphia. >> but gus says her department
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has no legal authority to force him to pay for the repairs. >> right now lni's work is done. >> it's now up to the homeowners to make the repairs or pay fines if they don't. in fact, the city's not even looking for him but the investigators went looking and found him. at his business address. >> don't go away. just a second. >> after going inside for a moment, he came out to answer our questions. the city said you did not pull permits. why not? >> that's what i did, that's my mistake i admit it so what, stop bothering me. >> he says the homeowners are just looking for someone to sue and didn't want to talk to us anymore. >> sir, we just want -- >> that's enough. >> we also found he should not have even been working in pennsylvania. his contractor's registration expired in 2012. the jacksons are waiting to hear from the city how soon the
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repairs must be made. in the meantime, they say they are praying they don't lose their dream home. >> the amount of stress, just a nightmare basically. >> they tell us to prevent this from happening to you check the address on his website before you buy or rent. you can see if permits were pulled for work done. the department says violations in the five properties in this case are not serious enough to evict the owners. we've also checked with the state, the bureau of consumer protection tells us if the homeowner files a complaint with them, they will investigate. harry hairston, "nbc 10 news." get the investigators to work for you. share your story ideas by sending e-mail or calling the hot line. find the contact information on the app or at
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sunshine warming things up on the steps of the art museum, but the temperatures will be dropping as the sun goes down and we're also tracking rachblt we're looking ahead to a stretch of wet weather. >> that blue sky was so beautiful. sheena parveen is tracking the rain. >> yeah, the blue skies definitely changed because now we have high clouds moving in. we'll see more clouds as we go overnight. it's all because of this weather system to the south. a lot of rain with it and that's going to be bringing us more clouds as we go through the overnight hours and all of this moisture is going to move up in our direction for tomorrow. so we have a couple areas of low pressure in this and they are going to pass by in a series of waves moving through. so the first one will be here starting with the morning commute tomorrow for part of the area, the other one will be here as we go into wednesday and especially wednesday night. right now we're still dry from this, we just have the high clouds around so you probably noticed that if you've been
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outside in the past couple hours. future weather as we go overnight, temperatures will be dropping but it's really areas north and west of philadelphia that will be a concern. by 7:00 in the morning, we expect just rain moving in south of philadelphia. so for new jersey and delaware, temperatures mostly in the 40s here by 7:00 a.m. with just rain. but then rach watch. temperatures cold enough possibly for a wintry mix but above freezing by the time that moves in. it's going to be a race between the precip and the temperatures at this point it looks like it will hit on that mark where most of it would be melting. that wintry mix we're going to watch that through the morning hours, elsewhere more rain and this will spread flthroughout t area. we're talking wind and more rain and wind into wednesday, so i'll show you those details and timing coming up. >> we have this just in. u.s. senator claire mccaskill has been diagnosed with breast
4:37 pm
cancer. she made that announcement just a short time ago. the democratic senator from missouri is 62 years old, she said doctors found it during a regular mammogram, and she expects to make a full recovery. >> to this now, the afternoon coffee could give you more than a caffeine boost. >> next, how it could erase dangerous effects of over indulgence. >> why one group of people is suing a movie theater chain saying it's not doing what it can to make movie night fun for everyone. >> and later, gas prices are going down but some local lawmakers are fighting to make them go up. where drivers could soon pay more in taxes.
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>> advocates for immigrants protesting against a detention center that continues to operate without a license.
4:41 pm
the activists are demanding the release of about 100 immigrants and calling on the berks county residential center to shut down immediately, the state refused to renew the center's license which expired yesterday. but federal immigration and customs enforcement officials say immigrants will stay in the facility while the county appeals the ruling. >> families do not need to be detained behind bars while they undergo immigration process. >> the state says the facility was licensed as a child residential center, not as a federal immigration facility. >> a popular movie theater chain is facing a class action suit over accommodations for the blind caming amc rarely provides appropriate audio description devices. they say the devices often are unavailable, have a low battery or play the wrong audio.
4:42 pm
amc did not respond to a request for comment. >> we're looking ahead to big changes. >> sheena parveen is tracking two rounds of rain moving our way. >> that's right. not just the rain but it's going to get windy, too, and we have the threat for coastal flooding as we go through the next couple of days, so coming up i'll show you the timing for the morning commute tomorrow and as we go through i would say about thursday morning, that's straight ahead.
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filling up your coffee cup could do more for your health. an extra two cups of coffee per day could reduce liver damage. the risk dropped more for people who drank three or four cups. experts trying to figure out which compound in coffee actually helps protect the liver. >> the eagles have been busy
4:46 pm
this off season, signing lane johnson, zach ertz and vinny curry to contract extensions. >> and they made another move to keep a fan favorite, and nbc 10 contributor here in philadelphia. comcast john clark with the details. >> malcolm jenkins was our player correspondent and he has re-signed with the birds. a new 5-year contract to keep him under contract until 2020. look at malcolm signing the deal. he had been with the eagles two seasons, since joining the birds led the team in interceptions, passes defense and tackles, one of the team leaders, and he made his first pro bowl this past season and he has given a lot to the community through his malcolm jenkins foundation. he grew up less than two hours from here in north jersey and he likes staying close to home. >> obvious ly they felt like thy
4:47 pm
wanted to start to build around players that they have in the building. you saw some of the guys get extended. it felt good to me i was on that list of players they feel they can start to build around to win a championship and you know, like i said, that feeling was mutual and really looking forward to the opportunity. >> we will hear more from malcolm at 6:00 and ryan howard makes his first appearance at spring training. we'll see you then. well, get ready for some changes in our weather pattern from the nice weekend to a few very rainy days, and windy days, we have two rounds of rain moving in, the first will start tomorrow morning for the morning commute. a second wednesday and especially wednesday night. and winds are going to be increasing so tomorrow gusty winds and then wednesday night more gusty winds and our main concern with that one i think will be coastal flooding because it will be a very strong onshore
4:48 pm
wind. possibly gusting near 50 miles an hour. we'll look at that in a second. right now the clouds are increasing mostly high clouds right now across philadelphia, 52 degrees, so it's still quite above normal. the normal high around the mid-40s, and it's been feeling nice the past few days but that's going to change when all of this rain moves in. we look down around the southeastern part of the country where our rain is coming from. locally we don't have the rain just yet but within this weather system we have two areas of low pressure that will be passing through, and like i mentioned the first one starts tomorrow for part of the area for the morning commute. clouds to the south, the thicker ones, moving in overnight. but we do stay dry tonight. you don't have to worry about the rain for the rest of tonight and overnight. here is future weather, that rain will start to move in by tomorrow morning. so now we're looking at 7, 8:00 in the morning, showers south of philadelphia, this will be mostly rain because as you see the temperatures are in the 40s here but then notice as we get closer to lancaster county you
4:49 pm
see a wintry mix or maybe light snow developing. so now we're looking at 11:00 a.m. once all of this spreads up to the north, our best chance of i think a wintry mix would be through the lehigh valley and the poconos. at this time at 11:00 temperatures should be a little above freezing so anything falling should be melting now we'll have to watch the timing very closely because it could be a bit of a race between the temperatures and the precip moving in. now the forecast low overnight for the lehigh valley is 30 degrees so if this precip moves in after it gets above freezing much less of a chance of it sticking. for the rest of the area rain and then you see that rain continues to spread to the north by 3:00 in the afternoon. still possibly that wintry mix through the poconos, then we'll get a break between these two weather systems so later tomorrow night into wednesday morning, i think we'll have a bit of a lull. then it picks up wednesday afternoon as that second area of low pressure moves through, temperatures in the 40s so everyone sees rain on wednesday, heavy as we go through the
4:50 pm
afternoon and into wednesday night. here's thursday at midnight. temperatures could potentially be in the 60s overnight, strong gusty winds onshore and then we finally clear up into thursday morning. here is a look at the rainfall. it looks like anywhere from about 1 to 2 inches we could have locally higher amounts. at the same time going into early thursday, or late thursday i should say or late wednesday into early thursday we have many days, looking at gusty onshore winds where the coastal flooding comes into play. clouds increase, patchy fog possible. 30 for the low north and west, 37 philadelphia, tomorrow rain around with the chance of the mix north and west. we'll be watching that. then the rain continuing and then as weigh go into wednesday another round moves in, clearing out thursday and thursday night into early friday we have the threat of icing as temperatures drop. >> have you noticed hard not to prices at the pump a welcome sight. >> some lawmakers say that makes it a perfect time to add more
4:51 pm
tax. next, who is considering the hike and what drivers have to say about the proposed plan.
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gas prices fall across our area one local legislator wants to raise the tax on gas. >> some lawmakers want drivers in delaware to temporarily pay an extra dime a gallon, while prices are low. so how do people in the first state feel about paying more? tim furlong got mixed reaction today. >> reporter: how bad is the ram on gas? she chooses to drive this. >> time is money.
4:55 pm
>> this guy has no choice, his work van is full of cleaning supplies. high prices at the pump cut into his living. >> it was pretty much expensive, 5, 6 months ago. so kind of hectic to fill the van up. >> everyone seems to agree delaware needs to spend on road and bridge repair and infrastructure. you can imagine the debate comes down to money. eighty is it going to come from. or who is it going to come from? >> i know there are roads that need attention. >> reporter: shawn is the state rep from north wilmington. while gas prices are good he and some colleagues pitched adding 10 cents a gallon to the tax. he doesn't like higher prices but the work needs to get done. he says this tax would go away in one year unless both parties agree to keep it going. >> if you invest in roads unemployment goes down. the state becomes more attractive to businesses who might look to relocate here. >> would you be willing to pay extra 10 cents a gallon if it was going to fix roads and
4:56 pm
bridges? >> i wouldn't mind. >> the head of republican party says he's seen this promises of a temporary tax that stick around. he says a hike in the gas tax wouldn't be necessary, the state democrats made wiser spending decisions in the past years. why not be honest with the voter and say look, we need more revenue because we misspent all of the stuff you have given me before so let us have a gas tax. >> reporter: we'll stay on top of this and let you know if that tax hike becomes a reality. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." >> the current gas tax in delaware is 23 cents a gallon. pennsylvania drivers pay the highest state tax in the country at about 50 cents a gallon. new jersey drivers pay the second lowest tax on gas at 14.5 cents a gallon. >> here is denise. >> next all new on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00 a family's search for justice is a step closer. tonight we have new details
4:57 pm
about a second driver who police say is responsible for this deadly crash. >> and i hope you enjoyed the weekend because now we have a couple days of rain moving in and not just rain but it's going to get really windy. i'll show you the timing on it coming up. >> plus, ellen unveiled a big surprise for this family from chester county. why their story inspired her to give them a special gift.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
>> beautiful shot of the sunshine over center city. hopefully you enjoyed time outside today, guess what, big changes are coming. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm denise nakano. we're tracking days of rain that could start during your morning commute. >> let's get details from first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. wet week ahead. >> we have a couple days of rain, i should say a few days bass it will go into thursday morning i think. but not just yet. here is a live look out center city. a little bit of a change right now from what we had most of today. you notice high clouds in this picture here and clouds are going to keep increasing as we go through tonight. we're going to stay dry and overnight. but there you see our next weather system to the south, two areas of low pressure here. we're going to see the clouds move in and then the rain gets here early rr


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