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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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bed side after the 24-year-old former miss new jersey was severely injured in a car accident a week ago. he was with cara and her family in an operating room early this morning when she passed away. >> it's a tremendous loss but she's going to stay with us in everything we do. >> reporter: mike shared the desk with cara. her bosses at the millville based station say the princeton university graduate and miss new jersey 2013 was exactly the role model they wanted. >> we looked at cara and her life and fg she did it couldn't have been a more perfect fit. you don't find individuals like cara that are a total package. >> she was admired as a selfless person with as keith put it an unending passion for charity. she made the ultimate gift to those in need by donating her organs. >> it will save up to eight lives through organ donation and
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tissue donation can enhance the lives of over 50 people. >> keith noted how at this very moment cara is saving lives, not the miracle for which he and cara's family constantly prayed and first envisioned, but a miracle nonetheless. ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." >> if you would like to write a condolence message to keith and read more, go to the nbc 10 app or click on the story and you can leave a message. >> to the weather now. not too cold out there in south philadelphia now but tomorrow morning you're going to need your umbrella. >> sheena parveen is tracking the latest system. >> we have two rounds of rain, the first is going to start early tomorrow morning, here is a live look outside, so earlier today we had bright blue skies but we're starting to see more clouds move in. the rain is still far to our south. it's across the southeast and what we have here basically two
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areas of low pressure, they are going to ride up one after the other so the first one will be here tomorrow. the second one will be here as we go into wednesday. and we're going to have a lot of wind with this system too. so we are talking about rainy windy conditions over the next couple of days. this is future weather as we go overnight tonight, we're going to stay dry. we don't expect the rain tonight. watch early tomorrow morning, 6, 7:00 in the morning rain moves in from the south. temperatures above freezing here so expect it to be rain. then look at allentown. 32 degrees. and may be a bit of a race between the precip and freezing temperatures either way we expect a wintry mix to develop areas north and west, mainly the rest of the area seeing rain increasing as we go through the day. i mentioned those winds especially as we go into wednesday. more heavy rain and more wind, i'll show you the timing coming up. >> questioned under oath. bill cosby's wife faced a deposition in massachusetts. lawyers for the cosbies say camille does not have any
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relevant information in the civil case. and her conversations with her husband are confidential. the lawyer for the plaintiff said he would respect those private conversations but he would ask mrs. cosby what she may have heard about the sexual misconduct cases during the tim she served as her husband's business manager. meantime, the preliminary hearing in bill cosby's sexual assault case is scheduled for march 8 in montgomery county. his lawyers fought to have the charges dismissed but a judge refused to halt or delay the criminal case. nevada is next up in the republican race for the white house. today tensions are rising as the field narrows. senator ted cruz asked his campaign spokesman to resign for tweeting a story that falsely alleged marco rubio insulted the bible. cruz told reporters we are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate for president. >> as for rubio he said he is anti-prostitution. rubio made the comment ahead of
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a campaign appearance in nevada where prostitution is legal. despite his beliefs the florida senator says he wants to shrink the federal government so he wouldn't want to make prostitution a federal offense. if elected. john kasich is feeling the heat over a comment in virginia as he reflected on the first time he ran for the state legislature in 1 1978. >> just got an army of people who -- and many women who left their kitchens to go door to door and put yard signs up for me all the way back when you know, things were different. >> kasich's campaign issued a statement saying his campaigns have always been home grown affairs with many early teams made up of stay at home moms who backed him. on the democratic side, the next contest for them is the south carolina primary on saturday. polls show hillary clinton beating bernie sanders by a wide margin. this week the vermont senator sharpening his focus in places he feels confident including
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colorado, massachusetts, and michigan. we'll have much more from the campaign trail on n"nbc nightly new news". they are taking a closer look whether donald trump is now unstoppable. coming up at 6:30 after this newscast. >> new developments in the deadly street racing crash that killed three people last summer. today police say there is an arrest warrant out for ryan farrell accused of driving one of the vehicles. police arrested christopher bloomfield charged with vehicular homicide. >> police say bloomfield and farrell raced. bloomfield's car hit a tree and split. he left the scene. three were passengers in the car, all three died. >> we have a look at what driving 108 miles an hour looks like on the ben franklin bridgement of today, tmz sports posted video of sixers jahlil okafor's joy ride from last
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year. they clocked okafor going 108 miles an hour as you can see. they chased after him. the actual speed limit is 45 miles per hour. last friday the rookie pleaded guilty and ordered to pay about a $400 fine. >> a south jersey teacher busted in a child porn case. police arrested a fifth grade teacher on friday. detectives took 9 computer devices from thomas guzzi's home. this is from his linked in account. he is also the school's drama club adviser, the school district suspended him without pay after his arrest. >> on the brink of bankruptcy. saying no to bailing out of a fiscal crisis. ac is set to run out of money in two months. >> it's not a black issue, it's not a white issue, it's not a
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republican issue, it's not a democratic issue. it's not a socioeconomic status issue of it this is an atlantic city issue. we all must show them because they are counting on us. not to stand up. >> the mayor admits the city can't do it alone but says the state cannot overstep its authority to control all city contracts, jobs, bargaining, legal and fiscal decisions. >> it's been a long time since we've seen gas prices this low. is now the time to raise the tax to fix roads? some lawmakers think so. a temporary 10 cent tax, drivers say hold on. tim furlong reports. >> reporter: gary likes the prices he sees at the gas pump. >> excellent right now. >> reporter: gary and many others say a 10-cent gallon hike no thank you. >> the roads and stuff need to be fixed because it causes problems with my truck tires and stuff like that, but why do i got to take care of it.
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we already paid taxes. >> reporter: shawn is a state rep. he and others pushing to raise the gas tax. he is a school teacher with a truck. he doesn't want to pay more but he says a one-year hike could raise millions. delaware could use on the roads. he says democrats are open to negotiating the tax amount. >> you invest in roads unemployment goes down, state becomes more attractive to businesses who might look to relocate here. you save money for the state long term. >> reporter: everyone agrees delaware needs to spend on roads and infrastructure tcht debate comes down to money, where is it going to come from. or more specifically who is it going to come from? >> it's a bait and switch. >> reporter: the head of the republican party says he's seen that the promise of a one year tax he believes this hike would become permanent and wouldn't be necessary at all if democrats had been better with transportation fund money. >> why not be honest with the voter and say look, we need more
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revenues because we misspent all of the stuff you've given before. >> you see on this map delaware's tax the lore. new jersey is the lowest. while a rent poll shows more than half of all in delaware would support a hike if it meant millions for better roads in the future, most tell me we got a good thing going. tough to support a tax hike with pump prices like these. >> prices are even lower in new jersey. last week governor christie said he would not raise the gas tax. we found gas in camden for about $1.40. >> two new hotels in the works to change the look of the river front. a group hopes to build two hotel that would bring about 200 jobs to the area. exact location under review. when you drive in delaware or new jersey there could soon be delays to tell you about in a few days crews begin working on
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the main suspension cables on both sides of the bridge, lanes will close periodically. and the work will take two years. family loved ones and colleagues said good-bye to acel moore. moore worked at "the philadelphia inquirer" more than four decades. his influence, though, is still being felt in newsrooms across the country. moore was a founder of the national association of black journalists, and is credited for helping change how african-americans are covered in the news. >> i think acel will hopefully be remembered for forcing institutions like the "inquirer" and newspapers around the country, to recognize that having a diverse newsroom is important for good journalism. >> moore is survived by his wife and two children. he held an associate editor
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emeritus title at the inquirer until his death. >> next, an elevated cancer risk, a local store taking serious heat for its flooring. >> plus, 200 years of prayers and song, tonight we go in depth at a local church during black history month. >> we have rain heading our way starting tomorrow morning. but that's not the end of it. we have two rounds of rain and a lot of wind in the forecast too. i'll show you the details and the timing coming up.
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a west philadelphia man has been ordered to forfeit his bet dogs after he was foundy of animal cruelty. detroit johnson sentenced to 180 days probation. the officers found his two dogs living in unsanitary conditions. this is a photo of one of the dogs. the spca removed the dogs. they will be made available for adoption. >> new cancer risks for lumber liquidators flooring. people exposed to certain types of laminate flooring three times more likely to get cancer than previous estimates.
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they stopped the sale of chinese made flooring after the initial report last year. the company said in a statement to nbc news today that since last march it offered customers free air quality tests, the company has several stores in the philadelphia area. as we know february is black history month. it's a time to celebrate and recognize the contributions made by african-americans to the country. >> and today we bring you this story of mother bethel african church in the society hill neighborhood. denise nakano takes us there. ♪ >> mother bethel church is the story of resilience, it is the story of a tenacious group. >> reverend tyler is the 52nd pastor to mother bethel. this year is special for the community, the church turns 200. >> we've been on this property since 1791, worshipping in this place since 1794. >> it's the oldest independent
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property tess tant denomination pounded by black people. the search founded in the society hill neighborhood by reverend richard allen. a freed slave. >> they fwhilt incredible building that is a testament to the fortitude so again it is an amazing story when you really put it in its full context of who they were and what they were able to accomplish with so little resources. >> today people from all over the country and around the world visit mother bethel and learn about a.m.e. history. richard and his wife and bishop brown are all entombed at the church. but mother bethel is more than a muse museum. it's a museum, archive, and a place for people to go and worship every sunday. denise nakano, "nbc 10 news." >> so much history. always an incredible service at
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mother bethel. coming up this summer this bronze statue of richard allen will be unveiled to celebrate the a.m.e. church's bicentennial and honor the founder. for more go to the nbc 10 app. >> covering the costs of snow cleanup, governor wolf asks for federal disaster aid to help pennsylvania cover $55 million in costs from last month's blizzard. wolf wants president obama to declare a major disaster in the state in order to reimburse 31 counties including berks, chester, northampton and philadelphia. the governor says the storm wiped out entire year's budget for snow response and removal in many places. and some changing weather is coming our way now. you're tracking a wintry mix. >> part of the area a wintry mix tomorrow morning and we could see it linger into the afternoon. not everybody, though, but what we are looking at are two rounds of rain moving in for most of the area. so two areas of low pressure,
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the first one will be impacting us for the morning commute. the second later in the day on wednesday. now, with both of these rounds of rain we're looking at gusty winds across the area too. also give us a threat of coastal flooding because it's going to be a strong onshore wind especially late wednesday night. a live look at center city looks nice. we'll continue to see the clouds increase, so as we go through tonight, temperatures dropping overnight into about the mid to upper 30s through philadelphia, around freezing or colder north and west, we'll be watching those areas closely for a wintry mix tomorrow. right now the rain is still around the southeastern part of the country, so still far away. but the clouds are getting even closer, at least the thicker cloud cover so we'll see that moving in more as we go overnight. but the rain won't be here until early tomorrow morning. this is future weather here. temperatures through south jersey and delaware will be above freezing. here is 8:00 in the morning, that's rain moving into south jersey and delaware. the lehigh valley near the poconos those are the areas we'll be watching for the highest chance of that wintry
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mix. the model has been consistent showing that as we go into the later morning hours and possibly even by noon, but for the morning commute we'll be watching that closely too. now, we keep seeing the rain spreading to the north as we go through the day, tapering off later tomorrow afternoon. then really giving us a better break tomorrow night. we'll have a break in between these two rounds of rain, the second round won't move in until wednesday afternoon. so wednesday morning, we'll still be on the lighter side with the precip. then we go into the afternoon, there you see more of it starting to move in. but look at temperatures, 40s and 50s, everyone's going to see rain wednesday, then wednesday night, heavier rain, some areas could be in the 60s. so we could even along with this see very gusty winds especially along the shore. this is thursday, 1:00 in the morning dealing with heavy rain and temperatures possibly still in the 60s. so it's going to get warm as this rain moves in. can't rule out the chance for thunderstorms, too. 9:00 thursday, timely we start to see a lot of this clear out.
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and rainy over the next couple of days. the onshore wind especially late wednesday, will be gusting near 50 miles an hour, inland closer to 40. the coastal flood threat will be with us too. then thursday night into friday, colder air moves in. this is when we start to dry out. we have a threat of icing on untreated surfaces with the rain that we've seen, some buddpuddl. tonight clouds increasing, patchy fog right around sunrise. 37 for the low in philadelphia, 30 north and west, then tomorrow the rain moves in a chance of a wintry mix mostly north and west of philadelphia winds increasing through the day so tomorrow we'll start to get windy, then we go into wednesday and it gets even windier, especially late wednesday night, gusty winds, we clear out thursday, the threat for ice thursday into early friday. so far the weekend looks good, a little cooler. >> thank you. i'm john clark. we'll hear from malcolm jenkins after re-signing with the eagles. why the sixers trade fell through and claude giroux out again.
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i'm john clark. eagles re-signing some players. malcolm jenkins a 5-year deal, $40 million. here is malcolm, he made his first pro bowl this past season. in two years he leads the team in interceptions and tackles, and he likes the continuity here. >> is my career is really starting to take off i feel like, really catching stride, so you know, timing is everything in this league and i think it's the perfect time for not only
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myself but this organization to really start to put some things in places to get to the next level, and like i said i'm really excited about being part of that plan. >> and hurricane will wear that bow tie tomorrow. sixers trade for joel anthony, a second round pick, it's voided because of an injury to a player in the deal. there is collateral damage, the sixers had to waive sampson. claude giroux is going to miss his second straight game tomorrow. he most likely got hurt here being hit in the head. everybody has to up their game. >> he is one of the best players in the league so playing like that, the best you know in the face-off in the league, it's a huge role but you know, like i said i think we did a pretty good job in toronto that we found a way to win that game. it's going to be the same way tomorrow. >> good to see shawn skating at
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practice, hoping to return tomorrow night. phillies first official workout for the full team tomorrow. franko expected to be there. ryan howard joined the team today. getting some swings in after taking fielding. this could be his last season with the philles. the manager says ryan has to hit left-handed pitching or he will sit against lefty and how about this. jimmy rollins, 37, signs a minor league deal with the chicago white sox trying to make the team. 2008 seems like a long time ago. john clark, we're right back.
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>> today was pretty nice. that's changing. >> yes. so now we're look ag head to rain for a couple days. tomorrow we're going to move in for the morning commute. areas north and west a wintry mix so be careful through the day. we'll keep seeing the rain spreading to the north. wednesday we'll have another round moving in, especially late wednesday night, it's going to get heavy too. and we'll see gusty winds. aside from that to the weekend, looks dry but cooler.
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>> all right. for all of us here i'm jim rosenfield. >> "nbc nightly news" is next. breaking news. tonight an uber driver is charged with murder, and prosecutors say he admitted he's the gunman who went on a vicious rampage killing people in between picking up frightened passengers. breaking news in the race for president. a major shake-up in the ted cruz campaign. a top aide fired. tonight is donald trump unstoppable? cosby's wife forced to testify as her husband's accusers take him to court. what did she know? cancer risk. from floors in so many homes across the country. the cdc says the toxic danger is worse than was first reported. and 106 years old with moves better than most teens. tonight we talked to the woman so excited at the white house she broke out her dance moves


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