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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. apple versus the fbi.
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protests are planned in philadelphia and new jersey as people are backing apple. thumbs up. we're learning new information ju about what happened just after the kalamazoo shootings. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. word to the wise, as you walk out the door with your briefcase and book bag. be sure to take your umbrella with you. let's go right to bill henley and the first alert forecast. >> the clouds are already in place and that's going to help things out, keep temperatures above freezing for most of the area. rain now in delaware and just eking into cape may, the first rain drops are falling now in kent county, rain in milford, very light to begin with.
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that's manly what we'll see today. the rain moves up, the temperatures climb. 39 degrees in philadelphia. north and west, freezing mark in doylestown. a expect a warmup before the rain moves in. be on lookout for slippery spots. most of the area will be looking at rain with this one. 38 degrees in northeast philadelphia. so your hour by hour forecast is calling for temperatures to climb with the rain moving in, 40 degrees at 8:00. 43, look at the winds at 15 miles an hour. 45 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon with the steady rain that continues into the evening hours. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington watching your first alert traffic. >> we are watching the schuylkill expressway right now. this is around the vine street expressway. the only real delay i'm finding in a camera so far this morning is getting on the off ramp in here from the schuylkill to the vine once that wraps around.
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everything is moving along nicely. you can see we have a westbound drive time from this point from the vine to the blue route. 11 minutes. no problems there. it's quick for this time. 295 right around sloan avenue and hamilton township in new jersey. in problems in either direction. if you are headed to the new jersey transit train station, no problems getting there towards the trentonç area. mass transit, no problems or delays for the most part. septa has a new spring schedule still in effect. check before you go. tracy? apple versus the fbi. today protests are planned across the country over iphone privacy. >> people are supporting the refusal of apple to unlock the gunman's iphone. the protest is organized by an organization called fight for the future. matt delucia spoke to the leader of the group. he's in center city this morning. >> apple users and privacy advocates are planning protests
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at more than 40 apple stores throughout the country. including this one on walnut street in center city. organizers say they are not protesting apple. they're on apple's side. the company has been in a fight with the courts and the fbi over an effort to get a back door entry into iphones, in particular, the fbi says it wants to get into the cell phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. many apple users say that would set a press den and this poses a severe privacy risk for everyone. apple is contesting a judge's order to build that software. one of the organizers with fight for the future believes that these nationwide rallies will send a message to the fbi about their concerns. win or lose on this apple fight, these questions of privacy and security are not going away. we need to reckon with them. they affect each and every one of us personally. >> the fbi wants a chance, with a search warrant to try to guess
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the terrorist's pass code without the phone seasonally self-destructing. he goes on to say, we don't want to break-in's encryption. how does the general public feel about this issue? a new poll is out. more an that coming up at 6:30. live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 6:05 and 38 degrees outside. this morning we're hearing from the parents one young victim of the michigan mass shootings who was founded to have survived after she was initially feared dead. >> breath taking. it was a miracle of its own. >> 14-year-old abigail's parents have been by her side since the saturday night shooting. earlier reports said abigail died after being shot in the head. abigail squeezed her mother's hand and when a doctor asked the teen to give a thumbs up, she gave two thumbs up. she remains in critical condition.
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kalamazoo county prosecutor maintains that the victims were investigators have recovered a gun. they've gatheredç surveillance tape and they say they are not sure why he did it. >> uber says it received complaints about dalton from several passengers saturday night. uber immediately suspends drivers accused of violent acts. in those cases, uber says they usually contact the driver to hear their side of the story when the complaints are of erratic driving. >> uber says it will not likely change its screening system for drivers. they do background checks but has no plans to add fingerprint
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requirements. the driver involved in a deadly street racing crash over the summer is finally behind bars. philadelphia police say the investigation is far from over. they're searching for a sectiond driver. police have an arrest warrant for ryan farrell. they say he's on the loose and they need to find him. chris blm field was the driver of this acura. he was drag racing drunk when he lost control. three of his friends died. a second car was caught on surveillance video speeding away from the scene. >> we've been through enough. it's been hard enough on us. i don't think he needs to make things any harder. i think he should do the right thing and come forward. >> anything with information on farrell's whereabouts is asked to call police. now to decision 2016. donald trump will be looking for his third straight win in his republican caucus in nevada. >> analysts expect trump to score an easy win. and that has the gop establishment scrambling to support senator marco rubio.
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yesterday, rubio picked up some support from some republican leaders such as bob dole and orrin hatch. last night in las vegas, trump targeted rival ted cruz and his impact on religious-based voters. >> this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. the evangelicals didn't vote for him. you know why? because they don't like liars. they're really smart people. >> ted cruz is hoping to win delegates in upcoming states with support from evangelicals. a voting bloc who flocked to donald trump in south carolina. senator ted cruz shook up his campaign yesterday when he fired his spokesman. rick tyler apologized for tweeting a story that falsely claimed marco rubio insulted the bible. coming up in the next half hour, we'll show you how a local student newspaper prompted the controversy. the next contest for the democrats running for president is in south carolina's primary this saturday. >> polls show hillary clinton with a double digit lead on
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bernie sanders. political observers say that could just be part of a wider problem for sanders. he lost to clinton inç nevada saturday. he's also facing a delegate deficit and polling gap among african-american voters. yesterday in boston, sanders pointed out clinton is using part of his message in her campaign. >> i am delighted that secretary clinton, month after month after month, seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated. that's good. >> hillary clinton's latest stump speeches appear to prove that point. she's speaking out about campaign finance reform, a sanders trademark. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are overhead. the wind is blowing. gustier winds will be coming in this afternoon. by this afternoon, in fact, later this morning, rain will also be falling. right now i'm tracking rain to
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the south. it's moving into delaware and south jersey. cape may is the first to see light rain this morning. heavier downpours tomorrow. it's a two-day time which fin finally comes at the end of the week. we'll see gusty winds on through the workweek. right now, the temperatures, 25 degrees in the pocono mountains. likely to see snow and a wintry mix in the mountains. 35 in trenton and well above freezing for wilmington. still waiting for the first rain drops. ice is dry this morning at penn's landing. rain will be moving in. 40 in millville. go farther north and west. a couple degrees above freezing for coatesville and pottstown. not an issue at all for camden. it's spruce street, 38 degrees, haddonfield 36. well above freezing before the rain moves in. this system will bring in warmer air with it. the first rain drops moving through, up the i-95 corridor through northeastern maryland, baltimore seeing light rain. it's just starting to move into
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dover right now. steadier, light rain. we saw it start just after 4:00 this morning when we went on the air in southern delaware. seaford, now getting some of the light rain, cape may is getting a few rain drops, too. rain, snow to the north. camel back will loaningly see snow. awintry mix mainly north of bethlehem, fleetwood and pennsburg. temperatures in the 40s for bordentown, abington and king of prussia. the rain falling at the shore. the wind will kick in for avalon and cape may. wet weather but temperatures climbing into the low to mid-40s. gusty winds this afternoon and today will not be the only day with rain. i've got a look at the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. about 11 minutes past 6:00 this tuesday morning. let's take a look at the roads out there. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered. what are you seeing, jessica? >> a disabled on route 95 right
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now. you canuát we have a disabled vehicle over into the right-hand shoulder on the southbound side. we're starting to see delays headed on 95 southbound into the center city area and also watching for a disabled vehicle in lower pottsgrove on adams street and woodland drive to watch out for. route 42 in new jersey, around the runnemede area headed northbound to the philadelphia area. we still have a five-minute drive time headed to the walt whitman bridge. police say a woman stole more than 1,000 bucks worth of clothes but it's what she left behind that got her in trouble. we'll tell you what she's charged with this morning after turning herself in late last night. >> i'm katy zachry live in bucks county. coming up, i'll introduce you to a woman who leads a full and active life but it was nearly cut short by the number one killer of women. straight ahead, important, life-saving tips you need to know.
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i think i might be having a heart attack. >> february is national heart month. >> symptoms are different for men and women. katy zachry is live in warrenton. what are the differences, katy? >> vai and tracy, we'll get to them in just a minute. first, heart disease is the leading cause of death in a moment. nearly four years ago, edy weinstein suffered a heart attack on way home from the gym. like she told the women's business forum from doylestown,
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she was active, busy and ate right, so she thought. one morning she started feeling symptoms of an attack. >> i had gripping jaw pain, heart pal pa takings, nausea, heart burn pain across my chest and back. >> it's important to note that most men when they're having a heart attack usually get pain near their left shoulder. as you heard for edy, most women it's sweeping pain across their chest leading to their back. for more information on symptoms, go to reporting live in bucks county, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, katy. time to check on traffic again. we're looking at 95. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered with all of herç camer. what are you seeing, jessica? >> the good news is it's on the northbound side. northbound side of 95 at this time of the morning, typically
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doesn't jam up a whole lot. we have this disabled vehicle over here. cars slow by the scene. of course it's zoomed in closely. it's difficult to see. we are starting to see that typical southbound delay into the center city area. now that we have a disabled vehicle we're starting to see a slowdown on the northbound side. another disabled vehicle on lower pottsgrove, adam street, woodland drive. the area bridges are doing okay. no scheduled openings for the tacony palmyra and the burlington bristol. no problems getting over into philadelphia or back into new jersey, of course, from the ben or walt whitman bridge. here's the white horse pike in berlin, new jersey around cross keys road. we're still okay moving through the intersection. it's a quiet tuesday morning. a lot of the majors are still doing okay. starting to see a slowdown on 95 and parts of the schuylkill. i'll be back in the next ten minutes with another check on your morning drive. >> thank you. full moon made an appearance
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overnight. it wasn't just any full moon. you're looking at the snow moon, that's the name given to february's full moon. the farmer's almanac says the name dates back to when native americans controlled the northern and eastern u.s. i don't know if i like snow moon. >> because full moons have different names depending on what month they're in, right, bill? because we have snow in february. is that it? >> absolutely. >> what about sun moon. >> no. the forecast is for rain. >> got it. >> if you're looking for snow, find it in the pocono mountains which you won't see is the moon or the sun. it is going to be clear through the day. what we're looking at right now, clouds moving into the city. this is a live view from center city where temperatures have been staying above freezing. right now it is 39 degrees in philadelphia with the northeasterly wind at 10 miles an hour, nicely above freezing for the city and at the shore, we've seen rain drops so far. you can see them on the lens. is this a live view from the
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marquis de lafayette hotel. it doesn't look very wet on the recordway, does it? light rainfall to start with. winter weather advisories to the north. the pocono mountains, northampton county, just not north of the allentown area. this is where we could see a mix of rain, sleet, freezing rain to the north. in the doylestown area, temperatures will be climbing. this is 8:00 this morning. 36 degrees in newtown and for norristown, the temperatures climb as the rain moves in. so making things looking mainly rainy. there's a slight chance it could be a bit of freezing rain to begin with. i don't think that looks like much of a threat this morning. it won't last long if it does happen. the temperatures climbç as the rain moves in. rain will be too steady for anything other than a warmup. clouds are here, rain steady moving into the area. light rain we're watching it now in cape may. you can see very light rainfall there. most of what we will see during the day today is light rain.
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hasn't moved in yet. this afternoon, rain will be steady. tomorrow, heading into the afternoon, we'll still be looking at umbrellas going up in the area. the heavier rain, that's due in later tomorrow. look at the evening commute. at 6:00 in the evening with heavy rain possible from allentown through philadelphia, wilmington and into central delaware. rain arrives this morning, a breezy day. temperatures claim into the 40s today. tomorrow, even warmer with rain and gusty winds, 57 degrees, the high temperature on wednesday. then the rain finally tapers off on thursday. 54 degrees thursday afternoon. 40s for friday. 42 degrees and then here comes the colder morning on saturday, down to 26. a big warmup over the weekend. 56 degrees on sunday. closer to 60 degrees monday. >> wow. >> very nice. thank you, will, 21 minutes past 6:00. headed out for a cup of coffee? we have news that might leave a
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bitter taste in your mouth. >> starbucks is changing its reward program. how it's changing and when. plus this. >> she just jumped. >> we will tell you what caused a woman to jump from the window of her northeast philadelphia apartment building last night.
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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just honest, simple turkey. camille cosby's deposition is on the record in a civil suit filed against her husband, bill cosby. camille answered questions from lawyers for the seven women who sued bill cosby for defamation in a sexual assault case. the women claimed bill cosby let his defense team paint them as liars after they accused cosby of attacking them. the plaintiffs lawyer said he will be deposing her again on march 14th. >> at the end of the day, a jury will determine who has more credibility, is it the seven
6:26 am
women we represent or is it bill cosby? >> bill cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a temple university employee in 2004. he pleaded not guilty to criminal charges. a woman is recovering this morning after jumping out of a window of her apartment building. skyforce 10 flew over the burning building in northeast philadelphia late last night. a neighbor told us that the woman became trapped when she was trying to escape the fire. >> she just jumped. the steps broke orç whatever, e couldn't get down them so she jumped. >> another person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. this video is actual video of sixers rookie jahlil okafor driving 100 miles an hour over the ben franklin bridge in october. video is from a delaware port authority officer. the speed limit on the bridge is 45 miles an hour. okafor pleaded guilty to unsafe operation of a motor vehicle and paid a $437 fine.
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good morning, everyone. it's jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're watching 95, live around girard avenue on the northbound side because penndot crews just got to the scene of this disabled vehicle. we're starting to see delays behind that. delays on 95 north and southbound. more updates for you on this scene when i come back. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. hey, bill? >> the clouds are here within the rain on the way. it's moving into delaware and south jersey has yet to arrive in philadelphia. 20 minutes away from sunrise. that's a good thing, in spite of the clouds, the temperatures will be climbing as the rain moves in. good morning, i'm matt delucia, live in center city where people will be protesting tonight over privacy concerns. i'll explain, next.
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this is nbc 10 news.
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a mom is accused of stealing clothes, running from the cops and leaving something very precious behind. what charges this mom is facing after police picked her up late last night. apple versus the fbi. apple customers and others are joining the fight that involves unlocking the phone of the san bernardino shooter. have that rain gear handy this morning. take a look at the first alert radar this morning. meteorologist bill henley says round one of rain is coming this morning. and good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. just after 6:30. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast, find out about the timing of that rain. >> we went on the air 2 1/2 hours ago. at that hour, light rain was reaching southern delaware. it's reaching into new jersey now. milford and dover getting a few sprinkles. it's light rain to start with. what we won't see in philadelphia is the snow that's developing farther inland where the temperatures are running a bit colder.
6:32 am
you night see a few snowflakes briefly as the atmosphere will be chilly enough for that. mainly rain, not expecting accumulation. the temperatures are already climbing, 33 degrees in reading and 34 in pottstown and 41 degrees in dover. those 40s will migrate to the area, should hit 40 degrees this afternoon. this morning, the rain moves in, 40 degrees at 8:00. by 11:00, winds of 15 miles an hour increasing to 19 miles an hour. at 2:00, the rain will still be coming down. most of the day, it is a light rain. there's heavier rain open the way. we'll go through that neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching your tuesday commute. >> that's right, bill. we're seeing problem on 95. of course the camera is zoomed in. it's difficult to see. this is around girard avenue on the northbound side where we have a disabled vehicle. you can see flashing lights in the area as well, penndot crews are there to help this guy get
6:33 am
himself out of the way. traffic is moving by to the left-hand side. this is also through the work zone. we are going to see more volume than we'd normally on the northbound side. the rest of mass transit doing okay this morning. no major delays will set you back too much. septa is running on the new spring schedule. a heads up to are that. check before you go. vooe and tra vai and tracy. philadelphia police have charge aid young mortgage with theft and child endangerment. >> mahogany terry was on the run for two weeks. she tried to steal $1,400 worth of men's clothes. when she was stopped by security, she ran off and left her child behind. >> leaving your child behind, abandoning your child, because that's what you're doing. >> terry's been arrested twice before for shoplifting. the 4-year-old is now in the care of her father. today people are getting involved in the fight between
6:34 am
apple and the fbi. a group organized protests across the country and one of them is in philadelphia, another one is in cherry hill today. >> the core of the issue, the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. we've been talking about this for days now. the fbi asked april toll unlock it and apple says that would unleash privacy problems for anyone who owns an iphone. matt delucia is in center city in front of the apple store this morning. tell us more. >> one of those protests is planned for outside the apple store this afternoon. many apple users say it would set a press didn't and pose a privacy risk for everyone. apple is contesting a judge's order to build that software. one of the organizers of this rally, he's with fight for the
6:35 am
future, believes the nationwide rallies will send a message about their concern. >> this is an ongoing battle, really, it's one of the most of our generation in terms of ts the future of freedom of speech, freedom of press, democracy, our basic human rights around the world. this isn't going to be the end of it by any stretch. >> how about the general public? pew research came out with a poll yesterday. 51% of americans believe apple should unlock the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists. 38% apple should not unlock the phone. more people supporting the fbi based on that one survey. two other rallies in our area at 5:30 tonight, one on walnut street, one outside the apple store in cherry hill. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. bill gates is siding with the fbi in the san bernardino iphone case.
6:36 am
gates told a newspaper this was a specific case where the government is asking for information but gates added there should be safeguards in place when such information is accessed. 6:36. 38 degrees outside. starting today you'll get a chance to express your thoughts about a proposed increase in your philadelphia water bill. officials will hold the first of five public input meetings tonight. the water department wants to raise the water rate by $8 a month. it says the extra money would pay for new infrastructure to cut down on water main breaks. nbc 10 was in langhorne where parents, students and neighbors rallied to save oliver heckman elementary school. the chamonix school board plans to vote in april. parents said they see heckman as part of their family. >> it is the only building in the north end of the school district. it's essential in its location. it's within walking distance to many small businesses. a lot of of the small businesses in our community do require our
6:37 am
business to keep afloat. >> if the board votes to close the school, students would be sent to a new school under construction in lower southampton township. 6:37 and 38 degrees. february is black history month, a time the nation celebrates sd recognizes the contributions made to the u.s. the church turns 200, the oldest independent protestant denomination founded by black people in the world. it was founded by richard allen, a freed slave in delaware. >> they built this incredible building. it's an amazing story when you put it in its full context of who they were and what they were able to accomplish with so little resources. >> today people come from all over the country and the world to visit mother bethel and learn
6:38 am
about ame history. a bronze statue of richard allen will be unveiled this summerç the church to honor the founder. for more on the church and museum, go to the nbc 10 app. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 6:38. we are tracking rain moving into the area this morning. slowly moving to the north. light rain during the day today. but gusty winds and heavier downpours in store for us tomorrow. the heaviest rain tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. that's when we'll see the gustiest winds as well, topping 30 miles an hour in the area. right now, dry in mt. pocono. it's cold, though. you'll see wintry weather in the pocono mountains. get snow on the mountains. that's a good thing. trenton will get rain, 35 degrees. the rain is already falling with temperatures inching up in dover, 41 degrees right now and 40s at the shore. we've seen a few rain drops in cape may. it's been a light rainfall so
6:39 am
far this morning. now just moving into new castle county, middletown seeing the first rain drops, to the west is snow you may see in some of the northern western suburbs. a few snowflakes mixed in with rain at the beginning and rain takes over as warm air will accompany this storm system. the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is calling for rain for reading, allentown and quakertown. farther to the north, the wintry mix, including the pocono mountains. for trenton and mt. holly, norristown, all in the 40s. umbrellas necessary this morning and this afternoon. you'll see a rainy day for cape may and rehoboth where the winds will be stronger. 46 degrees, warmer than it is right now in dover. not a huge warmup today. just enough to keep us out of trouble. 42 in west chester, 44 for wilmington and 45 in philadelphia. and warmer weather is to come in spite of the heavy downpours. we've got the extended future weather and i'm back in ten minutes. >> we'll see you then, bill.
6:40 am
just about 6:40. time to get a look at traffic. jessica boyington has that and more. jessica? >> 295 popping up with an accident scene, no major delays behind us right now. we do have flashing lights in the center median. mansfield township around columbus road on 295 northbound. you can see a little bit slow as they pass that scene. no huge backup behind that. all traffic is moving along nicely. we'll keep you updated on that scene for sure. montgomery county, an accident in conshohocken on west crawford avenue. and girard avenue, it looks like that earlier disabled vehicle may have cleared out of the way. either way, we are starting to move there. just a tad slow headed northbound. >> 20 minutes before 7:00. fashionistas willç have a new t
6:41 am
spot to shop in montgomery county. when and will it's being built. plus, how a report from the student newspaper at the university of pennsylvania ignited a presidential campaign controversy. so, what moves me? it's the journey. the feeling of doing. it's making choices for a healthier me, a healthier us. i'm on my path and i love it. the path to a healthier you starts with nature's path pumpkin flax granola. crunchy clusters of delicious organic oats,
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flax and pumpkin seeds, with all the goodness to nourish you and your family. nature's path granola. enjoy your path.
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6:44. 48 degrees outside. new at 6:00, sax -- saks is opening a store in plymouth meeting. customers will get two stars for every dollar spent and once they get 125 stars they can cash those in for a free item.
6:45 am
new this morning in decision 2016, philadelphia mayor jim kenney is endorsing fellow democrat hillary clinton for president. >> he released a statement says he trusts clinton with america's future and also it's a major day for republicans today. the nevada caucus starts today. there's a campaign controversy people are talking about this morning. the student newspaper for the university of pennsylvania is at the center of it. >> ted cruz fired his campaign spokesperson yesterday after the spokesman tweeted a story that falsely claimed marco rubio had insulted the bible. the flap is linked to this video, the daily pennsylvanian shot in new hampshire over the weekend. shows marco rubio pointing to bible in the hands of a ted cruz supporter. a cruz staffer posted the video on facebook which incorrectly claimed rubio told the supporter, there are not many answers in the bible. rubio said he gestured at the bible and said all of the answers are in there. he had some words for -- >> for them to transcribe words
6:46 am
on a video that are the complete opposite of what i is he, it's incredibly disturbing. it's every single day, something comes out of the cruz came pain that's deceptive and untrue and in this case goes back to my faith. >> cruz and rubio are battling to overcome donald trump's momentum with the gop nevada caucus set for later today. john kasich is also april the center of a controversy. >> let's hear what he said in virginia about running for office years ago. >> how did i get electioned? i didn't have anybody for me. we got an army of people who -- and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me all the way back when things were different. >> a few minutes later,ç a feme nurri nursing student responded to kasich's kitchen comment. >> your comment earlier, i'll come to support outbut i won't
6:47 am
be coming out of the kitchen. >> the ohio govern's campaign have always been home grown affairs with many of his supporters being stay at home moms. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> if you're not planning to stay at home and you're heading out this morning, you'll need your umbrella. it's not raining just yet. we already have clouds and are tracking some rain into the area. a little bit of a breeze is blowing in the area. the temperatures holding at 39 degrees in philadelphia. we'll see it climb into the 40s during the day today. live view of penn's landing. so far it's dry. we wouldn't see the brilliant sunshine we enjoyed yesterday. it's wet weather. to the north where it's colder, this is where a win they weather advisory is in effect, north of the lehigh county area and into northampt
6:48 am
northampton. clouds are here, it's a steady rain. it's in delaware and now into cape may county, light rain drops. the temperatures will be climbing as the rain moves in. chester county, delaware county, 35 years. that's at 8:00 this morning, light rainfall in west chester and swarthmore at 38 degrees. the temperatures will be climbing by 9:30, 37 degrees in west chester. as far as rainfall totals, 1:00 this afternoon, could see a third of an inch on the ground. heavier downpours at the shore. by 5:00, more than an inch in portions of the shore. the snow falling to the north. another round of heavy rain on tap for tomorrow. for today, rain arrives, breezy, high temperatures in the 40s this afternoon with easterly winds to 18 miles an hour. tomorrow, another round of wet weather. we'll see the temperatures climb with gustier winds and the potential for heavy rain late in the day on wednesday.
6:49 am
by early thursday, the rain is tapering off. we'll get some late-day breaks of sunshine on thursday, then gusty winds and colder for friday. 32 in the morning, 42 degrees in the afternoon. milder over the weekend. saturday 45. look at the 50s for sunday and monday. >> thank you, bill. ten minutes before 7:00. police activity. i saw a tow truck pulling up. >> there is a car that went off the roadway into the center median here sean is pretty much stuck in this dutch. the tow truck is backing up, trying to get this vehicle hitched and out of the way. the good thing about it çis, is over into the center median right now. we don't have traffic or backups behind this scene, it's 295 in mans field township, columbus road on the northbound side. we'll keep you updated for the rest of the morning.
6:50 am
here's the schuylkill expressway speaking of delays, around route 1, no problems. eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway, a 23-minute trip. one last check on your morning drive within i come back in the next five. vai? >> thank you, jesse. a woman who touched cou countless lives, including those at nbc 10. >> we are remembering cara mccollum. >> jersey is strong and growing stronger every day. >> cara was a news anchor at millville based snj today. she died yesterday, a week after a car accident. the loss hits close to home as cara was a long-time girlfriend of our friend and colleague, keith jones. posting online, keith called his relationship one of pure absolute love and bliss. while her colleagues say she was the center piece of life at their company. >> she just made every day brighter for everyone around her. she was positive every step of the way in whatever she did.
6:51 am
>> keith has since been off the air since the accident, always at her bedside. if you'd like to send him a message, do that at now before she die, cara signed up to be an organ donor. >> her family says at this moment she is saving lives. one organ donor can help 50 other people. right now there are 12,000 people in pennsylvania, new jersey and the state of delaware who are waiting for a donation. to become an organ donor, sign up at the dmv when you get your driver's license or i.d. card. you can also sign up online. we've posted links on and the nbc 10 app. coming up, a check of the headlines. we'll tell you where this fiery crane collapse happened.
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time to get a check of the stories you need to know about as you start your morning. >> first alert meteorologist bill henley is checking weather. jessica boyington is watching the commute. >> katy zachry is talking about national heart month.ç let's start with matt delucia. >> protests are planned at several apple stores across the country over privacy issues and whether the company should give the fbi the key to unlock a cell phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. these rallies are planning to be help at over 40 apple stores at 5:30 tonight. among the concerns is privacy. a judge recently ordered apple
6:56 am
to unlock the terrorist iphone. the company has been pushing back. two protests in our area, one here on walnut street and one in cherry hill. donald trump is favored to win today's nevada republican caucus. the front-runner is coming off easy wins in new hampshire and south carolina's primaries. also today, the famous love park sculpture is going across the street to dilworth park while renovations are completed at love park. last night was the finale of "the biggest loser." and a south jersey native was one of the final two contestants. it was a close one but steven from hainesport, burlington county was not the biggest loser. he was runner up. he lost a staggering 1 3 ponds. his wife jackie also competed on the show but didn't make it to the final three. >> february is american heart
6:57 am
month, a chance to remind women all over the country of the dangers of the number one killer. heard disease. edy weinstein from upper bucks county suffered a heart attack. she speaks to groups throughout the area about the dangers of heart attacks and how you can prevent them. she was working at a high-stress job, not getting enough sleep. one of her symptoms was sweeping pain across her chest and into her back. most men who suffer from heart attacks often have pain in their left shoulder. reporting live in bucks county, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. a license plate is trending on social media this morning. >> the plate is being called offensive and being revoked. state officials in minnesota are trying to figure how it ever made it through the screening process. someone snapped a picture of the plate and put it on social media. the governor saw the plate and
6:58 am
started the petition to have it removed. an electrical problem with the crane may have sparked the fire, krauzing the crane's arm to suddenly collapse and drop several stories to the ground below. it smashed on to the street, damaging several cars. no one was hurt. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're still watching this accident scene right now on ç2 out in mansfield township, new jersey around columbus road. what happened on the northbound side, you can see the tire tracks leading into the center medium where this vehicle got trapped into the center. a tow truck on the scene, a few police officers as well. we still have a disabled truck up ahead in this direction on 95 northbound. we're starting to see delays heading that direction. the southbound lanes looking better. mass transit doing okay. watch out for that new spring
6:59 am
schedule for septa. the thorndale line also seeing 15-minute delays this morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> clouds over the city, live view from the adventure aquarium. it's just a matter of time before rain starts falling in philadelphia. it's already coming down lightly on beach avenue in cape may. the radar shows the rains making progress, now moving into new castle county in delaware and chester county seeing the first few rain drops, parkesburg you might see light freezing rain to begin with. all the readings i'm seeing here as we go neighborhood by neighborhood. coatesville 35, 34 in downingtown and chester springs. the temperatures will be climbing in spite of the rain moving in. your hour by hour forecast is calling for clouds to be with us through the morning. the rain will be steady later this morning and through this afternoon. >> all right. thank you very much, bill. of course you can always get the latest information on the nbc 10 app, including breaking news,
7:00 am
weather and traffic. join us, the "today" show is next. we'll see you for local updates in just minutes. good morning. winning hand. donald trump with a strong lead heading into today's caucus in nevada. he plays tough guy with the protester at his rally. >> i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. >> as he and marco rubio take swings at ted cruz over alleged dirty tricks. >> every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that's untrue. >> while the other candidate s slug it out, it's trump on the way to the nomination. bill gates sides with the fbi, saying apple should unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. >> this is a specific case where the government is asking for access to information. >> will apple


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