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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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stay just above freezing as we head through the night tonight. it's going to be damp, it's going to be windy, it's going to be foggy. you see temperatures not changing very much. but, then there's part 2 that's coming. meteorologist sheena parveen has a look at what's coming tomorrow. >> yeah, that's right. part two of both of these systems is going to carry heavier rain and stronger winds. so, for tomorrow we do have a first alert weather day out because of that. first alert weather day wednesday afternoon into wednesday night and the threat of thunderstorms so keep this in mind tomorrow, heavier rain will be around the evening commute. thunderstorm threat will be across part of the area and with that we could see lightning and gusty winds with these thunderstorms, wind gusts expected to be around 40 to maybe 50 miles per hour closer to the shore. this is our second system for tomorrow. it's spinning around the gulf coast states, louisiana, mississippi, parts of southern alabama in a tornado watch right now.
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so, all of this weather is going to eventually move up into our area tomorrow, that's why we have the thunderstorm risk. here is the risk area. locally it's mostly south of philadelphia that has the highest risk of thunderstorms. the severe risk right now lies just to our south, we could see that change tomorrow or even maybe late tonight. even higher risk the farther south you go. you see how strong this next weather system is. so we'll start here with future weather tomorrow. 3:00 p.m. we see the rain around, we see even heavy pockets, but then by the evening commute, 5, 6:00 tomorrow, there you see the reds and the oranges that shows us heavy rain, potentially thunderstorms, temperatures in the 60s which would be fueling this. and then we go even into tomorrow night. 8:00 p.m., we still have the thunderstorm risk around, the temperatures are warm and then each by 10:00 tomorrow night we could see an organized line of thunderstorms developing, so again, with this we could see gusty winds, heavy rain, potential for lightning, we'll be tracking this through the day tomorrow too. coming up glenn will show you a
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closer look at the timing tonight into tomorrow and colder air moving in for your weekend. that's straight ahead. this is what this storm system looked like down south. this video coming to us from the weather channel. you can see what appears to be a funnel cloud starting to form in kenner, louisiana, look how huge that s a few miles from new orleans. this was the scene about an hour north of there in prairieville where they are picking up the pieces after the storm rolled through. taking out an entire wall of this gold's gym. the national weather service confirmed a tornado touched down just after noon local time. you can track the rainy weather on our app and download the app to prepare now for the next round of storms. the nbc 10 app is a free download. now to breaking news in center city, prosecutors and lawyers are expected to meet at any minute to talk about football star lasean mccoy's future, this is the latest
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development after an alleged assault that you're looking at during a nightclub brawl earlier this month. nbc 10's cydney long has been following the story for 2 1/2 weeks now and is live outside the philadelphia d.a.'s office. we know we've been awaiting whether charges will be filed in this case. what's happening right now? >> reporter: i can tell you we've been watching and waiting all afternoon today. as of this moment there is no sign of lasean mccoy's attorneys here at the d.a.'s office. i can tell you this is a meeting that has been in flux throughout the day today. but multiple sources telling us that it would be happening at 4:00 but now without their client, two attorneys expected to walk through the doors to talk to the d.a. seth williams and the assistant d.a. on the case now stretching into week three. today was supposed to be mccoy's first face-to-face meeting but he is not coming now. multiple sources telling nbc 10 it's too much of a media circus, so it was called off and then called back on again but without
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the nfl star. mccoy's attorney set to sit down with investigators here to have this discussion on his behalf. at issue, what was mccoy's role in this fight inside the lounge that injured two off-duty police officers after an argue ult over champagne bottles in the early morning hours of super bowl sunday. the investigation itself has had the d.a. and the police union somewhat at odds over the potential for charges, and we've heard nothing from mccoy for two weeks now, his attorney hogan has said his client has done nothing wrong. sources indicate that the lead assigned detective will also be present here but so far no one here yet this afternoon. but we'll be asking what happens now, and why was lashuan not here should they show up and take the time to explain to us where this all unfolds from here. live in center city, cydney long, "nbc 10 news." thank you. breaking news, police in lehigh
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count y identified a man assaulting a woman with his body fluids. we told you last night. look here, police in bethlehem are looking for this man, michael morris is his name. the 58-year-old is accused of throwing what is believed to be semen on a woman. the victim took this picture at the time. anyone who knows where morris is staying is asked to contact bethlehem police. now to new video of a heroin overdose caught on camera on a bus. it captures rescuers rushing in to save the man. the man was hospitalized and later arrested. lauren mayk spoke to local leaders who say the problem is what happens now as they try to fight back against a growing heroin epidemic. she is live in upper darby with more. >> reporter: they are hoping that this video will make an impact and it's certainly shocking, it falls into the category of one of those things that until you see it, it is really hard to believe.
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this bus was full of people, some of whom sprang into action and called 911. when that bus got just about here, and they knew something was wrong. inside the bus t camera shows a clear view. watch the man on the right. the young man who got on at 69th street reaches down and puts a needle in his arm. later in the video he starts to nod and -- >> then crashes. he is totally unconscious. >> that's the voice of the police superintendent whose officers are later seen attending to the man. they administer narcan which combats the effects of heroin he calls the major drug problem in america today. you can see it on a septa bus in the middle of the day. >> that's how much the need for the fix is. there had to be 50, 60 people on the bus. >> this was he says the department's 63rd use of narcan. but now he wants to draw attention to what happens next.
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>> we save somebody at 9:00 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon they are using heroin again. >> the man was ultimate pli arrested for possession. getting him in the system they could order treatment. but he wants more. >> we're showing how bad the problem is and when somebody has this kind of addiction, to actually shoot up on a crowded bus at 1:00 in the afternoon, is like unbelievable. >> reporter: a delaware county actually has a heroin task force and i found out today that right now they are working to use a grant to hire two people who would then follow up with people who are administered narcan to help get them treatment. lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." breaking news about the zika virus, health officials are investigating 14 new cases that may have been spread through sex. the infections involve men who
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sickened their female partners in the u.s., all of the men had been to places where there were zika outbreaks but not the women. two of the women are pregnant, the mosquito-borne virus is suspected of causing babies to be born with abnormally small heads. president obama today announced his plan to once and for all close the detention center at guantanamo bay. denise is live in our operations center with more on the president's proposal. >> jim, closing guantanamo bay is part of president obama's last effort to make good on an unfulfilled campaign promise from 2008. the president says he wants to move about 35 detainees to other countries, the defense department then would move 60 other suspected terrorists here to the u.s. the plan considers but does not name 13 different locations including existing prisons in colorado, south carolina and kansas. the president says this is a chance for progress and is our responsibility to try.
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>> keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in the world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law. >> president obama argued that terrorists are using guantanamo as a recruiting tool and says the center also is draining $455 million a year from our military. the top republican in the senate says president obama's plan is illegal and going nowhere. live in the digital operations center, denise nakano, "nbc 10 news." >> to our decision 2016 coverage. we're about four hours away from the republican caucus in nevada. right now candidates are pushing for last-minute support across the state. the latest nbc news surveyed tracking poll shows donald trump maintaining a lead nationally. trump has 36% of the vote
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followed by ted cruz with 19% and marco rubio with 16% who is up two points from last week. cruz is trying to overcome some negative interviews, the texas senator said any one in the u.s. illegally should be sought out and deported. he also fired his campaign spokesman yesterday over this video of marco rubio from a student newspaper. the spokesman tweeted and claimed rubio insulted the bible which was not true. trump used the negative press about cruz to take more jabs at his competitor calling him a liar. analysts expect trump to score an easy win in nevada. philadelphia mayor jim kenney wants to see hillary clinton in the white house today. kenney endorsed clinton saying he shares the progressive vision with the former secretary of state. he says he supports clinton's push to tear down barriers that deny opportunity in the u.s. >> is and she's probably the
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only person who could beat donald trump who apparently is going to be the nominee for the republican party which is one of the scariest thoughts i can think of in my life time. >> the mayor says he expects clinton to come to philadelphia during the summer's national democratic convention, as the clear front-runner. but he also credits her opponent bernie sanders for energizing young voters. the next contest for the democrats is south carolina on saturday. >> new at 4:00 powerful union boss bon dougherty accused of starting a street fight with a non-union worker in the aftermath of the incident was caught on video. deanna durante tracked down the footage and gets reaction. >> the auto shop is not a quiet place. it was noises outside early on january 21 that got his attention. >> i opened up the door, i seen a skirmish. that was it. >> couldn't tell who was fighting who? >> no. because the fight happened down the street. >> he had no idea who john dougherty is unless police and
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reporters started asking for the tape. it shows a man pulled by another man north along third street, behind them dougherty and three to four men who appear to be walking along side him. one man appears to be bleeding from his head. the tape has no sound and you cannot hear what's being said. you cannot see what happened further down the street. >> it is clearly an aggravated assault. >> a lawyer for this man says a fight was instigated by dougherty and his associates. robert says his client is a non-union electrician and the site had been the scene of frequent protests by local 98. >> docker thety approached him, hit him with a left, broke his nose, right, that was partly blocked, the other men jumped in. >> the spokesman says in a written statement he says john was not the aggressor, a non-union contractor on site who was half john's age made verbal threats and the contractor rushed john and threw a punch at his head after the contractor had already sucker punched one
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of the local 98 protesters on site which required stitches for the local 98 member. docker the i is well known and a union boss who is politically active, made contributions to the district attorney and the attorney general. we have learned williams' office sent the case to attorney general kathleen kane. her office released a statement saying to avoid the appearance of a potential conflict she is having her senior staff look at the case, and they will make a decision. he is preparing to file a civil suit. dougherty's people say this was an act of self defense. deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." and nbc 10 employs some workers who are local 98 members. >> >> a new book links the vice president's late son beau biden's cancer to time with the national guard in iraq. the book suggests that biden and other soldiers were sickened by fumes from burn pits in iraq and afghanistan. burn pits were often used to get
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rid of waste including chemical weapon debris. beau biden spent a year in iraq, pentagon officials tell us the evidence linking burn pits with health problems is inconclusive but admit some deployed service men and women have suffered persistent symptoms. >> i believe they were a direct effect on his health. i just have too many soldiers with the same complaints that were located in the same place he was. >> beau biden died from brain cancer in may of last year. >> the democratic national convention now five months away and montgomery county's rolling out the welcome mat with the help of the political party's mascot. donkeys, pickles and jenny from the zoo were there as local tour itch leaders assembled visitor kits. they are hosting 18 delegations at the hotels during the convention. they want the delegates to make the most of their time outside of philadelphia. >> there is so much exciting stuff to do when you're a
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delegate here. what we're doing today is we're sending this information out to those delegates to let them know about everything montgomery county has to offer. >> the dnc expected to bring in more than $11 million for montgomery county's economy, more than 12,000 hotel rooms are booked for the event. in philadelphia will host the convention july 25-28, at the wells fargo center. spring training, the gang is back. spring training is in full swing. >> the phillies are all on the field together for the first time and we're hearing from the team's slugger who has been in the headlines recently. marshall harris joins us live from clearwater, florida with all of the day's reaction. what's going on? >> reporter: you know, trying to struggle here through an 80-degree day here in clearwater, florida. ryan howard and teammates happy to take the field and oh, how time flies, believed that they are the only two remaining members of the phillies still
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with the team, after that 2008 world series victory. ryan howard dealing with the fact he may be a platoon player in 2016. howard out on the field with his teammates, he's been with the phillies for 13 years, he is a three-time all star, rookie of the year, mvp, national championship series mvp, all earned in the phillies uniform but it's his inability to hit left-handed pitching that left him open to criticism. howard didn't like how the media treated him last season. >> last year was a tough year. i wasn't happy with the media. i was always happy with my team. i wasn't happy with the media. >> the way i felt with everything that i've done here, in philadelphia, i felt i was being portrayed as something worse to be honest with you guys. i felt like i was being portrayed as the bad guy when y'all know me, you know my -- you know how i'm always joking and upbeat and stuff.
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i didn't have a problem at all with my teammates. that's why i didn't talk to you y'all last year. >> howard speaking his mind clearly coming up at 5 we'll have more from howard on why he thinks he can be an every day player still at the age of 36, plus we'll hear from frarngo. he did show up for the full workout. we'll hear from him on why he wasn't here earlier. until then live for nbc 10, marshall harris, comcast sportsnet. >> marshall, your forehead is a little shiny from the heat. we want to let you know. it's also 42 degrees here. >> and rainy and gloomy. >> is sounds balmy. >> you would rather be here. >> i would. >> and palm trees and peaches. >> i send my regards and condolences. >> thanks so much. >> and count on nbc 10 for your coverage of the phillies home opener. we'll get things started with live coverage of the team parade at citizens bank park in our
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special at 2, then it's first pitch at 3 on april 11th here on nbc 10. we've talked about it. our weather is pretty different from what we're seeing in florida. >> that doesn't look like clearwater, does it. nope. here is a live look at interstate 95 in south philadelphia where it's a ride home for work for drivers and looking to a lot more rain this week. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking all of it. >> guys, i think we'd have a rainout tonight if they were trying to play here aside from all of the low temperatures too. it's going to be a damp night, areas of rain, there's going to be fog around. and nothing compared to tomorrow. wednesday is wet and increasingly windy. and as a matter of fact we may have some gusty thunderstorms wednesday night, maybe even some severe thunderstorms. wednesday night. as temperatures soar into the 60s. hard to believe when it's 42 now. with a 16-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 22, feels like 34
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degrees out there. middle of the afternoon. it's barely above freezing reading and allentown, 36 degrees, 37 in pottstown, just enough above freezing so that it's just rain and not freezing rain or snow. 47 degrees in millville. is the warm spot. not exactly as warm as it was over the weekend. the temperatures as we go through the night tonight if anything it goes up a little bit. so it's not going to be one of those cases where it cools down at night and changes to snow or ice or anything like that. but tomorrow especially late tomorrow and tomorrow night, that's a first alert. we've got heavier rain coming in so localized flooding is possible. and also those gusty thunderstorms. potentially gusts over 50 miles an hour causing some damage. at the moment we have a winter weather advisory for the poconos and northampton county. with some of that freezing rain falling up there, the snow has gone even farther to the north
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out of the area. allentown still in the light rain as is easton. we go down farther to the south and we have patchy areas of rain, mostly on the light to moderate side. that's not enough to cause flooding. but the storm tomorrow, this is a much stronger system, you saw the tornado reports in louisiana already, there's going to be a lot more tonight down south before it's over with. then tomorrow's severe weather threat is highest in north carolina. i mean really high in north carolina. it's just slight in delaware and extreme south jersey, and a little higher in parts of virginia. that is going to be part of this warm wind that's going to be coming in. here we go tonight. a little bit of freezing rain in the poconos, near 30 degrees, the rest of the area temperatures level or go up a touch. then here comes more rain tomorrow. patchy light in the morning.
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not even necessarily that much at 4:00. but what, this thing explodes in the evening. 66 degrees from this computer model. and then the line of thunderstorms that comes through 9, 10:00 at night. and look at the nighttime. midnight, 62 degrees in february. 2:00 a.m., 58 degrees in february. you don't get temperatures like that without some kind of trouble. the rain or thunderstorms or both. patchy rain with fog late tonight, 40 for the low in philadelphia, 34 north and west. then during the day tomorrow, it gets warmer and warmer as the southeast wind increases, eventually gusting over 40, again some places getting into the 60s as you saw. with some potential damage. and then on thursday, it's windy, a chance of a shower, maybe a snow shower farther to the north. temperatures kind of level during the day, then it gets
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cold friday and saturday. look how much warmer it gets for sunday and monday again. >> you don't hear this every day. britain's royal family at the center of a labor dispute. >> next, why the people who work for prince william and kate middleton aren't happy with the fairy tale couple. >> the love is gone. why philadelphia's famous park is missing it's statue. >> plus, a little weight loss can have a large impact on your body. the small number of pounds doctors say makes a big difference. >> first, a look at today's closings numbers on wall street. it was a down day for investors.
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kensington pal slas worried about money not the income but a proposed pay cut for some staff. some employees at prince william
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and duchess kate's house are threatening the strike fearing they will lose $5,000 a year. the charity which pays the salaries say they might have to cut spending. the staff work with the public, not directly with william and kate. >> back at home no more love in love park. at least for now. today workers moved the famous 750-pound sculpture across the street. that's the temporary home while love park is renovated. that remodel will include more green space including trees and flower beds. >> the newest addition to the pittsburgh zoo is spot on when it comes to cuddles. this newborn leopard cub made its debut on the facebook page. they are endangered with only 70 in the wild. zoo officials say the mother and baby are bonding quite well. looks like it. >> looks tiny too. the big story of course a one-two punch of rainy weather. >> rain is falling now and a lot more is on the way.
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first alert chief meet ol list glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking both storms. >> that's right. rain is falling now and is going to continue through the evening rush and the night. i'm tracking this and then the bigger next round of rain. that's coming right behind it.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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feels better to wear that hood today. they were up around today. this was the scene on city avenue up the street from our studios as the wet stuff continued to come down. let's take a live look at what drivers are dealing with right now. wet roads on i-95 in south philadelphia. today's rain part of a storm, storm number one this week. >> we're also looking ahead to another big storm that will move in tomorrow.
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first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the rain that's falling and what's to come. >> we've had wet weather but at least it's not been a lot of rain in the quantity, the type that would cause flooding. we had snow in the poconos as camelback and now it's changed to freezing rain, at least for now. we've got rain all day here outside the studio, the flag blowing from the northeast wind and that's keeping things cool around here. we continue to see much of the area covered in green, which is generally the light green, the darker green is heavier but we'd be looking for yellows and reds for a really heavy rain. we haven't seen that today. we have seen some freezing rain in the form of some of this pink here. up in the poconos during the last hour or so. and the light to moderate rain in the philadelphia area and also patchy areas of rain. a little farther to the south. the second storm and this is a really big one, you can see the
4:32 pm
circulation very clearly. it's got a powerful jet stream associated with it. fueled by the el nino and sometimes these things do lead to severe thunderstorms and damaging winds. there is a slight risk up in delaware and south jersey tomorrow. a higher risk of that happening in virginia, the highest is in north carolina and is going to be a good deal of severe weather down south tonight that you'll be hearing more about. you'll hear more about how this is going to affect our weather hour by hour with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> you can track the rain through the evening on our nbc 10 app. be sure to download to the prepare now for the next round of storms that are moving in for tomorrow. >> a philadelphia mother who allegedly ditched her 4-year-old daughter after shoplifting at a department store in center city is now facing charges. this afternoon police gave us this new picture of mahogany terry. she had been on the run before officers arrested her at her house last night. terry allegedly tried to steal
4:33 pm
more than $1400 of men's clothing from the macy's earlier this month and when security guards stopped her she broke free and ran away. and left her daughter behind. the 4-year-old is now with her father. >> some unhappy customers refused to tip for bad service and one woman went a step further. throwing a tip cup at a dunkin' donuts manager. this incident happened at the shop on washington avenue in west oak lane. you can see the woman pick up a ceramic cup and throw it cutting the manager's wrist, then knocks things over. police believe the suspect is driving around in a dark colored ford taurus. >> in less than an hour apple supporters plan to protest against the fbi, the protesters support apple's refuse tool help the government unlike the iphone a san bernardino shooter. microsoft founder bill gates is bucking the trend and backing the fbi in this battle. he says apple should help because it's just like obtaining
4:34 pm
phone company records. >> now to another potential privacy issue related to your phone. they can find out how fast you go if you're driving, if you slam on the brakes and the time of day you drive. >> insurance companies offer deep discounts if you agree to have your driving habits tracked. harry hairston has been digging through privacy policies and joins us with a preview. >> here's what's happening. we scrutinize the fine print of four insurance companies to find out the ways they can track you while you're behind the wheel. we found companies moving away from the devices that plug into your car to apps on your phone. the companies say they will save you money. but the latest tech has privacy advocates and customers concerned. >> what is your worth as far as your privacy is concerned versus your savings worth. >> see what insurers record, who can see your personal
4:35 pm
information and why a u.s. senator is looking into it. that's tonight at 11:00. only here on nbc 10. for the investigator, harry hairston, "nbc 10 news." today marks the 25th anniversary of the deadly one meridian high rise fire. three firefighters lost their lives battling a 12-alarm inferno on february 23rd, 1991. it started when a bucket of oil soaked cleaning rags burst into flames on the 22nd floor. the fire burned into the next day until a sprinkler system finally helped put it out. >> workers demolished the skyscraper in 1999, a memorial now stands on the spot to honor the firefighters who died. losing just a little bit of weight can apparently have a big impact. >> and the number of pounds it's less than what you might think. plus, a cruel joke turns into a blessing for a local homeless man. next how a cup of coffee and
4:36 pm
unusual request made the story of his hardship go viral.
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>> candy bars in the u.s. are safe but could be different in europe. mars, snickers bars and milky way minis part of a massive recall in 55 countries. the candy maker fears there could be bits of plastic in the treats. this recall affects candy from a plant in the netherlands. >> february is the american heart month. and one woman says now is the time to make sure you know the symptoms. edie is a business woman from bucks county and nearly four years ago suffered a heart attack. like many women she was active, busy and maintained a healthy diet. a recipe for great health she thought. then one morning she realized she was having a heart attack. >> i didn't go straight to the hospital. i drove home. i canceled with a client. very calmly. and then i thought maybe i should go to the hospital.
4:40 pm
i didn't call 911. >> edie should have immediately called for an ambulance, chest pain is a common symptom of a heart attack but for women so is stomach pain, shortness of breath and fatigue. heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in america. >> good lesson there. if you are overweight and struggling to shed pounds don't fret even a small change can significantly improve your health. a washington university study found that losing just 5% of your excess weight gives you the biggest bang for your dieting buck. a small weight loss cuts the risk of type ii diabetes and heart disease and dropping a few pounds is easier to do and spurs people into losing more. >> there is more fallout for a local amusement park that made headlines for treatment of a special needs worker. >> the latest problem for dorney park. >> i'm tracking rainfall across the region. a beautiful day, huh. the threat of wintry weather in
4:41 pm
the pocono tonight. a much bigger storm for tomorrow. that's next.
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>> today some students in delaware had a chance to learn skills needed to enter the workforce. nbc 10 at the community college in newark for the second annual pathways conference. parents, students, business leaders and educators all taking part and the goal is to boost college enrollment in the first state and reduce the number of students who need educational support. >> it's an early start before after college you have a good head start to get you where you need to be, where i need to be. >> at the conference several area high schools received awards for making strides increasing college readiness. >> autism walk scheduled to take
4:45 pm
place at dorney park will not go on. a rep from the walk says they won't be using dorney park because of how the amusement park treat add long time employee with special needs. chris emory was not rehired for the 2016 season after a change in the interview process. the philadelphia fraternal order of police made a similar move calling off its annual picnic at dorney park. >> a new american girl doll inspired by the civil rights movement will soon be on store shelves, the doll melody represents a child growing up in detroit in the 1960s, historians, educators and a civil rights activist collaborated. the third african-american doll in the collection, it was announced in honor of black history month. it hits shelves this summer for $115. >> well, usually after a day like this we get clearing and some nicer weather the next day.
4:46 pm
not going to happen this time. we've got a damp night ahead. wet and wet and windy on wednesday. and then also some gusty thunderstorms by wednesday night. potentially causing some damage. like we saw a week or so ago. you see how wet it is, it's windy, it's chilly. 41 degrees, nasty day. northeast wind at 18 miles an hour, feels like 32 degrees. and the temperature tonight instead of going down, if anything is going to go up a touch. and so by morning, 41 degrees in philadelphia, we're not even close to being concerned about icing over or a change over to snow. right now it's 36 in allentown and quakertown, blue bell, pottstown, reading, 35 in doylestown, 38 degrees in coatesville. so as long as these temperatures stay steady, even if they drop a couple degrees we're okay.
4:47 pm
as far as freezing threats are concerned. 38 in trenton, 40 in wrightstown and mount holly. 47 in millville, woodbine, and 46 for the atlantic city airport. a first alert for tomorrow. especially late tomorrow and tomorrow night. the rain tomorrow, that's going to get heavier. localized flooding is possible, and gusty thunderstorms are likely over at least a part of the area. tonight's issue, winter weather advisory for the poconos and northampton county until 9:00 a.m. wednesday. a little bit of freezing rain on top of the snow that's already fallen. at least from allentown and reading southward, it's above freezing. just patchy regular rain that's falling. making things wet. we also have some fog issues tonight as well. then we have some patchy rain, a little bit farther to the south. the bigger storm is down in the deep south and you can see the
4:48 pm
spin very clearly, a really, really strong jet stream fueled by the el nino helping to create severe storms and tornados down south. and the whole thing shifts up toward the northeast tomorrow, so the risk of severe storms comes up this way. slight risk, mainly for delaware, extreme south jersey, could shift up to the philadelphia area. a higher risk in the delmarva area, much of virginia and the highest risk of really high risk in north carolina, you get probably number of tornados in that state tomorrow. as we go through the night tonight you can see if anything temperatures are going slightly up. don't have to go a lot up, just a little up. and we're okay for any kind of icing. you can see showers around in the morning. not a whole lot. but then later in the day, as the temperature climbs, look at that, 64 degrees according to this computer model. 4:00, there are heavy showers
4:49 pm
and maybe even thunderstorms. mid-60s, look at this, 60s in allentown. and then this line of storms comes in. now, if it holds together as a line, then we have the greatest threat of severe thunderstorms out of that. that remains to be seen. partly cloudy tonight or patchy rain tonight with some fog late. 40 degrees for the low in philadelphia, 34 north and west. then tomorrow it's another cloudy day, it's wet, some showers in the morning. the wind not strong to start with but really increases later in the day and the temperature really increases too. and the seven-day forecast, after the warm weather on wednesday it's not all that cold thursday, starts off mild, doesn't really change very much. and then friday and saturday are just downright cold. but then it is february. and then look at the temperature go back up. by sunday and into monday.
4:50 pm
as we finish out the month. temperatures back in the 50s. >> there's usually a price to pay. when we get 62 degrees in february, it's usually comes along with something. >> in order to bring that warm weather up especially with a southerly wind, there is generally a strong system that's attached to it. >> we'll be feeling that tomorrow. thanks, glenn. >> a local homeless man's hardships have gotten the attention of a professional football team. >> and it led to a surprise that the man says helped him get through the winter. next, the prank he had to endure that made his story gain national attention.
4:51 pm
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welcome back. a viral posting made a homeless man the butt of a cruel joke. but now he's back on his feet after his story caught attention across the country. >> he is sharing that story with nbc 10 reporter ted greenberg. >> i'm glad i turned the page. >> it started with someone's idea of a cruel joke and ronald's own desperation. >> i was so broke i needed the money to be honest. >> the 65-year-old was homeless living in a lake wood baseball field dugout when a man paid him $5 to pour coffee over his head. >> my friend come by and helped me. >> a friend who snapped these photos moments later then posted them on facebook with a description of what happened, soon, ronald's story went viral. >> somebody meant to the mock ron as a homeless person but ron got housing because of the situation. >> that's not all. the pictures caught the
4:55 pm
attention of the san francisco 49ers, because of the worn and weathered jacket ronald had on. the team got in touch with homeless advocate steven brigham. >> we have a package here from california. >> and on friday, he brought him a surprise, a boxful of team gear. including a brand-new jacket. >> is that a beautiful jacket or what. >> goodness. that's perfect. >> unbelievable. california. just unbelievable. >> there is still compassion here in this country. >> as unfortunate as the initial incident was, brigham believes it was a blessing in disguise. >> ron might have died this winter in that dugout if he wasn't rescued by this situation. >> a situation that ultimately got ronald out of the cold. >> 49er pin. >> and put him on the receiving
4:56 pm
end of a gift that traveled from coast to coast. ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." >> a shame the way it had to happen but glad to see it worked out. >> shows there are more good people who are willing to step in and help. >> there you go. "nbc 10 news" at 5 is next. >> next on "nbc 10 news" at 5, a new book is raising questions about the death of beau biden. the author claims biden and other soldiers were exposed to dangerous chemicals during military service. we spoke with the author and asked the military about his allegations. >> we have more rain, also more wind in the forecast for tomorrow. we could even see thunderstorms. i'll show you the timing on it and all of the details coming up. they are supposed to serve a good cause so why is philadelphia getting rid of dozens of donation bins? we'll explain next.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5, an update on your first alert weather. here is a look at our live camera in the poconos. they had snow but it's turned to freezing rain. for most of us it is all about the rain. here is a live look right now at the ben franklin bridge where we're seeing light showers at
5:00 pm
this hour. showers will fall throughout the evening. take a look from storm force 10 here driving on city avenue through delaware county. this is just round one because round two moves in tomorrow. you're looking at wet roads there right now. there's going to be a lot of wind, a chance for severe winds as well. the first alert weather team is tracking it ault for us. >> let's go to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz and glenn, you're tracking the rain and snow that's here right now. >> we did see some snow in the poconos, parts of northampton county, close to the poconos now, everybody seeing rain. and it is hour after hour of this stuff kind of a nasty chilly windy day after that beautiful weekend we had. you can see more patchy light rain, the lighter greens indicating the lightest rain, and it's not even raining everywhere but we'll be seeing maybe drizzle drops in between these regular raindrops and this pire


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