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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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first, tornadoes ripped through the south and the same storm system is headed our way. good evening, everyone. >> we have declared a first alert ahead of the arrival tomorrow. three people are dead after a string of tornadoes ripped through the south today. a scare for drivers near prairieville, tennessee. you can see the path of destruction is dozens of homes leveled. and in st. james parish, the winds tossed this 18-wheeler on to the side. >> let's get to first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. what impact will we see tomorrow? >> we will have a lot of wind and rain. some of that rain could be on the very heavy side with the lightning. we have the thunderstorm risk across the area tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. heavier than tonight. lightning and winds gusting near about 40 to 50 miles per hour.
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but those wind gusts could be higher seeing any severe storms developing. right now, we are pretty quiet across the area. fog and drizzle right now. could be seeing light freezing drizzle in the poconos. tomorrow everyone warm enough for rain in the afternoon. here's the next storm system down around the southeast. still tornado watches up with this moving in as we go into tomorrow and here you see the thunderstorm risk with the most severe staying further south. for the morning commute tomorrow, i think mostly just seeing fog and possibly some light rain and then going through the afternoon, that's when the storms start the move in. we'll talk about it coming up. new at 11:00, shady has his say. la shawn mccoy left a meeting with investigators of an alleged involvement in a fight. >> denise nakano is live in center city with details of what went on behind closed doors. denise?
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>> reporter: this was the first time mccoy had a chance to give his side of the story. they tried to keep this meeting private as it was held here at the office of mccoy's lawyer but he had plenty to say in his own defense. a closed door meeting of mccoy, his attorney, philadelphia police investigators and prosecutors from the d.a.'s office went on as scheduled this afternoon. changed locations in a last-minute effort to avoid the media glare. mccoy's attorney escorted him to a waiting vehicle on 20th and market after the two and a half hour meeting wrapped up saying -- >> he did nothing wrong. i won't say anything more about it. thank you. >> reporter: mok coy got a chance to share his version of events in a meeting with authorities involved in investigating and prosecuting the case. sources confirm d.a. seth williams was not at the meeting. sources also say mccoy denied having any fault in the incident february 7th, shifting blame on
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the injured officers. the assault captured on video ended with two off duty officers hospitalized with broken bones and lacerations that required stitches. these new photos of nbc 10 show officer ro land butler's injuries and officer darnell jesse's. his attorney says the meeting of mccoy and prosecutors is not unusual. and he says neither is mccoy's position on what happened. >> it certainly doesn't surprise me that someone would make an effort to try to distance himself from criminal conduct when they're the target of a criminal investigation. >> reporter: perri he is confident someone will be charged. there's no indication when charges will be filed. nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, a shooting in delaware county sends a man to the hospital. police in sharon hill say a 29-year-old shot in the chest o.
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officials say a responding officer discharged the weapon and would not confirm they shot the victim. no word on how many shots were fired. powerful local 98 union boss is being accused tonight of starting a street fight with a non-union worker. this is video from 3rd and reed streets january 21st. it shows what appears to be joshua and john walking north on 3rd street with the man with dockerty bleeding from the head and says the client was targeted not in the union. >> he approached him. hit him with the left and broke his nose. right partially blocked. the other man jumped in and pummeled him. >> a spokesman said the boss acted in self defense. the attorney general's office will handle the case now. nbc 10 does employ some workers members of the local 98 union. to decision 2016 as
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republicans caucus in nevada tonight, donald trump appears to be poised for another win. nbc 10's steve hand elseman reports. >> reporter: nevada republicans lined up for caucuses which their front-runner promised could be quick. >> you go in, vote and leave. you don't have to sit around like a bunch of dopes. >> reporter: three days after donald trump won south carolina polls pointing the a trump victory today as he showed up to a caucus in las vegas. >> get over there and vote! make america great again. remember that. >> right time at the right place. and he don't fool around. >> reporter: ted cruz is charging trump is an unknown. >> the truth of the matter is donald is president, nobody knows what the heck he would do. >> reporter: marco rubio supporters expanding. >> i can unite the party. already seeing it happen as candidating drop out, people join our people. >> reporter: rubio and cruz fighting for runner-up in nevada
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leaving trump again the likely winner. that pattern could carry over to next week an super tuesday. big media campaigns in 12 states and trump is strong except for texas. ted cruz's state. i'm steve hand elseman, nbc news, washington. the democrats will face off in the south carolina democratic primary saturday. and tonight both candidates took part in a cnn town hall where race was a major part of the discussion. bernie sanders called for reforms in the criminal justice system while hillary clinton talked about racial barriers in society. new at 11:00, philadelphia police arrested a man wanted for attacking a southwest philadelphia business owner. police arrested malcolm pollard in pennsylvania accused of robbing and stabbing the owner of southwest auto tag service in october. police say he was also wanted for this 7-eleven robbery caught on surveillance video. it also happened last october in
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southwest philadelphia. tonight, a killer is on the loose. wanted in a murder that could be part of a disturbing trend. >> the victim was a transgendered woman, part of a community seeing more than the share of violence. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal live tonight at police headquarters with details. >> reporter: last year in the city of philadelphia two transgender women were murdered. nationally, more than 20 people. so this latest attack which happened on sunday is once again sending alarm bells in the community. 25-year-old mia young found bleeding to death on the street in frankfort, stabbed in the neck and chest. originally from jersey, the transgendered woman moved to philly to find a better life. >> she was somebody who made sacrifices to live the life she wanted to live. >> reporter: friends said she was proud and worry the murder is the late nest a long series of attacks fueled by discrimination. >> sometimes like i said, you
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know, that's just a part of, you know, what happens when you decide to be who you are. and fight for that. >> there's a long, long, long list of transgendered people especially people of color, who have lost their lives or been victims of extremely violent crimes. >> reporter: the city says the problems are systemic. discriminating in housing and employment forces many into homelessness and prostitution. the city says half of all transgender people make less than $10,000 a year. >> we put ourselves at risk to survive. >> reporter: advocates say solutions lie in awareness and programs for the most vulnerable and the most recent case of violence is stoking fears once again. >> you have to live your life. but you have to protect yourself. so do what you have to do to protect yourself. >> reporter: detectives here do not have a motive in this killing of mia young or a suspect. as if all homicides in the city, there's $20,000 reward for
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information leading to an arrest. live, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. police used narcan to save a man in a bus in upper darby an caught on camera. watch the man on the right of your screen here, you can see him shoot up and then collapse right into the aisle. later, you see officers administer narcan to combat the effects of heroin. saving his life. today police arrested the man in the video for possession. and two weeks ago, nbc 10 shows you it saving a woman from an overdose in south jersey. the woman lying in the street and a police officer helped revive her. president obama's long awaited plan to close guantanamo bay cuba in the hands of congress centering on what to do with the 91 detainees left. nearly two thirds of them could be transferred to military or civilian prisons in the u.s. congress voted to ban all from
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the u.s. the pentagon says closing the prison would lower costs by up to $85 million a year. the fight to save a philadelphia church isn't going anywhere. people of the church gathered for a meeting tonight writing letters to the state attorney general to save the church. the archdiocese wanted to tear down that church and then last summer the philadelphia historical commission designated it a historic site but members of the group say still have not led to talks with the archdiocese. insurance companies keeping tabs on how fast you oar driving and when you get behind the wheel. tonight, the nbc 10 investigators look into what they record and who sees your information. and officer acquitted after kicking a man in the head. why he's back in the news tonight. and we have more rain moving in tomorrow. except it's going to be heavier and windier. also, some stormy weather.
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i'll show you when that will move in coming up.
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get [ bleep ] on the ground. >> new at 11:00, a dover police officer cleared of assault charges after he was caught on camera kicking a suspect in the head has resigned. they acknowledge the resignation effectively immediately. he kicked a black suspect in the head. he told jurors he didn't mean to but in the upper body instead. a jury acquitted him assault last december. also new at 11:00, new jersey man behind cars charged in a car wreck that killed a father and his 6-year-old son. scott hahn facing two counts of manslaughter and two counts of vehicular homicide happening monday afternoon near the jersey city exit of the turnpike. you can see the white malibu nearly cut in half. the wife and mothers talked
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about the difficulty breaking the news to her daughter. >> she went room to room looking for bridget and her daddy. and i had no -- nothing other to say than the truth. >> a third vehicle was involved. no charges were filed against that driver. how hard do you brake and how fast do you drive? some auto insurer cans get data like this and more through apps on your phone. >> but as the nbc 10 investigators found loopholes in the fine print, could expose your personal information. reporter harry hairston has a warning. >> reporter: it's a way to save on your auto insurance. have your habits tracked through a device that plugs into the car. korean tried it in the snapshot
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footage. state farm's drive safe and save. >> you are very much aware there's something that's tracking your driving. >> reporter: she says she drove 30 days, two years ago and for her it paid off. >> i'm paying a fraction. i pay $83 a month for car insurance and i was paying $180 something a month. >> reporter: she is not alone. according to the pew research center, about 4 in 10 americans find it acceptable for them to monitor the driving habits with a device inside their car. habits like slamming on the brakes, the time of day or night you drive and how fast you go. >> everybody likes a good deal but when's important is that consumers aren't taken for a ride. >> reporter: khaliah barnes is with epic. he says questions of privacy are growing as they use technologies to track drivers. >> do the apps have access to the call information?
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when's texting? whether you're texting and driving. >> reporter: the investigators scrutinized the privacy policy and mobile app terms and conditions. four insurance companies. three offer an app that tracks customers' driving. progressive says its app rolls out later this year or next year. it already launched a pilot app. and while all four say they won't sell your personal information, that won't stop them from giving it away. >> we know that insurance companies want that information and will have it but who are the other entities? law enforcement? when's the process there? >> reporter: and the terms of service and privacy policies for allstate, progressive and state farm all say your information can be shared with third parties. liberty mutual says it won't share any personally identifiable usage data to third parties. >> raises questions of litigants getting the information. you are in a car accident and say, well, i know that he or she
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had that app on, i want the know how fast they were going. >> reporter: and hacking. >> raises status security questions, how safe is this data? >> reporter: questions lawmakers will mostly like have to deal with. bob casey says it's a challenge for lawmakers. >> i'm studying and have begun a review of this issue to see if there isn't a legislative remedy. >> reporter: part of the 63% that doesn't want to be tracked while driving you might pay more for the same coverage. as for buda, she is happy she got in and out of being tracked when she did. >> too much information to be -- that's vulnerable. >> reporter: the insurance companies declined the request for on-camera reviews but in statements all stressed the importance of privacy. we posted the statements in the entirety at with this story. one company, geico, is only mayor insurance company that doesn't use this technology. for the investigators, harry
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hairston, nbc 10 news. well, we saw a lot of rain quiet down tonight but we are seeing fog developing and drizzle out there, too. it is misty and foggy tomorrow. also, maybe some light showers tonight. otherwise, tomorrow another wet and windy day. the strongest of any storms or heavy rain will be later in the day tomorrow. so the biggest storms threat across the area will be tomorrow night. at this point, it could be right after the evening commute but again, could be changing and tune in tomorrow morning for the latest updates on the timing with bill henley. in poconos, 30 degrees. anything falling there for the remainder of the overnight period freezing drizzle, maybe sleet possible and watching that closely. rest of the area, though, we are above freezing. mid-30s north and west. 40 philadelphia. we expect to stay above freezing
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into tomorrow and not looking at anything freezing on the roadways and at least that's good news we are looking at heavier rain moving in. we have fog, light showers trying to move through and overnight tonight, that's kind of the trend. staying in the wet pattern and we are in a bit of a break between the rain of today and our next weather system still spinning around the southeastern part of the country. a lot of severe weather here through the florida panhandle, alabama and georgia and this thing is bigger than one today and bringing us heavier rain and stronger wind than today and moving in as we go in to the day tomorrow. now, the morning commute doesn't look too bad. here's future weather with it. overnight staying above freezing, except the poconos. tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. i think at this point seeing maybe some very light showers or fog around the area. temperatures warming even more by lunchtime. this is 1:00 now and we could be close to 60 degrees. average high is 45.
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that's unseasonably form tomorrow and fuel the thunderstorms and heavy rain. evening commute, and i think we'll see still some rain around and the storms start to move in right around 8:00, 9:00 in the evening. so there you see the reds and oranges showing us where we could see heavy rain, lightning, thunderstorms potentially damaging winds of some of the storms strong enough. aside from that, winds gusting anyway near 40 miles per hour. 60s. continuing to fuel the storms developing. 11:00 p.m., an organized line in new jersey. and then closer to midnight and all this starts to clear out and sets up for a drier day. we have wednesday night, wednesday night. lightning and gusty winds. here's the storm threat across the area. highest is mostly south of philadelphia but the more severe risk lies to the south but of course we'll be watching that for any changes going into tomorrow morning. tonight, though, drizzle and fog
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around 40 for the low. 34 areas north and west. tomorrow, above freezing. wet storms later in the day and it's going to stay gusty. thursday we do dry out and going into the weekend, cooler and still on the windy side with morning lows in the 20s. shining a light, literally, on an issue not often discussed. dozens of landmarks across the u.s. and the sears center lit in blue and green for national eating disorders awareness week to raise awareness of body image. john clark with sports? >>. >> flyers tonight, howard tells us what he doesn't think is fair. how badly did mcconnell get hurt tonight? that's next.
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i'm john clark. lost night for the flyers. losing ground to the devils and the hurricanes. they're playing the hurricanes. couturier is back and boy the flyers have missed him. the flyers outshoot carolina 37-18. scott laughton with the goal here. hurricanes storm back with three unanswered. flyers lose 3-1. you're looking at gostisbehere. the epic 15-game point streak ends. longest ever in nhl history for a rookie defenseman. >> it's a fun thing. personally happy it's over and we don't have to talk about it anymore. it's just want to thank the
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teammates for the support. >> he is mature. sixers with orlando tonight. take a look. shooting 3s pregame. sixers expect him ready for next season. look at this circus shot. and then the foul. his only bucket of the game. t.j. mcconnell off the tip. sprained his ankle badly. carried by his teammates. who crushed the sixers again? former first round draft pick. vucevic. two short of the career high. sixers lose 124-115. five straight losses. temple a 12-point lead at tulsa in the first half. but the hurricanes roll the rest of the way. temple loses 74-55. tulsa one game behind temple for the american conference lead. phillies first full official squad workout today. howard speaking for the first time and felt disrespected last year by the media. here's ryan today with the worst
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batting average in baseball over the last four years against lefties. manager pete said the big piece will sit against lefties if he can't hit them. >> do i think it's fair? me personally, i probably -- not. but i mean it is what it is. the situation is the situation. you just go out there and go play. >> it looks and sounds like cliff lee could be retiring and yahoo! sports reports sam bradford will likely re-sign with the eagles.
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well, we have storms moving in tomorrow. now the strongest of it i think will be here later in the evening. so most of the day we are going to see scattered showers, grab the umbrella. very windy tomorrow, too. heaviest moves in later tomorrow evening and then clear out and
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cool down going into the week. but after the show, right here, we are on facebook live giving details on the storms if you missed it. >> all right. >> thank you for joining us. have a great night.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin spacey. bill and melinda gates. musical gues


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