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tv   Early Today  WCAU  February 24, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. today is a first alert weather day because of the threat of severe weather, heavy rain and wind. here's a look at the storm system that ispp"ed our way on the first alert radar. breaking news in north philadelphia. firefighters respond to an apartment building after flames break out on the third floor, forcing people out into the street. now we're hearing about another fire just brocks away. trump takes nevada. the results in the latest caucus are in and the republican front-runner ends up with another win. it's 4:00 a.m., 42 degrees outside. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. talk about what's going to happen later on today. bill? >> good morning, tracy. we're seeing scattered light showers this morning. that's what we'll see to start
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with. heavier rain will develop later today. and a thunderstorm threat, a severe thunderstorm threat for this evening. lots of lightning and gusty winds, potentially damaging winds coming through this evening. we've issued a first alert as a result. this morning, though, this is what you'll encounter, a few scattered showers in the area, light rain pushing past philadelphia. some rainfall right now, it's very light in upper montgomery county and into camden and burlington counties in new jersey. a few more showers this morning, the steadier rain is to the south, the thunderstorm activity farther to the south, in georgia and into south carolina. it's going to be a rainy day as this comes up the east coast, potentially stormy. we take a look at the futurecast hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> well, bill, we are watching berlin, new jersey around the white horse pike and cross keys road. roadway is obviously wet in the
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ar area, not a lot of cars in sight. here's the schuylkill expressway, just checked in with the drive times as well. no problems into center city right now. either direction, eastbound is in here. that's where you're heading towards center city. no backups or delays although the roadways may be damp and potentially slippery. we are in the green, eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill, in the 60s. drive time is 28 minutes. a building fire, one of two just blocks apart. katy zachry is live at the scene. what can you tell us? >> tracy, it has been a busy morning for philadelphia firefighters so far. this is the most recent fire, the second one they've dealt with in the last hour. as we push in to this structure in the middle of the block. this is a vacant structure. no one was inside. the fire broke out here on the first and second floor about 45 minutes ago. when firefighters got here, they
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then found the fire had transferred to a portion of the building to the left of it, also vacant, unoccupied, no one inside. that's the good news. now, as we pan off to the right, you can see this lit building here, that was occupied. people are currently living in there. they were evacuated just to be safe but fire fortunately did not transfer over to that structure. there have been no injuries reported from this fire along 5th and burke street. firefighters have it under control.ç they are just finishing putting out hot spots and plan on wrapping up the scene. a half hour, 45 minutes before this fire broke out, let's go to video of another fire that broke out at the harrison plaza apartments along north 10th street. that is a 12-story building, as you can see, an apartment building and fire broke out on the third floor there. everyone inside that apartment building had to be evacuated. they were outside in the cold, the wind and the rain this
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morning while firefighters put that fire out. we're still working to find out the cause of the fire there but fortunately, there were no injuries and everyone was let back inside the apartment within the last hour. that's the latest we have for you live in philadelphia, north philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> katy, thanks. 4:04 and 42 degrees inside. police in delaware county are investigating a shooting involving an officer that happened on barker avenue, sharon hill. medic took a man shot in the chest to the hospital. we're working to learn the victim's condition. prosecutors now have their first statement from former eagle lesean mccoy. his lawyer said mccoy did nothing wrong. prosecutors are investigating a fight involving two off-duty police officers and mccoy.
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mccoy pointed the finger at the officers. pictures we obtained show the injuries to roland butler and darnell jesse. >> it certainly doesn't surprise me that someone would make an effort to try to distance themselves from criminal conduct when they're the target of a criminal investigation. >> the district attorney's office has not said if or when charges will be filed. this morning, philadelphia police are searching for a killer following the stabbing death of a transgender woman in frankfo frankford. mya young was found on penn street saturday night. someone stabbed young in the neck and chest. last year, two transgender people were killed in philadelphia, 20 across the country. young's friends fear this may be an attack in a series of attacks fueled by zridiscrimination. >> sometimes that's a part of what happens when you decide to be who you are and fight for
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that. >> there's a long list of transgender people, especially transgender people of color, who have fought for their lives or lost their lives. 4:06. now to decision 201. no surprise, donald trump takes first place in nevada's gop caucus. the battle for second place is still going on. trump ran away with the contest, gotten 45% of the vote. in the past hour, marco rubio took over second place, 24%, ted cruz, 22%. these numbers are still changing. john kasich and ben carson managed only singleç digit support in the caution. matt delucia join us with a breakdown of what the results mean for the gop race moving forward. >> nbc news called this race for donald trump at the stroke of midnight, precisely when the caucus voting ended in nevada. trump rolled to his third straight victory in the gop race for the white house. nevada republicans poured into
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caucus precincts around the state with most throwing their support behind the billionaire businessman who own a luxury hotel in las vegas. the nevada win gives trump even more momentum heading into super tuesday, which is next week, that is when voters in nearly a dozen states go to the polls. trump gave his victory speech just within the last few hours. >> we're going to be the smart people. we're not going to be the people that get pushed around all over the place. we're going to be the smart people. you're going to be proud of your president and you're going to be even prouder of your country. okay? >> reporter: trump thanked various groups of voters for their support, including people he called the poorly educated. the votes in nevada as we just mentioned, senator marco rubio the favorite of the republican establishment. he's battling ted cruz for second place. rubio held a rally in michigan during last night's caucus. he is still winless in this primary season. ted cruz continued his downward
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slide in nevada, his third place showing as of right now follows a similar result in south carolina. the texas senator has a primary in his home state next tuesday. observers say he needs a victory there to stay in the race. for the record, ohio governor john kasich and retired neurosurgeon ben carson remain in the presidential race but neither candidate was competitive in nevada. last night, the democrats running for president answered questions at a town hall in south carolina. that state's democratic primary comes up on saturday. bernie sanders called for reforms in the criminal justice system. hillary clinton talked about racial barriers in society. back here at home, electrical workers union boss john dougherty is facing accusations of starting a street fight with a nonunion worker. take a look at video taken in south philadelphia last month pears to show the worker, joshua keasey and dougherty walking along third street. keasey's lawyer says his client
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is targeted because he's not with dougherty's local 98 union. >> dougherty approached him, hit him with a left, broke his nose, right that was partially blocked. the other men jumped in and pummeled him. >> a spokesperson for dougherty said the union boss acted in self-defense. the state attorney general's office will handle the case and investigate. nbc 10 does employ some work her are members of the local 98 union. happening today, philadelphia health officials will team up with nonprofit groups to get teenagers to stop smoking. they will urge teens to use peer pressure to get their friends to quit. philadelphia currently has the highest youth smoking rate among theç ten largest u.s. cities. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> tracking some rain showers this morning. clouds are overhead and those clouds will be staying with us
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during the day today. and heavy rainfall, that's going to wait until this afternoon. what we're seeing this morning are some scattered, light showers in the area. that's a live view looking across the delaware from the adventure aquarium. 40 degrees, ten minutes after 4:00. we are watching the radar screen for showers this morning. tracking some rain that will be steadier later this morning. this evening, there is a threat of severe weather, strong gusty winds and heavy downpours. the potential, strong gusty winds will develop ahead of those storms. we could see winds topping 50 miles an hour. damaging winds are a possibility. mt. pocono getting freezing rain this morning. 31 degrees. but that's the only trouble spot at this hour. trenton is 39, well above freezing for dover at 45 degrees with just a few rain drops. that's just rain falling on 95 in south philadelphia. here you can see the scattered shower activity that's just moving through right now. the steadier, very light rain into eastern berks county, upper
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montgomery county, milford, you'll seeing a few rain drops now, moving towards allentown. in new jersey, just heading towards trenton right now, burlington and mt. laurel seeing that light rain, steadier rain is to the south. that's where you'll find thunderstorm activity as well in the deep south. hour by hour futurecast, 7:00 this morning. cloudy skies, not much in the way of rainfall. later in the morning it's back. we'll see downpours come through. it's going to be on and off during the morning hours by 11:00, some lighter rain once again. look at the heavy downpours in northeastern maryland. and into central delaware. those will be sweeping through but that's not the heaviest yet. 3:00 this afternoon, you can see downpours just to the north of allentown. then we go into the evening hours, this is 6:00 this evening, look at the heavy rain moving into lancaster and berks county and then sweeping into philadelphia during the evening hours. it's not just philadelphia, it's also delaware into south jersey and lower montgomery and bucks
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counties. this is when we could see severe weather taking shape. we go through the extended future weather to find out when this moves out when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thanks for that. let's check your ride to work right now. there's an accident in montgomery county. jessica boyington is watching that. jessica? >> that's right, tracy. an accident in skippack, collegeville road and lewisky road. here's the vine street expressway. right around 24th street, no problems in either direction. the roadways are definitely wet. westbound, that's what those lanes are headed to the schuylkill expressway or 30th street station, you'll be just fine. the rest the drive times okay, no problems on schuylkill or 95 and the blue route southbound to the schuylkill 95 still a 15-minute trip. tracy? an on-board overdose is caught on tape. next, see how police officers saved him. moment of çimpact. new security video shows a small
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4:15. breaking news from nepal where searchers found the wreckage of a plane that went down yesterday. all 23 people on board are dead. plane crashed in poor visibility, losing contact with air traffic controllers eight minutes after it took off. upper darby police say they released video of a man overdosing on heroin on a crowded bus to show the power of narcan. police department's facebook page.
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minutes later you see officers administering narcan.ç the man in the video was arrested for possession. two weeks ago, a woman was lying in the street and the west deptford police officer helped revive her. the kalamazoo shooting rampage suspect in a gun store hours before the killings. these surveillance pictures show jason dalton in the store on saturday. was laughing and joking, gave the manager a hug before he bought a jacket with an inside pocket designed for a handgun. >> he was in here three hours before that started, no indication at all. there are just some people that will never give you an indication that they're about to do something horrible. >> the gun store owner says dalton had been in the store a few times before but he never bought a gun there. prosecutors say dalton
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confessed to the shooting rampage that left six dead in kalamazoo this past weekend. authorities have charged him with six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. police and prosecutors say they may never learn the motive. now i want to show you new video from california of a plane crashing on to a street. this surveillance video shows the small plane making an emergency landing yesterday on a road near an airport. the crash damaged the plane and several parked cars. no one was hurt. investigators say it appears the pilot was trying to return to the airport shortly after takeoff but they're not sure why. victims of the tornadoes and severe storms across the south will be surveying the damage this morning. three people are dead after at least 11 tornadoes hit louisiana, mississippi and alabama yesterday. a twister crossed the highway near prairieville, louisiana. further west you can see the path of struck as dozens of homes were leveled. then at another location, the strong winds tossed this
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18-wheeler on its side. tornadoes also hit florida and this is how it looked last night at a hotel near the airport in pensacola. property damage and injuries are reported. the governors of louisiana and mississippi declared states of emergency. survivors are reliving the terrifying moments when the twisters hit. >> and all at once we heard a loud noise. w whoo! the wind looked like it came down and went up. funniest thing i ever saw. >> one of the most hard-hit areas appeared to be an rv park in southern louisiana. two people were killed there. take a look at this video. it's hard to see. look at your screen closely. there are three waterspouts in this video, possible tornadoes three waterspouts to form at the same time over that lake there. it is rare to have three next to each other like this. a bridge in the area was closed until the waterspouts disappeared. this is a system that we've been
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watching as it moves its way towards us. that's why we've issued a first alert for what it may bring later today. let's get details from first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> it does look like it will be later today, tracy, that will bç the greatest threat late this afternoon and more likely this evening to see thunderstorms develop. what we're seeing right now, wet weather, dreary conditions. this is a live view from here at the nbc 10 studios. the rain is coming down, just a little bit of a breeze. a light wind right now out of the northeast at 9 miles an hour at philadelphia international. 42 degrees to start with. everybody's above freezing, the exception, the pocono mountains where it is just below freezing. they have freezing rain. slippery from ice or snow. forecast today. the temperatures will see a huge warmup. there are chilly spots, low 40s, wilmington, northeast philadelphia and wrightstown, 30s north and west in montgomery county. down to 36 degrees in blue bell, lafayette hill is 38 degrees, in the upper 30s for collegeville
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and in eagleville and farther north and west, the temperatures are all nicely above freezing. so freeze threat isn't a problem. but winds later today will be. it's already gusting to 22 miles an hour in wilmington and close to 30 mile-an-hour winds in much stronger winds with the potential stormy evening as severe thunderstorm threat will be sweeping through our area. just some scattered showers this morning but look to the south. this is a massive storm system, snow on the backside in the midwest. it's that line of thunderstorms moving through the florida panhandle into southern georgia is a threat for us. the futurecast shows this storm system sweeping in during the evening hours and then clearing out first thing early tomorrow morning. so this evening will keep a close eye on those storms taking shape. this morning, we'll start off with clouds and some scattered showers at 6:00. 43 degrees, up to 45. at 9:00.
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and in spite of the rain, we'll see a big warmup by lunch time. 53 and climbing. we may wind up in the 60s this afternoon. show you how long that will last with the full seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. tracy? >> bill, thanks for that. 4:21 right now. let's check your ride to work. especially if you take the 42 freeway. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. jessica? >> 42 in deptford right now, looks okay. we do have a little bit of wet road condition here headed northbound into the philadelphia area. you can see not a lot of volume or traffic in that direction. this drive time is still okay. average speeds down there into the 50s right now but everything still moving along. moving over to 95 throughout delaware, ramp closure, we have to look out for for the rest of the day. it's supposed to be cleaned up by tomorrow. 95 southbound to exit 7b, route 52, that is closed still for that ongoing construction. see the drive times are still okay, though, we are in the green north or southbound from 295 to 495. still watching that accident
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scene in skip packin montgomery county, collegeville road and lewisky road. new development is expected to change the face of north broad street in center city. groundbreaking happens this morning on the hanover north broad project. two parking lots at broad and callowhiç llowhill will become and parking spaces. it's 4:22. beau biden spent a year in iraq and a new book suggests his time there may have killed him. next, hear what may have contributed to his brain cancer. paying more for an education along broad street. find out why temple university is considering a tuition hike. today is a first alert weather day because of what's coming later this afternoon, later today. make sure you follow us on twitter.
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we'll keep you updated. our addresses are right there. we will tweet links to the updated first alert forecast throughout the day so you can stay updated. this nbc 10 first alert winter weather update is brought to you by buckmans, your cold weather experts.
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today a local firm that develops guidelines for consumer products will take up safety standards for hoverboards. astm international will meet with hoverboard manufacturers in west conshohocken. the consumer products safety commission is investigating more than 50 reports of fires related to hoverboards in two dozen
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states. hoverboard safety issues have considered philadelphia city council requiring kids under 12 to wear helmets and other protective gear while riding the devices. temple and villanova, rutgers have banned hoverboards on campus. a new book links the cancer that killed beau biden with his time with the national guard in iraq. it claims he became sick from fumes in burn pits at military sites in afghanistan and iraq. the vice president's son spent a year deployed in iraq. officials say the evidence linking burn pits with health problems has been inconclusive. >> i believe they were a direct affect on his health. i just have too many soldiers with the same complaints that were located in the same place he was. >> beau biden died from brain
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cancer may of last year. the phillies full squad is through its first workout of spring training. that includes ryan howard, first baseman. here's howard taking batting practice in clearwater yesterday. he has the worst batting average in baseball against left-handed pitching over the last several years. the phil's manager said if that continues, he will bench howard. the slugger's reaction? >> do i think it's fair? me, personally, probably not. it is what it is. the situation is the situation. you just go out there and go play. >> howard and the phils open exhibition play on sunday against the university of tampa. don't forget, nbc 10 is your home for the phillies home opener. we've got you covered on april 11th with our welcome home phillies special, game time at 3:00 right here on nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> tracking some rain this
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morning. you can see the dreary conditions at the jersey shore. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel in cape may. light rain so far and temperatures above freezing. 42 degrees here at nbc 10. the time is 4:28. your hour by hour forecast, just ahead. >> and bill cosby, the bully? next, hear how sex assault victims claim the comedian is using the legal system to harass them.
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this is nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we have issued a first alert for later today because of this, the threat of severe weather. th


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