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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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but we've issued a first alert for what's coming through late thi[ç afternoon and this evenin. that's when there's a potential for severe weather. a thunderstorm threat for late afternoon and the evening hours will come with not only heavy rainfall but the potential for some damaging winds. that threat is slightly higher in delaware and south jersey than in pennsylvania. what we have this morning, no severe weather, just scattered, manly light showers. but it is coming down. here's another line extending from lancaster county into chester county and into delaware and new castle county. just a brief downpour, just to the west of london grove. you see light rain extends through new castle county and did he dell and into salem county in new jersey. the heavier rain, that's why to the south. look at that lit4(px of storms. that will be us later today. during the morning, it will be looking like this for much of the morning, on and off rain showers. you can see the camera shaking. that's the wind that will be steady this morning an a bit
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stronger this afternoon. 44 degrees at 7:00. by 10:00, 47 degrees. into the 50s and potentially into the 60s as we go through the afternoon hours. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. when i'm back in ten minutes, jessica boyington is watching the wet roads with the first alert traffic. >> that's right, bill. we're starting on the vine street expressway right now. no problems heading through center city. the biggest problem will be the visibility at least we can see that we have rain water covering our camera lenses here. once you get on the roadways, we are seeing slippery spots. watch out getting on and off the off ramps. that's where you'll see dangerous spots. here's an accident scene that we wanted to update you on out in montgomery county. still an accident scene out in skip pack, collegeville road and l
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. crews have been working to get a handle on two fires, a 12-story apartment building at 10th and thompson streets forced everyone inside to evacuate. this is at harrison apartments, residents waited out in the rain as firefighters brought the fire under control. no one there was hurt. crews have been allowed -- have allowed everyone back inside. just a few blocks away, crews work to put out a fire in a three-story vacant building there. this is on 5th street, also in north philadelphia. in the past hour, firefighters managed to get this one under control as well. again, no one there was hurt. right now police in delaware county are investigating a police-involved shooting that happened last night at a home along barker avenue in sharon hill. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in sharon hill with the details. katy, i know we're trying to get details overnight. what do you know? >> well, tracy, this is a developing story. we were last told when the morning sergeant gets in he should have more information for us on this police-involved
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shooting. here is what we do know. we know a man was shot at 69 barker avenue last night and he was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest. and we know that police who their weapon. the questions we still need answered this morning, were they called -- why were they called to the home in the first place? what happened that prompted the officer to open fire? and what is the condition of the man shot? he was shot in the chest, a single gunshot wound to the chest we're told and he was rushed to the hospital. those are questions we're asking throughout the morning and hope to get more information when that sergeant does come in in just a little bit. reporting live in sharon hill, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. this morning, philadelphia police are searching for a killer following the stabbing death of a transgender woman in frankford. officers founded 25-year-old mya young on penn street saturday night. someone stabbed young in the neck and chest. last year, two transgender
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people were killed in philadelphia and 20 across the country. young's friends fear this attack may be another in a series of attacks fueled by discrimination. sometimes like i said, that's just a part of what happens when you decide to be who you are and fight for that. >> there's a long, long, long list of transgender people, especially transgender people of color, who have lost their lives or been victims of extremely violent crimes. >> police have not released a motive for this killing. the city is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. prosecutors now have their first statement from former eagle lesean mccoy in his assault case. nbc 10 was in center city as mccoy left a closed-door meeting with authorities. his lawyer said mccoy did nothing wrong. prosecutors are investigating a fight involving two off-duty police officers. sources say mccoy denied being at fault at recess lounge on february 7th and pointed the fingers at the officers. photos we obtained showed the
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injuries to officers roland butler and darnell jessie. >> certainly doesn't surprise me that someone would make an effort to try to distance themselves from criminal conduct when they're the target of a criminal investigation. >> the district attorney's office has not said if or when charges would be filed. three states in a row. nevada is the latest state to choose donald trump in the republican presidential caucus. trump ran away from the field. he has 46% of the vote. marco rubio is in second place right now with 24%. ted cruz in third place with 21%. some of the results are still coming in. so we'll update you when they do. both ben carson and john kasich only got single digit support in the caucus. nbc 10's matt delucia is here with a breakdown of what happened last night. and a look ahead at the big race this morning. >> it's getting down to crunch time for all of the candidates. super tuesday is less than a week away.
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for now, the focus is on what happened in nevada. the first state in the west to hold a caucus this election season but trump not only won but he won big. this is the third straight win for the billionaire businessman. he won among a wide swath of group, çincluding, as he put i the poorly educated. rubio left nevada before the caucuses began, taking his campaign to michigan. >> i'm as conservative as anyone in the this race. i will hold my record up against anyone running for president, for 15 years. i didn't just become a conservative like a year and a half ago when i thought about running for president. >> as for senator ted cruz, he said last night that by winning iowa, his campaign has shown it is the only one that can beat trump. >> one week from today, will be the most important night of this
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campaign. one week from today is super tuesday. >> and we'll hear from donald trump's victory speech at 5:30, including why he is eagerly thanking hispanic voters. 5:07. electrical workers union boss john dougherty is facing accusations of starting a street fight with a nonunion worker. you're looking at video that appears to show the worker, keasey and dougherty walking along third street. the man with dougherty seems to be bleeding from his head. keasey's lawyer says his client was targeted. >> he aetch prod him, left broke his nose, right was partially blocked. the other men jumped in and pummeled him. >> a spokesman for dougherty said the yawn onboss acted in self-defense. the state attorney general's office is investigating.
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nbc 10 does employee workers who are members of the 98 union. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 5:08. another round of rain this morning. i'm tracking mainly light rain this morning. the heavier stuff will be late this afternoon. this evening when we have a severe weather threat for much of the area, strong gusty and potentially damaging winds later today. right now, icy conditions in the pocono mountains. that's freezing rain just below freezing at mt. pocono. the rest of the area is well above freezing. 39 in trenton, light rain in wilmington and 41 degrees. dreary at the shore, too. rain is coming down at cape may. the temperatures will stay elevated all day long. they're going to really take off. 60s today in philadelphia. we will get more of this, line of showers moving through chester county into delaware and moving towards philadelphia, too, into delaware conte right now. the steadiest rainfall, just to the west of newland is heading
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to the northeast of downingtown. you're in the path of those heavier showers to start with. but the very heavy rain will wait until late this afternoon and this evening. it is to our south. it comes with gusty winds. in fact, we'll get the gusty winds before this line of storms takes shape. this is 5:00 this afternoon. look at millville, potential wind gust of 50 miles an hour. those storms come into the area, a chance of severe weather late this afternoon and during the evening hours. that's 9:00 this evening. look atç that line of storms. millville, wind gusts to 57 miles an hour. some very windy conditions as well as heavy rain later today. neighbor by neighborhood forecast, look at the temperatures, upper 50s for allentown, quakertown, 60 degrees in reading and a big warmup for norristown, trenton and mt. holly. it will be a rainy, windy one today. at the shore, gusts to near 50 miles an hour late this afternoon for vineland. temperatures into the 60s for vineland, cape may, dover up to
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64. and showers will be on and off this morning. the threat of storms later today. low 60s for wilmington, drexel hill and philadelphia. show you how long that lasts with the seven-day when i come back in ten. >> we'll see you then, bill. 5:10 this wednesday morning. the rain makes it difficult for drivers to navigate but also makes it difficult to see the cameras out there. >> we have a lot of cameras watching the conditions, include something in pennsauken. jessica boyington is watching those. >> that's why i picked this camera. this is the white horse pike. this camera lens right now pretty much covered with rain. you can see cars out in the area. no backups but wet roadways to watch out for. also a bridge closure. the falls bridge is close for rehabilitation work. that will be out there until april. your alternate is to take the city avenue bridge. also on the schuylkill expressway we have no problems or delays. we still are running in the green. here's the vine street
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expressway around 16th street. no problems in either direction. no backups if you're headed to 95 or the schuylkill expressway. you can see the roadways still definitely are wet. if you're taking area bridges, no scheduled opens for burlington bristol and tacony palmyra. 11 minutes past 5:00 right now. no smoking. we'll tell you about a new push in philadelphia to help teens quit smoking. and where the city's youth smoking rate ranks across the country. and new video of this man, hours before the shooting rampage in michigan. we'll tell you what he was doing.
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let's take a look at the nbc 10 first alert weather radar. we're tracking heavy rain. that's why we issued a first alert weather alert so you are ready. upper darby police say they released a video of a man overdosing on heroin on a crowded bus to show the power of narcan. this video was posted on the police department's facebook page. saved his life. yesterday, police arrested the man in the video for possession. two weeks ago, nbc 10 showed you narcan saving this woman from a heroin overdose in south jersey. the woman was lying in the
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street an a west deptford police officer helped revive her. new video from michigan shows the kalamazoo shooting rampage suspect in a gun store hours before the killings. these surveillance pictures show ub irdriver jason dalton in the store saturday. the store's owner says he was laughing and joking, gave the manager a hug before he bought a jacket with an inside pocket designed for a handgun. >> he was in here three hours before that started, no indication at all. there's just some people that will never give you an indication that they're about to do something horrible. >> the gun store owner says dalton had been in the store a few times before but never bought a gun there. prosecutors say dalton has confessed toç the shooting rampage that left six people dead. authorities charged him with six counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder. police and prosecutors say they may never learn the motive.
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a new jersey man faces charges in a car crash that killed a man and his 6-year-old daughter. scott hahn has been charged with two counts of manslaughter and vehicular homicide. the collision tore a white chevy malibu nearly in half. that car was carrying tim and bridget o'donnell who both died. the wife and mother of the victims talked about the difficulty of breaking the news to her other daughter. >> she went looking for bridget and her daddy and i had nothing other to say but the truth. >> a third vehicle was involved in this crash, no charges were filed against that driver. 5:16. a new book links the cancer that killed bo b eed beau biden to hn iraq. it claims biden and other
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soldier became sick because of burn pits. the vice president's son spent a year deployed in iraq. pentagon officials say the evidence linking burn pits with health problems is inconclusive but admit some deployed service members have suffered persistent symptoms. i believe they were a direct affect on his health. i have too many soldiers with the same complaints that were located in the same place he was. >> beau biden died from brain cancer may of last year. it is a verdict against johnson & johnson. a jury in missouri awarded $72 million in damages to the family of a woman who died last year from ovarian cancer. her family said the cancer was caused by using the company's baby powder and other products containing ta ining talcum. spacex is scheduled to try its latest rocket launch.
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they will try to put another telecommunications satellite into orbit. once in orbit, a portion of the rocket will detach and try to land on a drone ship. it's scheduled for 6:46 this evening, the launch at cape canaveral. i will not drive my vehicles like a rocket ship today. >> no, take it easy on the roads. especially on 95. first alert for traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching 95. >> we're not seeing a lot of problems so far. once rush hour starts to get under way, around the 6:30 or mark or so, we see the added volume. here's 95 around cottman avenue. no problems in either direction right now. we have the southbound drive time heading into center city with no problems there. a 13-minute trip in the green, woodhaven road. route 202 looks okay as well. you can still see we are in the green there. a ten-minute trip, 11 minutes at the most, southbound from the
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schuylkill to route 30. the average speeds into the 60s. you'll have extra time also this morning with there not being a lot of cars out there to give yourself an extra five minutes before you head out the door. here's 76 in gloucester in new jersey around market street. no problems if you're heading to the area bridges. right before the walt and where the 676 splits off to head to the bennie. right here, no problems either direction. definitely wet roadways to watch out for. i'll be back in the next ten with a check on your morning drive. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 19 minutes after 5:00. windshield wipers doing, umbrellas will be going up through the day today. we've seen on and off showers to start with. it's a dreary view from here at the nbc 10 studios. 42 degrees and holing, above freezing for the area. it is just rain coming through right now. the temperatures will be climbing. the only trouble spot, the pocono mountains where they're grooming the slopes.
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at camelback, they have seen rain overnight. temperatures just below freezing, you can see icing in the mountains. light fog right now in dover. you'll see that with the showers minutes move through chester county, moving into delaware county and exiting delaware into gloucester, camden counties. some of the rainfall in delaware county, media, upper darby, getting the rain and it's heading up 476. the blue route, the rain to start with. we'll see breaks in the rain during the morning but there is more wet weather on the way. we're watching a line of storms you can see another line moving through the atlanta area. that's the one we'll watch closely coming in our area late this afternoon. 10:00, moving into virginia and west virginia, moving through pennsylvania during the day. by 7:00 this evening, look at that heavy rainfall moving in and a possibility of severe
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thunderstorms as we go into the evening hours. that's 9:00 this evening. the line extending through montgomery county into delaware county through philadelphia and into south jersey at that hour. by 11:00 tonight, those storms push through the trenton area and mercer county and then overnight tonight, we will be clearing out. there is a threat of severe weather, damaging winds later today. that's why we've issued a first alert. wet and windy conditions on and off rain this morning. steadier rain this afternoon. storms this evening. temperatures take off into the 60s because of the strong southeasterly winds that will develop late today which could produce gusts of more than 50 miles an hour. come tomorrow, the rain is out of here. there is a chance of a brief shower, the wind keeps us in the low 50s on thursday. gusty winds will be stronger on friday. 40 degrees will be the high temperature. colder, less windy on saturday morning down to 26 degrees. but look at the warmup that starts over the weekend, 40s on saturday, near 60 degrees on
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sunday. up to 60 monday. >> all right. thank you, bill. 42 degrees through most of philadelphia at 22 minutes past 5:00. new developments in the sexual assault trial of comedian bill cosby. hear why one of cosby's accusers is calling him an abuser and a bully. plus, one of the hottest toys of the year is back in the spotlight today. we'll tell you what's happening in our area in regards to hoverboard safety.
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today a local firm that develops guidelines for consumer products will take up safety standards for hoverboards. with hoverboard manufacturers in west conshohocken. the consumer products safety commission is investigating more than 50 reports of fires related to hoverboards in nearly two dozen states. now, hoverboard safety issues prompted philadelphia city council to consider a bill requiring kids under 12 to wear helmets and other protective gear. also a number of universities in our area have banned hoverboards on campus, including temple, villanova, ursinus and rutgers. landon dowdy is here with details in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning. >> hi there, tracy. sports authority could file for bankruptcy as soon as next month. the company missed a loan payment in january and reports say the retailer plans to close up to 200 of its u.s. stores.
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the sporting goods industry is dealing with increased competition from the likes of walmart and amazon. meanwhile, over on wall street, the markets could see more red arrows. futures are lower and crude is lower again today. below $31 a barrel and investors reacting to comments by saudi arabia's oil minister, ruling out any production cuts and reports that u.s. supplies rose more than expected last week. look for data this morning on new home sales. the dow falling to 16,432. >> landon dowdy with cnbc, thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 5:26. 42 degrees. it's a rainy morning but we could see severe weather late this afternoon and this evening. we've issued a first alert. a look at the dreary conditions, a live view of beach avenue from the marquis de lafayette hotel. hour by hour forecast is just
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ahead. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. how's it going out there? >> we might battle wet roadways when you head out the door this morning. you're looking at the blue route at the schuylkill expressway off ramp. no problems in either directions or no backups. we'll check in again when i come back at 5:30. plus, preparing for the dnc, we'll show you how one local county is pulling out the welcome mat ahead of the democratic national convention. this nbc 10 first alert winter weather update is brought to you by buckmans, your cold weather experts.
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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. right now on "nbc 10 news today," take a look at the nbc 10 first alert weather radar. we've issued a first alert to keep you prepared because of the threat of severe weather that includes heavy rain, thunder and gusty winds. make it three in a row for donald trump. his campaign is rolling after the nevada caucus results. we'll tell you all about his victory out west and what's next for the republican race. one of bill cosby's sexual assault accusers is call him a bully. we'll explain the new allegations and what they have to do with the legal system. it's


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