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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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home, the commute is slow. here's a live look at main street in newark, delaware. nbc 10 has team coverage during this tornado watch we're under. start with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> jim, when i see cameras shaking like that and storms moving as fast as they're moving now, that's an indication of how strong those winds are above the surface. and some of those winds can make it down to the surface and that can create wind damage. even without the spin of a tornado. we have that threat, too. tornado watch in effect for much of the area until 11:00 p.m. watch means conditions are favorable for some tornadoes to form within this area. we do have our first severe thunderstorm warnings. they are in delaware, ken, sussex county until 6:15. the storm producing that is moving at 70 miles an hour over
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milford ten minutes ago. and it's already gone. and into delaware bay, crossing into new jersey, salem county, gloucester county. cedarville about to get hit by that storm. and as we go back to the west, this line of storms, of course, most dangerous part of this whole system and we have seen numerous reports of damage associated with that moving to the east, about 30 miles an hour, redding about 7:00. wilmington, 7:24, philadelphia, 7:47. that particular line. there will be other storms that would hit before that but that's the most dangerous part. we have heavy showers in parts of burkes county and up toward lehigh valley now. allentown not in the tornado watch but still getting pretty heavy rain. and all of the lightning strikes along this line, that is the biggest danger, that line. every one of the red boxes is a
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separate tornado warning and just to give you an idea, this is almost 300 miles worth of tornado warnings. that is extremely unusual for this part of the country to get such a gigantic area of tornado warnings especially in the month of february. with winds moving as fast as they are high up in the atmosphere that threat will continue around here for the next few hours as that line approaches. now head to meteorologist sheena parveen with more on the timing of how that's getting here. >> that's right. that tornado watch, that expires at 11:00 p.m. up until 11:00, potential for seeing isolated tornado possibly with any strong thunderstorm. here's a look at timing. right now we have the heavy rain moving through and as we go through the next hour here, 6:00, there you see the heavy showers that we have around now. and then we go one more hour later. so now looking closer to 7:00 p.m. you see that line off to our west. 7:00 to 8:00 tonight, that line
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of storms, that starts to approach lehigh valley, redding, lancaster and within the line we could see some severe storms, winds near 60 miles an hour, damaging wins, lightning, heavy rain and some hail through the area, there's a chance we could see storms developing aed 4 of the line, we cannot rule out chance of isolated tornado. closer to 9:00, this line moving towards philadelphia, trenton, also new castle county, heavier storms into those areas and the threat for damaging winds still will continue by 9:00 tonight. again, we could see more storms developing ahead of the line in new jersey. by 10:00, line moves into new jersey and delaware. we see more clearing back off to the west. the line should be holding together well. even by 10:00. by 11:00, we should start to see some of this break up and eventually move out as we get closer to midnight. for tonight, threat for damaging winds, potentially isolated
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tornado, hail also, heavy rain, that all continues for remainder of this evening. you want to stay inside we have nasty weather heading our way over the next several hours. glenn will take a closer look at radar and keep tracking fo inin. >> fog created problems in chester county. >> deanna durante traveled across chester and montgomery counties. >> what's the situation in east norton where you are? >> reporter: we've gone through the skip back area. pulling over here on a road on east norton. take a look outside live from storm force 10 now. you can see the storm came through here quick. you have wet roads in places. this is a hilly area. remember you're going to have some puddles, ponding in some of the areas here through the areas on the roads. we got off the turnpike and saw downpours and when we got off
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the turnpike it stopped about you have a lot of people trying to get home. the roads are filled with cars. we have kind of a lull between the rain here. we've been watching radar. we thought we'd get out in time to see the rain but it's moved through the area and a few cars on the road. pack to you. >> right now, what you're looking at is a live picture from our sister station wrc on the roads now in northern virginia. you see rain coming down there. wet pavement and telling us that they've been driving through a lot of lightning in that area. live pictures from northern virginia, that weather of course moving our way. >> storm triggered deadly tornados in parts of the south coming our way. we'll keep you updated on nbc 10 and nbc >> glenn will be back in a few minutes. we'll have update the entire
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night and anytime on the nbc 10 app. to the health scare for the pennsylvania governor. tom wolf has a treatable form of prostate cancer. the governor and first lady address the the situation. >> i'm convinced, by people who have looked at this and by other people that i've gotten this early on, i if the that -- it's very imminently treatable. >> more than hopeful that this -- he'll beat it. >> nbc 10's lauren mayk spoke with local health experts and more on the diagnosis. >> the governor says this was caught early, a very good sign in fighting this. his wife, she said that she first felt sad with him going through this and saying we don't need to be sad. they have a lot of confidence that he will be okay. >> i wanted to be open and use this as an opportunity to say, routine checkups for whatever matter. >> reporter: he got the first indications before the end of his first year as governor.
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then tests confirmed diagnosis of prostate cancer. with an early detection, governor wolf assuring it won't interfere with his job. >> it's a fast and quick in and out so i'm not going to be in a hospital for, as far as i know, any period of time. >> it's possible to have treatment on prostate cancer be effectively treated and not miss work. >> reporter: at fox chase cancer center, treatment for prostate cancer has changed over the years and early detection means more options including radiation and surgery. >> now, because we can identify men earlier, we probably can offer them somewhat less treatment or more focused treatment and hopefully minimize some of the historical side effects that happened for men who had prostate cancer. >> i just say what do we do. >> reporter: prostate cancer detected at age 49. >> scared to death. >> reporter: it wasn't an easy process but now six years later,
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he encourages others to get tested. for governor wolf, the process is just starting. he's optimistic about the road ahead. >> feel great. >> the doctor tells me there are time when prostate cancer is detected but not treated, that it is something that people live with like diabetes. in the government's case he was specific about treatment, whether radiation, for example. but he did say he does not plan any chemotherapy. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> back to changing weather situation. we continue to get new information into the nbc 10 first alert weather center. sheena parveen. >> we have a new severe thunderstorm warning for multiple counties in south jersey, including gloucester, camden county, cumber lansdale county. it's going until 6:45. take a look at radar. heavy rain, high winds. it's going until 6:45 in south jersey, crossing the delaware bay. with this storm, we can expect
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winds near 60 miles an hour, lightning, heavy rain potentially hail. again 60-mile-an-hour-winds, damaging winds. if we look at radar alone, there you see a lot of lightning moving into areas, more east river seeing that, toward bridgeton. this is a fast-moving storm. so if we zoom out and i track it for you the recent update on this storm puts it moving to the north at 70 miles an hour. this is a very fast storm. millville 6:17. vine lansdale 6:21. buena vista 6:27. glassboro, 6'29. remember, this storm contains damaging winds near 60 miles an hour. again severe thunderstorm warning in this area of south jersey. so damaging winds could cause damage to homes, trees, possibly power lines, lightning, heavy rains. since it's a fast moving storm
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we will not see it causing major flooding but could cause localized street flooding. this is over the past hour here. you can see quickly it's moved up. we have had heavy rain in this area around laura lake. there's a chance we could be seeing some localized street flooding out of this. lightning aurnd cedarville the movement amount of lightning. and precip rate shows here, 6 inches an hour, that is extremely heavy. either way moving quickly. severe warning for south jersey, damaging winds, heavy rain, lightning. we'll track this through the rest of the 6:00 hour and show you updates for tonight. >> decision 2016 coverage. record number of republicans turned out for last night's nevada caucuses throwing majority of support behind donald trump. fresh off another big win, trump is turning his attention to super tuesday next week.
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he campaigned in virginia beach today. virginia is one of 12 states where candidates battle it out tuesday. trump tells supporters he believes the gop nomination could be wrapped up in two months. >> marco rubio's campaign believes the senator from florida is trump's closest competitor. new video of rubio campaigning in houston. he edged out ted cruz for second place in nevada. the difference fewer than 2,000 votes. cruz hoping a win next week will help regain momentum. the texas senator in houston campaigning at a rally. texas is the largest state voting super tuesday with 155 delegates up for grabs. john kasich sending a message to republicans who think he should drop out, forget about it. he held a town hall in sandy springs. he would love to take on trump in his home state. h. ohio holds its winner take all primary march 15th. democrats have to get past
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this prime mar before super tuesday. bernie sanders held a news conference today, his second in two days. he says he has not given up on south carolina and he's in the race to win. hillary clinton campaigned at self-events across the state. she's favored to win saturday's primary. most of the region under a tornado watch. we have current, severe thunderstorm warnings in parts of the area with more to come. also ahead -- she helped change the future of philadelphia. in our series, a philadelphia council woman who has blazed quite a legacy.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> right now, dangerous, damaging winds reaching our area. we'll have your complete first alert weather in a moment. we continue to celebrate black history month. tonight, we focus on philadelphia, political legend council woman marianne tasco. >> on a mission to improve her community. throughout her three-decade career she did just that. a leader who would not be
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stopped. >> when i grew up in greensboro, that was during segregation. we didn't have choices for careers, you could be a teacher, doctor, lawyer, and social worker. >> reporter: marianne tasco chose to be educator. she attended bennett college in north carolina. >> i worked during summers as a mother's helper to earn my tuition. >> reporter: before her junior year, she could not afford to stay at bennett so she came to philadelphia to cut costs. >> i have family here. but the major reason i transferred from bennett to techl. >> reporter: she got married and had a son. having a familiy didn't deter. she went to school at night. her plans to become a teacher changed. politics attracted her. >> i went to work for charlie at urban coalition and that's where i really got into politics,
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community activity, understanding the need for us to progress as african-americans, black people. >> reporter: tasco wanted to be an advocate for the voiceless. in 1983 she won a county commissioner's seat, the first african county commissioner in pennsylvania. she ran for city council and won that, too. >> she's helped me mature as a human being. >> reporter: a mentor to many in politics including mayor jim kenney. >> when i came in to council in 1992, i was 32, had my own ideas and helped school me in many ways. >> reporter: reaching out. >> i tell them to strive to get an education. that mantra was engrained in our brain when we were in elementary school and greensboro, north carolina. we knew that education would be the key for us to have a good quality of life.
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>> council woman tasco moved on, she retired in january after seven terms. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have severe storms with more to come, tornado watch in effect more much of the region until 11:00. it means conditions are favorable for some tornadoes in the area. in the meantime, severe thunderstorm warning until 6:45 for much of cumberland county, atlanta county, and salem and gloucester counties and you'll see that thunderstorm, that one raced up through southern delaware. the main danger is with the line of thunderstorms back to the west. first of all, this cluster of storms going right over cumber lansdale county, moving north at 75 miles an hour. i don't know if i've ever seen a thunderstorm moving that fast in
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this area that wasn't related to a hurricane. this is just phenomenal type of wind pattern high up that's likely to cause a lot of damage regardless of whether you have tornado or not. it one of the nights you want to take in outdoor furniture, trash cans. you may want to reconsider some of the trips in the cars this evening as that line comes in. this particular storm continues to move like i said at 75 miles an hour to the north. and the core of this storm is pretty strong. you can see how high the storm goes and some of the purple giving an indication of hail shaft that is in this particular storm. we can sometimes see circulation with the storm that would indicate there was a tornado. so far we're not seeing that. but we are seeing tornadoes along this line which, of course, is the most severe part of this. and we are tracking the whole
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line itself to wilmington at about 7:30 and philadelphia, closer to 8:00. and cape may after 8:00. that's where the damage would be likely to occur. we continue to see tornado warnings, farther to the south. not quite as many as we saw a half hour ago. but that's a lot of warnings for virginia and north carolina, especially during the month of february. there's that line, again, main focus of our attention, we can still see heavy showers and thunderstorms ahead of that, but this is where most of the damage is going to be occurring with this line coming across. and that's 8:00, 9:00, into the philadelphia area, you can see it's a solid line. and that means virtually everybody is going to be seeing wind gusts over 50 miles an hour and in the stronger cells you can get wind gusts 70 to 8 on if the storm is moving at 75 miles an hour, there are incredible winds up there.
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it's pushing storms along. by 11:00, it's getting past philadelphia area and starting to dry out. the temperature is still pretty high but it is going to be pretty wild here over the next few hours. wet, warm, windy, gusty thunderstorms. 52 degrees for the low in philadelphia, 48 north and west. then tomorrow, windy day, temperature done go anywhere. wind gusts over 40 miles an hour, chance of afternoon shower, maybe a snow shower to the north and west. and then cold winds on friday. another cold day saturday. but we really warm up on sunday and into monday and tuesday, way back up into the 50s. we'll be right back.
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na we continue to keep a close eye on the weather. tornado watch until 11:00. glenn will have a final update after sports. john clark? >> this is sportsdesk brought you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, i'm john clark. eagles released d'amico ryans and it's going to save the birds $3.5 million. jordan hicks took over that position. today, eagles coach doug pederson convincing, saying they want sam bradford back. talking with same's agent. sam is a part of the eagle's family. >> being in his shoes, being a player in his shoes and you have to want to be somewhere, and i think sam wanted to be in philadelphia. the fact that he, himself, put
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himself in a leadership role towards the end of the season proves to me he can handle going forward this role and the opportunity to start. >> on to the flyers. claude giroux will miss his third straight game. ron hextall will not add players at the trade deadline. villanova, number one team in the country. on the road at number 5, if nova win they can cement themselves as a top seed in the ncaa tournament. highlights at 11:00.
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this just in, seconds ago, severe thunderstorm warning issued until 7:15 for camden, gloucester, burlington, southeast bucks and also philadelphia. this is the same storm that has hit parts of south jersey moving straight north 65 miles an
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hourer cahour capable of producing damaging winds. >> next update 7:00. breaking news tonight. a new outbreak of deadly tornadoes. decimating homes and towns. a rising toll with nearly a dozen states on high alert. fears the biggest threat is yet to come. exploding air bags bombshell. news tonight half of all cars being driven right now in america might need to be recalled as investigators say the air bag maker continues to deceive customers even after deadly crashes. trump landslide. after crushing the competition in nevada, tonight he's aiming for a super tuesday knockout. also, milania trump, a rare one-on-one interview. does she ever think he's gone too far. and shocking blast caught on camera. a man's pocket suddenly bursts into flames. tonight a warning for everyone who us


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