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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we're seeing light rain in lehigh county, berks county, lancaster county and liking into chester county at this time. add to that gusting winds. winds are at 32 miles an hour in philadelphia. it's going to be a blustery day. we'll get brings of sunshine this morning. 52 degrees at 7:00. by 10:00 it gets a little chillier, and then it will be hovering as we go into the afternoon and get more clouds. we'll go through by neighborhood and neighborhood. jessica boyington has been watching the streets with your first alert traffic. >> that's right. lincoln drive, more reports in the area. areas getting stuck. do not drive through flooded waters. you don't want to be stuck and be in a worse off situation.
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at 95, your majors are going to be your best bet. we did have flooding on several different portions around a lot of our majors. southbound from here into center city okay. a 13-minute trip. average trip still in the 60s. thanks. it's 5:31. storm form 10 is checking out the region looking for flooding and damage left behind right now. we get an overall look at the damage county by county. we have a live report later in this half hour. meanwhile neighbors are dealing with the downed power lines and trees knocked down in the storm overnight. drew smith to give us a better look of the damage. drew, what are you seeing? >> reporter: vai and tracy, this downed tree is starting to cause problems for neighbored waking
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up and heading off to work. i saw a neighbor turn around, couldn't get through there. you never know with power lines. they could still be live. overnight nbc 10 found more damage. a vineland school had a tree come through its roof. they'll be closed today to make repairs. in millville the wind snapped power. we spoke to people who were afraid trees were going to come down on them. >> windows were rattling and there's a lot of trees over there, so i thought it could have happened to that building also. >> we know that the utility company had extra power crews working throughout the night. they'll be working again when the sun comes up. obviously this scene is going to be a little more complicated. probably something they're going to wand to do. people can begin to drive through again, also make sure they get the power restored. we're live in cherry hill. >> drew, thank you.
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we're also seeing damage in montgomery college. this is just before midnight and cars drove slowly through the flooding on old york road. the nbc 10 app is the best way to stay alert about potential flooding and storm damage. it will keep you updated on the rain showers and winds. plus organization ku get the hour-by-hour first alert weather forecast. it's 5:33. a pennsylvania judge says comedian bill cosby has no right to a sexual assault appeal. cosby wants the charges thrown out because he said he had a deal with bruce castor that he would never be prosecuted, but the judge says no such deal exists. he was accused back in 2004. in decision 2016, a scramle for super tuesday son. that's when voters in 11 states
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all head to the polls. 's just five days away. about half the delegates needed are up for grabs. donald trump's convincing win. time may be running out to slow his marsh to the nomination. we talked with rutgers. >> voter turnout is going to be the watch word for super tuesday. >> the republican candidates will meet tonight for a debate in houston. jo there will be two hearings to knock marco rubio and ted cruz off the there's a similar challenge
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about ted cruz and another over whether he's qualified to run for president because he was born in canada. . the presidential front-runner is hitting back. romney was the gop another knee in 2012, you remember, and he said in an interview that trump's delay on releasing his returns suggests that he has something to hide. trump endorsed romney four years ago but is deeply critical of the former massachusetts governor's performance as a candidate since mounting his own run. on twitter r, trump says romneys playing tough guy after a running he should have run.
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hillary clinton criticized ted cruz over the issue of social security. >> ted cruz actually called social security a ponzi scheme. you know, it's one of the most important social programs that our country has ever put in place. >> clinton picked up an endorsement yesterday from senate minority leader harry reid. governor brian sandoval is a republican but his record does match president obama on many key issues. he supports the supreme court's same-sex marriage decision and backs rights. he was the first latino candidate elected to the statewide office in nevada. republicans controlling the senate say they won't schedule a vote or hold hearings, but the
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president vowed to select a new successful before a new president is sworn in. >> i've got a year to go. i don't think they would approve of me abdicating on my duties as commander in chief and stop doing all the other work i've about got to do. well, this is part of my job. >> scalia passed away suddenly earlier this month, filling the vacancy is crucial and if he's replaced by a liberal or mod real, the balance of the court would shift. heaviest rain in lehigh. three feet of water in the basement of the butterfield family. more than 2 1/2 inches of rain was recorded in northampton in the lehigh valley.
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this morning we've got clouds in philadelphia, and temperatures that are not a problem or an issue to start with are in the 50s right now. 50s for allentown and reading, but it's not completely dry. there's salisbury township. the rain is just to the west. that's light rain this morning but it's going to add to all the rainfall that came through overnight. the showers in the reading area and lancaster county, they're light. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, we're calling for temperatures to come down in the lower 50s right now. rain showers will be light, but gusty winds. the winds are gusting to more than 30 miles an hour. a chance of a scattered shower for south jersey. there will be breaks before the showers pop up during the afternoon. wilmington, swedes breaux and philadelphia, we'll see
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temperatures in the low 50s. mostly cloudy skies and a chance of a shower, but there is sunshine for the future. wi even we've got to my seven-day forecast when we come back. >> all right, bill. we'll see you in a little bit. nbc 10's jessica boyington has that. jessica, what are you seeing? >> we see this in the right-hand shoulder. no problems or restrictions because of that. we had flooding earlier. now, this ramp on 95 throughout delaware was supposed to reopen yesterday with ongoing construction but because of weather, they have rescheduled that opening for february 29th. so 95 southbound to exit 7 b is still closed this morning. you can see northbound or southbound for those drive times number real problems. an 11-minute trip.
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watch this accident for this accident in shelton cheltenham. >> crews have repaired a pothole that damaged a dozen cars. they couldn't see it because it was covered with water. their cars had to be towed away. one person suffered minor injuries. here's a look atop a building. we talk about the gusting winds. you can see it right there for yourself. we're also tracking more rain showers today. plus the floodwaters became very dangerous very fast for one local family. we'll tell you what happened when their car got stuck in knee dee water.
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g-8's about 17 minutes before. this storm took down power lines with it. here's what we know about lingering problems from the storm. philadelphia international airport is reports delays and
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cancellations. check out with your airline before you fly out today. do that before you leave the airport. utilities across the region are still working to restore power to more than 50,000 customers and a flood threat remains for a little while longer in some portions of our region. of course, you can always be part of the conversation with nbc news 10. follow our us. our addresses are on the screen. we can tweet you right back right here from the set. it's 5:44. a church will hold a forum after vandals tore down and stole signs a few weeks ago. officials say the goal was to prompt discussion. today's form will discuss the current climate race in america. it's open to the public. from our trenton bureau now, a new jersey lawmaker wants to
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drop the state's drinking age from 21 the 18. assemblyman michael carroll says it's wrong that an 18-year-old can serve in the military but cannot buy alcohol. previous efforts to lower the drinking age have not gotten very far partly because the state would lose money. law calls for cutting funding to states for those who reduce the drernging age to below 21. flooding is a concern for those involved in the storm. >> one family got stuck but did imagine to get out. the car was next to a swollen street on high street in pottstown. the driver said his engine died out. the incident brought his 1-year-old daughter to tears. >> pretty nervous for my daughter. she was upset and crying and whatnot. any parent would be. i had to call the ambulance and try to make moves before anything else could have happened. >> you have to be very careful with that. crews diverted traffic around that area to prevent anyone else
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from getting stuck. nbc 10's matt delucia a in skyforce 10. what do you see? >> reporter: we're heading by lincoln drive where we're trying to check out some of the road conditions. we do find minor flooding especially off to the sides of the rivers, creeks, and streams. we were up to west norriton when we did see minor flieding there. right now you can see lincoln drive. cars moving smoothly at this hour. not too much in the way of flooding. we have had reports of some of the ponding of the roadways especially where debris collects on the side. some of those storm drains, we've seen reports of trees down as well. a lot of work going on throughout the night. we've seen penndot crews making sure everything was ready for the morning rush. we're going to continue to check out the areas in sky force ten to see how things are progressing. for now i'm live in sky force
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10. now nbc 10 first alert weather with bill henley. >> 5:47. we're drying out this morning but not completely dry. still tracking showers in the area. clouds moving through. we've got breaks in the clouds. you can see it's a little bit breezy. we still have some gusty winds. that's really not going to change during the day. the temperature at 57 degrees. the rest of the day will likely be cooler than we are right now. rivers and streams are all running high. flood warnings are still in effect. some of them will be expiring in the next few minutes am flood warning until 5:00 for chester county. the flooding in the area is starting to come down improving conditions. the rivers and streams are starting to fall. satellite shows there's still some clouds and with those clouds we've got some rainfall in some of the western suburbs. it's just moving in to chester
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county right now above coatesville. you've got rain on the way this morning. you can see a few sprinkles moving into central new castle county in delaware. scattered showers are likely to be with us throughout the afternoon. hour be i hour-forecast shows the showers on the move and the first round of wet weather moves to the north by 10:00. we're mainly dry. we've got sunshine breaking through but more clouds will be kicking back in with gusty winds out of the west and more showers too. you can see it into central and south jersey. just scattered light showers for today. so stand by for a little bit more wet weather, gusty winds, light showers. some breaks of sunshine. but really a mostly cloudy day. the temperatures in the 50s right now. upper 50s and low 50s. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. possibly higher winds today. gusty winds tomorrow and a colder one.
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we'll see lots of sunshine 367892 in the morning, 5 the in the afternoon. down to 25 degrees. less wind, bright sunshine, and we'll see a warmup to 45 degrees. but the real warmup arrives on sunday. 33 the morning temperature. in the afternoon, sunshine and near 60 degrees on sunday. and the nice mild weather will stay with us. breezy and warm one, monday, high of 58 degrees. nice weather ahead. we'll still have to deal with some showers and keep a lookout for flooding. some of the streets are covered. it's hard to see that. >> we just saw that video from skyforce 10. it's not video. live pictures. we don't see the -- when the sun comes up, we're going to see the extent of the damage. this is why we irved a first
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alert. nothing like we saw in the south. >> exactly. we saw the threat in the morning. with the app and the updates on nbc 10, we can warn people this looked more likely as the day went on. >> it was good to follow it on the app. thanks, bill. now, let's get you to work as you're heading out the door. ten minutes before 6:00 right now. jessica has more. i see a man changing a tire. >> wait. hold up. one second. we are over the top of lincoln drive with flooding. wi will touch on 422 in a second. you can see the severe flooding rate in here and now we're dealing with a road closure. do not do this. do not drive through this area. you're going to get stuck. you're going to be trapped in this area if you get stuck in somt of the high floodwaters right here.
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we're dealing with closures around the wibridge here. no problem or delays along 422 because of this and the floolding haas cleared up. i'll have live updates when we come back. another live look from skyforce 10 this morning. right now it's over lincoln drive near the henry avenue bridge and we're going to update you all morning long from the sky and the ground as you continue. do not drive through something like this. stay away from it.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood
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with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> reporter: good morning. i'm matt delucia in skyforce 10. you see flooding on the roadway.
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a few minutes ago we saw cars trying to go through this, which is not a good idea. we're north of the henry avenue bridge. you can see one vehicle parked off to the side here. but you see the other direction here heading south toward the lincoln avenue bridge toward the city is not looking too bad right now. it's just this general area where we're seeing some of that flooding. we've seen some of this throughout the area, but this is, of course, one of those situations where it's dark. you may not see it until you come up upon it. you hear time and time again, turn around, don't drown. you view no idea how deep that water is. we've had some vehicles go through fortunately but this is something you'll watch out for. i'm live, matt due lee shah, bc kr c 10 news. good morning, everybody.
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i'm jessica boyington. right now right around 29, penndot crews there. all traffic moving by that scene nicely. we'll have updates for you. we have a lot of different closures right now and we'll update you on the drives and the flooding when i come back in the 6:00 hour. and check this out. we want to show you this time lapsed video of the storm hitting our area. this is what it looked like when the wind and the rain rolled through center city yesterday. the wild weather tossed around our camera which is located atop the mellon building. wow. ♪ students celebrated their 100th day of class at the andrew jackson charter school. in honor of black history month, 100 african-american men came to talk to the students. the kids heard from athletes,
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businessmen, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and public officials. >> it's so good to come out here all the time with the young people. i'm so happy so many people are giving of their time and effort and young people to express to them undoubtedly they can do whenever they want. >> they shareholder their stories with how and why they chose their professions. >> today you can learn more about politics. a town hall discussion called "persuading the people" will offer a behind-the-scenes look. it's as of now been based on wide-ranging public opinion. >> the idea you've about got to connection an issue. it's crucial to the democracy and new and more relevant than ever. >> the town hal begins at noon. the discussion is part of one discussion headed to the
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exhibit. all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, we're talking to penndot how it's handling the damage on the roads. plus, what you should do if you come across damaged roads as you head to school or work. a bunch of boats turn into ball of fire at marina in new jersey. it's a developing story. we'll have new information coming up at 6:00.
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enjoy your path. rushing rainwater is swelling in creeks and ponding on road this morning. trees and debris are down in roads and yards and we're giving you a look at storm damage. >> right now we're surveying that damage. we have launched skyforce 10 to gesh yu that view from high above. you're going to see wet road this morning when you're head ld to work and school.


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