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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  February 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 breaking news. and that breaking news an accident that's brought traffic to a standstill on the schuylkill expressway eastbound in montgomery county, as you take a look at it here. let's check in right now with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jessica. >> well, vai, we are actually seeing improvements on this accident scene right now. you don't see all the emergency crew on the scene. this is again around gladwyne. the accident scene was on the eastbound side but we had lanes effected in both directions. now we have huge delays that remain. over into the right hand shoulder you can see some vehicles there, one of them being a truck and you can see emergency personnel still on the scene. over on the shoulder a slow go by each side. now we're going to check on the drive times. we are seeing eastbound delays of still 60 minutes.
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so it's still at least a 45 minute delay here. this is typically about a 12-minute trip eastbound from the blue route to the vine. and big delays headed westbound. 46 minutes there from the vine to the blue route right now. on 295 over in new jersey right around route 70 we are also having ongoing construction here taking the left lane out headed westbound. right there on 295. also, new castle county airport road is still closed because of flooding between 95 and 202. jessie, thank you. imagine just waking up to this. the tires on your car are slashed right outside of your home, and then seeing that your neighbors are victims as well. it's the unfortunate reality for one new castle county neighborhood this morning. and nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is live in new castle county with more on this vandalism. tim, what a who arable way to start your day. >> reporter: come on, vai, 17 people woke up today on this cold morning, come out and this is what they're finding. 17 different families had this happened. slashed tires, some cars two tires slashed, some car four tires slashed.
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look at this jeep here. you're not driving this away. the police have come around and left these fliers and incident forms on cars all over the neighborhood. by the way a county police car, a new castle county police car was also hit here in the washington park neighborhood in new castle. take a look it happened around 11th and juniper streets. police tell me it happened around 1:30 in the morning. one resident say they saw three teenagers going through the neighborhood. one guy said he's lucky he didn't catch those teenagers before the cops because it would have gotten ugly. a lot of people very, very upset here. we just talked to a guy who says it's going to cost him over $1,500 for the eight tires he now needs to replace. >> i'd say they get caught and pay for all the damages that they've done to people's vehicles around here. that is uncalled for. they ought to either go back to school or get a job. >> reporter: and again, police are looking for more victims at this point. if anybody around here has any information and they're watching
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they should certainly call police and check their cars. again, a lot of the cars with the slashed tires police preemptively put this on your windshield so you know you can fill out a form and report. a lot of these houses around here have surveillance cameras. police have been going door-to-door. they say they're going to find some of these houses see if they have surveillance video that would have shown the people slashing tires. the other weird thing too like this house over here, this is a house that has the cars in the driveway and they have motion sensor lights in the driveway. they really didn't get any cars that were in driveways. so anybody that had motion sensor lights or kept the cars off the street, they were okay. but again, 17 cars including a new castle county police car were hit last night. more for you later this afternoon. live in new castle city, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> tim, thank you. and new this morning police arrested a man who was allegedly trying to steal from a church's collection box. and get this, officers were actually inside the church when he was committing the crime. the officers staked out the
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church in northeast philadelphia last night because there were burglaries there before. the cops say this man unlocked the door and started to pry open the poor box. he ran away when officers identified themselves but they caught him just outside. authorities say he stole from the church two other times. he now faces charges of burglary, trespassing and criminal mischief. a germantown restaurant will be closed today while investigators look for the cause of this fire that burned through the roof early this morning. the flames tore through the house of gin restaurant. firefighters spent an hour getting it under control. then several more hours spraying the building with water as flames kept reigniting throughout the morning. no one was hurt. skyforce 10 was over a school bus accident on rhawn street in northeast philadelphia this morning. this bus was carrying students from st. francis st. joseph's home for children. one child was taken to the hospital for minor injury. no word yet on what caused the accident. and police say an argument between two brothers led to a shooting in northeast philadelphia. according to investigators one
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of the men shot the other in the chest at a home along woodhaven road. police took one man into custody. right now the 50-year-old victim is in critical condition. and a philadelphia police officer talked to nbc 10 about coming face-to-face with a man who threatened to shoot him in the head. officer michael edwards says the man approached him in his cruiser wednesday night at a park in south philadelphia and said, i should blow your head off. edwards says he kept his hands in his pants and used his body to try to barricade him in his car. but the officer managed to get out of his car, draw his gun and confront hans who made a shooting gesture with his hands. that's when a backup officer arrived on the scene and tasered the suspect. >> he could have had a gun. and i wouldn't have known anything. i just would have been a victim. he would have been a murderer. >> the police commissioner says the officers would have been justified in shooting the suspect. and he said this incident shows that police training works.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> cold and blustery today, but at least we're seeing some sun. you can see how windy it is out there as we take a live look at the flags flying atop the aramark building in center city. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with our friday forecast. >> you can see it in the camera shake. that is a live view from center city. this is a live view from cape may. it was completely cloudy to start with this morning, but the clouds are breaking for some sunshine. those clouds are blowing through on some very strong winds that we're feeling in philadelphia too. you can see some scattered clouds. we're in and out of the sunshine. a few scattered snow showers earlier, pretty much disappeared. now it's just cold. 37 degrees, that's not too bad, but with winds at 22 miles an hour makes it feel like it's 26 degrees. we're running colder than yesterday. there are more clouds in our future. you can see some scattered clouds moving in from the
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northwest. those will continue blowing through the area during the day. can't rule out a flurry, but most of it evaporating before it makes its way to the ground. and with breaks of sunshine you can usually get a pretty good warmup, but not with winds like this, a steady 26-mile-an-hour wind in reading. atlantic city at 24 miles an hour, an 18-mile-an-hour wind in wildwood. and the gusts have been closer to 40 miles an hour so far this morning. and there's more to come this afternoon. at 1:00 this afternoon mostly sunny skies, just a few scattered clouds. 22-mile-an-hour wind, 39 degrees. 19-mile-an-hour wind with sunshine 40, that will be as warm as it gets. but with the wind blowing it will feel about ten degrees colder. and then with the sun down at 7:00 this evening the winds will start to die down, but that's going to lead the way for a colder night tonight. 35 degrees at 7:00 this evening. by tomorrow morning we will be in the 20s. but i've got some good news over the weekend as temperatures go the other direction. i'll have the seven-day forecast, vai, when i come back.
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thank you, bill. experts now say it was a tornado that caused this destruction in lancaster county. yesterday at this time we showed you the skyforce 10 view of the damage in salisbury internship. an ef-2 tornado confirmed hitting the area packing winds of up to 125 miles per hour. it destroyed dozens of buildings in its path including an amish schoolhouse. >> there's nothing left. it's just a foundation. everything was completely on the ground. almost looked like a bomb exploded the school. >> many non-amish people in town got the warnings on tv and mobile devices. some ran over to warn their amish neighbors, who do not use technology. and this morning dog fighting is at the center of an animal abuse investigation at a home in germantown. the spca found seven dead dogs at this house on tuesday. when nbc 10 crews arrived at the scene yesterday, we discovered even more suspicious conditions
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across the street. we tipped off the spca and they searched area eed the area and three more pit bulls. police believe the vacant home is still being used as a venue for dog fighting. >> animal fighting and the breeding of these dogs is big money in it, okay, a lot of money in it. >> officials found two dogs at the home. the pennsylvania spca is taking care of them. nj transit and the rail workers unions resume talks today to try to avert a threatened strike. a walkout could bring the trains to a screeching halt next month. the unions authorize a strike for march 13th. among the sticking points are higher health insurance premiums and disputed pay raises. and happening this weekend, the american red cross and philadelphia fire department are teaming up to help prevent fire deaths. it's called the no more fire deaths campaign. we told you all about it
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yesterday right here on nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m. organizers say every family needs a smoke alarm and an escape plan. and they will make sure people have those things by going neighborhood-to-neighborhood giving out detectors and offering a customized escape plan for each home. the red cross and firefighters will visit neighborhoods starting tomorrow. they will be at the corner of north 12th and west courtland streets tomorrow morning at 11:30. to hear more from the red cross about the campaign, head to our website at or check out the nbc 10 app. right now, you can get answers to your questions about prostate cancer. this week's announcement by pennsylvania governor tom wolf that he has prostate cancer has put a new focus on the disease. wolf says his doctors caught it early. and the governor is encouraging others to get screened. dr. jeffrey an oncologist at m.d. anderson cancer center at cooper. and he is here with us all hour
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long to get answers to your questions about prostate cancer. you can enter your questions about the disease on our nbc 10 facebook page. he will answer them coming up on nbc 10 news at 11:00. the philadelphia museum of art now has 50 pieces of american art to add to its collection. the estate of a local collector, daniel detrick gave those works to the museum, as we take a live look now at the museum. the gift also includes a $10 million endowment. and this painting from edward hopper call eed road and trees among the donated works of art. painting is the museum's first piece by hopper. another mass shooting in america. new details are emerging about the deadly massacre at a kansas factory last night. what we're learning about the man police say killed three people. i mean, first of all, this guy's a choke artist and this guy's a liar.
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>> plus, name calling, insult trading, finger pointing, another debate night turns into fight night. the tag team attack against donald trump in last night's gop debate. and what trump is saying ahead of super tuesday. bill. vai, here's a little picture i'm titling flags and wind. okay. not exactly a masterpiece but at least we got some sunshine today. and we're on track for lots of sunshine this weekend too. i've got the seven-day forecast just ahead. homecoming? it's awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan, it gets even better.
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we are learning new details this morning about the suspect in the deadly mass shooting in kansas. authorities say cedric ford had just been served with a protection from abuse order just before the attack. police say the gunman killed three people and injured 14. the shootings happened at a manufacturing plant in hesston where ford worked, as well as two other locations. as nbc sarah reports an officer killed ford at the plant and the officer's actions kept him from killing more people. >> reporter: workers inside a rural kansas plant described a chaotic scene. >> everybody was running, people were screaming, people were crying. we just didn't know what to do. >> more people running all of a sudden pop, pop, pop, pop, i started running too. >> reporter: when it was over four people were killed including the gunman, 14 others wounded, five critically. witnesses say the suspect, cedric larry ford, who was an employee of the excel industries plant was armed with an
11:16 am
assault-style weapon and handgun. police say ford also shot and wounded three people he encountered on the way to the plant before he went inside and opened fire. >> he was randomly shooting people. >> reporter: the first officer to arrive immediately engaged the gunman and single handedly took him down. >> the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> reporter: police say ford was served with a protection from abuse order filed by his girlfriend just hours before the shooting. >> 3:30 he gets served, 5:00 we have the first shooting. >> reporter: officials say this investigation will continue for quite some time, but as of now this community is starting to mourn for the tragic loss of life here in rural kansas. in newton, sara plake for nbc news. in decision 2016, democrats go to the polls in south carolina tomorrow, but presidential candidates from both parties have their sights set on the 12 states going on tuesday -- voting on tuesday. the republican candidates all try to shine in a debate last night to win support. nbc news correspondent edward
11:17 am
lawrence has the latest from washington. >> you get along with nobody -- >> reporter: the debate contentious. >> first of all this guy's a choke artist and this guy's a liar. >> reporter: donald trump was attacked from the right and left by senators ted cruz and marco rubio, who joined in a tag team to knock trump out of favor with voters. >> anyone who really cared about illegal immigration wouldn't be hiring illegal immigrants. >> reporter: rubio went on an all-out offensive against trump attacking not only his immigration ideas but his health care plan among other issues. >> that's the only part of the plan -- >> you have many different plans. you'll have competition. you'll have so many different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> no, no -- [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: rubio upped his attacks telling the "today" show he will expose the real trump. >> we are not going to turn over the conservative movement to a con artist who is telling people one thing but has spent 40 years sticking it to working americans and now claims to be their
11:18 am
champion. >> reporter: the fighting led to this moment by ben carson who felt he could not get air time. >> can somebody attack me, please? >> whoa, whoa. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: last night's debate set the stage for voters to decide on super tuesday. donald trump is winning or slightly winning all of the polls in super tuesday's states except for one, that's texas. senator ted cruz is winning in texas, he represents the state here in the u.s. congress. reporting in washington, edward lawrence, nbc news. >> rubio is back on the campaign trail this morning in texas. he again criticized trump as someone who defends planned parenthood and who has promoted single payer health care. as we take a live look at rubio at a town hall. this is a live look now at bernie sanders campaigning at an event in minnesota. the democratic presidential candidate just took to the stage. this is sanders' second stop in northern minnesota.
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his rally in duluth last month drew about 6,000 people. the primaries in pennsylvania and delaware are two months from today on april 26th. and if you live in new jersey, your primary day is june 7th. download the nbc 10 app for everything you need to know about decision 2016. it's a free download. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a cold one today. the wind is blowing making it feel even colder. gusty winds all day long. and the clouds that have been blowing through the area, well, they're going to keep ongoing for most of the day. we will see sunshine. right now the wind is making things fairly cold. those cold winds will not cease until we get to this evening. and that's going to clear the way for a colder night tonight dropping into the 20s tomorrow morning. but a weekend warmup. we've got it for you. with temperatures that will be climbing significantly.
11:20 am
partly cloudy skies over reading. clouds are blowing past philadelphia and cape may. mostly cloudy skies with some breaks of sunshine keeping temp which you weres in the 30s so far. you can see the clouds moving through the city. we have seen some scattered light snow showers this morning. those are pretty much disappeared. but the winds, they're still with us. look at the wind in wilmington now gusting to 37 miles an hour. giving us windchills that are still in the single digits in mt. pocono 9 degrees is what it feels like right now in the mountains, and that's how it's been all morning long since we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. low 20s feels like in reading and pottstown, 24 degrees, windchill in philadelphia now at 28. and all morning long it felt like -- it has felt like it's been in the 20s and it continues from wildwood at the shore, look at dover, georgetown and wilmington, no warmup there. sunshine breaking through these clouds. we'll be in and out of the clouds during the day today, but
11:21 am
we'll be in for brilliant sunshine over the weekend. as far as the scattered snow showers, there they go disappearing this morning. temperatures a minimal warmup today 30 degrees the high temperature in the pocono mountains at camelback, fleetwood, morgantown and pennsburg all up to 36 this afternoon. sunshine, some clouds blowing through the area with a temperature barely warming up in abington just 37 degrees. a high of 39 for moorestown and with breaks of sunshine at the shore 40 at and smyrna up to 40 this afternoon. the wind will keep going all day long. even though it warms into the upper 30s for malven and woodstown, going to feel like the 20s through this afternoon. by tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the 20s. 25 to start with. a high of 46 in the afternoon. less wind and bright sunshine for saturday. so a nice warmup saturday. and it's even warmer sunday. 60 degrees. the warm weather that will stay with us for monday, tuesday and
11:22 am
wednesday, there's a chance of a shower on monday. really a better chance we'll see showers on wednesday. and then sunshine returns with a colder day thursday. all right, thank you, bill. they're changing the face of technology. as we celebrate black history month, a look at an organization helping to bridge the gap in s.t.e.m. education. plus, we're taking your questions about prostate cancer this morning. we have an oncologist in our studios with life saving information for men and ladies. for the men in your life, go to our nbc 10 facebook page right now and ask your questions.
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pennsylvania governor -- >> just recently found out that i have a mild case of prostate cancer. we detected it early, fortunately. i don't know how mild is, but it's easily treatable. and i wanted to do -- >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf says he'll begin cancer treatments in the next few weeks. wednesday wolf revealed he has prostate cancer. and with wolf's announcement comes a lot of questions about the disease. and to help answer some of them is dr. jeffrey tomaszewski. thank you very much for coming in. we have some questions viewers have been asking, they've been posting questions and you've been answering them. first of all let's talk about governor wolf's situation. he says he has a mild form of cancer. is there such a thing? cancer is cancer.
11:26 am
>> it is. but prostate cancer is one of the special kinds of cancers where there's a range of categories. men can have low risk, intermediate and high risk and treatment varies considerably depending on the type of prostate cancer. >> this situation here, you know, let me see if we can pull up some viewer questions here. several have sent in questions to the doctor. let's see if we can pull them up. scroll up the screen here and we'll see some of these questions. what are some of the main symptoms of prostate cancer? >> so oftentimes when prostate cancer is in early stages there are no symptoms, which is why it's so important for men to get screened with prostate cancer with a blood test and rectal exam. >> another viewer wants to know if this kind of cancer, prostate cancer, is hereditary. >> yes, it definitely can run in families. if you have a first-degree male relative diagnosed at a young age, like less than 65, you should be screened at an earlier age than if you have no family history of prostate cancer. if one of your family members
11:27 am
has prostate cancer, however, it doesn't necessarily mean you will have prostate cancer. but you are at an increased risk compared to somebody else who does not have family history. >> all right. we want to come back and check in more with you. but you're answering these questions right at our facebook page, right? >> yes. yes. i'm answering right now. we're getting some great questions. >> fantastic. we appreciate you sharing your insight with us. we'll check back with you in a little bit. and you can count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage for governor wolf's diagnosis. we'll be back in a few minutes to answer more questions about prostate cancer. and you can ask the doctor right now by just going to our nbc 10 facebook page. apple versus the fbi. the battle of personal privacy versus national security rages on. we'll break down the latest move by the tech giant as it fights a controversial court order to unlock a cell phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. plus, no rainbows in sight, but a unicorn on the loose. turned out to be more than just
11:28 am
a figment of a child's imagination. we'll have a fairy tale ending to the story when we come back.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. yes, it is cold, it is windy. but hey, it's friday, and the sun is shining. at least in some places. here's a live look at the skyline of center city, philadelphia. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with the forecast. >> vai, there's some sunshine to be found, in fact more of it in the pocono mountains where it's colder. this is view from blue mountain. you can see scattered clouds, skiers are taking to the slopes and the wind has been steady with gusts of more than 30 miles an hour for most of the morning in the mountains. the snow they've been making has been blowing past the slopes for much of the time. blowing through the city are the clouds. this is the view from the nbc 10 studios. we've seen some very windy conditions. right now a little bit of a
11:32 am
breeze blowing. a 22-mile-an-hour wind at philadelphia international. so that 37 feels like 26 degrees. it's a cold one. but there are some colder spots, pottstown and doylestown at 34. and parts of the city fifth aro borough 35 and there go the clouds. they're going to continue blowing through the area. look north and west these are the clouds that are going to arrive in the city and head to south jersey. we see that through the day today. the skies should clear out tonight. the wind will die down, so we'll stop getting that steady flow of clouds. and then the temperatures will really come down overnight. we'll start to see that cooling first thing this evening. 39 degrees at 1:00. so that's just a couple degrees warmer than it is right now. bright sunshine, that steady northwesterly wind limiting us to 40 degrees at 4:00. and by this evening at 7:00 with the sun down, less wind but also going to get colder faster. we'll be falling into the 20s by
11:33 am
tomorrow morning. the weekend forecast and a quick warmup ahead on sunday when i come back with the seven-day forecast. all right, see you then. apple has responded to a court order issued over the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists. the issue is sparking a national debate about security versus privacy. federal authorities want apple to unlock the phone of one of these san bernardino terrorists as part of the investigation. they want to see what's on that phone. well, apple filed a motion yesterday arguing that the court order would violate its first and fifth amendment rights as well as do serious damage to the security of the company's products. the fbi's director said the battle with apple poses the hardest question he's seen in government. james comey testified before members of congress about the benefits and problems with encryption. >> increasing situations where we cannot with lawful court orders read the communications of terrorists, gang bangers,
11:34 am
pedophiles, all different kinds of bad people, and again, with lawful court orders and search warrants, we're increasingly unable to make that search warrant effective. >> another new development, google is planning to lend its support to apple saying it fears creating a precedent that authorities could use to read messages, photos and other sensitive information stored on phones. apple's ceo tim cook says he's prepared to take this case all the way to the supreme court. alabama medical examiners are trying to determine what killed a man who died shortly after an officer tasered him. police body cameras captured the entire incident. and we want to warn you that you may find this video disturbing. >> just relax, okay? relax. >> the hospital called in police after 49-year-old randy nelson became combative during a mental health evaluation. moments after officers handcuffed him nelson had trouble breathing. workers put him on a gurney and wheeled him away to another hospital where he later died.
11:35 am
the preliminary autopsy and toxicology report are still pending. dash camera video shows a police officer rescuing a driver from a burning car. the officer used his baton to break out the suv's window after the driver crashed into a guardrail on a corpus christi, texas, road monday night and burst into flames. a bystander helped the officer drag the driver to safety. the driver suffered minor injuries and is not facing any charges so far. skyforce 10 is back out over lancaster county to give us a look at how things are progressing two days after the tornado. you're looking live at salisbury township. this is a barn that was destroyed by the damaging winds. and here's a look at what that township was dealing with yesterday. the national weather service has confirmed an ef-2 tornado did
11:36 am
hit that area wednesday. and it was packing winds of up to 125 miles per hour. it destroyed dozens of buildings in its path including an amish schoolhouse. drivers on a california highway probably thought they were seeing things when a unicorn ran into traffic this week. yes, you heard me right, i said unicorn. juliet is a pony who makes people's dreams come true by posing as a unicorn in photo shoots. on wednesday she got loose from a children's party while still wearing her horn. well, police captured juliette at one point only to have her escape again. finally a horse juliette is familiar with was brought in and brought home, they're making changes to make sure she doesn't get loose again. good thing. happening this weekend hollywood celebrates its biggest night, but a number of african-american actors will not support this year's academy awards. they say the academy lacks diversity. also reverend al sharpton says he's going to stage a rally on
11:37 am
sunday before the big event. the rally will push for nationwide tv tuneout of the oscars. others planned similar rallies around the country. students at a charter school in southwest philadelphia celebrated black history month this morning. they focused on the art of or toir. nbc 10 was at southwest leadership academy where kids competed in several public speaking and debate competitions. they performed pieces by famous african-american poets, singers or writers. the best performers received awards at the end of the event. the group black girls code aims to make a science engineering and math education more accessible to african-americans. they believe it's one way to increase diversity in the nation's fastest growing and highest paying industry, technology. cnbc's sharon epperson talked to young girls who are part of that change. >> i thought it was boring at first. i had no interest.
11:38 am
but when i actually started doing it -- >> reporter: 11-year-old madison harvey is one of 300 girls learning how to build a robot at this weekend workshop. it's put on by black girls code, a nonprofit aiming to bridge the gap in s.t.e.m. education for young girls of color. >> she's excited about science and math and engineering. and what other opportunity for her to be around other girls that look just like her. >> reporter: many of these girls don't have role models in engineering or computer science. black women make up less than 3% of the workforce at the biggest tech companies. kimberly bryant worked in biotech for more than 20 years understands their dilemma. >> i was one of maybe two or three students of color in my electrical engineering class when i went to college. >> reporter: bryant founded black girls code with hopes of literally changing the face of
11:39 am
technolo technology. >> when we generally think of computer sciences now it does not look like a woman of color. it does not look of someone of hispanic background. it's very much white male dominant. and that's important for us to show that black girls can code and they can do many other things in terms of a leadership standpoint in this field. >> most black girls aren't into computers and stuff. it's really cool and fun. i encourage other people to do it. and it will help open up new worlds and paths for you. >> reporter: black girls code held its first event four years ago in san francisco with eight girls. today the nonprofit has chapters in eight u.s. cities and johannesburg, south africa, with plans to expand to dallas and miami this year. it's funded through corporate sponsors and partnerships, donations and a $35 fee to attend workshops. which can be waived in some cases. since starting in 2011, black girls code has offered workshops to about 5,000 girls ages 7 to
11:40 am
17. they're learning everything from computer programming to coding to building mobile applications and even;//n robotics. many of these girls won't just come to one black girls code workshop. madison is here for the second time. >> to interact with people and, oh, i enjoy this. >> reporter: the organization though still young is already achieving its intended impact. some former participants are majoring in computer science at top colleges including spelman and dartmouth. >> we're starting to see girls take what they learn at black girls code and take that spark and create something even bigger for themselves. >> reporter: madison may just follow that same path. >> taught me to open mind so it's like a door opened for me. so it's the possibility i might want. >> very nice. that was cnbc's sharon epperson reporting. pope francis has a new book coming out next week.
11:41 am
this morning at the vatican he met with some of the kids who helped him write it. these kids from around the world asked questions that the pontiff answers in his first children's book called "dear pope francis." pope francis dictated his responses in simple language so children can understand his ideas. dear pope francis hits bookshelves next tuesday. a stunning announcement this past week from pennsylvania governor tom wolf. next, we're answering your questions about prostate cancer along with m.d. anderson cancer center at cooper posting your questions to our nbc 10 facebook page. and dr. jeffrey will answer them coming up next. vai, you can feel that cold wind blowing today. it's going to be with us through the afternoon. but i'm tracking a warmer weekend, and some wet weather early next week. i'll take you through futurecast when we come back in the seven-day forecast.
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11:44 am
dr. jeffrey tomaszewski from anderson cancer center at cooper. your questions about prostate cancer after governor tom wolf revealed he will undergo stre t treatment for the disease. doctor, we appreciate you coming in and answering our online questions. the governor's cancer was caught at an early stage and we hear a lot about the different stages of cancer. people on our nbc 10 facebook page want you to explain some of
11:45 am
those stages. >> sure, the staging system is important not only for prostate cancer but all cancer. basically in prostate cancer your stage is dependent upon your psa which is a blood test we use to monitor prostate cancer, how far it invades in the prostate and how far it spreads through the body. stage one is early cancer and stage four would be disease all over the body. your stage is very important to ask about if you're diagnosed with prostate cancer because it very much dictates the type of treatment you need to have. >> i asked this question as you were sitting here during the commercial break. i thought like a lot of people thought prostate cancer is discovered with a colonoscopy. and you say? >> no. >> it's something called the psa. >> so psa is a protein made only by the prostate. psa is made by healthy and cancerous prostate cells. so if psa is elevated, it
11:46 am
doesn't necessarily mean cancer, you could just have an enlarged prostate. that's why it's so important to get it checked and to discuss. a colonoscopy will not detect prostate cancer at all. >> doctor, we appreciate you coming here and answering questions from our viewers. >> thank you. >> remember, we have more information about governor wolf's diagnosis on our website at and on the nbc 10 app. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a cold one. we started off with clouds, but look at the sunshine. it's kind of in and out of it on the ice at penns landing. last weekend for ice skating. it's a cold day on the ice today. 37 degrees, feels like 26 with that steady wind out of the northwest now at 22 miles an hour. look at lake sunshine, yes, cold it's in the low 20s right now in the mountains. mount pocono is 22 degrees. most of the rest of the area in the 30s. cape may has warmed up to 40 degrees. but factor in the wind it still
11:47 am
feels like it's in the 20s at the shore. 10 degrees in mount pocono. a blustery day. we've seen clouds quickly move through the area, even saw some brief snow showers this morning. first thing, but those have fizzled. now the nearest snow showers are in western pennsylvania, not expecting them here. in fact, we'll be dry through the weekend. this afternoon mostly clear skies. that clears the way for a colder night tonight. by tomorrow morning not a cloud in the sky at 11:00. and bright sunshine we'll be in the 40s on saturday. it won't be quite as cold saturday night and into sunday morning. nothing more than a scattered cloud first thing on sunday and sunday afternoon. at 4:00 we should be at 60 degrees. but even though it's going to be dry over the weekend, we've got some wet weather on the way. this is late sunday night moving through the ohio valley, some rain showers that could be moving through our area come monday. just a chance of those showers. today, it's going to be cold all day. those gusty winds keeping the temperatures cold. we should warm into the middle 40s this time of year.
11:48 am
and that's what we'll see tomorrow. 46 degrees. but a big warmup comes on sunday. and it's not just sunday, the warm weather stays with us into next week even though there's that chance of a shower monday, just a slight chance. 57 monday afternoon. near 60 again on tuesday. and with clouds coming in on wednesday, another mild one 55 degrees. once those showers move through then it gets cold thursday. all right, thank you, bill. get ready for a celebration of german culture and a toast of one of pennsylvania's fastest growing industries, brewing beer. the fifth annual philly beer fest promises to have something for everyone, suds and non-suds fans alike. tony michaels is the executive vice president of the german society of pennsylvania, and beer fest co-founder. and he is here with kristen herman, a board member of the philly roller derby who is participating in the beer fest. and you go -- ginger. want to make sure we get that. tony, first of all, tell me
11:49 am
what's in store for this weekend. >> we are looking forward to the -- to organizing that wonderful event for the first time, representing german culture by presenting german style brewed beers. and the oldest german american -- oldest german organization in the united states even 12 years older than the united states. >> but you don't necessarily have to be -- like i don't drink beer. you don't have to necessarily drink beer to come and enjoy the festivitie festivities, right? >> of course no. you don't have to. you can just enjoy the performances. there's even a beerless ticket for designated drivers or for people who are not into beer. >> okay. ginger vitis, tell us how many roller derby is participating. >> so we have been with the german society working with them before they even had beer fest. this is the fifth annual, so we actually started back when it was just beer week when beer week used to be in january or february. so now we're the only ones left still doing it in february.
11:50 am
everybody's ready for a fun event. and it is, it's a day-long event of just drinking these great german style brewed beers and there's lots of entertainment. they've got the polka-delphia, they play like funk '70s tunes. they've also got the keystone mountain boys, they are incredible, cool blues skiend of band and i think they set the tone for the entire event. as you're walking around and have your mug and talking to everyone and brewers there, they're playing in the background. you can stand there and watch them the entire time. but then there's a sort of german style cabaret. so it's pg-13 version of this, but you kind of see the one hall empty because it's so much fun. they pair with their latvian society. it's two huge buildings with lots going on, lots of
11:51 am
entertainment. >> let me ask because i've always heard this, does german beer have higher alcohol content than domestic beer? >> usually, yes. >> so germans think domestic beer is kind of wimpy. >> i don't know what every german think, but it goes into that direction. i don't want to be unkind. >> especially when you're trying to raise money too. and the money is going to go to a good cause, yes? >> it is. philly roller derby is a not for profit so they're helping us to train in our juniors program, these boys and girls we train all yearlong they're going to have a national team for the first time this year. >> all right. thank you very, very much. there apparently are some v.i.p. tickets left happening from 1:00 to 5:30 p.m. that's at 611 spring garden street in philadelphia. for more information go to our website. we'll provide a link at and check out our nbc 10 app. tony, kristen or ginger vitis, thanks for coming. >> thanks for having us.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
♪ the feeling of your skin just three days away from the season premiere of "the voice." and one of the contestants auditioning is originally from
11:55 am
middlesex county. you can see judge adam levine even joins him on stage. "the voice" airs monday at 8:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10. well, this is the last weekend for the blue cross riverrink winter fest. and you're looking live at the rink at penn's landing to help celebrate the end of the skating season. water ice, and dunkin donuts will give away free samples tomorrow and sunday. that's how they say it, bill. stop laughing. families can also visit kids lodge for arts, crafts and face painting. adults can stay a little longer sunday night for an extended happy hour of music and dancing. but the summer season and fun is right around the corner, organizers are getting ready for the festival of arts, science fair carnival and blue cross riverrink summer fest. coming up today at 3:00, all new ellen. and then nbc 10 news at 4:00. this is a live look at the scene at cape may.
11:56 am
what a quiet now but parts of the snow are buzzing with activity. we head to the coast for a look at what's happening and what's being done this weekend to get set for the spring and summertime crowds. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. >> see all the white caps on the ocean there? >> yeah. >> that's a cold wind. and it's been blowing all day long. it looks pretty outside. look at this. >> little cloudy for my taste. >> cameras when they shoot an angle like that they look cloudier than it really is. >> oh, really? >> it's a little deceiving, but we'll see enough sunshine to warmup -- warm to 39 today. but the big warmup is over the weekend. 60 degrees. hard to beat that. >> sunday. >> this time of year on sunday. and even into next week we're going to be in the 50s for monday, tuesday and wednesday. not bad at all. the best chance of wet weather will come wednesday, mainly rain. but it ends with a few snowflakes it looks like early thursday. >> thank you, bill. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema.
11:57 am
for bill henley and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day and a terrific weekend.
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>> victor: oh, there you are. >> maggie: oh, i thought you'd gone to bed. >> victor: oh, i couldn't sleep. listen, i was passing by caroline's room. the door was open, but nobody was there. have you seen her? >> maggie: uh, actually she left just a little while ago. >> victor: at this hour? where'd she go? >> maggie: home. >> victor: what the hell are you talking about? >> maggie: she moved back home, >> victor: what? why would she do that? and why would she leave without even saying good-bye to me? >> maggie: well, she didn't say good-bye because she thought you'd try to stop her, like you did the last time. >> victor: oh, for god's sakes, well, why didn't you? >> maggie: victor, it's her life. and it's her decision. >> victor: well, it's a damn poor one. i told you, she has to stay here in this house so i can keep an eye on her.


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