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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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weighing in on christie's endorsement in backing of donald trump for president. >> at one point they were going at each other to a certain degree. and now they are kind of like siding with each other. i guess the public can think. >> christie said that it would boost tourism to save the resort. it's closed now. jesse, imagines there is an underlying reason for christie to put himself in trump's corner. >> christie dropped out, so now trump is winning and trump's hotel went down so that tells me that one hand is going to wash the other and work out a deal and be good old buddy old pals. >> i don't care, i'm not looking at that. >> with or without him, i think he's going to fail. he is going to lose regardless. >> reporter: new jersey's sierra club concern with the environment, the director said that now christie will campaign for trump and continue to run away from new jersey's problems, like the broken trust fund, in fact he called them quote two
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bombastic bullies that are connected by a broken bridge. we're live in atlantic city, cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> you know these two republicans weren't always friends, less than a month ago governor christie mocking trump one day before the iowa caucuses. >> i mean you know how it goes. it would be a beautiful wall, a fabulous wall. from one to the other. the good people come in, the bad people go out. a 5yípy >> well, now christie becomes one of the most high profile republicans to support trump. he's received other endorsements from sarah palin, former massachusetts senator scott brown and earlier this week the first sitting congressman threw support behind trump, chris collins and duncan hunter. nbc 10 has continuing coverage of this still breaking story. coming up at 5:00 a political analysts joins us for insight. now to new video of what's
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being called tz an unholy act caught on camera. surveillance shows a suspected thief sneaking into an area church to pry open the poor box. what he doesn't know is that officers are waiting for him once inside he finds out he is not alone. police pounce on him as he makes a run for it and stop him on the steps. our lady of calvary church is on nights road in northeast philadelphia. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live at the church. >> how did police know this guy would be showing up? >> reporter: well, they had been watching this and you know, it took some team work from the church and from police to get this done. i'll show you what officers did in a moment. first take a look at this. that is the camera that the church installed here and take a look, what they found. you can see a man outside opening the door. what you can't see here is police officers were waiting inside, but watch a little longer. they chase him out down he goes.
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>> once i put the camera in i was able to catch him on video, and then the police came in and they did a sting operation and boom, we got him. >> it was dramatic resolution to a puzzle at our lady of calvary church. >> we look at the box here and of course the box has been opened. money missing. >> it happened several days in a row. >> i would say probably in the time period that he did it probably close to 100, $150. >> the boxes are part of life here at the church. >> everybody donates to it. if you want to light a candle, say a special intention, you put something into it. you know. it goes back to the church and the poor and it's one of those things that you hold it sacred. >> even her kids know. >> i don't think they should have done it because like it's money from the church. it probably was supposed to be for other people. >> does it make you upset they would take money from the church? >> yes. i put money in there. >> reporter: police arrested 28-year-old william christopher
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side for burglary, then gave each other a five. now you may have noticed at the beginning of that video, that he appeared to use a key to get into those doors, one of the questions of course then is where did he get that key? police say that he claims he found it in the church parking lot. we'll have more on just what it took to make this happen. and hear from police on just how long they were willing to stay in there coming up at 5:00. live in northeast philadelphia, i'm lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." we're learning more this afternoon about what may have triggered a shooting spree at a kansas manufacturing plant. investigators say cedric ford was handed a court order to stay away from his girlfriend not long before he killed three and injured more than a dozen others. nbc 10's denise nakano is live in our operations center with more on the mass shooting and who is credited with saving lives. >> cedric ford received that
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court order 90 minutes before the mass shooting and investigators believe that's likely what triggered the attack. the two shooting scenes last night north of wichita. ford allegedly shot two people while driving to the plant where he worked and shot a person in the parking lot. witnesses say ford was armed with an assault style weapon and handgun. he went inside the lawn mower factory and shot 15 more people. the first police officer to arrive at the plant immediately put a stop to ford and shot and killed him. ford had a lengthy criminal record out of florida in the past decade. he was charged with burglary, grand theft and fleeing from an officer. today police say there were up to 300 people in the building at the time of the shooting. and had it not been for the first officer, more workers would have been killed. >> this man was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter.
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he had to stop that threat. you've got two or 300 people in there. luckily 200 or 300 people came out. >> another officer who was being hailed a hero showed up at the plant in his own vehicle loaded up one of the shooting victims and took him to the hospital. kansas's governor and the state attorney general met with police. the governor said it's a time to pray for the community and not a time to discuss more strict gun control. live in the digital operations center, denise nakano, "nbc 10 news." >> a well known restaurant in germantown will be shut down for some time after flamings destroyed the building early this morning. philadelphia firefighters spent an hour trying to control the blaze at the house of gin. they spent several more hours spraying the vaunt with water as flames kept re-igniting. the restaurant has been in the neighborhood over a decade. no one was hurt. >> this is not what you want to see when you walk out your door. but nearly 20 people in delaware
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woke up this morning to find tires slashed. the victims live mere west 11th and june in per street now looking at bills as police search for whoever is responsible. tim furlong has the story from new castle county. >> reporter: how frustrating to walk out to find vandals slashed your tires. >> very frustrating. i wish i would have caught him myself. >> reporter: he need four new ones, $1500. he wishes he could have introduced the vandals to his cane. >> it would have been ugly. >> reporter: 17 cars in theneighborhood had tires slashed. one had one, some all four, even on a county police car. everyone now looking for the people who made this mess. >> someone on juniper street saw three teens attempt to kind of catch up to them and that was unsuccessful. >> that's the vibe, people angry and when they fill out the forms. or wait for the many tow trucks.
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and ed needs two tires, he'd rather have batting practice. he is seething at the people that inconvenienced him. >> i feel like going out there and knocking the hell out in the street with a bat or something. >> some of the houses in this neighborhood have surveillance cameras, police want were to look at the video from 1:30 this morning. if you see anything suspicious call police and maybe help them make an arrest. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." a former high school teacher and wrestling coach in delaware is facing at least six years in prison after pleading guilty today to child sex abuse charges. police arrested richard howell ii last year after a 17-year-old student at cesar rodney high school told authorities that howell had sex with her over several monthings. investigators say they found graphic photos and videos of howell on the girl's cell phone. >> a flu outbreak in a prison has officials putting the stop on all visits until further notice. officials say two prisoners hat
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the howard r. young institution are sick with the flu. two have suspected cases and dozens more may have been exposed. all transportation of prisoners has been stopped as well. >> we have new information on last weekend's stabbing of a student near the cooks town university. a suspect has turned himself in. 18-year-old robert is facing attempted murder charges. nbc 10 showed you this slew of three men police were looking for in connection to the stabbing. it happened off campus last saturday. police say robert is not a student but was in town to visit friends there. police do not expect the other men to face charges. sky force 10 was over a school bus accident in northeast philadelphia this morning. the bus was carrying 11 students from st. francis st. joseph home for children, one child was taken to the hospital for a minor injury.
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we're told everyone is now okay. there is no word on what caused this crash. sky force 10 above the scene of a fire on lewis street in camden. everyone got out. and there are no reports of injuries here. mayor jim kenney says he trusts the district attorney to make the right call about the lasean mccoy case. mccoy accused of assaulting two off duty philadelphia police officers, at the recess lounge on february 7. he reportedly told the d.a. and investigators tuesday that the incident wasn't his fault. mayor kenney said he was asked to comment on this video that shows the assault. >> i'm from south philly and i grew up when guys fought. if you want to fight, the guy goes down on the ground you don't boot him in the head. let him get up or when he's done he's done. if this was a fair fight, not something we encourage but happens now and then. but when you're booting somebody in the head and in the ribs it's a little unmanly.
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>> the d.a. told nbc 10 he wants to make sure his office has all of the evidence and charges the right people with the right crimes. >> the white house says president obama's list of potential supreme court nominees is not yet final. the president has started screening candidates to replace the late justice antonin scalia but more could be added to the list. the president will not name a nominee before he meets next tuesday with senate leaders. scalia passed away suddenly earlier this week. filling the vacancy is considered very crucial. the person who replaces scalia could change the balance of the court. republicans controlling the senate had said they will not schedule a vote or each hold hearings if the president announces a nominee. >> right now the president is in florida drumming up support for the massive spending bill he signed seven years ago. the bill was part of the recovery act in boosting the economy after the country's worst recession in decades.
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republicans argue that taxpayers got too little in return for the $760 billion bill. >> five people are accused of stealing federal funds meant to help superstorm sandy victims. according to prosecutors the suspects filed false applications with fema. if convicted they could face up to a decade in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. new jersey transit and its unions have about two weeks now to negotiate a new contract before rail workers could strike. the two sides met today to try and sort out higher health insurance premiums and wage increases. a federal labor board recommended that nj transit raise worker pay by 2.6% per year for the next six years. the unions have authorized a strike at midnight on march 13 if no agreement is reached. >> a new restaurant in center city is hoping to breathe new life into the curtis center. p.j. clark intends to open in the building. the owner says he'd love to open
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by the time the democratic national convention hits down but can't make promises on that the mayor joked he will be a regular patron. >> actually i wish you were opening up before st. patrick's day and the parade because i'm sure it would be lined up to get in. >> officials say the washington square area where the curtis center building sits is in the midful a development boom. mayor kenney joined jobs growth coalition and state lawmakers to launch tax reform campaign at city hall. local leaders formally announcing lawmaker plans to introduce legislation. supporter sas the legislation would create tens of thousands of jobs. >> today students in philadelphia celebrated black history month with a tribute to african-american artists. >> i want to express what's right even when it's not always popular. thank you. >> absolutely. words of wisdom from that young
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man. elementary students at the southwest leadership academy charter school performed the works of black poets, singers and writers, at the school's contest. the children dressed in costume as their selected character reading excerpt of their work. the winner of the competition received scholarship money for high school. >> well, they were dancing in the street today in center city. it's in celebration of the dominican republic first day. the mayor jim kenney busy guy was on hand for the celebration as the flag was hoisted. the dominican republic declared independence from haiti back in 1844. >> dozens of people are scrambling to make repairs on an amish farm after wednesday's tornado ripped the roofs off buildings here. sky force 10 was back over salisbury township today. lots of progress here as construction crews fixed the damage on this amish barn. this is what it looked like yesterday hours after the
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tornado ripped apart the barn. nearly 200 people were inside when winds whipped through that building. fortunately no one was seriously hurt. extremely rare to see a tornado like that especially in the month of february. in the state of pennsylvania. we've got a cold night and morning. remember a couple days ago we were in the 60s. not feeling like that now. we've got a weekend warm-up sunday is going to be amazingly warmer than saturday. but winter is not over. we have multiple days in the 60s, but wait till you see the last part of the seven-day. right now we have 41 degrees and a lot of sunshine. it's windy, though, 24 gusting to 29 miles an hour. it feels like it is 31 degrees right now. it's in the 30s north and west, 25 degrees already in the
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poconos, one of these places going down in the teens by morning. and the warm spot philadelphia and atlantic city at 41. feels like it's in the upper 20s to near 30 across much of the area. 12 in the poconos. we have a northwest wind, but it's not enough to bring those snow flurries from the great lakes across the mountains and this is a typical kind of pattern, cold but dry. and that's what we're going to be seeing. clearing and much colder tonight with the wind diminishing, 25 for the low in philadelphia, 18 north and west. that's the cold as it's going to be for a while. and then tomorrow a lot of sunshine, cold day, not as windy as what we saw today. high temperatures in the low 40s, that's well below average. look at what happens on sunday. up near 60 degrees. have a chance of a shower on monday but look how warm it is next week. at least the beginning of the week. 64 degrees on tuesday.
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but then we start cooling down and by the end of the week, we do have legitimate chances of snow. that's right. winter is not over. >> all right, glenn. take a spin around the blue cross river rink one last time. this weekend before it closes, a live look at it now, you can skate under the lights until 1:00 in the morning tonight and tomorrow night. winter fest will close at 11:00 p.m. sunday but you won't have to wait long until the summer season kickings off at penns landing. the festival of arts and science fair carnival coming up in april. >> a big honor today for karen buckhols, the senior vice president of administration for comcast corporation. receiving the trail blazer award which recognizes a woman whose contributions epitomize excellence in their field and community. those who know her describe her as a role model and mentor to her family, colleagues and the city of philadelphia. so we offer congratulations.
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comcast of course the parent company of nbc 10. good reason to smile there. >> the academy awards may be rolling out the red carpet for hollywood celebrities on sunday. >> that's right. but some animals in need of a home, they will receive the star treatment as well. the pennsylvania spca is hosting the acat-emy awards. they will waive adoption fees. >> it's amazing to know these animals are going to good home and to have a hand in that. i personally adopted a cat last week and it was wonderful. >> forever families who make a donation to adopt a pet can have their picture taken on the red carpet to celebrate the awards. the event runs tomorrow and sunday at all spca locations. >> there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs both at home and around
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the world, than donald trump. >> our breaking news on "nbc 10 news", chris christie throwing his support behind donald trump. after suspending his own campaign for president earlier this month. the governor rallied for the republican front-runner this afternoon in texas. nbc 10 has continuing coverage of this breaking story coming up at 5:00 we'll listen to more of today's speech, and we'll talk to political experts on the campaign trail what trump and christie gain from this. also coming up, too much of a good thing. >> what new research reveals over exercising can lead to. also ahead, a race against time. a police officer pounds away at this burning car. what's inside that he has to get to. >> plus, fire in the sky. the strange sight that turned heads and the reason it happened. >> i'm a pretty competitive guy. >> quick change. what facebook's founder says he
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can complete in 20 seconds. those and much more ahead on "nbc 10 news" at 4:00. >> first, here is a look at wall street's closing numbers today.
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>> i'm a pretty competitive guy. incredible video, this texas police officer save as driver from this burning car, the officer smashed the passenger window so he could open the door and pulled the driver to safety with help from other people here. surprisingly, the driver had only minor injuries. >> indonesian volcano erupted
4:24 pm
twice today sending smoke 10,000 feet into the air. the volcano woke up in 2010 after it was dormant for 400 years. the area has been declared a high risk danger zone. >> look at this, a fire ball caught on camera in spain. it's a fragment from a comet moving at about 60 miles an hour as it crashes into earth's atmosphere. not that unusual right now, apparently several similar fire balls have been spotted in the spanish skies lately. >> it was swan versus drivers in prague. the swan won. the bird forced traffic to stop as it decided to sit in the middle of the lane of a bridge, refusing to move. no word on what made the fowl get up and get going. >> places to go. sure doesn't feel like beach weather yet. >> not today but we know spring will be upon us sooner rather than later. summer's around the corner.
4:25 pm
a live look at cape may. quiet now. a few people taking a stroll on the beach. parts of the shore buzzing with activity today. >> hard work in the winter to bring new attractions for summertime fun at the jersey shore. >> it's a big investment. >> what's going up along the board walk. >> then coming up tonight on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00, someone broke into his business twice but instead of getting angry, one store owner took a different approach. see the unusual letter he wrote to his burglar coming up at 5:00.
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there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong
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leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than donald trump. >> our breaking news at 4:00, new jersey governor chris christie throwing his support behind donald trump, this coming after he suspended his own campaign for president earlier this month. the governor now rallying for the republican front-runner this afternoon in texas. christie argued that experience is critical to being president. he endorsed trump and went on to campaign along side the first time candidate with four days until super tuesday. >> steve handelsman has the latest from south carolina site of the next contest tomorrow. >> the next president of the united states donald trump. >> reporter: no warning. chris christie and donald trump showed up together in ft. worth. >> america must have a strong leader again that can restore jobs, that can restore america confidence and donald trump is the man to do it. >> reporter: trump can beat hillary clinton christie said. >> i think that this is the one
4:30 pm
endorsement i felt very strongly about. >> reporter: christie battled trump. now the fight is for super tuesday. >> i want texas to be trump country on tuesday. >> last night texas debate was fiery. >> this guy is a choke artist, this guy is a liar. >> reporter: for cruz winning at home on tuesday in stext a must. >> if donald trump is our nominee hillary will be difficult to beat. >> reporter: marco rubio is in super tuesday attack trump road. >> the charade is off. this is a con job. we unmasked him and let me tell you it's time for you to as well. >> reporter: trump is knocking rubio as melting down. >> it's rubio. >> reporter: hillary clinton today. >> i need your vote tomorrow. >> reporter: in south carolina where the democrat primary is tomorrow, clinton has the support of african-americans, the key to a win. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: bernie sanders is seen by many blacks as unproven. back to the republicans, if
4:31 pm
donald trump is the nominee, might christiety be his running mate. christie said his plan is stay on as new jersey governor until his term ends in 2018. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, columbia, south carolina. >> nbc 10 has continuing coverage of this story coming up at 5:00 we'll listen to more of today's speech and we'll also talk with a political experts in fact who are on the campaign trail about what trump and christie gained from this. some of the other stories making headlines. could a protection from abuse order have triggered a deadly mass shooting at a factory in hesston, kansas. cedric ford received the court order 90 minutes before he shot 15 people at the plant yesterday. three died, police shot and killed ford. >> an arrest on the steps of a northeast philadelphia church, officers were waiting inside our lady of calvary church when
4:32 pm
william christopher sides broke in. police said of the sting after a series of burglaries in the area. sides is now charged with burglary, criminal trespass and other related offenses. >> residents in new castle's washington park neighborhood woke up to find their tires slashed. in all 17 cars were damaged. some had all four tires flattened. somebody in the area saw three teens nearby when it happened but was not able to catch them. police are hoping that surveillance video will help find the people responsible. from the jersey shore bureau, a winter time rush is under way to get the coast set for the spring crowds, sure doesn't feel like it but the shore season isn't far off. >> that's right. easter is about a month away. we have a live look at the scene in cape may. all is quiet this afternoon. but as nbc 10's jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg shows us, parts of the coast will be buzzing with plenty of activity this weekend. >> reporter: the work happening up in the air in ocean city is
4:33 pm
photo worthy to john. >> every week if i send pictures to my grand children. >> reporter: rigging crews are busy putting together the centerpiece a major upgrade at play land's cast away cove, this is gale force. the biggest and fastest of three new roller coasters coming to the board walk amusement park this year. at its highest gale force will be 125 feet tall, and blast riders with speeds reaching 64 miles an hour. >> this is by far the biggest investment we made as far as rides go. >> reporter: the folks hoping this will be ready to go by memorial day weekend, but the weather including all of that rain we had earlier this week, has been causing some setbacks. >> we lost two days this week with rain. and today is pretty much up know, we're pushing getting close to the limits of wind. >> reporter: in wildwood a
4:34 pm
formerly vacant lot across the street from the board walk at the end of the city's main drag is being transformed into a new 27-hole golf course. >> it's at a gateway location so we're excited to do this project. >> reporter: atlantic city's steel pier hopes to start construction in early spring on a 220-foot observation wheel, the pieces are already here with a planned opening this fall. john can't wait for summer and his grandkids to hop on some of the shore's newest thrills. >> they love it. >> reporter: ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." >> apple's ceo is back in the spotlight. tim cook is speaking out about his company's fight for privacy. this comes a day after apple challenged a court order to help the fbi unlock the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists. nbc 10's denise that can that has details.
4:35 pm
>> apple's ceo spoke about the controversy during the company's annual shareholder meeting today. and he defended the company's privacy stance in the case saying quote these are the right things to do. last week a court ordered ap tool help the fbi unlock an iphone, that phone was used by syed farook, he and his wife killed 14 people at a holiday party in san bernardino, california. the couple later died in a shoot-out with police. >> yesterday apple filed a motion arguing the court order would violate its first and fifth amendment rights as well as do serious damage to the security of the company's products. >> this could affect the security and the encryption technology on phones that most of us carry today. >> a hearing on the iphone legal dispute is scheduled for next month. and now major tech companies like facebook, google and twitter are rallying behind apple's cause. they plan to file a joint friend of the court brief on its
4:36 pm
behalf. live in the digital operations center, denise nakano, "nbc 10 news." still ahead, pulp? >> what one major chain is accused of putting in its cheese. plus, the beef gets bumped. what arby's plans to do on monday. >> what facebook founder says he can complete in 20 seconds. much more straight ahead.
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it may not be 100% cheese. it may contain a filler made from wood pulp. that's the basis of a federal lawsuit filed against walmart's great value brand grated
4:40 pm
parmesan cheese. >> so vegetarians don't usually flock to burger joints. monday they might. arby's is going vegetarian for the day. the "leap year" stupt is more joke than reality. menu offeringses sand wuch buns minus the beef. >> sports that require hours of intense training may make you lean and mean. research finds they aren't doing your heart favors. exercising too hard for too long can be toxic to the heart causing permanent changes like abnormal heart beats. doctors stress they are talking about intense exercise like marathons and triathlons, not suggesting that exercise isn't important but more research in the safety of intense workouts should be continued. >> he may be one of the most powerful ceos. >> mark zuckerberg says he is not afraid to get his hands dirty during a diaper change.
4:41 pm
he discussed his dad duties during his visit to germany with his wife. the couple welcoming their daughter max back in november. zuckerberg posted photos of his daughter since her birth including this one from the nursery with the caption, one more down, thousands to go. told the german audience he considers diaper changing a good challenge. >> i'm a pretty competitive guy, so i -- i timed myself. to make sure i can get better and better and better over time. so i got it down to like 20 seconds. so i think that's pretty good. right? >> that is pretty good. 20 seconds. and while he was in germany he met with the chancellor's chief of staff and also received an award as an entrepreneur. but why do you have to time it? >> he said he is a competitive person. >> okay. there you go. whether you are a hockey fan or not this is something you'll
4:42 pm
want to see. >> it happens very fast. we have a live look at the wells fargo center. something last night has plenty of people talking today. you'll see it for yourself and hear from the man who made it happen next.
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a look at the wells fargo center. flyers fans buzzing about what went down here last night. the save you have to see for yourself. john clark is here to show it >>. we're hearing from guy who made that sensational save. >> it was pretty unbelievable it it could be the save of the nhl season. it was a ridiculous save, the
4:46 pm
game was on the line, seconds left last night and flyers goalie michael notice bert saved his best for last. >> oh, my. that's unreal. >> it's the stick. >> wow. the flyers announcers could hardly find the words to describe this ridiculous save. the minnesota wild players put their sticks in the air thinking they scored. how does he save that? and some flyers players couldn't believe what they had seen. it spread across social media. a one-goal game. sealed the fl ed thed the the f. where would he rank this in saves in his life? >> on the first replay i wasn't sure about when they showed the different angle. i knew right away that i made a save. it's got to be one of the best saves i made for sure. >> unbelievie al. that's probably the save of the year. >> it's unbelievable.
4:47 pm
disgusting save. >> come up with the adjectives but good for the flyers. clau claude. now missing another star, we got that in. we'll tell you at 6:00. >> of that save there, so the puck was in the air, right. >> yeah. >> his stick. >> can barely see it. >> catches it. >> now, there is a question, a lot of people wonder you know, did the puck actually go over the line. because the camera is not straight down on the crossbar. it's a little to the left. a lot of people saying maybe it was a goal. but from our vantage point look likes he made an unbelievable save. >> call it sick and amazing. >> ridiculous, disgusting. >> all right. thanks, john. >> all right. and coming up. it was the importance of a
4:48 pm
positive lifestyle. that was the message local college students spread this morning in bridesburg. boxing instructions to the boys and girls for the build up of fight night that benefits the boys and girls club of philadelphia. >> just a couple of days ago temperatures were in the 60s. but it feels a lot different now. we've got a cold night and morning ahead. but we're going to see quite a warm-up as we go through the weekend. sunday is going to be way warmer than saturday. but winter is not over. we have bright blue skies out there as we've had much of the day. 41 degrees, the wind 24 gusting to 29 miles an hour. making it feel like it's 31.
4:49 pm
certainly cold enough for the folks in blue mountain and parts of the poconos to make snow. they are not going to enjoy the warm weather we're going to get for a few days. then they may get natural snow before the end of next week. temperatures now 41 in philadelphia, 30s across much of the rest of the area. we still have wind on top of that, so we've got gusts up to 30 miles an hour right now. we also have dry conditions, it's going to stay dry over the weekend as well. clearing, much colder tonight with the wind diminishing, 25 the low in philadelphia, 18 north and west. during the day tomorrow we have a lot of sunshine, going to be cold, not as windy as today. and then a tremendous jump in the temperature for sunday. we stay warm all the way through tuesday, tuesday should be the warmest day. but then we get colder and wye have the chance of a storm coming later in the week that could even bring us snow.
4:50 pm
>> a little change could go a long way. >> and local youngsters are proving it this afternoon. coming up next mow a massive mountain of pennies and coins will provide something one community desperately needs. then all new on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00. >> a real charge. >> that is real. look out behind you, how a local congressman wound up in the middle of this elephant encounter.
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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>> they are coins but today this change is going a long way thanks to some determined kids in chestnut hill where nbc 10's
4:54 pm
is live this afternoon. >> these kids are using pennies to save the play ground? >> reporter: they'll take dollars too, the bigger the better. look at the playground, this is the children's park. it's not owned by the school district. instead this park was constructed entirely with donated money and volunteer labor. but after 20 years the park is in need of repairs, and that's where all of the kids and the coins come in. what do you like to play with? >> i don't know. >> reporter: 33 degrees won't stop naomi. her mom says there is a park near their home. >> it's not this elaborate and fun. >> reporter: they came for a play date. >> i living here and when kids visit-is the place to come. >> reporter: it's used by kids from all over. the city and the suburbs, written up in travel guides as a must see place to visit.
4:55 pm
>> did you assume it was the school paid for it? >> the school's play ground. i didn't know it was supported by some external source. >> reporter: it was built in 1997 the park is paid for 100% with community donations. volunteers make the repairs. but with age those repair bills mount. and every penny will count this year. >> i have $23.28. >> reporter: kids are lining up with bags, boxes, even piggy banks and counting change at the bank. >> the playground is, well, we live two blocks away so it's like a fun place to go. >> reporter: they need $4,000 to make the repairs this year. >> are you too old for the park now? >> no. >> reporter: many of the kids we talked to say no, they are not too old for the park and have memories here. the money has been counted, how much did they raise? take a look. we have a grand total of
4:56 pm
$3,253.43. now, 2,000 of that dollars was donated by td bank so they didn't make the goal of $4,000 in a day. that's the bad news. the good news is all weekend long you cany drop off donatio at the td bank and help rebuild this park. deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." >> a great effort. >> absolutely. >> "nbc 10 news" at 5 is next. >> here is denise nakano. >> if you thought this presidential race could not get more surprising, it just did. new jersey governor chris christie endorsed his once rival donald trump. we asked kristen welker for the back story behind this unexpected announcement. plus camden recently lost its oldest canine officer. now a restaurant is paying tribute to zero and his partner. their special thank you is coming up next.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
>> the next president of the united states donald trump. >> of all of the things he says the nine words you may not have suspected out of chris christie's mouth. the new jersey governor is throwing support behind donald trump for president. >> and caught in the act. two officers waited for a church thief to strike again and then pounced. we'll hear from the officers who took him down next on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00. >> police say william sides robbed the same church twice before. >> the third time was not the
5:00 pm
charm. lauren mayk is live in northeast philly and lauren, the folks at the church must be grateful to the officers for stepping in. >> reporter: they are. they were pretty frustrated, this was not a ton of money action maybe $150 but they didn't want anybody getting hurt. they didn't want it to keep happening. so, tell you what they did. installed that camera up there, then police, they came inside here and they waited. and waited and waited. till it happened. they rushed out the door chasing him, he wouldn't make it up the stairs. the two following him are police officers. >> we took it personal. >> reporter: to understand this struggle outside, you have to know what's been happening inside our lady of calvary church. >> very frustrating. you come in the morning you see the poor box broken into every day. >> reporter: the money includes a few dollars you might put in when light a candle, say a pray.


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