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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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america needs someone who is going to make sure that hillary clinton doesn't get within 10 miles of the white house. donald trump can do it. we need a first term u.s. senator in the white house? do we need a u.s. senator for florida who doesn't show up for work? let me tell something to marco rubio. president of the united states is not a no show job like you treated the united states senate. simple fact is this. america wants strong, tough leadership, america is tired of being walked on. america is tired of being treated second class around the world, we need a first class president and we're going to have it in donald trump. >> it's amazing when you are number one place for a long period of time the endorsements are coming in but the one i really was happy with is this one right here. chris, thank you. we love you, man.
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>> the likelihood of a trump/christie ticket. what are people there saying? >> reporter: jim, many voters telling us they believe christie and trump are cut from the same cloth with no filter and outspoken. both men will mutually have something to gain from this but wondering what they'll get in return. new jersey voters and visitors from far and wide are weighing in on once rivals in the race for the white house, governor christie backing donald trump for president. >> more bad news for us because look what christie did to new jersey. >> trump's hotel went down. that tells me one hand is going to wash the other and work out a deal and be kb old buddy old pals. >> everybody is worried being politically correct, he just says it. >> liz of phoenix is libertarian but will probably vote republican. still undecided she's not a christie fan but agrees with his
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reasoning for his trump endorsement. >> america must have a strong leader. >> reporter: christie doesn't want hillary within 10 miles of the white house. >> she's got a lot going on. i don't agree with how that party thinks on most of everything. so that's why i'm in the middle. >> you got two guys who really don't see business all the way through. >> reporter: father of three donald is stuck with high taxes and believes both trump and christie contributed to atlantic city's recent economic downfall. >> running for president you can't keep your casinos decent, trust you to run the entire country. >> reporter: now new jersey working families called christie's endorsement a pathetic last bid for christie to take the national stage saying quote when they write the book on christie's fall from power that it may begin with bridge gate and end with this. live in atlantic city, cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> christie's endorsement is a change of heart from what the governor said about trump during
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his run for president. he said trump has no business being president of the united states. nbc 10 traveled with the republicans in the iowa caucuses, this was christie mocking the same man he endorsed today. >> you know how it goes. it would be a beautiful wall, fabulous wall, the wall will go from one end to the other. the good people come in, the bad people go out. a wall. >> trump's opponents attacked his business ventures. marco rubio constantly attacked trump last night for using undocumented polish immigrants, tonight on nightly news an investigation into the trump tower in new york city, and the undocumented foreign workers who helped build it. marco rubio quickly fired back after trump picked up the key supporter today. rubio said trump probably called in the new jersey governor because he needed a life line after last night's debate. rubio spent most of the day campaigning in texas, ahead of the primary on super tuesday, he
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continued right where he left bashing trump labeling him as a con artist with a spotty business record. ted cruz also continued his attacks on trump. he spent the day in tennessee with a primary super tuesday. cruz is making a big push to win tennessee, he pumped more money in television ads there than his opponents. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders and hillary clinton are about to attend the same event here in orangeburg, south carolina, a like look at that event, a fish fry going on. one more contest before super tuesday, primary in south carolina is tomorrow. most polls show hillary clinton with a big lead there. find out the results of the south carolina primary right away, download the nbc 10 app for everything you need to know about decision 2016. >> take a look at this. police officers waited for hours in a church to get their man.
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here's what happened. police officers say someone broke into a church collection box in northeast philadelphia twice, so the officers went in after hours and sat in the church waiting for him to strike again. it actually took two nights. the video captured what happened when the door opened here and then officers chased him out and took him down. >> the gentleman running out, the officers right behind him. tackling him on the steps and of course they frisked him and cuffed him and off to jail. great feeling. >> if they steal from a church they steal from anybody. we took it personal. >> police arrested 28-year-old william sides, he was trying to fuel a drug addiction. he claims he found the key to the door in the church parking lot. nbc 10 was there when a popular spot came crumbling down 10 years ago, now the building is crumbling again but this time it is not on purpose. delaware bureau reporter tim
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furlong joins us live. >> reporter: that's right. across the street there is a bar here called the stone balloon. the original stone balloon bar was demolished to make room for this restaurant in one of the prettiest buildings in newark, that is now in fabric to make sure folks don't get hit with falling stone. the stone balloon was once the bar in newark, all the big rock bands came through until it was demolished. i was here the day the stones came crumbling down in 2006. >> it's a piece of history. i got my stone. >> reporter: the problem is the stones kept falling even off the sides of the building that went up. owners of the 54 almost new condos each have to pay about $100,000, businesses on the ground floor including the university of delaware each have to pay about 300,000 to repair what some allege in a lawsuit was shoddy construction,
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stonework and drainage. it means their pretty building is a construction site. some balconies are sealed off. patios covered to protect customers. the entrances are hard to find through the scaffolding and oh, yeah, the repair work is very loud. it is noud. they really had no choice but to pay for the repairs. they hope to recoup the money once it goes to trial. the lawyer for the original contractor here says the company knows there is a problem here that bad work was done but the subcontractor down below that did the stonework is to blame. i did call that company, i did not get a call back. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." also new at 6:00, haverford college is rescinding bill cosby's honorary degree, the school joins dozens of others that did the same. the comedian and actor was given that in 2002, the committee decided cosby's admission about drugs and women undermines the
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educational and humanitarian principles of the community. a philadelphia teenager is now charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of a university college student. police released this video of three people last saturday. police say robert stabbed the student, his friends shown on the video will not be charged. the victim remains in the hospital in serious condition. philadelphia mayor jim kenney says he trusts the district attorney to make the right call about the lasean mccoy case. mccoy is accused of assaulting two off-duty police officers, on february 7. he reportedly told the d.a. and investigators tuesday that the incident wasn't his fault. mayor kenney had this take on the video that shows the assault. >> i'm from south philly and i grew up in an era where guys fought. if you want to have a fair fight, a guy goes on the ground you don't boot him in the head. let him get up. when he's done he's done. if this was a fair fight, not
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something we encourage but happens now and then. when you are booting somebody in the head and in the ribs, it's a little unmanly. >> the d.a. told nbc 10 he wants to make sure his office has all of the evidence and charges the right people with the right crimes. >> a former delaware high school teacher and wrestling coach is headed to jail. today richard dickey howell ii pledded guilty to sexually abusing a female student. sentencing is set for april. police arrested the long time coach last year. the student told police the teacher abused her over the course of several months. he faces at least six years behind bars. dozens of people are scrambling to make repairs on an amish farm in lancaster county after wednesday's tornado. sky force 10 was over today. lots of progress here as construction crews fixed the damage on this amish barn. this is what it looked like yesterday hours after the ef-2
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tornado ripped apart the barn. nearly 200 were inside after winds whipped through that building. no one was seriously hurt. >> more than 1,000 workers across pennsylvania could be laid off this spring, because of the ongoing budget battle. penn state's president told trustees agricultural extension offices in every county could shut down if the school doesn't get its subsidy. >> next on "nbc 10 news" at 6, grounded for days, tonight the problem at a local airport that has passengers fuming. >> call me a queen maker. >> she doesn't run for political office but she can help propel you to victory. tonight, why her message is she can win. that's next in our black history month series.
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>>. >> stranded passengers sounded off at atlantic city international airport, anger aimed at spirit airlines. check out these long lines at the ticket counter today. flight cancellations and delays that began wednesday night. travelers tell nbc 10 that spirit blamed it on paperwork, computer glitches and stormy
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weather >> came yesterday. it was supposed to be on time. they changed the time three times. they said it was going to be later and later. then all of a sudden it's canceled. >> the airport says the incident is an issue with spirit airlines, spirit did not return nbc 10's calls for comment today. most flights were back on time by this afternoon. >> a new restaurant in center city could breathe new life into the curtis center. p.j. clarks announced plans to open. the restaurant owner would live to open by the time the democratic national convention but can't make promises. mayor kenney joked he will be a regular there. >> actually i wish you were opening up before st. patrick's day and the parade. i'm sure would be lined up out there to get in here. >> officials say the washington square area that includes the curtis building is in the middle of a development boom. black history month is about more than just the past.
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it's also about the future. jasmine is a woman on a mission to close the gender gap. >> reporter: jasmine is a millennial looking to level the political playing field in philadelphia. >> two years ago i was in city government and look around saying there aren't enough women making decisions and laws. i wonder why. >> after doing research she found some barriers for women candidates, including fundraising, navigating politics, and few mentors. >> that got me to thinking okay, what can i do to solve this. >> that's when she can win was born. >> it's a training program that focuses on training women that want to run for public office and be in civic leadership. >> it's a 9-week course that walks women through what they need to get a campaign going, how to run it, and how to win an
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election. >> to level the playing field and not be the only one. >> she has two graduates running for state representative spots in the philadelphia area. they will be on the ballot in the primary election in april. >> called me a queen maker. >> she says the next step for she can win is provide seed money for the graduates of the program to help them get their campaigns going. she wants to be able to give each woman $5,000. ♪ >> they were dancing in the streets today in center city, in celebration of the dominican republic's birthday. the dominican republic declared independence from its neighbor, haiti, in 1844. >> well, it's the final time to lace them up and skate around the blue cross river rink winter fest. a live look at the rink down at penns landing. there are a few freebies. rita's water ice and dunkin' donuts handing out samples.
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arts and crafts and face painting. the rink closes on sunday. you'll need to wear the winter coat on saturday but sunday, a different story. a light jacket is going to feel like springtime. sunshine and 60 degrees. we've got a cold night and morning ahead, so it's not going to be warm the whole weekend. it is going to be warm the second part of it. winter is not over. we're going to have multiple days of 60-plus in the seven-day, but we also have cold weather and we also have snow in the seven-day too. we have clear skies now, the wind is certainly diminished. 18-mile-an-hour sustained wind but we're not seeing the gusts that we did. and it's down to 38 degrees already. so the temperature already dropping now that the sun's down. down near the freezing point in
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allentown, reading, pottstown at 33, 23 degrees at mount pocono. 35 degrees in trenton, mount holly, glassboro, wilmington and the warm spot 38 degrees in philadelphia. it's the warm spot right now. look at what happened to the wind gusts, an hour ago every place was reporting a wind gust of over 20 miles an hour. now just a few places arement it's really dropping. and we are not going to have a windy day tomorrow. we had three windy days in a row. that's going to be it. feels like 11 in mount pocono and in the 20s across most of the rest of the area. so, definitely the winter coats tonight and tomorrow morning. also, definitely dry weather. snow flurries, snow showers not making it across the mountains. and so it's a basically dry and cold pattern, at least for the next 24 hours, then it's a dry
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and warmer pattern. by sunday. clear and much colder tonight. again, the wind has already started to diminish and it's going to continue that way. 25 for the low in philadelphia, 18 north and west. during the day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. the biggest change is the lack of wind. 10 to 15 miles an hour, temperatures pretty low for this time of the year. that's below average. the average high is 47. then sunday we jump up to 60, we have three days in a row where you're not going to need any kind of winter gear. a chance of a shower on monday. generally a dry nice pattern. but then monday things get stormy again. rain, wind, could potentially change to some snow or a mix at the end. and then look at the temperatures at the end of the week. and a chance of snow as well. >> local college students spread the message of the importance of a positive lifestyle in
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bridesburg. the university of pennsylvania students gave boxing instruction to kids here at the boys and girls club on bridge street part of the build-up for tonight's fight night. boxing event that benefits the boys and girls clubs of philadelphia. >> hey, when the flyers get back one of their superstars they lose another. is demarco murray want out of philly? another report. that is next.
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i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. more injuries. jake voracek will miss tomorrow's game, look he has a
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lower body injury. it may have happened on this play last night when he collided. jake played in 286 straight games only two players in flyers history have a longer streak. looks like that will end. hopefully claude giroux will be back. he returned to practice. he missed the last three games with an upper body injury. so g, you back tomorrow? >> i don't know yet. we have to look at some things, what's going on. >> is there anything you can't do on the ice right now? you're limited to? >> i can't score on my goalies. >> no, he captain score on michael neuvirth. may be the save. 2.6 seconds left. he saved his best for last to close out the win. what a save with his stick right there. here is michael today.
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>> that close, you know, i'm usually watching my clips after games. it was a save, probably the best in my career. >> it was. the nfl network reports that demarco murray is not happy and the birds would be open to trading him. the redskins will put the tag on their quarterback. here is doug pederson today watching college play esh playe. our vice president howie roseman says that is a priority. another former phillies fan favorite signs a minor league deal. shane victorino will try to make the cubs. phillies spring training, mark apel was the first droft pick three years ago with the astros, and this is his chance for a rebirth from being a top pick that really hasn't worked out. >> there is pressure that comes
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for sure. i'm not going to lie about that. but you know, that was three years ago. so that doesn't matter anymorement i'm here to work, here to meet my teammates, be a good teammate. work hard, get my work done on the field and the weight room and prepare the best i can. >> a crazy shot from roy walters. from almost full court heaves it over his head. he shoots backwards better than i shoot forwards.
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pennies, nickels, dimes, no amount was too small for kids working to save their play ground. today they emptied whatever change they could donate to the cause. with the help of a sizable donation from td bank raised more than $3200. more than the 2,;ç they werew hoping for. for all of us here including
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glenn you need to rest your voice. next on "nbc nightly news." breaking news tonight. trump bombshell. chris christie shocks the political world by endorsing the front-runner hours after marco rubio unloaded on trump at the debate brawl. one of the most dramatic campaign days ever. nbc news investigates amid allegations from uniio the inside story of how undocumented workers worked at the site of trump tower. mass shooting horror. 4 dead, 1 wounded as a gunman opens fire in a workplace. a hero cop taking him down. tonight, what we've learned happened in the hours before the massacre. zika in america. the cdc warns of a surge in cases. the virus is now striking pregnant women here. and farry tale ending. a little girl's


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