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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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campaign trail with donald trump tonight hours after he stunned the republican establishment and endorsed the trump campaign. we are live with reaction from new jersey voters on what the governor's true intentions could be. but first -- >> i had my son's blood on my hands. >> a mother traumatized after police shot her son inner that home tonight. prosecutors are filing charges against that son after they say there was a confrontation with officers. good evening. the suspect's mother believes the shooting is excessive force and he shouldn't be charged because he's mentally ill. today prosecutors filed charges against savion garrison. rose mary connors is joining us where garrison is being treated tonight. rose mary? >> reporter: jim, the family was here earlier this evening visiting the man telling me that he is out of a coma. he is talking, doing much better. but his mother believes that
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none of this should have ever happened in the first place, especially because according to prosecutors the officers involved were aware that they were encountering someone disturbed and mentally ill. >> he has rights. and i feel as though he was violated in every way and he almost lost his life in front of his mother. >> reporter: the grief is fresh for sonja. her 22-year-old son seen here walking her down the aisle a few years ago now lies in a hospital bed. he suffers from schizophrenia and when his parents said he called 911 from the sharon hill home tuesday night delusional and claims he was abducted, it ended with police shooting him in the chest. do you think given your son's condition it was an inappropriate and maybe excessive use of force? >> you know what? i believe that it was. but what they're saying is the reason why they did all of that was because they're saying he
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had a knife. >> reporter: according to documents released by the delaware county drern's, he was yelling and forced the way in fearing that his mother who was also there was in danger. prosecutors say garrison had a kitchen knife and came after police. a sharon hill officer used the taser but to no avail. prosecutors say garrison slashed face of an officer and a detective on seen shot garrison who turned toward him, knife still in hand. garrison's mother is not convinced it all happened that way. >> i believe if he did have a knife, tasing him the first time, he probably dropped it. >> reporter: the focus now for the family is making sure their son fully recovers from the gunshot wound and properly treated for his mental illness. >> if it's anything good that can come out of this is for him to finally start receiving the help he desperately needed for so long. >> reporter: the parents tell me
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that it's become increasingly difficult to make their 22-year-old son force him to take his medication. in fact, one week ago, last friday night before the shooting on tuesday, there was an episode at their house. the sharon hill officer helped take their son to a delaware county hospital where he received a mental health evaluation but the parents believe he was released from the hospital too soon as the problems persisted into this week until that shooting on tuesday. reporting live in university city, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. in decision 2016 tonight, new jersey governor chris christie stumping with donald trump in oklahoma city tonight. christie shocked the political world earlier today endorsing trump's white house bid. the governor said he's revisited negative comments about trump in the past and now thinks trump will be the best leader for the country. nbc 10's george spencer is joining us with insight from the political analyst and also reaction from voters tonight.
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george? >> reporter: jim, a feisty day on the campaign trail and christie reversing the criticism of trmp. tonight, a central player in the republican establishment is backing the new york businessman and mocking the establishment's candidate. >> please welcome the governor of the great state of new jersey, chris christie. >> reporter: the crowd of thousands in oklahoma city cheered loudly tonight for governor christie. no longer christie the presidential candidate. but tonight, christie the endorser of front-runner donald trump. >> i am happy to be here to announce i endorse donald trump for the president of the united states. >> reporter: with his surprise endorsement today, christie rocked the republican vote and this evening ahead of super tuesday, trump insisted he might beat the two biggest competitors, ted cruz and marco rubio, even in their home states. >> they could have an
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embarrassing time. so tuesday, tuesday, big day. tuesday. we have to get out there. >> mainstream support with a national political figure. >> reporter: nbc 10 legal and political analyst jim schultz said it's clearly the biggest so far from a mainstream republican who helped trump at a distance but voters in christie's home state tonight sense there's more to the story. >> i think he wants to be a vice presidential candidate. >> sees something for himself in this? >> clearly. >> very odd. i'm very surprised. >> reporter: schultz believes christie might have a place in a trump administration. >> i think seeing a donald trump presidency, that we could see chris christie in the cabinet be it attorney general, secretary of state or department of homeland security head. >> reporter: in the meantime, christie's role seems to be an attack dog on marco rubio. christie's biggest opponent from the campaign and now the establishment threat to trump. >> let's have one more message
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for someone with a pretty big mouth today. marco rubio, your campaign is almost over, buddy. >> reporter: and the endorsement is a big turnaround for christie who had worked to appeal to moderate republicans in new hampshire. and as many voters remember, christie attacked trump in recent months on many elements of his policy proposals. jim? >> george spencer, thank you. all of donald trump's rivals quick to weigh in on the surprising endorsement but especially marco rubio. >> look. chris is an articulate guy. donald probably needs a lifeline after last night. he called in chris christie. he is a con man taking advantage of people's fears and anxieties, portraying himself as a strong guy. he's never faced adversity before. >> senator ted cruz didn't seem too fazed by the endorsement of trump. >> listen. i think the endorsement was no
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doubt troubling news for the rubio campaign. i like chris. i don't think the endorsement was a big surprise. our focus is real simple. uniting conservatives in the super tuesday states. i don't think this is a significant impact on this. >> senator cruz also emphasized that he's the only republican candidate besides trump to win a primary. beans barnes says it might not be a total disaster if trump is elected and we should pray that a trump presidency can work for america. carson also stressed that he is not dropping out of the presidential race. tomorrow the democrats battle it out in the south. hillhill and bernie sanders will face off in the democratic primary. tonight both candidates made a push for votes in orangeburg and not at the same time. clinton took the stage first saying she hoped for a super sendoff before tuesday and
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sanders asked for support. >> i need your help in this primary. to be able to go out of south carolina, to go to those state that is are holding their primaries and caucuses on tuesday, so-called super tuesday. >> i am here to ask your support. i am here to ask you to help me change the priorities of this country so that we have a government that works for all of us. >> the latest polls show that clinton mains a large lead over sanders going into tom's primary. as clinton campaigns in the south, the state department released another batch of the tomorrower secretary of state's e-mails. the department posted more than 1,500 pages of clinton's e-mails online. portions of 88 documents were deemed to be classified at the confidential level. lowest classification category. none of those e-mails was marked classified when they were sent. get results of tomorrow's
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primary and the candidates all of our decision 2016 coverage is on the free nbc 10 app and nbc a serious crash shut down route 432 in delaware county. this is upper chichester. we're working to find out how that driver is doing. new at 11:00, a man dead after he was hit by a van in chestnut hill. you can see police on the scene around 7:00 tonight. the 8800 block of stenton avenue. police say he was walking on the road. the van driver stayed on the scene. and unholy act caught on camera. surveillance video shows a suspected thief sneaking in to a northeast philadelphia church and didn't know officers were waiting for him inside. and they chased him outside and
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arrested 28-year-old william sides and then the two officers gave each other a congratulatory high five. there was a recent series of burglary. he's charged with burglary. >> the gentleman running out. officers behind him. tackled him at the steps and frisked him and handcuffed him and off to jail. great feeling. >> police say sides claimed he found the church in the church's parking lot. nobody knows what we have gone through other than ourselves. >> emotional night in rural kansas as a community mourns three people killed when a gunman went on a rampage at the workplace. the suspect cedric ford shot and killed by police. police made an arrest in the case charging an ex-girlfriend with giving him guns and he was a convicted felon. sarah hopkins faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. authorities say the gunman had
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just been served with a protective order involving another former girlfriend hours before the rampage. and then police say ford shot two and wounded people at random, stole a car and went to the manufacturing plant where he worked armed with a rifle and a handgun. a police officer went in to the building after him and confronted ford. >> this man was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> along with three people killed, 14 injured in the rampage. a first for philadelphia's new mayor, jim ken ney signed the first bill into law today and authorize a contract with the support center for child advocates for legal presentat n representation for kids in cases. the mayor cheering on talented jam niss tonight in center city. look at that. teams of west cherrer, temple,
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penn state and west virginia universities competing in the pink invitational ncaa gymnastic competition. proceeds benefit the unite for her breast cancer organization. up next on nbc 10 news at 11:00, a young athlete inspiring change in high school sports. how her success at wrestling prompted new rules at certain schools in the area. plus a man accused of posing as a pennsylvania honors student is facing new charges tonight. the crime police say he committed while masquerading as a high schooler. atlantic city's taj mahal may have donald trump's name on it but tonight another big name takes over. here's a live look outside. glenn is tracking a weekend warm-up and first alert forecast and a preview of changes elsewhere on the shore this summer season.
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tonight a warning of the cdc
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for anyone planning to attend the olympics this summer in rio de janeiro. zika concerns continue to grow. today the agency confirmed nine pregnant women infected with the zika virus in the u.s. and that number likely to rise. all nine women got the virus overseas, only three of those babies were born, one with a brain defect. the agency says ten others suspected cases. a 23-year-old ukrainian national allegedly posed as a pennsylvania high school student now accused of sexual assault. police charged samarin today with satch tori sexual assault and corruption of minors and already behind bars for identity theft. these new charges from a sexual relationship in 2014 when he was 22 and the student was 15. investigators say he attended harrisburg high school pretending to be a student. girls versus guys on the wrestling mat. the philadelphia archdiocese is
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revising the policy to let catholic league girls compete in contact sports against girls. they were supposed to take on a female wrestler. the schedule since changed but a high school freshman is still having to make history. and nbc 10 has her story. >> yeah. >> reporter: the wrestling team is preparing for today's district tournament. >> i love to do wrestling. i like contact sports. >> reporter: all eyes are on freshman tatiana ortiz. >> only thing is that i'm a girl wrestling guys. all that stands out. >> reporter: on this mat, she is just another member of the team. >> she's the best wrestler we have at the weight class at she is at. >> reporter: tomorrow, she'll compete as a first fell male wrestler for the philadelphia independent public league wrestling championships.
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>> i almost hyper ventilated in the mat because of all the screaming and the people around me. like i was very happy and excited. to go on to districts. >> reporter: this is her first year in the sport. >> heads up, heads up. good. >> reporter: she is practicing five or six days a week and not the only female on the team. >> in the way she works in practice, and her aggressive style she goes out with in the matches, bodes well for her future. >> reporter: while most of the feedback is positive, some have suggested the matches should be separate and tatyana says she takes the negativity to fuel her passion. >> i'll prove them wrong. they'll see what a girl can do. >> reporter: nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, the name on
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the side of the building says trump but taj mahal casino is owned by a different billionaire and was taken over by carl icahn and keeping it afloat since it filed for bankruptcy in september 2014 and owns atlantic city's tropicana casino. the move also extinguished the last remaining 10% ownership stake trump had in the casino company. planning a trip to the shore this summer, the's more to do than soak up the sun. wildwood is transforming into a new 27-hole miniature golf course and castaway cove is adding a trio of new roller coasters. the biggest and fastest is gale force. at its higher, 125 feet tall and blast riders with speeds reaching 64 miles per hour. no thanks. that's a good night for ice
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skating maybe. blue cross riverrink and winter fest is under way. the rink closes for the season coming up on sunday. there are also a few freebies this weekend like donuts and water ice samples and by sunday the ice is water ri, right? >> wanting to get water ice by then and into monday and into tuesday. but winter is not over. wait until you see the rest of the seven-day. we have got a cold start to the weekend. cold night and morning. a weekend warm-up, especially on sunday. sunday is really going to be a beautiful day for most of us. but winter is not over yet. not just talking about cold weather. talking about snow chances in the 7-day. yes. legitimate snow chances. the flag not blowing like it has. we have three straight days of winds over 30 miles per hour.
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not anymore. 34 degrees. wind only 7 miles per hour. in the 20s. north and west. 19 degrees at mt. pocono. 34 in philadelphia. 29 in atlantic city. as the wind dies down, the temperature will actually get down into the teens in some parts of the area. but look at the wind. it was 20, 25 miles per hour earlier. now it's single digits. gets close to calm. parts of the area and so it's having an affect on not making the windchills very low. 28 degrees in philadelphia now. you can see that we have mostly clear skies. lake-effect snow showers not making it across the mountains. and so we're in pretty good shape here. clear an much colder than it's been with the windy minnishing, 25 degrees for the low in philadelphia. 18 north and west. and then during the day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. it's going to be a cold day but not as windy. that's the biggest change. it's been quite a while since
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we've been able to say that. temperatures, well below average. average high is 47. but on sunday, we're up to 60 degrees with sunshine. so a gorgeous day there. just a slight chance of a shower on monday. tuesday the warmest day, the way it looks now and then we start to get rain on wednesday and then the cold air comes in. and then the moisture comes in. so we have increasing chances of snow later next week. >> all right. nice job. rest that voice. i'm john clark. does demarco murray want out? and just when it appeared the flyers getting healthy, another star is going to miss some time. details next.
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hey, i'm john clark. more injuries for the flyers. voracek missing the game against the coyotes. he has a lower body injury. may have happened here last night. right there. jake played 286 straight games, only two players in flyers history have a longer streak and looks like that will end tomorrow. hopefully claude giroux will be back tomorrow. he did return to practice today. he's missed three games with an upper body injury. maybe a concussion. so g, you back tomorrow? >> i don't know yet. we have to look at some things, tell when's going on and i'll leave those questions to -- >> anything you can't do on the ice right now? you're limited to. >> i can't score on my goalies.
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>> who can score on neuvirth right now? hosting military men at practice. one requested a gostisbehere autograph and that's what he did and don't expect it every time. sixers tonight lost six in a row allowing 120 points a game since the all-star break. hosting the wizards. joey in town for meetings. had to be impressed with the rookie. okafor, 21 points. sixers up are 7 in the first half. the second half. down 7. fighting back. ish smith, the dunk. sixers down 5. too much wizards. they run into a wall. john wall. gortat. sixers lose to the wizards 103-94. seven straight losses. the nfl network is reporting eagles runninrunningback murrayt
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happy in philadelphia. the redskins putting the franchise tag on curt cousins. look at doug pederson today. checking out the college players. specifically, watching offensive line men today. vice president howie roseman says that's a priority. villanova at marquette tomorrow. they lost to marquette wednesday night. they haven't lost two straight in three seasons. this is the big test. >> we're going right back on the road an play a great team and another soldout environment and crazy environment. i'm sure marquette love to this game to get in the tournament. every game we play is like and this is the next test to see if we can handle this. >> i'm john clark. enjoy your weekend.
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may not seem like it by sunday with 60 degrees but winter is not over. take a look at the end of the 7-day. we have a blog on that on nbc >> postpone your concert tour. have a great weekend.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- nathan lane. keri russell. comedian mary lynn rajskub.


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