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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  February 28, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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on. we are going to compete for every vote. >> hillary clinton scores a huge win over bernie sanders in the south carolina primary. now the democrats and the republicans set their sights on the multi-state super tuesday contest. plus an nbc 10 news exclusive. only our cam a ra was there as medics use narcan for an overdose and save a users in philadelphia. here is a live look outside at the beautiful philadelphia skyline. after a beautiful start we will be warming up for your sunday. how warm?
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that's in the first alert forecast. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. let's get to the forecast. it's going to be a warm one, right, bill henley? >> it's going to be a beauty, katy. we're about an hour away from sunrise and we're going to see a lot of sunshine. even though it is cold with the wind blowing, it's going to be a pretty quick warm-up. you see the flags, the 12-mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia, just enough to make it feel like it is in the 20s. clear skies, 37, reporting 11 mile an hour wind out of the southwest, windchill of 29 degrees. though the temperature is up from yesterday, colder spots wrightstown, 31, pottstown 28. now up 1 degree in the last hour in south philadelphia at 32. 38 and 35 in roxboro.
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these temperatures will be climbing significantly. we're headed for the 60s this afternoon. with clear skies don't have to worry about rain at all. our skies will stay clear ensuring a quick warm-up. hour by hour forecast calling for sunshine, 36 at 7:00. up to 47 at 10:00. we'll be in the middle 50s and climbing at 1:00 this afternoon. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again, america has never stopped being great. >> hillary clinton took a swipe at donald trump's moto while claiming victory in the south carolina democratic primary. clinton said she is now running a national campaign. turning to decision 2016, hillary clinton's win over bernie sanders was overwhelming. drew smith is live in the digital operations center with more on clinton's win and a look at super tuesday. >> good morning. exit polls show clinton won in a landslide largely thanks to two
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voting demographics and that reflected in the overall vote totals. take a looks clinton got 73% compared to 26% for sanders. the former isn't of state counted on and got solid support from african-american and women voters. in her speech last night, she said results showed voters stood together. she took at gop front-runner donald trump saying america does not need to be made great again, it needs to be made whole again. clinton has her sights set on tuesday out lining her game plan for the next couple of days. >> where we stand together, there is no barrier too big to break. we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. >> clinton is expected to do well in a series of primaries on tuesday especially in the states with a large number of minority voters. we are just two days away from
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super tuesday. take a look at the map. you can see a dozen states in the territory will hold presidential primaries or caucuses and both democrats and republicans will be looking to cash in on the largest single day haul. we'll know where it stands tuesday. live in the operations center, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, drew. intensity is building among republicans running for white house and front-runner donald trump is looking for a knockout owned super tuesday. new jersey governor chris christie campaigned with trump in arkansas yesterday. christian endorsed trump friday. at this rally trump spent most of his time bashing marco rubio and fending off attacks on his business record. senator rubio continued to blast trump on the stump in georgia yesterday. rubio said he can win the gop nomination because he believes voters will start to see that trump is a, quote, con man.
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senator ted cruz taking stock at the verbal banter between rubio and trump. cruz said he wants to avoid a battle of insults. he predicts he'll do well in his home state of texas wednesday. john kasich took issue with the tone of the republican campaign. the ohio governor how candidates who trade names and insults can present themselves as leaders to young people. ben carson says people are offering him money to drop out of gop race and endorse candidates. carson is lagging in the polls. at a texas rally yesterday, he said who wants him to quit can, quote, go jump in a lake. hundreds of bernie sanders supporters stuck by their candidates by rallying at philadelphia city hall yesterday. event organizers said sanders campaign organizers should appeal to people in major cities like philadelphia.
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they touted the candidate's plan for $15 minimum wage, free college tuition and single payer health care. the rally included union members, clergy, students and veterans. we also reached out to hillary clinton's camp. a representative responded with a quote from former philadelphia mayor michael nutter. he noted clinton's strong backing and wide support throughout philadelphia. well, later this morning white house candidates bernie sanders, john kasich and ted cruz will join moderator chuck todd on nbc's "meet the press." it comes your way this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. we have new information on a rookie police officer shot and killed on her first day on the job near washington, d.c. authorities say gunman shot her and two other officers while responding to a domestic dispute last night. police arrested the suspect they say is in the military.
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he's scheduled for court tomorrow on a murder charge. we are working to find the conditions of the two other officers wounded. she was in the marine corps before being sworn in as an officer on friday. coming up in a half hour, you'll hear from a witness on the scene. well, this morning investigators want you to take a good look at these surveillance photos as they try and track down the man behind a stabbing in a philadelphia accept, a elevator. later, the glitz, the glamor, hollywood is ready for its biggest night. we'll have a preview over actors and controversy over diversity of this year's nominees.
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5:39, our skies are clear, the wind is blowing and it is cold outside a chilly start but we're going to turn the temperatures around in a hurry as i drive you up beach avenue
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in cape may. we'll see temperatures soar this afternoon. right now the wind is blowing 12 miles an hour in philadelphia, 10 miles an hour in wildwood. that's giving us windchills in the 20s for much of the region. quakertown, 26, along with doylestown. 26 in philadelphia, feels like 27 in wrightstown. at the shore, feels like 20s for wildwood and atlantic city, too. good news is our skies are clear. see some clouds to the west. those will not be an issue. we'll see brilliant sunshine today and a quick warm-up. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, look at the temperatures this afternoon. fleetwood, morgantown, all into the upper 50s. brilliant sunshine for new hope, bordentown, at the shore 50s for cape may and vintner city. inland, 60 in millville and 61 in philadelphia today, up to 60 for woodstown and wilmington. got the seven-day forecast when we come back. >> all right, thank you, bill.
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now to an nbc 10 exclusive, a heroin user saved and brought back from the brink. only our camera there as medics used narcan to reverse the overdose. narcan the heroin antidote is being used to bring hundreds back to life. randy gyllenhaal takes a closer look at the drug ep democratic sweeping our nation. >> reporter: it's 4:00 p.m. in kensington and septa cop sprints to huntington station. >> what's his name? >> reporter: upstairs a man unconscious on the ground overdosing from heroin. as trains pass by the man convulsing on the platform. strangers can only hold his hand. >> scary. >> medic 15 arrives with a lifesaving batch of narcan, the heroin antidote. septa police arrest the man's friend. >> yeah, i was there the whole time trying to wake him up, man. >> reporter: police say he was carrying small baggies of the
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dangerous drug. >> it's an epidemic. it's a shame. >> reporter: mark watching this unfold, former addict himself, clean for the last year. >> i don't understand. >> reporter: in pennsylvania heroin kills more people than car accidents. 2015 was likely the deadliest year on record. but antidotes like narcan are helping. in upper darby last week an overdose on septa brought back to life. in this case the victim jolted awake and rushed to the hospital. >> you inject it into the muscle. >> tameka langford carries narcan with her every day on the train. she says she's already saved one life and expects to save another in no time. >> it's normal. it's every day life. it's a shame, but it's every day life down here. >> reporter: in kensington, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news.
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overnight, philadelphia police looking into two convenience store robberies. one holdup happened at this wawa on sully avenue. a second robbery a mile away on compton avenue. there are no reports of anyone being hurt at either and this time it's unclear if the robberies are connected. also new from overnight, fire damages a home in south philadelphia. investigators say this fire on emily street was contained in the basement. it started before 12:30 and was quickly put out. no one was hurt. we have new information about a stabbing at philadelphia septa station. these are surveillance pictures of the man police need your help identifying. the victim going into the elevator at huntington station in kensington when police say the man pulled out a knife and demanded money from a woman in the elevator then he stabbed her
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in the shoulder and leg and ran off. the victim is being treated at a local hospital. she's expected to be okay. city inspectors think weather may have played a part in this building collapse. it came crashing down yesterday morning with one man inside. neighbors did help rescue him from the debris. the city licenses and inspections department said the property did not have any open violations. lni crews suspect the week's heavy rain and strong winds may have played a part in the collapse. the victim went to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. today family and friends will gather to remember cara mccollum, a former miss new jersey. funeral services are scheduled at her hometown in arkansas. a memorial service was held there last night. another memorial scheduled for next month in ocean city in, new jersey. mccollum was a news anchor. she died last monday following a car crash in bad weather.
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mccollum was girlfriend of our nbc colleague and friend keith jones. last night the miss philadelphia pageant paid tribute to cara. nbc 10 at drexel university's mandel theater. patient contestants and spectators were asked to bring a book. those will be donated to the birthday book project. >> we're so proud of her being part of new jersey. we plan on carrying on her birthday book program. >> that program provides brand-new gift wrapped books for kindergarten to 5th grade students for their birthdays. it promotes the idea that reading is a gift. >> announcer: now, your nbc 10 weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 5:47, it is cold this sunday morning. skies are clear and temperatures steadily coming down. look at that view from studios,
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barely a cloud in the sky. the wind down here. still enough of a breeze around to make it feel like it's in the 20s. philadelphia international 37, winds out of the southwest at 11 mile an hour. that southwesterly wind will continue. that will help with the warm-up. this morning a windchill of 29 degrees. and chilly but sunshine is going to be bright. it will be a morning chill but a quick warm-up into the 60s this afternoon. long way from it now, 28 in pottstown, wilmington is 33. factor in the wind, it feels like it's in the upper 20s in pottstown, philadelphia, and trenton at 29 degrees. 30 now in wildwood. clouds they are going to be hard to find, see some in the west in central pennsylvania. we won't see anything falling from the clouds that will pass through first thing and sunshine for the rest of the day. but come tomorrow leap day, it's a different story. those clouds will produce some showers. not much to it just yet but
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future cast is showing that the showers will develop right along that front. by 9:00 this evening, those showers to the wes and making some progress toward us for tomorrow. at 5:00 in the morning, first clouds moving into redding and allentown, showers to the west in western, pennsylvania. around the morning light rain showers, quickly move out, sunshine, another warm one for tomorrow. for today stand by for sunny skies. a little bit breezy but those winds will help to warm us up. we'll see afternoon temperatures into the low 60s. the record is 68 degrees. i don't think so we'll get there. but it will be pretty nice nonetheless. winds up to 18 miles an hour, could see higher gusts. tomorrow not as chilly in the morning. 45 degrees. that's with the clouds coming. that will help to keep in some of the heat from today. 58 in the afternoon. a chance of a morning shower and more and more sunshine on monday and see lots of sunshine on tuesday. another beautiful day with a
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warm breeze warming us from 37 in the morning to 60 in the afternoon. rain showers due in on wednesday. that will bring the temperatures down. temperatures in the upper 40s for wednesday. it gets colder toward the end of the week after sunny skies on thursday. cold enough for a chance of rain and snow on friday and sunshine returns saturday. >> all right. good next three days. villanova rebounds as first loss from nationally ranked team. >> a career milestone as flyers continue to hunt down a playoff spot. >> i'm jim rosenfeld, nbc 10 at issue. embarrassing and insulting to philadelphia voters. strong words from a local watchdog group about the man who heads the city missioner's office. today we'll discuss why the committee of 70 is so angry. plus allegations of voters fraud. are your lawmakers voting or is someone else?
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>> heading out you will face a chill in the air but warms up considerably throughout the day. bill will be back in a few minutes with first alert forecast. good morning to you, i'm danny pom else from comcast sports. flyers going for second straight win starting a six-game homestand. voracek out with a lower body injury seen after the game in a
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walking boot. they did have claude giroux, after missing three games with upper body injury. first period power play giroux sneaks one short side. 40 seconds lady mike stripe starts the rush shawn do nfinis. finish behind penguins in the wild card race. >> when the whole team is on the same page makes everyone's job a lot he'ser. right now we're playing good hockey. we're playing hard, the right way. we need to keep playing like this. to college hoops after wednesday's loss to xavier, enjoying last weekend as top team, hoping to bounce back at marquette. top of the big east standing quick start from nova and josh hart will do that. 19 points for the game.
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second half action chris takes it hard to the bucket, also had 19. later the senior connection, ochefu, 18 boards. more drama than soap opera. clint decozy, pump, fake hits the jumper with three seconds left. owls up two, turned out winning basket. temple wins 63-61. lasalle hosting george mason and jordan price, a one-man army at 4 points, the explorers who never trailed in the second half. lasalle gets seventh win 76-68. drexel hosting northeastern at the deck. final section drexel down two. tavon allen going for the win on senior day. drexel falls 61-59. penn lost to columbia. nfl draft combine continues.
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quarterbacks enjoying spotlight in indianapolis. head coach taking notes. ohio state quarterback cordle jones pulled out after suggest what appears to be a hamstring injury running the 40. around for the eagles pick, the pundits said he had a good day. 6'7", threw 50 touchdowns over the last two seasons. to baseball now phillies paid tampa first exhibition game. nola will finish second inning, anderson will pitch the first. nola opening day starter, in line to pitch home opener. even though he's om going to pitch one inning he's taking a serious approach. >> i'm going to treat it as a regular game going in and competing like i usually do. it's what they want us to do. any time i got out on the mound it's a plus, staying healthy and starting off. >> that's your look at sports. i'm danny pom else from comcast sports net. a young athlete who inspired
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change in high school sports hit the mat yesterday for the first time. in the philadelphia region. tatiana ortiz competed in public league championship yesterday. she did lose to her opponent so her season is over. however, ortiz was the first female wrestler to qualify for the event and she inspired philadelphia archdiocese to change its policy so they now allow male athletes to compete in contact sports with female athletes. well, happening today, more than 100 students, faculty and staff at the university of delaware will jump into cold water to raise money for special olympics. each of them paid $30 to participate in the school's first polar plunge. they will jump into an outdoor pool on campus this afternoon. well, it's onto super tuesday when the presidential candidates will compete in about a dozen states. nbc 10's drew smith is keeping his eye on the campaign trail
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for us. hi, grew drew. >> this could be a crucial win for hillary clinton. you'll hear from her in what sounds like a campaign already focused on the general election and donald trump. getting ready to leave the house. it's cold outside for now. we're going to see a big warm-up today and we're on our way to sunshine now just over half an hour away. a live view from center city. clear skies this morning, 37 degrees at 5:58.
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decision 2016, hillary clinton scores a landslide over bernie sanders in the south carolina program area. now the sprint is on throughout super tuesday states as presidential candidates on both side stump for votes in their biggest contest yet. plus a rookie police officer gunned down in the line of duty. the virginia officer was responding to a domestic dispute. police in virginia have arrested the suspect. new at 6:00, we'll hear from a neighbor an investigators. >> let's take a live look outside. it's a chilly day you're going to want to


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