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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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philadelphia. and the same cruise ship that made headlines after hitting rough seas is now back in the spotlight. we'll tell you about the other issue now aboard the anthem of the seas. the legal trouble continues for new jersey senator bob menendez. find out what's happening today in philadelphia in regards to his corruption trial. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm katy zachry. thanks so much for joining us. >> let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. a mild start, bill? >> it is mild and dry. the mild will stay. the dry will take a break. look at the rain moving through western pennsylvania. impressive showers by central pennsylvania. by the time they get to us later this morning, light rain blowing through the area and gusty winds. through it all, the temperatures not looking bad. allentown made it down to 31 degrees. the rest of the area, i think that is an incorrect reading. that doesn't look like when it's 45 in reading and 48 in
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pottstown. i'll check that reading for you. 50 degrees in millville and dover. a mild start, the rain, that will arrive around midmorning. 7:00 we'll be dry, 47 degrees, 51 degrees at 10:00, those scattered rain showers sweeping through. by 1:00 this afternoon, they're out of here and 58 degrees with winds out of the west at 21 miles an hour. the mild weather continues on this leap day. jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> we're watching 422 right now, around trooper road where we have no problems so far, eastbound direction in here. that's where this drive time is from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. average speeds into the 60s. an eight-minute trip, no problems on trooper road or backups, the westbound side still doing better than the eastbound side. we typically see that delay on the eastbound side in the morning time. 202 looking the same, northbound or southbound from 30 to the schuylkill, no increase there yet in any of the drive times. an 11-minute trip. 62 miles per hour as the average speed and the highest one
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anyway. here's 95. we are watching the construction. supposed to be clearing out of the way by this time. >> jessica, thank you. right now, two philadelphia teenagers are recovering at the hospital after they were shot outside a philadelphia restaurant. nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us in university city this morning. matt, the shoot was caught on camera. that should help investigators. sp7> that's right, katy. we'll see that video in just a second, the surveillance video. a 15-year-old was rushed to children's hospital of philadelphia in critical condition. take a look at that video. this is what police want everyone to look at right now as i explain what they are telling us. this was just before 6:00 last night at 31st and tasker in grays ferry. two teens standing outside a chinese restaurant when a white car rolls by and the teens are shot. one runs away, the other dks inside the restaurant. witnesses say they heard multiple shots. a 17-year-old was hit in the leg
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and arm. he ran to a neighbor's house. police later found him inside. he is in stable condition at presbyterian. the 15-year-old was hit in the abdomen and foot. he was the more seriously injured of the two. he's here at c.h.o.p. right now. police have not indicated a motive for the shooting as of yet. detectives are looking for that white car you saw in the surveillance video as well as whoever fired those schatz. live in university city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. happening today, one of the men involved in the kidnapping and torture of a philadelphia jewelry store employee is scheduled to be sentenced. khayree gay pleaded guilty to last year's botched robbery attempt at the national watch and diamond exchange. gay and another man did surveillance on the store after being recruited by shaheed. the three men approached the female employee in a parking garage in april. used a stun gun on her and bound her and dumped her in the cemetery. shaheed was sentenced to 30 years behind bars earlier this
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more month. his accomplice was given a 15-year sentence. the royal caribbean cruise ship that cut short a recent voyage because of bad weather has done it again, due to sickness and a storm. the anthem of the seas is headed back to the port of bayonne in north jersey. you're looking at video from last month's trip that was cut short. the cruise line said it's seen several cases of norovirus every day for the laugh week. nbc 10 spoke with a couple on board celebrating their honeymoon. >> there was a note saying there's been a confirmed case of norovirus an they were going to heighten sanitation measures to keep infections down. >> the ship heeded a storm warning off cape hatteras, north carolina. it is expected back in new jersey on wednesday. new castle county, police are looking for the driver of a hit and run crash that killed a man. the accident happened last night in hockessin. state police say a car plowed into the man who was walking along lancaster pike near ace
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memorial drive. police detored traffic around that area. while investigators were doing their work. happening today, a federal appeals court in philadelphia is scheduled to hear arguments in the corruption case involving new jersey senator bob menendez. menendez is charged with bribery and fraud. prosecutors say he took gifts and campaign contributions from a florida eye doctor in exchange for political favors. menendez has pleaded not guilty. a key issue the judges will consider is a constitutional protection give torn house and senate members when they perform legislative duties. decision 2016, today is the final day of presidential campaigning before theç super tuesday contest in about a dozen states. in the latest nbc news/"wall street journal"/mareias poll.
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on the democratic side, the poll shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by nearly a two-to-one margin. her biggest lead is in georgia with 64% of likely voters compared to 30% for the vermont senator. in the republican race, senator ted cruz and marco rubio are keeping up the pressure on front-runner donald trump. yesterday, the billionaire businessman denied cruz's accusation of having ties to the mafia. still, cruz and rubio both trailing trump in the polls stated -- stayed in attack mode on the campaign trail. >> friends do not let friends vote for con artists. >> the only campaign, the only candidate in a position to beat trump on super tuesday is us and so let's stand together. >> both senators are hoping to slow trump's momentum. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is riding the
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wave of her big three in south carolina. the former secretary of state beat bernie sanders by nearly 50 points. yesterday in the south, both democrats took a more national approach in their campaigning. >> i believe that america is great. what we need is to be whole. we need to be whole, where all of us have a place. >> there would be nothing that would give me more pleasure than to defeat donald trump. >> sanders said his campaign is just getting started. despite polls showing him trailing clinton in many of the super tuesday contests. of course you can count on nbc 10 for complete decision 2016 coverage for super tuesday. track live primary results and get the latest updates from the campaign trail. download the free nbc 10 app or go to it's 5:07 now. in philadelphia, police are investigating if two robberies at nearby convenience stores in ronhurst are connected. one holdup happened at the wawa
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on caster and sully avenues. the other was about a mile away at a 7-eleven on cottman avenue. the robber in both cases used a crowbar to threaten the clerk. fire investigators are expected to release new information today about a deadly fire in delaware county. a woman was found dead inside her home in boothwyn earlier this month. the victim's husband who ran back inside to try and save his wife, is recovering from burns at a hospital. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> eight minutes after 5:00. it is leap day, a bonus day in february. we have bone dus warm weathus w. unlike yesterday, it will come with rain. i'm tracking showers that will blow through the area. gusty winds, everybody will feel it this afternoon. but we continue to be mild today and again tomorrow. the temperature is near 60 both days. not bad at all. 45 degrees currently in reading.
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47 in philadelphia. cape may is 50 degrees ç currently. dry on i-95 in south philadelphia. rain moving through this morning. it's not going to be heavy rainfall. starting off clear skies, the clouds just moving in to berks and lancaster county. those clouds are producing rain in western pennsylvania and central pennsylvania. and it is moving. so by midmorning we'll see the rain arriving. in fact, at 8:00 this morning, the rain just starting to move in to berks and lancaster county. the light rain sweeping into allentown and reading at 9:00. chester county, into new castle county in delaware and then in philadelphia between 9:00 and noon, the noontime showers will be tapering off. there you go, already drying out in reading while it's raining in south jersey. toms river in atlantic city at lunch time will see that rain. the rain is offshore by 2:00 in the afternoon, the clouds are clearing out, the winds will be kicking in. and we'll see a warmup, too.
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a lot to pack into the last bonus day of february. scattered showers, windy conditions. the showers this morning, sunshine this afternoon for the pocono mountains. upper 50s for allentown, 56 degrees today for reading. a few morning showers done by about noontime for trenton, doylestown and norristown. it's during the afternoon you'll see the rain in atlantic city, cape may. rehoboth beach. we're talking just a light amount of rain that will blow through the area. once it's gone, the temperatures climb 59 degrees in drexel hill and philadelphia. 60 degrees today for swedesboro. back with the seven-day forecast to show you how long a mild weather is going to last when i'm back in ten minutes. 5:10. we'll see you then, bill. time to get a check on traffic. >> it's been a quiet start so far this morning. is route 1 holing true to that, jess? >> route 1 boulevard around 9th street, no problems in either direction. right now we're still pretty empty. it's a monday morning.
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monday mornings typically get a slower start. this is 9th street. the schuylkill expressway, looking okay right through the conshohocken curve. no problems here either. you can see an eastbound drive time, just only 12 minutes from the blue route to the vine street expressway. average speeds up there into the 60s right now. no problems heading east or westbound on the schuylkill. route 73 in new jersey, in voorhees, new jersey actually, cooper road, no problems in either direction there as well. no problems for mass transit or delays, though. so far if you're heading out the door, you're good to go. in the next couple minutes, i'll have a check on your morning drive. a vote could change the taxes for retired residents in new jersey. coming up, we'll explain how it could save you money. well, i'm here at the academy awards. otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> well, glitz, glamour and controversy. next, we'll tell you who took home the statues in the 88th academy awards but also the
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issues surrounding the event.
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leonardo dicaprio. >> and leonardo dicaprio finally has his oscar. he won the academy award as best actor as his role in "the revenant." it was his sixth oscar nomination. along with leo, "spotlight" took home best picture honors.
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"mad max: fury road" took home the most oscars. the upset of the night belonged to mark rylance from "bridge of spies" in the best supporting actress category. he beat out sylvester stallone in "creed." stallone was the favorite throughout the awards season. his first oscar nomination came in 1977 for his time playing rocky balboa. the oscars were not without controversy. >> leading up to the awards show, the lack of diversity among the nominees became a big talking point that led to protests and boycotts from ç hollywood insiders and civil rights activists. host chris rock took on the issue right from the start of the show. >> you realize if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't even get this job. y'all would be watching neil patrick harris right now. >> just blocks from the oscars,
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demonstrators protested the lack of diversity while some actors gave their opinions on the red carpet, the reverend al sharpton spoke at a rally promoting change. >> we are not going to allow the oscars to continue. this will be the last night of an all-white oscars. >> we'll see what happens tomorrow. i want to see if we have the debate and conversation like next thursday. >> chris rock also touched on a few philadelphia moments during his time on stage. he jokingly referred to "creed" as black rocky. he suggested that philadelphia native kevin hart will be next year's host. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states. joe biden. >> vice president joe biden introduced a performance by lady gaga last night at the oscars. he also spoke in support of the campaign to prevent campus sexual assault. it's called "it's on us."
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he asked the audience to sigb$uw pledge at the it's on us website. there was a philadelphia eagles connection at the oscars that you probably didn't know about. it turns out one of sound editors nominated for his work on "star wars," used the names of eagles players to create some of the alien gibberish used in the movie. his name is david accord. accord managed to sneak in the names brent celek and fletcher koss into the dialogue. hamilton township police officers are one step closer to wearing body cameras. tomorrow township council will officially receive the request for funding for those cameras. it would be part of a five-year contract. if the plan is approved, officers would begin wearing the cameras sometime in the first half of this year. today in virginia, an army staff sergeant is expected in court to face murder charges involving a rookie police officer and another woman. police say sergeant ronald hamilton shot his wife and three
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county police officers who responded to a domestic vialance call saturday night. an officer died of her injuries, it was her first day on the job. >> she clearly had a passion to serve others that went beyond herself. >> the two wounded officers remain in critical condition this morning. the suspect's 11-year-old son who was inside the home during the gunfire was not hurt. shorts say the boy and a man were hitting another with metal sticks. the officers orred the pair to stop. when the teen did not comply, police shot him. in michigan, family and friends said good-bye to a teacher killed in the kalamazoo shooting spree. a memorial service was held yesterday for 60-year-old mary
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joe nigh. former students sharedç memori of her commitment to teaching inside and outside the classroom. meantime, a 14-year-old survivor of the shooting spree is improving. you see her there, she's off a ventilator and breathing on her own. 51-year-old jeffrey bear was kill after another skier collided with him near the main lodge at seven springs mountain resort. seven springs is located about 60 miles southeast of pittsburgh. bear suffered injuries to the head and neck and was pronounced dead at the scene. all right. 5:19 now. let's get a check outside on the roads, see how your commute to work will be with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. you have a look at the vine street expressway. >> that's right, katy and vai, we do. just checking the drive times as well. no problem east or westbound, just under five minutes from 95 to the schuylkill expressway. right here we are looking at the
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vine around 3rd street. traffic moving along nicely behind me. we have an accident scene that just popped up out in montgomery county, worcester and skippack pike. this is 41, no problems in either direction. northbound lanes are in this direction here. that's what's headed through the philadelphia area, through the walt whitman bridge. back in the next ten minutes with another check on your morning drive and mass transit. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> well, it's not cold for a february day. the 29th of february and the temperatures are starting off in the 40s and 50s. that's a dry view, looking from center city. dry is the key to start with. that's not going to stay dry all day. showers on the way. 47 degrees right now. in philadelphia with the wind blowing, giving us a wind chill of 43 degrees. around midmorning, into the early noontime hour is when
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we'll see the rain in philadelphia. seeing the gusty winds in dover. the winds will stay with us and actually get stronger this afternoon, in the wake of showers. we're already seeing the first clouds move into lancaster and berks counties. that's the beginning of the cloud cover that's going to take us through the morning hours. it's a fast-moving system with light rainfall in western pennsylvania. that's what we're going to see in our area, too. in fact by the time it gets here, it will look a lot less impressive. the system will be drying out. still able to produce light showers, sprinkles at 10:00 and blowing offshore by 1:00. by then, a couple hundredths of an inch falling in philadelphia. a little bit more at the shore, not much rain here. just enough to have umbrellas going up for a brief period. light showers, gusty winds, temperatures, very unfebruary-like. upper 50s, low 60s. the temperatures warm into windy conditions today, winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. not as windy tomorrow. nice and mild once again.
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57 in the afternoon, sunshine on tuesday. but then you'll need the umbrella again on wednesday. wet and windy, 53 degrees. just rain showers for wednesday. then sunshine and a cooler day thursday and a chance of more wet weather on friday. chance of some rain and snow. temperatures in the 20s in the morning, 40s in the afterfonn. then dry on saturday but back into the damp on sunday. 51 degrees with some showers likely. >> thank you, bill. 46 degrees. if you live in the delaware valley at 22 past 5:00 a.m., in the wake of the water crisis in flint, michigan, a closer look at what's being done to protect children from lead poisoning in our area. plus your morning commute. we'll tell you where philadelphia mass transit ranks when it comes to getting you to work.
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a new study found philadelphia is one of the top cities in the country for mass transit use. the company's smart asset ranked philadelphia ninth in its survey. the ranking is based on the number of people using public transportation and average commute times for transit riders. n the survey, new york came in fifth and pittsburgh placed eighth. it is 5:25 right now. what does the future hold for babies born this year? one famous billionaire investor has a prediction. landon dowdy is here with this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> hi there, katy. warren buffett says the u.s.
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economy is in better shape than the presidential candidates make it seem and his annual letter to berkshire hathaway shareholders. he notes there will still be pain along the way but the u.s. needs to ensure it has a solid safety net to help people who lose their job. over on wall street we could start on a down note. futures are lower this morning and the markets are coming off of a choppy session on friday. the dow is tracking for its first positive month in the past three. reports on manufacturing and pending home sales today. the dow fell 57 points to 16,640. back over to you. >> landon dowdy, thanks so much. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 46 degrees. a mild morning and dry. but that is going to change. we have rain on the way and it will eventually reach the shore. that's a live view of beach avenue where the winds have already started picking up. catch your hour by hour forecast
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just ahead. jessica boyington is watching your leap day traffic. jessie? >> that's right, bill. we're on the blue route around germantown pike. no problems there. we're still a little quiet for this monday morning. i'll have more updates for you throughout the rest of the morning and when i come back at 5:30. matt delucia, live in university city. two teens are shot. it's caught on video. police are trying to find who pulled a trigger. a live report, next. plus, a controversial endorsement for republican presidential candidate donald trump. but hear why trump is facing more criticism for how he's handling it.
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this is nbc 10 news. right now on "nbc 10 news today." two teenagers are shot in a drive-by shooting in philadelphia. and the whole thing was caught on camera. donald trump is under fire again. this time it's for a campaign endorsement. we'll tell you why trump is being criticized for his reaction. we are tracking rain showers moving into our area and a chilly breeze this morning but later today, good news. it's back to mild temperatures. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. those rain showers, i think they're out west in the pi


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