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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. a drive-by shooting in grays ferry leaves two teenagers shot. police are using surveillance footage to track down the gunmen. >> teens with guns could soon be legal in one state. some claim the law would create a militia of toddlers. i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> from the beginning, host chris rock gave his take on the diversity controversy. as to the awards, there was a mix of expected and unexpected winners. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." it is 6:00 a.m. on your monday, i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. 46 degrees right now in the delaware valley.
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it seems rain almost always follows unusually warm temperatures. let's go to meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast. >> this time, warm temperatures before and after the rainfall. a live view, isn't that nice? sunrise is about half an hour away. sunshine to start with but you might want to pack an umbrella even though the radar is completely dry right now, look to the west. showers, light rain showers moving through western pennsylvania and into central pennsylvania. they're due in here later this morning. temperatures not bad at all. 50 degrees in dover and millville. 49 in philadelphia. pottstown, 48 degrees. sunshine will warm things up a little bit ahead of those showers. 48 degrees at 8:00. by 11:00 we'll have rain falling. 53 degrees. but the rain does not last long. we're not going to get all tçh much either. we will get gusty winds this afternoon. look at that, 23 mile-an-hour winds to help warm us into the
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upper 50s to near 60 degrees again today. i'll show you how long that will last when i come back with the futurecast in just ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. jessie? >> we're watching an active accident scene in worcester at skippack pike. one person being taken to the hospital to check out if they had any injuries. 95 at the platt bridge, no problems or delays on the bridge. the tacony palmyra, the burlington bristol, no scheduled openings right now. the ben and the walt are clear heading into philadelphia from new jersey. >> thank you, jessica. this morning, a 15-year-old philadelphia boy is in critical condition after being shot outside a chie niz restaurant in a grays ferry neighborhood along with his friend. nbc 10's matt delucia is live outside of children's hospital of philadelphia where one of the
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teens is being treated right now. do the police have any leads this morning? >> right now, vai, they're looking at surveillance video. the two teens in the hospital, one a 15-year-old is here at the children's hospital of philadelphia this morning. he was taken here in critical condition. look at that surveillance video. police want everyone to know that this happened just before 6:00 last night at 31st and tasker. two teens were standing outside a chinese restaurant when a white car, you see that on the surveillance video rolls by and the teens are shot. one of them run away, the other ducks inside a restaurant. witnesses in that area heard multiple shots fired. police say a 17-year-old was hit in the leg and arm. he was able to run to a neighbor's house for safety where police found him inside. he is in stable condition. but the 15-year-old, the one who's here at c.h.o.p., he was hit in the abdomen and foot. he was the more seriously injured of the two. police have not yet indicated a motive for this shooting. detectives are looking for that
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white car that you saw in that surveillance video as well as the shooter or shooters. if you know anything you're asked to call police right away. live in university city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, matt. murse ers county, hamilton township police, officers are one step closer to wearing body cameras. tomorrow township council will officially receive the request for funding for those cameras. it would be part of a five-year contract if the plan is approved, officers would begin wearing the cameras sometime in the first half of this year. it is 6:04 now. in new castle county, police are looking for the driver in a hit and run crash that killed a man. the accident happened last night in hockessin. state police say a car plowed into the man walking along lancaster pike near ace memorial drive. police detoured traffic around the area while investigators did their investigation. and in delaware county, fire investigators are expected to release new information today about a deadly fire.
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a woman was found dead inside her home in boothwyn earlier this month. the victim's house who ran back inside to try and save his wife is recovering from burns in the hospital. happening today, a federal appeals court in philadelphia is scheduled to hear arguments in the corruption case involving new jersey senator robert menendez. menendez is charged with bribery and fraud and prosecutors say he took gifts and campaign contributions from a florida eye doctor in exchange for political favors. menendez pleaded not guilty. a key issue, the judges will consider is a constitutional protection given to house and senate members when they perform legislative duties. >> and the oscar goes to "spotlight." >> yes, "spotlight's" big win,
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it took home best picture honors at the academy awards last night. it was also a big night for leonardo dicaprio. a favorite leading into the awards. >> he land his first oscar for his role in the performance of "the revenant." >> leonardo dicaprio. >> dicaprio took home best actor honors. it wa was his sixth nomination. >> the upset of the night belonged to mark rylance from "the bridge of spies" in the best supporting actor category. >> he beat out "sylvester stallone in "creed." his first oscar nomination came in 1977 for his first time playing rocky balboa. >> i'm here at the academy awards.
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otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. you realize if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't even get this job. y'all would be watching neil patrick harris right now. >> comedian chris rock addressed the race controversy as you heard in his opening monologue. it comes after boycotts an protests because of the lack of diversity in nominees. >> the reverend al sharpton spoke at a rally there, telling a crowd this should be the last time there's a, quote, all-white oscars. ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states, joe biden. >> vice president joe biden introduced a performance by lady gaga at the oscars. he spoke in support of the white house campaign to prevent campus
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sexual assault. the campaign is called it's on us. he asked the audience to sign a pledge at its it's on us website. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are moving into the area but we'll get sunshine to start with. 6:08. the sun is just coming up, just after 6:30 this morning. the temperatures, well, they never got cold. we're in the 40s right now. a couple spots in the 50s this morning. i am tracking wetç weather. that will move through the area this morning. and then out of here this afternoon. fast moving because of the gusty winds. already a little bit breezy. the winds really kick in this afternoon. but it continues to be mild. temperatures in the upper 50s, near 60 degrees this afternoon on this last day of february and march, the beginning at least, looks warm, too. 44 degrees in doylestown. northeast philadelphia, skies are clear, 49 and 50 degrees. there's that 50 at millville. pocono mountains getting ready for sunshine.
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we'll see rain showers this morning but it won't last. they'll be moving out this afternoon. that's when the sunshine will return. you can see it's nice and clear for philadelphia, wilmington and trenton. just to the west are the clouds. behind these clouds we're tracking rain, only rain. cold air is way to the north over canada. light rain showers arrive this morning. then they're out of here this afternoon. they'll blow through it this morning in the pocono mountains, 46 degrees later today. allentown and reading, quakertown, all into the 50s today. doylestown 56 this afternoon. morning showers clearing out by lunch time. trenton and mt. holly, a little bit warmer into the upper 50s. early afternoon showers at the shore. the wind blowing them offshore for cape may, atlantic city and rehoboth. by early afternoon we'll see sunshine once again. look at the temperatures today. 60 degrees in swedesboro. those morning showers sweep through philadelphia. then we dry out this afternoon, 59 degrees in west chester. a high of 56 degrees. i'll show you how long the mild
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weather will last when i return to the seven-day forecast in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. 6:10. i see flashing lights over there in the cameras which is not a good sign. although it is still early. >> 6:00 a.m., between 6:00 and 7:00, things happen. >> usually around the 6:25 mark is when we start, almost exactly at that time. no delays yet here but we do have a disabled vehicle. it's not an accident scene. penndot crews are on the scene of route 309 around susquehanna road. all traffic moving by the scene. it's pushed over into the right-hand shoulder. no problem getting by at least for right now. the garden state parkway, around the great egg toll plaza, no problems or delays. 47 degrees in the delaware valley, 6:10 this monday morning. trouble at sea. >> the royal caribbean ship damaged in a storm is once again forced to cut its voyage short,
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only this time it's not just because of bad weather. plus, in decision 2016, hillary clinton is riding high after a victory in south carolina's democratic primary and republican candidate donald trump is grabbing headlines because of an endorsement from a former ku klux klan leader. we'll explain.
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about a quarter past 6:00 a.m. we're following breaking news out of north carolina. this is a live picture you're looking at of what's left of a house explosion in cleveland county. we're told at least two people were killed. we'll continue to follow and monitor the situation, bringing you information as we get it. >> turning now to decision 2016. tomorrow is super tuesday with around a dozen states holding
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presidential primaries and caucuses. >> the polls show the democratiç front-runner could wrack up a load of delegates. the former secretary of state hillary clinton beat bernie sanders by nearly 50 points. yesterday in the south, both democrats took a more national approach to their campaigning. >> i believe that america is great. what we need is to be whole. we need to be whole, where all of us have a place. >> there would be nothing that would give me more pleasure than to defeat donald trump. >> sanders said his campaign is just getting started, despite polls showing him trailing clinton in many of the super tuesday contests. >> in the republican race, senators ted cruz and marco rubio are keeping up the pressure on front-runner donald trump. yesterday the billionaire businessman denied cruz's accusations of having ties to the mafia. still, cruz and rubio both
6:16 am
trailing trump in polls stayed in attack mode on the campaign trail. >> i need you to go out and get your friends to vote for me on tuesday because, remember, friends do not let friends vote for con artists. >> the only campaign, the only candidate in a position to beat trump on super tuesday is us and so let's stand together. >> both senators are hoping to slow trump's momentum with a good showing on super tuesday, tomorrow. ahead in our next half hour, another trump controversy. the donald takes heat from all sides over his reaction to support from a former ku klux klan leader. >> we have 25,000. >> and from our delaware bureau, police are investigating three shootings over the weekend in new castle county. someone shot a 30-year-old woman in the leg, officials say. she is expected to be okay. that shooting followed deadly gunfire saturday night that killed a 31-year-old newark man.
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those two incidents came after a shooting in wilmington saturday that left a 41-year-old victim with leg and face injuries. a kansas community is trying to come to grips with the workplace shooting that left four people dead, including the gunman. hundreds packed a gym in hesston last night to remember the loss. 18 candles were lit for the wounded and the dead. a convicted felon barged into the factory and opened fire. he was angry about beefsh serin with a protective from abuse order hours earlier. a memorial service was held for 06-year-old mary joe nigh, one of the six people killed last saturday. former students shared memories of her commitment to teaching inside and outside the classroom. meantime, a 14-year-old survivor you see there, she's improving.
6:18 am
she's off a ventilator and breathing on her own. the brother of an ohio pastor is expected to be in court today on murder charges. reverend schooler was shot to death during a service sunday morning. police say his younger brother, daniel schooler shots.the deadly a new study found philadelphia is one of the top cities in the country for transit use. washington, d.c. rated first in the survey, new york came in fifth and pittsburgh placed eighth. speaking of mass transit, getting there to work and on time, time to get another look at the traffic patterns out there. >> that story bodes well for commuters. >> we are starting to see some
6:19 am
thing s go on this morning. route 309 around susquehanna road, the vehicle that was disabled earlier, about ten minutes ago has actually left the scene. we just have this penndot crew worker over into the right-hand shoulder. all traffic as you can see, moving by the scene nicely. the 42 freeway almost at a standstill right now because we have an overturned vehicle. up ahead, not in our camera shot in here, but this is 42 around route 41. up ahead, headed northbound, there is an overturned vehicle blocking lanes with police activity around the scene, around deptford and the route 55 area. if you're heading into the philadelphia area in new jersey, from new jersey into philadelphia this morning, you'll see big delays. already a six-minute trip. this will update for sure and definitely get its way up there, i would say about a ten-minute delay behind this scene right now. northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. heading from new jersey into philadelphia, northbound on the 42 freeway, you're going to be stuck for quite some time.
6:20 am
i will have more updates on the scene when i come back in the next couple of minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes after 6:00. we're getting closer to sunrise. you can see the glow of light on center city. clouds will be moving in. you'll see that sunshine to start with but it's not going to last all day. look at the temperature, 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. 49 degrees right now. the wind is starting to pick up. the wind will have an impact this afternoon. you'll see rain showers moving through there. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette. the temperatures have moved up, 15 degrees warmer in millville. the wind will be steady this morning in delaware and south jersey. starting to kick in into the allentown area, a light breeze blowing in reading. those winds help to warm temperatures in spite of the clouds coming in. you can see the clouds moving in from the west. those will take over this morning. with these clouds, some rain showers. no sign of any snow.
6:21 am
the cold air is way to the north and the rain showers that move through will be fast-moving and light. 9:00 this morning, light rain for allentown, reading and into chester and new castle counties. by noontime, we'll see the rain in philadelphia. that's 1:00. you can see light rain, steadier in new jersey at that hour. by lunch time it starts to clear out. by 1:00 in the afternoon, the shore has a little bit of rain. watch how quickly the winds will blow those clouds out of here. 3:00 this afternoon, we'll be looking at sunny skies. we'll see temperatures near 60 degrees this afternoon. light showers will blow through this morning, riding through on gusty windc,ç then the temperatures climb into the upper 50s and low 60s. but the winds will also kick in, gusting to near 40 miles an hour this afternoon. less dramatic tomorrow. in like a lamb. first day of march, 57 degrees after a morning low of 38. wet and windy on wednesday, 53 degrees, then sunny skies to start with at least on thursday. then we're watching a system
6:22 am
that looks like it's not going to have a huge impact but there is a chance of cloudy skies and maybe some rain and snow. it will be light on friday. it will be out of here by saturday. sunday, another round of showers, this time rain, 51 degrees. >> thank you, bill. you were telling me last week you had a couple flights out west. >> a bunch of flights. this story coming up in the next break. >> those seats and airlines, they're super tight. >> they really are. one senator is taking his issue with airline seats to the faa. in the next half hour, we'll tell you the change he wants to see. also coming up, lawmakers in one state want children to have the right to fire handguns. still to come on "nbc 10 news today," the message from supporters and opponents.
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good morning, everyone. it's jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we'll check on your morning drive if you're on the 42 freeway this morning or if you head out the door typically and head from new jersey into the philadelphia area, we're seeing big delays, almost at a standstill. you can see that string of brake lights headed northbound towards area bridges. due to an accident scene, overturned vehicle with police on the scene on the northbound side around route 55. this is our camera around route 41 in deptford. a slow drive time there. this is early for that. i'll have more updates when i come back in the next ten. for now, a check on the weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's leap day, jessie. in ten minutes the sun will be up, 47 degrees at 6:26. "nbc 10 news today" continues with the shooting of two teens. matt delucia is live in university city where one teen is being treated this morning. >> whole thing was caught on
6:27 am
surveillance video. we'll give you a look at that video and what police want you to see what's involved there so you can help solve this crime. that's next. find fantasy shows.
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this is nbc 10 news. two teenagers are shot outside of a philadelphia restaurant and it is all caught on camera. >> as the clouds move in, so will the rain. we are track something quick-moving showers in our first alert forecast. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm katy zachry. it is 6:30 on your monday. we have a mild start to the week after some of those showers move in. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with the details. hi, bill. >> we're in the 40s right now, katy. it will go warmer this afternoon. in between now and then we'll see rain moving in. you can start to see some of the clouds increasing in the pocono mountains. this is a view from blue
6:31 am
mountain this morning. even see rain in the mountains, not a lot of rain however. radar completely clear. the showers we've been tracking this morning, they're moving into central pennsylvania. already starting to clear out of pittsburgh. they are fast-moving showers and they will lighten up, too. a light shower moving through. 50 degrees in millville, 47 in wilmington, i don't untown allentown is 44 degrees. but at the airport, they're reporting 31 degrees. that temperature will turn around as will the rest of the area. as far as temperatures are concerned, we'll be at 48 degrees at 8:00 this morning. late morning showers, outer here by 2:00. the temperatures up to 38 degrees. the wind will also kick in, we'll see gusty winds this afternoon. hour by hour neighborhood forecasts when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> we're watching the 42 freeway where we're seeing big delays and ahead of schedule, headed northbound right in here, you can see we pretty much have a
6:32 am
string of brake lights. approaching up ahead, almost at a standstill. this is the traffic that's funneling back. this is around route 41 and the reason we're seeing the delays is because we have an accident scene just up ahead on the northbound side. an overturned vehicle in deptford around route 55. the drive time is just starting to get up there. average speeds saying 42 miles an hour. a lot of times these things take a little bit of time to update. police on the scene, word they will be clearing it out of the way shortly. but at the same time, we are still seeing that delay and we'll see residual delays because of that for the rest of the morning i'm sure. here's an accident on broad street between -- right around parrish street. the schuylkill expressway around belmont, no real problems, just starting to see that eastbound delay from the blue route to the vine street expressway. average speeds starting to go down into the 40s with a 19-minute trip. katy? 6:32.
6:33 am
surveillance video you're seeing in your screen captures a drive-by shooting in philadelphia's grays ferry neighborhood leaving two teenagers shot and one this morning is in critical condition. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in university city, outside the hospital where the 15-year-old is being treated. matt, what do police know about their suspect at this point? >> at this point, katy, they are investigating this case, really looking at that surveillance video. let's take a look at that one more time, give you a closer look, see if you recognize anything. this happened at 31st and tasker in the grays ferry neighborhood. two teens were standing outside a chinese restaurant when a white car rolls by and the teens were shot. they try to run away, one manages to duck inside the restaurant. witnesses heard multiple shots fired. police say a 17-year-old was hit in the leg and arm. he was able to get to the neighbor's house for safety. that's where police found them inside. they took him to the hospital at presbyterian. he's in stable condition. the 15-year-old was hit in the
6:34 am
abdomen and foot. he was the more seriously injured of the two. at this point, police have really not specified a motive for this shooting but neighbors we spoke with are pretty angry about this. >> could have been a young kid out here, walking out here. it could have been, you know -- i could have been walking out here. innocent bystanders. people going about their business. it's a sunday, enjoying the day. >> police are still searching for the white car you saw in the surveillance video, as well as the shooter or shooters. another pin to mention, later tonight, 6:30, mayor jim kenney is planning to do a take a stand against gun violence meeting this was all planned before this happened yesterday. that, again, is schedule for later on tonight to talk about gun violence in the city. live in university city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. just about 6:35 this monday morning. today in virginia an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon is expected in court.
6:35 am
>> he'll be facing murder charges involving a rookie police officer and another woman. police say sergeant ronald hamilton shot his wife and three county police officers who responded to a domestic violence call saturday night. this officer, died from her injuries. it was her first day on the job. >> she clearly had a passion to serve others in a way that went beyond herself. >> the two wounded officers remain in critical condition. the suspect's 11-year-old son who was inside the house during the shooting, was not injured. a 17-year-old boy remains in critical condition after police in salt lake city shot him saturday night. the shooting sparked protests with some people throwing rocks and bottles at officers who were dressed in riot gear. a boy and a man were it had another man with metal sticks. they say the officers ordered them to stop. but when the teen did not comply, police shot him.
6:36 am
>> south jersey bureau, a fight at a party leads to a deadly shooting outside of a cherry hill motel. the shooting happened at the inn of the dove around 2:30 sunday morning. police say both of the victims were driven in a private vehicle to the hospital. a 17-year-old man later died. a 20-year-old man was treated and released. both victims were shot inside a vehicle near the motel's front entrance following a fight at a party outside one of the motel rooms. no arrests have been made. decision 2016. republican white house front-runner donald trump is trying to navigate through a controversy involving a white supremacist. yesterday trump appeared to stumble when an interviewer asked him about david duke, the former ku klux klan leader. duke told radio listeners that, quote, voting for trump at this point is really treason to your heritage. trump condemned duke before and after the interview. trump's republican rivals pounced on his response.
6:37 am
here's part of the indiaterviewd reaction. >> i don't know anything about david duke. well, i have to look at the group. i don't know what group you're talking about. >> the ku klux klan. >> you may have groups that are totally fine and it would be unfair. >> there is no place in the conservative movement for david duke, the ku klux klan or hatred or bigotry in america. >> trump took fire from rival ted cruz who accused trump of not releasing tax returns because of possible ties to the mafia. new polls show the two presidential front-runners with wide leads in some but not all states heading into tomorrow's super tuesday contest. they don't call it super tuesday for nothing. voters in all of these states will cast bat ol -- ballots in primaries or caucuses. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll shows donald trump wiahead of ted cru
6:38 am
andç marco rubio. in texas it's a different story with the senator on top of trump by 14 points and rubio far behind. the latest nbc news poll shows hillary clinton up on bernie sanders more than 30 points. clinton has about the same edge in texas over senator sanders. count on nbc 10 for complete decision 2016 coverage. get the latest updates. just download the free nbc 10 app or go to now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 22 minutes before 6:00. we have a dry start this morning but i'm tracking showers that are going to quickly blow through the area with gusty winds that will stay with us even after the showers.
6:39 am
but in spite of the wind, continued mild conditions, sunshine will re-appear this afternoon. it looks like we'll have our own super tuesday tomorrow with another nice one. look at the sunshine, reading, philadelphia, cape may, 44 degrees in reading, 49 degrees in philadelphia. and 50 in cape may. yes, it's still february. leap day, the 29th. we have just a few scattered clouds. this is a view of the sunrising from the marquis de lafayette hotel in cape may. sunshine to start with, the winds ahead of showers. they're already at 14 miles an hour in philadelphia. they'll increase this afternoon. first we have to deal with this. see the clouds that are just inching into the area. this will bring us light rain, nothing heavy about it. it will be fast moving thanks to the gusty winds. scattered rain showers for camel back, bethlehem and pennsburg. that's this morning. this afternoon, well into the 5rz 50s in souderton and abington. early this afternoon, light rain
6:40 am
in ventnor city and avalon. philadelphia will reach close to the 60 degree mark. we might make it if the clouds move out fast enough, 58 degrees in wilmington. just light rain showers this morning in malvern. there is colder weather ahead. it's time, closer to the end of the workweek and into the weekend. we have the seven-day forecast with that timing and what to expect with it when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. 20 minutes before 7:00. breaking news of an accident. >> along route 352, jessica boyington is here with details on that. jess? >> we have skyforce 10 live over top of the scene in delaware county in media. two ek vehicle two vehicles involved there. we have fire trucks on police on the scene. one of the vehicles pretty mangled on the southbound side of new middletown road and high meadow drive. a tow truck is up here in the front of the scene removing one
6:41 am
of the vehicles from the scene as well. right now that roadway is blocked off. they are allowing traffic to go by on the other side. there will be relief in that way. small delays on either side of this scene. this isn't the only accident, of course, we have another one in philadelphia on broad street at parrish street. watch out for that. things are starting to be slow there. another accident,ç abington, moreland road and huntingdon pike. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> yes, finally after years of waiting, leo takes home a statue. just ahead, we'll take a look at who else won oscar gold in the biggest categories. >> squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. >> he's talking about leg room. and that's shrinking on flights and causing quite a stir. we'll tell you the change that one lawmaker wants the faa to make to stop the squeeze. enough already.
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quarter to 7:00 this february 29th. an update on breaking news in north carolina. officials say a truck crashed into a propane tank at a cleveland county home. that's what's caused a blast. that's about an hour's drive west of charlotte. two people were killed. there are reports that the victims are a married couple. family and friends remembered cara mccollum, a former miss new jersey at funeral services this weekend. mccollum was laid to rest in her hometown in arkansas. a memorial service will be held on saturday, march 12th at the ocean city tabernacle. cara died last monday following a car crash in bad weather. the 24-year-old was a news anchor at snj today, based in millville, cumberland county and was the girlfriend of nbc 10's keith jones.
6:46 am
happening today, one of the men involved in the kidnapping and torture of a philadelphia jewelry store employee is scheduled to be sentenced. khayree gay pleaded guilty to last year's botched robbery attempt at the national watch and diamond exchange. gay and another man did surveillance on the store after being recruited by shaheed. the three men -- we're told three men approached the female employee in a parking garage in april, used a stun gun on her, bound her and dumped her in a cemetery. shaheed was sentenced to 30 years and his accomplice was given a 15-year sentence. today in new jersey, look how many children are being affected by lead poisoning. frank pallone jr. is expected to testify before the state senate. pallone wants more information about federal funds that the state receives for lead detection.
6:47 am
pallone is the top democrat on the house energy and commerce committee. the royal caribbean cruise ship that cut short a recent voyage because of bad weather has done it again, this time due to sickness an a storm. the anthem of the seas is headed back to the port of bayonne in new jersey. you're looking at video from last month's trip. the cruise line said it's seen several cases of norovirus every day for the last week or so. nbc 10 spoke with a couple on board celebrating their honeymoon. >> there was a note saying there's been a confirmed case of norovirus an they were going to heighten sanitation measures to try to keep infects down. >> the ship also heeded a storm warning off cape hatteras, north carolina. it is expected back in new jersey on wednesday. most people can relate to this. ever try and squeeze into one of those tiny airline seats? a new york lawmaker wants government to join the fight for more seat room on airlines. chuck schumer says heç thinks e faa should require airlines to abide by a seat size guideline.
6:48 am
he says leg room on planes used to be 35 inches but it has shrunk to an average of 31. >>s. the width of the seat has shrunk, too. schumer says he will introduce a seat size guideline amendment to the faa re-authorization act that is pending in congress right now. >> as you pay more and more for tickets at least you ought to get a place to sit where you're not treated like a sardine. >> a vote on the faa re-authorization bill is expected no next month. 6:48 right now. it's leap day. we've been talking about it. >> you may want to leap at great deals today. >> they're being offered in honor of leap day. if you are dulli born on february 29th, pizza hut will give you a free one topping personal pan pizza with your carry out. hard rock cafe will give you a free entree off a special menu.
6:49 am
and criskrispy kreme, buy a dozf doughnuts and get a dozen glazed for $2.29. that is available to anyone. no tipping required either. getting a nice, dry start, hover, look at that. nice sunshine and a warm start, too, unusually warm for this time of year. we're at 49 degrees, 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. sunshine won't last. the wind will. look at the flags blowing on top of the aramark building in center city. no real cold for wilmington to philadelphia and northeast philadelphia. lehigh county 42 degrees in allentown, somehow it has cool down with clear skies and light wind and dry air right in the valley, lehigh valley airport is at 31 degrees.
6:50 am
that number will rise before the rain moves in. the clouds are covering most of pennsylvania and they will eliminate the sunshine, at least for a time later this morning. that light rain, that's all we're going to see. the futurecast hour by hour showing at 9:00 this morning, those light rain showers reach into philadelphia, allentown and reading. delaware light rain at that hour. quickly moving by 11:00, most of it will be in new jersey. a little bit of rain at the shore. 1:00 and then out of here with sunshine later today. but the winds will stay with us. light showers then gusty winds and high temperatures, not bad for the last day of february, upper 50s and low 60s. so nice let's do it again tomorrow. 58 degrees, sunny skies, less wind for tomorrow. the wind returns wednesday with more rain. 52 degrees the high temperature. sunny skies thursday, a little chillier, though, the high of 43. a chance, not a big chance
6:51 am
friday. just a light shower moving through. maybe rain, snow, it's out of here for saturday. a nice chance for light showers will come in sunday. >> you're saying there's a chance. >> just a chance. >> emphasis on chance. all right, bill, thank çyou. we'll take advantage of the free car washes. breaking news on the roads right now. jessica in your last report you told us about a accident on 352. how about an update? >> tow trucks are on the scene in media, delaware county where two vehicles were involved. now they have both vehicles up on a tow truck. this was the first one, pulling away right now. the second vehicle trying to clear the scene. we did have an earlier fire engine on scene, police activity as well. south new middletown road and high meadow drive. you can still see the police activity and the fire truck blocking off the roadway on the southbound side. the northbound traffic still getting through. since we have that blocked off, that still will be a delay behind that scene. but for right now, things are
6:52 am
look up and it's starting to clear out of the way. an accident in philadelphia on broad street and parrish street, starting to see delays there on broad street. mass transit, 40-minute delays for the lansdale/doylestown line, due to wire problems. an update in the next five. 6:52 and 47 degrees in the philadelphia area. coming up, a check of the day's headlines and the stories you need to know as you head out the door. >> today is the final day of presidential campaigning before the super tuesday contest in about a dozen states. it looks like all eyes on republican front-runner donald trump. we'll explain. plus, how about this? we'll tell you the connection between the philadelphia eagles and a galaxy far, far away. you won't believe it.
6:53 am
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6:56 am
47 degrees in philadelphia. a few minutes before 7:00 a.m. time now to get a check of the stories you need to know about before you start your morning. >> first, a 15-year-old boy is in critical condition after being shot in the grays ferry neighborhood. nbc 10's matt delucia is outside children's hospital of philadelphia for us. what's the latest? >> that 15-year-old was rushed here to c.h.o.p. yesterday afternoon. take a look at some surveillance video. this is what police are looking at right now. this is outside a nearby restaurant at 31st and tasker in grays ferry. two teens were standing outside that restaurant within a white car rolls by and shots are fired. one of the victims, a 17-year-old. he was shot in the arm and leg. he is stable but the 15-year-old was hit in the abdomen and foot. he was rushed here to c.h.o.p. in critical condition. investigators are reviewing the evidence, including that sure veil and video. no arrests and no definite motive has been released as of
6:57 am
yet. live in university city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. decision 2016. today is the final day of campaigning before tomorrow's super tuesday presidential contest. coming up on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m., republican front-runner donald trump will take questions. that comes your way right after "nbc 10 news today." and also today, an army staff sarg in the virginia is expected in court to face murder charges including a rookie police officer and that man's wife. authorities say the sergeant opened fire on three officers during a domestic violence call saturday night. officer ashley gwyndyn died from her injuries. it was her first day on the job. ç oscar goes to "spotlight. >> "spotlight" took home the biggest award at last night's oscars. the movie about the "boston globe's" investigation of the
6:58 am
pedophile breeft won best picture. this was a philadelphia eagles connection you probably didn't know about. one of the editors worked on "star wars" create d names of eagles players to create the gibberish. his name is david accord. brent celek and fletcher cox was slipped into the dialogue. >> it's one of my favorite stories this morning. it's a good one. breaking news on the road. jessica boyington has been following an accident in delaware county. >> jessica, fill us in. >> that accident pretty much cleared out of the way. we have residual delays on the southbound side of 352. okay for right now in media. otherwise we have other things to talk about of course. delays on the 42 freeway around route 41. on the northbound side, an overturned vehicle up ahead into the right-hand shoulder around 55 in the deptford area.
6:59 am
you can see the delay, if you are in new jersey and typically head northbound to get to the philadelphia area, over the bridges, you'll be stuck in the delays. another accident on broad street and parrish street with delays behind that as well. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 47 degrees at 6:59. look at this beautiful view on february 29th, leap day, from skyforce 10. some scattered clouds right now. if you're leaving the house, don't let that fool you. we have rain on the way. clouds have moved into the pocono mountains. that's the view from shawnee. it will be rain there as the temperatures are too warm for anything else. the showers are not far away from the pocono mountains, moving into allentown this morning. the fast-moving showers are actually starting to thin out. it's not going to be a lot of run, just enough to mess up your car wash if you had one over the weekend. a nice, mild start. with the wind gusting, the temperatures will be warming up.
7:00 am
sunshine returns later today. >> bill, thank you. you can always get up to the minute information on the nbc 10 app, plus traffic and weather on >> "today" show next. good morning. king of the world. leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar 22 years after his first nomination. >> i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> brie larson nabbing best actress. "spotlight," the surprise winner for best picture. host chris rock takes on the oscars so white controversy. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> this morning, al and natalie are live in hollywood with all the highlights from the show, the red carpet and, of course, the after parties. klan controversy. why did donald trump refuse to disavow support from the kkk and


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