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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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so permission denied. yes, sir. >> the question is how your administration -- >> that's an off topic question. i think you understand i'm answering on topic questions, not off topic questions. because i don't want to. anything else? anything else on topic? anything else on topic? anything else on topic? anything else on topic? >> of course with pressing issues regarding atlantic city's finances, the pending new jersey transit strike we're anxious to find out how much time the governor will now be spending out of state on the trump train. we also e-mailed our questions to the governor's office, we're told he will entertain those questions tonight on his radio show, 101.5, ask the governor, we're in touch with the station as well to find out how many questions have been coming in
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from new jersey residents and taxpayers say we speak to a former watchdog reporter watching this and we'll have more on that coming up for you later this afternoon. i'm cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> speaking on topic, donald trump is stepping back from comments he made over the weekend when he claimed to know nothing about former ku klux klan leader david duke. he said he has in fact disavowed duke and blamed a faulty ear piece for his inability to do the same during an interview with c nn. >> i heard was various groups and i don't mind disavowing anybody and i disavowed david duke and i disavowed him the day before at a major news conference which is surprising because he was at the major news conference, cnn was, and they heard me disavow dividend duke. >> trump continues to draw criticism from his republican rivals, ted cruz tweeted we're
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better than this. we should all agree racism is wrong. cruz told supporters he is the only one to take down the party's front-runner. measure mr called donald trump unelectable. the senator told supporters trump's explanation about his bad ear piece doesn't hold water and that any mention of white supremist group demands immediate condemnation. >> a confident hillary clinton is focusing more on the republican presidential candidates than her democratic primary opponent. clinton spoke at a rally in massachusetts. she repeated her theme of making america whole and unified while blasting what she calls the scapegoating of the republican presidential candidates. >> as for her opponent bernie sanders is imploring supporters to a large turnout. the vermont senator offered areas where he is different from clinton including opposition to super pacs, his vote against the
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iraq war and his rejection of trade deals. >> again, the countdown to super tuesday is in the home stretch. a total of 13 states are taking part tomorrow. and you can count on complete coverage of super tuesday right here on nbc 10 and the nbc10. m following breaking news from bucks county action are police arrested a bensalem high school student accused of selling marijuana-laced brownies that ended up in the hands of middle school students. police say jacob francisco admitted selling five of those, they're resold by a student at schafer middle school. police identified other students who bought or ate the brownies. the district is cooperating with their investigation. we have new information into the newsroom about the zika virus. nbc 10 learned that the philadelphia health department confirmed the first case of zika in the city, a 60-year-old woman who traveled to the caribbean contracted the virus but never went to the hospital and is
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already recovering. >> this afternoon we know that there is new physicfizz to a fi. >> the new mayer plans to revive the idea of taxing soda. >> i want to do what's right for our kids and our neighborhoods, if this is the way we'll see whether or not everyone agrees or not. >> the plan to tax soda is an about face for mayor jim kenney. he opposed the idea when his predecessor proposed it. mayor nutter tried and failed twice to pass a soda tax. nutter proposed a tax of 2 cents per ounce. lauren mayk is looking into this. >> why the change of heart for mayor kenney? >> reporter: he laid out a number of things that this tax would pay for and that's what is driving him here. one of the big ones, pre-k, you will erd him talk about on the campaign trail. let me show you. a 3 crept per ounce tax.
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if this is what you reach for, a 12-ounce can of soda, we're talking 36-cent tax. if the diet is your thing you're in luck because there is no tax on that. but if you go for the 20 ounce mountain dew, 60-cent tax there. you may have heard of other soda taxes where the idea is to combat obesity and drive you to things like water, that's not the case here. they want the cash. >> i drink soda a lot. >> it's an afternoon pickup, maybe a morning jolt and could get more expensive soon if you buy it in philadelphia. >> i want to do what's right for our kids and neighborhoods. and if this is the way to do it we'll see whether or not everyone agrees or not. >> i talked to mayor jim kenney before his proposal became official. it revives the concept tried years ago while mayer nutter was in office, a tax on sugary drinks like soda. >> why give it another look? >> there are large niftives we want to engage in, there are
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limited areas of opportunities for revenue that we don't want to regrade the city and other areas of taxation. >> he is behind it this time as a way to pay for stuff like universal pre-k, that would get the biggest chunk from the tax. community schools and park and rec centers would benefit. >> the unintended consequences are what i worry about which is the impact on poor consumers in the city of philadelphia. small shop owners who have the burden of collecting that tax from consumers. >> we learned that tax will be on distributors, it could be passed on to consumers for pricier. >> find something else. like soda. >> have to decide if it's worth it. >> i don't care, if the it's good soda i'm going to drink it. >> reporter: so should you get that extra change ready? this would go to city council, and i reached out to the american beverage association and asked whether the assumption would be that this tax would get
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passed on to consumers. i was told yes. lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." right now berkeley, california is the only american city that has a soda tax. fruit juice, alcohol and milk-based beverages are not included. the tax is 1 cent per ounce. a guilty plea for a new jersey mother charged with killing her newborne by setting that infant girl on fire. she pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter in court today. the 23-year-old originally pleaded not guilty to murder last year. prosecutors say she doused her baby girl with an accelerant shortly after giving birth. then set the infant on fire on the side of a road. sentencing is set for april 22. >> happening now one of the men involved in the kidnapping and torture of a jewelry store
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employee is learning how long he will stay behind bars. he is being sentenced for the botched robbery. gay and two other men admitted to kidnapping a female employee in a parking garage last april. surveillance video captured the three approaching the woman, the men attacked her with a stun gun, bound her and dumped her in a cemetery. the plan mastermind was sentenced to 30 years behind bars, his accomplice received a 15-year sentence. philadelphia police arrested two men and a woman accused of shooting a cab driver earlier this month. the three are all facing assault, robbery and other charges. investigators say the men pointed guns at the driver after the three got in the cab. police say they fired at the driver who was hit in the shoulder. the cab crashed and the suspects were on the loose until a tip helped officers track them down.
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>> four students are hurt after a shooting at a high school northeast of cleveland ohio. a 14-year-old student opened fire in the school's cafeteria, a 14 and 15-year-old were hit. another two students were injured by shrapnel. they are all expected to be okay. the shooter was taken into custody. today a judge in los angeles delayed ruling on bill cosby's motion to dismiss a defamation case file bid model janice dickenson. dickenson sued cosby in may over comments allegedly made about her by his lawyers. she also claims cosby drugged and raped her in 1982. a judge says she wants to see new briefs before she rules on the motion to dismiss. cosby's attorneys say dickenson has change heard story over the years. >> is a panel of judges is asking questions in the corruption case involving new jersey senator bob menendez. prosecutors say he took gifts and campaign contributions from a florida eye doctor in exchange for political favors.
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he has pleaded not guilty. the issue was whether or not the senator is free from prosecution under protection given to house and senate members who are performing legislative duties. supreme court justice clarence thomas finally asked questions during oral arguments for the first time in more than a decade. thomas asked 10 questions to a justice department attorney who was defending a federal law that bans anyone who has a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction from owning a gun. in years past thomas offered several reasons not asking questions from the bench. in 2012 he said it's not unusual for justices not to ask questions. stressing that notable justices rarely did. >> so what are the chances, remember these pictures of the anthem of the seas getting battered by a storm which forced it to return to port. once again the ship is heading for home early. according to royal caribbean officials the ship is returning
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two days early to avoid a severe storm. a passenger on the ship says they have also been warned about a norovirus outbreak on board. weeks ago it was hit with 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds damaging the ship and injuring passengers. new jersey congressman frank pallone sounded an alarm over lead poisoning. that lead in the water has harmed high numbers of children. he is working to find out how federal money has been used to identify and combat the problem. philadelphia mayor jim kenney will attend a meeting about reducing gun violence in south philadelphia today. the meeting comes a day after two teens were shot in a drive-by shooting outside a take-out strant in grays ferry. one was critically hurt. it happened just before 6:00 last night at 31st and tasker streets. police are still searching for the gunman and the car. they say sped away from the
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scene. fire officials tell us everyone made it out of this burning house this morning. sky force 10 over buren avenue. >> there is an uptick in applications at temple university. the school has seen an increase of more than 15% in applications for the fall semester compared to last year. more than 32,000 prospective students applied as of last week, shattering records for freshman applications. some university officials are attributing some of that increase to the success of the football team. a popular center city dining destination is getting a major makeover. today is the last day of business at the palm restaurant before a massive renovation project. the new design will feature seating for 152 diners and a hand-painted feature wall of philadelphia's famous landmarks overlooking the dining room. there will be a new expansive
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bar. >> to be in one spot for this long and have such a great run and now to get a new restaurant out of it and be able to be here another 27 years is exciting for us. >> the redesign palm restaurant is set to reopen late this year or early 2017. >> from the delaware bureau, a fund-raiser with a special twist. female prisoners using their own money to help the special olympics. inmates at the baylor's institution were given the chance to buy little cesar pizza. part of the money will be donated to special olympiã8// delaware. the governor and members of special olympics were on hand as the women picked up pies. 290 pieces were sold. >> after today the total raised, $5,000. so it's a great opportunity for the ladies in our custody to give back to the community. they feel good about it.
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>> and now i want pizza. this was the prison's sixth food fund-raiser, so far they raised $5,000 for special olympics. some of philadelphia's movers and shakers recognized this morning for their support of the police athletic league. it was the kickoff to towel day. officials spent the day mentoring 25 local student who is participate in the organization, the students shadowed senior level officials. we have first alert traffic warning for you if you use route 301 in delaware. two new phases of construction for the toll road begin today. the first is from the norfolk southern railroad to route 896, the second, from the maryland state line to levels road. the total project is expected to take three years to complete. the rebuild continues in lancaster county following last week's storms that caused millions of dollars in damage there. sky force 10 over salisbury township earlier today. you can see more than a dozen
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workers framing up a house and what's left of a hen house. more than three quarters of the building completely torn to shreds. a different scene last wednesday. county officials say about 100 structures were damaged in the storm. the national weather service says an ef-2 tornado with winds up to 125 miles an hour was responsible for this. amazingly no one was killed or seriously hurt. we've had some unseasonably warm weather the last couple days after some colder weather before that. friday and saturday. it's still going to be spring-like during the day tomorrow. a third day of temperatures way above average. we have rain moving in tomorrow night, and we have a chance of some snow. at least in parts of the area coming up on friday. we have a lot of sunshine out there now, there were some light showers earlier today. 59 degrees the wind 26 gusting
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to 33 miles an hour and as warm as that is the average high is 47 this time of the year. it's still five degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. we're in the 50s except for mount pocono which is at 47 degrees. they are going to be able to make some snow later on during the week. and temperatures 62 degrees in dover and millville. it's going to be just about as warm tomorrow, not quite, but friday and saturday pretty cold. below normal. 41 and 44, yesterday we jumped up to 64, today 64 degrees. but it's been very windy. we've seen gusts over 30 miles an hour and these are the sustained winds at 26 miles an hour. in philadelphia, 25 in atlantic city. it's a dry westerly wind, though, so that's why we have so much sunshine out there. the next weather system that's racing in this direction is in the middle of the country and it's going to race in and then
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it's going to race out. as we go through the day tomorrow we start off colder than what we did this morning but still not that cold for this time of the year. temperatures go into the 50s, to perhaps near 60 tomorrow. not quite as warm as today but then it's not going to be as windy. and we're dry through dinnertime, and then tomorrow night, here comes a band of rain or showers, could be briefly heavy. it's really warm at night. but as we get into wednesday morning, even though it's warm, the rain is already gone. so just about the entire day wednesday is dry but look what happens to the temperature. goes from 58 down through the 40s during the day, so we have falling temperatures during the day on wednesday, setting us up for some cold weather later in the week, then we watch this storm. back to the west, and we see which way it's going to track. of course the closer it comes to
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us, the better chance it has of producing snow around here, the farther south it goes, the farther south the snow area is going to go. so, it does look like delaware and south jersey have the best chance of seeing some snow, and that is during the day on friday. yeah, winter is not over. it's going to feel like winter even if that snow stays south of you. clear and colder tonight with the wind diminishing, 39 for the low in philadelphia. 33 north and west. and then during the day tomorrow, another unseasonably warm day. the average high is 47 so we're talking at least 10 degrees above that. the rain moves in at night so sunny most of the day, then the clouds move in very quickly. the seven-day forecast, you can see it's warm wednesday morning, then temperatures fall to 40 later during the day as we get clearing conditions, going to be a windy day, another windy day.
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look how cold it is on thursday, a high of only 39 degrees for this time of the year. that's pretty cold. then there is that snow chance. and in this case, the best chances of the snow or significant snow would be in delaware or south jersey. of course we'll keep you updated on that. then it's a cold start to the weekend but it starts warming up big time next week. >> glenn, thank you. a navy seal who risked his life to save an american hostage stepped out of the shadows. >> he received the medal of honor. president obama placed the medal around the neck of edward buyers jr. it's a recognition the navy s.e.a.l. says he did not earn alone. the award comes after a mission to rescue an american civilian from the taliban in afghanistan in 2012, an operation which cost a teammate his life. >> he made the ultimate sacrifice that day so i want to personally thank his family for
4:20 pm
giving their son to our country to help protect our freedoms. >> it's the highest military honor. byers is the first living abtive duty to receive the honor in four decades. >> it was a simple stroll through a new york city park. >> a woman stumbled upon a card board box. what she found inside is making national headlines. her startling discovery straight ahead. >> plus, elephants rampage, things go wrong during a religious ritual. >> and an unusual offer, what you can do to get 100 bucks from one famous philadelphia tavern this leap day. >> here is a look at the closing numbers on wall street which all closed down for the day.
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>> >> a shocking discovery at a new york city park. police say a woman out for a walk found the severed head of a horse and other animal parts. the woman was walking through harlem river park when she found the animal parts in a beer box. the department of sanitation removed the head, authorities are still trying to find out who put it there. >> watch as this out of control elephant flings cars and motor bikes even as two people sit on top of the animal. the elephant broke loose while it was used in a festival in india. it took hours to bring it under control. look at that. does not look like the vehicle is real. no one was hurt. >> a quick thinking shopper
4:25 pm
stopped a suspect with his shopping cart. check it out. police in portland, oregon are thanking an anonymous man who rolled his cart into the suspect at the store. officers were chasing the man after they saw him jay-walk and nearly got hit by several cars. police arrested him in the store. for the man who stopped him, he picked up his groceries and kept shopping. like i'm done. got to get this. >> a lot of people have the natural reaction to be in shock but he jumped in there. >> yeah, he did what was right. college campuses react to a powerful message during the academy awards. >> that was delivered by the vice president of the united states. >> they did nothing wrong. >> up next, the v.p.'s call for change at colleges throughout the country and reaction to it. >> get ready to go small, the reason why your iphone is about to be outdated.
4:26 pm
>> high winds, more rain and then a chance for snow. i'll break down all of it in the first alert forecast. >> and they are at it again, nbc 10 first told you about the felony lane gang hitting gyms, day cares and schools in the area. now police say this crime ring is the worst they have ever seen. what you need to know to protect your belongings.
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big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. >>. >> we must and we can change the culture, so that no abused woman
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or man like the survivors you will see tonight ever feel they have to ask themselves what did i do? they did nothing wrong. >> vice president biden uses the oscar stage to advocate for survivors of sexual assault. statistics show one in five female students are assaulted on college campuses. >> last night the vice president called for change. tim furlong spoke to a local student who was on stage last night as the message was delivered at the osercars. >> it was one of the most powerful oscar moments, vice president biden on stage talking about reducing sexual assault on american college campuses. >> despite significant progress over the last few years, too many women and men on and off college campuses are still
4:31 pm
victims of sexual abuse. >> the vice president asked everybody to take a pledge to intervene if you can stop a sexual assault and introduced lady gaga who sang from a documentary. she was surrounded by survivors of such abuse. >> a sex abuse survivor, she is now working to educate her peers at the university of delaware on a stop home she told me her school has taken big steps but he heard horror stories about other campuses, there is a ton of work to be done. >> where some universities need to redo everything from the ground up. they have no understanding of what it means to be understanding of a victim, they don't understand the needs of survivors. >> reporter: senator bob casey's act makes campus sex abuse
4:32 pm
investigations more transparent and makes sure the victim is kept in the loop. he tells me laws are great but it's going to be a big challenge changing the culture on campuses around the country. the vice president's appearance is one of the highlights. the oscar coverage continues with the rundown of the winners plus the twitter record which was shattered. >> scary moments for a cashier when robbers pointed guns at her in south philadelphia. the men walked into the deli on south sixth street january 27th, the woman inside handed over all of the cash. the robbers also took iphones and police hope someone recognizes the suspect by his sweatshirt. >> a high-speed chase came to a wild end near detroit, michigan and was caught on camera. watch as this suv slammed into a truck and then the suspects take off.
4:33 pm
it doesn't take long for police to catch up to them. no one was seriously hurt and police say the suspects were wanted for a home invasion this morning. your iphone is about to be outdated. >> the reason why coming up. plus, sounding the alarm. the mismarked pills that have officials issuing a warning this afternoon. and, paying tribute. why officers in philadelphia are posting pictures from their first day on the job. that's all new on "nbc 10 news" at 5.
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a warning from health officials about phony painkillers. authorities have uncovered two dozen situations where pills were mislabeled as something less potent than they actually were. marked oxycodone and percocet were the powerful drug fentanyl.
4:37 pm
>> apple is gearing up for the next product release, apple will show off its newest iphone on march 21. the update to the 5s keeps the 4 inch screen. the new thing, also a look at the new ipad pro. apple is reportedly also releasing new versions of that watch on that day. >> family vacations to disney world could cost you more if you travel during the peak times. walt disney is offering a new day pass chart, it's not as crowded a pass to magic kingdom is $105. regular days $110. it's $124 for peak days including holidays, spring break and the summertime. >> location, location, location. two girl scouts set up shop outside a marijuana dispensary in albuquerque.
4:38 pm
they sold 60 boxes in one day. the manager also donated a dollar for every box sold. not everyone is okay with this. girl scouts of new mexico said you are not allowed to sell outside medical marijuana dispensaries. >> an unusual leap day offer, what a bar wants certain patrons to ask and the $100 prize for an answer. and stalker on the stand. he secretly shot nude videos of erin andrews. he reveals the reason behind that. >> more wet weather is heading our way and i'm tracking how long we're going to stay dry before our next round of rain. then maybe some snow. the detail ahead in my first alert forecast.
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we have new information in about the zika virus. nbc 10 has learned about a second confirmed zika case in new jersey. a woman from hudson county who traveled to honduras contracted the virus. the cdc says there is no public health risk because the woman was exposed to mosquitoes in honduras. a woman from bergen county tested positive for the virus last year after traveling to colombia. today was an emotional day in the andrews civil trial. >> andrews is on the stand. earlier we heard from the man who admitted stalking the spores caster and host. >> he is accused of using a peep hole to record andrews as she changed clothes. >> jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: erin andrews walked out of the court room this morning leaving just before her legal team showed the jury these videotaped depositions. >> your plan was to videotape her without her knowledge. >> correct.
4:43 pm
>> that's michael david barrett t man convicted of stalking the popular sportscaster in three cities altering the peep holes in her hotel room and secretly recording nude videos. >> why did you decide to do that? >> that's a great question. i'd like to hear the the answer. >> so would i. i don't have the answer to that. over and over in my mind. financial bind i was in. a huge, huge mistake in judgment. >> he spent 30 months in jail after admitting to that mistake and now andrews is seeking $75 million in a lawsuit that names barrett along with the nashville hotel and its management company at the time of the incident claiming negligence, emotional distress and invasion of privacy. attorneys for the national marriot say they were duped as well. >> he deceived, coknived, stalked. that's what mr. barrett did. >> reporter: they claim he manipulated to get the room next
4:44 pm
to andrews. jay gray, nbc news. >> a live picture now of erin andrews on the stand as that civil ri civil trial continues. >> goes to "spotlight." >> and oscar upset in hollywood. the drama "spotlight" took home the award for best picture. many thought the award would go to the revenant. it tells the story of investigative reporting an sexual abuse by roman catholic priests. the film also won best original screen play. while "the revenant" didn't win, leonardo dicaprio took home for the lead. brie larson won for "room."
4:45 pm
best supporting actress for the danish girl and leonardo dicaprio set a twitter record, his first win generated more than 44,000 tweets per minute that makes it the most tweeted minute of an oscars telecast ever. he finally got his day. >> he did. >> february 29, a day that only happens once every four years. >> a popular pub has an unusual offer for the single ladies. according to an old tradition on leap day women are empowered to pop the question to their suitor. so the ale house is offering a $100 gift card to the first five women who come in and publicly propose at the bar today. >> we actually keep a behind the bar, a guest book where couples who met their spouse sign in. we had a lot of people who met 30, 40 years ago so we're noted
4:46 pm
as a place for couples to meet. and get engaged. >> so far they have not been proposals but you know what, still time out there. i'm proposing that you keep the winter coats hand ep because it's mild to start the week but it's not going to be mild to end the week. it's still spring like out there today and tomorrow but then that's about it. we've got rain tomorrow night and possible snow toward the end of the week. we have bright sunshine now, it's very windy, it's 59 degrees, the wind west at 26, gusting to 33 miles an hour. this is i-95 in wilmington. it's actually delaware and extreme south jersey that have the best chances of seeing that snow that is in the seven-day forecast. it's 59 degrees in philadelphia and in wrightstown, 54 chester
4:47 pm
springs, 53 in kennett square. 58 wilmington, a long way from snowing, 54 in allentown. 53 in doylestown, 52 in blue bell. 61 atlantic city airport. 63 in woodbine. and the temperatures are starting to go down. it's now 10 to 12 degrees colder, north and west. than it was this time yesterday. so a little cooler air coming in but it's the wind that's the big issue. we're gusting to 37 miles an hour in wilmington. 32 miles an hour in allentown right now. the wind will diminish quite a bit during the night tonight. we have dry winds coming in from the west and everything is moving along fast. so even this area of precipitation in the middle of the country is going to be able to arrive here by tomorrow night. as we watch it hour by hour during the morning hours, it's colder tomorrow morning but that's not real cold for this time of the year.
4:48 pm
and then we warm up into the 50s with a lot of sunshine during the day. not as warm as the last two days but still well above average. and then the clouds advance quickly, the showers move in fast as well. but this is generally later tuesday evening and the overnight hours, and you may wake up on wednesday and it's all over already. so that's not a really long lasting system. that's for sure. but with temperatures in the 50s perhaps early in the day, watch it drop through the 40s during the afternoon. so you may wake up to a very mild day but it's not going to stay mild. and then that's going to set us up for the cold weather on thursday, and then we watch this storm and the storm will develop, there will be snow somewhere along the east coast on friday. just a question of how far south that storm goes, how much it
4:49 pm
intensifies. so there's still some question about that. it will be cold enough to snow in about the entire area, and of course the closer to the low which would be delaware and extreme south jersey, the better chance of having some snow. and there is the chance of accumulation too. we're not just talking about snow flurries but that may be our last significant chance for that for a long, long time. maybe the rest of the season. clear and colder with the wind diminishing, 39 for the low in philadelphia. 33 north and west. during the day tomorrow, sunshine during the day, the clouds increase late, the rain moves in at night. and the high temperatures in the upper 50s. seven-day forecast, it's in the 40s, near 50 in the morning on wednesday, and then we fall to 40 during the afternoon with a strong wind. that's a cold day on thursday, and a chance of snow on friday. look how cold it is then. cold saturday, then we start
4:50 pm
warming up again. >> thanks, glenn. donald trump hit him with two words nobody wants to hear. >> that was more than a decade ago. >> lorenzo, you're fired. >> how time changes, from fired to hired. the south jersey man now working to take trump to the oval office.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
>> you're fired. >> from fired to hired, a south jersey man who was dumped by donald trump on his hit show is now working for the presidential candidate. that man was fired by trump on the apprentice more than a decade ago. >> little did he know he would help trump make a run for the
4:54 pm
white house. ted greenberg has the story. >> i look at t"the apprentice" experience as fraternity zbrxt brian got the chance to work for donald trump. >> you said you should fire me. >> yes, it is. >> brian, you're fired. >> more than a decade after millions watched the real estate broker get axed on the apprentice, he is again focused on the billionaire business man, by volunteering for trump in his bid for the white house. >> a lot of my friends say how could you support donald trump after being fired on "the apprentice." i'm all about being involved in a campaign where i feel it matters. and i think that this campaign with donald trump matters. >> when would you like to come in? i'd like to work with you. >> he spent time in iowa in the days leading up to the state's republican caucus, helping to staff a phone bank and reuniting with fellow apprentice contestant tana gurts who was
4:55 pm
working as a campaign chairperson there. >> in the first 10 minutes of being there with tana it was like being back on "the apprentice", right back in the task. >> he went to nevada as well and when no planes were seemingly available to fly trump's son don jr. to a campaign event. >> we're making the decision. >> he says his apprentice connections with a different contestant from the same season helped track down a jet. >> when i see adversity or i see a problem, i go right into the mode of fixing that problem which is ultimately what all of the apprentices casted do. >> he insists he has paid for all of his travel expenses, but so far has only spent about $2,000. >> donald's frugal so. is mcdowell. >> he is considering a trip to florida but wants to see how trump does tomorrow on super tuesday. >> i would be surprised if the it's not a sweep. >> ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news."
4:56 pm
quite a change. >> next, a new warning about the felony lane gang. >> the ring hitting gyms, day cares and schools, now police in one county say it's the worst they have seen, what you need know. >> busy being raped or lynched to who won. >> plus, chris rock tackles racism on the oscars stage. we'll take a closer look at his comments and how people are reacting to them next on "nbc 10 news" at 5.
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right now at 5:00, a crime ring hits more victims, now police say the thieves are getting more dangerous. "nbc 10 news" at 5:00 starts right now. we were the first to report on the felony lane gang and the crimes in several communities. >> now we learned about more victims and several arrests. deanna durante joins us live in montgomery county with those details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: as the weather is getting warmer more people are taking to parks like this and some people think they are safe taking their hand bags or briefcases, covering them up. not so according to police who say these thieves are not only lying in wait, they are watching what you are doing, so they can strike quickly. it looks like a simple bank
5:00 pm
withdrawal, someone pulling up. what you can't see is the woman behind the wheel is stealing almost $2,000. in this video a man and woman also at a drive-through lane make off with more than $1,000. the images are posted online. a national task force created a page aimed at stopping the lane gang. here locally. >> it's a lot of money and it's something that in my career i would say it's one of the biggest ones i've seen. >> reporter: police are working to track down the people who victimized a woman here, stealing cash, credit cards and personal information. all because it was left in her car. >> a lot is a crime of opportunity. they are not breaking the window of a car hoping to get something, they can see it. they are breaking the window getting what they need, and leave. >> despite reports like this one aired in february, police say more and more victims are coming forward. like kelly of south jersey. >> i felt very violated. >> she was targeted in february


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