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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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withdrawal, someone pulling up. what you can't see is the woman behind the wheel is stealing almost $2,000. in this video a man and woman also at a drive-through lane make off with more than $1,000. the images are posted online. a national task force created a page aimed at stopping the lane gang. here locally. >> it's a lot of money and it's something that in my career i would say it's one of the biggest ones i've seen. >> reporter: police are working to track down the people who victimized a woman here, stealing cash, credit cards and personal information. all because it was left in her car. >> a lot is a crime of opportunity. they are not breaking the window of a car hoping to get something, they can see it. they are breaking the window getting what they need, and leave. >> despite reports like this one aired in february, police say more and more victims are coming forward. like kelly of south jersey. >> i felt very violated. >> she was targeted in february at a park near her house.
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she never heard of the gang until she found other victims. police say the ring targets gyms, dare cares and parks, where people will leave personal belongings in cars and often in view. >> i had my purse on the passenger seat. covered up with a jacket. and the jacket and my purse were gone. >> reporter: police here tell me because of the amount of activity they are going to warn residents especially at day cares that one alert operator saw people who didn't belong in the parking lot this morning, they believe that person thwarted part of this gang and i've gotten text messages on my phone from people i know after posting messages on facebook telling me ta they, too, have been warned at their day care centers to be on the lookout. we also have a warning from police tonight on what you should do if you spot someone who may be up to this. you'll hear what they say coming up at 6:00. live in east norton, deanna durante, "nbc 10 news."
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>> a bensalem student is in trouble for allegedly selling marijuana-laced brownies to midded school students. police say jacob francisco admitted to selling five of the brownies. they were eventually resold at schafer middle school by a student there. police aren't releasing the student's name. police found out about the sale last friday and have identified a number of student who is purchased or ate the brownies. now to the race for president. the top republican candidates have been act morgue like insult comics as they fight for votes on super tuesday. voters in 12 states start heading to the polls in under 12 hours. donald trump is leading in most of those states. but he has taken a beating over several recent comments. today things are heating up for donald trump on the campaign trail. a rally turned rowdy after it was interrupted by protesters. >> get her out of here.
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get her out. get her out. >> trump was stalled for several minutes as protesters from various parts of the arena were escorted out or left in groups. many chanted black lives matter as they left. today, donald trump also stepped back from comments he made over the weekend when he claimed to know nothing p david duke. trump said he has in fact disavowed duke and blamed a faulty ear piece for his inability to do the same during an interview with cnn. >> what i heard was various groups and i don't mind disavowing anybody and i disavowed david duke and i disavowed him the day before to major news conference which is surprising because he was at the major news conference, cnn was at the major news conference and they heard me easily disavow david duke. >> and there was more chaos at that trump rally in virginia. this time a member of the media was thrown out.
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the photographer was removed for getting into an altercation with a secret service. you can see it here. the photo journalist is kicking. he was detained before being released. the secret service says it is investigating the exact circumstances. trump's rival marco rubio called the front-runner unelectable at a rally, the senator told supporters trump's explanation about his bad ear piece doesn't hold water and any mention of white supremacist groups demands immediate condemnation. rubio repeated his charge that trump is a con artist. >> on issue after issue, what he's saying to people isn't true, it doesn't match his record. and yet somehow it's gotten to this point. it's gotten too far. it's called a con job. and we are not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan.
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>> rubio trails trump in polls of republican voters in tennessee. >> donald trump has not been shy about going after his opponents but marco rubio has also stepped up his attacks. take a listen. >> but he's flying around on hair force one and tweeting, so here's the one tweet. he put out a picture of me having makeup put on me at the debate. which is amazing to me that a guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me for putting on makeup. donald trump likes to sue people, he should sue whoever did that to his face. >> rubio also called out donald trump for his small hands, so has this race just gotten out of hand? joining us to talk more about this is nbc's lester holt. i know you've been covering campaigns for a long time. have you ever seen anything like
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this? not only is it not ending it seems to escalate more and more. >> boy, jacqueline, i think you would be hard pressed any one has seen anything like this. i listened to some of the back and forth and reminds me when my boys used to go at each other. he said it first was the accusation. we heard donald trump on the "today" show say he was responding remarks that rubio made. here's the fact. many republican owe specially those watching the race closely, feel that rubio and cruz really kind of were gloves off donald trump for a long time. now they find themselves in a situation that they have got to stop this train steaming down the tracks so it has evolved into this discussion. i mean, the sad part it's disheartening for a lot of folks who are on the fence and really trying to figure out who might be the best commander in chief and next leader of our country and perhaps this dialogue isn't helpful to help us get to that answer.
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>> very true. with so much that's happened including chris christie endorsing donald trump, then the name calling, are you expecting more surprises on super tuesday? >> you know, you always expect surprises in this camp. i think the thing to watch tomorrow, we'll have our prime time coverage at 10:00 tomorrow night. the thing to watch is the delegate count. donald trump could have a good night but not sew things up because of the way the delegates are awarded so even marco rubio who is yet to win a state already has a fair number of delegates in his -- on his side right now. so we'll have to watch that play out. it may be some of the winner take all contests further into the month that will begin to see if trump train is truly left the station for good. so that's one thing to watch tomorrow night. watch that delegate count. >> hard to imagine this could escalate but expect the unexpected in this instance. lester holt, thank you. we'll look forward to seeing you
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tonight at 6:30. here is a look at all of the states up for grabs tomorrow on super tuesday. 12 states are holding primaries and caucuses in both parties. lester will be back with a preview of super tuesday at 6:30 on "nbc nightly news." right now at 5, the zee ka virus hits philadelphia. philadelphia's health department has confirmed the first case of zika in the city. a 60-year-old woman who recently travelled to the caribbean contracted the virus but never went to the hospital and is already recovering. in pennsylvania there have been five confirmed cases of the virus, linked to severe birth defects. two in new jersey and one case confirmed zika virus in delaware. new information tonight about the murder of a wilmington couple back in 2013. this is aaron thompson, he's now the fourth suspect arrested in the couple's murder. police arrested him over the weekend. he is now charged with killing
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joseph and olga at their condo. two others were indicted shortly after the murder. prosecutors call it a murder-for-hire case. rivers was joseph's partner at c and s automotive repair. so much is a soda worth to you? the city of philadelphia is hoping you'll pay a few extra cents. we'll show you how they want to spend that extra money. >> too busy being raped and lynched to care about who won best cinema tographer.
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>> question now. should soda help pay for schools in philadelphia? the city will tackle this again. mayor jim kenney is pushing the idea after his predecessor tried and failed to get it passed. nbc 10's lauren mayk has more. >> reporter: how much did your afternoon fix cost? that 12 ounce can of soda, if we added a quarter and a dime and penny would you notice? it's a price hike that could come your way if a sugary drink tax takes hold in philadelphia. a city where the idea didn't land a few years ago.
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why give it another look? >> well, i think there's obviously there are large initiatives we want to engage in. there are limited areas of opportunities for revenue that we don't want to regrade the city in some of the areas of taxation. >> reporter: the mayor is now for the idea as a way to pay for big initiatives he thinks will make a difference. >> pre-k is extremely important to changing the narrative of poverty by making sure you are kids are ready. community schools are extremely necessary for kids to get services in the neighborhood school base, or they don't get it at home or elsewhere. >> reporter: but finding the funds in soda doesn't sit well with everyone. >> our customers love to have soda with meals especially the mexican coke. that's very popular. >> reporter: anthony doesn't think it's the right place to find cash. >> i'm against it. i mean, the city, there's other ways of raising money. >> reporter: the teamsters are vowing to fight the proposal and, quote, exhaust every resource available to defeat it.
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how much are we talking? potentially $400 million over five years, and what would that mean to your pocket? depends how much distributors pass on to you, if it's all of it talking 36 cents for a can like this, 60 cents for a bottle and if it's diet, you're in luck, no tax on that. i'm lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> army staff sergeant has admitted to shooting his wife and three police officers in virginia over the weekend. that's according to court records. ronald hamilton is held without bond after appearing in court. police say he shot and killed  his wife, then shot three police officers who responded to a domestic violence call saturday night. officer ashley guindon died from her injuries, it was her first day on the job. police officers across the country have been paying tribute to officer ashley guindon by posting photos of their first day on the job. these are a few tweeted out by philadelphia police officers. police say they know who hit
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and killed an off-duty new york city police officer on the new jersey turnpike. early sunday morning two cars crashed in elizabeth union county. 25-year-old officer vincent harrison got out of one of the cars and was standing on the highway when he was hit and killed. police have identified a suspect but there are no arrests so far. it's not clear if the officer was driving one of the cars involved in the crash. >> for the first time in 10 years, justice clarence thomas has asked questions during a supreme court argument. today justice thomas asked an attorney 10 questions, that attorney is defending a federal law that bans anyone who has a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction from owning a gun. the justice previously said he relies on the written briefs and doesn't need to ask questions. this was the second week the supreme court has heard arguments since the death of justice antonin scalia and many democrats including senator tom carr from delaware says
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president obama should be the one to fill that vacancies. >> my advice to our president is find the best man or woman he can find. if it's a democrat, fine, if it's an independent, fine. if it's a republican, that's okay as well. >> several republican senators have threatened to reject the nominee before president obama has named one. they think the decision should be left up to the next president. >> race took center stage at the oskers last night. >> it was known that chris rock would address the issue with jokes right out of the gate. the race debate centered on the fact no african-american nominees with many even boycotting the oscars. >> here is part what if chris rock had to say. >> you're damn right hollywood is racist. that you have grown accustom to. hollywood is sorority racist. it's like we like you, rhonda. but you're not a capa. >> and joining us now to talk about how the race issue was
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addressed last night, philadelphia-based writer mr. man frizzby. >> i know you cover arts and entertainment, you are a reporter for the philadelphia daily news, thank you for being with us. what was your initial take on chris rock? >> thanks for having me. first off i thought it was really lame. i'm a big chris rock fan and he is normally right on the money. last night he spent too much time kicking the people who are really working to address the systemic racism that exists in the industry. >> you say you found part of chris rock's monologue offensive not because of the jokes but because of the audience. let's take a listen and get your reaction. >> the 88th academy awards which means this whole no black nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times. and blacks who did not protest, why, because we had real things
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to protest at the time. too busy being raped and lynched to care about who won. you know, when your grandmother is swinging from a tree, it's really hard to care about best documentary foreign short. >> what bothered most about that? >> a whole lot. but what i'll say first off black people we know how to chew come and walk at the same time. we can do a lot of things at the same time, chris rock. i was offended by the reaction of the audience. because i don't think steven spielberg would stand center stage at the naacp image awards and make a joke about the holocaust and black people just laugh and falling off the chairs laughing. it would be awkward, very inappropriate. i think chris rock is normally right on the money, but he was off. he was off last night in my opinion. >> so you were expecting him to address the issue, a lot of people anticipating he was going
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to speak on this in his opening monologue. but your issue is what he said and you think he went entirely too far with it? >> yes. you know, comedians i don't think it's necessarily going too far but he definitely was walking on egg shells with that sea of caucasian rich and famous people in the room. but he was just gut punching the black people who are raising their voices and i thought that was kind of odd considering he has that platform. >> you can read mr. mann's article. we put a ling to it on our website. there are other articles as well. who praise chris rock. there are many articles that have come out. some of them praising chris rock, controversial indeed. thank you for your time. >> coming up, another memorable moment. joe biden and lady gaga to raise awareness about sexual assault on college campuses. we'll hear from one of the
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student who is appeared on stage. we had a bit of a rainy start in center city this morning. parts of the area started off with a few showers, generally on the light side. but the winds increased and drove the dry air in and drove that rain out of here. but it didn't cool things off. at least not yet. still spring-like around here and it's likely to be that way tomorrow as well. we do have rain moving in for tuesday night, and possible snow before the week is out. flags still blowing hard. it is still windy out there but it's not going to stay like this all night. it's 56 degrees, wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour right now. and our official high today was 64. yesterday was 64 too. but it was only 41 friday, and 44 on saturday. so we jumped into springtime.
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but winter's coming back. the winter temperatures at the very least. 56 in philadelphia. 60 in dover and atlantic city, it's down to 49 in reading so some of the colder air starting to come in with the westerly winds, pretty gusty, 31 miles an hour in reading and wilmington, 32 miles an hour in atlantic city. and we've seen gusts even stronger than that a couple hours ago. bringing in the dry air for now, but this is the next system that's going to be moving in and everything's moving fast in the atmosphere now. so that moisture is coming in fast, going to move out fast too. so as we go through the night tonight, down in the 30s, colder than it was this morning but not that cold for this time of the year. and then tomorrow afternoon we're well into the 50s again. well above the average of 47. we're warm even tuesday night as the rain comes in. look at this. temperatures, 3:00 a.m., close to 60 degrees. but as we go through the day
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wednesday, we're clear out quickly but the temperature goes down during the day. so you can start off kind of warm on wednesday but you want to take your coat with you because it's going to cool down. then we watch for this storm coming in from the west. the track of course is going to be very critical, this model keeping it pretty far south. so it keeps the snow farther to the south. so obviously the best chance for seeing the snow where snow accumulation will be in delaware and south jersey. it's going to be cold enough for snow. and then it's just a matter of how close to us this low track goes and how strong that low is. once that goes by, that may be it for storms threatening snow around here. that's the pattern changes next week. clear and colder tonight with the wind diminishing. 33 north and west. then during the day tomorrow a lot of sunshine, mild day, about 10 degrees above average at
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least. not as much wind. then the rain comes in at night. then as we go through wednesday temperatures fall to 40 by afternoon as we clear out and it's windy too. and then a cold day on thursday, setting us up for the snow chance friday, another cold day on saturday, and then we really warm up next week. >> happening right now, sportscaster erin andrews has taken the stand, you see her there live picture. she has filed a $75 million lawsuit against the man who stalked and secretly recorded nude videos of her. we'll hear some of her emotional testimony coming up on "nbc 10 news" at 5. >> is and you booked it at one price, then your bill had something much higher. how your hotel could be hiding fees and who is trying to protect consumers.
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are you sick of those so called hidden resort fees? one senator introduced a bill that seeks to outlaw them. these are the non-optional fees hotels charge for things like the swimming pool, gym or newspapers. the proposed legislation would force hotels to reveal all resort fees when advertising a room rate. there's no way to hide all of the pot holes on the roads across the region. a change in temperature combined with melting snow and ice are
5:27 pm
the perfect recipe for pot holes. penndot is asking you to record problem spots, they set up a hot line at 1-800-fix-road. they can get crews out before they get worse or damage more cars. before you reach for your phone, you're going to need specifics about the location of the pot holes, you need to know the state route and segment number. know the city, town and county where the pot holes are and also try and list any land marks that can help crews find trouble spots. >> we told you about a 23-year-old man posing as a pennsylvania high school student. >> now police have uncovered another way he tried to use his fake identity. those details next.
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tonight the nbc 10 investigators dig into allegations against villanova university. >> are they telling police all there is to know about drugs on campus? harry hairston joins us with more. >> tonight we have the documents that show what drugs and how many are recovered from villanova but it's what they don't show that has police concerned. police say they want to know how big of a problem drugs are at villanova. >> there is a fair amount of drugs being located on the campus. where that's the question. >> reporter: the university says it has strong unwavering drug policy, violators held
5:31 pm
accountable and it and police have a long standing and mutually agreed upon way to deal with drugs on campus. town officials say details from the school about drugs are sketchy at best. >> there's no names attached to them. so, you have to be underreporting. i don't see how there is any other way around it except you have to be underreporting. >> reporter: why police are concerned about the safety of students. now coming up at 11:00, find out what happens when we try to ask university officials questions about how it reports drugs on campus, that's tonight here at 11:00 only on nbc 10. harry hairston, "nbc 10 news." new information tonight on the man caught trying to pass himself off as a harrisburg high school student. turn out 23-year-old arthur applied to and accepted into the citizens police academy. police say he had a pennsylvania driver's license and a social security card for his alias asher pots.
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after he attended three classes police got a call he was really arthur shamrin. he was arraigned in court on charges including identity theft. >> in new castle county police are looking for the driver in a hit and run that killed a man. the accident happened just before 9:30 last night. police say a car plowed into 34-year-old jeremiah mccarthy as he was trying to cross lancaster pike. the driver then took off. new information in the shooting of a cab driver. police arrested a third suspect in connection with the crime. three are charged in the february 6 shooting. police say the suspects got in the cab and asked to be taken to 28th and tasker. two of the suspects allegedly shot the driver causing him to crash. alex was rushed to penn medical
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center. he was shot in his right arm, the father of four continues to recover at home. minutes ago one of the men involved in the kidnapping and torture of a store employee learned he will spend 14 years in jail. gay and two others admitted to kidnapping a female worker. slew captured the three approaching the woman. they attack heard with a stun gun, bound her and dumped her in a cemetery. an accomplice received a 15-year sentence. at 5:00, a $500 reward on the table for information leading to arrest in a wilmington dog fighting incident. one of the injured dogs is now in the care of the brandywine valley spca. photos of the dog's injuries are too gruesome to show you. a man says he saw dogs fighting and approached the group but then they took off. they left the wounded dog
5:34 pm
behind. 10 dogs were found dead at a germantown home last thursday. the pennsylvania spca says blood and other evidence leads them to believe it may have been a case of dog fighting. police have been called to the home on rittenhouse street before but this time it does not appear anyone is living at that house. sky force 10 over salisbury township earlier, the rebuild continuing in lancaster county following last week's storms that caused millions in damage. a completely different scene last wednesday. county officials say about 100 structures were damaged. the national weather service says an ef-2 tornado with winds up to 125 miles per hour were responsible. new video of crews cleaning up after a house collapsed saturday trapping a man inside. bricks, wood and debris continue to litter a small piece of south paton street. saturday some witnesses said
5:35 pm
they could hear the house collapsing, others say it dropped like a pancake with one floor collapsing onto the other. a man still inside the home was in bed. neighbors rushed to save him. he is doing okay. investigators now say water had been seeping into the foundation of the house causing it to collapse. right now residents are taking to the streets in protest in one town, some middle town residents protesting along west main street against a proposed power plant along 301. the group says they sent a petition with hundreds of signatures to the mayor and council asking for a public information meeting so. far that has been denied. st. john's hospice provides many services to hundreds of philadelphia homeless men every day. now a new truck will help them reach more. nbc 10 in center city for the unveiling and blessing. >> and this truck represents so much of what we do here at saint
5:36 pm
john's hospice. >> it is part of the archdiocese of philadelphia and with help from volunteers the group provides meals, emergency shelter, clothing, mail services and showers to homeless men throughout the city. it was one of the most emotional moments from last night's oscars. joe biden and lady gaga teamed up to raise awareness about sexual assaults on college campuses. we'll hear from one of the students who appeared on stage during the singer's powerful performance. >> we're listening in as erin andrews takes the stand in her civil trial, this is a live picture that you're looking at of erin andrews in an emotional moment telephoning, testifying against the man who stalked and recorded nude videos of her. we'll have much more from this courtroom coming right up on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00.
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it's another emotional day for erin andrews on the stand. another emotional day of testimony. the sportscaster is filing a $75 million lawsuit against the man who secretly filmed her through a peep hole. lets listen in. >> i've seen your that. hey, i see what you do here. no, no. this is from fans that are as close to me as you are. i know i can't react. on the internet right now there is video of me reacting of a gentleman at the college world series who thought he was really funny holding his cell phone up screaming hey, erin andrews, i saw that video. you naked. and little kids are sitting there and i'm walking by, and i
5:40 pm
get angry, i can feel like i'm going to cry. i want to do something else. and i turn around and i looked at him and i go what did you say? oh, i didn't say it. i said there's kids around here. don't talk like that. it happens all the time every single game. people tweet me, i should pay the may yot because they made me famous. i should pay barrett because he did me a favor. i can be having a great day and it all brings me back every single day. >> we're continuing to cover erin andrews on the stand right now as she's testifying in this civil trial, $75 million lawsuit filed against the man who video recorded her. we'll keep you updated as the testimony continues. >> there is a new reigning miss
5:41 pm
philadelphia. 22-year-old holly was crowned the winner during saturday night's competition at drexel university. judges selected the university student from a field of 18 contestants. she'll compete in the 2016 miss pennsylvania pageant in june. holly joined us in our studios today. we asked her about her career aspirations and she says she is red carpet ready. >> a reporter. that's the dream. maybe some day reporting on the red carpet, something like that. i'd love to be in front of the camera some day. >> at this weekend's pageant there was a tribute to former miss new jersey kara mccollum. they were able to collect books. >> high wind, more rain and then a chance for snow. i'll break down it all next in the first alert forecast.
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president obama awarded the highest military honor today to a navy s.e.a.l. who participated in a daring raid that rescued an american hostage in afghanistan. the president placed the medal around the neck of senior chief special warfare operator edward byers jr. he was part of a rescue by the team. he was the second to enter the the building, the first to enter was shot and killed. >> my teammate, friend and brother, nick check, the award is truly his. he was a hero of that operation.
5:45 pm
he was killed during that operation, he died a warrior. >> is byers is the first living active duty member of the navy to receive the award in four decades. >> and the emotional day of testimony continues in the erin andrews civil trial in nashville. this is a live picture inside that courtroom where andrews is testifying right now. the sportscaster and tv host is suing stalker michael barrett and the hotel for $75 million. we can tell you that barrett is convicted of -- let's listen in. >> we had no idea what was happening, we didn't know who did this. we didn't know who allowed it. didn't know anything. authorities were trying to figure it out. as i described it wasn't myself. i was living like a hermit. nothing like who i am or i've tried to be.
5:46 pm
yet it wasn't a question. i don't care what's happening, i don't care he hasn't been arrested. i don't care, i'm going back to work, i have to go back to work. i love college football. it's my life. it's what started me. you know, my passion. from the sec, i have to be back there. so i didn't ask my lawyers, i didn't even ask espn. i went back to work. i used the term already. i was glazed over. i have certain memories of things. i remember my first night back, we're at nc state, i think that may have been -- i don't remember. it may have been russell wilson's first start. we're at nc state and it's just a big deal.
5:47 pm
it was -- and i'm the kind of person, i'm like i don't -- we're not talking about it. i'm going back to work. let's -- the offense t defense, what are they going to do. how do we worry about this. we couldn't help but notice a lot of media requests, people wanted to see how i could function, how i could do. and i'm the only female on the crew. i act very much like a tom boy, better not be late when the bus leaves and you know, chris, and craig and i leave better not be late. better not hold them u. i don't need to give them excuse i'm taking time with my hair, try to be down a good 10, 15 minutes earlier. i don't want to hear it. i don't want to be teased. i was late. and i was in the shower. and i just remember balling and thinking i don't know how i'm
5:48 pm
going to do this. i don't know who is playing, i don't know what's happening. it's kind of like my worst nightmare come true. i have these nightmares i'm doing games and i don't know where i am and i don't know who is playing and i remember feeling that way in the shower and i was like god, i don't want any one to see me weak and i can't handle this. so i was late coming downstairs and the guys, they laid off me because they knew there was a lot on my shoulders. i remember my very first hit, chris threw it down to me, i never really memorized what i'm going to say for that first hit. i'm always kind of -- i know the details that i want but i learned growing up if you memorize and you get slipped up you blank out and like oh, gosh. so it's just talking. and i memorized my scripts because i -- i didn't know
5:49 pm
anything. i got through the game, i got through the season. i wasn't myself. i was so out of it. >> did espn require -- >> you were listening in to erin andrews suing michael barrett her stalker and the hotel for $75 million. barrett is accused of using a peep hole from an adjoining room at the hotel to record andrews as she changed. >> very powerful testimony as she takes the stand. gut wrenching really. let's check in with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we had mild weather but it's not going to last all week. that's for sure. we have another spring-like day coming tomorrow. we have rain coming tomorrow night, and then we have a chance for snow by the end of the week. it's going to be that cold. it will be cold enough for snow.
5:50 pm
it's windy out there, the temperature 56 degrees, the wind gusting up to 30 miles an hour. and the last two days, 64 degrees after some pretty cold weather friday and saturday. remember the average high, 47. and we're still above that. 56 degrees, it is down to 49 in reading, near 60 south and east. we've got some gusty westerly winds and sustained winds are still close to 20 miles an hour in parts of the area with gusts to 30. it's bringing in drier air and at least temporarily. the moisture in the middle of the country is what's going to be coming in as we go into tomorrow night. nothing during the day tomorrow, temperatures in the 50s. nice and mild. not quite as warm as today but here comes the rain. it's generally after 9, 10:00 tomorrow night, and it's actually over by daybreak. so we have pretty decent weather here. but during the day on wednesday we could start off closer to 50,
5:51 pm
then temperatures go down during the day. then we get set up for the chance of snow on friday. more of that at 6:00. clear and colder with wind diminishing, 39 for a low in philadelphia, 33 north and west. during the day tomorrow we've got sunshine, much of the day, clouds come in late, then rain comes in at night. temperatures getting into the upper 50s tomorrow. it's about 10 degrees above average. so we start off relatively mild wednesday morning but temperatures fall down to 40 during the day. as we clear out and the wind picks up. then it's cold on thursday, and then we watch a storm tracking to the south on friday. and if the it gets close enough we've get snow. and it's cold saturday before another warm-up. >> taking this eye sore apart brick by brick. what caused the damage and how the demolition will impact businesses.
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>> two worlds came together last night. >> joe biden team wupd lady gaga to show victims they are not alone. tim furlong spoke with a local student who was part of the powerful performance. >> joe biden. >> seeing vice president biden on tv talking about reducing college campus sex assault was powerful. i caught up with a woman on the
5:55 pm
way home get this, she was on the stage with the vice president last night the university of delaware student joined sexual abuse victims from schools around lady gaga's piano. ♪ >> lady gaga play add song about campus sex assault. >> we must and we can change the culture so that no abused woman or man like the survivors you'll see tonight ever feel they have to ask themselves what did i do? they didnothing wrong. >> i applied to the university of delaware because of joe biden. i always admired him and his work. he said it's not your fault. and a lot of tears. a lot of tears. >> the vice president got americans talking about campus sex abuse but others have been making headway. pennsylvania senator bob casey's
5:56 pm
save act went into effect around the country, it makes campus sexual assault proceedings more transparent. survivors must receive all up dates about the investigation at the same time as the accused and makes sure they get a updates. >> the university of delaware has kumt a long way, she says they have a lot of systems in place to help investigate campus sex crime and assist survivors of sex abuse. at the rehearsal she heard horror stories about other campuses, still a lot of work to be done. she is glad the vice president is now behind the cause. in newark, tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." coming up next on "nbc 10 news" at 6, no longer running for the white house, chris christie will hit the campaign trail for donald trump on super tuesday. what is his focus as governor? nbc 10 goes to trenton to ask if his endorsement will affect his
5:57 pm
job. >> don't let the warmer weather spoil you. a drop in temperatures is on the way. i'm track atlantic next chance for snow. >> plus, why new jersey trooper is suing state police over their recruitment policies new next on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00.
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he's not running for president anymore so will governor christie be focused on the state of new jersey? we thought he was finished with the campaign trail on february 10 when he suspended his run for the white house. less than a week later he gave new jersey's budget address, then later made his first public appearance outside of the statehouse. just about two weeks after dropping out he endorsed donald trump. and nbc 10 has learned he's not finished traveling with the republican front-runner. so we sent cydney long to find out about the governor's plans and what he's going to focus on. she joins us live from the state capitol with more. >> reporter: i can tell you governor christie refused to budge, he would speak only about his nomination for a new new jersey state supreme court justice. no , ands, or buts. >> and there is no one -- >> governor christie didn't shy from the national stage all weekend with plenty to say about
6:00 pm
endorsement of once rishle presidential candidate donald trump. but today an about face. >> no. i won't permit you to. i told you. only on topic questions so permission denied. >> christie refusing to answer questions about the endorsement and how heavy it will weigh on new jersey. we've been e-mailing his office since 9:00 asking how much time he'll campaign for trump on new jersey's clock. does he agree that new jersey taxpayers should foot the bill of his salary while he jet sets. atlantic city is on the brink of bankruptcy. christie wouldn't budge. >> i'm answering on topic questions today. because i don't want to. >> we can share that in 12 business days since christie dropped his hopes for president he held a budget address, visited a newark school, filed disaster declarations from the blizzard and honored the late justice scalia. >> seems he is more interested in furthering his own career than he is filling out his


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