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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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now tracking snow. nbc 10 at 5:00 starts now. first alert weather team. >> glenn looking to our next round of snow. but first, sheena parveen more on a colder and windy night. >> windy now but notably colder. look at 24-hour temperature change whoe feel 10, 15 degrees colder but mostly 15 to 20 colder across the area than we did yesterday. temperatures drastically dropped. look at all of this cold air moving in. wind coming from this direction, too. currently we are in the 30s. upper 30s through lehigh valley. 36 pottstown. 41 philadelphia. 38 in wilmington. numbers will be dropping more into the night. factor in wind, temperatures feeling about five to ten degrees colder. here's what it looks like through 7:00 tomorrow morning. dropping down into the 20s but that feels like temperature with the wind will be feeling like the low 20s. good five to ten degrees colder
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through most of the overnight hours tonight. for tomorrow morning, a lot of areas in the 20s but some spots in the teens like allentown, 18 degrees possibly tomorrow. philadelphia 26. 22 in redding. 27 degrees in dover. with the wind lightening up overnight, lighter than they were this afternoon, that's going to allow temperatures to drop into the 20 degree mark for many spots. coming up a closer look. also snow heading our way before the week's over. glenn "hurricane" schwartz explaining that. >> with the cold air, the atmosphere is going to be cold enough to support snow. not only first thing friday morning but during much of the day on friday, you can see the system now, it's a long, long way away. it is in the rockies now. it's not that well organized. it going to take a while to be moving this way. but it will. this is pretty well established system going to be dropping and
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tracking a little bit to the south of us. farther south than ideal track to nail us with heavy snowstorm. it going to be an intense low. and it is going to be having enough moisture to produce snow. it could start late thursday evening and by the friday morning rush we have snow in the area. the lighter blue indicates lighter snow and darker blue would indicate heavier snow. watch the rain/snow line going to an impact on the snow totals as well. sheena will be back with the time and who's going to get the most. >> you'll continue to track any changes and keep you updated here on nbc 10. get updates on his blog right now on to decision 2016 now, and new calls this evening for new jersey governor chris christie to resign. >> new poll shows approval
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rating has fallen since he has endorsed donald trump and internet is buzzing about christie's facial expressions as he stood behind trump last night following trump's major victories on super tuesday. liberals and conservatives mocked christie's introduction of trump seemed robotic and the #freechris christie started trending. it looked luke a hostage situation. >> one person tweeted, governor christie, blink twice in you're in trouble. jonah goldberg manned what christie may have been thinking, quote, my god, what have i don't? >> six newspapers in new jersey called on christie to resign saying he isn't fit to run the state. >> the papers called him a political opportunist who has neglected duties in new jersey. >> part of the editorial, for the good of the state it is time for christie to do his long, neglected constituents a favor
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and resign as governor. if he refuses, citizens should initiate a recall effort. >> this comes as a new poll finds that endorsing trump hurt christie's approval rating in new jersey. right now only 30% of voters approve of his performance. rating dropped 6% in days after his endorsement of trump. when voters are asked to describe christie the word "bully" most often used followed by arrogant. >> one candidate fewer on the stage. ben carson suggesting he will withdraw from the race. he sees no path forward for his campaign. he's expected to expand on that statement friday, and he will not participate in tomorrow's debate in detroit. live to washington, d.c. nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> governor christie, as we know, social media's having a field day. what's the buzz in washington?
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will this firestorm have any effect on his political future. >> i think is is an instance where something that should have been so simple, pre-dibbleablpr went off the rails. it's difficult to be standing behind someone else speaking and perhaps if christie stood a fau feet over none of this would have happened. it's the unforeseen that can sometimes cause enormous problems. chances are another environmental moment that will overtake this. christie is getting criticism. he expected that. he defends himself this way, elections are about choices and of the available candidates still in the republican primary race, he believes that trump has the executive experience that could be good for the country, though they disagree on a number of issues. notwithstanding, ohio governor john kasich still being in the
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race. chris is playing long ball. if he's the first national figure to endorse someone who could become the republican nominee. might he have a place in trump administration if that were to ever happen. in new york, new jersey, the tri-state area, trump has a different identity beyond what we're seeing on the political campaign, that the relationship he has, christie and trump, may have something that can go much beyond this election season. definitely taking his knock, under criticism. the likelihood he would resign, short of being offered some other position is slim and none. >> interesting to see what happens. thank you for joining us. >> get much more buzz on donald trump and all of the presidential candidates coming up on nightly news 6:30 after
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"nbc 10 news at 6:00." right now at 5:00, a couple fights back. nbc 10 on the scene in queen village. two strangers attacked, and that's when the husband pulled out the gun and opened fire. rosemary connors spoke with police about the investigation. they are calling this self-defense? >> reporter: absolutely right. police say it started here, couple walking along second street back to the house when they encountered two men in their 20s. there was some exchange of words, like what are you looking at. it escalated into a physical fight. police saying witnesses described the 65-year-old as being bun punched and kicked on the ground. investigators tell me if he may not have had gun, this may have turned out differently. >> terrible. i pray for the guy. hope he's all right. >> reporter: all is quiet as it is on second street between
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kennel worth and bainbridge. a different scene last week after police took observe the block after a double shooting. a 65-year-old man walking home shot two men in their 20s after a verbal altercation turned into a physical one. neighbors can't help but reflect on circumstances. >> i like he was able to defend himself. i would not have a gun, i'd be too quick to shoot. >> thank god he protect himself and save himself. kids like this around 20 on the street should be in schools and not messing around with people that live and work there it could work the other way around. somebody could get panicked and do something to get his gun when he doesn't need to and have a tragedy going the other way. >> reporter: investigators have recovered the .45 caliber gun and say the 65-year-old man had a valid permit to carry. while the district attorney's office will decide whether to
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file charges, police are calling there's a case of self-defense. >> someone assaulting you, bringing harm to you, you try to defend yourself, it has to stop once the threat ceases. you cannot become the aggressor because at that point the tables turn. >> reporter: i've been checking in with the d.a.'s office. we may learn more about possible charges tomorrow. live in queen village, rosemary connors, nbc 10. >> new information this evening, preliminary hearing set for a group of robbery suspects linked to the felony lane gang. responsible for break-ins up and down the east coast. dash cam video of the chase that began where two car loads of people were seen switching license plates of cars in a wendy's parking lot. the seven are facing charges including aggravated assault of a police officer, receiving stolen property, i.d. theft. mayor jim kenney wants city
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council to approve 800 body c cameras for the police department. the price $1 million. the other half of the bill will come from donations. the body cameras are an important step toward improving relations between police and residents. camden county police launching a new program for body cameras but want community's input. asking neighbors to take a survey. find it on the police department's website. it's been nearly 60 years since his death but the case of america's unknown child still haunts police and total strangers. >> one day there will be a name on that stone. >> what would it mean to solve this case? >> it would be huge. >> nbc 10 investigators get exclusive access to the case. we tackke a closer look at tips about the boy in the box. >> why glory days of low gas
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prices may be coming to an end.
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>> nbc 10 investigation, he was as young as 4 years old, beaten, stuffed in a cardboard box and abandoned in the woods. a case so cold, police have chased hundreds of leads to dead ends. but a new tip emerged.
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you think you solved case? >> i think i did. >> reporter: the democratna or e ear. >> similarity. >> reporter: might put a name on a grave that's red america's unknown boy for nearly six decades. >> details sent chills across philadelphia. in 1957 and continues to frustrate investigators who still receive tips to this day. >> investigators granted exclusive access to the case. tonight, mitch blacher shows how a new tip could give a name to america's unknown child. >> reporter: his grave reads "america's unknown child." unknown but not forgotten. >> toys are new from christmas. >> reporter: dave drysdale the second generation to care for the boy at ivy hill cemetery. >> my father saying, we'll take care of him. we're going to take care of him. >> reporter: the headstone reflects as much as is known about the boy buried beneath it.
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police found him february 25, 1957, naked, wrapped in a blanket, stuffed inside a baby's bassinet box. headline news. pictures and maps of the crime scene made front pages. police cleaned and dressed the boy to release his picture. today, sergeant bob callmayer the third generation of philadelphia police detectives to search for the killer. >> to put a name on the child and solve the case, it's the ma ultimate in police work. >> something about a woman who rented an apartment. >> reporter: each dead end buried siinside boxes. has the pubic ever seen what's inside the boxes. >> not to my knowledge. >> reporter: the case file showed police looked at carnival workers, refugees, foster homes. pictures taken from the neighborhood where the boy was discovered show how much the world has changed and how little
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the case has. by 1998, dna technology gave police new home. they ex-humed the body. they watched his reburial closely paying attention to anyone atentding as he dug through 59 years of police work. he found the guest book from that day, a name stood out. >> a gentleman that we plan to talk to. >> reporter: it all he'd say. another road to go down, perhaps another path to disappointment. but as we investigated the mystery, we found there are those who pleefb tbelieve the b could offer hope. you think you solved the case. >> i think i did. >> makes the most sense. >> reporter: two authors, they say they've traced the boy's family to memphis, tennessee. >> only way i'm going to find out is the dna evidence. scientific evidence. >> reporter: researching
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separate books they paired two tips together. one from a woman claiming her mother bought and killed the boy, the other from a philadelphia man claiming his family rented a home to a man who sold his son. they took a dna sample from when they believe to be the boy's brother. we're not showing you his face or releasing his name because he was not interested in being a part of this story. we can show you this picture, authors believe this is the unknown boy's father. we asked philadelphia's former assistant medical examiner and current montgomery county deputy examiner to look at pictures of the boy, his potential brother and father. >> there are some similarities, enough that i think is worthy of further investigation through more specific laboratory tests. >> reporter: mcdonald was working in the philadelphia forensic lab in 1998 when the boy's remains were brought in and dna extracted. >> upper portion of the ear, pushes out. >> reporter: he saw something
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similar in his potential brother. >> his right here points out in a similar way. so that is a potential connection, genetic connection. >> reporter: mcdonald showed us common traits among all three photographs. >> some similarities in facial structure, the nose in the boy, the end is bulbous, bow you can see a similar feature present on his potential brother as well. >> reporter: philadelphia police were well aware of the author's theory. is this a good tip? >> it's an average tip. >> reporter: the sergeant and his colleagues worked 280 homicides in 2015. they have to work fresh cases first, leaving little time to chase any lead in a case 59 years cold. do you plan to test dna? >> we'll investigate further is what we're going to do. >> reporter: toys and candy left
5:19 pm
at his grave prove the boy in the box is not forgotten especially those who see him every day. >> i hope within day there will be a name on that stone. >> philadelphia police won't use the dna from one of the authors because that didn't match. police told us they have to take their on dna samples to maintain chain of custody. the sergeant says before they can see if that dna matches from authors, he says they have to make sure they're theory is worth investigating, that could mean fact checking, making sure the facts match up. >> they want to have everything in a row, set up before they do their own. >> unbelievable a name could replace the unknown boy. >> 59 years unknown. >> fascinating. keep us posted. >> absolutely. >> if you have a tip or story,
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call nbc 10 hot line, 610-949-7473. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, wind and cold are here today. and tonight. that's all going to stick around. it's going to be colder tonight. talking about temperatures in the 20s. it is going to feel more like winter and with the wind still tonight, areas will be feeling like the teens and we'll have temperatures in the teens by tomorrow morning. also as we go into the end of the week, tracking snow. believe it or not we have another round before winter is over though it's not over yet. but we go into next week. it's not going to feel like winter next week, 70 degree temperatures return. it will be a very nice warm-up. now in philadelphia, 41 degrees but feels like 31. good ten degrees colder. winds gusting near 30. it 15 degrees colder than it was
5:21 pm
yesterday. big difference today. and it's going to carry over into tomorrow morning. look at morning temperatures. feels like temperature, still a little bit of wind around in the morning, not like we're seeing now. but at least it's going to be breezy enough to make temperatures feel colder than actually. feels like teens north and west, low 20s by the time you walkout side tomorrow morning. we are talking about snow before the week's over because it is going to be cold enough. here's a look with our next system. it right around the dakotas. it doesn't have a lot of moisture but it's going to get better organized. a clipper system but going to dive to the south, pick up more moisture and move into our area. more moisture with it than what we see now. we'll have more snow cover. right now we are going to stay dry as we go into tomorrow. future weather, this is starting with 8:00 tomorrow morning. we will actually be in the 20s for most of the area but feeling
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colder than that. then we go through afternoon. we stay dry, around 40. by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow, we'll see first signs of snowfall. you see starting it delaware. that could be where the highest totals respect overnight system moves in. friday morning, 8:00, dealing with snow around the area. it will be impacting the morning commute. look at temperatures. marginal like we've been telling you about around freezing. wet snow, accumulating but tough in some spots. through most of the morning and into possibly afternoon. this could linger for a while. we could see more snow in new jersey and delaware. temperatures marginal. here's what it looks like on future snow. there you see it moving in. 1 to 3 inches across the area. lowest amounts farther north and west, 2 near philadelphia, 3 new jersey and delaware. we could see a few inches but higher amounts should be lying
5:23 pm
farther to our south. areas like southern delaware could go more. for the roads, friday morning, marginal temperatures like we've been telling you. lighter snow should melt. slushy snow, slippery roads, impacting the morning commute. what we need to watch, heavy areas of wet snow lowering visibility. possibly creating trouble as we go into friday morning. tonight, clear and cold, winds diminishing, temperatures colder. 26 for the low in philadelphia. 18 north and west. tomorrow mix of sun and clouds. increasing clouds, but cold. temperatures around 40. we go into friday, there you see the snow around especially in the morning. we clear out for the weekend. temperatures moderate. there's that 72. by wednesday, it's not going to feel like winter anymore. >> i'll focus on the 72. $100 million threat. new owner of the trump taj mahal
5:24 pm
will take his money away if state lawmakers to one thing.
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the new owner will not pump a lot of money if the state approves two new casinos in north jersey. carl icahn said in-state competition will devastate la a city. a bill is expected to pass later this month. i can planned to invest $200 million in to the taj. drivers are expected to save
5:27 pm
at the pump. national average for a gallon of regular has risen for eight straight days to $1.79. that's the first time that it's happened since may. experts say prices will peak another 30 cents from june through august. locally, things aren't too pad. 1.91 for a gallon of regular. bettor the east and south. delaware, gas around 1.67 a gallon, even less in south jersey at 1.55. next at 5:00, social media goes crazy over chris christie and his bizarre, new conference with donald trump. we'll look at highlights and how it's hurting his image in his home state. some people headed to polls, others headed to google. the search that spiked during the super tuesday results.
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in decision 2016, donald trump celebrating seven victories on super tuesday. >> trump is taking credit for record turnout at polls. party leaders seem to be holding out. a closer look at republican race, political and legal analyst, jim schultz. >> chatter among republican
5:31 pm
leaders ways to try to stop trump but they may be running out of time, right? >> last night another big night for donald trump, he won a lot of stated, he has over 300 delegates and won in states like massachusetts and georgia. he's proven he can get votes from a broad spectrum of republicans. as far as ted cruz is concerned he had a win in two states, very good for him, and it was enough to keep him in the race but he didn't do well enough in southern states and going into the states in the near future where he's not expected to do as well, it's going to be tough for him to keep going. marco rubio had a disappointing night but he got a win. that can spark maybe momentum going into florida and michigan. in michigan he's third, florida far down in the polls. it's becoming more and more like trump is going to be the presumptive nominee, and he's beginning to act like it. >> could we see a split in the
5:32 pm
party? life long republicans are saying they might boycott the election. >> you have seen a lost establishment republican figures running away from type donald trump. the voters have speaking in each of the states and supporting donald trump. it becomes very difficult, as this campaign begins to develop, becomes very difficult for the republican establishment not to get behind donald trump. last night he's trying to help them along. tempered comments, did a news conference style press conference last night and it looks like he's dialing down the volume so that he's more acceptable to mainstream republicans. >> we knew last night would be a defining night with super tuesday. >> results of super tuesday seem to be pushing people to consider a move to canada. >> google searches for how can i move to canada, yeah, increased
5:33 pm
by 350%, according to a data editor at google. the last time number of google searches on moving to canada that high, back no 2004, around the time george w. bush was re-elected. the immigration website also tonight. free chris christie, that hashtag trending after the governor showed this blank expression standing behind donald trump after trump's super tuesday victories. dris christie's approval rating has fallen since he endorsed trump last week. >> the latest on the calls for chris tips resignation. >> reporter: the heat is on, some chris christie critics blistering as the griddle. >> he's an opportunist looking for a way out. >> when he wants to run for office he kind of abandoned the
5:34 pm
state as well. >> reporter: it's not just casual chitchat alongside an omelet. governor christie riding shotgun at super tuesday appearance and catching flak on social media. #freechrischristie still trending. governor christie. >> oh, him. >> him. >> reporter: supporters like jean have questions. >> i like him but i don't know if i want him. i do like him. >> reporter: tonight, six new jersey papers, including the asbury park press and cherry hill courier press, calling on christie to resign for the good of state, it's time for chris it to do his long neglected constituents ai favor and resign as governor. if he refuses, citizens should initiate a recall effort. >> looking at attorney general or vice president. >> reporter: christie maintains his focus is on serving people of new jersey. raft majority of voters not
5:35 pm
approving of him. >> i'm a businessman, i know how to do this. politicians all talk no action, except chris christie. >> a reality show. it like -- it's crazy. >> now to your first alert weather. nbc 10 in camden for a windy day. flags waving in the wind. >> sheena parveen, dealing with wind, cold, and snow? >> yes. this week pretty much feeling like winter. next week a nice warm-up. take a look at wind gusts, near 30 miles an hour through the area. making it feel colder outside with this wind and wind direction is ushering in colder temperatures. now here's what it feels like. feels like 31 philadelphia. 26 in pots town, 14 in mt. pocono and this is ten degrees
5:36 pm
colder than the actual temperature. that wind is going to keep making it feel colder tonight. then bottoming out in the 20s, in areas in the teens like allentown. 18 by sunrise tomorrow once winds lighten up. still feel colder. we'll have a bit of a breeze. aside from that tracking snow before the week is over, too. system is off to our west. watch as we go into thursday overnight into friday morning. we have snow moving in and it will be impacting friday morning commute. aside from the cold tomorrow morning, we're seeing snow move in by friday and next week back into the 70s. we have a lot of different things in the forecast. more details on the snow and how much to expect coming up. >> more trouble on the high seas to tell you about. for the second time in recent weeks anthem of the seas back at port after forced to cut short a trip. carrying more than 6,000 people
5:37 pm
when sent back to the docks. >> and the decision to come home was two-fold. nbc. katharine craig. >> reporter: as passengers on the anthem of the seas disembarked the cruise ship, workers went into the empty cabins and scrubbed them inside and out. workers wiping down balcony furniture. for the second time in recent weeks the vessel cut short its trip. royal caribbean says it's returning two days early because of severe weather. passengers tell us a number of people became sick with the norovirus. >> they said it was limited, few people and took a lot of extra precautions with sanitation. >> reporter: nbc news learned more than 150 people became sick with the norovirus. they were given over-the-counter medicine and doing well. passengers told about illnesses afew days into the start of the trip. >> we didn't get sick. a few people got sick.
5:38 pm
an older person got sick. just a few of them. >> virus, very little. with ships as clean as a whistle. >> reporter: the same cruise ship rocked weeks ago during a storm. huge waves, deck furniture thrown around. royal caribbean says the campaign is following the new storm avoidance policy which forced early return this time. >> that was katharine craig reporting. next it's the first big case since justice scalia's death and could shape the future. we couldn't believe something this simple could save a life. >> but that's exactly what happened. two women from a local school jumped into action after a teacher chanced. the simple thing that saved her life. #
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♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪
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. astronaut scott kelly expected to arrive home in houston after spending nearly a year in space. returned to earth last night our time. capsule touched down in kazakhstan after spending 340 days in orbit. scott kelly shared his first thoughts upon landing. >> year's a long time, you know. you know, felt like i had been up there my whole life, you knowing after about the first six months. >> kelly's mission is giving scientists a chance to study effects of long space travel. they will compare his condition to that of his twin brother retired astronaut mark kelly who spend last year here on earth. remember that grueling school science project you worked on for weeks before it was due? unless you're a procrastinator like me. take a look at projects created by local middle and high school students. southeastern pennsylvania science olympiad regional
5:42 pm
competition. students from the five-county area competed in two age groups. >> the future scientist, i'll say, very intense. i know i teach chemistry, i feel like they're taking their exams today and all going to get as. >> winners go on to compete at the state and then national levels. well, get ready for temperatures dropping into the 20s tonight. then tracking snow before the week's over. i'll show you timing and how much to expect.
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hundreds of abortion right supporters rallied outside the supreme court today. the u.s. supreme court heard a challenge to a texas case that could shape the future of abortion rights in the country. brian mooar has latest on the first big case to be considered since the death of justice scalia. >> reporter: outside the u.s. supreme court, demonstrators add their voices to the debate over the most significant abortion rights case in nearly a quarter century. argued before a high court at a crossroads. short one member with the death of conservative justice antonin scalia, in a session that
5:46 pm
showcased ideological law on the bench. >> when 210 women annually hospitalized due to abortion. >> reporter: the law requires abortion doctors have admitting privileges in 30 miles and procedures be done in an ambulatory surgical center. >> this law is cruel and it is harsh and it does nothing to advance medical health for women. >> reporter: the courts of conservative justices wanted proof the law led to clinic closings. the liberal wing questioned why texas holds abortions to a different and expensive safety standard than higher risk procedures like liposuction and colonoscopies. justice kennedy, when looms as the critical swing vote suggested best course of action might be to send it back to texas courts for a closer look.
5:47 pm
brian mooar. nbc news. new report suggests ovarian cancer should not be categorized as a single disease. researchers found surprising gaps in scientific knowledge when it comes to cancer of the ovaries. the researchers need a better understanding how each subtype grows and progresses. recall alert from whole foods chain recalling maytag raw blue cheese. concern it could be contaminated with listeriale sold across the country, sell by dates of january 20th and march 21st. toss the cheese if you have it. get a full refund bringing a receipt to whole foods. national read across america. first graders from mt. aries holy cross catholic school. in. >> reporter:ed seniors with a
5:48 pm
good book. holiday always held on dr. seuss's birthday. cat in the hat, green eggs and, oh, the places you'll go some of the books children got to read. >> favorites. students celebrated read across america with special moms. they may not have recognized them but represent some of the best in the nfl. brian westbrook and malcolm jenkins moms there. also representing sons who play for indianapolis and tampa bay. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> windy and cold today. it's going to get colder as we go into tonight. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, it's going to feel more like winter than it did today because we will be in the 20s in some areas north and west in the teens. any breeze will make it feel colder. friday, watching snow move in.
5:49 pm
it is feeling like winter all weak long. we'll see accumulating snow. at least if you like winter, enjoy it. next week we are not going to feel like winter. we expect 70s next week in the forecast. nice evening, nice sunset in philadelphia but temperatures will quickly be dropping through the overnight hours. look at our temperature trend closer to midnight around 30. already below freezing. early tomorrow morning 20s. you want the heavy coat tomorrow morning. snow coming tomorrow, not so much but as we go into friday, you see it, snow move into the area, slushy snow. we expect it to be accumulating. temperatures marginal. snow around the dakotas, see rain and snow. not a lot of moisture. at least not yet. eventually slide to the south. going to pick up gulf moisture and head our direction. we are going it see more
5:50 pm
moisture than what you see currently. right now, dry tonight. we stay dry tomorrow. stay dry. late tomorrow night that system starts to move in and bring parts of the area snow. future weather. overnight tonight, temperatures dropping into the 20s. for tomorrow afternoon, around 40. by early friday, now looking at midnight going into friday morning you see snow in south jersey and delaware. temperatures right around freezing. marginal, temperatures around freezing. snow hard to accumulate. wing peck it to accumulate. friday morning, for the morning commute 8:00, snow mostly around philadelphia areas like chester, montgomery, south jersey, delaware, rain farther to the south for a time. some snow could be on the heavy, wet side. look at these temperatures. right around freezing. some areas a couple of degrees above freezing. as we go through the majority of
5:51 pm
the first half of the day friday, snow lingering by 6:00 p.m. model trying to get it to move out. temperatures aren't going to be extremely cold. as far as accumulations are concerned lowest amount farther north and west, an inch to north and west. closer to allentown area, lehigh. philadelphia, around 2 inches, south jersey and delaware, possibly 3. highest amount farther to the south. with marginal temperatures friday with snow. what you can expect on the roads causing snow to be melting if it was lighter. if it's heavier, it would be easier to stick to the roads. slushy snow, that's what we're expecting still causing slippery conditions. it will be impacting morning commute friday. either way, be very careful on the roads friday morning. we need to watch for, heavy areas of snow. whenever we see these systems with the wet snow we could see heavy, wet snow that would be lowering visibility. another problem on the roadways.
5:52 pm
clear and cold, winds lightening up allowing temperatures to drop. 26 for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow around 40. sun with increasing clouds. and that's ahead of the weather system that moves in late tomorrow night. you'll notice it as we go into friday morning. this week, we feel a lot like winter going into the weekend. we start off in the 20s, saturday morning. temperatures get closer to 50 on sunday. look at next week. i mentioned 70s in the forecast. next wednesday, 72 degrees. next week's really nice. wednesday definitely not feeling anything like winter. >> next at 5:00, students thought she was dead. >> two colleagues brought a philadelphia teacher back to life. "nbc 10 news at 6:00," 100 years old. nbc 10 there as this local woman celebrates a milestone.
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south philadelphia school teacher and school secretary were both honored today. >> they saved the life of a co-worker. christie and marie received a citation from philadelphia city council. the two women work at francis
5:56 pm
scott key in philadelphia. last summer a teacher was walking wit students when she collapsed? >> one of the students ran up to the office where miss landy was at and said their teacher was dead. so i happened to be in the hallway at the time, miss landy was like, christie, grab your phone, we don't know how serious, we have to call 911. >> one week earlier the two attended a cpr class, offered at the school. immediately they put training to work. >> i said i think we need to do chest compressions. all of a sudden maria begins compressions and after 10, 15, the teacher starts to come awake and alert. >> the teacher survived, and now has a pacemaker. incredible not only did they have that training recently at school but during that chaos they were able to have the wherewithal to step in and help.
5:57 pm
>> maybe because it was fresh in their mind. good for them. next, "nbc 10 news at 6:00." >> how safe is your neighborhood? tonight one local police department boasts record-low crime numbers. >> i'm tracking snow that could impact friday morning rush hour. timing of the system straight ahead. following breaking news, former head master headed to prison had his convkz oviction overturned.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 6:00, calls for chris christie to resign, this hours after social media lit up during donald trump's victory speech. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. chris christie's facial expression went viral. people said he looked like he was taken hostage which led to new hashtag, free chris christie. we sent cydney long to find out what this means. >> live in camden. lots of talk about what was going on in christie's head. >> reporter: absolutely. so many say that stare spoke volumes. one political analyst here at rutter. >>s university says it looked like christie bit a lemon but now it has new jersey voters with a sour taste if their mouth and sour words for our state's
6:00 pm
leader. >> we're going to work very, very hard. >> reporter: speaking about what appeared to be governor christie's empty and bewildered stare that stole the spotlight super tuesday. >> he's not used to standing behind somebody else and it showed last night. i don't know if it's regret yet. i think he thinks he's getting isn't out of it. >> reporter: assistant professor of political science isn't the only one weighing in on christie's absent look. >> he does look angry, honestly. >> he has the face of trepidation, he's not sure what donald trump is going to say. >> our nation is in serious trouble. >> reporter: and absenteeism on the job. >> when he's in the state he's making political missteps putting his foote in his mouth should a bring a mop down to the shore to clean up the storm? >> he wants to be a trump crony and trying to play his hand to be vp candidate, it's possible. >> reporter: many are echoing


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