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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> news continues with nbc "nightly news." see you at 11:00. breaking news tonight, a deadly flood emergency. tens of millions in the path. evacuations under way right now. tonight high water rescues and the national guard has been deployed. going for a knockout. donald trump says he's looking to take out his rivals once and for all as pressure mounts on marco rubio. what he's telling us exclusively. plus, the bernie sanders shocker. high anxiety. how was a man wanted for attempted murder able to fly across the country, taken down by secret service at the white house. tax scam alert, thousands being fooled by callers claiming to be the irs and demanding money. wait until you see what happens when we called back. and the fifth beatle is gone. we remember the man who turned a liverpool bar fan into beatle
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mania. "nightly news ""begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening a deadly storm city is punishing a dozen states from eastern texas to southern illinois with well over a foot of rain so far and a lot more to come. texas, louisiana and arkansas are under flash flood warnings with the flood risks extending into mississippi and north into missouri and illinois. the severe weather has left at least two people dead. it's forced evacuations and left thousands without power. nbc's janet shamlian reports tonight from haughton, louisiana. >> reporter: a community under water tonight. in louisiana near lafayette, more than a foot of rain in a matter of hours. most of it coming in the dark of night. cassidy anderson says they were taken by surprise. >> yeah, i mean, it's scary because the water -- the water was
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a lot higher than it is now. >> reporter: more than 100 homes under water. some submerged three or four feet. most of the residents left here had to be rescued in the middle of the night. they were hoping to get back no their homes today and with the rain still coming down so hard there's no chance of that. >> got it over here over the top. >> reporter: beyond louisiana potential flooding from texas to illinois. 22 million people under flood watches, stretching 1,000 miles in. san antonio a school bus rounding a curve lost control and flipped. the rain-slicked roads thought to be the cause. two children and adults escaped serious injury. throughout the region downed trees have toppled power lines leaving 35,000 rout electricity, and the rain keeps coming. taylortown, louisiana, recorded more than 14 inches. with more on the way. the fire chief says in a quarter saleofthecentury he's rarely steen this bad. >> we do not expect to have as much rain as we had, and without
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any time for it to drain off. >> reporter: doug ketchum and his brother-in-law borrowed a boat to check out his neighbors. all were objection okay, but they lost two horses and a dozen goats in the fast rising waters. >> 1991 it did the exact same thing it is now. >> reporter: and just a short time ago, a new mandatory evacuation order was issued. this one for 3,500 homes here over fears one of the bayous would overtake its levee of, further devastating this community. >> janet shamlian, thank you. tonight donald trump is looking to take out his rivals for the republican nomination once and for all after overcoming a barrage of attacks and scoring decisive victories in three of four states up for grabs last night and hillary clinton, hoping to turn her attention to trump, scored a landslide victory in mississippi, but bernie sanders pulled off the biggest shocker of the night in michigan. high drama on both sides. let's start with nbc's hallie jackson on the
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gop campaign in miami. hello, hallie. >> reporter: lester, good evening. donald trump is racking up more delegates in a sign those establishment attacks aren't working, not yet at least. his rivals' best shot against trump happening in the next six days as we build towards showdowns in ohio and here in florida where 99 delegates are up for grabs, and tonight it's trump looking most likely to take them home. donald trump now ready for the final round to put this fight away. >> that's the ultimate way of doing it. you knock them out. if you knock them out, nothing can happen. >> reporter: you want to go for a knockout? >> i'd rather go for a knockout. >> reporter: trump in one corner and in the or the movement to try to stop him. after months of silence the hits now coming harder and faster. our nbc news analysis shows 8.35 million spent on ads against trump in florida alone. that's where the front-runner, after winning in michigan, mississippi and hawaii, celebrated his
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well-done election night with raw trump steaks, a more qvc than gop. >> we have the water. you have the steaks. you have the airline that i sold. i mean, what's wrong with selling? every once in a while you can sell something. >> reporter: voters seem tock buying it. if trump wins in florida and ohio, he'll have a clear path to the nomination. new polls show john kasich close in the buckeye state, but in florida trump is up 2-1 hover marco rubio who is brushing off vp talk now, struggling to show how he stays in. >> you are calling him a con artist. >> i'm not running for vice president. i'm not looking to be anybody's president. i want to be president of the united states. >> reporter: rubio's regrets, his insults. >> trying to out-trump trump. >> you know what they say about men with small hands. >> something i'm not entirely proud of. my kids were embarrassed and if i could do it again i would do it different.
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>> reporter: he's meeting with jeb bush and ted cruz and what looks like the establishment's last gasp. cruz picking up support from a familiar face, carly fiorina, all of them looking to stop the front-runner but looking more unlikely to do it with just six days left. hallie jackson, nbc news, miami. >> reporter: this is kristen welker. senator bernie sanders pulling off a stunning upset in michigan. >> we've now won i guess nine states, and a lot more are yet to come. >> reporter: today sanders telling andrea mitchell it's a sign he can go the distance. >> reporter: the polls always have us very, very far behind until election day, and then we have won state after state with huge margins. >> reporter: it's been an unpry dictable year for pollsters. in michigan the high percentage of independents threw off the polling. sanders' win so unexpected even he was caught off guard prompting this hastily arrange and late press event. >> the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country. >> reporter: despite the upset, clinton has
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a substantial lead in delegates. today the clinton campaign downplayed the loss, particularly after her big win in mississippi last night, looking ahead to next week's battleground primaries. >> if you work for me and if you vote for me, i will work my heart out for you. >> reporter: but the loss in michigan underscores vulnerability. democratic officials expressing concern clinton was so focused on pivoting to the general election her ground game faltered and more troublesome, her message failed to resonate with working class independent and younger voters. sanders hammered clinton for supporting past trade deals. exit polls show sanders beating clinton on the issue of trade and that she is loss honest and trustworthy. >> hopefully we'll have a good week next week. if we win ohio, nobody will remember it. >> reporter: sanders has a steep climb. he needs to win 60% of all remaining delegates to clinch the nomination, but he has the momentum and the money raking in millions from small donors. >> that will keep him in the race a lot
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longer than he might have otherwise been. >> reporter: according to our latest poll both clinton and sanders beat donald trump by double digits. meanwhile, hours before tonight's debate the rnc announced it's filing a lawsuit over clinton's e-mails, the clinton campaign calling that suit frivolous. lester. >> kristen, thanks, and facing so much pressure to win his home state marco rubio's conversation with chuck todd for that town hall event in miami airs tonight at 8:00 eastern only on msnbc. an investigation is under way into the massive explosion that leveled several buildings in seattle and injured nine firefighters. they were on the scene before the blast, checking out reports of a natural gas leak when the worst happened. nbc's galledy schwartz has the details. >> dispatch, may day, may day, may day. >> reporter: a frantic call over the emergency radio after a catastrophic blast. >> i have firefighters missing. >> reporter: followed by an incredible response. >> all members are
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accounted for. >> i do have two members that have injuries from flying debris. >> reporter: all tolled nine firefighters injured but all of them alive. minutes earlier the firefighters had been searching for a gas leak near three businesses and now totally obliterated from a blast that sent debris and a some wave throughout the entire neighborhood. >> i woke up to a huge boom. >> i looked out the window, and my neighborhood exploded. >> reporter: the call originally came in at 1:00 in the morning after someone reported smelling natural gas. firefighters responded, searching for the leak before an explosion so powerful it registered as an earthquake. the blast, caught on this store surveillance video. >> we know as firefighters that this is a very dangerous job. >> reporter: each year natural gas explosions wreak havoc jersey last year an explosion leveled this home and injured 15. in 2014 another explosion in harlem killed eight and injured more than 70, and in 2010 eight were killed and entire blocks leveled in a
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pipeline explosion that rocked san bruno, california. today in greenwood, the neighborhood coffee shop, a convenience store and a restaurant are unrecognizable in the rubble. >> complete disbelief that something like this would happen. >> reporter: but entire community, even children in the playground, are giving thanks that every firefighter survived. tonight the seattle fire chief says all of those firefighters have been released from the hospital. they are shaken up, but they are in good spirits. he says all of them were completely decked out in protective gear and helmets and ultimately that's what kept them safe. lester? >> gadi schwartz, thank you. questions are being raised after a fugitive wanted for the atemed murder of a pastor who led a prayer at a ted cruz rally was able to board a plane and fly across the country making his way all the way to the white house where he was taken down by secret service. here's nbc's justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: the secret service searched the white house grounds today at
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the spot where police say an idaho man, kyle odom, tossed papers and a thumb drive over the fence last night. he's charged with shooting a pastor outside a church in coeur d'alene, idaho, sunday. the day before pastor tim remington gave the invocation at a ted cruz rally. >> a humble man that listens to god and listens to the people. >> reporter: police say after sunday's shooting odom boarded a flight and made his way to washington despite an arrest warrant for attempted murder. a former homeland security official says the no-fly list is not for wanted fugitives. >> the system was designed to prevent terrorists from getting on airplanes and protecting the aviation system against terrorists. it was not designed to find every criminal in the criminal database or every lookout that the national law enforcement community is looking for. >> reporter: even so tsa screeners who check ids are briefed before the shifts on priority of high priority fugitives and is based on prompt notice from police which did not come in. odom has a history of
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mental problems. on his facebook page he said the world is ruled by an ancient civilization from mars and pastor tim is one of them and in another post he said president obama is aware martials are taking control of people's minds. as pastor remington recovers from six gunshot wounds, his family is optimistic >> he's probably a little afraid, but his faith is stronger than anything else in his life, so he'll pull through. >> reporter: odom appeared briefly in court today and was ordered held without bond while idaho police seek to get him back. pete williams, nbc news, washington. u.s. forces in iraq have captured a chemical weapons expert for isis. under interrogation he's reportedly revealed key information about isis' chemical weapons and operations this. detainee formerly worked for saddam hussein's rejeempt defense officials say isis has already used artillery loaded with chlorine and mustard bowed ir. thousands have begun paying their last respects to
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former first lady nancy reagan. she is lying in repose at her husband's presidential library in california through tomorrow. and tonight nbc news is hearing exclusively from her daughter patti davis about the legacy her mother leaves behind. nbc's andrea mitchell has more. >> reporter: today nancy reagan began her final journey, her casket carried by her secret service detail past and present. salutes as the hearse traveled the freeway, including one named for her husband, usually jammed. today area fire departments paying tribute. and as the hear sze approached the reagan library people gathering, some with red roses, nancy reagan red. patti davis spoke with maria shriver, also a former california fliedy. >> it's really comforting to see all of these people who i'm sure are not all republicans. >> reporter: right. >> standing out on freeway overpasses to pay their respects.
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>> reporter: >> and to your hand, oh, lord, we commend our sister nancy. >> mrs. reagan will lie in repose for two days as people pay their respects. today including house speaker paul ryan. the last years in declining health and without herrony were lonely. >> she told me once she was not afraid to die. she said i don't want it to hurt, but i'm not afraid to die. i'll see ronny again. >> reporter: now a three-day period of mourning. >> america on sunday lost a former first lady, but i lost my mother. i'm happy for her that she's with my father. >> reporter: nancy reagan will be laid to rest friday next to herrony, finally at peace. andrea mitchell, nbc news. still ahead tonight, con artists posing as irs agents on the phone, tricking thousands into handing over money. we even caught one of the scammers in the act. we've got an urgent warning for you tonight. also, we took a chance on four lads from liverpool and the world was never the same. remembering the man known as the fifth
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beatle still ahead.
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there is an urgent warning from the irs and fbi about a scam that thousands have fallen for, phone calls demanding money for taxes you don't owe. it's so widespread the irs place it had on a list of so-called dirty dozen tax frauds
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for this year. nbc's olivia sterns met with one woman who can't escape the threatening phone calls. >> final notice calling from the internal revenue service. we've filed a lawsuit. >> reporter: so he's saying final notice and we have filed a lawsuit? >> yes, it's scary. >> reporter: that's the third call gretchen lindquist has gotten in just three weeks from someone pretending to be with the irs and demanding money. >> it's very upsetting, and then this morning, again, one more time, from a different phone number. i started to feel threatened by the repeat calls. >> reporter: luckily gretchen, an i.t. analyst in the houston, is savvy enough to know these calls are boeingus. 900,000 people have reported getting one of these calls, and the irs estimates 5,000 have paid up. >> the concern is that we're just scratching the surface, that this is just the tip of the ice berks and even anecdotally knowing people in this office have gotten calls, my father has gotten calls like this. >> reporter: this u.s. attorney works to track down the people on the other end of the line. last year he sent the
6:49 pm
ringleader of a massive irs call center fraud to jail for 14 years. how hard is it to catch these guys? >> it's sometimes very difficult because you have people who are not necessarily in the united states. you have shell companies that are being used. >> reporter: the irs wants you to know that it will never contact you for the first time by phone, demand credit card information or threaten arrest. gretchen and i decided to call one of the numbers back. >> how can i help you? >> you just called my friend and threatened her with a lawsuit claiming to be a federal agency. >> reporter: for gretchen though it's no joke. >> i don't even want to answer the phone. i'm about to get my cellular phone number changed. >> reporter: now if you do get a call like this the u.s. attorney is asking that you please hang up the phone and report it to the fbi. can you do so on the website or by phone, but, lester, no matter what, the most important thing is please do not give
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tis appointing news from doctors at the cleveland clinic who today said the nation's first uterus transplant has failed. a 26-year-old woman received a transplant two weeks ago and everything appeared to be going well until she encountered complications and the uterus had to be removed. the patient is recovering, and the hospital says it will continue to try more transplants which have been successful in europe. most of us in the u.s. couldn't see last night's total solar eclipse with our own eyes, but passengers aboard one alaska airlines flight got the view from 37,000 feet over the pacific. about a dozen astronomers were on board to witness the very rare phenomenon. one of them got the airline to push the flight back 25 minutes
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finally tonight, a tribute to the man many will remember as the fifth beatle. george martin was a veteran of the royal navy with a background in classical music when in 1962 he met four mop-topped unknowns who played rock 'n' roll, and together they changed music and the world forever. nbc's harry smith looks back. ♪ >> reporter: it was george martin who signed the fab four to their first record contract. ♪ please love me do >> reporter: his classical music training lifted the popular bar bond into a sensation. martin was the one who sped up the tempo of "please, please" turning it into a number one hit. ♪ if i please you >> reporter: can you even imagine "yesterday" without the accompanying spring quartet. horns in "sergeant
6:58 pm
pepper." ♪ >> reporter: all that accompanied the beatles musical adventures from india. ♪ >> reporter: to psychedelia. ♪ lucy in the sky with diamonds ♪ >> reporter: and if anyone deserved to be called the fifth beatle, it was george martin, and it was he who brought the dramatic organizations to mccartney's "bond theme. ♪ to live or let die >> reporter: later on, martin helped elton john turn his "candle in the wind" into "good-bye england's rose" in tribute to princess diana. ♪ because i love you, too ♪ >> reporter: martin was the guiding hand that nourished and encouraged the creative forces of the beatles' considerable talents. it's entirely possible had it not been for george martin none of us would have heard of them much less worshipped the beatles. harry smith, nbc news, new york.
6:59 pm
♪ >> and that will do it for us on a wednesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. marcia clark's toplessless photo scandal. >> who leaked the pic of the famed o.j. simpson prosecutor now on "extra." >> marcia clark topless. why the o.j. jury never saw the
7:00 pm
scandalous image and was its release part of a smear campaign against clark? donald trump's staunch new defender, geraldo rivera. >> i think he would be a terrific president. i really do. >> plus, mitt romney does kimmel's mean tweets. >>@mitt romney equals loser. that's true actually. i lost. hulk hogan swear heing he's a hulk in the bedroom. >> my mind because mind isn't about size. >> his tmi testimony in his $100 million court battle. only we've got his ex linda hogan. what she knew about the sex tape of hulk and his best friend's wife. >> it was shocking. padma lakshmi opening up her memoir to "extra." her brave decision to go public bradley cooper's first public kiss with irina shayk.


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