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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> i'm going to kill you, i'm going to kill you, what he told me. >> only on 10, a hero's story. how he fought off a would-be
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robber who burst into a woman's home. but we begin with commuter chaos that left hundreds of septa riders stranded for hours. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. the long commute still not over for some people and it's all because of power problems. the issue affects septa's thorn dale line and amtrak service to harrisburg. >> nbc 10's drew smith live at 30th street station. you spoke to passengers caught in this mess and they were not happy. >> reporter: not pleased at all. and this is still a problem for the late night trains and the past 30 minutes we saw a large group of people waiting for a bus to pick them up. they were standing underneath the train tracks they hoped to be riding a nightmare commute. people telling us they don't ever want to repeat. >> we apologize for the delay. >> reporter: passengers say that was one of the first announcements from septa workers, hours after hundreds of commuters first lined up outside 30th street station. >> they made it sound like the
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buses were right outside. i've been waiting three hours for a bus. >> reporter: the timing could not have been worse. right at 5:00, in the middle of rush hour, trains that already left the city had to return. then, to add to the frustration, these passengers watched a line of buses arrive across the street. >> it's unacceptable. >> reporter: the buses sat empty, waiting a long time for permission to enter the station. >> as to what the heck is going through these two organizations' mind of septa or amtrak, i have not the foggiest idea. but i'll tell you this, i'm not happy. >> reporter: the buses finally got the go-ahead and pulled up to cheers from the crowd. but this is a commute they won't forget and they're letting septa know how they feel. >> very angry at septa because they don't give us information when this happens. >> i think whoever is handling this, they're just incompetent. >> reporter: and i've been
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calling septa and amtrak all night. they don't have an estimated time to repair power problems in ardmore but saying optimistic it will be repaired by the time the morning commute comes around. in the case it's not, they'll be putting out alerts as early as possible. live at 30th street station, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> speaking of the rails, still no deal between the union for rail workers and new jersey transit tonight. so a strike deadline looming this weekend. contract talks are set to resume in the morning. key issues such as wages and health care still in play. the unions have been working without a contract for nearly five years. more than 4,000 workers authorized a strike for 12:01 sunday if no deal is reached. >> only on 10, hear from the man who fought off an attacker with a baseball bat. police say a man forced his way into a house on 6th street, near cambria, and assaulted a woman inside. tonight we spoke with the man who lives there.
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he was in the basement and heard the woman yelling. he describes what happened next. >> i got the baseball bat and i started hit him with the baseball bat then he took it away from me again and i get the congas and i put my feet and grab him until police come. >> the suspect was taken to the hospital, and is now in police custody. a body found at a haz-mat situation in lehigh county tonight. this was the scene about an hour ago. haz-mat crews seen going into a home where the body was found in hillcrest lane. the core reer in's been called out and police are urging neighbors to stay inside hair homes. community united in grief. hundreds remembered a new jersey state trooper who died while doing his job. >> nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal reports. >> reporter: the vigil was held at fallen officer's memorial. a huge crowd came out with candles to honor the new jersey
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state trooper killed in the line of duty. ♪ >> reporter: in the crowd of hundreds here paying respects, countless first responders arrived in a show of force. >> our heart goes out to his family. it really does. >> reporter: lighting candles for trooper sean cullen, killed in the line of duty. >> we know now he's watching over us. >> reporter: his sister told the crowd sean was always brave and am bushes as a collegiate wrestler and moving to this country from native ireland. >> thank you for coming out. it means a lot from my family. >> reporter: his family is grieving but by their side local firefighters, police, emts who say moments like this bring the tight-knit community closer. >> it's family, everybody gets to know everybody and when something happens to someone it's like it happened to your brother or sister. >> reporter: cullen was killed responding to a car fire on interstate 295 monday. a driver struck him as he
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stooden 0 the road. another tragic reminder of the many dangers first responders face every single day. >> we don't know if they're coming home. every day when they leave those front doors. >> reporter: trooper cullen's funeral will be held sunday, with a pub like viewing at st. charles church. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10. authorities ruled death of a lehigh valley baby a homicide. the 3 1/2-month-old was poisoned and starved. he died back in december, inside a house in redding. the district attorney's office is investigating his death. former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest tomorrow at a private funeral in california. first lady michelle obama, former president george w. bush and his wife laura among the dignitaries expected to attend. the public paid their final respects to today to the former first lady at ronald reagan presidential library.
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mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband on a hillside tomb in simi valley. live coverage tomorrow expected to begin at 2:00 p.m. followed by nbc 10 news at 4:00. the white house honored the diplomatic ties between canada and the u.s. for the first time in two decades. president obama and mrs. obama hosted prime minister justin trudeau and his wife at a state dinner tonight. more than 200 guests took part in the dinner in the east room. of the last time the white house hosted a canadian state dinner was in 1998. a hearing set for tomorrow in the case against congressman shack ka fattah sr. a judge set to consider several motions the congressman accused of using federal grants and charitable donations to repay a campaign loan. he also funneled campaign funds towards his son's student loan.
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the trial is set for may. severe weather down south. take a look from louisiana. record flooding killed five people and forced thousands others to evacuate. you can see the water rushing over that dam. it's so deep people are using boats instead of cars. >> it's a good thing they're not using horses. you can see a few of the animals trying to walk through deep water in houston. flooding comes after rain dumped 12 inches of water on southeast texas and part of that is looming our way. >> doug cammer is here. >> we can say good-bye to 80s. temperatures today, once again, setting records across the region. 76 degrees was the record. now it's 82. these are the old records. these are in the you records. notice many at 80 degrees. wilmington 80, allentown, 80, trenton, 81. good-bye to the warm air. rain on the way. nothing across the area now. we've talked about this earlier at 6:00.
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it would be after the 11:00, 12:00 hour. you can see where it is to the north. scranton, williams port, pittsburgh. temperatures falling as the front moves through. we'll go over the numbers, who has the best chance to see the rain in a minute. a rude awakening for a couple inside this home on marion street in germantown. the roof came crashing down before sunrise. both people inside managed to survive without a scratch. >> kaboom and everything came down on us. good thing that sheet rock was there or i would be dead. >> fishes weren't aware the house was permitted for rent. and they're looking into who owns that property. a group called stadium stoppers is putting its foot down about temple university's on campus stadium plan.
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>> enough is enough! >> students and community members voicing their disapproval of the proposed stadium tonight. they say it's just a way to kick local residents out temple's president says plans will help showcase the campus and grow north philadelphia's economy. the $100 billion facility would be on the northwest corner of the campus and take up two city blocks. a school official got an earful from a crowd of angry parents and teachers in north philadelphia. dr. eric becos assistant superintendent of the turnaround network created to transform low-performing schools. the meeting was held at one of 15 schools in the turnaround program. >> atlantic city's mayor and residents headed to the state house today to find a plan to take over their town. they testified before a senate budget committee that a
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financial rescue plan shouldn't strip the shore resort town of its local governing power. the state offered two bills one that would prevent sinking ac into further debt and the other is a takeover that the mayor and residents say violates civil rights. law makes could vote next week. every walmart employee got a raise today. the largest private sector single day pay raise in american history. all associates hired before january 1st earn at least $10 an hour. walmart is spending almost $3 billion on employee raises nationwide. the company says not only will employees make more, they'll also are more opportunities for advancement and receive better training. >> knock the hell out of the big mouth. he deserved. next time we see him, we might have to kill him. >> violence erupts at a donald trump rally.
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the plan on video sucker punching a protester. the front-runner, whether he's setting the wrong tone. also ahead, whoever is responsible for killing 13 bald eagles. nbc 10 is there as a mother receives the surprise she's been waiting for. the news that will change her family's life. find fantasy shows.
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into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. philadelphia police officer who survived this ambush back in january faced the man accuse the of shooting him today. officer jesse hartnett testified during the preliminary hearing. hartnett told the court how his left arm was shattered by gunfire as he used it to cover his head as archer allegedly shot into the cruiser he later kicked the door open to return fire, hitting archer. archer was held for trial on attempted murder and other charges. 13 bald eagles found dead on maryland's eastern shore did not
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die of flanatural causes. discovered in federalsburg. results ruled out disease but investigators are not releasing details how they think the birds might have died. the focus on finding those responsible for the deaths. to decision 2016. more civil tone as the republican candidates faced off tonight. they debated in miami ahead of next week's florida primary. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray was there. >> republican candidates for president -- >> reporter: the debate different from the start. >> please wait until you are called upon and please do not talk over one another. >> reporter: and early, that's exactly the way it was. no interruptions, no personal attacks, full-on discussion of the issues. like free trade. >> we have to sort of take a strong, good, hard look and come up with plans that work. >> reporter: immigration. >> we're going to build a wall, triple the border patrol, we're
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going end sanctuary cities. >> reporter: education. >> in favor of ohio high standards. first, i would take 125 federal education programs, put them in four buckets and send them back to the states. >> reporter: social security. >> anyone who tells you that social security can stay the way it is is lying. >> reporter: lying. it's an accusation delivered with a different tenor and target in earlier debates. >> i have given my answer, lion ted. >> reporter: the candidates showed restraint and even respect. >> i will let donald speak for himself. >> reporter: donald trump calling for unity and acknowledging how the discussion had changed. >> we're all in this together. we're going to come up with solutions. we're going to find answers to things and so far, i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> reporter: they didn't always agree, challenging each other's plans, policies, knowledge and ability to lead. but the political free for all of the last several weeks that resembled a cage match more than
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a conversation was gone giving way to, well, an actual debate. jay gray, nbc news, miami. >> tonight's debate was civil. but donald trump is under fire for violence at one of hrallies that led to a man's arrest. take a look. >> it happened yesterday at a rally in fayetteville, north carolina. authorities escorting the protester out of the building when a trump supporter hit the man in the head and face. today, that 78-year-old supporter was charged with assault. tonight's debate trump was asked whether his campaign is setting the wrong tonight. >> people come with passion and love for the country, when they see protests in some cases -- you're mentioning one case, which i haven't seening i heard about it, which i don't like -- when they see what's going on in this country they have anger that's unbelievable.
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>> an accusation trump's campaign manager roughed up a reporter which the campaign calls entirely false. a scholarship surprise for a philadelphia family. nbc 10 was there as a local mom got a phone call that brought her to tears. >> you're selected, receiving scholarships. congratulations. >> thank you. >> angela became emotional, understandably, heard the news that her sons were selected to receive four-year scholarships from the children's scholarship fund philadelphia. the organization handed out 2,000 scholarships to kids from kindergarten to eighth grade. chosen by a random lottery system. >> they look like they'll be good students. >> behaved and focused. try to enjoy today. 80 degrees out of there. >> you haven't gotten out there. >> not enough.maximized. >> it's not coming back for a
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couple of months. do not expect 80 degrees. it may be quite a while. two days in the 80s, first time early, back-to-back. right now temperatures not in the 80s but nice. we have not seen that cold front move through. right now 65. nice night. winds out of the west southwest. as long as we have that southerly component, we're going to stay on the warm side. that northerly component will move in overnight. 56 towards mt. pocono. 68 pottstown, 67 millville and mt. holly 68. nice, mild night. thursday looking beautiful. friday we will see a change. and this is why. we've got the rain just back to the north and west. nothing around our region right now. but you widen out, you see it is moving our way but notice what's going on back here. cincinnati. watch it kind of get out of here, kind of dry out. that's what's happening with the front. it's not going to give us a lot of rain but occurring overnight tonight. here's the rain.
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watch out, shrinks away from the region, by around 2:00 a.m., allentown, lehigh valley, burkes county. still on the dry side in philadelphia. on in through, say, 4:00, 5:00, that's when showers move in. most of us possibly sleeping but if you're waking up early you may need the umbrella for a little bit. this should be light, potentially moderate but most on the light side. by 7:00, 8:00 it out of here towards shore points, atlantic city, but most of this is extremely light. and then by 10:00, we're all into the sunshine. not a bad friday. temperatures will be 15 degrees above average but 15 degrees cooler than they were today. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy, showers overnight. 57 in philly. 53 to the north and west. tomorrow, 63 to 67. so much cooler but still, 63 to 67, beginning of march, that is some nice weather. talking fantastic friday out there. now, this is cool. staying light later.
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moving our clocks forward one hour on saturday into sunday. so, sunset tomorrow 6:02. that's tonight, but 7:05 sunday. extra hour during the afternoon. that's going to be quite nice. 64 on saturday. 66, late showers on sunday, not a lot. on monday, showers likely. this is the best chance for showers monday with a high of 59. and back up into the upper 60s as we get in towards next week. sports next.
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crystal clear, sam bradford is his starting quarterback, chase daniel is coming from kansas city to be the backup. chase introduced today. doug feels he's ready to be a starter in the nfl but right now sam is his man. competition, iron sharpened iron, every position i feel like the quarterback position is not exempt from that there competition breeds excellence, i believe that. i go back to my time in new orleans withdrew. i mean i'm a second year pro, he's ten-year, nine-year vet, future hall of famer. i'm telling him every day, i'm coming to take your job. >> here's bird's new safety, rodney mcleod. he's a physical safety, lay out big hits like this. he will play with malcolm jenkins. >> playing with malcolm jenkins, great safety in the league, pro bowler one of the reasons i chose here, to play with somebody that caliber.
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i think we can be the best in the league. the ability that he has, with my range and things like that, and ability to just make plays, you know, i think that's our strong suit. >> former eagle sed trick thornton sighed four-year deal with the cowboys. villanova on track after today's win in the big east quarter finals. ryan with the steal. feeds josh hart. he leads nova with 25. beat georgetown 81-67. norv sva will face providence tomorrow. sixers, not known when okafor will return. it doesn't sound good. ai back in town for the sixers gala. you've got to be patient with the young sixers. >> allen iverson ain't walking through the door tomorrow or the next day or whatever. >> classic a.i. ryan howard was not with the
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phillies, meeting with baseball about the al jazeera report linking him to peds. he denies that report. franco at point. unloads on this one. two-run shot there for franco. phillies up 2-0. noel la struggled, gives up hope run to mccann. gives up two runs in two plus innings. to the fourth. franco does it go. smokes this one. gone to the lawn. four homers this spring. they finish in a 6-6 tie. i'm john clark. right back after this.
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great to have doug here for the week on a beautiful week. >> i feel bad that glenn got sick. but thanks for getting sick and having me up here. i know you're going to get better i'm not worried about that at all. thanks for having me. great working with you.
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>> ultimate throwback thursday. >> completely. >> feeling familiar, right? >> i never want to leave. but i have to. i have my real job. that's right. bye, everybody.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- hillary clinton, lucy liu, musical guest flo rida,


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