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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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a live picture of the team's plane in philadelphia international airport. we'll keep an eye on the picture. and show you when they take off. right now, though, let's go to my alma mater's campus. >> rosemary connors was there for the big send-off. we mean big. >> very big. we couldn't have asked for a better afternoon in terms of the weather. it's sunny, windy, but i checked with philly international, operations are normal to the flight shouldn't have problems getting off. this afternoob, was a sea of excited fans, incredible show of support and school spirit. there were alumni here who graduated in years past, current students and wanted to make sure the teams knew how much and how important and special this is for the school. >> reporter: as if they were in the stands at saturday's big game, the fans gave the wildcats a proper send-off for the
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seniors, it's a moment to never be rivaled. >> number one in the country, we appreciate all of the support. we love seeing all of the people here and the send-off. >> this is another level. awesome. >> reporter: the crowd alumni and plenty of students making the trek to texas, hoping to see history in action. >> i go to houston, absolutely. >> it's like once in a lifetime chance. we're going and we're going to win. >> reporter: flying to houston. >> yeah. >> reporter: when will you leave? >> friday. >> reporter: after classes. >> oh yeah. >> leaving friday at 6:00 a.m. have to get up at 4:00, drive to philly and flying to dallas, taking a beg megabus and staying there till tuesday. >> reporter: confidence. they insist their team will not
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get crushed. unwavering support helps keep momentum alive. >> it's humbling to make this many people happy. i saw a father and his son running behind there to get here on time. it was really cool. >> reporter: there will be buses and vans for any students leaving friday at 11:00. just windy here. denise, you and i were talking during 4:00, i mentioned i was able to snag something for keith jones. the posters banners hard to come by. everybody got their hands on them. keith i grabbed you -- this for you. . awesome. >> reporter: coming back to nbc 10. our photographer, he picked up the hat today. he was planning to bring it home for himself. i grabbed it. i'll bring it back for you. >> i can wear anything blue or white. no complaints here.
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thank you for be thoughtful. i'll have it up at my desk. >> great gift. >> biggest fan here. today's sending at villanova preceded by a touching moment. >> the team's practice. head coach tweeted this. you can see the two kissing the villanova logo at end of practice. two are seniors and regardless of how the weekend goes this was their last practice on villanova's campus. john clark is already in houston awaiting team's arrival. he'll join us for a live report at 6:00. matt and i will also be headed to the final four tomorrow morning to follow villanova's march to victory. later this half hour -- >> villanova has done it! >> remember this? they were underdogs who became national champions. we catch up with one of the players from the 1985 team. what he remembers about that
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moment and how he's still involved in villanova athletics today coming up on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." >> skyforce 10 live over breaking news in cherry hill, new jersey. a driver had crashed into the america's best vision store on hattenfield road. no one in the store injured but an ambulance called for the driver. we are not sure how seriously hurt that person was. >> decision 2016. more controversial comments from donald trump, this time about abortion. take a look at an exchange between trump and chris matthews this afternoon. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as principle. >> the answer there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? what? >> i don't know. >> except from a town hall in wisconsin. when matthews pressed for
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specifics the republican front-runner would say it's a complicated issue. trump issued a statement saying the issue is unclear and should be left to individual states to decide. hillary clinton responded to trump's statements of twitter saying, quote when you thought it couldn't get worse, horrific and telling. more reaction to trump's comments at 5:30. more controversy tonight over violence surrounding donald trump's campaign rallies. someone pepper sprayed a 15-year-old girl outside of a wisconsin rally. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> cell phone video of the confront tration between trump supporters and opponents. someone reach in and sprays the girl in the face. the girl punched a man who groped her and that's when another man pepper sprayed her. police are looking for the man who did the spraying.
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this in is how a brushfire looked to drivers along the garden state parkway in atlantic county. look how close those flames got to the highway burning 50 acres but sparing homes. choppers doused the fire with water taken from a nearby marsh. teenager needs surgery after getting shot in the leg during a road rage incident. the teen was -- the car the teen was in got cut off by a silver sed zan that stopped in the middle. the passenger shot the 16-year-old as they argued about the incident. >> we hear the voice of a pennsylvania teenager who dialed 911 to report her own aunt just sped away from a hit-and-run. the impact killed the 16-year-old who was crossing route 130 monday night. from inside this camden home the driver's niece hid in the
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bathroom, dialed 911 from her cell phone. the woman visiting from p.a. didn't know the address where she was or where the pedestrian had been struck. but she did tell the operator her aunt was behind the wheel. here's part of the conversation. >> i'm not sure where i'm at. it was a black corolla, she's trying to hide the evidence, i'm not sure. >> the person who did the drivi driving, her name. >> susan highland. >> central dispatch able to ping the woman's cell phone to pinpoint the address where highland was arrested. she's been charged with leaving the scene of a deadly deacciden and driving with a suspended license. >> live look from our camera in cape may. temperatures started to climb. they're going to get higher very soon. >> plenty of sunshine.
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nbc 10 metrologist sheena parveen. >> tomorrow temperatures in the 70s. today not nearly as windy. live look at ben franklin bridge. it's go heing to be nice. tomorrow warmer but ahead of rain. you see the rain, it's far off to our west. so we don't expect it to get here until friday mainly. and yes, currently the weather is severe across much of the south but as it moves into our area, we do expect thunderstorms from it. we could see locally heavy rain. temperatures now, close to 60 in philadelphia. 58 degrees. 59 in allentown. 54 wilmington. 55 degrees now in dover. so it's going to lead us into a mild evening. but tonight through the overnight hours, not as cold as it was. by 6:00 p.m. mid-50s. by 10:00 around 49 degrees. not as cold as it was late last night and early this morning. and that's going to lead us to a nice warm-up.
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i'll show you the timing of the rain and cooler weekend forecast. >> thank you. used to hearing headlines about the race for preston but another race here in pennsylvania is also getting national attention. >> talk about the campaign for attorney general. on the democratic side the candidates are on the attack. nbc 10's lauren mayk joins us with a closer look. this is a race most people may not follow but the candidates are trying to get voters' attenti attention. >> on democratic side, the candidates have more than $3 million between them and they will spend that trying to get your vote. >> reporter: hearing from them a lot. as race for pennsylvania's attorney general heats up. >> are we getting a good sense of who they are? mr. i think all candidates have just started to communicate. >> reporter: we sat down with j.j. at campaign group to take a look at messages in this race. he's created attorney general ads before but he's not working for any candidates in this race.
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>> one of most interesting thing in this race three-way struggle all candidates have certain bases of support. >> reporter: shapiro, zappala, district attorney in allegheny county, and d.a. in north hampton, the party's nominee before. >> he may have higher name recognition in the central part of the state where none of the candidates are well known. >> reporter: campaign ads, this has been controversial using traffic stop video from the case of sandra bland, found dead in her jail cell. but he notices something else to introduce the candidate from western p.a. >> zappala, zappala, on screen most of the time because it's hard to get people's votes if they've never heard of your name. >> he shows the picture of governor wolf and rendell, two popular democrats. he's saying they support me so you should, too, for this office
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you may not know a lot about. >> that's why you will hear about another endorsement. today, josh shapiro got a big endorsement from president obama. campaign messages changing. j.j. tells me right now candidates are talking to older voters. younger millennials are expected to tune in later. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 will host a live debate between the three candidates running for pennsylvania attorney general. join us april 7th, 7:00 p.m. tracy davidson will moderate watch here on nbc 10. jim kenney has a lot riding on his proposed soda tax. there's some bad news. y that tax may not bring in as much money as initially hoped. bad news for your summer vacation. airports are warning passengers expect much longer lines. we'll show you what's behind the
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this is nbc 10 news. >> right now at 5:00, president obama has commuted the prison sentences 61 people, all serving time for drug-related crimes. more than a third given life
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sentences though most are nonviolent offenders. philadelphia's vernon harris is on the list, life sentence in 1996 for selling drugs and possess a gun. he's looking at a release date at end of july. this morning, at the white house, president obama and vice president biden urged people to stand against terrorist groups like those responsible for attacks in belgium and pakistan. >> the intent of the terrorists is to weaken our faith, to weaken our best impulses, our better angels. >> the vice president added fear is understandable but exploiting it is unacceptable. lady gaga and vice president bide aren't taking their act on the road. next month two will speak at a university in las vegas about the need to prevent sexual assault on college campuses.
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the two teamed up at the academy awards when biden introduced lady gaga and she sang "till it happens to you" that is about sexual assault on campus. two will speak at a college in pittsburgh. tonight we're getting a better picture of what it costs to fight alzheimer's disease and the burden on families. it can run as high as 5,000 a year. and come up with the needed cash relatives dip into retirement savings and cut back on spending. 20% of families cut back on food and groceries to help pay for alzheimer's care. another 20% say by forgoing trips to the doctor or getting medical care. about 13% actually sold their cars. >> find out whether you have the right insurance. find out what medicare pays for and more importantly doesn't pay for. >> number of cases growing in the u.s. experts say time to prepare financially is now,
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before a possible diagnosis. soda sales in the u.s. have fizzled, declining for the 11th straight year. industry insiders blame it on consumers wanting healthier alternatives. juice-based alternatives saw an uptick in sales this year. that could be bad for jim ken y kenney's proposed soda tax. the mayor pitched a 3 cent per ounce tax. we sat down with kenny who told us the tax is necessary to boost early education in the city. >> too many people intercourse rated and one of the reasons is they never got pre-k and community school and neighborhood services we're wryi trying to provide them to change the narrative of poverty in the city. >> the soda industry opposes the tax levied on distributors. 60 philadelphia students learned how to handle their money today at a workshop at ben
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franklin high school. all part of a program that aims to educate 1200 people throughout april. seniors got s consumer right. >> you play have entrepreneurial skills, but you have to know how to manage money. >> the district and citizens bank joined forces to sponsor the money smart workshops. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, sunny, clear skies today. nbc 10 at conley park in vorhees, great day to hit the playground. not as much wind as we've seen lately. kids having fun outside. you can enjoy the rest of the evening. it's still going to be onned milder side. tomorrow warmer. we're going to be in the 70s and that continues friday. however, friday we're going to
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start with rain in the morning, even thunderstorms. so i'll show you the timing in a second. that's going to lead us to a cooler weekend. at least we have a couple of days of 70-degree temperatures before cooler air moves back in. near 60 degrees through the lehigh. 56 in pottstown. 58 in philadelphia. 54 wilmington. 55 dover, 57 glassboro. comfortable with a lower wind speed around. temperature tonight staying in about mid to upper 40s. it's not going to be nearly as cold. tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m., could be around the low 50s through parts of the area. locally, you see it, all of the rain back off to the west and southwest. and that's the rain that will be here as we go into friday. tomorrow, a dry day. by friday, waking up to showers. future weather. we stay nice and clear. then go into thursday just about sunny to partly cloudy skies.
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more clouds later in the day tomorrow. highs in the low 70s. it's going to be a warmer day, breezy south wind, windy tomorrow, too. 7:00 a.m. friday, cold front approaches and brings us showers, thunderstorms. some rain locally heavy. temperatures by early friday could be near 70. then through the afternoon. any break in the rain and any sunshine will quickly warm us up. now lunchtime friday. we could be in a lull and then through the afternoon look at that, we could be near 80 by 3:00 p.m. and even see another line of showers move through, too. friday, we could have two rounds of rain but it looks like heaviest will be earlier in the day. don't forget your umbrella. warm day. tonight, clear, not as cold through overnight hours. 45 for the low in philadelphia. 39 areas north and west. tomorrow it's going to warm up quickly through the day. windy conditions, too, developing. winds gust as high as 35 miles an hour. that's a southwest wind, warm
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wind direction not a cold wind. temperatures from 70 to 73 degrees through afternoon tomorrow. friday's the warmest day. areas near 80 degrees. if we get a good enough break with sunshine, either way we expect rain and thunderstorms around. cooler into the weekend. saturday we could see showers lingering especially south of philadelphia. 63 for a high temperature and it's going to get windy, too. wind continues for sunday. high sunday, 48. enjoy the next couple of days. going into next week, we are watching another weather system for tuesday that does have maybe a wintry potential but still many days out from that. a sixth grader with a great personality looking for a forever family. >> i like to cook, clean, dance, and i love puppies. >> coming up next, we'll introduce you to this week's wednesday's child.
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happening now, emergency road work, causing traffic trouble in west philly. skyforce 10 over 50th, walnut street closed. you can see it in the middle of the screen. it will remain that what i until 6:00. the street will reopen to one lane. this young man, looking for a forever home. he's got two passions he'd love to share with the family. first cooking, the second, puppies. >> all right. nbc 10's vai introduces us to wednesday's child. >> reporter: he likes cooking and creativity, we set up a sweet trip to kim's cakes in
5:25 pm
wilmington. >> i like to cook, clean, dance, and i love puppies. >> reporter: looking to get hooked up with a right forever family. >> somebody who is similar to me who likes puppies as much as i do, who loves to travel, go camping, loves music. >> he has experienced a lot of trauma in his young life. an ideal family experienced and help him with emotional support. >> reporter: he gets special attention at school and needs a fanlely who will be an advocate for his education. >> favorite thing in school is to play -- to play instruments at music class and do experiments in science. >> reporter: today's experiment a sweet success. >> maybe 15 minutes we will have cupcakes. >> reporter: icing on the cake would be finding that forever family with the puppy.
5:26 pm
>> cupcake! >> reporter: he is this week's wednesday's child. >> got a great smile there. if you'd like to make his dream come true or dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child. you can call the national adoption center at 866-do-adopt. tonight, donald trump is facing more attacks and not just from the political opponents. >> why his new comments about abortion are getting a big reaction. plus, several mobile homes up in flames. investigators are on the hunt for an arsonist. they don't think this is his first crime. katie vo: she works as many hours as the guys do.
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she doesn't work 21 percent less. she handles as many customers, puts out as many fires, meets as many deadlines-- not 21 percent less. so why does she make 21 percent less? for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. and our parents have earned social security and medicare-- i'll protect them. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn.
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the political world is reacting to more controversial comments from donald trump. the republican front-runner said today he wants to make abortion illegal and then punish women who have them. the comment garnered a lot of reaction already. >> trump appears to be scrambling to clarify his statement. nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman has details. >> reporter: interviewed by chris matthews, donald trump said he wants abortion made illegal, on the consequence his
5:30 pm
hedged. >> should the woman be pun ished for having an abortion? >> look -- >> this is not something you can dodge. do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. >> reporter: kasich is anti-abortion. >> women shouldn't be punished. >> reporter: and hillary clinton tweeted, just when you thought it could not get worse, horrific and telling. trump took it back, saying in a statement, that doctor or any other person performing the illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible not the woman. the woman is a victim as is the life in her womb. trump, kasich and ted cruz made news, going back on their pledge to support any republican nominee. trump is angry party leaders might let marco rubio keep control of his delegates. trump warning what the party could lose if he leaves. >> tremendous numbers of democrats that like trump,
5:31 pm
tremendous numbers of independents, and something that i love, people that have never voted before. >> reporter: ted cruz put his wife, his mother and carly fiorina on stage in madison. >> women are a majority of the united states of america. and every issue is a woman's issue. >> reporter: the abortion issue sure to resonate though trump back his call on punishing women who have abortions. steve handelsman, nbc 10 news. >> hillary clinton kicked off her campaign in new york with a rally at legendary apollo theater. clinton stopped at a bakery in harlem and told supporters she's thrilled to be back home in new york. clinton served new york as u.s. senator before becoming secretary of state. bernie sanders attack clinton on trade while campaigning in wisconsin. the vermont senator tied clinton to trade deals he says put people out of work.
5:32 pm
sanders went after scott walker's voter ideal laws as well. they're an attempt to restrict voting rights in the state. a local teen is fighting tonight. police found the 14-year-old boy shot in the back on north simpson street around 9:00 last night. he's in critical condition at presbyterian hospital. police are looking for surveillance video to help figure out what exactly went on here. no arrests have been made. a delaware county man accused of stabbing a man to death during a fight over a baseball cap faced a judge today. the preliminary hearing was held for the 40year-old zeeven zimminger, he stabbed colin mcgovern to death at rittenhouse square. the two got over an argument over the new jersey devils cap this month. a town hall meeting will be held in center city to address the incident and other violent crimes in and around rittenhouse
5:33 pm
square. right now at 5:00, looking for an arsonist. skyforce 10 over this breaking news at a new castle county trailer park last night. >> police say this isn't the first time that someone has set the homes on fire. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong has details. >> this is an eyesore. this is terrible. >> reporter: neighbors who take care of their homes in the trailer park have had enough. firefighters are tired of it, too. this fire that tore through eight or nine trailers tuesday -- >> chaos. it was complete chaos. >> reporter: this was the fifth fire intentionally set in the last year. the fire marshall says the arsonist went to great lengths to make sure the fire high dants didn't work. there is one way in and out of the complex. these empty trailers, firefighters have to assume there might be somebody inside. when they get here to the scene they send firefighters in which
5:34 pm
puts them in a lot of unnecessary danger. >> we'll do our best. >> reporter: the fire chief says getting trucks around is rough, big dumpsters block roads. i had to navigate around a beat up boat. >> we're having multiple fires following the other. sending apparat tus is being effective. >> reporter: the fire marshall going to cite the complex. it will be ordered to board up the vacant trailers. neighbors want to know why the complex doesn't bulldoze old trail to eliminate the fire threat. >> everything's vacant. tear it down, get rid of. what are they waiting for? >> reporter: i tried to ask that very question. employees referred me to a lawyer who has yet to return my call. controversial strip club, the scene of nearly 240 police calls over the years, closed for good yesterday.
5:35 pm
delaware authorities say that lounge known in the past as the gold club allowed elicit activities including violence and drugs. the club cannot reopen without a judge's okay. well, we have a nice warm-up in the forecast. take a look at radar. we also have rain on the way. so today, beautiful, not nearly as windy. nice and sunny. but look what's going to happen as we go into tomorrow. warm air to our south and that's going to move in through the day. now, after that, we have rain moving in as we go into friday. right behind the warm-up we have the showers. we could see thunderstorms out of that as we go into friday. i'll show you the timing of that coming up in a bit. here's a live look. outside philadelphia, mostly clear skies, still thin clouds but sunny day. that's going to lead us into a pleasant night tonight. still near 60 in philadelphia. even through lehigh hvalley.
5:36 pm
mid to low 50s for new jersey and delaware. tonight it's not nearly as cold as in some spots. comfortable and that's going to lead us into a warm day tomorrow and also warm day as we go into you're friday. 70 degree temperatures in the forecast. some thunderstorms, too. i'll show you timing of the rain and cooler weekend straight ahead. >> looking forward to that. specialized plane that belonged to drug enforcement administration has been ground in delaware for seven years. according to the justice department, the plane was supposed to fly missions in afghanistan. total cost taxpayers, $86 million. reason, investigators say the program was plagued with missteps costing the department of defense and de. a four times the initial estimated cost. residents concerned about pollution linked to an upper hanover township rock quarry have time to voice their concern. some neighbors want to block the
5:37 pm
gibraltar quarry. they worry that contaminated groundwater will spread from the quarry opens, fouling their well water. public comment accepted until april 28th. new jersey is honoring a group of veterans with state's highest military medal. presented 15 vets with the new jersey distinguished service medal today. veterans from atlantic, camden, cumber lansdale, gloucester county. some served recent tours, others veterans of world war ii and vietnam into chris christie is making it easier for homeless families to find a place to live. governor christie met with several families today in gloucester. he announced plans to issue 500 rental assistance vouchers to homeless families in the garden state. 100 vouchers are used to help homeless veterans.
5:38 pm
amtrak passengers expect to see construction work going on in philadelphia. this is a live look at 30th street station. the nearly 100-year-old building is getting more upgrades. if you're headed there, expect to see additional scaffolding around the building. temporary sidewalks are in place to help keep people safe. the work is expected to be complete by october and train service will not be disrupted. calling all food trucks. porch at 30th street station needs vendors to sell breakfast and lunch through the fall. service starts monday. we've heard a lot about concussions in football and now a famous athlete from yet another sport is offering to donate his brain to research. that's coming up at 5:00. plus, hurry up and wait. tsa has bad news for people flying out for summer vacations. why lines at security gate are expected to be longer than ever.
5:39 pm
and it's back. why the famous fiat used by pope francis could be on the road again.
5:40 pm
i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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spider-man, batman, the joker attended a new york city city council moting today. that's right. the topic, restrictions around places like times square to curb run-ins with tourists. this year, there have been 16 arrests connected to the costume characters, pushing onlookers for tips. the proposal to section off parts of the plazaer to tourists who want to take pictures. philadelphians aren't the only poem willing to shell out pile of money for a popemobile. bidding at $135,000 for one of two fiats pope francis used last september. that's above the 82,000 fetched for a fiat to carry francis around philadelphia during his u.s. tour. the new york auction ends
5:42 pm
tomorrow with proceeds going to catholic schools and charities. it was michael chapman who shelled out $82,000 for papal fiat at philadelphia auto show back in january, if you recall. the car was also one of two used by francis during his stop in our area last year. back to my villanova wildcats. 1985 team famous on the villanova campus but one player never left. what he's doing today. what he remembers about that championship moment. all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, battle over beachfront property at jersey shore. who a judge is siding with over building protective sand dunes.
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5:45 pm
it's not just football players raising awareness about the dangers of concussionans nascar driver dale earnhardt jr. is following in the footsteps of other athletes. he tweeted he'll denate his brain to science, the concussion legacy foundation. he missed two races after suffering symptoms. six weeks later he experienced more symptoms after a crash at talladega super speedway. researchers studied effects of brain trauma in athletes. richard petty was at dover international speedway today and he was joined by eric am ma roll
5:46 pm
la, driver of number 43 smithfield ford car. on hand unveiling new stock car for the monster monument and victory plaza. the 46-foot statue features a new petty blue 45 car in its hands. look at that excitement, after a campus send-off the villanova wildcats prepare to take their march to victory south. this afternoon, students and fans cheered as the basketball team boarded a bus for philadelphia international airport. from there, the cats hopped on a flight headed to houston. and the final four of college hoops. the team takes on oklahoma saturday night with winner earning the right to play for the national championship. this team's hoping to follow the footsteps of the 1985 wildcats.
5:47 pm
>> they are the only villanova team you probably know this, to ever win the championship. >> of course. >> one of the players is still at nova today. deanna durante explains. >> that's it. villanova has done it! >> i don't think until after the final buzzer goes off do you realize we won the national championship. >> reporter: going into the game, the underdogs. >> share an experience like that, it does, it ties you together for the rest of you're life. >> reporter: sophomore back then, a game that changed the future for steve and many players who made up the 1985 team. the group stayed in close contact, and he's one of the few players to remain in the delaware valley, and has stayed the last 30 years here at villanova. first as coach for the team, now the director for athletic development. his son is manager for the basketball team today. the game may be the same but today for the players, things are very different. >> we've stayed at ramada inn, outskirts in lexington, small hotel.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: wearing his championship ring every day he doesn't offer advice for players. many are talking about that win and looking back to '85 team. >> i'm looking forward to talk about 2016. that means this team won the championship and that would be great for the school and staff and kids on the team. they've worked hard. we're pulling hard for them than would be great if they could bring a second championship home to villanova. >> reporter: he'll be in houston. cheering very loudly from the stands as they march to victory. on villanova's campus, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. philadelphia showing support for villanova in its march to victory. >> several landmarks lighting up in blue and white this saturday night. talk about the ben franklin bridge. one and two liberty place, wells fargo center and pico building bright blue and white with the villanova "v." nbc 10 headed to houston fright. march to victory, live at the final four to bring you
5:49 pm
excitement 7:00 fry on nbc 10. talk about the weather. so nice outside. these kids are literally doing back flips. at a skate park in new castle county, we saw nothing but clear, sunny skies. sheena parveen for what's ahead for us. >> short sleeves there, too, tomorrow, going to be even warmer. yeah, if you did like today, you're going to love tomorrow, 70 degree temperatures in the forecast tomorrow and friday. friday however we're going to see rain. so don't forget your umbrella as we go to the end of the week. thunderstorms for friday. going into the weekend, it's going to be cooler. temperatures dropping and the wind that's going to return over the weekend. philadelphia looking good. sunny skies 58 degrees. but the wind only at 13 miles an hour. not seeing strong wind gusts. tomorrow, start to notice winds coming back in the afternoon, too. we have that warm-up. today in the upper 50s.
5:50 pm
but tomorrow and friday, we're going to be in the 70s by friday. near 80 in some spots. cooler going into saturday back into the 60s. now at 58 in philadelphiaing winds warm from the south tomorrow. that's going to pull up warm air. 76 jacksonville. 72 atlanta. all warmer tomorrow. we're going to get the top portion, the northern edge of that, so we will be warming up into the 70s. even warmer as we go into friday. but that's going to come with rain. rain is far back off to the west. tomorrow stay dry. rain's not going to be here yet. going into friday, rain as early as morning and thunderstorms. here's future weather. so tonight we stay dry. not as cold as last night. it will be comfortable. going through tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the low 70s. nice day but that south wind will start to increase. it will start to get windy and there you see it, friday morning. 7:00 a.m. waking up with showers.
5:51 pm
rain expected for the morning commute. thunderstorms, some briefly heavy. temperatures near 70 degrees by morning commute friday. it's not a cold rain. then we go into lunch time friday. could have a bit of a break. if we have enough of a break, enough sunshine, temperatures jump up to near 80. so even here on the computer model by 3:00 p.m., showing areas near 80. and by the afternoon we could have a second line of showers move in before we completely dry out. but even some of that could linger into early saturday for part of the area. tonight, clear not as cole as it was last night. 45 for the low in philadelphia. upper 30s, areas north andest. tomorrow nice day, windy, warmer than today. low 70s. you don't like the wind, we will be holding on to it for a while. not just tomorrow do we stay windy but going into the weekend after the rain clears it gets windy, too, after a warm end to the week, showers linger saturday. highs 63.
5:52 pm
colder on sunday, 48 degrees. but windy across the weekend. and by tuesday next week we are watching a system that has maybe potential for snowflakes. >> thank you. lester holt joins us from the nbc studioed in new york. >> among the stories, donald trump calls for some form of punishment for women who undergo abortions if banned but takes it all back. we'll explain why. patients left in the lurch after cybercrooks hold a health care net work's computer hostage. april new study that takes a dim view on performance of car headlights, a safety warning at 6:30. back to you for you. >> thanks, lester. still ahead on nbc 10 news, bill cosby involved in another sex assault case in california. why a judge made a move to put it on hold.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
a little child with big dreams.
5:55 pm
dwight evans. first a community activist. a legislator at 25. always looking out for us. he worked to create a thriving commercial district. and he's brought new grocery stores to underserved areas. dwight evans is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods in all of philadelphia. he'll be a block by block congressman for us. i'm dwight evans and i'm proud to approve this message. bad news for summer travelers. >> you play have to contend with some extremely long security lines at the airport. that's because of a new security system that just isn't catching on like supposed to. the tsa's precollect program meant to cut down on those long lines but not enough people signed up for expedited screening program to make a difference. airlines are warning passengers to arrive two hours early to avoid missing a flight.
5:56 pm
tsa hoped that 25 million people would sign. for the precheck program but as of march 1st, only 9 million people enrolled. the tsa cut back its screening staff by 10% in anticipation of precheck and that's when the regular lines started growing longer with up to 90-minute waits in some cases. we checked in with philadelphia international airport, they tell us about 30% of passengers received precheck screening and they believe it's worthwhile program. they also want to remind people you can't sign up for the precheck at the airport. you have to do it online before you arrive. from air travel to the ground. your headlights may not be performing like you want them to. >> that's the finding of a new study that found most vehicles are not up to snuff. the new study by the insurance institute for highway safely looked at the 30 veebs avehicled one had graded good.
5:57 pm
half of all traffic deaths happen when it dark out. n"nbc 10 news at 6:00" is next. >> next, villanova wildcats in the air on their way to the final four. all new tonight, live reports from houston. plus how a player from the women's team will be representing the cats on the courts. glenn? well, big warm-up before bitter cold blast this time of the year. tracking big changes in temperatures. plus a chance for thunderstorms to end the week. with fear in her voice the niece of a hit and run driver dials 911. hear what she tells operators and how it led to an immediate arrest.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. >> after big campus send-off the villanova wildcats have taken their march to victory south. the students and sfans cheered the men's basketball team boarded a bus for philadelphia international airport. and from there, cats hopped on a flight. destination, texas and the final four of college hoops. wildcats in the air now making
6:00 pm
their way to houston, texas. the team taking on oklahoma saturday with the winner earning the right to play for the national championship. nbc 10's rosemary connors live on the villanova campus. the team's already on its way. now the challenge for what students to get there, too. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of them planning to go friday. many of them will travel by plane. certainly got them revved up for the big game saturday. >> reporter: the thrill of a final four swept over the crowd as they sent off their wildcats with cheers of joy and hope. fans couldn't help but roar when the seniors especially daniel and ryan made their way to the bus. >> parents here, this is it, now or never. >> reporter: leave it on the court. >> exactly. >> reporter: alumni took the opportunity to wish the team well on their way to houston. they're a devoted bunch, superstition and all. >> got villanova, you know,


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