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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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physically put your hands on another person. for it to be okay. >> her son was killed in a deadly fight, but no one was ever charged. now, her mission's to prevent this from happening to other grieving families. >> nbc 10's tim furlong spoke to the family. he joins us live with her story. tim? >> reporter: wilmington's police chief expects charges to be filed here some time by the end of the week. you see the memorial for amy here. police and prosecutors have to go through the medical examiner's report and all evidence and interviews before filing charges. one mother wants to make sure whatever happened in the bathroom that amy gets justice that she desebs. today, still no charges in death of amy joyner francis. girls involved are suspended but police are not saying what led up to the fight. thursday, amy died a short time later. >> there's no place. makes no sense. >> reporter: lisa sawyer has a uniq unique interest in amy's story. her son died one year ago tuesday. >> the video i saw, my son being
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punched in the head over and over again. >> reporter: ty died after being kicked in the head but the guy he fought was never charged. he agreed to fight the guy. that falls under the state's mutual combatant law. she says that law needs to change. she and supporters held ral i wills demanding justice. they held one yesterday. >> something like that, someone ends up dead, whether an accident or not, kids need to be held accountable. kids are out of control nowadays because there's no -- they don't face consequences for what they do. and this law is part of the reason for that. >> reporter: we still don't know all of the circumstances about the fight amy was involved in. there's no indication she did or did not agree to fight. until pulled apart, how would people fighting know when a fight should be over? kids used to jump in and break up fights. she's disappointed kids seem more interested in recording fights. >> they need to realize how important someone's life is and
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that your video isn't as important as helping someone. >> reporter: back live now. moth another meeting. amy family thanking everyone for support but telling everyone not to fall for fake, illegally started kick programs that started up in amy's memory. we expect changes throughout the week. >> thank you. right now 5:00, bucks county mother's charged in what police and in falls township call one of the worst cases of child abuse they've ever seen. 24-year-old kayla moore arrested today. 2-year-old athena died from blunt force trauma this week. doctors performed emergency surgery but couldn't save her life. the mother's charged with criminal homicide. >> she kicked the child repeatedly in the head and in the trunk area of her body. >> i noticed that the baby had kind of like bruises on her face
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and she was not responsive and it didn't look good. >> police say moore was a stay at home mother and may have snapped under the pressure. the family has another young daughter who is now in protective custody. now to your first alert weather. what a difference a day makes. yesterday, you might have been wearing short sleeves. but today in south philadelphia, workers needed hoodies and gloves. chilly today. not done with the drop in temperatures. >> smart to wear that sweater, too. sheena parveen's here with details on a big cooldown and how it will affect your neighborhood. >> guys, yes new neighborhood weather forecast, cooler today. you probably went for the jacket. you still need it this afternoon. 54 in philadelphia. very light winds. but overcast skies. and the cool pattern that's going to continue. also with new neighborhood weather. don't fort get seven-day
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forecast always scrolling at bottom of the screen. a look at satellite and radar now. sprinkles, mainly new jersey and maybe parts of delaware. but most of the cloud cover is around philadelphia, south jersey, delaware. starting to see more clearing through lehigh valley and poconos. more rain back off to the west. that will be moving in for tomorrow. don't forget your umbrella. tonight, it's chilly again. today, we were 30 degrees colder than we were yesterday. yesterday's high, mid-80s. today, mid-50s. that is a 30-degree drop. average high is 68 degrees. and as we go into thursday and friday, we're only going to stay cooler in the upper 50s. now, aside from the cool temperatures, rainy pattern, that's going to continue, too. rain i showed you to the west. look what will happen as i go into tomorrow. make sure you have the umbrella handy. aside from chilly temperatures, another round of rain as we go into thursday. then into the weekend. it stays cool but we're also
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looking at a chilly and possibly rainy part of the blue cross broad street run. we'll take a look at that forecast and what it looks like going into your weekend across the area with your neighborhood forecast coming up. >> a lot of people counting on a dry day. breaking developments in the 2016 presidential race. bernie sanders' team is laying off hundreds of staffers after last night's primaries because there are only ten states it left to campaign for. the campaign is downsizing. sanders focusing on california primary. this comes after voters in pennsylvania and delaware gave a big boost to the front-runners of the presidential race. >> clinton is now within striking distance of the nomination. clinton's four wins last flight added more than 200 delegates to her total she has 90% of delegates she needs to lock up the nomination. >> fresh off the heels of his primary sweep, donald trump delivered a major speech on foreign policy today. the front-runner laid out his
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vision for foreign policy that will put, quote, america first. trump made his remarks at an event hosted by conservative research institute in washington. even with clinton and trump as front-runners, their opponents showing no signs of dropping out. ted cruz named carly fiorina as his vice presidential running mate today. the cruz campaign hoping fiorina's california roots will be an asset ahead of the state's primary june 7th. sanders, cruz, and john kasich all stay in the race, voters in new jersey could get a lot more attention from the candidates. >> new jersey doesn't go to the polls until june 7th. last election of the primary season. nbc 10 cydney long joins us in cherry hill, camden county. this is unusual for new jersey because the race is usually decided by now. >> that's right. the party nominees are usually decided and voters usually have their minds made up. what we found was more apprehension and uncertainty.
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>> this year's politics scare me a bit. >> reporter: 41 days. >> i'm still up in the air as to who i'm going to vote for. >> reporter: that's how much time new jersey voters have to make up their minds before they head to the polls for the june 7th primary. joe and susan say politicians are promising too much. they're tired of the hot air. >> the latest ad, it was trump. >> trump ad. >> he was going to -- i'm going to build a wall, you know, i'm going to watch out for social security, i'm going to do this, do this. >> reporter: new jersey's primary considered closed. that means you have to be a registered republican or democrat and the deadline to register is may 17th. 21 days before the polls open if it's your first time voting in a new jersey primary, decide your party affiliation at the polling booth. >> trump, i still pay attention to what's going on. and, yes, i could actually switch parties. >> reporter: as far as delegates new jersey as 51 winner take all, and 126 proportion nal
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delegates. trump may have stronger ties in north jersey as opposed to south jersey and with the casino and financial downturn at the shore. >> wasn't my first choice but we're looking for a change and he might be able to establish that change. >> reporter: voters want to make up their minds. >> i found the last few elections i voted in, i voted  for the person that would hurt me the least, not somebody that i was voting for. >> reporter: right now in new jersey, just as a reminder, it is too late to change your party affiliation in time for the primary. but you can choose your party only if you're undeclared. again, last day to register to vote is may 17th. cydney long, nbc 10 news. if you're thinking about switching political parties before the primary, too late. new jersey, you have to do it 55 days before the election. but if you're registering for the first time, there's date that she mentioned, may 17th.
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that's the date that you have until to sign up. donald trump accuses hillary clinton of playing, quote, the woman card. how will voters react to this type of attack? a closer look at 5:00. philadelphia mayor jim kenney's only been in office a short time but making it clear, education is a major focus of his administration. today, he paid a visit to the technical school in north philadelphia. mayor kenney spoke with students, parents and teachers. the mayor continues to make a push for more funding from harrisburg to help students, like the ones he met today, realize their full potential. >> the money they spend, the money we're asking for from harrisburg would be well spent in schools like this, kid have opportunity to go from high school to work. >> the sugar drinks tax he proposed could go a big way to helping fund schools across the district. >> country's oldest and largest
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track and field competition will be in full swing tomorrow in university city. penn relays draw high school and college athletes and hopefuls to franklin field. today's events included the men's decathlon and women's heptathlon. tomorrow through saturday, fans will be packed for the final championship of mercury lay. for many, an opportunity to get a sneak preview of the pros who may compete this summer in rio. >> i saw that guy at penn relays, that woman at penn relays, it impressive. you get it see all of the best in the sport in one place without having to go very far. >> tomorrow the penn relays kick off at 9:00 in the morning with the women's discus event. the last event scheduled after 11:00 p.m. the olympic games in rio just 100 days away. coming up at 5:00, live to times square which has a special olympic theme today. >> also ahead at 5:00, where is
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my mail? new report claims philadelphia's mail center is in a state of dysfunction. it's costing neighbors money. plus, this mail made it to the right place miraculously. how a little girl got the president to visit her hometown.
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thousands of unprocessed letters, employees coming to work, and a lack of security problems found in an investigation into philadelphia's mail distribution center. today, city controller unveiled more details. it starred out as a tip, uncovered what was described in the report as a state of dysfunction that cost taxpayers more than $1 million. among the biggest problems, time sensitive mail sent out late or not at all. >> people were receiving notice of court dates after the court date had passed. subject to possible imposition of bench warrants and fines. >> revenue commissioner frank breslin overseeing improvemented to the mail center. speaking of mail, next month president barack obama will visit flint, michigan, his first trip there since the city's drinking water found to be tainted with lead on may 4th briefed on federal efforts to help on cleanup.
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the water system became tainted in 2014 when the city switched water supplies to save money. the white house announced the president's trip posting this letter, from an y8 /* 8 8-year-old activist, little miss flint. mar offing and protesting on behalf of the children affected. president obama wrote her back saying he'd like to meet her. >> back to decision 2016. donald trump's rivals are running out of chances to stop him from clinching the gop nomination. trump won more than 90% of the delegates in the primaries. if he wins the next race in indiana, that would put trump on a firm path to winning the nomination. last night he called himself the presumptive nominee. >> let's turn to jim schultz, gop attorney. thank you for taking time, as always. it was a near-clean sweep for trump. is the stop trump movement dead?
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>> he won five states yesterday, not only pennsylvania big, he won all 67 counties, every single count any in pennsylvania. in addition, seeing more and more activities that smack of desperati desperation, naming a running mate early, trying to work together to kcollude and stop him. i believe that trump's nomination is inevit it ibl at this point. >> jim, trump is increasing attacks against hillary clinton. last night he accused her of playing the woman card. do you think these attacks will work in a general election? >> well, i think you're going to see bare knuckle tactics from both sides. trump's acting like the nominee at this point, taking shots at his opponent. i think he'll continue to do that. it's worked so far in the primary cycle. i think you'll see it happen from both camps with the clinton camp taking shots as well.
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remains to be seen whether it works. but so far, it has for donald trump. >> jim, you said earlier, obviously, trump won all 67 count i ins pennsylvania but pennsylvania's voted democratic. in the last six presidential elections. any chance that changes this year? >> you're going to see raz razor-thin margins between clinton and trump. trump polls well with working class and pennsylvania is an industrial state. this is within his sweet spot. 2004, margin of loss for george w. bush was right about 2%. i think you're going to see 1% 20-to-2% one way or another. >> jim schultz, thank you for joining us. what do voters think about trump and his comments on the woman card? we found women who vote republican on both sides of the issue. hear from them coming up in less than 15 minutes. >> it is not going to feel like spring over the next week. >> take a close look at first
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alert neighborhood weather from metrologist sheena parveen. >> hopefully able to enjoy the mid-80s that we had yesterday. what a big difference. we told you it was going to be cooler. hopefully you have the jacket handy. temperatures now, mid-50s. we haven't been warmer than this today. 57 in allentown. more sunshine trying to come through there. 54 currently. 51 atlantic city. 52 coatesville. take a look at 24-hour temperature, compare it to yesterday at this time, we're running about 18 degrees colder right now in philadelphia than 24 hours ago. almost 30 degrees colder in coatesville. almost 32, colder in dover. much colder across the area than it was yesterday. with our neighborhood weather, able to zoom in and show you that. don't forget the seven-day forecast scrolling at bottom of the screen, no matter if you live in pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware. you have your own seven-day forecast. cloudy and cool, live look at
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center city. we're dry but cool. here's a look at your neighborhood temperatures. mid-50s right now in philadelphia and if we zoom in, you can see more detail. park side 55. society hill 54. fox chase 56. so it is going stay chilly as we go through tonight but we're not going to see rain again until tomorrow. live look at radar. seeing a lot of clouds through most of the area. more sunshine through the pocono and lehigh valley. we could still be seeing sprinkles trying to move through in parts of south jersey. few right around cape may courthouse. but if we take a wider view, that's going to show us the rain for tomorrow. so we're going to stay in a cloudy, cool, rainy weather pattern. a look at rain back off to the west. that's going to move in as we go into tomorrow. don't get rid of the umbrella yet. future weather. as we go through tonight, clouds are going hang around. mostly dry. morning commute tomorrow. mostly dry, but looking at 10:00
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a.m., showers just off to the west. that moves through in the afternoon. we could see some embedded heavier rain but that's 2:30. showers expected for everybody by 5:30 in the afternoon. still looking at rain for evening commute. you see the pattern continues as we go into friday. another round of rain for friday. it's going to stay cloudy. it's going to stay chilly over the next several days and that's going to lead us into the weekend. temperatures tomorrow, lehigh valley, redding 57, easton 56. cloudy skies with rain especially by the middle of the day. pennsylvania suburbs, phoenixville, 57. newtown, 57. west chester 56. chilly in philadelphia area again. temperatures upper 50s. for new jersey, areas like trenton, glassboro, mid to upper 50s tomorrow. so much cooler than we were yesterday. and rain still around for the shore. avalon 52. atlantic city, 52.
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delaware tomorrow, temperature mid-50s. rehoboth beach, northeast wind, 52 and showers. we have rain chances over the weekend. and the run sunday, blue cross broad street run, that's coming up as well. could taking a selfie protect you from i didn't theft? we'll look at how this new technology could work. also coming up at 5:00, normally doing this to your principal would get you in a lot of trouble but not these delaware students. see how they got away with the stunt.
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nbc 10 is on the road to rio. the start of the summer olympic games are just 100 days away. tonight, a sneak peek at the games. bringing rio to new york city. >> nbc's jay gray in times square with a closer look. >> reporter: the fire's officially burning. olympic flame pulled from the cauldron in athens and now to a host country in south america for the first time ever. >> it's going to be a party. it's going to be amazing atmosphere. >> reporter: the party's already started in times square where dozens of athletes and fans, including first lady michelle obama. >> go, team usa! >> reporter: gathered for an interactive celebration 100 days before the opening ceremony. >> you feel united. you feel like okay, usa is behind us, ready to go. >> reporter: but is rio in a list of concerns about preparations in the host city. at the top, for some, zika. >> it affects our family.
5:25 pm
my wife and i wanted to have our second child hopefully before the game not knowing enough, we put it on pause. >> reporter: there are other issues including a failing economy, political unrest, and pollution fogging some of the water venues. >> we haven't seen the government deal with things like basic sanitation in rio adequately. we don't know if the president is going to be in power for that opening ceremony. >> reporter: but none of that seems to matter to team usa. >> all of the outside things, that's just happens every single olympic games that's not something i can control. >> reporter: instead, the american athletes say, they'll stay focused on their goals and the gold. you know, that medal chase begins august 5th, the same day that the city that hosts carnival the biggest party the
5:26 pm
summer games have ever seen. back to you. >> exceptionally busy there. usually a busy scene. looks like wrestling going on behind you. jay gray, thank you. speaking of the presidential race, let's go there now. donald trump accused hillary clinton of playing the woman card. >> but is trump in trouble when it comes to women voters? >> i'm a woman. he scares the heck out of me. >> hear from voters on both sides, next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> only thing she's got going is the woman's card. the beautiful thing is women don't like her. look how well i did with women tonight. >> donald trump unveiled his newest attack against hillary clinton. after his sweep in the primary's last night, he accuse the clinton of using the woman card. but will comments help or hurt trump as he looks toward the general election? >> lauren mayk reached out to voters and the experts. what did you find out? >> you know, those comments didn't seem to change their opinion but they do come at a crucial time. make no mistake, donald trump has female supporters, lined up in west chester this week.
5:30 pm
i sat down with one today. how he will attract more and women are critical to winning the general election. >> donald trump makes me crazy and if he were my president i would faint. >> reporter: barbara is a republican, if donald trump wins the republican nomination, he'll be looking for voters, female voters, like her in november. but he could have a challenge. >> he does say a lot of good things but he says a lot of scary things. and i -- i'm afraid of him. >> reporter: now, his recent comments about hillary clinton -- >> the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. >> reporter: -- reviving questions about his ability to appeal to women in november. >> my dad used to say things and a lot of people would say he's crazy but in actuality it was a lot of common sense. >> reporter: daphne likes that he speaks his mind and that he takes on clinton. >> i don't think she has a lot
5:31 pm
going for her. >> reporter: there are other things he can talk about. >> needs to focus more on his family and company and let people see he does rate women up. >> reporter: more important to expand support. >> donald trump has done fairly well with women in the republican primary. but winning a general election means appealing to a broader electorate. >> reporter: for now, if it's hillary clinton versus donald trump, barbara noon is stumped. >> i don't even know how i would -- i can't even imagine how i would vote or could i vote. >> that raises another issue, whether some people won't come to the polls if two candidates with high negatives are at the top of the ticket. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> we checked exit polls and trump won the women's vote in all five states and hillary clinton performed better than trump among female voters. today, trump also tried to answer questions about
5:32 pm
positions on foreign policy. presidential front-runner blasted what he calls senseless immigration policies he claims import extreme itism into the u >> we have no idea where these people are coming from. there's no documentation. there's no paperwork. there's nothing. we have to be smart. we have to be vigilant. >> trump threatened to quit providing a defense guarantee for nato ally whose don't spend up to 2% of gross domestic product on defense. for the latest vlmentes of the presidential race, check out nbc 10 app, look for decision 2016. now, nbc 10 first alert weather. we saw overcast skies and a breeze on the back base in atlantic county. >> let's check on the forecast for your neighborhood. meteorologist sheena parveen is here.
5:33 pm
we can expect a big drop in temperatures out there. >> yeah. we had that today compared to yesterday. much of the area running 20 to 30 degrees colder right now than we were yesterday afternoon. so it is much cooler across the entire area. philadelphia, 54 degrees yesterday. we were in the mid-80s. so big difference. but most of the areas dry. 54 south jersey. 51 along the shore. delaware coming in around 53 degrees in our neighborhood forecast for delaware shows chilly temperatures. 54 harmony hills. 54 marshallton. greenville coming in 52 degrees. odessa, 54. middletown, 54. dover, 54. 53 in lincoln. 51 in milton. mostly low 50s. reports of sussex county. dewey beach 50. rehoboth beach, 51, onshore wind. it's going it stay chilly tomorrow and into the weekend. live look at satellite and radar. clouds around.
5:34 pm
sprinkles in parts of new jersey. clouds are going to hold on for a while. rain back off to the west. that's going to move in as we go into tomorrow. have the umbrella. don't forget your seven-day forecast. for tonight, temperatures in the mid-50s, as we go through the next several hours and dropping as we get by 10:00 p.m., cloudy skies. early tomorrow morning, chilly again to start off your thursday. temperatures coming in in the 40s in many locations and by the afternoon, that's when we see another round of rain moving in, and still a chilly day. topping out in about the upper 50s across much of the area. coming up, a look at more rain chances in the forecast after tomorrow's chance, even going into the weekend. and that blue cross broad street run forecast straight ahead. right now at 5:00, today a judge signed off an a plea agreement for robert durst. the 72-year-old agreed to serve seven years in prison on a
5:35 pm
weapons charge. durst faces murder charges in california. accused of killing a close friend in 20 thou. he wanted to keep the woman from talking about the disappearance of his first wife in 1982. durst's legal troubles have a connection to our area. wanted for another murder when captured at a wegmans in 2001. durst claimed that killing was in self-defense, and he was ait requested at trial. durst graduated from lehigh university in 1960s. a national effort took center stage in philadelphia today. mayor jim kenney joined federal and state judges, prosecutors, public defenders, business owners, service providers and ex-offenders talking about re-entry programs. the group discussed successful programs and initiatives and looked at challenges and opticals ex-offenders face as they make that transition back into society. >> 26% poverty rate in the stay and it's a drag on everything we
5:36 pm
try to done. every person should have an opportunity to meet their potential. >> the group talked about existing resources and possibility of expanding resources and future of re-entry in philadelphia. hundreds of volunteers with the united way spent the day in king of prussia fighting hunger in philadelphia and south jersey. the assembly lines became a small dance four at united way. united to feed, 500 people came together to prepare, pack meal kits for families in need. 7,000 families throughout the region will benefit from today's efforts. brings us to this story. yep, duct tape used ford anything, right? today helping fight cancer this way. students duct taped the pleasantville principal to the wall to raise money for research. for the past three weeks,
5:37 pm
students have been participating in lieukemia and lymphoma society's student series campaign. >> a creative way to raise money. it increased our donations so students are excited and want to give. >> i love they interviewed her up there. she's a great sport. the school raised more than $400 for the effort. each dollar donated equated to a piece of tape used to pin principal alexander and pin her well, too. >> students were having too much fun. >> one day of revenge. next at 5:00, does your credit card have the new security chip? >> you might have noticed it's taking longer to go through the register and complaints are forcing credit companies to speed things up.
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
when it comes to the check
5:40 pm
outline, seconds matter. but since some credit cards went to computer chips the new technology added 15 seconds to the time at cash register. that's changing. visa announced it's found a way to cut the terminal time to two seconds. instead of waiting for the cashier to ring up item hes and inserting your card, put the card in at any time. >> make it easier. bet, quicker. >> anytime we can improve the shopping experience, and this is part of the shopping experience, the markets will do so. >> visa says its new technology will be available as a software update. also new technology to tell you about. >> everyone's looking for ways to prevent fraud. now it could be as simple as snapping a selfie. right? companies are using forms of something called biometrics to attack fraud. the president of security solutions and mastercard showed off new extechnology to olivia stearns.
5:41 pm
instead of typing a password, take a picture and with a click, you're verified. >> our selfies the solution? >> there's no question but that right now, selfies are an extraordinarily interesting solution that has advantages like you're not going to forget your face look a password. >> well, that's true. there are other exams of biometrics as well. catch it tonight nbc "nightly news" here on nbc 10. >> didn't know we'd talk about the benefits of selfies. next, counting down to the rio olympics. >> games are 100 days away. if you've never been to rio, part might look familiar thanks to a well-known movie. we'll explain, next. security at our nation's airports. tonight, new concerns about who's working for the tsa.
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5:44 pm
turnover at transportation security administration remains at a crisis level. in one year, nearly 400 people joined the agency, while more than 4,600 quit. critics blame management. today, three senior tsa security directors told a congressional committee the agency fosters a culture of intimidation and retaliation. it said many employees aren't qualified or experienced to hold
5:45 pm
positions they're in. >> the american public and congress should care what kocurs in tsa because senior leaders have mismanaging our agency and our effectiveness is compromised. >> all three testified managers harass employees who raise concerns about management. at the same time, they also voiced support for current tsa administrator who they say just needs better leaders around him. draft day is almost upon us. and it's going to be a big one for the eagles. >> the team hoping to get its quarterback of the future. we heard from the top two contenders. >> john clark joins us now, live from chicago. a lot is riding on the draft tomorrow. >> reporter: absolutely. a big risk for the eagles but the bigger risk would not be going up and there getting one of their guys a top franchise quarterback, either going to be carson wentz or jared g off. they haven't heard from the
5:46 pm
eagles but they are the two picks at top of the draft. they are together today at nfl play 60 experience. they had a lot of fun with kids here in chicago. and carson wentz presumed to be the eagles' pick because they believe goff will go to the rams. carson said it's great they have former quarterbacks on their coaching staff and thinks offense will be similar to north dakota state. and, yes, when you bring up the fact that he played college football in fargo, he says, you know what, i am ready for the bright lights and the big city of philly. >> for one, i know they have passionate fans. i know that that football means a lot to them and ready to win. i just know that's an awesome play to play. we'll see what happens. everyone talks about that. everyone wants to downplay where i'm coming from, fargo, they say it's not the same. for one we have passionate fans in fargo.
5:47 pm
but i'm ready for it. everyone talks can you handle the adjustment, city life. it's just football. don't make it bigger than it needs to be, block out all of the noise and go win ball games. >> reporter: carson says, if you doubt him, the fact he's coming from a division iaa school, he says he can't wait to prove you wrong. he's got a lot of confidence. hear more from him coming up at 6:00. for now, in a rainy and cold chicago, illinois, john clark. back to you. >> only six degrees colder. we checked with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. he said it's 48 degrees, rainy, not as windy, right? >> reporter: yeah, yeah. yeah. you're inside. you're inside. and i'm not prepared. >> great. comcast sports, john clark, stay warm. don't miss our cov. >> a, draft day special tomorrow night 7:00. jacqueline london and i live at lincoln financial field for festivities. john clark live from chicago.
5:48 pm
exclusive access from nbc 10, official eagles station. somewhere where it's not cold, while we're talking about sports, olympic flame handed to organizers at rio de janeiro today. 100 days before the opening ceremony. held at venue where the first modern olympics were held in athens, grease, 1896. the torch will go on a journey around the world before reaching rio's stadium for the opening ceremonying a 5th. nbc 10 your olympic station. nbc 10's jacqueline london headed to rio de janeiro to find out ow the city's getting ready for the summer games. >> she checked out a local landmark you might know from a james bond movie. >> that's a clip of "moon raker" with sugarloaf mountain and iconic cable cars. cable cars are how you ride to
5:49 pm
the mountaintop to get a pan owe rammic view of rio de janeiro. it's where we found a family from middletown, delaware. >> oh, yeah, like we came here and saw the camera, like, channel 10. >> that's not the only philadelphia connect we found in rio. tune in for "rio 100" tonight 7:00 here on nabc 10. >> it's warmer in rio than here right now. >> cooler weather is going to be sticking around. meteorologist sheena parveen has all of your details in your first alert neighborhood forecast. >> yeah, getting used to the 80s. yesterday we were in the mid-80 in philadelphia. now the mid-50s. a good 30 degrees colder across most of the area. we are able to show you cameras from all over the area. also neighborhood temperatures and seven day forecast scrolling at bottom of the screen. whether in pennsylvania, new jersey, or delaware.
5:50 pm
temperatures in the mid to low 50s. 52, chilly, in our pennsylvania suburbs. that's where we have nice conditions. at least as far as dry. it is chilly as we look around the pennsylvania suburbs. for the lehigh valley more in the way of sunshine. but in our suburbs through pennsylvania. we do have temperatures that are in the low 50s. so it is chilly outside right now. even as we go through the next several days, we're looking at temperatures staying cool even as we go into the weekend. so that is why we're basicallying looking at chilly conditions overcast skies. things are going stay cool through the next several days. also don't forget seven-day forecast. always scrolling at bottom of the screen for you. as we go through even the weekend, that's when we are looking at temperatures continuing to stay low. 52 degrees pennsylvania suburbs. 54 in new jersey. cloudy skies, 57, lehigh valley.
5:51 pm
53 delaware. more sunshine farther north and west you go. that is one thing we are watching for any area seeing sunshine to see temperatures much cooler. but coming up, a closer look at your extended forecast. aside from the seven day that you'll see at bombttom of the screen and a look at blue cross broad street run forecast. next at 5:00, group of students got out of the classroom to send a message. what inspired them to create this symbol at their school?
5:52 pm
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citizen's bank home equity line of credit. call 1-855-422-4742 to apply now. this is nbc 10 news. >> april is national child abuse prevention month. today, berlin, camden county i residents attended a free conferen conference. it offered families and children an opportunity to connect and have a lot of fun. >> we're hoping that families are able to connect with each other and strengthen their family unit, as well as strengthen relationships with others in their neighborhood, go out and be ambassadors if their neighborhoods to really lift up families in our new jersey region. >> morning and afternoon workshops that focused on strengthening relationships for the entire family and the community.
5:55 pm
april is autism awareness month. >> special things happened today especially on behalf of students. two schools came up with their own ways to educate students about the topic. take a look. y you. >> those are students at wayne elementary school. lined the sidewalk with bubble mix and wands. bubbles, symbols of hope to families with autistic children. a worldwide event created by faces for autism. nonprofit dedicated to educating and supporting children of autism and their families. and check this out. today, students at colonial elementary school in plymouth formed a huge ribbon. joined by teachers, administrators, family and friends. this effort their symbol of awareness and a struggle that affects all of us, takes quid
5:56 pm
coordination to make that happen. >> look at them waving at skyforce 10. >> nbc 10 at 6:00 is next. next, on nbc 10 news at 6:00, mail mess revealed. >> 10,000 pieces piled up at a local facility from bills to court orders to parking violations and some of them could be yours. plus, cool change. i'll let you know when it's going to warm up. plus more rain on the way. that's ahead on "nbc 10 news at 6:00." >> coffee shop clash. violent scene outside a local starbucks. police are asking for your help next at nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. tonight on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," a mother is charged with murdering her little girl. now, there is shock and sadness. >> it's sad. it's a child. it's an angel. >> police released new information on what they say happened inside this bucks county apartment complex. one of the worst cases of child abuse they've seen. >> there's just no way that this child's in the safest place she's supposed to be in her own home with her mother and this
5:59 pm
happens, it's not right. >> thanks for joining us. jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. police say that 2-year-old girl stopped breathing by the time the ems arrived sunday. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal live where he spoke to neighbors as well as investigators. randy. >> we did just get an update from police. they tell us the mother of this girl called 911 on sunday, saying that her daughter had slipped and fallen while she was playing. but the police investigation revealed injuries much more consistent with something like a car accident as opposed to just a simple slip and fall. >> reporter: 2-year-old athena wolf found unresponsive at her family's home in morrisville. she had bruises up and down her body. >> very disturbing to see this small child in the condition that she was in. >> reporter: when paramedics arrived the baby was in cardiac arrest, neighbors watched as she was rushed into a waiting noti
6:00 pm
bruises on her face and she was not responsive. it didn't look good. >> reporter: doctors performed emergency surgery but athena died from blunt force trauma. doctors say she looked malnourished and was battered. now police have charged the girl's own mother with criminal homicide. >> she kicked the child repeatedly in the head and in the trunk area of her body. >> reporter: detectives don't know what exactly sparked the beating but say moore was a stay-at-home mom who may have snapped under the pressure. the child was known to throw tantrums but police say the mom should have reached out for help. >> there's just no way that this child's in the safest place she's supposed to be in her own home with her mother and this happens. it's not right. >> reporter: we are told the family's originally from western p.a. they also have another daughter, 4 years old, who was home at the time of the


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