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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  July 18, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm katy zachry. tracy davidson, hi. >> reporter: good morning. we're at the quicken loans a reit narks tr arena, the q as they call it. we have you covered from the delegates to security and we'll get an update about the effort to unbind delegates. that is coming up p but first i know that there is excessive heat in the philadelphia area, so we've issued a first alert. erika martin has that. and as far as your conditions are concerned, it looks like you may see one or two passing thunderstorms. locally as tracy just mentioned, heat hazard in effect with temperatures feeling like 100 degrees and hotter than that. actual temperatures in the 90s, dew point it is in the upper 60s to low 70s. and for tonight, it looks like we have the threat of passing showers. isolated thunderstorms. follow us on twitter and facebook for more updates.
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at the bottom of the screen, you will see your local 7 day outlook. so again, a heat hazard in effect. neighborhoods today topping out in the mid-90s. kutz glt town 84. for the most part lots of 90s. and it doesn't look like the active weather kicks in uni will it the afternoon and evening hours. we have stronger westerly winds and daytime heating as clouds start to break, so keep that in mind. the first weather story would be the heat hazard in effect. you can find more information of course online if you follow us on twitter and facebook. and the next big story would be probably a menacing commute for the evening hours as the threat of showers and thunderstorms loom. back to you. we're starting on 295 in new jersey around route 130, you can see in both directions not a lot of cars out on the roads in this area. 22 minutes for that total drive time. if you're heading from the 42 maybe over to the delaware
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memorial bridge into delaware. right now speeds are into the 60s. so no problems or restrictions on any of the roads there. p.a. turn pike still looks okay. construction cleared out of the way. west and eastbound, same drive time really. 21 in both directions. route 309 around the p.a. turnpike, not a lot of cars on the road. pretty typical of a honemonday morning. we'll check in with bridges and mass transit when i come back. this morning all eyes on cleveland, the 2016 republican national convention will begin in ohio, but not without its controversies. tracy davidson is live for us inside the quicken loan as s arena in cleveland. >> reporter: yeah, lots to talk about. we're hours away from a historic convention. unconvention candidates, some of
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the establishment republicans skipping the event. but then the dlau made rama of potential contested convention has come to an end. and he we talked to one of the leading never trump delegates from north jersey who says it's over. >> we believed we had the 28 going in, but unfortunately, all of that pressure and all of that -- he hate to use the word intimidation, but there was intimidation. let's not kid ourselves. and the cajoling and convincing. 16 people quit. >> reporter: the relasult, the effort died in the rules committee and some other procedural move could thwart a smooth start, but lonegan says they don't have the support. >> in other words the republican establishment in washington, d.c. has once again gotten their way to keep the republican party under control. >> those attempts to try and
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discredit the primary season and votes of millions of republicans and independents was rejected by the delegates overwhelming as i called it, it was crushed. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager went on to say that the party is united. coming up, we'll talk to some local delegates including a married couple from dover who say this convention is going to be very different from the convention they attended in tampa four years ago. tracy davidson, nbc 10 news. and count on nbc 10 for around the clock coverage of the rnc. tracy will bring us live reports from cleveland along with jim rosenfield and lauren mayk. new from overnight, philadelphia police are investigating an apparently double shooting in kingsessing. one man was shot four times near 55th and chester. police officers drove him to the hospital. then another man later showed up
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at the same hospital saying he had been shot near that same location. officers thinks men may have been shooting at each other. >> today investigators in brumg are trying to figure out if a gunman had any accomplices. police were responding to reports that a man had an assault rifle yesterday morning when authorities say 29-year-old gavin long opened fire. officers montrell jackson and matthew gerald were killed as well as sheriff deputy brad garafola. all three were husbands and fathers. one listed in critical consider. this is just over a week after sunshi niners killed five overs in dallas. >> end of the day, these people call these families and tell them them that their daddies and mamas not coming home no more.
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i know how they feel because i got the same phone call. stop the killing. stop this killing. >> federal officers shot and killed long, they say he was armed with a rifle and dressed in black. he spent five years in the marines including a tour of duty in the middle east. law enforcement officers from our area found out about the attack after they finished the tour de shore funds raiser in atlantic city. >> the event helps families of fallen officers. >> it really is sad. it's just an all out attack on law enforcement. really not necessary. and our heart goes out. >> it's tough, sad, it makes us angry. but on the other happened when the outpour of support for us comes through, it reens fors why we put the badge on. >> the ocean city fast pitch organization thanks.
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several gathered for a peaceful march along germantown avenue. they urged people to unite, to create change in the world. >> this is not about spreading hatred or to bash anyone, is this about showing unity and showing that we're standing up for something as a community. we want a change to happen and we want a change to happen thousand. >> the organizers say the change they're looking for begins in the home and the community.and. >> the organizers say the change they're looking for begins in the home and the community. miss officepolice officers continue to ride in pairs to ensure officers' safety after the deadly ambush in dallas. and police in new castle county are investigating an apparently murder-suicide. they locked down an apartment complex after gunfire was heard. after several hours, they heard
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a gunshot over the phone. when they went inside, they found a man and woman dead. today philadelphia city leaders will announce the first neighborhood schools chosen to be part of the community schools initiative. the school will com bean education with community wide services. everything from medical services to job training would happen inside the schools. the city will invest nearly $40 million to transform 25 existing public schools in the community schools over the next five years. fire causes a lot of damage to an applebee's restaurant in northeast philadelphia. this is video septembnt in. multiple crews tried to put out the flames. this fire started just before 7:00 last night. it was still daylight out. everyone managed to make it out safely. the cause is under investigation. today septa regional rail riders could see a little bit of improvement.
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septa will add an additional five cars leased from the maryland area commuter service, known as marc, it will add another five later this the week. a newly adjusted regional rail schedule also goes in to effect today. septa has been dealing with overcrowding and delaying since dozens of trains had to be pulled from service because of defective steel beams. good morning. we have a first alert heat hazard in effect until early evening hours. so we have very uncomfortable conditions with actual temperatures topping out in the 90s. dew points in the 60s and 70s. so when you put those together, it will feel like 100 degrees and hotter. be sure you look at the bottom of the screen for the local 7 day outlook. philadelphia is high and dry. seeing few clouds if anything, but they will start to develop in about another hour and then
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break. currently 77 degrees. southwesterlies at about 7 miles per hour. the winds will start to pick up along with the wind gusts. hour by hour forecast, your next weather story, this heat advisory of course in effect for the daytime hours. lots of day time heating and those really muggy conditions. by 5:00 a.m., a few clouds starting to build in. notice this line of severe thunderstorms moving on down from the northwest toward the southeast. so i do think we'll get rounds of showers and some some thunderstorms of course for the area. so if you follow us on social media, you will have more updates. coming up, i to have your extended ten day outlook because it looks like we're well on our way towards another heat wave.h extended ten day outlook because it looks like we're well on our way towards another heat wave. back to you. really muggy and warm when you walk outside. kind of hits you. >> yeah, i walked my dog about 3:00 and you can feel it. but let's see how things are
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looking outside. 42? >> right. 42 right around the atlantic city expressway. so actually decent amount of cars headed this direction. these are headed north toward the philadelphia area, but you can see if you're head willed southbound maybe down to the atlantic city expressway area or to the shore point, you will be fine in both directions. also checking with mass transit, another warminster train 403 running 28 minutes late. . rest r the rest running on time or close to schedule. well, a failed military coup and now hundreds of people are did dead in turkey. coming up after the break, we'll tell you about the man turkish officials say orchestrated the takeover attempt and why investigators are focused on our area in an attempt to extradite him.
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and here is a live look this morning at the quicken loans arena in cleveland, home of this year's republican national convention. we'll show you how the arena transformed the event as we continue our around the clock coverage.
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this morning cleveland is the capital of the political world as we're now just hours away from the beginning of the
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republican national convention. >> tracy davidson is live for us in cleveland. and the q is normally a ba basketball arena, but this week much different story. >> reporter: it was right after game 60s that tsix that the tran began in earnest. take a look at this time lapse video and you can see what happened inside here, the q. good figuthing that you know th. the rnc says there will be massive screens along with a lower screen that has the effect of bringing the audience closer to the stage. 3,000 seats had to be removed, 2472 delegate floor seats, 15,000 journalists. and we have you covered around the clock and on social media. jim rosenfield, lauren mayk and
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i have been tweeting and instragraming and facebooking showing you security, the protests, talking to local delegates. so all there for our around the clock coverage. and coming up, we'll talk to the head of the philly gop committee about what he says will happen here this week. we're live in cleveland, tracy davidson, nbc 10 news. and we wiwill continue our live coverage here on nbc 10 and on the nbc 10 app. and look for our live showsbegi at 7:00. xwl back here at home, we're checking on septa. here is a live look from the fern rock transportation center. so far this morning we've seen delays on the warminster line which comes through here. newly adjusted train schedule goes in to effect today. and you can get that through, our website.
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there are so many animals in need of a good home and nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are frying to trying to help. this morning we take a look at a unique program that gives dogs with medical problems a better chance at getting adopted. >> reporter: on a day like today, penn vet is packed with dogs and cats getting checkups. in the mix is blossom, a sweet and soft tempered chow here for a very different reason. blossom has a large mammary tumor. the previous owners not only didn't treat it, they did worse. >> somebody saw this dog not getting the care that she needed tied up outside. >> reporter: she was rescued, sent to a shelter in lancaster county and is now being fostered by pam who brought her to penn
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vet. they have a unique program to treat shelter dogs with mammary grand tumors at no cost so they have a better chance at being adopted. >> many people do go to shelters to adopt dogs, but they're looking for younger, healthier dogs, not old dogs with tumors. >> reporter: the doctor began the nonprofit program and says the rewards are would followed. >> diseases that you see in dogs are similar to the diseases that you see in people including cancer. >> reporter: dogs like blossom undergo surgery within days of being seen. the tumors are removed, studied and information is shared with oncologists who are treating human breast cancer. dogs are a good prognosis get a real chance at finding that forever home. >> coming up with the money to take care of her would have been
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a real problem. so i'm very thankful. >> through this program and through the funding, i can provide them that second chance at life. >> good luck to blossom. nbc 10 and nbc news has a mission. clear the shelters. so join us on yul 23 as we try to get as many dogs and catsed a don'ted from shelters in pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey to find out more information, go to those doctors do so much good to those dogs. let check in now and see what is happening on the roads. >> jessica boyington has a check of 76. >> that's right. no big problems, but you start to see ta lot of cars earlier than normal. 12 minutes in to center city from the blue route to the vine
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street expressway. average speeds into the 60s still there, as well. so no big delays because of that, but we are watching for a road closure, remington between half ford and lancaster avenue with ongoing construction. warminster train 403 running through septa is about 28 minutes late so a significant delay there. i'll be back with more updates on your morning drive. i'm erika martin. conditions for today feeling like 100 degrees and warmer. we start off the morning in the 80s and 90s. it will feel like it's in the mid-90s. as the day progresses and the dew points rise into the 60s and 70s, it will feel very unconfident about. and heat in-s dia-
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of course you don't want to leave your pets in-doors. bring everybody inin the air conditioning. trenton at 72, allen town cooler at 67. coatsville at 72. toef toefer in the mid-70s. it will be a high and dry day for the first half. satellite and radar picking up on showers and threat of isolated thunderstorms already moving in to pennsylvania. so coming up in my next forecast, we'll talk about what to expect your hour by hour forecast, threat of showers and thunderstorms for the evening commute. into space, a spacex rocket took off just hours ago. we'll tell you about its journey and the successful landing it made right here on earth. here a live look at the home of the 2016 rnc, we're live in cleveland with more on the start of today's convention and the security concerns in the wake of
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a crucial to beinging port is head to beinging port is headed to the international space station. nasa needs the new docking set
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up before americans can fly in crew capsules set to debut sometime next year. the rocket is expected to arrive at the space station wednesday. there was trouble for poky mond pokemon go. landon dowdy has this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> good morning. did you have trouble logging into pokemon go? a hacking group says it's responsible for hitting their servers. it's made a name to itself by hitting accounts of celebrities. walmart says searches on its website have doubled. wall street futures are higher this morning and markets rising for a third straight week as brexit fears fade on positive earnings reports. and the dow closing at a record
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high yet again on friday. today bank of america, ibm, netflix and yahoo! earnings. n katy, back over to you. so i'm tracking the threat of some showers for the afternoon hours. but look at this, the winds picking up quite a bit. heat indices on the rise. we're watching the new jersey turn pig away the delaware memorial bridge. no problems in new jersey or heading over the bridge into delaware right now. turnpike looks great. updates for you when i come back. fighting addiction. pennsylvania's new budget is allowing tens of millions to be spent on combatting opioid abuse. we'll tell you how the money will be spent. also new details on the
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terror in france. an update on the investigation following the attack that killed 83 84, including an american college student.
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all eyes on cleveland. daird today is the start of the 2016
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national convention and we have live coverage. >> just to make sure officers aren't taken aback if they see activity happening. >> convention controversy. rnc officials expecting protesters, but some are worried a certain state law could make things volatile. we'll tell you how they expect to balance security and the raw. please tlis officthree poli in baton rouge. the man police say carried it out. it is 5:30. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm katy zachry. >> and i'm tracy davidson live in cleveland where the republican national convention gets under way in just a few hours. we have you covered.


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